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Full text of "Fair play, or, The test of the lone isle [microform]"

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Canadian Inttituta for Historical Microraproductlona / inatltut Canadian da microraproduction. hittoriquaa 




TcchniMi and Bibliographic Notai / NoMi tachniquti et biblioflraphiquM 


Th« Injtitute ha* attannpiad to obtain tht btst original 
eopv awailabk lor filming. Faaturas of this copy which 
may ba bibliographicallv uniqua, which may altar any 
of tha imagas in tha raproduction, or which may 
significantly changa tha usual mathod of filming, ara 
checked below. 


Coloured coven/ 
Couverture da couleur 

Coven damaged/ 
Couverture andommag^ 

□ Coven re»tored,and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaur^ et/oU pelliculie 





Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

Coloured maps/ 

Cartas g^ographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de coulem (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

□ Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 


Bound with other material/ 
Reiie avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La reliure serrte peut causer de Tombra ou de la 
distorsion le long de la marge interieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible,: these have 
been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches aiouties 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dansJe texte, 
mais, lorsque cela etait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas ete f ilmees. 

L'Institut a microfilm* le meilleur exemplaire qu'il 
lui a *ti possible de se procurer. Les details de cat 
exemplaire qui sont peut-4tre unique* du point de vue 
bibliographique. qui pauvent modifiw una image 
reproduite. ou qui peuvent exi^r ui|i modification 
dans la n>*thoda normale de f ilmage sont indiqu^w 

E7] ColoUVed pages/ 
_J Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommagies 

□ Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaur^s et/ou pelliculAes 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages dteolortes, tacheties ou piquees 

□ Pages detached/ 
/ages d^tachtes 

Show through/ 

Quality of print varies/ 
^ I Qualite in^le de I'impression 

Continuous pagination/ ^',^j^ 
Pagination continue 

Includes index(es)/ 
Comprend un (des) index 

Title on header taken from:/ 
Le titre de I'en-tite provient: 

Title page of issue/ 

Page de titre de la livraison 


□ Caption of issue/ 
Titre de depart de la 


I livraison 


Generique (periodiques) de la tivraison 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires supplementaires: 

Some pages are cut o££< 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ "" 
Ce document est f ilme au taux de rMuction indiqiie ci-dessous. 

lOX 14X 18X 






26 X 


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28 X 

22 1 



Th« copy film«<txili»i^l hat b««n r«produc«d thanks 
■ib tha ganeroait^y of: 

Hetropolttan Toronto Reference Library 
Baldwin Room 

Tha imagaa appearing hara are the bast quality 
possibia considering the condition and iegibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

L'eMniplaira film* f ut re(>roduit grlca A la 
.g«n4r08lt4 da: ^^ 

Hie tropo 1 1 tan Toronto Reference Library 
Baldwin 'Room 

Les' images suivantas ont 4t* raproduites avac la 
plus grand soin. compta tenu de la condition at 
de la nettet* de I'exemplaire filrhA, et en 
conformity avac las conditions du contrat da 

Orlglnal copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or IJiMstrated Impres* 
slon, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or Illustrated Impres- 
sion, and aiding on the last page with a printed 
or Illustrated Impression. 


The last recorded frame on each (picrofic^ 
shall contain the symbol -^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"),, or the symbol V (meaning "END"). 
whichever applies. 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be fflmed at 
different reduction I'atlos. Those too large to be 
entirely Included In one exposure are filmed 
beginning In the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The fallowing dlagrarns Illustrate the 

Les exemplalres orlginaux doht la couvarture en 
papier est ImprimAe sont filnrftte en comnten^ant 
par la premier plat et en termlnent soit bar la 
darniire page qui cor^porte una empreinte 
d'lmpresslon ou d'illdstration, spit par la second 
plat, salon la cas. Tous lesautres exemplalres 
orlginaux sont fllmAs en commen^ant par la 
premlAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'lmpresslon ou d'lllustration at en'terminant par 
la darnlAra page qui comporta una telle 

Un das symboies sulvants apparattra sur la 
dernldre image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbole -^ signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbole V signifie'TlN". / 

Les cartes, plenches, tableaux, etcpeuvent Atre 
fllmAt A des taux de reduction diffArehts. 
Lorsqua le document est trop grand pour Atre 
reproduit en un seul cIlchA, II est f ilmA A partir 
de Tangle supArleur gauche, da gauche A drolte, 
et de haut en bas, an prenant la nombre 
d'lmages n6cessaira. Les dlagrainmas sulvants 
illustrent la mithode. 

a '■''',' >*<■/*■ 

, Y\" 









I^|2j8 |2.5 

■" '^^ 1 2.2 










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Si^(s) ^. 

?ri3.3 \ 

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Sir9V.7 \ 

• ■ 

■ . ' . ■ ■ . -'■ 

•■■■■'. ■'■ ■ ' • ' . ■ 
; ■ " ■ . ■ ■ ■ ■ 

. , ■ ■* 

■ ■ ■ ' ""V-,,^^^^ ■ •'■■.■.,- 

Ll .J 

,;.,,;_ 4,:; 

..i. j 








Ah I happy girU I tuob feeliutfa poro 
They will not, can pot Jong endar* f-^ 

One shall the fary pauiont temr, 
Disdainfal anger, pallid fear | 

One— pining loTe ahall wasta her youth 
And jealouay with rankling tootii } 

One ahaU ambition tempt to riae 

And anaisoh from fortune's hand the pnsd'; 

And cue to soorn a saorifio* 
BoJTS down her stricken head and dies. 

— Anon,. 

• God created woman, a living aoul, wor- 
thy to stand in Hit presenoe and worship 
hiffl ! and if it were only from the revereno^ 
she ow^ji Him, she should never decrade her- 
self to be any manli slave 1 Qod endowed 
woman with individual life— wHh power, 
will and undfNtaadiDg, brain, heart and 
hands to do His work j and if it were only 
in gratitude to Him. she should never 
commit the moral snioide of beoomina 
the nonentity of wbioh man's law makes a 
wife !' 

She waaa splendid ereistnre wb& uttered 
this heterodoxy, • ma^ifloent and beantifal 
creature I She sMhe fsrventlv. eamesthr 
paasionaMjy, with UsiinB eVes, iuihed 
cheeks and bransoned lips tha» m«bm4^ 
bieathe tbe fire thatbnhMd in> her enthn- 
siastie sonl. 

. She WMttemoit bffllliAiitf ^ fiimp of 

the freab gsaai^' m a kmv* «f liiMtitha 
tree.^1 «j.,o*lh bi«k oFSb JilbT^ 

«i^ -?^* f .**g^ ^'y*"^ J^^^ fflayd 

>»1««. all apnrkliiiif i* tti^nMyMMgUCsT a 
luue morniDg. <» -• 

Behind th«m, fr«m amidst Its ornaoieDtal 
orouttds, arose the white walls of BelleBiono 
OoUegn for youttff ladies. 
«^The first day of June was the Annnal 
Oommenoement of the college. And these 
four young girls, all dressed in purest white 
robes with rose-ooloured wrea hs and 
sashes, had sauntered out together «and 
grouped themaelvea under the magnolia trees 
to wait for the ringing of the bell whioh 
ahould call th|M to the exhibition room. 

Pour niodg«eautifnl young creatures 
than these odlM|icaroely be foUnd in thtf 
world. They lAre called the Four Belles 
of Belleniont. They would have been 
belles anywhere and borno off p»lms of 
beauty from all other oompetitora. Yet 
beautiful as each one was, the four wei« not 
rival belles ; because, in faot, eaoh cm was 
of a totally different style from all the 
others. They might be said to represent 
tbe four orders of female hMMtycik- 
tbe blue, gray, hanel, and blaok-«y«d« 

80 far they were free frott being rlvlUs, 
that they were fast friends. band<id in an 
alliance for offenoo and defeuoe against the 
whole school, if not the whole worid I 

Britomarte Oonyen, the man h»ter, tke 
woman's champion, first in beahty, graee 
and intellect, was, as I said, a magnifloent 
creature— not in regard to si«e, fbr she was 
not so tall as the Uneeyed beUe, aor so 
ftfll'fleshtfdi aa the bawl-eyed one | but 
magnifloent in the sense of oonselpus > 
strength, ardour and energy with which 
•he imi>resaed all. She felt and madi you 
f*el, tMut if her earnest soul had been 
clothed with the form of, a man, she would 
hnve been lim««» totem the minds of ni«h 
•nd gQid« tM fMtumsa of nations z or, 
wdhan sis«h^ Wm if lair and ouatom hni 

.m'^mA hM^kOMniifd the pt%m9m of 

B itomarteknew tbia and rebelled 8«ainaft 






■■r:i- ..p.1f.'-~^^^,J^Jl-~ 



faU thkimad* Rtr woman »nd th« l»w 
.^ liii.itod h«B liberty lo woman • 

*'i^ud, br.Te, Juit, .rdent, •nthniT&tia, 
■he WM o«p»ble of the moei .ablime eelf. 
devo <o... ol achie»ing or endanng to tho 
n.mott In tho 6*u.« ol tight B-rUgioae 
wtth tho .ten. npirii of tho ouoient J^^ior 
irly Ohrietiant, lk« JodUMhe oould h»TO 
oitottiheheaa o< Hololerno. *»»'«« f^ 
lei.tinff ; like Jown, ohe oould »^«» •"»'•• 
without blenching | or, like Agnea, bi»Ted 
the etak. withput noanting. 

In •word, Britoniaite wm of tho •tuff 
that relorm la, l.»ioea and maryrt aro 
made. And aho aat thero nnder tho 
DiHgnolia trf.ea, v.J'.ymg with h»r oom- 
Datnonaall ihe oalm dolighta of % faVound 
country bleaaod with perreot poaoo «i.d 
. orowntd with proud pio»periiy,,all uii- 
awarea, ahe waa coming upon yeara wnoa 
the auroneia of a Judith, th.- oourage of • 
Joan and the devotion ot an Agnea woold 
Jb» neo.ied by eTcry woman in »•'•»•";■• 
I Bataayoi no amalleat oloud dimmed tho 
toreno lunveot or warned of tho tompeat and 
f . deatruotion near, _ 

In p«»raon, Britomarto waa of medlnm 
■iSH ftnd p«rfeot torm. fler atateiy head wai 
covered with rioh, gloaay, dark brown hatr. 
. nlaiiily parted ab ve hor forehead, oarried 
. Uok and plaited into a long plan that waa 
wound around her browa, crowning nature a 
aueen with nature'a own coronal. Her foa^ 
' tlaiei wero ivgnlar. wiih the exoepuon of 
hor forehead, which waa, haw«vor, «▼»" /h* 
Borobeaatiful forboing ao broad and foil, 
gad froighted with intellect. Her dark 
hrowA eyebrows overshadowed toft, bril- 
UMt. dark gray oye. that brooded with 
thought, molted with pity, fUahed with in- 
dignatioB, or boned with onthuaiaam, a*, 
eordiog to the mood that awaytd her mind. 
Her noeo was small aod •qo'Imf- Her 
moo h was delioatoly oorrsd and fall of ex- 

•roaiion. inatinet wi»h spirit and indi»tiTO 
Sflndoitt.Ublewill. Her oWn was finely 
eorTed and alightly protruded. Her oom- 
plezion waa clear and pale, in perieot hacw 
mony with her dark biown hair sad 
Mcbiows, and dark grtj «jes aBd 0ri«s« 

lihc wore the fsstiTs onifoTBi of the school 
^-*b» pure white moslio «*^ «!• "foj^ 
oolooH^ ribbons and fresh blnah r«wg \m her 
hairaBdonberbosoiQ. * ..«. 

Britomarte's present poaitlM aad fn- 
gpdosireie not very brilltanft. »»• ^ "• 
mvhan ward of a maiden a«nt^ who bsdMmt 

her to ihi* Mhool b» b« •*»«»*^ » • f^^ 

ness t aiHl a barf strogglo with the wodd 
aU tUt ihahad M look forward tot bat 

oertaikly. If ever a woman waa formr d to 
flghi. the battle of U)# without f ar and 
withV>nt reproaoh, it waa.this brave, Vpin ted, 
energet-io young amaaoii. ^^ 

III I hia quartette of fair girls theseeond-* 
|i> merit w s oertHinly Krminie Koaenthnl, 
the d»ag>iter of a La heran pr aglier.' Bi- 
minie w>i» nbove the medipm heigh', with a 
WalNdevel p^d,^ txautifally round d,busuin 
form ^ aof iy moulded featur«a, blioming 
ponipl.giolh, aol'ly nhining, haBrl tyea, aud 
aahuwer of bright, auburn ringlets ahading 
he swioiest fase in ihe whole group. 
Qentle, Undnr^ loving, oouaUh^, her whole 
lite lay in her afTcoiioiia, and ahe could do 
and b^araa much for those ahe lovid as over 
B>-itomarte could for any great cauae. If 
B itomarte represented the Minerva, the 
goddeas of wisdom and of war. oerUlnly 
Biminie might be called the P.yahe, the 
goddesa of goodness and of love. Brmtnie 
was a true woman, and I fanoy that she will 
be the favonri e with my readers, out* 
rivallingeven the brilliant amaion who giv«^a 
the name nnd character to tbia atory. At 

{ireaent BrminieV only love, out of her own 
Hmily oiicle, waa Britomar e, whom ahe 
worahipped with a divotion approaching 
idolatry. And it waa probable th* m««oiiline 
elementin t heoharuolerof thebenutilul young 
amazon tha' ao powerfully magna «(d the 
maiden. When Biiiomarto ap .ke, aa now 
Erminie aat at her feet, and g £«.» up tntft 
hvr eyea, hanging on her worda aa though 
they wtre the oraolea uttered by a prieateaa 
I the Lord. 

The thiid in hie bevy of bj-autiea waa 
Blfrida Fielding, the daughter of a thriving 
farmer. ElBe waa email, aliglit, and 
elegant in figure, and dark in ooniplezion, 
with a rich orimaon floah upon oheeka and 
lipe, and with blaok eyes, eyelaahea and 
eyebroWB, and Jet blaok hair, cut ahoi t, 
parted on the left sid^ and worn in snip 
curls like a boy's. Blfle was the wild sprite, 
the misohierous moakey, the fast little girl 
of the party. She wae lively, witty, im- 


pnlsiTe, exoiUble, fickle, and had an especial 
affinity for— My hing nod ereryihing in its 
tarn, and an espeeial mission to eague m 
—anything and CTory thing that torned up. 
Punrth and last among the foor bellea o 
Bellemont, thoogh oertsinlf first in social 
BQsitioo, was iUberIa Ooldsborongh,^ th« 
daoghtor Of a wealthy msrohant ia Iteh- 
Mond. and tha heiraas m her owa right of a 
liahvlaatotioB oa theJassso^ Albsrtawss 
taU. sleader aad dignified, with classic, 

maA> i*'""-^ ?«»"«S^,.!S' "Jj! 

>la<ion, Ught golden hair, and light bltia 

•vee. She^was a statnesqae, blonde beaoiT* 

1^ tomperament she wsa cool and calm : <■ 





tnann«r aUtcly Mid piMid. 80 far from 
having any aflnitjr or niiMion on thii •arth, 
•h« bad aoaro«lf.a Motimant or an opinion 
0/ bar own. Sba waa tb« modal young Udy 
of bar Bat, I hope you app-ora of bar. 8lia 
waa dr«kAad, lika oar oompinion% in iba 
f«itiva aniform of (ba day— a whita robe, 
with roa6-oolour«dfibbona an<i flowers. 

Tbalour bell«a« languidly raolming undar 
tha magnolia traea, bad bu«n diaouating, aa 
aohool-giria alwaya do whan thay goi to- 
gathar oat of the aight of their taaohai a— 
nrat tha highly important aul|a«t of dr«a'ai 
BIfle eiolaimiiig indignant y at tha oociaiiu 
of being obliged to wear roae-ooloared trim- 
minga, when maiie or cherry taited her 
brilliaat branetta beanty ao ^nuoii better | 
and Alberta pUoidly iddingthat ahr bar- 
self would hatre preferred pale jblae or 
mauve a* more becoming to her bloncle oom<> 
plezioQ. ■mtinia made no objeotion to the 
unilom, whiot) was parfeotly adapted to bar 
bloomitig lovelinetai aud Britomarte waa 
too indiflrerant to the subject to Join in the 
conTeraation. But when tbeir talk turned 
upon mattera of secondaur imporcanoe, 
namely love and marriage, and they had 
talked a great deal of girliah nousenae there., 
upoii, then Britomarte broke forth with the 
M'orda I bat opened this atory, 

•Qod oraated woman a livihgsaal, worthy 
to etand in His preseno|g|||||-^orahip Him| 
and If It only wore froWm| rer«ranue she 
owes Him, abu would ne^dt degrade hf^velf 
to be any man's slave. Ood endowed woman 
witli individual life, with pawer, will and 
understanding, brain, heart and handa, to 
do Urn work ; and if it wore only in grati. 
tude to Him, aha wO«ld never ooramit the 
moral enitide of beoomiag the noncnity of 
which man's law makea « wife !' 

* ''^i™^'"* '^'*'''' ^•*'' B'-'tomarter onea. 
tioned Erminie, lifting h' r soft, annny, haiel 
eyrs to the face of the speaker wiih a lov* 
ing, deprenating reverenoe, aa thongh aak- 
ing pardon tor doubting that any word of 
heroraole ooBld be leas authoritative than 
those of Holy Wn>. ' Are you qalto aara 
that yon are perfec ly nalitr' 
|I am,' anawered Britomarte, flrmly. . 
But ia not man 'a law of marnage found- 
ed upon God's f timid.'y peraiated Brminla. 
laying her handa upon the lap of her idol. 

Wo I Thote Who aay that it ia, repeat a 
Ulaehood^n vented by man and inspired by 
ttatani The law of marriage founded on 
the law of Ood, indeed! Tliere la not a 
line or a wdrd in the booka of Hoses or the 
foapeli of Ohriat to jnatify the baae naarro 
*'®"' Pf>y. wero Uie gloriooa wom>n of 

ruled with man had tolked with (ind aatf 
•«'• •"!•'■— Of »•'• the divine woman of 
the NawflTestamenf, Mary, RliaiLeth, Ann* 
— themotaer of the Ohrist, the mother of 
the Biptiat, tha Prophetess of the Tempi* 
-were any of theae, I say, the m-re noB# 
entiiiua that nanV l>wa make of nurried 
women f Keverl And more I aay I Any 
mun who approrea of tha preaent Uwa of 
marriage that take away a mar, led woman'h 
property and liberty, and even legal ex. 
etenoe-aiTy man, I say. who approvea thoav 
laws is a desp'.t and deapoilar at heart, and 
wooM ba • robber and murderer if the fear • 
of priaonc and soaffolda did not bold him In 
raatraint I And »oy woman who dia^pprove* 
theee lawiL yet darea not express her din- 
•pprov»*,la aalave and coward who dcaarvea 
her fate V 

'Britomarte, dear, how wftrm yon are. 
XQur cheeka Ht* quite fluahed. Take my 
fan and trv not to «et su excited,' said Al- 
berta, coolly, preaeniiiitapinkand epangled 
toy to the ardent amniion. 

• Hold your tongue I Thank you, I dont 
want It,' anawered Britomarte, waving »way 
tb.- proffered article. ' 

•But. Britomaris^love,' mvrmnred Bp- 
minie, leaning upon the ohampion'a lap, and' 
jiftinK her aott hxc 1 ey-s to the ohanipion't 
fao . with that appealing gaxe with wiiich 
the loving p. iid with the flflry, ''Bri omarte, 
darling, "AVives, obey your husbanda, ' are 
the wordaof Holy Writ!" 

Wiih an impatient uesture Britomarte 
pushed off h r worshipper, ezolainiingt 
' Paul»ai(l that I He was a dry old law- 


the Old *eatamenV Sarah, R beooa, Raohel, 
Bather, Deborah. Jadith, Jael-women who 

yer, a bookworm and a bachelor I Wiiat 
did he know about it f And besides, if he 
had been like Jacob, a married man, with 
two wivea. and two handmaid^ and twelve 
children, I would not take the word of th« 
old apoatle any more than I would that of • 
modern preacher, unsupported by the law 
of Moaea and the gospel of Ohriat 1 A manV 
le^ialaiioii wpon marriage haa been guided 
neither by law nor goap^ I' 

•Boahr exclaimed Elfle. whom neither 
paatora nor maatera bad been able to break 
of the uae of ateng^ Met the poor wretohee 
make all the laws in, their own favonr, if ift 
•mnsesorhelpatodeoeivethem. They like 
It, end it don't hart ns I We needn't troable 
our heada to keep their lawa, yon know I 
Let who will bother themselves ebont 
women's rigbta, so we have own way ! Aud 
■nythiog we oen't bluater or ooax oat of 
our natural enemy ain't worth baTingl Why, ■ 
lew t girls, the oreetnrea ere eeaily enongk 
ji a n a g e d wh e h you one e g et need to them f 
Wivy, there are noleaa than three gorernon 
dt Sunnyslopea— one pap end two uoleei 


f il» WUAT- 

teut who do T0» tki'nkj now raUs th« ro««t 
•I 8onnftl«'p««T' ' »».„„..„. 

•You do. wh«n yo« Mw •! hom*. m§- 
•Mtod Britomart*. 

• Yott b«tt«r b*U«v« It, my dwr I Why. 
UW «lrU, I o»u w»na pap and unolwi round 
nyflDg«r •• eMHT •• 1 o*n thi. bl»d« of 
«••%• wid Eia«. Mitlng tho Mtioa to th« 
word with * miMliUviiui ■p*rkU in htr 

' ^W^formy pwt,» a&id th« Albert. 

4ooUy p'kying ^riti' *^*** 9°^^ °'^*^^ °^" **** 
bosom. • wh«nev«r I •hall b«J cngngsd to b« 
tparrisd, U wiH o( ooune b« to the prop«r 
■ort of p«r«on. And p*pi^ will •«« ih«t 
proper MttlemKnta an dr*wn up bntween 
nt, jind th»t mv own fortono ii lettUd upon 
myMlf to ip'od «• I pl«»M. In t'»*\ W^ * 
■hall wcore all th« right* 1 oar* Mint. I 
moat hava a aplendid eat«bli»hm«iit With 
ooatly* furnitura, fcnd carria|«'«, »nd boNaa. 
and^iarvanta,and draaae* and Jewalltnr, and 
unlimited pocket-money. A- id M tRat I 
can hare all that, my huaband mav do all 
tka Totiog and rake all the laws for both 

of na.' .\ 

'Taef exoUimcd Britomarte, bitterly | 

< i% ia yon and auoh aa you, Alberta, that 

reUrd the pro^reaa of woman'* emancipation t 

vlf there Were nowilling alar^a, there oonld 

V no anooeaafuPtyrants I Yon are qnite 

rilling to aell your liberty for Inore — to be- 

bme a alave. ao that yonr olaimaand fattera 

of gold r ,^ _ 

*Yea, theae omamcnta are rather like 
bandooflTa, are they not !' aaid Atberta, 
■lightly raiting her eyebrowa aa abe difpl^y" 
«d the priOf^eaa diamond brace lets on her 
wriata. "Bat I do not see the Jotliea of 
yonr word*, Britomarte. aincf I oerta!nIy do 
not intend to aell my band for money, bat 
only to have my own inherited forttina 

• IVr wbioh aimple piece of Jnatioe yon are 
willing to concede yonV moat aaored oItU 
mS polUioal nghte 1' 

Al berU ■brq.cged her ^Mtaldera. * I dont 
know what yon mean.' the aaid. * I epaek 
to TOO of pocket money, and yon anaWer me 
will politioa. Bab I why ahoold I oare. ao 
tiwt fhftTe % fortune to apend independebt 
o| lay r^tfre huaband t For jnlt think what 
a iiioaVe it Wonld be to haTo to a«K biih for 
mon^y vrVT timo I wanted to go ahop- 

W*%h I a horrid nniaanoe I I think I ihall 
fetloW yonr example, Alba I I aball gat 
p^p to iwttle the oiggen, and the mon^, 
•hd tb« old ^lind mare, and all the rest of 
the Mf H aonal on mh by m y a e lf. ao that my 
DAlanl anetoy, iHi^never I ahall fall mtp 

for which I will promlee to keep In li»y iphare 
and not run for ciortaiabU nor ooncr<MW, ' aaid 

• Too are both right ao far aa yo« go, ' aaid 
BritomaHe, .arneetly, 'bot yon don't go 
far enough A girl with property la of i« 
iiiarrlod only for that properly. And If net 
husband should be a prodigal and squandei 
it. and bring her to want, or If be should 
be a misar and hoard it. tnd dspriTs her ol 
the comforts of lifa. "he has no rwlress. 
Therefore It is well that a woman a propei^ 
should be settled upon herself, and that aM 
ahould \f lndcpend»nt of her husband, at 
li>aat as fsr ss money can make her ao. 
Whstdoyou say, my d*arf ebs inquired^ 
turning to Erminie who again Isy reclhiing 
npon her Isp. with the tender hsasl eyee up- 
turned to the fnoe of her idoL 

TBrmlnie hesiUtrd, the bright bloom 
wavered on her cheeks, and then deepened 
into • vivid blush. She dropped her long- 
fringed eyelids over her soft eyta, and 
inawered gently I , j »u » 

*I am glad I am not rich | very glad that 
I have nothing at all of my own. Now I go 
to my dear father for everything I want.and 
it ia tweet to rcoeiye it from hie hnnda ; for 
ho never refoaea me anything he can afford 
to give, and I never aak him (or anything 
he cannot ipf re. ' i .... 

And the tntheran minitter'b daughter 
patfbed tbonghttully. aa if ^n aome tender 
reminiaoence of her abacnt parent. 

•But we are not talking aboot P«I|«.-«'« 
■re talking about hnbe,' exclaimed Elne. 
impatiently. 'We aVb ontting and die- 
cnaaing the beat mean* of ofTenoe and de- 
fence againat our natutal enemtea. meanitog 
otirfntare hnba— poor wretches I' 

*I know,' aaid Bfrminie; gravely. 

Than turning her aoft eyea, that had 
ttrangM meameric power in their atcady 
tenderneaa, npon the faoe of Britomarte, 
ahecominned > 

* And aa I am not rich, at I have nothing 
•t all of my own, no one will ever marry me 
for anything elae bnt aifeetioD. And aa I 
find it aoaweet to depend on my dear father 
who lovea me, I ahall find it verv aweet also 
to depend on another who fball love me— 
ah I if only half aa well ■• he doea f 

*I hope yon will lemaUt with yoor father, 
my darling. Fathera may be tmated with 
their danghtera— tometimca. The saipn 
caoaot be aaid oi loven, or hotbanda,' said 
Britomarte eimettly,apd laying her hand, 
careaiingly, npon the brfgnt heard thht 
leaned againtt her Hanm. 'Yet, I hope 
yoii wi 1 never commit that a pirit n»l auitfide 

of Which I spoke.' t . >• 

K-mfnie aentlv lifted bier bead from bT 

■■'I . 


I qiMM'« b««om,.^v«ry multoa jof th* fair 
I Hi'rl WM |t«aUaD«u iUAlf.-ftgahi ah* h««U 
t utaU, aad Ui« bloom wftvand oo h«r fao* 
J aud Mttlt4 iolo ftu int«iiM bloah, •• ah« 
•of thr wM I 

' I do not hgrnc with yoa.daar Britomarla. 
I oMinok Nor do I lik* diaonaaiou* oo thia 
I 4ubja«t. tt ■»«aw aMrilogioua to apaak ao 
(jirroTtraatly of th« boliaat mjrattriaa in 
^iiatiorot for aooh indtcd I d««m lova sad 
mwriafai aiid it aaonia lika unrciliag (ha 
holy ol lioliM in ooa'a own u^ad boaom t9 
«▼• 0B«'« thoagbU umI fueling* aboat them. 
Still whau Ibftt whioh ia to ma la a dirine 
Krath, iMMaaiUd avaa bv yon, dear Brilom- 
■rta, I muat dafand it. if naoaaaarjr, \j^ lav- 
ing bara my own haart.' 

'Dafand It khan my |ov«. Oomaonl I 
■hall mind your fanoiog about aa muoh a> I 
khoatd tha paokiug of au exoitad 'tnrtla 
dovf,' aaid tha amaioo, with ao indulgant 

Yak again kha bloom wa?erad and flickar< 
«d oo Brmibia'a aaoailiva ohaak aa aha mur- 
murad, aoftly t 
'I hava ba«n thinking of all yon kava aaid , 
I t)iia noroiog i I havo baeo liataning to my 
haart, aod it,haa told naa tbia ) To Foaa aalf 
in tha ona graat vital lova a traa wife flnda 
in a troa bnaband, ia not mor^l noioida, aa 
yon aay. bat tha paaaing io aookliar life— « 
doubia lifa— daepar. aweetar, -nora intanaa, 
and n.oro aatiafyiug than any koown alooa. 
To be oootank to be gaided by hie wiadom. 
and uphold by bi« akrength. and comforted 
byhia lova— ko have no will buk hia wUl, 
whioh aha nukea her owo— thia ianot to bo 
a noienkify, or weak, or ailly, or ohildiab, 
but to be Identical witi tha hnaband'a 

Sreakar life— to be wiae, atrong, womanly. 
ha ptaaaa into hia life, baoomaa part and 
paroel of ik. In loaiog benalf ahe flnda her- 
self | io giving heraalf away ahe reoaiveo 
heraelf again— traoaflgnrod I Oh I Britom- ' 
arte, I am not intellaotaal like you. buiXdo ! 
know, baoaoao my boark ■orety^^Glirtto, ' 
that tbo krao wife and kbe trno hoaband are 
ona— ono being on thIa earth, aa they will 
b9 ono aagol In Heavoo,' aaid |tba gentle 
girl, forgotting her tiniditj in her en- 

'Boahl' oriad Bifrida Fialdinft in dia. 
Ruat, kearing and throwing away the withea 
of graaa ahe bad bean winding aroqbd hor 
nngeraj omblematioally of bo» mothod of 
managing nat oral enemiaa. 

•Bahr yawnoi Alberta Ooldiborongb. 
•briu;ging bar ahonldors. 

' ™»« yon ooon many aaoh aoiona in yonr 
abort lifa,Brniitaie f inqnirod Brikomarle. 

arbiter of my fate, al- 
ihat la what I leal I 

•oikhink I ohall ev#r love | bnk I do know 
that I ahall n«var marry oaUaa I ahall b* 
•oaght by one whom I oan lova with all itSt ' 
haart and ao«l, and apirit i whom I «oL . 
honour almoat aa I honoor mv Oraatorf ■■^' 
and I oan obey In word and dead, with onoh 
perfect aaaank »f my will and nndaretaAll*' 
loK, that to ob«>y hia will ahall be to haw 
rav own wav I— one who ahall be to me tha 
Ufa of my life, the 
moat my (lod I Yn«, 

want, and nothing elae ^jMf onivell^ wflt 
■atiaty ma I 1'hat la^Vhat •yrj ttno 
< woman wanta, and nothing aloe In Iho 
univaraa will aatiafy her I Oh I Britomarka 
—you who ara woman'a ohampion— yoo 
greatly bewray woman when yon aaoribe t<»- 
the ooaroioii of ooarae human lawa tkaft 
divine aelf- abnegation and devotion wbiohh 
la the inatinot and inapiration of her owi» 
heart i' eiolaimed Krminie. 

'Tha dove peoka aharply- bar litklo baaka 
are kef n,' aaid Britomarta, amiling. Than, 
apeaking more fraveiy,|he added i *t Women 
might be aooh ahgela. ray darling, if num 
were auoii aoda } bnt yon will find few 
women willing to bo ao devoted, and fewer 
men to deter f^ auob devotion. Men 
do not balii-ve in • wuman'a voluntary aelf* 
abnegation, and henoe they ooeroo them bf 
what you call ooarae hnman lawa. by whak 
I call unjuat, deapotio, agotlatioal lawa. I 
return to my point, ^arling. I hope that 
yon will never mar^ ' 

'I do not think lever ahall, ainoo It io 
not likely that 1 ahall ever meet with any 
one anch aa I have deaoribed,'aaid Brminie. 

' Oil, no, that you will not, my dear,' aaid 
Elfle ; 'bat you will khink yon have mat 
BU3h a prodigy, and thak wi^ ba all th» 
tame to yon. Vou will aome day ran againat^ 
■oma commonplace John Thompaon or Tom 
Johnaon whom yon will take for a Oriobton 
or a Biyard. You are booked for a grand 
asaion, my dear. It ia in yonr ayatom and 
it moat come ont. It wonld kill yon if it 
waa to atrike in. I pity* you, poor child, 
for that thing don't pay. I kmfw all ahont 
it ; I've been all along there I' 

' You. Bifrida ?' ezolaimed Alborta, wikb 
nduanal ibtereat ^or hor. 

• Yea, me, " E!frida 1" Ypn had bettor' 
believe it I' _ ^ 

* Tell na all about ii* 
' I am going to. Woll, fon aoo whon pap- 

flrat brought me to tbii aohool to flniah my 
education, we atoppad in tha oity a fow daya 
to fit me ont and ahow mo ^a nghta. 0|io 
night he took me to aoo ai\ opoHL Huah,. 

have npti bat I know -that all 
uuio. I abould be auob I Aa for myaotf, I do Iraa danled by 

Kghl _ 
rial I n«var waa inaide of an opora bonae 
ifpre in my life ; and yon bettor believe I 


iplondour and magnlft- 

^^ >■■ - 

f 4U PLAT. 



«tBM MMBd ■•• m4 IMBd qalt* •iio»|lr to 

rTiiwITtt^fcoM. and »Iw ImvQfal dms 
3«»l3M*««tath.c.rUinN.«. Tht«l 
wmL fwi h««»* » Til. op«» WM 1-oi.r.dl- 

AtSIii.»tloo •! tluii»Mi«Bntom»rto 

^•?l!S!r?^lWthIr It WM tU Jwmty booiMt 
with »b« kiron"* fwfcthwr,«onB»P« 
tettea »Uid, oc Um bUok valwi tamo «Q*t, 
or Um JrWS omm t»ruwd hoM "O* Nt- 
kia% at »k«i ■»•»* or »»»• ■»-. ^ •" **" 
Mtter. I doa't know I bat I Wl ow h«Ml 
SZHSn III Uw« with Bdfpur fi»T«MWood. 
■iftfWMl bow I adored him 1 Ooo't frown. 
Britty. Aiidohl bow I b»tjd twn*. who 
bad tko dinoo k«ppiiMM oi baing wno^A m 

voodl And okl'bow ardently iMpirfd to 
ho » icont pi i«n donna, and pU* Lama to 

SatSaltiS »-'"?>.7*^' #*'•*' ^'^ 
«RuU tbat way lU «*• T»«-* ;; . . 

iiooM with my bud aU in o whirl 1 1 bad 
BarocUoni on the brain. P^p wantod mo to 
«om*into tbo dining-room and tfkaaomo 
•DI«». Batfoogbl Af tar tbo dmno Ufa 
«I maaiOL boaklna, lore, baioa'a feather, 
iMBMOa and BaToaawood. tho mora idaa of 
Mtins waa iowoltin« to tl|0 ^laat degroe I 
Bafc iMada nav nromias to take me to the 
Sil^Stnipbt "Wbir.^dangbt.. 

«Ioodo( mfpw, P»p/' I M^fM^- Law, 
iririal bo vSatad ft waa only tbe maaio I 
Oar«ana a^ vary aimole-ininded paonle. 
Or eE thoy bato laamod ao maoh wudoi^ 
iatbair age tbat tbey ba^e forgotten aU 
S^laoTtotbBfloatb. Dontyoatbmk 

*°^' Y^iTbatMVtr ndnd obUt tbo old ga^tlo. 
ibao. TaUaaef tboaigniof.* 

•Wall, inotoad oT looating on avnlfar 
tapper, I went to bod to laaat on memonea 
«f tbodivino Ufa of thft opera Mid OD bopea 

of liTiag I* ©▼« NP*» •■ J"*^P**' ••""''f* 
Abl bow I wonbippadtbeSicoiorBeroeW. 

^ loail Ah I bow I detaated tka Signora 

OcOoaat Ah I bow I aapirad to be » famooa 

Anma dMna I I folt oepeblo of dying for 

lunaUbniiOf obokingOoktiia, aadof rnnninf 

awav faeai Pf9 *o> beooO^ a prima donaa. I 

ItSU mSli^ of iUoaion. »>•»»»«»• 

lion, awaia 1 Ooa^ glower at mo ao. Britty I 

orI«ui*»iOfa. Abilf oar pops didbai 

kaow.itla'aot •iwayaaafo to takeovory 

waolmpf ao ob pla oea r^ - 

^^Indoed it W aot I' exolataied Bn 


itty, ao Wttorly, aorMpnatM^, with' 

dwk a ahadow omreloading bar faoe. 
that little BIfle paoaed aad fawd al kar in 
diamay. faltering 1 ^ 

• Why, Britty, wbal'ia tbamailw I latoly 
yoaneTer— * _ ^ ^. 

•H«v n^* laid Britoomrte, teoowriat ber- 
aelf with an eflbrt * I waa nevor at aa opera. 
Oooo. Bowdiditeadf . _^^ , ' 

•How did it end ? Aa a foortb of «l«Iy 
rooket enda, of eoaioe. It atNaaMd ap from 
tho earth a blaaing meteor aapiriag to the 
Bonvonal It fell dowa to the grooad a 
blaokened atiok, to bo.treddea under loot I' 

*Ahr aighed Brminie^ inaToloefail oIa 

nmpathy. , 

Btfle langhed and weat on i 
* Bat to Imto tbe hi(aIatiBgaBdoom« 
down to tbe' oommon. It waa teij late 
when I jBt «p next moTiiiBf» and pap waa aa 
lata aa fw^ And whan wo eat down to 
tbo breakfaat tabU wo tonad a party aittins 
oppoaite to na wbowo'* •■ ^*« •* We were. I 
didnt look at them, 1 waa atOl ia a drpam, 
liTtag ia memoriae of the paat eirenins and 
bopea of the ooming one. lb io deep a' 
dream, that I didn't know wbotber I wai 
bcoakfaatiagoif an omelttte or atowad kid 
rioMa. unMlpap atoop^ and Vhiapered to 
■au UDangbt., tbelo'a the 8i|pior Adriano 
diBeibeUoni aitting oppoaite to na." I 
woke from my dream and raiaed my eyea to 
■M. Waa ic Beroellonif I looked and 
looked again before I oonld bo aaro. Yea. 
it waa be 1 Bat oh t my eoantt ymen, what | 
• ohangtt waa there I How liki>» yet boW I 
onlike my gorg eooa hero of the eveninf be- 1 
fbmt Bii bead waa bald! hia faoe.was 
bloatedl bia form waa r6aad i Ugh I Hia ^ 
•MS woro red 1 bia aoaa waa Uae 1 bia teeth , 
^yallow--agblagbr^b«d> great , 
PI«U of maoarontt^ garlio befoN iiim, ana 
rgreatapooaia bia hattd,^W*tb «rh^ he 
■hoYellodtho maaa down bia tbroat,\aa^R 
oelli«r ahorela ooal iato a oaMaiw-foiwh ! 
Whatever bo had done to bimaalf . to mHke 
bim IooIe ao differently on the otage. I dob't 
know. Bat the aieht of bim m aalarrf 
made me aiok and oared ma»* 

• And ao that to tka end ol tbe atory ?' in- 
aaired Aibeita. 

« Ko, not qalte. Oa onO aide of bim tat a 
awartby. aerawny aighora, who wat the wife 
oi bi« **ba»im.^ And on the other aht an 
emmlly awartby and aoraway aignorlaa, who 
waa the lovely pledge of thoi* wedded affec- 
Sona. And tbat'a aot alt oHhe^ Alba. Tbat 
•vMUDgpapaaid. - W^ Awi*t.^^ we 
go to the opera to aoo the •«IPi»«!r-»SSl»'» 
SLy Fra IKavolof* I toawoMd, *'Tbaak 

And 00 we 

»AUL tLk7, 


•d BvrpfMd Mr.— WiMt1i-ki»>MaMr Lav I 

yoa kn<>ir who I oMMi.* 

■ ' Did fvm ha is lov* with hte f inmOnl 
Alb rtik ' 

*Kot M I know all H« auiy bsv* had 

" • ▼■rr btaotifnl spirit, " M aoai* of liui 

•dmiivra any I bat^ U m^ il wMoiothMl 

' with • vary onattHMtiv* yww— , Hi>Jt( day 

C»p brought «• hMM to Mhool. and I h«r« 
MO h«r* •var riaotk arMpt whoa I bava 
pna bona for helidayi. Ko<r, atatiiraii, I 
haTf fltivaa la dky aiparlaaaa at this lovo 
faaat for i ha baneflt of Bistar Braiiaia Boaan* 
thai t And I bopa aba will prfiflater it. A^d 
now. I think, 'tbat is aW !%p 

Alberta and Brmiuia Ua/|had, bat Brito< 
marta look d Tar/, grava aa aka aaid i 

'No, Birida. that ia not all! I hava a 
aeqaal to foar atory i bat I will nbt tall it 
to yoa aow. I will tall yoa thia,.kowavar t 
Tha old glattea who raroltad yoar taata at 
the braaktast waa not Sigoior Adriano di 
Bareplloui, tha yo«ngar, wboaiyoasaw play 
Edgar BaTanswood.' 

As Britomarta apoka, Blfia gaaad at nit 
with open ayaa ano mouth in ailaut amaaa^ 

'Thay bara tha aama nama, and thay 
b«ar a atronr pindnal raaamblanoa to aaeb 
other, modiflod by tha drffarenoa of aca aad 
temperament ; but they mrtt u\ay tha same 
parti, flow ooald yoa iaugioa, my daar, 
that thare. ooald bj any arta of tka toilet, 4>r 
effect of the ataga, nat ooold "^traoafigwa 
that ooarae old oreatura into tka kaio ol an 

' I don't know. I tko«ght toUH aria, aad 
atuga efTaota^ wara almoat ndraeulooa. Bat 
wnat aatoanda ma ia tiia eaaninc of that gay 
old deodrar. my pap I Now, I wondar it 
he didn't laa my infataaMon from tha ba* 
gianing J I wonder if ha didn't abow nm 
tha old oiia» md fot ma daoaiva mytaU; an 

' Of oooTM ha did,* opinad Albwta. 

•Bat howoamayoo to laow^^toything 
aboat t ka m ao maoh aboat them. I may 
aay. Britty daarf* Blfla inq«iired. 
^ • I said I had a aaqaai. to youc atory | but 
loaanat taU i* now,' rapliad Britomarta. 
▼ery grav«ly. Than, aftar a tkooghtful 
pana^aba added, *I tkink It wroag-~oh t 
▼ei^ wroag-in paianta and goardiaaato 

iawrioMad, impraaaibla girls 
iw auvB pui^a. If tkagr lova masitiL lat them 
have aa i^aay ooaoarta aa tkay plaaia, but 
■'i^P*?!.'^ "• »i«ys^a»ep, parhap«, 
a hw of SkakeapaareV bast hiatorioai pkya.' 
'Howoldarayoo. Britomarta t'auddanly 
inqpitad Alberta. 

doaoh' rt-pliad 
Bifla and liw 

SOtfoaty aaawar >hat qnastfoa at a mameat^ 
warning I aad tkea shv answarad— 

'lamaiaktaan. Whyf 

'Ton talk aa if yoo'%r«ra aigbty-^tkat^i 


^ ' I bava kad anoagh to aga m%' aaid 
Britomarta^ patting Brminia'saarva itiiraruu 
from bar naa<,andri*iag,and walking away, 
ai if to oonoaal, or ofaraoaia, aooM a rong 
aad daap emotion. 

'Britoaurta apMkks bifttarly.* aaid Bifla, 
la amaaament. 

* She haa good raaaoa to 
Alba, meaninglr. 

' What reaaonf loqnirad 

. * I« ''f t don't you know f Have yoa aavar 
*Na' V 

. .'.^•^J^ ****** ^'^^ whatkar I ought to 
tall It. It aeama Unfair to do aa. I^ aaaoM 
indeed Ukaapeaking ill of kar family behind 
herbaok. She might not like it»' aaid 
Albarta, ksaitating i 

•Than doa't doV argad BrBftiau 
•OprinaiatadfiHa. ^ 

* Well, you aaa, I navaf knew a word of ft 
myae^f until laat Baatar kolWayi, whan I 
waa bona on a viait, and fceaid .it by tha 
maraat aeoident For yoa Inow .aha nevar 
mmtiona a word aboat her familT.V 

*lfo. Barer I azoapt aomatimca toaliada 
to the maiden aant who paya bar achool 
bills. ButdotaUUel laitaaythingbadf 

aagarly inqulrad Bifl?. 
^Yea, vary,' raptie 

liad Albarta. witk a 

•And to think yoa skoald kava kaowa 
the aaoret arar ainaa laat Bsarar and kept it 
from US I' azoUimod ma% with a nproaah. 
ful look. 

•Youaea Ikant it to myaaU lor kar 
■alM,' asplainad Albarta, with aa aaolagatio 
omila. "^^ 

. ' Kaap it ao atill. Alberta, 'aaraaitly argad 
Brminia. * If yog hava baoome p >oaeaaad ci 
any aeerat that yon think Britomarta would 
notiika to kara dinllcad. it woald be dia« 
loyalty, to yoar friaad to dlrulga it.' 

♦I. *?*•** '. ^Al* •" Yf^nMfod»,90wh»if, 
tha harm f Go on. Albarta. I am on thoma 
until I hear all abotj|t it. Waa it a mardar, 
or a forgery, ot a bigamy. Or an alop mauL 
or an— or iHiat was itf aagarlj y— ifntjl 
B fie. 

It was naitkar of tkaaa. itwaaa<Mi|a- 
ibro-- Wkara ara yoa goKUt 

u ^^. t^!*^^ saddealy broka offw 
the middla of bar aaotanoa to aak of bat fUr 
companion, who kad riaaB and waa valUac 
away. " 

Brminia f 

BritoBUTia ptaaad aa though she ccnll 'lam goinjoat of bearing olassorrt thai 


X* I* «■* 


C AWwrU to t«U Brtt«»wto*t myitotf to mJr 
Tonly wilU*« UitMier. 


•AmoMroh mind, with my$tery of com- 
numding _, , 

A god-like power, u art «•!»'•««• ,.,„^ 
Of Wionins. feiunng, ipioulduig. #^«Ia«9ft 

bMddtna. ^ 

The Blind* of maUoii»»iUtl|«yiiV>ffM 


•#hile nndema^ th»t hw^ Bke wipmer 

ooean'e, .1.1 

rlta iiD M mo»elet» nnd it« obeek u olenr, 
Stlmb^nn whirlwind bf Ae hewfd emo. 

Ifonit— - - ^ ., 

Xoyc h»t(«d« fride. *op«, •orrOw— rtl 

•wr« fenr.* — HaXMk, 
■ ' Brminiotrtnterwielowlydoi^tfcowlnd- 
ina foot-p»th iMdins thNdigh the «HPWli» 
SStrtothekenol* •wnne, on tto Unfcii of 
Seriter. 8heh»dnotgon*f«*Jr 
Jli^i in adTnnoo Of her, sbo WW Britomwle 

«r»lkitig »tone. .. 

Kot wifhmK *o intrude on the nnnioii in 
her dark hour, Brminie wm tnftiiflg »^y, 

J\^ Britomarte 1^ *«•• £:f?l*f'2S 
kWiro of her tt*Mnoe. »nd look«d bMlt with 
Ml expreenion of ineffable tMrde»neM,nnd 
V Wokdhed nroroMh. .Jt. \ 

The gentle girl went to the brillwnt 
•thinon'e tide, *«*#•■ onoittSW ,by her 

^ iniMks for Mtting tte ooine^ denr Brit»- 
nutfte.' she innrmnred, lifting her aoft/ h«art 
•tto to lAeot the g«» of theeplendid dkrk 
grnyotMiihAt w«re ehintng do«n npon 

**My bontiylove.I never wieh to n^ld 
fpfT. lu my dnrk^et honr, yon are ever 
i^Ioome o«i?,' answered tiie^ mnn-hat*** 
in the soft tone and with the swedtsmflo 
shf eye'' "•«'* '" «ddresfcinf this hest beloved 
o«¥irioal. ^ . ■_ 

*Toon>ake me so Maimy when yop say 
th»t,diiar6iitomarte, f* I do love yon so 
maek that I long to come to yoa^ln aJl yenr 
m6Ms,')«ttt rtost specially in yonr darkeiic 
honrsTwhen piy very heart aohea with its 
lonsins aOdmfort yon,' Monnnrvd Brmipie, 
f^y eu^'esaing the band that moiroted her 

''*i#y'wifisflme pet< yon talk to me aa a 

f hallnoination. Well, long be it so, for I 

am the safest sort 61 a swf itheaM lor yo«i • 
dat»n^. Haaven «wint you |n«y nwrb^ff , 
another I' said Britomartoi aarnastly. 
^"oii..I n€»er, nev* wilL if yo« alwaysi 
l«M me aa mucn as you do now, as^rest, 
Smr iovel I will fan as :«)jM'«nt( i«T«»aa 
IWr ^owan was to «»n I' aiolaimed B * 
Snie soSmntlT. that Bntomart. Cbwrsw 
Uughed; for ooeaaionallyanoh. bright iaah 

\ S iSrth lightened the dark oyj fW P^y«A 
i noM the tKughtful ^tW«» 0* *»»• »»««♦'• 

^^fiKSTiookadaogrlevad that Britomarte 

tions, ifl wars n m*n I oonld do but ono 

'll^'hat is that, Britomartof* 

'Marry yOn immediataly,' andM Miae 

^(Sh,"^^* yout Would you indeed. 
BritMbartef Would yon warry met 
•sMTly exdaimed Brminie, while herapfc 
PSil oyoo 4iU«ed an4 brightenod with 


^I should fselohlloed to.' ^ - - " 
^ . And worfd you bs satisfied to have m* 
>|kh you alwaya, and would you always 

^'^iiSM^ht of mirth faded away from the 
face of lb< hiilWmt amsnon as she gravely 

vKo. not if I wore a oian. lor in that ease 
I should have a * man'a half brutal, half* 
aevilisb, and whnUy aeMlsh nature. Sooner 
or later I should «row tired of yon, and 
Slowly or swiftly I ihonld brealc your heart 
Sa mote you ohfluW loifo »^ *}'!""?i.; 
should bate you » the more angrt yo«. tne 
Un demon ft 'orlahpuld^bs a m^^nd 
••t out vy " mnnly ^ pwt. Hot being a 

brtThotrwr, I ahiTl ndt^to you for^lov- 
lUig mr, nor kiU yon fo» seryUig ife. 


and shield you oarefully ''«■•»* ■"•%^^ 

marto I 1 know you wilVBrmime iwresentlr 
^W«4 kisiingjhe »»"d Jf heririend. 
Bat then growing gAve, she atfied, •Ob,«nr 
dearest love, I am so ^rty y^I^f. "yj^" 
intMise manJiater I To«ri*lioles41e katred 
makes you ao unjust I It is the one dark 
Mt^i^the briglit diso of yowelear, 
wann.^hl. i«n4lke njtnrel AH men 
M« not brntMi, drtirwt Britomartt.' fi 

>7!hentli^F?^'^^'^' "^f '"^^ 
onediviaioh.. ,:. ? -^^.^^-.u.^--.' ^-. ■ ■•^•■- 

*Whati i)o you mean tlMt a^ m«i are 
either >niks« or idiotar . v 

— ' Ho w c an y ou say s o? 

ler e n re some 

/^j^ T'^'^p^^yAi 



liii niii I 

livinf w|iom fom moat noept and rtapfiot.' 

* IniM thcM w Man* AuA whoM mriiioM 
riwi(m'iAa*thoii«iijp4' ' " 

, Tf»A?Wl>y.ooId. hwrd and ht^rj from 
her lite •rit'^iAl*^ ho^ iU <D6«'d. 
' 'Obi BritootarU. how (UM jroa>-«in yoo 
-^y «o, dwmt Tou1»^ • fath^rj' 

Dwk M % thaiidfr «l6ad £re# tli« bestati* 
fal fftpf of til* *n|i*s>n t h»rsh. oart a'iid. 
■trange War* i ha irotda of hat raply. 

' Yaa} I Uki a fiithar with lit le oUim 
upon my l9Ta. and laai aftoo my honour. 
Nerer nam* him to me again.' 

Brmiiiie w|w appalled. ^ 

Britomarta ttopped in 1i«r wdilk imd tfi^t 
down at tha foot of a trae, aa if oTarabadevr- 
ed by aoma dark deatlily. 

Brmidie ahak down at 
. her haad on h«r lap. , 

Both wara aitont for a tima. and tha only 
aonnda that^ broka tha atllloaaa wera the 
wbispenng of the laataa alKyra thair haada 
the bnm Of the inlaof'a aroand them, and tua 
ripple of tha nVer barow. 

ItrmUia bagim to aob aoftly, while Bitto- 
marte laid her baod gently on her pat'a 
h<pad. ^^ *^ 

* Britomai'ta, deataat, I am aorry that I 

F ovarabadew 
her faat and laid 

hurt vonj I would not hava dona it for 
kin((dom, if I bad known it. ' 

•I am aura yoff would not, darling !— anra 
von would not I Say no n,6re about"- .IJ^V; 
bat tell ma of your own fathar, who Mnaot 
coma ttndw toy •evera category >toau8e 1 do 
not knpw him } and tell me of that wonder- 
lul br ther whom you idoliia ao mncb^'and 
whom I have navar aaen.' 
,^' Mf f«l«» fcu^ my 1>r9tJM»r,' munnuM^d 
the minwtarVda^ighter, M her facf aolteued 
into a yat todre inelRibla a ^eetUeaa, aa at 
^U^»TMk^J^M %« •ff-otion- 
Bntoiha|t4 if von hi^ ^^oyr^ tham you 
* JH9,t* h«m a man-hater 1 
[Q l;now thete yoU will «eaae to 

% t^VWperforUied/ a^id 
It tali roe^ui^ they oomilk£ 

would % 
be oitar 

'Thau a 
tha Umiif. 
to tHieoimB ,^^ 

♦u 7 *'^ 1#S.^'^*^. t"*' '"i *<» ■•J.L I know 
homa, for my father Wrote to aay ao; but I 

SSL Ji?^^^* Tl' iViuit iuy daa'r 
f»thpr to ba preKakit to^ay. A triumph ia 

^^AwT'J^Jf pe>nle«a lia witbeaaiJait; 
V^^^^lj^ •• in«Ml«Uttoac«myd*ar 
brjthar. J'hay* no: aea^ bite,, you know; 

ir*-*^- "■' ■''^^•^ 'l^k^ 0o?tan- 



'Your brother iaatudyinc for Holviy*' 
dara I think ydu told ma.' • ' ^' 

* Oh, yea. Be baa a gannina oali Id tRtf ' 
mintftiy of the Qo»pe> if arer any man had 
onam thia world. Be baa aaorifloed the 
moat brilliant proapeota of earthly auooeaa to 
obey that call. 

•How la that, my dear?' 

•Ob, Why you know lie it tny father'a 

only aon. and except myaelt, bia only oliild, 

for thera are bat two of ua. my brother aui 

myaalf. Jnatln ia ten yaHra older than I 

am, howayjr, ainoe I waa but aixteeu m 

■ *•"?• *na •»• '^•M ba twanty-Mx in Auauat.' 

' i 'Yea; bat about tha aaorifioe be mad*-. 

'toydaarf *'■: 

flam tailing you. My dear brother ttd 

irt^aelf are the only ohildren of thehnuaaof 

Boaantbal. My father'a family ia not #hat 

la <>fU«d a marrying family. Father haa 

twobaobelor brothara,. wro are the crtet 

woollen importara. Unole Friedriob' haa tha 

Berlin houae and Uncle Wilbt^lm the New 

Y»rkbouae. Thny offer d to takajqatiu 

into thair bnaiiiefta, and briftg him tfp aa 

thahr aucoeaaor; but ha felt thia call to 

preach tha goapel. and ha declined thair 


•It wiM a great aaoriflca,'aaid Britomarta. 

•It waa; but our dear fa« her encouragad 
him to make % Oh, there are few like our 
tether ; uid Juatiu ia worthy to be hia aoo t 
He baa oobia home to atay now 1 And ha is 
u> ha ordained thia coming' autumn I Oh 
Britomart^ you muat ooma and Tiaitma 
than, and go with ma to ke'e nia ordibation.' 

'laball ba p (aa>d to do ao, my daarf 
Liaten 1 Yea, the bell ia ringing I We mmt 
go and takn o|ir i^acea on the plai^iim. f 
anppoae many nf tha ft ienda of tbf puiula 
bavearriyed. Whata piiy it iathWa»aimt 
aaa their cbargea until aftei the ceraiti^a*,' 
aaid Briromarte, riaing to retrace her /•|ep» 
towasdatbeoolegebuildii:^. ,,. !|r 

• Yea, it ia a pity ; but I anppoaa their 
earlier meeting la prohibit d to prevent o.;a> 
faaiOu and delay*: laaw Alba'aparenta <«U 
by in their open barpnehe. aa I oama down 
here. And there arc Bifie'a father and two 
anelea riding sp bii hofaehaok. And my 
dear father and brother, or both, will b» 
here preaent'y. Bat» Britomano^ wktt ia 
coming for yon?' /^ 

* Ho one. . ifo aiim .<»Ver doea come, nor dty 
I wiah that u^y idibald. I am conteitted. 
darling.'' ' *-\ ;''■'.'■■. ,.a> ;--.;■%•«■■ 

I marie, I wi'l be near you, ao do r member 
that ojne ijti|l watch your ordeal with an 
much loteraf t a* fatner, mother, aiaer »nC 

b ro th er , all combined, could do t an^ w(l 


. f 



i^f J 


*t7^ I ^ I, I 



woom ovw yoar M^^t or njoios 6T»r your 
TieiorT mow tbMi over h«r own.' 

•IdolMlMTtinnydMlinf I And th«m 
fon I t«k« pl«Mor» m M»Brin| ybq thftt y6u 
•hall hive o*o»e ouhr (or re^oioip*. 1 ihall 
iicbieTe a Viotory, Bi-jmini*. ' . _ 

•YmI I oevor doal>t#d tb«tl I wm 
alw yn wro pi th»t. I What is your thwn*, 
doarlBritonMrte T You will not object to 
tell mo, now that the readiu« is M ue«r, 

•liy djaregt, I should not have objMtad 
to toll yon »t any period, if yon h&d Mked 
«o to d(o M. My tbeme is tbo " OiTil and 
PaUtioal &fht« of Woman." ' * 

'Wnat a tremendaoiu rabjeotl JBrito- 
«Mrt«, d[e»r, yon wUl be aent to Oovantry by 
aU the pwfeaaurfc* 

•Perhaps I Bat do yon think I shall go 
ikeref U«ghed the beauty. 

By this time they were approaoiiing th« 
«oll '»• through thb rqeerics* as tbo terraotL 
adorned pnnoipally with these beautifnl 
«owem. wero oalled. On the upperterrace 
^ty Mado a turn to the lof^ to avoid the 
4)arciages that were eontinuiJly roUinft up to 
th* front' eu ranoe, depositing their freights 
«nd rolling off again. ' ., . , 

The two friends ontered a Mde door, and 
found tiiemsdves hi a Urge ant»>room, In 
^hiohwete assembled all thair sohoolmates 
in the footiTe sehool uniform of pure white 
ttualin dnsaes, pink ribbons, tad raso 

^j^aaiongthem walked AlbaGoldsborongh 
* theblonde be«iity and wealthy heirees, and 
BlfndU Pieldiirg, the bright Ut le brune te 
<eonat>9*KirL Those two girls walked 
liparL with their arms around eaoh other% 
f^stl. oOnTersing in eonildeatial whispers. 
/^ 'They are "^tilf talking of Britomarto I* 
Mid Brminie, indignantly to heraslf, and as 
•ke looked at them her suepioiou 7»« •«»• 
irmed i tost tm eooo as they Jaw her with 
Britoniartt they oeated to talk, and began 
toloekemhanassed. But before the quart. 
«M0 of frlonds <M«ld meet, the great Md* 
iig dooMb •«H«r»ting tho ante-room frois 
tho ezhibitio* hall, were thrown open, aad 
mo of the tsaohers appeared to marshal 
th* papiiB to ^» •"'^ ^ **>**' approaohiag 

Up the side et^n leading to thia plat- 
form, the line of pupila marohed. The* 
eeated themself ee on the benohcain good 
order, and then surtreytd the soene before 

The hall waaorowded witha kfga mW 

of sppetatorsii among which were to be die- 

tinguished learned proteas6rs,notedp)caoh« a 

and the heads of n^igbbporins ooUegos. 

tan of the audienea ecu- 

pyofiptly aad qniatlj th^ f oU iato lino 
«ad mardieil into the hall— a apMious room 
«f tha Qmnthiaa order of arohiteoture, 
Itted HP at Atemple of tho mneee-r-the Dine 
«raMa Wnf lepreaented bf nine atatuea 
Mimorifaig wa aruhes, aeparatmg the plafe- 
f onTf rom^tkt firt «f the hall oomipi«d by 
thoM^Bo^ ., , _,. , 

ThiaplatfonB w»a proTidedvlHth rows of 
- ^ TwiToied tHth WiBMO* doth* tor the 
nonoT tho pupils. 

But tho grsat mam ir.— iu; ^ 

sisted of the parenU and guardians^ fnenda 
and reUtives of pupils and teaehers. 

Alberta Ooldeborough, the Wealthy helreaa 
reoogniaed her sU ely papa and faahion|Ue 
mamma, and saluted them with a oool," 
young ladyiah how sa she sank into her 

.seat. w . , , 

Blfrida desoried. aeated away book in an 
pbacurt/oomer, the three iioneat oountry 

fntlemen whom ah^ saoeily d«eignated 
one pap and two unhn.' And she audac^ 
ieusly kissed her hand to them with aloud 
smack aa she popped into her place. 

Brounie disoerned, near the middle of 
theorowd, her revered father and idolis'^d 
brother, and exchanged with them a bow 
and emile of recognition and Joy. Bat, oh. 
fhte of Tantalus 1 though she had not seen 
her father for ten months, nor her brother 
for five years, sfae eould not eten torn to 
Britomart J and point thiem out | she oonld 
on y bow and smue, for silanee and deoorum 
were rigidly ehforoed upon the pu]^ls on the. 
oonminoement day atB^lemontOolUffe. 

Briiomarte, with bar sad eyesfwandering 
over the aMemblage^ saw not one familiar 
Uoe. But BritomarU waa almost aloua in 

the world. . ^ > . 

The oeremonies of the day began. , 
Now. as tbero is nothing in this wearisome 
world half flo Weariaome to (in uninterested 
apeotator as a sohool exhibition or a college 
eoromenoement, and at thia auaiveraaiy at 
BelUmont partook of both ohaira«ter«, and 
conseoueoUy diapenaed a double aSMnt of 
dulluMa. I will aparo my readers tho 4»t« • 
of the prooeedints and dismiss tho whole 
affair with as few words aa possible. , 

Pro*^eS8ors preached and pupils proHd on 
the platforms while the speotators toned 
tbemselVea vigorousljr, or yawned bahud 
fauaof overy aeseription, from tho plain 
palm-loaf to tho aeented aandslwoodtiu the 

Teaehers and scholars wore alike In the 
hiitheat atate of exaltation and— tbo deepeat 
4efrea of fatigue. . _^ . 

The audieuoe politely proifoiibeed the 
affair to be very interesting and— heartily 
wished 'it over. '. . 

In faet the e x e rois ea of th e da y w»e only 




redeemed from the moet ordinary monotonr 


>5 \f TT>- 






th« raadiav of Brltonwrt* Oooyan* 
iM— • The Oivil »ad Fotttioia BighM of 

At BAllamoat OoUi«* iIm tk*«M vin 
■ot rMd by tb* writtra, b«M«M i» that ita- 
nMcaUtoimti tatiD»U was dMBMd aalady. 
''■•<«r«7otDfla47toataad epoaa ttUt» 
form bafora a adxed aadiaaaa mi mad bar 
o^n 9o«P»P«MiioB aload, and it i#aa abo 
thoaght tbat tha eabiirraiiament wbiob a 
Toong writer woald beiikrly to feel in auob 
» ppaitioo wosld aarioaaly mar tba delivery 
and daUTMOt from tbaeflitolotlMr theme. So 
i» waa arranged |bat all tha themea aboald 
1^ NM Aioad by the Profesaor uf Blooatioa 
to the laatiiaUoa. whoae high y ctaltiTated 
style woQld certainly improve the podteat 
oompoaitiiM, and do fa 1 Jaactoe to tborioh- 
*•*•_, "• •<«»* to tba w«>dso< tba »•« tho 
maaioof hiavoioflk* |^ 

He read with great affMl Brftomarta 

S?l'Jrf^^ •'•*?^"» and Pi)l.».flal 
Bighta of VtrooMB, ia whioh the aa hor 
bravely aaaerted not only the rbrbta of 
mairjrd x^omen to tha oontrol of tb^^ir own 
property and cutodf of thair own ebildr a, 
bat the nglfta of all women to a competition 

T« ■*11''u '* '?• P***** »« *»dMtr5r and a 
Bbare with them in all tho obMoeo of an» 
oeaa;-in the machanioal arte, in learned pro- 
fea*iODa,ui oommeroial boainoaa, in mani- 
* fif* a*^i »»'»oual govemmatfl^ in tba oamft 
the field, the abip t in the aenata. in t.^ 
cabinet. Oh the bench, and in the |>reeidential I 
ohair. She auppwrted lier ar^Mient with ' 
the namea and examplea of the ntkeworthy 
womwof al air a and omintriea-womaij 
whoindcapiteof tha9)bat2ie.o# law, pnH 
cedent and prejodioi^ had tfioting^lMd 
?feSr K •wnrftOd of mitarpiKw 
i«f!lf* «»y •M.^ft twa altSfetbcr a laoeired U al- 

f^Ui'J'^ ■»»S« HwthnaJMtio pmlaa and 

aH*^?* "^^"^ I* ''•• MEcami^rfr 

JKiSiW..'^' •»!«•«««. aMhrtterlroM. 

^AtacMvt^ who liataocd to the reading 
wa»*«^;Bufan|bi|l. the brother of lii 
SrLT*^*^*'** **•''*• *»■ '•thw.gava the 

Alrf!!!! f**?**'*»? *• h«crgament. 

At ita «mcl«8ion; he temcd to the cMar 
Boaenthal, and aaid i '^ •• "^ ewer 

DiSu«Su»^ t7 ■^•■inai the Immortal 

H«l» for Irmiaie'e father wae a D.D.-~«'l 

know I bat I •do kaow tbkt^ er 
It, •houbingeaiova.iawron^rom 

t«l cci; aK» ha% 

., -atronw 

X wonder wboahoiaf 


do not 



!4r^.*^*' ' with yoa. air." 
What, do yoD affree wfth h«rf 

— •?•'{••**'»'"> y»»°». •» baaiaaiio 
MtONliUhere .a ,p» to ot-gg-rate, fft I 
do act think that bar aignmllnt la " wrao. 

riffh^ atfOBgly Mcerted, in what aha iy. L 
nod I Mnfeee that jbi^Stetaa.a me^ mSh^ 
u to piqac my oo'loaity to aeo tocr/ 

I nevtr heard yon expreaa any B^tf. 
•olwr intereat in aby girl or woman beW*^ 

• Becaoae I never fdt any. ' ^' 

-J ' Hoah I they are abont to read the namra 
Of the ^radvatca.* ""^^^ 

^#'fe*''?*''**~ ''•^ Brttomartc CbnvMn. 
of Wuahin«tOQ| Emiinle BoceBtblr!! 

foar other yoongUidka. whcoc nameo m3^ 

Ci.i';:£:.^c2Sra^' trifig:"* 

that of Hie rem of ArT^ wmnoucge-^ 
Aj£ni"n Sr»th«l Bitrida fleUiog. and. 
^JS£id!i':^'^;J?.'*^^^ tonro^fker./ 

Kcxt was annoabeed' tho ■amcot th« 

•nocMsfal candidate for the m dal to K 
cwarded for the heat Bngliah them* The 
>ied#l waa awarded to Br.tomarteCfeByeM! 

SfSr^^*" ^ Oivil and jKSftSS- 
Jbgbta of Woman. » «^oH«cai 

««1£IT"**^"'?'*' *'^ *■ thcbtthcr 
of that theme yen adaira ao aach. iS7f; 

i^y*"f My ycnatoaoonrloM^a? f 
oonffr^to&u yon. Jaatin I Mia (SmSr. i 
VMT aiater'a meat IntJaatc friend. TBIwoL 

bnfcof fonnhieher acqaaintanoaTnnZrthr 

ll^SS^'"^ •lio-oikBoWthat 
wfftkfSl*''!'* *g^ •■«* •oqaaintanci 
with thoTonng ohamnlon of wom2nkiiid."li^ 

increly wto to ,oe anJTJdgc har a. "JathJ 
■ihgoUr apcoimcn of her aS.* 

— iH^'*^^**?'" •»■• *• Miter tho - 
tjWiotmjithcfcthcr and •mT^mimU^ 
tl»ctiialtoa to libta»-4hnt b tieaJTC^ 
Naigood IbcMMli^to he boMd. • ^^ 
^thj «jd^ the faIcdio^,y th.«^ 

■oon. whara at length 

i apedooa 4i(i^ 
the popiia 







foitUd t* wvloouM thrir pwmM «b4 kmt. 

Tb*T« JUmtUi Qoldtboroagb nMrvwd m 
foroiAl •mbraoe from bar fMbionabU mMMm 
And • tfriotUai Ml of pwrU froM bar pomp- 

**" ^SUrid* FieldiDi wm bMrtilv hfbmcad 
in ««ri> br bar 'papand twomoka,'^ and m* 
vaatod ivitb aforMaoa ganut aw kli i^ Ifca 
joi/kt offaring of tb« tbrM. 

jyyad there BimiDia Boaantkal was;WM«d 
.laooniTtilj to tba boaom o| bar fethei^ add 
bar brotJier, and raoaiirad ftom tba former a 
braoob mada of hia miniatata paintad oa 
ivocy, aatfaet in opda. and from tba l»tt«r 
« • lOTO o| an oital ringi' Krminte tb«nked 
tha» witb bar warm oanaaaa, nekaomnab 
for tba preaanta aa for tba bri«al*aa affaoMiOa 
«b*f b^towed'nfMttt kar. Bat naitber bar 
Mvarad fatbar nor bar idoliaad brother ooi^d 
loimka#p haip tboaibta trma bar belori^d 
friandi Bba l^kad avarywkar* for Brito- 
marta, b«t failed tt> diaooralr ber. Tba brtt- 
liaat ahampfon of womlaD, wko taad'borba off 
alona tba highaat bonoara of tbb oollaga, 
■wtm Boirbara to ba aaMi. 

•Ob, wberii ii aUa t wk«t« la aba V mar 
mnrad B mipia in dlatraaa, paaring etary> 
wbara in the bope of aeeing her go^deaa. 

•Ofwhom«(:« ypn tpaaJuag^ my Mini*?' 
{lM|illria Dr. BoientbaL 

*Oft»yda»ir Bdtomart^*M»f iliaa Oonyara. 
<^| aba bwi aabieTwcl a proad triumpb, bttt 
tkara i| not An* to re|otoaovar ker, and ma*l 
bar wttbnUKp«tion and ravavd kor whk giffai 
^W>V«tali AMknoir abaliajigo«aaw^ 
•loM in bittarnaaa of apintl I db not 
wopdtf 1. <I4ui««I bboold notoan farftay 
4lJMimDtoM^ plaMO tMNOI^ 
ifhaVM »a I »•* Britpmartaadgkt kno# 
tM I/«^i«* ^*I> >>*'' Ob, Jartia.di4 
S, li«^ to tba MMUng oi bar tkattat- 
^iTwitgloriowt Wk»t4i4,yoatbiiife; 

It tba moat original, oat^apokan, aad«iwii3)jr> 

mnrapmi aaaer«M«i of Hgkt «fataatrflii|bt 
«|i»| bM Uao m»da aiooo tba ImbMttal^ 
- OjadwAJNloii oi l>id<!>paii4ana*^*v ^ - 

.«X«idat iTotttbtokM? dl^t^Oftib 
4)«d«b bawr yim i»y iti I wtlltaU BriCo- 
,M(mma»tJtmm tfca«>Iidoaot>mW 
Vtgl^^iitk BritoibmrtaVtftte^ 
r 19 jpMli iMlmite «ba MMr«r m\h 
la l»^ug<ii«y rabfaobtht'tcttofetei 

^XmM tobar poat IltMa mialoV Mm. 



• Andjoa wUl no* fari fbsl I M» atglaot. 
iag yon in iroinc to bar f 


* And yon, Jnatbi, I wiab fo wikyona 
faivoar,' aaid Brminiak tnmlBf to bar 

* What in it, my ain^f 
'Let ma givothia ringto Britomarta from 

myaalt, yea knonr> No ona baa broagbi bar 
anytbiagi ao 0M> ba* wraa eoMa to «% bar. 
ItiaaoMdr ^ 

*Oa»tainly, mypoti Do aa y«^ plaaaa 
wkb yonr rug^' aoulad Joitia. 

*And yon #iU aat ffBoy tbat I ilMka >oa 
in giripg it a#»y 1 1 #oaU nM i|^vi»lt, only 

• Ko, ab, yov aim|4a child I I Kopn I kara 
battoraaaaranMof yoar affiotiobn tbaa tba 
koepbg «C > fiar weald ba^' •milMl ibn 
yoangmna. ■ -.■ ^ 

Bmiaiamiaadbanalt OQ tipktoe'to'olllir 
Urn a kiaa^ wbiok b4 a«oop«d to MM, and 
tkeaal^a flaw off to And Britoaiible. 8ha 
aaarchfid for bet in all the roemai Mt afiw 
aa boar> Toia ooaat afeto ratoriMfl dia. 
appoiatall to tba dnwlnr>rMMi. 

Icwaaattbaaebool ball of tbb aroaing 
f^ Jnitia Baaanthal waa praaabtad to 
Britomarta Oonyora, wb«ia parieaal bi^anty 
and craoa mada aa daap aa ha pr ea m oa on bia 
ba«rt.nabar gaaiaa bad mada npon bia 
mind; At tba aamo timm Md ^aoa. Orfoael 

Xaatwortbt a dirtbigaiihed 
CkwliiBa, '^^^ibtrodaool U Brminie. And 
tbiS two < ot^ ear yooag iriiadb mek the 
w^oiwwa Maikittd ' to axnfoiiO the 
pMMvfol iaflbbnotf «Vay tkifir firtiiire 

Tba adxiymoMiag MM MkotiUftttl^O ^ f6r 
Ike midMmmer h3ii»pit' a^«' tKe pnpila 
It tfeair aevwal Waya' nfridi Violfflbg 
it.whk har- fbtkat :'abt' dttbUi'to 8 
AIMtift QiM»mf»^*'ioo^' 
W MMBln »» tk<ir thrttt tnfo y$hii 
tbe BeaeBthaK witb Ooloaal mfti^M 
BritomnrtaOoMPan, ambaitod ba Hii . 
booadlor Waniogtoa* 

'Wo, lir, aba deataiilt dui aavar prafara 

>■-.; **£■■■ i. l^ „ .- «3.*«;;iiS'..ii^^. 

-■m ' 


.«-,|.. -»,».. 


A wnnmitm titirieid: 
> What M* ymi ia Uiom papcrf that j«a 

look jM how JM 

WlMit NMl yda 

'wtMlH MM* gNMi aiMhdr ydir of kw life 
for »b« power of foatroiUBR tho «BnnHil 

So maoh Maf (oaioa t 

Yonr oho*k» ai« nuirblo I 

Ttwttaath M «o«Mu-dod and 

• blood 
OatoftppawMMOf Why hoir newt 

Tho Un^oho ouBtaiblnir 1^. KoMotbd 
and h« p«ny i-Mobfld tho tUm^k in ■noh 
aood MMon, thut tho two yoang ladiM kid 
timo to fo ^owh into (ho ckbio iind ohoMo 
their bortha from mk^m iShtm Mi rStumt. 
and to make kll umui|tom«nto for thoirooioi- 
fort dnrinif tho Voyago. They took two 
berths in • ■t>to:rooni together, iwiMoked 
their trevolliil^ b4g^ laid tfirnr toiUt •rtiqleo 
ID Older npon the tittle ahelf below the 
tiny looking ghw^ Mid then returned to the 

Tljey sat down on the eide th»t etlll looked 
towardfe Benemont Oplleie, whoee #hite 
walla arose froo) amidst green foHaga on tke 
oreit of a Mntle hill atlehort dlstanoe on 
the nrer. Balf iu Jov at work acpomtolislied 
and freedom sained, half in re|hrBt at leanba 
the aobool where th^ bad Be^ so hmovv 
for so many yean, and teaieiiers whom ibey 
had loTed so well, the yonug friends gaaed 
upon their Iate,bome. - 

The gentle^ett 9f their |»arty metDirhne< 
walked np awl dttwh the deok» wodijIrfL 
when the steamer -wioold start, i^d b^trar- 
log all the Impstiehbe akd i^stlsMheis of 
their roeU^ and Impatleit aet oatU. aa 
They passed near the two yoonc lidtkm. 
Faatin Soeenthal left ktt obkpj^^ 
with a bow ind a imjle, aa if TSWb* ■ £r- 

His first wnda wars wifl ^^6km 

' Tboboeneiy titHmmm^^ k q 
tome.|ltMOonyera. We osmed 







BritoiMMrta Miy^ 

tresaor that seuvd iter- ffahlie aad madtf it 
daaceroas to trast her ▼oioeltraiteMly 
aoawer ia wwrdsh ,.,■.-■ ' 

Jnatia stUl lotttag ftii «faa^«v« ovm' tk* 
river aad nat here and thore upon partieular 
poilrts of iistersot ia the soenery, spoke of 
the beaatifal efeota of.thoishifting light and 
riUida as the ohMuk flaaud over the saa's 
disk aad tbefr shadowa passed over tho 

And Britoeiarte merely aawvertd *yea.' 
or 'BO,' anHI, indigneait at the iaitaenee 
that w^a frowiag apok ker. she saddooly 
ereet«k« hanohty httlo kaad with aa im' 
patleat shaken and ssid i 

TImtshe ooeld aot sppredate.the miaatia 
of nver eoeaery t that only the ooeaa ia its 
graadearand atigkl ooald awakea kerad« 

At this «oamit Jh. Roseatbal oallad to 
his son. aad JTastin, with a bow, left tho 
side of Britoisarteb 

'Why. Britty. d«u«et! I always thoaght 
TOB loved river soeaeiy/aaid Arminie, when 
they were left aloae together. 

'So I do, aa a geaefal things bat I doa't 
ears aboat it toi^ay,' anawered Miss 

'Well; Britty, dear, I aever kaew yoa to 
be oaprioions bffore.' 

'Hatare hae given me no immanity 
from tke oommoB weakness of Iiubmb 

Brmiule looked so hni^ at the eartaees of 
her friends' words aad iHwaerk that Brito- 
marto tniideBly took ker haad aad tead^y 
eansaevit^ ', 

BrtaAan^ teaehed by tkia new proof of 
love, wis saeoaraged to reaaw aad piasa k«r 
invi.tatioa to Britomarto to go kaoso iwitb 
ber to the parseaage. 

MissOboyeri oa r esssd h«r aad thaafcid 
her, bet reieeraUd bar readatloa to io ta 
Witch Bliks. ™ 

* Ah I doa't. ah t dCb'v^flat goto that 
koftidpltiae. dear BkriMamrtal Yoadeat 
kaowWWl it isi Tea kiyea aavsr keaa 
^ikfcre, I bolf^va f ^ 

kad s>e4i al) her kViYidays aVtke tek^l. 
1 . • Thoa yo« m^'i iaftw^ '^%^ a iMnfid 

*i^.*Af* •^ '^^^ *<»^ •*»*• •«• told 
aboat it r , 







I ■ . 


1 AIB PUiT. 



NonOiMl t«U «• Wh»» tiMM 

•'ob^'w B ittfb I Ml •fraid.' v , 


» Ton f oald b« hort and aajprT.' 

• llou*4iiM aciUn. my dvar. I iuM am* 
«o«r tolling ns. I wank to know ■Qai«W:i«g 
of the hglaM to wKiob I M»g>iBff«fUM 
flnttinil' . - ^ ^' 

• W«UJ ih«u. Britiy, UMy My— Ibal Mm 

' daraw. ihtity My ovwy iMlAt«dold 
iiMMialiMBtod. WlMtttMr* 
■tba • d lady wiM Iivm thtn^ and 
tr |0M M almrab or VMaivM a tiai- 
wbd hM livad M loan kagroad tha 
iriod of hanaa asiatanaa, w fMllf a 
lad liM mada a aoanpaat wUk tlia 
ir, who proloBca Iwr Ufab* i, •■ , 
I and wltat bMidM f 
i^t on oertain Biffhta la «ka yaar, aa- 
Haliowa ■«%, iMiMH aa* 

, . _ . Ifca Mil alaatod m% lla 

wanlaf that all loiUrota wara lo barry ea 
baard. andall iatradaia to harry oalaad 
bafora tb« baal aboald aabiaMaaa bar 



aartbM aigbta and aoaada aMjr ba 
bMrdJ ia and aroaad thalf old bo«M 1* 

• Juid all tbU ia Um aUMtaaaih oeataiy 1 
I am aai pi laad thai yoa abwild pay aav ab* 
taatinn to aaok tidioaloaa ftariaa^ mj daar.' 

*0n'> maat bMr wiiat la opealy diaaaaaad 
la ooa'a prvMnoa. I do act baliava tbeia aay 
mora than yoa lio t bat I thiak thara oiast 
ba aomnthing rery wront abaul; * iHMMa of 
which aach tales are told.* . . \, ' ^ 

•So do I. my daar Bnaiaia. Aaa wal 
■akea i% inooaibaBt apoa bm to fo than af 
onoa. My poor old ralativa la nia9t]r.Mraa 

J'Mra of aga^'thafc afa la a aafloi at raaaoa 
or »er iaolatfaa tnm H^Mal aooiety. It 
•Itaa bappaaathat • aiiatraaa. ag^ laflrm 

aad ■oiltary;Wba-J»ho »?•«**•* J"^**f 
tMdaata. Tbo aoiw U i i atiaa M bU tbwa 
ajraaawtaaati daaMa* aa to goalaMata 

'Bat—forpiya ■» opM aiRi% 4aa» Brit<^ 
ttMi«.HMra yoa aaqpaatad or daaiiad thara r 

n d« ael kaow, Ity oU aaa* baa aayar 

ittaa to BM. Tba hmlt^tmiij W|m«; 

•>a aabaaUaff* lar wbfet 1 a»iadab*e4 
; alwaya hava fcwa fatwagd a d by Imt 

-_ , la mablaiia*. thmA wmm l 

IwTa writtaa to bar a Iattofvf< thinkii tat 
I kMa aavar tat^ivad aa aaawar.* -. . 

iiw •flito bar loft, ha»l ^ya^ ' « ^^ 
( /v^'llnMitabdadiaport m^mUt a^ '^<*^ 

maw aad tbaak mf oM aaat iorraU Mr 
I liba Mli ty toiT II . 1 

aa inataal all WM aoafaaioa with t^* 
arawda of pMpla baatoaiag to aad ho, 
„ la tba aiidat of tM bmIm. a My aaaa 
karryiag ap on daak, aad IflfRa^g aboas m 
tboaffh in aMtaa of aoaM aaa #boai ba wu 
axtramalv aaxiaaa to iadi Aabagianoa 
lightad ppoa Britomarta M raa ap to-har 
aad tbraa» a lattar into bar hand, eialaim* 

^▲b, Mtai. n M «>•<> I |0t Mf« in tiaia t 
doogh I*n BMM* oat'a breaf. It aoaia, de 
latt«i did, lb «t Mif ^a 'hoar arur yoa laf, 
aad I raaaU daway wid l«.' .I.-Jv . . 

*Tb*Bb,yoa. lliti i yoa ara a nlfanil ultle 
llriaad,' Mid liiMOi>avaraopeBiB« bar parK, 
and giving biai a ahlUiag tnm ita aleBdcr 
atorab . , 

Tlia bogr. grtoniaf witk dalight, m mueb 
at tM kiad worda at at tbaaoln, daakaU bit 
baad with aa awkward bow, aad raa away, 
togatalaarof tM koit Mfon aba aboald 
lafiira tM.plai; ■ • • - ■ ■. ' . .,.■■.■'; . ■ - 

Britonarta opeMd kar latter, aad taraed 
to tba alaaatarp 

And Car faoa WM aaddaalj Uanohed to 
tM baa of dMl*i» a»d fM raalad Mtboosh 
about to fall* <'.,'- 

*Bntoator«< iaar Britoaiarta, what ia 
Ht Any bad aawaf anjuoaaly aseiaioied 

Bat JfiM Ooayaia ralMd bar baad^witb 
a atiaaoiBg gMtank aad aroM to JKO ddwn 
Mlav. BhatvaaiUadaaMaebMiMaioTed, 
tbaAlmitoia atariad Iprward to attaad her. 
Bai#itka^M)|faigaMaoB tba paUid girl 

M^4 barhadaloBa oa her 

•ff iraai tM piar. aad 
kHJaatolaokli *" 


adptaoai iMaaalwa aaar 
lara <a yaw friaad, toy I 


IMaf in- 


Hady«Ni BOt Mttor goaed aae if yon 
(toJ^MyfOi^PIXlOf R>V">««i^ ^« 

'^i^,'(Ao^*t kaow 
-jpp te> foUov her 

jpii wi^aaab a look. 

tlia baatwaa gittiagap 



llf ,Wf »J;»»-^i« ;J5^^-= 





•Aak tito MfiMv'B •! tk« Msfc IwlUtiii 
from FiaaM t« BnglaaH, fti^d I oan anawf r 

Jon •• wtll. All r knnw i« that lh« Utt«r 
M 0T«r«rh«liiM4 Britrni r e with af iu ion 
•od ■flidtioo,' nplud Iraiiato, iookiag 
reader t« teni lute Iran. • 

'*^«» •orrjr— traljr^ tnrfjr aoRy— tlut 
•nytMBf aheald Imv« oaevmd to oa« of 
yoar frianda, ao naoh to diatraaa yon,' ikid 
Oolonal Baaftwortli, in • low and aaineat 

Tha ooloar datpcnrd (lb Eriniais'a oheaka, 
bnt aba did nol raply. 

AILtha montiag tha Tbatia ataanod down 
tha rivar. At the diaaar lM«r InBlaia waa 
▼fry glad of tha anaaa to (o down iat« tbo 
atet«-rooa[i aha oaoapiai in oonnoa witk 
Bi itamirto, to taka off bar bonnat aad 
maotK and bnuh bar kajr, to go to tha 
pnblia tab>. * 

8ha epaatd tha door'timidly. 
Miaa .Oooyera waa lyiag oa tbo appor 
berth, with tha oartaiiw drawn befora 
her • 

'Britonarta, daar Britomarta, how an 
jrou t Can I do anything for yon V mnp> 
mared Bintinie, atekling to tba bertli. and 
caationaly lifting • ooniar of the ovruin. 

• No I doB*t apaah to ma I laare ma l» waa 
til that Miaa Oooyan ropliad. and in a voioa 
•o J»o«»« ii to bo aaarly inaodibla. 
• J '*'«^»'J*'» pJty "nd with awe, Eminle 
droppad tba anrtaia, and aank into tha oaa 
■hair thair little 4tm boaatad. 

Shaaat there quite atill, and fr.rgetUni 
to pr«>p-ire for dinner nnt»l the bell cianoad 
wuiia invitation to iff labia, and araiaed 
•««rj»M» liar traaoa of troable. 

Then aba haaWly aroaa. ihrtw of her 
bonnet, abook. baek ber anbom rin^ta, and 
bamad out to loin bar father and hia friaada. 
who won on their way to the dining-room. 
Mn^ aoaoera waa «xpreaaed by them that 
Miae Oonyan waa ufi abl^ .to ooma to 
dinner. j ,, 

Onoa egaUi {« the oowna of that after- 
aooi. Ermiiiia want to the atete^room to im. 
pIoTO Briromarte to takO aoma rafreahmealL 

«.^^t!fT ^'Sf'^*' anddanly drow tha 
Bortain back, and toracd iwm tha intndar 
•iaooaopaloMd r^ • '^ - *?-■«■ 
borrot^ tkat J|ri»in 

pon't yott MO — , .. «-„r—- w.o„ 
^V •* 51^*^ *• '»<^ *^r •»<l wol to. 

*to /thw TbiikV nooated the ■»»•«. 
ttriokfn^L Z^ ' npeaaeo »»a paaio- 

wr dr»ki or •Mfc-wich. loan ooWmen; 
■«• to Jiy. Mtil I get then, taan 

tuned Awm tha intndar 
nil al^rank bdttappdUd. 

that it uSKK^h^ 

■rminle, fit aha turned unwillingly, to Uavt 

the i|ta'o->rooin. • 
U k until the hour of ntlring did the 

ffrnleairl again i-ntvr the atate-reom oo> 

onpied br the anllan and aolifary mourner. 

She aoftly lilteJ a oornor of th oortain, and 

looked into Britomarte'a btrtii. 
Mifa Oouyere waa lying with he faoa to 

the wall, aoatill and btea* bleat that Biminie 

became alarmed, faarinar that the miaerahie 

one roigh li'iv« died alone. 

• Bi ttoma: te, a««r Bntomarte, oh I pl« 

apeak to me, How are yon howf' , 

aofthr murmured. 
•I am holding bodv and tool together 

with a^i my mighk if •«« Ion ma. fat m 

alone,' anawercd Milt Ooa^era. : 

'The Lord MMfert ypa, Brltomart^ fg^ 

itaeema that I oanaot,' geat^ wruwiad 
■rmiuiek dropping the onrtala. 

Then ahe kuelt and pnyed. and thaa w* 
dneaad »d went to had. or ntbat' t«nSl 
iato her bortb. 

&it aba oouid not aleapi ahe Utf ihfukhir 
of Brikomarte, wondering what ooold he tOo- 
nature of the blow that bad fefrioken bar 
down ahe auddenly. and listening for aiy- 
oound or motion from the berth abon bar, 
and growing more nervona at the dead aiU 
enoe ond atillneaa oTOrb«ad thaa ^a ooold 
h»n been made by the;, most noeafy mo8n> 
inga and toaaiUga. Atlj^gth townr/s mome 
ing. BrmiBie, worn out witl fangne, fell 
into a deep eioep. Booked bjr the notfon 
<rf the boat, she slept long and sound'y. 
until at last ahe waa awakened bj the 
anddea pouation of all motion, and the loud 
aonnd of blowing off ateam. 

Wiih uaUrt sbo apraog «p ud raMio* ' 
bar ayea. Bar fnl thought wtM of Brito». 
arte. • -^.lii T^^- : 

But what wsa her aatonkhl*«iit,'«ikik«#- 
irg baok the ourtain, tobuhoU tha haautlfri- 

the little loekingglaaiu Mitlteg tkolaat 
finiahing toMh to BJr^ot'Cl . 

' OhilritoaiarU, d«ara8«, I a« to alaAi 
Maae yoa Up.' Inainie eMofaMdML ^^ 

'We an «t Alofiikiriii.* W^im ^g^ 
i^ a nice M atraiylf lowiM^KT^that' 


Srmiaia aaur aha I 

Sh^^or up and 
opened tbo door to loan 
when Britomartaial'ed to l^ , 
^'Brmi^ie, if jua io«« BM. .io ifc|g *,^: 

S;!!*^' SrVl! ■??*. *' ""y-*! *»tSK:^ 

anoe. She brought thnewbidaou^la With/ 
thagrntnt nluotanne and dikonlS tS 
then ad ded, aa if ' ■ • '^^* ^^ 



/ '0'" Haano-of - Saronr^Rr'b.a «I ^d5t^, * ^>f ' ''° '" ^'^ 

Sir . ' d ~*~^i*i. ^ J- . 

•ii fefiSi' 


f h*i 


Md Mt 

unaui* •ompI«Ud win* paoking wUh whioh 

* TbM Umt w«»t oat apon d««k togethwr. 
■roiiDto U(% h^ Irlfnd •e.t.d iind.r the 
"oiln th. ifUr p*r« of Ui« bb*t, and 
wftrwMd tOfp.»k to h«r father and 

STfiJd Inwb^t M«m*d i^ij l«»tro.tliii 

*^SmSw mlnuU*' talk with tk«in, Ir- 
«inkk •Mbadod bf tha wholo poiiT* retaro- 
S tJtl-MjorwKr. «ko h^Tuit Britom- 

^Tho MBtlMMn grootod M <•> Oonyera m 

Kd th« thiy •llY«td.wu to brwkfM* 
BMtwortb •wjofting ioiMnto •"d J»P«» •»' 
4eBding Brito»Mio. ' ■ 

Mita Oonf an took a tin«l« cup of oolfae 

-w ithMia bii«it. Bat lor tha warning 

-i»„ by IriBiBlt, Britoioarte'* oaUnaii, 

SlaiM and abat.«io«««.* »wt Wa oo- 

BMiU avar maootioed. asocfi\by the a»«al 
.rhMaMmtioM of tha breatfi^t t^We. 
^Ufon tho braakfaat waa over Iha boat 
.k.d -Utftad. And by tha ««*• ^»'J?»''y 
cot op oa d«k, aha wak ^'W ■"'^^^▼v 

la 5o«»tia«g !•« tkaa hatt an bWoftjr 
4h5 STlblSf U-dad at bar piar a^aah- 

'"Sodftbo great b«atW of arriTalanM 
* My d«v MiM OMyan.* laid Dr. B 

■.«li»t yoo bava p<»lwTaly «aaii 
making ni •> vWt i bat bow, kt tbo laat bo^ 
Mt.T«t ■o/ptwoU with you to wake aa 
^ttkMpy by •onaaatitag to gojiome witk •• 
•t leStfor » day ted night, M no lengar, to 

•Itbankyoa rary »n«h--«ora than I 
mn axpreM. Bat ii Is not hi my po#er to 
loewt yoar kind inTitatioo. buM- 
•BM?oOM«ata me innediiktaly to go to New 

'YoT^nrkpoW that a train leavea m an 
ih^tt,m&. And I wortdlrilre to tha 

>|,««hatfM Vb« bad joxbibitcd in ulkin^ aTor 

and loball 

■aah obliiit«d to yon.' thr.Mi.h 

•Dear Britooiarta,* eald ■"»'»*• Jj^"* 

retam to Waablngta«r _^ 

• I do not know, my »«^ njlit^ um 

^'To^wlU wrfta to mo r .aW ■rmini^ In 

"fpfrtaSi'^rlingi bat I —ot e... 

nroniaa that.' jj _^ 

'WelL yoa wiU leare ■• yoor addraat,ao 
that I can writ* to yoa.' 

• No.' aoewerad Britomarta. 
At that moment Dr. Boaanthal retoraed 

to the boat to annonnou that tha aarnagMi 
war* waiting lor BritomarU and for bu own 

'"JlSa Oonyera thankad tbo old miniatcr. 
embraced Krmlnla, who waa bathed in teara, 
and than tamed to ilfka haada with Mr. 
Juaiio B«aM>thal. . 

Bat. raiaing hia bat witb a grave bow, 

Jastin aaid i ■« . .k 

^I will eae yoa to tbo station. Eaetworth 

and my father are a auffloient body gnard to 

Brminia.' . . ,. 

And before tbobtaatifnl man-hatar ooaM 

obifot he had taken bar hand and waa bad* 

ina her from tho boat. . _, ^ . 

plaaed bar hi tha aarriaga. ****!*^ 

. •< What oanTdo fM yoa. tbta ? Mfttk 

and took a aaaft hy bar aide, aid gaTe tha 

order to drivo to tba ITilUmora railway 

atation. . , -, ,^ ' _^ , 

All tbia waa dona in aplto of Britomarta'a 
Ucit proteat He did not, howevar, obtrada 
hi» oonreraatton npoa her. Tha driva waa 
flnlahed in ailenoa. 

On tbair arriTal at tha atation. be pro- 
eund har tioket, eheofced her baggMi*. •>» 
then pbMed her in ooa of tha moat ooaifor- 
table aaata la tha Udiaa* oar. 

■ran then ha did ao* leave her, bat ra* 
uained aUfloaad by her nntil tbaabrill, 
vnaartbly Wbiatla of tba aiigiae wanHKt him 

to leave. . l v t j 

Tiien bending over her, be took her aaaa 

idwhiap redlowi ^_ 

• Miaa XJoayera. I aavar attar vaia or 

haVty woidfc What I ipoak now, I sp^ak 

Lf loM taa daalb of my heart. In 
va n friand tbroagb good raport 
and aVil loport, Jiroagb lUa and death, 
tbroagb tiaM and atarai y<i I hava aerer 
•Bokeathcaa worda to any bamaa baiag be- 
SJTtbiaXlBaver aball^apeak tbaaitoany 
wtbaraltaKtbia Oood-bye, wo alfaU aiea» 
again in al 



'-jsqpTLiJ-iW*^-*;?/ T#- 

f AlE PUT. 


0HAP1BR Vt, ^ 
fin wiTOH ov wiToa ■un. 

•VMpt MroM Om draary 
• w«WT aoiM and wdliiig 

Tl)« wild wi«d 
Ami MakM 
All uight «• bMr th« olap of brokan door* 

Tiiat oa tholr rusty hiagra grata and aroAa. 
And than old voi««ia oalling from baliind 
Tha worn ud worm* wainaooi lUDniam in 
•htwiiid — TkmaaMmtt. '^'^ • " 
Who ara tbMa, / 

So witbarad aad ao wild m thair attiM. 
Thai look aot Uka lb' lahabiuuita o' tb. 

Andyat ara on it f— Yon ibMUd ba~wo 

' AfUr aaain| Bntomarta wall on bar wav. 
Juatin wnlkvd thonghtfclly bona to Iba n^' 

oonagflb "^ 

^ That panonaga waa an ^Id -faahlonad rad 
briok ooiugr. itandiag baok from tha ati^ 
in tha nidat 61 a walKahadad gardao. vTy 
comfortabla it waa. both within and with- 

At least 16 thooghl Baatworth, whan, at 
the oloaa of tha d.y ha aat with 4rmin?a In 
the vina-eovarad and roaa-wraathed piana. 
apparently watohing tha twinkling of^ 
p ara through tha upper foliag. of th' Ireai! 

r?h "J*"*"* ^1^* ohirpinr"of tha inaaoS 

4n tha dawT gru*. I aaid apparaatiy for 

ntmthlSariaTa ba saw onff^Sa tlidJr 

H«ht in Xnninia'a aoft haaal JL and h^ri 

onhr Iba jantle naa and fall 3 har Viom 
Bvar tha lama old 'oW tma lala.' Baft 

«f thaaa two wara * pair of lovara. thT. 

Momad to ba boldinrl QaakaTitlJ? 

Iron, whlob Iba waa .&\»r. f^JSitSS 

the ona nor tha othar was movad to anaak. 

.•l'**J^ *'**y ^■'«* *»•»• oontinned ait. 
tiagaidabysida i. .iienoa fortKwh^^ 

4md aat tbna for only an hour, tha baU door 
openwi. and Dr. Roaanthal and Justin sm^^ 
Aered on! and Joined than. ■»»••«• 

Dr. Roaanihal brontht bis pins, wbiab ha 
^ilway* ant Ughtad and thanSGd 2m.L 
..«. tosmok^ wbioh waslVaA*" v^^A 
hiaa. Fowlia walkad np apd dd^tha 

• Wbat Uma do f on think aba wil' gal lalw 

r'T**'^' J««Un,iaarr aha Muiradaf 
har krcthor. 

'Kot bafora ala*«n o'alook to algbt; my 
child,* an.wetwIJuai in. a s wy 

• Kol before alavan T How far do yon tblnk 
•he la on h^r war now V ^^ 

• She ia near PhiNdalphia, ay dear.' r 

Oh I and onlv think of har harida I* 

travel by night PhlUdaiphid'ap* 

T *^« .' '.*"* •"**• • •tnmtar mmd aloos 

Joatin I And ■iminia ehuddarod. > 

' Do noi be alarmed for your friend, my 
dear. You know liua Oonyaia U taTlha; 
"l^*"? "*^ * ^'**"'* ""o to "oy n»oe. bo. 
|«'.Mitia not tm-i bo i-tou hire know. ' 
M , Oonyara longer than 1 bava. aiTd yo« 
o.««l. to know that of all woman, ahVl. 
p.rh pithabaa oapabla of taking oaM of 
hara<)li.'raplied Jua in. «.««•!» 

«-l^?'J55 ''■•i'"' ^**" <*<«*» oonald^r tbatw 
oot of bopka and oot of tha sotaoolroom. ibo 
!• as inaxpananood a» I am myealfL f aa« 
•ha was plaosd at Betlamout ^SoHam^wS 

•Ight years V ^^ 

• I» it poa«iblarazolaimad Juatin. in what 
Memad cTelight aa wall aa •umr'sl • il^K 

S^-/W-» 1-d y«t .haimp7Sa^,'«':i53i 
the Idas of ooa who baa bad mnob and .bitUw 
•xpanenoa.* ' TT 

So eho doaa m% and so sbo does ovai* 
one I but whatavar thoso exparienoaa ha^ 
bean, they ha». boon praasadStTtha fST 
too years of har Ufa.' w«o ma «»» 

I J.T.f '??-?••» r^TjW 'Obaikrtkair 
a daap sigb af rsils^ 

^ bimsoUL 

10 h«r now admJrar as «, « 
jOT* «iofsltisap|y.„iort 

forgst bar old 
u MoatBri^. 


i-' ■*, 

OBolaimod Juatin, witb _ 

•a If then, for tha ir«t tima. 

^•fffot was thrown off bis boarU 

. ' ^—»^nd Whatever »hat bousobold «Moa 

tary ia that orershadows tba HU of BrftsI 

marta and makea bar a manbatari it fa 

■DmotbinglnwUob aba oo«Id najlrblj 

baananaotor, bnt only a aafcrar slMa 

wbatavar it is. balonge^ to boroblMk!!? 

almost, wa may say. to bar inlknw/ ^ 

♦K JT?7*/*^ *^ *• »»wyo«Mw. 
that. Krminial Bot~ln tbota aigbtyMnT 

of Mmef-naw^isra few waaksT at ^ 

flbnad Jostia, vary anxionaly. Bo was tiki 
• v«tTMalo«s«dTooat« drawing oiTt a Sfc 
Bmafortbodof^Ms. •■■"■••wiu 

'8ba bao aovor boas ahsoo* h^ B.ii^ 
moot for ft day in ei-ht yST I^ "^'^ 
from psrsdMl knoiHodwL fbr 


fun 1 fcbro b;;;rwXsSitraj r 'i£ r 

aJLV^^^^'^ JNMiokspaiss* 
»«• Mforomf sMtruosftttkaaollcfbr^ 


t. ■» 




,0 .mpS..SyrT th.t*mi«.. brok. lortk .«- 

"^lili^tol forth #■•"". '^'^ 'ff^ 

•%•;• uJiST Cdtr..* <!•-«••. ''^^ 

S iKISu who lud U«^»o.r tb. 
•^ ad -lii-fcr f««o»J« W«, f»*« "* 
•jStUwhrLl OTt?....r^ lb. ••q.fy. «^ 

{ft tkAitow, tb* 
Mt aMar b« tb« 
AteUOM of tb« 

th« .MTINIlt.lM 

lid M TwyMrtf 
onagfi, tb« pMty 
to not. 


k«o«. lita • ^W' 
•li«»«f • Mrpwti b«t 

■lac of «b* whwpvK 

low, or th* nature o 
oiM mwT to know, u 

^r.KlS 00 tteUr o^friond to .il «id 
-oS?wiMi7»lt.rtho ma^nor of firlt. for 

Cf fbr«l«*ogoM« l^tV^^Lm* 
ggyjjffi^ WotKoc Mid hor Iriood 


#* ^:: 

'^W'.^-^rir^ He wMJ *a omlBWii^r b»*d- 

.11' ,i ■ ■ 

nro« k.rr w- It p«-;»''*.i;!j^.'?;i 

tk^ .%tUf»«ioriIy »o k«rMlt HI. 'T'^J'T 
firrStaJTi b«i bl« words told ooibloi. 

ff •Br.tom.rt.'k l.f.^-d - P^y"!" 

n^C!ir£.'w«r!k ••••l-d ol »bo p.r» 

rltb aoi«prom»i«t wordo— b«» wuo 

k.|««"b«« woJii. oooU «Tor bj. for It 
wIllw!i»o«ly-'Tkod*y U ,b^»«»'«'. 

T^h!J3i IB bin I bow dotOtadlf sbo 
fcoi^ailtlSSir duUr-UdlT *• wo,- 

!!•"."•; A i^?'ff kT'^ld »T.way with. 

him, h. w wrotohtd I •b'>«rt«» 3«ooine i i» 
h. ttwy oMot Moro bo*j 
gillei tad mon) dist 
IhTirtot world »h»n 
bot bo will now «»••• 

tk?"ffr-»T:™:d.V «. b^tbo-nbU. .u 
I «c«d tbo yoong B'rf oo«.U»tly 
' 1« tho midst of tW. tfo«blo owne iHtor. 

trow wo '^ L p^i RoMntbAl. inTitimr 

him. h» fo»»iy ••>«» •»'M2!"A:''ttotoo«»» » 

r"\Tto oUtJ ^ftST- with b.r Ltkor 
£g*»bom»inbwr« toit*>4 *ho opproo^k- 
%!^tS'<« th. part f lr-.l«- 

BSSBTS ill tiTWkww OB «ho 

•i|b«. rfi* J? SiK»oBtk »f Jiiii^ 

1,11 to preporo for 

bcoooi^ I 4b t 
iin«n in 
to be.' 

Kf M ^"io^i^ ;rltto»«* 

;•? ' 


U took fir In* W»lli«f t« Ml* llWary. wImm 
ia aMpcly k* pmmi kM auf niayi^ 

'JiMiia, <M I iatompl f OS t •h«iAq«irad 
!• ft i t wi HM> iag !«••• M aka of — « i Mm 
4«araa4l fuwd kiai ai ya baaka. 

'tUt Mf <lMr. ja« navar 4«^* MplM 

4aaUa. ola«iag iha vf lanw ta Ma tuuM aad 

4raviag (orward a aliairlar hiaatatar. 

t ' Jaaiin. I want jo« to do aowailiiag for 

f <* Ma Ikia aitaroooo, |^aaa«^' aka aaid. m 'k* 

Mala4 karialf. 

- Waat U i^ daarf 

' Okt Joataa, ii ia nav fa«r waaka aiaaa 
Britly waal a«ar and w kava kaard aoMt. 
luf friMi bar, aad wa do 8*1 k«*v wkara 


' Aad lo-aorrow avaaiaa wa alart Ikr lk« 
Eaiokowa, to ba abaant froai tkia M^ for 
* tka wbola raMaiadw «f Ika Maaaa.* 


• lot. Jaatii. t mnktk ta^a«4 I aaaaol 
' baar to go awaj witkoat iral trying to Sad 

«at aooMtbing akool ogr daar BriUMaaria.* 

' Aod ao t wiah yoa, if joo |»laaaa, to 

81 a carria«« a6<i taka ma aoroaa Baaniaga 
itidg) to Wiiali ■ ma, to aak about k«r.' 

• Wail, daar 1 viU think aboat it.' "r 
'Ok, Jaatin, tkara ia so tima to tbiok I 

thara ia oaly tiOM to aat I wa go away ao 
aoon. All* Jiatio, kow oan yoa ba ao aaal 
«bo«t it, yoa wko profaaa to tiiink ao maak 
«( Britoaartaf 

I do tkiok ao maok of bar. ao biahly of 
ker, tkAl I k«ro perlaot ooofidanaa iu bar 
ability to Uk» aara of karaalf, aad ao I am 
not anaaajr. < 

.^ ' But I aa I I am l^rary naaaay I aad I 
ttaa try to flad out about ker.' 

ButllW Oooyera daddadiy diaeo«r«cad 
all iatorf araaoa in kar affaira. 

' I know aba did i but I aduuiot kuar tkia 
aaaMy any Ioii|«t. and I Will kot |a«v« Um 
«ito witkout kryiaf flrat to gat aoma nawi 
<rf B t y t' oxalaimad Brmlaia^ ulmout r jady 
t» «rr wifti} asaitamaat. 

* Qttiat yen aelf. my aiatfr, fot 
n yo* M niook daaira If I will 
»'* •'•«>iHi« •«* *^o yoo to Witol 
■law thiu ulUrMaa,' Mid Jnitim kindly. 

• Ok. Ibaak yo«>.tkank yc>«»dearkMd^ 
Ton ar . Afw* •• aood to your »oor liida 
uiator. How I w^l g»»»a^ aaduotiatai^ 
tvp^jm My loogar. ao yot ou tuad uU tka 
ffafeMlad^ ff tka ■M>mtag aad but* moto 
timti to fo «itk mm ia tka aftomooo.' 
■aidB<miaia,and ako kJiaad taiot aad bar* 

. fM 4««oa» koural tka unoaifa wai flva 
4P«lpok. And it wan aix k^CoM Br«mi« 
tfHiratf from tka takkb y^tOtg t^ gaatlamra 

at tkalr wfoa^ On tMa aftamaou 
UMU^ aad «soaaiM|| hioMMif ia 
aad tkair «aoM^ aaaomiwaiad bla 

-fk- aaadaaa tkat bad 
tka lirarr ataMa aaar waa at 

Aad Mn Bia l aikaaMly put m a«r 
aad laaatla aad |ola*d Imt k 

U, aad waa kaa ltd by kirn lata 

n>rifo to BaMiiaip BrIdM,' waa tk« «mIw 
givaa by Jaatia aa aooa aa ka knd ta^aa Hi 

wool, Hatfai daar. Ikopa tkara ia aat gdhtfl 
tokaaatorgti wkatdoyoatklakr ^^' 

*I tklak tiara will ka a atorm, BrmiaUi 
kat II aaad oat diatark yoa la tka laaal 

il oa 


aa appoint! 
Ika waatkar.' 

*WaaroaakattMta4| lali 

' Ok. ay I I iaaay Ikay wiU aurviva It.' 

Sjmatking of a atom ia kia owa pnfagn_ ' 
JaaOo kad kat littla a? mpalky wilk oS 
«fffminaoy of otkara. 

Tna aarriagr rallad oa itoyway for 

«>od milaa bafora il raaabalX tka Ba 
raiiob of tka Patamao and ant^aa to ] 
nioKs Bridgau 

Tnara th«y atoppad to pay tka tall* 

'Aftax wagat totba otkar aida^ wi 
know wkat road ti Uka?' iaqairad 
<o|'bia>aukar. • .. ' ../ ,■ . , 

' ladaad. no { bpt wa ana aM tka JimrW 
kara,' aaid K min^a. / 

'Oan yoo tUraot aa tko* way tie Wtllik 
Klina f loqaiiad Josiin of tka aaa wko iN|i 
girinu Ma kia •k^nrnt. 

* n^r aoraamad tka eld fallow, 
a aooop ol kw kaad, aad pbMiag 
kia aar to oatob tka launa. 

iHfiy Ik, Witsk Bl«af 


r, ai a Ma f 




* Wttob BUaa I . „ 
' ^ l--Iior' r awriaim^d tk« loU*tak» 
'Wkat'atka mattorr •<# 

*8arayoail>aavarfo tkotfaf / /•» 
•Wb»ao»F ... •// 

'gaakapliuat— ouaaifif imf 

•^n yoiiWlMo tka uearf' 

•0^</,iCMf will tat 

id laa«b| mraigkt oat 

ap kiU aaA Iowa, Ibrougk 



for tvoor lkfao«Uaa,aad tkaa 
lafW ' ' Sflayk'tUBKa.^mr aoa 
yaa kattar aa aada vkaa jrpa 

aaigkkoarboQSr — T^ 

itaqr/ mUT 




"«.' ' '* i^^-^^r^'' f* * -'• ■ ' . ' "** p *•"% 




T-:-s«' , 



<ltat, iMf, tiNi» WMm to be •itena 
{Bg op, gUmgtt^ t so if yon'N a tnv«l> 

_nig. yon bottor pat op for the aicht soma* 
' Wb«r«, aad »ot Iff to gal Ott to Witoh BioM 
to-aiithfe.' ifeiaatid tfao old aian. as loadly 
M if b« tlMNUtlbfr that bia intorloontor w$ at 
da^faabt-oiafilf. ■ '*■■ - 

*TliAiik yott tff ain. I am ndTAfraid of tba 
iMttltf r i' aaid Juitin, oloaing tha blind of 
\tba SMvHaga window^ aa faf 'aigaalled tha 
^rtTar i6*go on.^ 

Tha aky waa grOmag dark witk ohmda 
ai^< ha air tadibTa with tbnndar. 
'^liAtttait' I^il' no* ioaiat npAn going on^ 
.11:1^0 vlaalOi )^» ^1 tarn baok/ aaid Br* 


> •lly aiatar, it i« bettar to bri^'iha 
,' thtodar itorai,. wKieh will ba bat a tcaaaivaft 
^n«Otot«nit!nea,ftliaB to ahdora,^dr an lBda« 
. inita tkne, tha koeit aniiaty yoa aay yo« 
ibail faM, vnlcaa yon gat tidingn of MiM 

': 43toi>yaf*»v ' 

*That fa traa^' aighad Srmiiiia,-Btibaiding 

«]iittt Mar okahiona. 

' • Driva M t' oallad out Jaatin to m 


' imd tba '\hone8 'wara pat ^ opon tbaii' 

n«t»la> And ttiay yrant on witbfnMt apead 

fbranrla'oWo^ when Joatin- tbda«bt H 

was tiaa <dp«ll apaad look atthe woatlMr 

.iMMl ia^ira tha way. 

Darker gre^thtfsl^. daapar growled tba 
JIhiindar. Mid f aatar fell tha rainiropa, 
^ 'If «re eoold only taa«b the ofd pTaea bd« 
Antbaatonii aetaaUy borata nponaa* wa 
jmigbtraiBain there natU it aooaide^ and 
irioa hoMe by flMxM>gh% - Vbe moon rlaaa, I 
think, about hblf-pait' nine. 'aaid Jaatia. 

'Whieh way now, drf* insairad iha 
jboKdimaa,- tonsbirg hit bAt to Mr. Boaao* 
^aU M that gntleouMi. looked «itfe of the 

'^ ■ *l«in todkfni for tona one idf whom to 
infiaira,* raplied Joatin, glanciing vpatiA 
down tha giloonay foreafr road. 

Akotd ncMT^ aum aoon looflMdiram tha 
•MMItyi driying a bdatad oow vbtfora 
Mm. '.' ■ 

*Old aaii.*iaid^jraatia, ^aan yoU tatt ma 

demanded Jottia, tbrowiag him a fleoe ot 

'IViko yq«r moMir, koiiiqr/ nii tbe old 
nfgro, toaaiog back the edn into tho dhaia^ 
'It 'onld be bad nonay,ehile 1 If yoa mat* 
go T0« qoa' go t Wall, it'a right atraigbt 
ahead i 'boat lialf a mile, or dar abcatBi yoa 
aomea to a old broke ^down bam, where yov 
will aaa « old graaa-grow«d road, dat go 
right aaroaa a old flelu, bayant wbioh the 
gronnd alop^i downwafda inter* do wooda 
aain in wbiob ia the hooae yon ia arterl Da 
Lor' balp yon, maraar, and it getting dark 
andato«v>y IV 

' Thank yon, old man 1 IMra oa« eoadi^ 

*8 opf-maraer.f ' ' ' . ^ > .,: 


*I gwyoa warn yoa aa bow, whan yoa 

Sta to de bam, aa iron ean't go mnob 
rder^ 'oreia da ole fl«lda in de oarriaga,, 
'oanae obdaToad throagb d« wooda baibc 
oboked «p like wid fallin' treea here and 
dera | ao if yoa maa'go to da hooiiB-^Lor' 
k^p yol?l-^oa11 have tb leara de oarriago 

Snd tertea ander da abalter ob de bam and 

* Aaak yoa onee mora, old man,- DriTO 
<m» eoaehman, ' aaid Itr. Boaenthal. 

And the oarriage atarted, laarmg the- 
Mno ataadiiig by too roadaide^ bowing and 
«M;ing bia liati 

'All agree in tbair aatimation of oar 
esterpriae, Brmlnie I and thia really begma- 
to look lite an adrentare V Itlghad Jnatin, 
■■ ha aeftlad himaalf baok in bia aaat. v 

The apuniage rolled . r.n ita . way for abuat 
half or three fnartera of a mile farther, whin 
the aoaohmim aaddenly palled ap the bonek^ 
and emlaimad— 

* Itora we are at the old bam,'8ir.', . 
Juitbi lobked OQt. ' Tha aky waa Very 

dark I ^* • audden ^glara of lightniujj^ 
ahowed a dilapidated bMn. a brokeai fence 
and a bare ftald, boandad A tha farther and 

* Wa maat atfl^ here. Toekopyoor dram, 
■ad giTa ma yoar band, 'aaid Mr. Boaantbal, 

kdw far it ia to Witoh BlBut* 

V ^Datiar*!' fdmlMimed thooU faltoir, ia • 

t9B»> of oonatah^tiML ' 
' •^mmt'ttfta matter r daiiasdod Jnatia. 

i *Tfliniieber«witt»d*ri. OMUMrf' 
.^•■: •Yef,Iam!'; ■,.;; , 

' 'W^ Lor'^briM^ yoar ara^ 'ijiiwii;! 
-'^riom dh-ydti 90. 'i^l0;4»rV . ■ 

' ■•Wbyt*'" '"' '■■■W.'-v~/-\/.,:.:,'r.V^-, 
>--■.< 0mph« ? 'pmp b , «m * fir l Dwitaxmib 
^B«<»y. bttt toka my *fioe f ■ , - 

'Qui yoa dixoet ma tim wag^to get there t* 


d^mStfJI tha mrriago door and Btmiding ready 
to help hia aiatar Mt. 

«0b,la8tin,it really doaa aeeto to me aa 

mi yoa wiahad to paniah ate lot my peraia^ 
taneain taking ma oat in thia atorvt/ aaid 
Inwniak half langhing apd hidt arying, a» 
aha gava htm her iiaad aad apraog amn iha 

^amnrlafla. ^^■. ■ ; .,; ■-■■ ■■ Xa.. 

I * Hot ai alL I only want to or 4^0 n«e yiM» 
that on land, tbarweather ia of U eonaa< 

' oaeooa. Tliiilr*' ia not one jpaiaoQ in a mil- 
hon afar atruck by lightning or<^rownad by* 
rain,' anawered Joaun, aa he hoiated.4k 



*sr V W''* ^ •"" 





I«r|» imbnUR aad taolwfl hia sUter Bndw 

' .Us ArBI* ' ' 

* And wha^ ev«r, vdl KUm Pol* tiiink of 
vs. ooaing to «»II apou b«r mt aaoh m ko«r 
•nd in ■uon a ktormf c^olained Eraiinio, 

* Aud that ia another thing which i% of 
Uttla oou«qatn<». wh#t Miaa Pola'thioka of 
aa,*uiaw«rad Jutin. aa ha ttopfod a oiom 
naatto nbiotu aomo fallau poatafrom a 
gap ia tiM opon faooa to talt* ' 

^ ' Ab. daar wt% thia ia vary odd,' a^had 
Srminia aai aasiatad bj bar brothar^ah* 
made her way throng 

^ 'Mjrgood littla aiatar^ tohcMryoa talk, 
lonewoad natnrally aappoaa that I |iad 
ongioatad thia advautart* and oonpalled yoii 
to e«bark apon it | whareaa thv troth ia. 
ya« oaa* into tb* library where I waaqniet- 
ly leading, and oommT; i^d blaaiered me 
«*» briagiai yoo oot k«rc .Ho#i5T*r, I 
forgiv* yon I And I alab aaaii^ yon, that 

••.*ffl •"»«'' •"*''! ■olabl* in water, th* 
laia'iroa'tMaltyttif \ 

■rminie laaghedi and Joatia tamed to- 
warqe the ooaohaua, aaviqg t \ 
X. 'liJ'nfPkina, yon had better d^rire nnder 
the bhelter of tb* brobibn bam and remain 
thaw aatil we Cftarm W* ahall not ba 
RO** nior* than an hoar at the loageat.* 

The ooaobauD. tonobed bia bat i&d gladly 

pbty.A. \* ■' 

Aod Juatb and Brminie, arm ia arai. 

and*r the abeltar ofta large a«bi«Ua.tmdgw 

ed a<maatb* old Itelda. The lain fell faal 

A Vn "*'*' '*'*'*^ *^ *^ Itgbtning ilaabed. 

Aud Rnaiaia ahrank and oowaced to her 

brotbar'a aid* and waa npbeld and enconrag. 

«d^ b>a itr«agtb and ohavrfulneaib Only 

atiatanrala by flaabea of lightninv conld 

ZL •^* *•** ''•^ befor* them. 

Thay atonbltd ott ander tb* Uaakaky 

aindov*^ tb* rongh ground aa' wall aa they 

oouW. antii tb*y croaaed the field and raaeh. 

ed the otb*r brok*a faaoe^ whiob aaparatod 

It from tka wooda. I^ 

Jnatia kejped Brmini* throngh th» gap. 
M • glar* of lightning abowad th*mthe eoii- 
tinaation ot tb* road. 

Tbi| road waa graaa-grown and obatriotod. 
aod narrowed antii it waa nothing moia tkan 
k^-path throngh ti^e thioket. 

h«?'!k*'" ^^ "*iT PowioKintoiTaBtai 
but the meeting bongha orar tbeir beada 
Kept it off them 

On and fn they atraggled throngh tb* 
•ofKla. nntU at lingt h tbey oam* to a gloomy 
•peniiig.^from the midat of whiab loomed ap 
among ahadowa. like a deneer ahadow, a 
['°y; j!**"*^ .* »j'<*'1g? jwrronndedXy ienl»ea 
Kid fallen ahad*. No light waa viaiM 

of ligbtniag aboweirtib gapia* 
*r* tb* fallen gatfUy apoa tka 

aatil a 

gateway. wh*r* 

igroanA ~ / "i 

Oh t what a plaee t Oh i/wh< 

, _ __ .A.,^J»at a homa 

lor Britoaiartaf gaaped J! minie, witb a 

•biver, aa they w*tk*d orat the proatratw 

gate into the yard. 

Joatiu replied I bot the rolling of tba 

Ki^ t ^ \ *>;"nder>ud the roaring of tka wind drawn* 

an alator | ad the aound of hia voicoi 

Holding Brminie lightly nndorbiaarnu 
be groped hia way towarda the frodtof tb» 
bonat; when again the terrible flre^of fioft. 
van fiaahed foith and ahowed him the graak 
old -faabioned double oaken door, with a pro> 
Jcoting roof abov* it. 

Prawing Bi minie olua* aloag witb hiBi» 
bd went ap the monldv atoae atep* laadinw 
to tbia roofed door, and felt aboat aatil ba 
got bia band npon the iron knookcr, witb> 
wbioh he aoanded an abiiiu thit might bava- 
«ak«d the dead. It only waked the dogp^ 
■bat op within the bonai^ whoop*n«Tai 
fl*roe Of * of barka. % 

'Ob. d*ar. dear bm. Jnatin t I wiab wa 
bad not oome I' naped Brmini*, aliaging 
oloaar' lo her brothera arm. . 

* I likf it. my dear. It looka aoite lik<> aa 
adiraature r laughed Jnatin. 

*^*a: lilt* au adventure that might •«<!• 
in a — -y Ob I blaaa tb* dogi I I oant liear 
myaalf aiwak for them f *zdaim*d Brmini**. 
impatient^ breaking off amid tb* yeipa ot 
ib* oanin* aantinela. 

* Boab I there ia aome one o^Bingat laai- '° 
whiapered Jnatin, aa, atep* were board al»- " 
proaohmg and a yoio* growling i '- 1 
^•Down, Faugil Be quiet. Thi«tftl«r|- 
What do yoa mean then, Bloodyaioath t\ 
Down, all 6f you r _ ' \ 

And tbaa* aoamanda being enforood with ^ 
hearty kioka iuid ooflb, order waa aooa re- 
atored in the boaaa 

Than oam* a abnnd of grating kaya aad 
ahootiag bolta and falting Gari and laitliaw 
uhaina, that all eeemed :to be tha manifoll 
faatebinga of tb* old aakeii door. 

'Graoious m^, ia tb* old pla«* • dungeon, 
guarded by bloodboanda T' whiapered Brmi. 
nia, ouiT*ring with *z«itement. 

Before Juatin oould aaawer tha door oaen. 
ed. and a oaationa Toioa apoka from the dark- 

- -lefroto 
Jaattn waited 


• Ho. it ia not Doll, wboava^Dbll may b*,* 
aaaw*r*d Jaatia. 

?*'v?v''*f ■'*•"* '•^ • »omealb dmin* 
wbtohtba door waa bald aiuefaUy. tbea 
tb* vmo* from bobind it apok* ■ #*<■ i 

•Wbo aayouf ^ ^^ 

•ny part of , th* pr*miaea. 

A friend 



of Miea Oonyott^VaaawereA 


f AIR PU4T. 

■-. , -* •• ... th* iMst ottM. I ImlBi* with liw #aMr, ii^ Ifc^ it«oM » 

^«»^ - - .- -^» -* tlMstorii.* ■"" '" — - 

^Tirtt «| til to ftt in «i» of th; -^ . 
.«« tim. uddmbr VMhiBf th«4« 

*'tii« 4o©r MMddwIy olMjMto, taAjOii^ 
ioilJ SIwlvw i" «**«f 4*rkn«M Mid af 

^StrXrZSim^A Justin, holdint «rmi- 

WAkittft the ••»W».« o' th« old hoate. 

^»QJo» died "Wiy •"?»<* P'?**"'* ■"^"* 
• Ob, Jootia I' »o*W^ Knn»?**. 

*Vw'% bo olomwd; my dear t yoa an 
iwrfoltly .afa,* wb^pewa i.ot broiker. 
♦I^taa tfy to get wt. "bo ploaded. ^ 

Jnktin, gNping Ma way to the front of the 

tTtod^othorToor* ferhap^^e ooatiwi^ 
M bo t-»» •bo«t tha oakao boarda natjl ho 
golKold pf tfca look. It wa. a '■pt«»g,lock. 
Sd naUtod all his afforU to wfaaUu it. 
^^M, rwa T. ^ia ia wry ?»••«««>»» / 
aav. yoliinai»bemar DoMUolIarf IfaD 

i tMmirl Whaiaarayohl AuswoHor yo«- 

• tell r oxoUimed JotUa. • 

Bac tha fMoqlodinf «oho of tha Old Mu|a» 

!|Ernr«io wai^^ and trambUaghnd 

cowering aihiaeide. l; .!^ - 

• W hat in tha world aia yon •mM off, my 

^learf thiila » wlky, ioh<»pitablohoo««' 

«ad that ia the worst that oao be sOid 

. of i . I«appoa<* langhed Jnatin, to ro<«a- 

"^i'liraS? B* W.S uoxt S lAa.dark 


WalV f«»H»Rl»» '^T *lon« >*• *«?«*»."? 'i* 
4ope<rf finding aaotbar door at whiph^to 
kJbch. Hawijfeel»n4hi.^way with Wi 
lcfrhi^4, whila Brmifia hohic «pon bia 

tijjthtami. . ^ . 

liis hand fowd nptbiag bat a raggd 

f traotloii. StoojMng dow% bo Wt abgit. 
and found that ba wa»v|it Iba foot of a 

^^aifefl£aii^ wa Will MO«ld and 
an* saa lUI {MlT^<«re,* be said. Uogbing. 

'^ f'at^'l&to they had to «o ao, sibwiy 
«^ aatt^dKjMid part> beoaiito timt 
footitti5llgWM»By ligbt. Jkoy wont 

Btai' all wsa dark sa tba gfuyo audj oiWal 

«Jttstin,' whlapared Bnninia, '1 ftol •• 
if I waa in a diaagraeable dream, 0» had 
the nightmare.'. , . ^. ,.-, . 

• Knpiinia, ' ha anawOjrad. UagbiUfb * I feel 
•a if I bad loat my footing in tbia uge . and 
obantty, and slipped down into th» •iddle 
M tha tenth oantHry in Spain f" 

• Hnpb r whispered Krmmia. '; ' 
•Whutisitf -. 1 - 
•I hoard some ono talking 1 Listanr^ ^ 
Thaia was oertainly a mnrmar prooa«jffitg, 

fh>itf aom; dark room iii tboir TioinitjrlK f 
theb an angry Toioe apoke alond t t f ^^ 
*Wby the fool fiend, then didn't yon ttki 
theia into aae the old woman f 

The mastering voioemada some lai^y, to 
whiob the hmd yoioe respoodad i > 

«Boob I what daa^trf tkofb aUT orer 
BOW. The trerdiot of the ooroner'h iaqaest 
■atilad that Biiddf. Mothinc more like- 
1t« After that tbeia waa nethbg toora to 
bahaidr' * • 

A blaae of Haktuing that flashed tbrongh 
•vory ebmk and ecwriua of the shut vp old 
hhnaa. aad a othsh of thunder that orer- 
wbalmad all Otnar sounds, stopped the talk 
<tf the vnseon ootDpanions. 

Than the mutteiiog Toioa was heard again 
aaying sometbii^ ofienaivo to the int«rlocax 
lor, though inaudible to ^e listeners, for 
ibe logsd iroAia^ted t . . .^ I 

•ijintthiiurl uo I have ndt hoMi dnnk« I 
ingi atleaat nol.niotothau bgood lormel | 
Tba monoit any oua tabes '»■ deep breath 
and riiowa a littlr foarlessnta^, yon tbmk ^ 
thoyt^bann-^drfaikincf 06 and look after . 
the poopla;#tM>l>»v«^l«ft in tha hdl aO long, 
andtokathehi nip to aca the old woman. 
That Ik ff'ahe Wanto to see them. Ton 
must bitaMiher{btttaafor«hagiri~' < 

Ag^ th#' marmuVlug Toioe interyaned, 
hut-ib*I««rt.voMO- broke tat ;-;.^; _;■;., 

•I tell you aho must be got ^t oi the' 
way I ITowviO look after tkeos Vili^rs b«- , 

low.* ■ ■■' -■' ■ ''. \ \,y-''- 

A sound Off abutting feet WiihMld. And 
Jastin whisparedtoBrinijiiiet V .i . 

^Little aiatsr, thero'a ocmatbing twong 
hare, hut wanaaat.iiot 8e«n *•.•>'*•'??"' 
hateniag.' And ao tayias ka kurried her 
down the atai^ *• fuot as the darknem 
would pefuilt kirn to do with saftty. Ar- 
(«Md it thu foolfe bo woitod ^aome few 
tttattteo and thmi ka wng oatM kwl 

up stairs noiMles^lT. JiistiU IwldiM on to 
ftM baiastraloB with ono hand^ anf gntdug 

V « gallo I waiter I po r ter I footman t msjo r- 
domol man-of'UU-workI whatorer wwho> 


% tHa P^LY. 

«T«ryoi|M«t wlMMan^Mit Omm» bt w . UffhM liW Mm ImU. by • mmUI, dMr 1m£ 

III { or l«t u oat r ^ • «- ^ . . .. '- — -w» 

I Ml lMti», ovb 4ro i*yott I ChmMal Tm 
bo fuot fat Ivo viaaMoi whiUiI «m mm 
to Ml tho eld Uijf tM#ow<i • grondiMt 

vote frMI tlM lMai<«b0MD > JAdotttM IMM 

timo aponoB, ImuriiigadiatligMb'iMflMltf 
.•dMMa4.tiM atOtf^f T .. , : ., , / 

IB* w*o • MMi of «be(it *M 
Age, of glnatlo hfifflit f lot 
hood, M« «Iom|^mI " 

boDiriog froa tbo OiUiMg, 
UJMlfltbit baip atooil a largo, rou4 

l»e«rdl«at».or oha dooo\fol»»o%' dark<#oi 
plexioMd Imo I a_^ mum yo« woald 

..atM>taM«. «JV«rio wiik Iowen4| 

oktMCaM UdM with book% book**- --»^. 

I h^Dd-MTOoaa, MMlUoii-bofeUa*, a mmU op«^'% 

MForii-bus, aad ia ■bort* all tbo panpiiot* 

|iMU«of aladyliubki. r^ 

MtJ* jroan of I BooUU it. la a larco rooMa^obaiiv witb 

wi^ a aaall kor ffR nM a ioot-oiubioB. Nolinod a Tofy 

h^r. aM a olHMy, boat with ag% aad troaiblnif wltb 

to iBMt #■ a lopo)^ road oa a . 

Ha wai droMMl irom boad to foot 

lyfittiag ooit «f tM dMt<«otoj 

cloth thot baiabide b o o omo oo/irell knowtt 

at I li« aotfora 4»f the Ooiiitdogato amy. 

* Ooalda't yoa bo caiy fp/flvo aiaatao, 
Whilel waa gOMf' h« grofflod. M ko MMb. 
«d tko foot of tbootatrs.'/ 

' Tow auaaiea aco foK^ long oa«%lrind,' 
lao^od'J«atia.<' ■ / 

* xoa want to aeo |bo ^d*la4y, ▼«■ oMf* 
Vlviak toaoe lU^Folo.* ^ 

.. ion/«aid tho niM, (top- 
ping to Mttff ■' ' 

Aud tboii load _ _^ _._ 

Jattio, at^l botding hio aiator vador bia 
arm, NHMOMidod tbo itaini. 

By tbfligbt of tko oaadlo oamod by tko 
man ImIopo bfin, bo aaw tbat tfaio port of 
the old bonoo ooomod *ntir«ly uiioniishod; 
Tii^^ooio woro haw and roi^ib, ud broken 
here And tkoriig and tbo wollmron dioigond 
Jby torn paper and lalloa phutiriag, 

Arrivod at tho landing of ^ tbo otairoaook 
Tutcin Bbtiood tkat ouny da bwr i«d into tUa 
hall ; bfit tboy woro all oloaofy obnt 

Up otiltn teother flight of otoita tkty 
weot^ and tkoaall waa obanged. 

Tko kail of tbo third atoroy vao noatly 
iMipMwd abd oostortaWj aarpitwl. and well 
ligktod by a mallt oloar hmjf kangingfitom 
the ioaiBff. A lari^ wkidov at tho ond of 
thiaball -wao alooowtoiMd; fynir dooro 
opoood bm it« two, am tta r(gUt and two 
on tho lofk I thogr ^wora paioted white aud 
woro VMj nioo. lBdo<id •veiytbia* oi khis 
floor aooaad very aaat and «loaa, wdl kopt 
and ooomriablo— forming a awrkod ooa- 
tnwt t9 MM n«gldet» dirl^ doiolatioa and dis* 

COmiort-bolOW^ :• ,- /!■>•;:•. '■».;-.■ 

Tko ooMotk^ddamd giant in tko dut- 
ooluarod ^otkoo, «»0Md tko. Maraat door to 

theridbt, and aaidr -^-:^^^^-^ - - 

. 'OdiBtkoN.' . :-■■-■■-■-.'■■ ■ 

Witk ■rmioio tnoked ondor ono arm, and 
hianat in kia baikd, Jfuiin ontarod the 
-C90mi 5 — - — ' — 

paloy. flko ww tvrappjd fai a lightooCmNd 
9reMh okiata d»ooeiug«gow^ a^d bor ohak* 
iu head wao ooverod with a flao boo oap^ 
wbooo deep bordoro loftly ohftdod Ikor ailvw 
kair and witkored iaoo. 

Sooingtho vititora ontor. oho laid mMo 
knittog-work oke kad hold in hor hMd% 
and liook apaa iTory^hoaded oane thatatood 
by liitr oido. and ao attempted to rite to iw 
ooiTo tkom, rhat apparontly kor atrengtk 
waa not eqaal to tltotaik, for aftor ofcaklng 
violonib.ako dropped tko MM aadoMk 
book ialMT akair. 

Jnathi imModiatoly oteppod forward, aad 
' jr _v:r TT-A — •- I P»<*«d ap tk« f»l«n oane, aad mith a 
oandlo with hu flngen^ reroroatial how t» tko agod woman^ ao^itia 
Kthewmjup9ta,it*i ' • iti-plaoa. .....>' -Vv ■ /.r-.: „.,,.>- 

'XonVo ooiM toao4 no r inqnirod the old 

It WM a neotly fainiabod aittiog-nio^ 

Ikd^in a ahrttl aadmiToriag voiotb 

*^ei^ mad am I I hopo to aoe yon la yMr 
aoui healtJ^' aaid tho yMog mM« boadiat 
Uokoa4 ■■ 

Wm Polo atrotokad o«t kor trombliag 
koad, and took «p A omaU kaad*boll from 
tbo Ubb^ and rang it t^fSAj. 

A door, loading f roa^JMM' adjoining raamt 
opeuod, and aa aced negro woman, a-mool 
Mmtoh beat, ioflrM. Md witboraidMkw 
Biiatr li^ obtlered. 

' Nan, plaoe oliairo for tkio gontloman aad 
tkb.^ Who io the ladjrf' oaid Mwa f«K 
aaddenly taming to JMtin. 

^Miaa.BnowithaV my oioter,'anaworod tho 
T Mng nian. 

'liaoo obaira 
Md biaoiotor.*' 

Tk« waM Bonriag-WMHB did M dM wm 
bid, and then loft tbo rooai^ 

' N.>w, then, mf good air. to buinoM. ' t 
•appoae yoa oomo froM Trwt» my agratf 
iaid Mxaa Pole, when all woro ivatad. 

'No, madam ; I—* 

*Thon what did yen oomo fort'^ I roodva 
Bovbitoro^oolitnpon baginea%*}||||omipto4l 
the old yyMpinpatwntly. 

• Pir^illi* iMMiuB. Wo aro filonao of 
yoni- aiiMii i^aad not hariag hoard froaa bif 
for aooM jirookih aiMlbobig on ibo ppiat of 
lo-iringtbo oity ftf tko 

for Ifi;— Mr. BodoMtatt 

koro to itiqoire abonl bor.*^ 
'Aboui,— whom?' donu>iidedUfiot P»K 




■■-.^M ■■> 


^ta ft abriH. iai|wtl«Bl vo{«t, m Bh* bmu to 

|«tf«MblM irith escitMBCBt. 

>; •TooraiM*. mmOmytin,* 

%tr huid to til* bell and rang it M/fAu, 

t. ThawvirdbiHiidiMidMppMrMl. 
•Hm, Nmi. akow ftaM pMpU dmra 
■lain, aad tall Dul« to aaa 'am oaft t aad to 
miad hoar ka aanda anw«looBM vtallofa to 
' ma afala t* exobimad tha old lady, ahaking 
; BM>re aad mora Tiolantly witb, crowiog «a> 

^ I hope I hava givan yoa ao caaf a for 

ofaiiea. aiadam,'' MM Jas|;ia, dep-eoatingly. 

'CNKiBaal off-«ilMioal' atammerad tha 

old ladjr, with har head andiiins fait ba> 

twaaa palaj aad aagar. ' Hw dare yoa 

■MMttioa toa aaam of Britamarta Ooayara io 

' anr praaaaoar<>« toadi a baaati aanitkal' 

* Aad at avaij epitbat aha apat with apit*. 

• Show 'am oat I show 'aa tm% I ahow 'am 

oat, llaal* ' » 

> \ *I aiB vary MRj, amdam, to kaar yoa 
■pf ak in tkia iatamparata maaaar Of yoar 
akoa. I hava tha hlghaat. raapoai for Miaa 

^ Oonyara,' lAld Jaatta. giavahr* 

*Toa havat A moaatorl a aorpaatl a' 
davd t 8how 'am oat t ahow Vm aat 1 why 
- 4oai*l ya« ahow 'em oat^ Naa I* arfod tha old 
Tiiagn. aodding h«r haad, aad atemping har 
fiat^ 4ti^ latthag bar oaaa with her abakiag 
:handa,'''.'. ^ • ". 

*Toa hart yoeraalf maok mora Ibaia yoa 
bartlfiiaa Oanyar.*, by tkia iajariooa laa- 
' gaaga t for bar, indeai, il oaaaat aiaet^' 
•aid Joatiii, Btaraly. 

'Ooigo t go I' apattared tha old ereatare, 
latting fall ber oane, aad aeising ap a boot, 
whieh, with all bar trambltna •traactk, aha, 
laaDOtwd at tba offender. Bat, of ooaiia^ 
the minaila tell wide of ita mark. 

Bhaiaia, ahoeked, amaani aad terriied, 
clans to the arm of bar brother. 

•I wiabyoa a hatter apirit, Miia Fdla,* 
aaid Jaaua ) and bowing aa boartooaaly aa 
Sf ha ware leaving the preamoa ofa^aaoa 
who iiad ooafaried npoa himagiaoetha 
pMacd oat of tha room, whilaiae wwrd 

> waitiag- woBwa held pptm tha door. 

' *Oht What a hooae} oh I what paoplo. 
poor Britoaiarta r gaappd Brmraie, hiinng: 
hor ftiea oa bar broumr'a hpaom aad. barath 
.ingintotaara,- ; - -:' ..r:-''L\':^ :' 

' 'l^orkeataa'a aake, my ehild, try fo te, 
ioalliB.' Weahidlainonbeontaadoaoar way< 
koaw,' wUiapared Jaatin, aa they deacendad: 
.■ thaiitaika. ; ,, " '. . " 

. The giaat with the aaiaU hoiMi and hara 

^ — ohia atgaiwd tham in tha hall below, 

*Had a pleaaaat viait, matter, ahf ka 

•Opaa tha door,*- was tka oaly aaawar 
Jaatin deigned to aiaka. 

* Wttk pleaaare, maatar,' aaid the mac, i* 
a aaroaatio toae, aa ha aafaataaad tha hall 
daor and aot il opoa. 

Jnatia lad hia aobbiag aiatar aat, aad tha^biod t|ieab 

Braiiaie> apirite had baea tooaavarely 
triad, Md aha ooald aokat oaoe recover har 
cfaaalmlty. ' >^ 

The aloni had anboidad, aad the remnanto 
of tha.atorm;»oloada had aeparated overhead 
aad watva rolling down and auiaaiag them> 
aelvaa ia heavy rangea of aioaataiiia around 
thahoriaon. Tlie moon wao eliaibing np- 
throngh a rivino ia the eaatera ranee. 

'Oomet cfeaer ap^ mr darting I Agriaii 
old hoaan t a gluto old koBfaa% and a orndg* 
log woieom«>. That ia aU that oan be aaid 
aboat oar advaatara. It ia aoamtbing to- 
bach at bow that it ia over/ aaid ,1 natin, aa 
he ladltka aaaerved girl tbroagh tha hrokea 
gateway aad lata tha aairow fooipatk 
tkroagh tkawaad^ 

*0h, Joatia, I ahall aat gak qver it ia a 
aon h I I aaver will inaiat oa going any- 
vhera agaiaf aaiaB miaio.. 

' Tack ajp yoar drean my dear. It ia vMfr 
wet kara from tba leoaat raia, ' aaid Jnstin, 
as tkay carnally picked their Way throngh 
tha wood path that broaght tham at lact to 
thabrokaa faaaa dividwg tha wooda from 

jTastia halpad hia aiater over thia obatroo> 
tioa, aad Um^ aroaoed the field to the old 
barn where tba aarriage awidtod tham. 

Tliey jfoand tha oarriaga ia a wall ahel« 
torad plaoe aadar Mm. aid loof. The horaea 
waro ataading aa patlaatlv aa haok boraea 
iura woat to div Aad tha ooachmaa, having 
tokaa fOialtor iaaida tha aarrUg^ waa fast 

; Jaatia woka him np^ and amda him oader* 
atand that he waa not aleeping ia hia oara 
bed in tka loft over tka livery atabla. bat la 
their hired baak la aa old murn, and fbally 
iooceeded hi JiaMiav him ap iato hia aeat 
aad pattinjlr tba taiao iato hia handa. 

Than Mr. fioaaathal aat hiaaiatar iato th« 
aarriagB, took taia aaal ay kar aide aad gavo 
tha order to drive hama * 

The horiaas BK>vod with a will t and ao. 
af er two hoara of rapid travaHiagi they 
arriyad aafaly at tha paiaoaagOi 

aaked, witb aa agly tria. 



"tj* 1 >'n».V 

f Alft PLAT. 



. vn aiufaoira. '' 

te |h« iMMf 



OoiMfreiii th« eloM towB 

The bopodlMi ■•• that 

Where ahtih, anlwowa loeitiMt fair aad 
Lie brightly eMttend oa the cleMiiB« 

Mndet . 

Thete, *inid ihe hash of damberfaig ODcanV 
Wu'l. eit ftQd iratoh the eilTer tiaaaed 
wave« ; . . 
eep langaidljr along the silent ahore. 
And oool oar heated feel with gentla 

' We will to I7 one of thooo ooaa'ina 
steamers that atop at all the landing-, father? 
d..r.«rthatjy. can show Oolon l£itwor.h 
«|1 (he heaatifal soenety of oapeo and oreeha 
along the shores of the Potomaeand the 
Oliesapeake I which we ,oonld not aeo in 

"•lU!?. ^-T 'J" ,'••* »»»«^ th»t keopi the 
middle of (he ohannel in rirer and bay from 
Washington to Biohaioad,*aaid the Lutheran 
minister's danghter. as she Joined the relo 
sr the breakfaat Uble. 00 the momisg aift«r 
herarraiiffe-nightadyentaro. * 

Jii troth, Biminie was |Mte, pensireaad 
ab^traoied; and it was only hf an effort oi 
conrt*ay thst ahe foioed hersel) to take an 
interaet in the sal<|sot of their Jon ney. 
. Ob, yea-e«aoo y. I hav« Mettled all 
ibat. I know we are all to go to-morrow 
morning, bnt^wha I want to Mk is where 
yon and your brother went yesterday after, 
noon, and wKoro yon same from so late hwt 
«><g'.tf said th» minisler, with mook 
•olenanity. for. In faac, he hiUl (he greattat 
oonadenoe m tho pm-lenoe of his obildRii. 

Bnt^Broimie'aoofc brown eyes widened 
with dismay, as she toriied them with an 
■ppealmg giMM ,^ 1,^ brother. 

Joatiu cravely took npon hita^elf theofloe 

?lTg?n^*»*' w«»»"«M the iaoidenteof 
thdr iiait to Witoh Blms. '»««•>" 01 

The miniatorgare a rery serieas attentfon 
toihe narratiTo, and. atits oloae. •aid- 
in th. l.«* """** K!!'*'P**"'« *• ">» -torm 

■.ISiLf^'ST;!; ^. ▼eal there is-.ther. 
Si*?'.^'^*^"'' •' lierdiaoar4ingBrfto. 

fi/^k * """"Wn^'ng Bntomarte in order 

exoiauBod Srmiaia. Jamping to tho moot 

•wwrnoa-plaof oonolMita !■ th« puifs off 

'No, mydaari Itit B«l thai lkaaa«r 
to know that the old TadThaT^ ^^ 
torest in Witoh Ilnka, wliloh <.. , 
setUed oa Miss Oonyera beyond 
power to dew. TO her of ii| Use 

Jilaeo ia really worth neil^ to no^ 
iltlo land is left to the eelate fi 
worn oat. Thohoaso is rM<iy Vj^ YttSblo 
aboatthoMnof tbo dwelSwS tSthln it 1 
an« tho old lady has no inoome ezoept from 
the sale of timber from her taat waatinc 
wood% and f.-oijia from her old trees. What 
ow elaa it may be that is wrong, it is not 
^w 70a tkiak,* said Dr. RofentliaL 

But oh, father, dear— Britomario I Whai 
will beoom* of Brironiarte, now that tho ^ 
ladf has discarded her?' said Brminie, aa^ 
oonadooslT elaspiag her handa, and gsidoc 
piteonsly into hsr fathoi^'s faee. C 

_* I anderstand that look, my daw. Mtm 
Oooyers shall be my oare. 8ho is maoktoo 
independent, IJndga, to aoeept a homlL» 
permanent one, I meaa--«t my hands or at 
yoars t bat I will invito her hero, and tho* 
find Some sitoation for her 48 asaistaal 
teacher iniAhool, or a prlyate goremosa 
in a fomii7.^*l>o not wony yonraelf ajboat 
your fri-nd, my dear ohild,' aaid Ihalnio'a 
ntther, kindly. 

/Thank you, for Britoourte, doar father r 
I knew yoa woald earo fte her; but oh t 
how shall We And her t* 

'Ton most trust in diyine ProTldehi^ 
my dear. B«member that, if you and I wero 
ootof theqocs ion. there is the AlMather 
to care for each one of hia ohlldrea.' 

:» J?!!r*t^i^ '"iJSJ"'' •!?<* flniahing hit 
atory of the visit to Witoh Sims | bat aa bo 
Bstened to the talk oiwhioh Britomarto waa 
thraubjeot. hia faos waa a atudy. fiom ita 
perfect aasnranoe. Next to his faith la Pko, 
maboe and in himaelf. wtii bhi fhith ta 
Bii omarte and her fortunoa. 

'Wbatstriketmo in this sdvoaturo of 
yoars, BosentbaU la that atrange fragment 
of ooavorsatMa you ovarheani.^pdt in Ool- 
oael ■astworth. ^ '^ . ^' 

Jnstia^tamed 'aa attoatiro faoe towarda 
too speaker, aud waited 1» him to explain 

' Lor mo aoe. what wore the worda oxaetlyf 
Oh I sometliioir like theoo • """yr 

««L'i^°?' Wi.atdaiitort ThatVallow 
now I The rerdiot ot tho ooroner% inaaest . 

?^"*lu\*'- *»»'««•• Noihingmoialilely. 
After that nothing mora to be said. ** ' 

*llow, you obaorT*. these words' aruge a 
"f oregone ooBo'nsfoV' «» 8hakeapca» e^ ^ 
Whatooiiolnsionr What has been doaaih 
Do you know of sny. raysteri'oua death fhaft - 


|i»t ukM t1*M iB ^w B«ighi)warlMod.»p<Ni 
wtiidb aiy okoMr'a Jory *»: mt ^ »> 

* Nte* irh»Wfir in thii Ngion for Mm* 
jMni. Jlat in other oIUm MMoolykMorB- 
Iu|| paper ooBM in tb*k doM not .r««oc4 ono 
or m^ft* rapUad ;r&tti«| * thoath earl»ialj| 

boftrinff • UMoWsoa witk tho word • W4. 
•oBtt ' IB illvor Mttor* •» m whHo ipoiuid, 


*I(i«Oold*bor«>B|li'« boat (hftt ho hu 
■rat to<Wiii|t ■• olt'^Mid Dir. BM*Btk«l, m 
tbolittlo ■kifl; okiBUBiBi il* #sUr, ap- 

!«• '. 


It ' 

«• yott wy, thoM voids'/oa dautod arnod 
^ *>foi«goD« ooBdmioB.*^ Bat w* omi M«p 
^•r MOi^it aboBt M, jkad oor»ttaBtio« alortt 
ivithoat (ormiBft owMlVes into a ' dotoetiv* 
Mlioe foroo to f«rrat oat otfuadera,' conolad« 
■«4 BritonBrtoliJoTor, who did not with that 
''yart ^tha wbjeot porraad. 

Thafaaiily aroaafrooi braakiut, and wabt 
«hoat thflr aoTwal praparatiooa lor th* 

'JoarBagr* • . ^ . , 

Vary aaily tha aaxt morniB* a oh««rial 

Crijy entered tha rooiny oarriaga that had 
BB eagaged to m|i* thein to the atoamboat, 
' arhar* they arrived ia good time. 

Ttiay''liad a baaatifal Toyagtf dowa th» 
T^ j^/ dj^ltght^ and down the bay by 

And whan tha paaa*n«ara d re aaad and 
want on daok th* nei^c momiDg they fooad 
their boat BBohored in the midat of a 
aoeoa aa lovely aa ever painter d^w or post 
It «aa at thaaonth of Oryaul CrMh, ma 
. «ha oaatarn shore of the Oheijy^nk* Bay. 
Back from th* water roaaanfleli the land, 
in rolling hil a and «alea» andTerdant woods 
•nd yelJow Holds, nntil it r s^ a he d tha fmt* 
' ^ hori«Db, where tke aan waa riaipii nnder 
?* IPXWOB* oaaopy of orinaM, golden, Mrple 
' and roseate eVBada. 

o^^kad all tkia aplendoar of oole«rin||--vtP'd« 
«i, h»rv«*k'<B'<>vned killiL vacdaat wood*. 
aaBr*afcy.aadroaeaUdoad8->waarMM«d , , ^^ . 
to the alear hteadtb «f the eraa^ aa ia i^ ^ ^HpMM f 
narrow i aia^ing a j^otary ciah Uk tiataat 
any work| of CMde Lorcaiaelk 

It waa thie dinlin« radiaaae of haaa that 
ifBTa the saene ita nana of th^Baiabowa.* 
*X ha^ aaver aeon any<hiBg%o;^aatifal 
aat of Italy;* /faidj^^lonal A|wicwortb»^irith 
aameat adniiration in arary tone of his vcaqo 
aad alaiioe of ilia eyefc 

'Ote^wim I^ly»' added Jnatia, empha* 
tio|dIy. 'Oar Soaihera saenery wants Ua 
^ta aad painters yet.* A *^ 

Shbiniewas ganng raptt riiank faceaih: ** 
^less. npon th* haava^ lM»ty «l thfihinda-T^' 

Dr.' Ibtsehtiukl was Itaaping wateb npea 
the Ing||pi«e that Was being brcaght np aa 
■the deck. 

While t|y Mttia g roBB stood lookiua OB 

In another moaieat It waa 
Albert Aoldaboroagb, diaassd Ua BaanBaa'i 
broad hat and bin* Jaoket, spraa|/ apoa thi 

' Good BMraiav, If in Boaentbal 1 How 
do yea doL Doetar t vary gUd to aea 70a, 
Colonel I Jnstin, old fellow. lH'«l>Khtedl 
Bat we espeated yoa Uwt #veninff 1' ei* 
ahuMed tk* yoang auta, phakiaM 'haada all 
aronnd. . ■ ■ • ■ ■'.:/.■- v-t'''-* :»■" ■ 

• And w* ahirald hava afri|«4 laat aveat 
ingy bat that thia yoan|t^ kdyV piref erred to 
eome by tii* way boai for tka sako M ma- 
aiaf ap all the oreehat both sides of othe 
water, and ehowiag oar friead here onr 
eoast aoeaery, aa idM oalla it,' replied Dr. 
Boaaaihal, .■■q '^X-- - 

' Aad I aaanot Mt feel Myaslf aader grsat 
oUisiitions ti) Miss fio**n thai/ added Col- 
onel Baa^wtrth, with a glanoa fall of mean- 
ing towaida the auaiafar^ daaghler that 
Wooght tha ^eahMur ia riek wavee ov#r her 

* (A 1 itjcm eaoaa by the way boat f»r 
that reaaon, it ia all right, to a* aarel I 
hfcdly hjHMS anything aMae aionotonon* 

Cta a raa down tka river and the bay in a 
ga ateaaMT that kaopa to the middle at 
theakahael all tha way 1 «r mora varied and 
beaaiifal tbaaa voyage la one of theaa httla 
JMOoauBodatiag aaaatere, that ran right and 
left aa fdl the Uttle aieeki^' agreed Albert 

the deck* pomnanieaaa troB tn* aeoK os toe ■(««»« 

While the MttIa groaBatoodlookinaoB to the little bp4t. And now, aa^all waa 
the landscape with, adrnii etionand dehghr. .' rewiy. Albert stepptnl lorward wicn »be 1.. 
«l|i^«k^^Wt rowed by Kx men, and tention of asaieUng Brmime ta deaeeno into 

* AU waU 1^ at the hooaef hi^aired Jni- 

IBot haw waa it ibat foa jot f^a beat 
here ao promptly f ' aaestioaed lilb uootor. 

< Preeeieaoe t Aayoa dlda't; gat here by 
tha Lsviathaa laat nwhti I Jadgedkthat you 
would arrive by the If iaaaw abate time to- 
day. I aay «*8ome tima." beoaase tbera 
rsAly ia ao irrogalatity abeot theaa little 
ooaatara. TIm daa they take for avbyasa 
dependa npon the aamber of tiaMS they 
hAV* to aaawar aicaala from tha ahore and 
atop to land or taha ia pasaeaaera I «it 
Jehoaophat ta watah aad UiteB for the 

eapaer'a whiatle. fl* heard it aad aignallcd 
me ; and we are hereu' 

While they ttalketf, the aailora had been 
lifting, down the tmnka, bahd-bozes and 

irtaaaateaaa from th* deok of the aceamer 

tha little bo4t. And now, aa aU wm 





ri|« VLAtt 


by OoIomI EnatwanK who tmiith" mad 
■oftly Ml htr d«wa •• tk* W M h i o—dl Malfai 
the ■tern of tiM keftk ' i>..,i .> 

All th« fMl of tlio pMty MlnrdL tho 
men took khoir oan, Mkl tho ikiff i^Mod 
kwkj fn>» tko alflMMT oiiUdl * ioartek «f 
gbard «ips fwi • rwiad pf •bMC* from tko 
■««m«ii. ■•.*•;■■.■■ ■ 

iind wbik Iho ■twiiiir pfcijlriqr is b«r 
Ioi ^sr mytt, Iho k«»t gndod a* tho oNtk 
to A liktk bottt booM fektti otood «monjr tho 
ti:MffUk« • jainlMaro Or^w tein1»lo ia 
•omo ArasdiMi «rafi*i ' 

Hontkoy landod *t •oMo^laMatops.wid 
went np tbrMgk tbo toaplo that also torai- 
cd thooatiMM* to Ml ATomoakMlod oa oaoh 
•ido by «oMi* tNi% aai Iwdian of to tbo 

It was a whito. twii i t oriod auu>«ioB,trith 
I a Tine-ohadod aa4 f«t«*wnatlwd porob raa- 
' ning all aroai^d It. 

Another bikaa^al piotwra vaa aow pro' 
Mated. On tb^o porahoa^ moo by g'impteg 
through tha |rota foHaga aad oleoniing 
flowen, wora tba white<robod bevotiM of 
thp hoaM, oomo d«t to wait foraad wolooma 
th« new riiiton. \ 

* Too sra Joit ia Kaia for oar aarly Imak- 
rast, wbioh to waitibg for yoa t Tho flahiag 
hM beeo vary «iooea«fiil to>day. 0ootor 
you havff aryvod at tha aga of wiodoai 
whea a DMo appreoiatap tba good tbiago of 
this life, aad yoa will ba fM ta hear that 
the *Vahoep'o baad*' aad tba ioft^b^U 
eraba We.ra aawrar JMi^Haa aa at tha praaaot 
, lenaoa, ' oaicl Albart Ooldaboroagh,, aa ha lad 
the way op o 'ha faoaaaw 

Aibartaflew oat, a iatliriap whiia dotro, 
to olatp Smiaia to bar bdaoair aad thaa 
to reoollaat haraall and laaa i ra Av Bqaii 

thai aadtU caatkaiaa (K hia paf^ with 
aool bat aoar t aaaa hoapitatttf; ^ < 

Wi|hia tha ball door tba toaatar aad aila* 
treaa of tha hoa aa J f aoaiaai thair jBaata» aad 
•ant aanraata to attaai iham tothait aaT«»l 
roonuw - v'- n , 

Alberta of aoaraa aaoampaalad .Xrmiaia 
to her «iuuaMr«) wbera tha arioiatar'a 
iaagbter lai^ off bar bouat and aMatla, 
aadezobafagad bar traval4aff habit, fir a 
aioraiog draaa. # ■";■ ; v. '•' 

One aiaato Inaioialiagarad aaarthafroBt 
wtodoua of harabambar, to look oat apoa 
the varied laadimpe^ thtf (aUing bills and 
nllaya. thhvaidanitaaMi aad lonata, tha 
wipdina «r<iek aad tha broad toa, all baam^ 
iQgiatoo aalaa^owr of tki aoiaiag aaa* 
ud, thaa . aba tara«4 to faUow hat fkfaad 

A p||aaaaitfooMt with iaaay arindoWa 
•piiint tc tha iM aa oaa sido ahd to tha 

otbar. A taalptiag^tobl•^ 
forarad with all tha dalioadao of too Ha 
•ida aad foraatahada/4lM erabhrds aad tha 
dairiaa. Aad a ehoioa ooataaay I gatbarad 
ta aaloy, to tba attoaat. hlaaaiaga wtthia 
At tha hraaklast-tabla tho ptagramako of 

Ciaaava for thaday waa diaoaaaad, aad a 
biag party waa arranged, ia wbioh ladiaa 
aadjoatlaaiM waraaU tojota. Aad aftar 
thafBMvaiaf aaMdwaalOv«^ tha gaaato- 
aaparatad to ptapara for tha aaaaraioa. i 
it waa whda tba ladlea wnra all raadt' 
i^a waitiag ia tba flrant parab far tkair-.. 
gaatlt a iaa aaoarto thai. Knaiaia iaqoirad U 
Albarta wbatoar thair aehoolaiata, nfrida\ 
Fialdiag, waa aoaiiav to tba Bainbowa. 

• 8ha baa wiito a| to aay that aba will ha 
boraiaadayaatwok Sa alto haa BiitoaK 
arta OoaTera/anawaradMlaaQaldaboroagb* 
'BritoBiartoOoayeral Ob. ia aha really 
anaiajiff Wbaa dML yoa htor f roto harf 
Wtiaro iaabaf How ia shaf What day 
will aba ba hato?' aagarly inaairad Brotlaio, 
harrying qaeatkm apon aaaatioa, ia a 
manner tbac aiaat hart baarudarad aay oa*' 
law aelf^poaaeaaad thaa Alberto Ooldo- 

*flhaw.otoaa Mondajr hwt,fraBi Kaw 
York, to aay that aho had daoidad to aooopt 
tha iavitalioo I gava her wbaa w partad,. 
aad that aba aroald ha with aa oa ar bofora 
Satarday e^oaiofc'anaworad tha yooag lady 
aalmiy aad olaariy. 

*Aod aba ia well r 8h% is happy! She 
is all right t* breattileaaly qototioned B > 

' It ia to bo preaaaie4 so^* aoawerod Ai- 
liarta, al*rating bar light eyabtowa ia cool 
sarpriso. , 

ITbagaatlamaa aow oaaa o«t^ aawatrad 
with thair iabiag parapbaraalia. 
V Braiinia baatwed to bar brother, aad^ 
altopad h«r baad ovar bia ana aBd*wbiapor%^ 

■ ■,iWt Jaatia t BritoauHrto baa bsoa baard 
fjrolM. 8h* bas writtoa to Albsrto to say 
iba|sbo ia aoaiiag beiBb' 

/I am Tory gbiJ to biitf it Wbeaf bi> 
^aiired Jaa^ with aa aarpeatoaaa ot ia* 
tof««% that ho did aot attoaipt to diigaiao. 
* On or before 8atar4ayovtaiag,* 
'And is that all f*^ 

•7to| that is aU t kao^. 41bsrto told 

Tbay Ware aow walking 4owa tba nr one, 
lia a prooMaioa fortaed of all the fisbiag 
party teWarda iba boat-booao. wharo all tha 
boato wars laiaadiassa for thair raid upoa * 


Tbay risabad fjw boat-boaaak abd wWa 
ia 4m ast of gattiag iato tba boata whsa. 




«h«ir Ml* w«r« atwrlltd bgr • voio* AUliag 

*BUtpi k«M Ml WImi* an f m all 
foingt WdlfcrMl' 

Looldag m tk* 4irM*|ea whtsM tb« «oi<M 
«UB«, UMft thw MW Blfrida FMldiag^ 
moaBtoi oh a UitU blMk horaa, ftod ftlloih 
iBff taiTMrdt tkMB 6mi dowa th* forwt 

Of WNirM th«r« WM • k»li ia tto mm* 
pmuj M tb« ycnnn «prit« diabod ap to ft* 
•pot, »nd tp' MR Irom bar saddl* bafora mmj 
at thi* mntitaita of tka partf apald ||a» oal 
«f tbt data to aaaia* har. 

'Wait tor aM I | aaa taak ap nyakiri 
•ad gat ip^tba boat jaar aa I aak Oo« of tbe 
•anraata oad Uka ny bona to tba awbla. 
~^nd MNa*^ of tbo gantuoMn oaa land laa a 

•para gahiair-^-Oh I how do yoado^ llr. 
Albrrtt— Thaak yoa 1' 

All tbia wa» rattl<fd oat hr tho wild gM, 
aaaba^aiaklf piaaod ap bar ridiagakirt 
and ran down to tbo boati^ and save bar 
haod to yoaag Mr. Ooldaboroagh, wbo bad 
atappod forward to moat bar aad balp bar 
into bia own aapaoial akiff. 

.'How do yoa do^ Albertat I weald 
«onia and pay ny ra«p«ota to /on, oal(y foa 
ara toa{»Hr offi' and Bifrida ealliiigont to M.ia 
Ooldaboroagb, wbo wa« in a distant boal^ 
oowauuided by tbo yoanf Itdian profaaaor, 
wbo waa oaa of tba gaeata of tba boofO. 

*I aat ▼•» glad to aaa yoa ■Ifri'dat bat 
anrcly yoa didaot eom* aoattmdad.* aaid 
Alb«rta» who waa ia tratb aonawbat ahook- 
«d bf iIm aaMwooioBioa^ oaa^t of h«r 

*ladwhatif Ididt- No «m waoMiag 
to aataMtetbaroad. Bnt Idida*k PapC 
babiad. tlMVa, lOflMwbara. I oatrodo bia 
as toon aal taw; tbo boats* Ha will ba along 
prtaaptly, aad aakabiOMdf ooatfortoUa aa 
tkt tho boaia with year governor. Wo aaftHfl 
hafo bMO k*ra laat nigbt on^ it was so 
Into whas w* got to tba " Baortmaan^ B<«- 
lpoa^,t ;•• tho horrid old hoaaa it oallod 
■wboapmaioppwl to watar tba hoTMst 
tl»thathoogfatbe.woald p«k up th«M all 
•il^taad not dtatarb yoa at oaraMoaahla 
hamn. Abi-'bow do yoa do^ Kaiittiof 
Whaa did yon g«t barat' aaid /tba witoh. 
•addaaly oatobinii dght of tbO ainiat^>1i 
dangbtar* wbowaa aaatod in the fbrtbaOt 
iMOtv witfi har brothor. ipd CMoaal Kwt< 

■naiai* iMwad aad jailed h^r gtaatbg, , 
(nit did not dart to traat bar Toiaa to tha > 
Mgb kry repaired to aaawar S frida froai ' 

blaa iab, ahaap'a baad aad otbar aalt wat« 
fluaa iMiat dia aongregM"i 

A iaa day. a mvtrw party, a aaoaanlal 
labiafi aad a dalioioaa laaebMa I W. at 
alaa waa w#atad to osoppiati tbo^ajoyaiant 
of tba party! ♦••:i ;.-■■ f->tn i.:-. 

■paikii4 tt*t>> Uaali-^ llfMda bo- 
witohfd tba tall, lair-baifad bratbwr of lliM 

Bat Alberto waa aot Jaa l aaa | that bMati- 
fal. Una ayad Woada waa only too wall 
plaiMwd to ba hift to liatan la OMaa to that 
Itaadsei^ dirk Italiaa tronbadoar, wh« 
bad rowed bar boat 4ato a alcar and shady 
aoukt whara^ iastaad a( troabling tha iab, 
ba rsatod at tba laat of tba beaaty and oang 
to tba aaa o Bipaniawat of bis galtar aaa oi 
tba awaati^t low wjagi of Us a i a >ia«l ,— ti ra 


Baad aot tboaab at tiiaaa abo •••■ 
Dark and atiU, and abld ■• •lay | 
8ba la abadowad by bar draaa^ .. 

Jat 'twill faiV aWhy. 

.,it.-- '■:;■.' ":>■■.:!■ ■y^'-JtMrry g ir a wa ft 

Toa lova bar, y«M^ to tall har, yat bava 
No oua great bfiit wovl to tall bar all. 

tikafe dittaaOa. 

It wH aaarly aanaat wbaa tha flabmR 
party tar aad tba liaata ia,,^ direotionof 
boa>^ aad thay aatarad tba moatb of Onfatal 
Gbaaklaat aa tba laval rayaof tbaainkiag 
aaa Ugbtwl ap «U tha laad and wat«r ia the 
rainbow httaa that gpva tbti plaoa ita aaaie. 

tbay aabarkad at tha hoat-hoawk laavint 
tbo M aad tba ftahint-taakla ia tba baats, 
toboaaiadior by Jaatin, whilo tbsy went 
od«a Mtrry. atnggUM puty««P tba aranaa 
towaida tba boaaa. 

Aa they draw naar, thair BMrrimaat im 
•addaaly haabad. 

On tbo Mflob waa aaated a lalitaiy flgara 
•lothad ia daap aioaiaiag. 

WUIaallWefa looking to OM Who the 
atranger waa, Jlrminia, with a aappn^aaad 
aiy, roaugniasd JlritoBurta, andap.angnp^ 
tba ttiiia lo gra«« her. 

JU berta faiokly foUowad {o walaomo hf r 
aaW'saeat* '''- ' - ^' . 

*0a, Britoaiifft Laai no «lad l so piad 
to aea yoot daarsat I Bow—'bagMn Bmunie, 
gaily t titM^ aaddaaly - biMmaii% a ware of 
bar iriaadii blaok drtaa aad grava fsoe, aha 
aiadaratad hisr e»Oitaa>ant» aad Biarainrad, 

j aaaba aaibraoad MitP OaoyoraT 
aMiM^darliuE.' yoa^bavalMt 
aas ao aanry nr y«h 1^ 

ao tha 
Onsefc tut a oartala 

off feoai Cilryatal 

iNwreii whaiw 

:i^-i> *'^ 



no mUo« — Bow do jM do, AllMrtaf—I MB 
bottar th*n aj ptooiiM, yoa pofooivoK I 
um hero bofuro Mf tiwut ]>» I , o<mm too 
•oonf Ml<i BritoiMrK wb<H >f(«r rolarniaf 
the anbraOM of BraiiDi*, bad )«ok«d aj^ to 
roMiTo (ho wotoOMM of Ifiu OoldsborooRk. 

•Ovrtaialj noli sroa ooald not oom* too 
■ooD. I om BOW ^wto ooatontad, for yoB 
teapUioonr portr,' ropliod tlM hoiNM* 
with M mBoh oordiailtjr bo wm ooBobtoBt 
with h«r owA, w«lH|OT«raoi antBro. * Bat 
TOO h«ra loot • fnondt* aMod MiM Qolds* 
boroQKh, gmvolyt 

' Tm, I hoT* iMt • frifln4-> Ab I how 
do yon do. Kfridat I am Tery |IIm1 to BMAk 
yoa aRMin,' said MiM Oonyeia, broakinf off 
^ abroptly from aaawarinf Alborta to aaako 
hand* with Bfrida, trho had aaooroiBoai> 
onily MiaoJ hor. 

'Oii.doaifBrilty. wkeV doadt Nobody 
very noar ta yoa, I bopot' ezotainod tbo 
ttiongbkloaa girh in a iow, barriod voioo. 

* Tbt Boarcal I ha4 in tbo world I Bat do 
not apvak of ibia. 1 am woarinf blaok t bal 
I did not ooino among yoB to bo a damper,* 
■aid MiM Oonyon in a low, oala. Arm roioi^ 
that aiietioed tho giddy ffirl. / 

The otbor memb^-'ra of tbo fabiaa party 
tiour oam>i ap. Thoao wbo bad had a pre* 
vioji uuqaaintanoo'with Miia OouyeM, aee- 
ioK her monrniug drooa, weloomed bar with 
urure ^rtMy. Tbooo who bad to bo intro 
<laccd t9 bar bowed witb aeriooiaoao ap- 
proaohiika aolfmnity. 

And RlVproiently dfa py aod lo g.-t ready 
for dinner; •* « 

Alberta aooompahied Britoouurto and Er 
minieco (be apaoiona obnmber looking oat 
opon tbo aoa. and whioh bad boon appro* 
priated to tho oaoof (bo miniator'e daogh or. 

'The orowd«d atato of tba booao oblign^ 

me to pot yoa two ia a room togotbor;* 

^ explained Mi« Ooldaboroagb, aa t^ey 


' ToB ooald not do om a greator Ua 
aaid Brninio, wb9» M tbo drat oaoapi 
theroon^folt a fliraprlo^ in Ifuikii 
new-oomor welooma, and wbO|^ 
mhrto'a BMWt l«viBg Mead, MBld 
ooidial aiaoBnty. 

'Audi am vary walUpliapid 
my darling/ laid Mian Oaayani 

* I (boagbt yoB bo(b troald llo pI'^Mod, ' 
graeioaaly emikd ICiaa Oaldabacoig^ aa aha 
r<!f( (b« trienda ta ^boMolveo. 1 

' DMr BritoBUMrto I' aaid ■railaia, throw- 
ing her araiaaKiBnd Miaa Opigrarit 'I feel 
«o diatNMed f or irM I all that toadboa yoa 

' matta,* ■:: , 

•IMteft IluM iMt MM ipai I k» 

to bo witb 


aafared i bat my hoart la aat brokoa, elao I 
■boBldaet bo kero. That la all (bat I oan 
tall yoa, lor thara la good raaaoa why I 
oaaaot toll voa maroi I hate myatory. my 
pot I bBt IkU ■y>ary and 1 aoknowiodgu 
that it it oaot-4a aoao of mine. Aak mo ao 

And pracaing a kita apaa bar favoarlto^ 
iBrehead. Iliea Ooayan taraod away. 

■raiialo, with a aigh, began to change her 
gray woollen dahing dreaa for a light. 
aoloBrod organdy robo aai table for tbo evea- 

Britomarte alao changed ber black alpaoa 
travellhM hal'it for a grenadine dreaa, and 
wkea both wore ready tbty weat down to 

A( tba foot of the otaira thoy met Dr.^ 
Boaenlhal and Jaatin waiting for Brmioio. 

Neitbor af tkoao geatlamen bad heard of 
Britomarto% arriTaT The dootor b «d baea 
in theatablea with Mr. Ooldtborong'i and 
Ifr. FieldiBj^ And Jaatin bad lingered at 
the boathoBM to aeo to tbo aafe bettowal of 
the boata. 

Mow IrBUnlo BOBld not bat notioe the in* 
Tolnatary atart forward and andden llghtiaf 
np of oonntenanoe with wbiab Jaatin r«c<>g- 
niaed Britomarte | and at the aame time ah»: 
felt the heart of the nun^hater throb faater 
and hardar againat ber own arm 'that reatod, 
near it J' 

'Theae tilro lore each other in (^pite of all,' 
waa the mental comment of the miniater'a 
daughter, aa abe aaw tho meolin|^ and took 
the aim of her father, thaa leaving Btito«. 
marte to Jaatin. 

Aa fpr the two gent lelnen of tho group, 
the old miniatAr i^armly ahook handa witb 
Miaa Cony ra, and ooidi^illy wdoomed bar 
aa an addition to then- party. 

Jaatia bowed gravely and oflTered ber bia 
arm. And ao they paeeed into the drawing- 
room to await the annonnoement of dinnn. 

lleauwhile Alberta GoldebMongbr OB 
leaving bar friendOf made a carefal ovraiag 
toilet* and then Joined bar lady mother in 
ilia, fioldaborongh'a own rpom, witb tbo 
View of aatiilSyihg bar earioaity reapeollng 
If ina Oonyenb 

'MiV<>4ha,'*ha inquired, 'do yoa hnow 
who Bri^toaiarte ia in moaroinr for f 

* My dear,' lepUed tbeJMyi baaiUtiagly, 
*lthi|iklda' — »v» 

•Wboiaitthan«aiamaMr ' ■ f^ 

* tlia naaiaat i«d deaceat aha badiaT tha 

>Bat that ia afl talliag bm wbo lUU, 


'Myebild. Iw< 
bleat. Itia 

if one flt for yoBr dl» 
I will toll yoa. 




«,3nMUwj% #• 7*^ *;«k rt2» sJ*; 

th« tkiBg to iafiW Imv i«r«t U tkm tUMr 

* lite OftMakoro&fb,' mM t^ bdyi koM* 

•M last wlUi« y«i ak*. Aaf wm 
irliOM yoar fo li«r atid myMlf #fftw to favlM 
to ow iMMM i* «oa«MtioMbiy • proper •«. 
•oei^ for any of cor VWlor* Ho# nMh 
«r how UMlo of «iip •• o^Mi. rtory,; m yorf 
•all ill rnnf ttmf r««oliod /©or ••»%, I oo ooi 
kaow. UtlUonoiifh.IbopaloiOorkaow- 
Mm id i(. Hot lot w h«*r ao iiiqio abMt 
i^ SllMtK' oooaladvd Un. Oold>Niro«gii, 

MOM tegatlMr. 

Aa th* ga«ata lifM 
aiMMT waa aaaoa^oMU. l . w^^^. 

Tha kdy of th* boo«% •• jl*** < 
iMk thaormof Or Boo-tfco» oi*;^ ^ 
way to tha taWOi a a n ot ri ooa that 

or OMkk AllMri QoI4|boroOf h lad i 
«itak Blfrida fiebiing. iroifni^ _ 
•ortod by Oolonal Kakiwoctb, aad/BriiOfn- 
•rt« by Juatia BoMBthal, who luHaot i«l* 
iMt tide tiDT' ho had Ma» bar a^tho foot of 
. 'thaataua. 

TiM othar gOMti with 

aoihjhil to dOb foUoarad aatL., , --^ 

BaiTo all who wara Mt Ud aiuoh abaorbad 
" ' thoMof othara. 

rtba mOfrpT- 
iaaiof ftaai] 
■bo aad fear i 
for of 

fit I , > • •, 

M ttnt fwa a roai 




lac* I 

- . I 

, wbaro 

^._. aao a plaioa* ohoot aay 
_«„r « ,^.4oaipa«yk ihafa voooavo to 

Ir proportion of thafooadatioa. 
^.^r Matiacnh-^ftid that Miw 
,-,'. .«l» bUdwaardad har» wbich w»» 
4lly traa i bot th^ addad ibat it wu 

Thav ohaarpad' Ibat Mr; loaaotkal waa 

daTOtod ta lagftoOTara. aod thaj *•« 
riahit bat tiMFfwIUihad that ah* waa 
!K"» airthiTSa aoAld to ♦••ah biah m 
wbiob ih*y wota «roa|b ^^ 

Thay ootad that aba^b«t two droMe* 
—• oaaioa alpaea ' that aha vara io the 
■wroldg anil a graaadioo^fbr .tVeoiag* 
ud th^ diTinad that hair m«ana wars *«f y 

I^^««Mot tii«i«aaab aod W thia they 
ooio^dSd tbartloia that bar >iaitto the 
BkhihowawaoOOMraaot of ■ppagiag npon 
tha boapitality oftboOoldMMMraafhi, oa m 
thia thay m^f widtly onatakan. 

Thay aaiii aonfldaatly that abb waa atay 
iM at the Bainhowa oatil aha vboald ba 

totom heraalt Nroand, oad thay 
what aha woalddoaaicK 



ia thfur own a^ir» to »pt^ ._ 

!y"2L£ S^a^^^Em^aS^ r prooah atftaohiag to bar moat fwvaat her 

li a at thia watar 
tho^b it waa • lif< 
mmmar holiday m 

•ad^lrivilil. I 
ftaaioa ia^ tha 

liie eonntryiihoaaaw Ol^ 

^fll wotib lirtog la tha 

Ktha. I ahall glaoaa at 

ia. Thara woro riding 

■ad iahloc portifit 

_ L aad oyatar nofla pn 

tiiaday. And Ih wo oa o a 

igaad oord-portiao ipiho 


it4w to tho bowM. iPdaad, 

ing bar MaOk draaa oad paa- 

,1 waa ofcforfod hy.ytooa w^fe 

jMfk thot ala BOW Ibokad MW 

n«d han^r thitfi oha had Wror 

~t M«i|ed aa thoogh aoM^ 

lad irhiilu orhilo it toadied 

wim a taadar aorrew>.»aliavied hat 

liot tha 

taoobar or 

Hiafaottvitiai ol Mm 

[gbtaal'hibdraaoi t6 
ciho falpPd 


ft praipoaol 0< OMrriage. ood |hey 
whMavoir Woo4 haaoiBoprtba 

of th*aa opooainliiMOtww^ooiHio- 
^.w^m w^ M^o hi tOo piaaoaoo iaT StmIbin 
Who liat ooolaad haroalf^ wio^ praiee* 

tMnihat hy MNanaaaMl iaaaMloaa latailad 
aiSiaa oS#ai^ tho •iwatar^ dapghtar. 
thoQgh thoga^itlaat ot all gaotia areatow. 
poiM that aha oanld haoaatia a hopAeorted 
iMh i» tha 4«faoaa Of oP* *bo lOnd. . . 

Aflart Oio-Ot vfhoaa mgl^haiidad m- 
^naxitMa-With'm ift^lioOt of BritoaMrta'i 
tmdoaam. IfWiol^ t«hiN| ftooi their 
lUHiMnt wiM haf oyM fall off ; iadignant 
5S«0»POfa|;S»bbtr^«otbar» _ 

« Whiib bM «i«Mv^yP% Py dariipi r 



•CHvo mayair ortt ^owo 
I wUl^toU foof* 




Fim VUT. 

4«« J«Btli inw }m kM4 #Nlila M« 
mU Mil* i»lMr«4M wMiti t« jTK 

Aod ^Im^ iMtf #*<W •• A wfo 4ia«MM 
from «lM hMM, anMltli loldr hn lvoili«r ftll 
tkM Mm tedkM IumI Immi Mjriag «< Bni4Mi< 

hb i(r« It Ml kmrt 

i«ior« (hall I ao BOW, darliita, it wowl 
for yoar l«jrditTto joar friwd. B« •« 
iiWMt tiator. Thi* iIiaII b* Mt riffht. Ify 
propM • Jw itjr OM ia thlakia|| of nakrba*. 
And with aiy daar fatbw'a fall appror*!, I 
•m aboal to aak Mlw Oaajara to tm my 



woiuir^ uff Ain» iroiiA»>r "smi 



•' ^ 



rd. . 


advd en- 

\ ) 


am. their 

' 1 



liacr waa j . 

Pi r iha ia yfNiag and lad aa'ray 
Thia Britomartak aad aohiaMa, awe My, 
To ohaaga tha Iowa of aharoh aad ataH 
H • thiaa ahall b« aa aanara fala. 
Who'ar tha thandar btaakaahall rail 
TiM aioad away aad aa?a hrr aea). 

'•'^■''■. ": -rBromdiig. 

Mlii OtHtjNMV Ma a*rtahilT tha at at bnl< 
liant woafMMi in the oirole of baaotiaa ca'har- 
ad logo har at tbn Rdnboira. NotbinK bat 
bar porarty, obtcarity, aad Iha mya ary 
ondarlyhiil h^ lif«, prataatad har froai b •»« 
tna balla of tha aaaaida villa. Bot poo , 
3baoarab aad oran <|a«olioaAb% aa waa har 
<ooial poaitioa, aha asaitad tha adtairatfoa 
of tha^aMo, thajaaloaay of tha woomq, aad 
tba idtaraat of ail. 

Thbra vaia fairair iromaa, with aioia 
regalar ftataraa and briablar bloom than 
thtt poaMaaad, and th'<y had ail tha aid ol 
Fraaah labonttoriaa aad faahionabla baaaara 
to anbaaaa thair baahty { bat aot om of 
tbam owaad a faaa ao lovalv, attraotlTa and 
(aaeinilia|( aa hara i tt waa Murtifal av<aa in 
rapota I MS whaa thoatbtar foriiaf lighlad 
and wMTiaad har aovatanaao^ it ilraaiiTairiat> 
ibia. »^ 

Tbara wava tna aingara tbara, |rho had 
ba«a tialnad by aalabratad maitart^ bat 
aot oaa whoaa yoia^ waa ao rialH fall, oiaar 
and powarfni. and ao wida and iraa ot eom- 
paaa^ aad ao fall of ptaaion and azpraaoioai, 
^a ban. A wonder' ai vaiaal It waa aa 
JaatiniiMto tha d/otor. 'aa daapaa hall 
and aa high aa haaian. with tha haKag of 

Bat har «eat aaarvalloaa pewar ama ia har 
raa4ih»^a»>dranHktM raadinta. Tbara ia 

in a willioa, a ra n 

of tha art; I hava hoard ^_ 

httHi* who efaalli^ Britomarta ' aoa waa aaVer waa ao frM>d a battla 'piaaa mdft|«ib 

and Ihaathar atill 
Nvaa^ aad OMHt tharalora ba aaa n laaa hara. 
■Hat paaaaaaad of thia aaooaip iaaaiaiii, 
B ritaiaa i ta waa aMaa aaMad apaa to aaarala* 
it for tha aaiaaaat^at of bar ooaapaai' aa. 

Wa all hka to do what wa know wa aaa 
do baat, and Miaa Ooayata #aa alw4ya'at 
tha aMviaa of tha aowipaay with lar * Baad- 
iaga front tha Poaak' 8ba laad wiihaaaaai- 
barraaamaat, aToa whan knowing ba r aalf lo - 
ba bafira aarpbg. oaptioaa, aavMia aritiaa, 
who wara Itaoaly on (ba watah ta tad faall 
ttha raad traaly, baaaaaa aha laft hataalf aad 
aatarad, mind, aoal aad anirtt^ lata tha 
thoaihi paaaiootor pathoaof har aoM a*. 
Tha toaaa of har Toior, tha aapratdo a of har 
oonntaaanoa, ehaagad natnrMly with tha 
ohan«ing aatotioa «I har thanM. Aad yat. 
iadaad, M waa aei all aatara, hot aatara ra- 
goad hr onltiTatiaa to the blghaat art. 

Of all Britaaaarta'a gifia, thia waa tha Oaa 
wbioh oMat asaitad Uia atekatioa of har 
friaadaand Iha anvy bf bar faaa. 

'Bharaada wall* too arall far a yo«ag 
lady.' aaid ana of tho ad'daat of har datraa- 
tora, aa tha gnaata^wara aaaaaiblcd an tha 
froat porob 00% OMming altar aha had giraa 
thaai aa ' Braaiag with tha Poata.' 

* Too wall I Hha raada aa ao d*aan| yaaaa 
wonwn aTaroealdl Only think ot horraao- 
lag Browning'a Count OiaaMiid atrainht 
tbroogh word for arordf I daalara I di«ittt 
kaow whara to pat my haad.' teid a |lra. 
Alhia, who waa of tha party. . 

*Idid not notioa any.hinit wronf in 
Ooaat Uiaioond,' aaid littU Mi«^ Boadf 
* bat it ia qaita dvaadfal tha way har faaa 
abangaa 1 Why. whan aha waa raadiag Ch^ 
llannaring for aa laat aight. irhan aha oama 
to tha part of Mag Maitilas.,! daalarw hoir 
fhoa draw down aad anak ia and darkaaad 
till aha lookad niaaty yaara old, a»d than,. 
nil In a a^ooMit whan aba aaaia to liaay Bar-^ 
ttaaa, har.faoa ahortanad ap nnd bfaoMad oat 
natiii»%aB w yonag ana t a nd jjraa aa 
Brminia'b I And nU that without aaj afcango 
of draaa, or paint or powdar, «r aaythiag. 
hat— hnt» ^ 

•Tha aonl,' aaid Brminiih kalping Iha^ 
oritio to an idaa. • 

' Taa l raaUy I It waa Jaat ap if bar aenl 
hadanddaalyaaat aff Ilka lorM of tha aid. 
woman, and lafcaa that of a yoaag girL' 

•Aad than hi har OMllad landiagahow 
arOBdarf nl aha la t In faading,]lonk Lawia' 
M aaiaa aha ia tarribla I Ap»ia BrowaiagV 
Oonfaaaioaal aha laoaarts. thia tarribla»-ahap 
ia awfal I aha aiririamiB nMf Mid Brita- 
Biarta'a admirar^ 

*0f all har wnaftoiwv I Uka hat harwhd^ 
lag of Maaanlay^i Btttla of I«qr. 



f Aim PLAT. 

i» Uf m vltkll 

If— MUM ■" --' 

Aad U h«r rMdlM of Ikat 
It, for in I hat mm ia by 



If ■»••• lOr in ins* •»« WW/ 
in. pftUMtio, MrribU. ud Alvajra 
Do 700 iMa«MlMr b«« sho glTM 

rtmwm od— 
iflloriotio I 
this •tanai 1 

•How, bv |b« liB* ol thooo J* lo»o^ f»l» 
mmiinmm of f iMiOo I 
' Obtfg" I for tho foldMi liUoo bow i apon tiMin 

. with til* iMoo r 
.A llioaMMd tpan kro striking doop. • thoa 

♦ tond ipwir* in mf, .... 
,4i,tlio«»%nd lioiiliiS»ropr«»iof tloM bohiod 

tli« wow Vhito orMt, 
AadintlioT barot I sod on ihoy nub*^ i 

wbilo, liko a guidinc ufr, ^ 

IILaid tho tl.ieliMt oomago bla»Rd ihohalmot 

of Mptvarro I' 

•HtSTOiM t' vontinnad Knalnio^witb an« 

■aaal anibnaiaam for bar tandft-^ oatar*. 

^wbaa Britomarta 1raa<la that poom. I aaa, 

«iaar aod (oal tha whola batt a aoana I Sbo, 

I know, ia atUrly loat to tima. pUc^, and 

>«ireaaiatano«a prraent: I 8ba ia no lonsar in 

Iha uiddla of tha ninatayith oantary, in tba 

drawing rbom of a aea<aid« tills, raading to 

aoompanT of oarpinf oriiiesy Mo I 8ba is 

tin th« midat uf tba aixta«Bth osatui^, on 

tho lAttla field of Ivry, wiih tba young 

]Uv«t>f« laading bis koicbta to Tiotoryt 

•Oh I I oftan t^nk Btitonaarca mighty tha 

. JOM of Aro in aone futara biroio witl i' as- 

.«:aiai*d Misa BaaMitbal, aacnaatly. 

• Yo«bg ladiaa,' said lira. Dortoioo, a vary 

digiiifiad psraon of tbsi^ par.y, 'I amqaita 

rokoeksd to baor you go on aa yoa do. Tha 

■offaof thsaa roMluigs bava upon your inagiu- 

. Alioaa prova to my miod tbair gr«at.«mpro 

)«naty. Oartoinly tba yooog womsn rsada 

witk •ibol-'o^th too oiBoh aflaat } aad in 

.«v«ry iastaMB Msbm to fanoy baraalf tha 

A* Vor karoioa of tha pUy or poaBi. and 

trawifonBahoraalf with gi««t aMu to tho 

TPnsoDvr of tho inqoisition, tha vi^m of tb* 

(privato iMd-hoos*. tha haro of lTry,tha 

rt.par hag. or tho Mighlaud m^dan. Bat 

irhatia this after all bat th* ortof 

•otraaa? And what is aho fit for bat t 

* 'Be <aefnl. if yoa plaaaa. Mrj Dorntol^ I* 
•oaid Brminia, warmly. •Mito Oonyars f at 
rfTesont my tooat aatat mad f Hand, and iuy 
tsooo kaooma, I hope and trnat, my naair««c 

I rslaiiTS. Wondarfnlly aodowad sbo 

• la. iadeod, to illastrata dramatie art,/w«r* 
*dram» io art what it a|ioaId ha | baWitnoa 
^ it la not so, t ha tdaa yoo Tantara to adTaaoo 
'ia inadiniaaabl« in ragard to har. And in 
Imiira. lira. Djrnton. I unit rrqn sVyoa to 
aSB:>ak !»i*'> ■"•*"• resp-'ot when yoo namo 
iMiss @^Dyars' parsa.d tba littla lioa>hearl- 
^ laWb. 

I • Hoity-toity I U Uim Ooayat* ako«t to 
baaom* yoar al*p-"^tb4r. to ba aarat Wall, 
aba ia laat tba aort of a girl to nin away 
with tha win «f M «M iWVlMMK I' iMfhwl 

• Of of a jammt a— mMr, ■ ■ «■ t lilt 
pataat to all that Misa Ooiiyars is tha moit 
admirad woman of our party. B«t aha ia 
not goiug to ba my atap-motbar. Rha ia too 
wiaa to wad a man of thrioa har own ag« 1 
uor baa mv fatbar auy tbaaght of patting 
avaa tba moat aaiaamad woman in my d«ar 
mothar'a vaoaot plaos,' told , BimlBit, with 
gaatla dignity. • . \^ :. ... . 

' Parhapa than it li yoar hanosMM orMbsr 
apon whom this nonjparail will btatow brr 
band,' aaaartd tha Widow. 

• If ao, my brotbar ooald not b* mora 
highly boooar^d, 1 am tma. Good moin^ 
iog, Mrs. I)ornion,'aaidSrmiDie, oartaeyiDK 
with a dalioata Irony aa aua lalt tho lady's 


• Fart littla miax I' mattarad Ih* rabokad 
datraOtor to htrsalf, aa aha tarnad (o daolaiia 
againilt lElritomarla to a, ma othar bt-arar. 

I ha^a apokaa of tbii^ woadarfol dramatic 
powar of Britomarta 1 this protean powar of 
taking ai<y abapk ) .this magid power oi 
aUangins har voioa and bar faoa j thia awful 
piwar oFmerRiiig her own idaniity in that 
uf another baiug— b«oaaaa it axoroiatd a 
mighty iuflaanoa ap"n har dcatiny, not how> 
•rer, in tba way Mrs. Doraton praTisad. 
Britomatto had iiavar aaan tha tnaida of a 
thaatra in all bar lifu | aha was ia truth oon- 
iOiaatioaaly oppoacd to tka stsgs | mid the 
most anlikaly of all woman to ba altraotad 
by anything har oonadanoa diaapproThd, 

Only, my raadar. whan you mast Brito. 
marta in atranga aoanas and atranga abspee, 
yoa will plaaaa rametobar ibis protean power 
of hsrs snd yon will oot ha in<vadnloaa. 

Jostiu Boaanthal lovad Britomarte Oon- 
yars, with a dep h and eamaetasM of aflt- 0- 
tion, and a sing onsM and psrsistanos of 
paipjsa, vary raialy sxpsri«Bosd In this 
world of many distraetiiig 'attractions aad 
oonflioting intarcsts. 

To^n haras bis wif* was Just now tl<s 
firac obfaot of hisaziatenoa, an ohjnot wbioh 
ha d4£irmia«d toaooompliah hafota ho should 
undartaka anv other anterpriae-nm as 10 get 
tha affair off hla mind, ha said, sad also that 
thsy two might commanos tho work of tha 
world tMethar as Man and woman shouU. 

And Britomarte r W/^ll, it i|oald h^« 
boan almoat imposisibi* for any oth«r wgman, 
and it waa difionlt avon for h«r, to coaoaal 
from the daaplyintarsatad, kaanly saarobiDC 
ayto of h' y lo y a r tha t r ao nat*. of ha r sa ae- 
tiona. Britomarte loTad /ultm ; bat aha 

oembatted that ioTO with all ta* strsngth of 


th« millitiMi' fTMl bMDinfi 

i« •lM«# wUL Wi«Ma W kMvai tlMr* 
«M ««taf M • igiii iwwf Mms iIi»I l»Mi«d 
oa« b«iv«M Ote.MtM mi A'fdIjrNk TIm 
UlUa WM • ■UmI OM. •<w1m4 I* lMt«wa 
UMoa I Ml imvmMM* MMb i i « n i<i U < vb* 
hopMl, f real All •twl Itwf tai— 4 wwnwtod 
lr«NM «U iMl ••• pdr of dMpljr rM4lii««rw, 
■Im who WM • ayrtery to «11 elli«n 
▼«ry WMMiNiroal to hor lertr. Bo 
WAtohod Km war vaglap Utwooa bor iaUl^ 
iMt aatf Int aiwiloM I kolwoM tkopriaoipUo 
of wonaa'a rMbui aa4 ibo pUadiiigo of 
wooMa'o loTOw Bo kaow Umi b« ataai MHwor 
or laUr oator iato thk ootabat and uko aidoa 
wilk lovo. wIm iMa of ooano aiaoi bo tbo 
oiotor. BatiloofMiUlhoapatioaiaaarollaaa 
iporiiotoal lover. Ho aovor lokatod ia bio 
rooolatioa to ooMoot tbo boaatifal auka* 
hator I bo aoTor r^laikod ia bw davotUm to 
bor, irb«tb«r abo toooivod bio attoatioao 
ooartoooaljr or Mot thou obarliiUiIy. Ho 
waitod ibo prof^r tiaio (or BMbioir baoirb 
bis wloboo towacdo bor. . Xb»ft tioM tmoaMT 
drawiug poar. .,';,, ,..■ .^' ...t'.■.i■■■■'■■■ 

Tb» raannorwaa fsdlsf Into ankiia | tbo 
otaaoii wa« waoiag to ito olooo i tb* moobi at 
tha Baiabowa w^ro propanof to Invoo- 
in»DY baiog aniioaa to got baok to towa to 
b* proaeatat -' ••• 
and osMliieo 

Ia ini«b, If r. aad Mra. ObJilaboroagb waro 
Bol vary aorry to aro tb ir party braokiog 
ap. It kad oot ladood affordMl (bam tbat 
fall n^aaaara of aatiafaotioa wbiob tboir 
piiaoalf hoopitality deaorrod. Two oiraun. 
ataaora >dlpa^iallv aaaoaoood tban. Tbo 
growiiif fMondabip botwooa tboir aoto 
bairaaa tbo fair Alborta. aad tho Signor 
Vittorlb, tbo ptaailoaa yoaaa Italiaa, 09 tbo 
ono baad 1 aad tho ouaifoat attaolimcat 
ba.waoa 4boir aapbow Atbart and ^rmar 
Vialdiag'a proMj dptwbtor. 

Aad Tar^ maob rallovod tboy woro whoa 
tbo amiattiTo yoaag Italiaa,— «4o waa 
oaitbar advoatarsr aor |prtaa«>babtor. aor 
willing ^.bo ooaaidmdt laak,— foaUai tbo 
aooial a^aioapbaro aoar tbo praoaaoo of t.ia 
tptortaib*ra ratbor obilly. took tho biot 
that his #al«onio waa wora oataadbowad 
hiaadioQX;aadalao wbaa Fanatr VialdiBa 
|>Uo.d bia UMlo jirl oa bor pony aad 
oarriod bor off to SaiaavalnBea. 
_^llfrida bad oatroatod BritoaiaKto to go 
mth bar to bor aMmataia taomo, arftog 
that Ibo ooaatry waa ovor bmoI baaaiifal 
. T* #*^*": ^I'-M all tbo wooda woco 
olotbodiawloM laoia gofgaoiis tbaa tha 
roboa of Boloijna ia all bla A.iy. ^ 

M«* Ooay«n bad d^oUaod tbo viait with 
thapk* and with tha iX|danatioa thai bor 
»laM for |bf atimiB artra. tmk 

U Bifrlda with a aigb laft bw 

•at what of Brit..aurto ? Wboro oaaM 
go froai tbia lamporary aoato t WH 
oartaialy to Wiiob Klaia, aluoo ibaia ika 
doora woro faal oUiasd afalaat bor oa* 
Wboro tbM Doold abo ga f What 
bad abo to go aavwhorof Wbal 

oro Ibo plaaa ol arblob abo apoko t 

aad bow ooaUi abo 001 ry tbvrn oot f VTbo 
ooald trll r Nut •▼•a bor lovor I 
I Jaatia baow wall •noa«h what bio 
owa plaaa woro. and b^w b« abM^ oaffr|> 
tbOm oat. , t i " ■ 

Tbrao daya bcfora tha iay^aaMiatod 
for bia owa par.y to loava tbo Raiubowa, 
Joatio aoagbt a privata iaUrvi«w wi h 
Brjloaarto. Bo buaw wboro to Ani 
bar I for by tbia tiaa ha waa wall a«^ 
qoaiatod with all faroariu baunta. |r. 
waa lalo ia tbo arunuooo, and bo waa aaro 
abo woald bo fouad oa 'Lutd'a Book/ 
a poiat ol land bo:waoa OyraUl Orook 
Orook aad Baanot'a bay, «x aiidiug oa| 
intotbaOba«ap«akc<~a aolitary dctarttbi agh 
ao aoar tha poopiod villa, and onU ioi. 
qaootod by tbo loooly girl. 

80 dowa a aarrow path, loading throagh 
Ibo tbiok wooda tbat lay bolow tha boa««. 
bo waodarad till ha oaona oot npon llie blatf 
ovarhaagiug tha beaoh. Along tho baaby 
blaff, aow borniahad bright ia tho Uto *ao- 
abiaa of tha waaing aannaor and tha fading 
dbv, ha waat towarda tho tip of that lona 
polat catonding>lika a giaat'a arai oat to tbo 

Aa bo appproaohod ho aaw thai abo was 
alttlaiff oa tbo rook with bor baoda alaapsd 
apoa hor koao^ bor faoo laraod aaawari, 
aad bor blaak droaa Trry oooaoioaoaa apoa 
tha g'titoaiog white atoaa at tho axtroaaity 
of tbo poiat 

80 abaorbod araa aha ia thpagbt that ska 
romaiaad totally aooonsoiona of Jaatia'a 
prbxiBBhyaatil b« piokad op b«r boaaof, 
wbiob had falloa to ibogroaad, aad handd 
if\o hor, aayio|^ 

' Bxoaao mo, Miaa ()oayara ) bat tbo lido 
b oroaping in, aid If loft thoro it will gol 
wot I and oTan joa, if yoa rvmaiqL boia 
maob longer, may bk oat off from rolora. for 
yoa mast bo awaro tbat at high wator this 
poiat of load ia oovorod by tho aaa, with 
thaaxeaptioa of thi« rook, vWob, for Ibo 
timo, boooaiaa aa ialaad.' 

'Thank too. Mr. KoiaathaL I know 
tf •» > WM «•>«• i« aa hoar of graoo l«f I. 
Fray, did yoa oamo hero to rrmiad mo thai 
lariea A day I«oa«ra B'^ok baotMaaa an iaolalod 
f aa taaa a f said Miaa Oinya r a. r alaing ho r 

> tors 

largo, briUiant, dark gray orba to bia tt.or. 

Aad BO oar who aaw tha oalaiiiaoa of hor 
t|rsU« nn | ltrM.l f^ ^ waatt nauoe, or iMfcd tbo 



jmnB>*<'<^ *''* tamnltBon* NbtUiM o« •■*• 

^^^ tlim* exol*** *■ ^•f bo**"" **f III* ■aow* 

' btrttiioD of Jtittta «lKm her ptlTi«f — *•* 

2. no quo biit li«f lbT«r UanMlf. 1*50 Mw 

ItDMtli (Am «ftlln «zerior «h« ittngglo Hm 

• W wU for thftt yon took tho twwiWoto 
#ll!k »n tho. way bow from Iho TllUr ••• 
M^atMl. iroBic»Ujr. ^ ^^ 

♦ No, Miw Obnyow t il itm f©r MaMChiBK 
taoro ■•riono— moro importftnt— mora pm> 
Siwnt, i»d«€d. Ibon th»«/. ••id Jwtw. 
«ATelv. B^ttog himMlf bnido hot. vlt 
would bo b«!/ ho ooBtiDBwl, *■ If tbo rWwr 
tido. boforo yOB ihOBld booolBO bwmpoM n. 
■hOBld ooTor tVm point bbA eni yod off fir^ 
ftholwid. Bod iBBTo/on bIob* Bpott tfci* to* 
Sr IwSVo hoBtt of darkloBi » l»t tho otil 
voBldbotMnporB^. Yon Btb b«To •4o«*h 

poniiog, BBd yonr wad lio dp^ '•'»«« 

tboio il Bo isoUtien noro to bo drAadBd for 

•OB.'boCBliBt^iBWO '!f«»l«»« ^*fc,^**,«£'", 

'' MOBOBOM th»n th*l I hOTOBBBl^dobald H* 

S!t JoBtiB. tryk.1 to «plt«« JJjrfS"! 

♦ aiBOtiaBB of thB? ptHtoa, whioh WMthrilUna 

Ib OTory inleotloB o! biiOBTBoBttrif^OBi *Qb, 

• Hssb t do bBri^ Bad no mmf V Bho ««• 

^mJTbO-I IBBit .^kj I hBTO bMB 

dlBitti6BC«Bonsbl Diiur 3.itoautvte, Iflta 
mnat h«Br m« bow I Yob oMiBot hoiro BiiB* 
ftB^ott mk BKOBiiiBg dt vy divotfOB to yoo 

& III tKi aioBtliB wo li»T* pBBMd MjUBtbor 
ill. YdB— * 
•iWroMddyoB VMf m^^ptt^ 

IhBl'Biiah don»HoB WBi T^ «B«OeeBtBMo 

hoBdtd, fti B f aiv«rin(r 
Bo BiibtBko tB m^ 

M mm~~lt'lt\ ^^^ T***t *^ OBBFBB. iQ ^BB 

'mgrmmi^aw*ai)ttf t* »i. ■« dMbt,1uid 
C.%jr7SnriBneh hoBoaro^ Bot« 

bmIWA bofore. its «»■ aBBO0B|>l*blo, BBtf 
voB nniiit liBTO jparoeiTO^ tbot it waB bo.' 
^Bat I did Bo^' BBid JoatiB, with a iliitht 

^^^BB of dcHBBlB WoBtttiOBk wmM 

1»To dtao BO. I dtd^di I ooaia to oBlighftv 

loiL I»w%'B«%VliJdBa»t..tW«l 
IttU fOB iow *h*t I BBW. I ^Mhiot 

•(NiiBV>)dotiiBt. i«»?f*»*SL2T*tR?!!l: 

i^^rkTbtMr t<ta| Bnd iMW Bitnely IbBTB 

«^ |S% Mlliik. 'l batro IwJJBflf : <id*»> 
vMiBdlb fi^ Ti« fi«« tho bmfBlllteitiii 
that labti flBt. # feiic y. ^Ig* ^ Jbit b 


.„Bib»I hatBL _^ 

fofeliBglk I iDiVo f*« »oro^lMk» UlB. ' 
•BBt TOO hatro. tt lo nu, ia aikiw.' 
•No,aorlMyoiitB. I attim i<k* ImbbI* 
•aniflBtlr. aad b llMlo proadly. - 

* Hr. ItoMBtbal, I oaanot hstOB U tbto. 
if you an B fontkoiBB, yoa will aot pr«B» 
tliif BiBttor r •zo'ainiod BhtofliartOi 8h«r 
too, WBB doBply, BtroBgly movod, aa^ «s. 
crtiBK Ml thB ■trBBirtb of bar otioaf will to 
•oBtrcd ortooMolMil horottoUoB. 'If yoa 
aro a f^tbBMn, yoa will 1«»to bm,* abo 
irop^atod. ^ 

' A« I am a aua, I oMBt ataf sad win » 
hoariBg from tho wobmb I ,l0Toaior« thui 
words oaM trlL* 

'ThOB, if yoB porribt i« BUyinff, I mail 
go/ aaid BritoiBfirt<s trialog. 

'KOfito, BritoiBBrtol looaooOh yoo, no. 
Do not atir. Bray. , Hmt BSA-'OBty hoar 
««— it Ib not uBBb to oik. Only boar ai«r 
aad tHoB rejeot mo if yoa oaa/ ho oleadod, 
«T«B mora earBottly with bia ateaduaat eyi» 
aad hMidi than With hia worda. 

Mm andbntsod a iort of dafiaaoe in k» 
worda—* Bad tboa reJ>>ot raoif yoo can,' and 
that TMlorod her aoli-Aontial. Ba.aaating 
horaolf eBlmly,,ahe said— 

*"11io iromaB who hMitBtM if Ibalt,'' 'tit 
written. Pcrbapa yoo ara thinking of that | 
BorhaiwironboliOioit. Wo tliall •••? Go 
OB. Mr. Bbaeathal, I will hour all yoa hatt 
to«aV;bat I WBra yoof that ao wdrda of 
y<mrs e&n aft<ifc my i«>olraga, or aiy priaf 
eiploa, w my reiohitlda.' ; 

UndaraoBtb all tkia astilrior pareBity what 
cpiotioa tboro 'waal It >ibrate4 i^oag tha 
tonaa of bar Bnriiali Toioa, ai^d qniTeridovar 
tka aarfaoa of bar al^ipaat faoo. 
, Joitia raiaad kair Imadi aad praaaod it to 
his liaab baforo aha ooaM nevaat him t ra« 
aaaiaa bimaolf by k«r iMaot maa'da'mo* 
mOBtf aad tlma, la a toibo thrfUad with tho 
atroag p Birio a of bis haart, bo aiid^ 

«B ri l B ii Mt o,I lore fan. Oh, tbBV I cpald 
make yM leol the roil aManMittfJ|te pbiMia 
wb«B attoicod by tratbfBl4ltiiLli#n of lif«, 
or daatb— bH oI Vwnd or iMll-i^oom to 
\baat tfpoa tbow0rd8.>4loT#y<oa 1- Briton 
«Brta,InMn tbo tni moiiaat thatlBaW 
yoB, aomothiiMt in yclttt fano pAWWfally at* 
tiaMBd BM, ft waaaAtytNv V ainfy, |Mr- 
t0, tboagb yoa an IMatAah it in» iome- 
tiriMt ^tooaer thitt tiM, If^ai IttoMnl 

iailSkit«oiB tho M^-iiimma^w 

'^St^b prtttaat wmfoik iM iAmHi «ho 
bad doaa ai^ Bit hH it fa«#«l.'» mr« 
^tiMT iaad wIoBBr BMoBiiltBaABlBeabaBd -tho 

•'Ut^ffi^ tU i yov fk«a aM'liid fln» 




■ f . 
• .1 


Ton may mnaiiibtrtlutl left fta i>0 mom 
4urinc ii>« whol* tranlBf[.' 

VYwrl lrM>a(^a Mhool-glrl, icBonat 
of ti • iiiiiirQ^i«t»of mojBopolisuig A gvatl*' 
oin't fttt«n ibo for M Iobk • tim*. A 
fttfiitlcinui ahoDld- h«v« known b«U«r} bat 
X beliav* the ord«r it cxtinol;' uww«r«d 
llii* Oanyata, doiiig all tha ooald toia''««l 
bar bearr, 

*tha( ia aavar*, bnfe I bopa not trua— 
■oartaioly uol i rua m lona M nj f athar livat,' 
•aid Juaiin, with tba aligbtaai popaibU ap- 
proaoh to a amile. * 

'No; while Dr. Boaodthal ieziita, one 
gentUnum aaa^radly liTaa,' adtoitted Brito- 
marta, oompanotionaly. 
. < That baing oonoadod, I wiU go on. ' said 
Jaatin, lightly { bat ift waa with a 1 ghtnaaa 
only aaaumad ; for aa ha rcaanied the anl^aot 
coareat bia heart, hia voiea again baeuBo 
ag^taad by aupi^iaed paaaton. ' Ihara 
waanot the aligbtaat ahadow of nn impro- 
priety in oiy monopolisiiigyoa for the whole 
evening, iha aet waa mine, and not Toai% 
faireat Jady i nor do I fciel the loaat tWiogo 
of oonsoicnoo in th^ rrooUeotion of that de<< 
lightful monopoly. Even on that ereningi 
fiiitomarte. Ijilready knew that I had thai 
m«t tlia wtman whom ,1 ahoa!dv loTjii 
«j(cltt»iT«Iy. derotadly, as long aa 
lif« ahoaU laau Sttwe that evening 
have aaeu yoa frtqaentir* and knotn 
you. inimately} v^ tb« love bo| 
on that flrat eViidiig haa beoa foa 
and atrengthaoed, as avea than I foreaav 
wmild^be, by'all thnti jbnira aeeii or kno 
of'yon^inoe then.' 

•It ia a pi y that «U thia ahoold be w< 
on a woman who oan aovir return it,' 
Miaa Oonyen, is |i> voioo tcooibUng 
what might Htfivo i^•m«d angor, bnt #i 
Jaatin raally lotew to bo Ui« aiimggl 
her own rep^MMd bat i^ jrMnoi 
feehnga. - ^^ . : ■■■r^^ 

* It Will not bo ab waatod.' anawenid/BeB- 
enthal, ealmlr. 'Ah, BrilioAMMno I I lore 
you not aa men kfvo in il^ li^tter idajM, 
when ha paaaton for money, f«ma^ plMeu 
i>owtfr. glory, miolhera and overwlieMii,!^ 
grand primeval Baaaipn thnt liea it the 
foaniibticta of id! Me. I love yoa uoijm mn 
love who^ tfttM^ we disappointed in one 
woman tWa yiser, e^il^y ooneole tbeinaalvea 
with nnoth^ beitt pfur. I love yoa aa men 
loved in thMe>Nie d^, when/ for w«p 
mana amilf>« aolemn vowa iftf^ ai^ 

iteoompTlaked ad Jiidlyp^le Waved, t 
•**• '*« •*"» ^7 whole he^t i«ad eQai; 
•onoeandfofiFver! And it it veifepoaaiUe 
thet I gbooid ly^y^g^^Bri^^ I abpild 


f haert^'bafore yea. . Kow tett 
«.«, wiii«:r«« deartet,~wbMf etpiftioto Am 
parve— '^ voiee fhiteced fbr A^gUtgie ia« 
atant, -and abe took awift advantage of Um 
panae to anawarhaaiily and even haraaly ii 

* Ton eaa do nothing I I paver oaa ao«^ 
yonrMiitI Pray, to begin With, are ye« 
aware that 1 am a gin of vmry obaoaca 

*That ia notUog to me, belove d ■■ * 

* That I have not a penny— —' 

*l have more than enongh for both, B>i« 

* And worse than all, that the ahadow of 
a great ahameia thoaght toveat upon ar 
^fe r ' 

' How aboald that affeot yonr penonid 

erit, or my.appicOiation of itf Britom* 
/arte I Britomarte t' he broke forth paaaioa* 
ately, * I know that yon are a noble womaa^ - 
that falaehood haa never aoUied your lipa^ 
nor anv mean thoaght tarnished the blight- 
neai oi yonr brow, nor any Jaat r«>proaah 
bowed year he^> Tbia* being ao^ let lh« 
aabatanoe of that ahadow be what ft migr» 
it oan make no diffBranoe in my aeatimenta 
towards yon I l love voai I^ eamaatl|f 
wiiAi to make yon my wife r 

'And yon a elergyman and th4 soa of • 
olergyman I' v 

' So maoh thealdr^ reason Isbonkhbe troe 
as troth ai^djilat, aa joatiee l~-Britomartel 
Bntomistit'! beloved I hear me I ever^T 
ahadoii^ on ypi;r hiatwy, every aorrow o» 
j^Odt hear% every trial in ryear path, doe* 
bat doepen my love^ and atrangtb asy^Cdtk, 
a«d inoreaae m^I'deaire to father yiw tonif 
boaomandabelier^ yon fiom aU trpabis, aoA 
aave yon fii>m all danger I Dsili^ dwrttof^ 
omne. ' And he held oot his agm and' fluflr 
ed ''with his'eyea.' . x. ■ ' \; " ' ■ ■ . ' '• 4 

She was indeed tarriUty slifAeB by tbv^ 
fleroe strag|le ip her bosom batw^eea woaiahi 
rights and iWooua's love. 8ba>|ieaid Ui 
p'eading toiiSa, bnt dared aot look at kig^ 
lor a mogMat vietoty hang aaapiAded . 

* Oom»i' darhng^ oome I I nevvr sa* ka 
lees than year lover, let bm be at^oNjaa;, 
eept me tor yoiir hasbaad r 

'For my laaater, wo« 
man>hater, ooldly tpnuag a way^ _ 
more Wosaaa'b Kigkla throttled and 
down wwna^^l MmL' 

«Ho. Hsgtreg fcrbidi I eo«'d ao 
beatfMmt tbaatlootildba a slav% 
seal abMa ^m, Aad if ia yonr «ari 
tMreiaoBie^^aUit^r tkat aMraota as 
tfca* Alt Ike athent it w year iapaa 


■iaaa, that ia What 
ig a way.' aaVMiee 

lo|bWlibe%. Iqraipathiaa wih it/ii* 
m^r^ I%ea;^te role on»yS 





Ui i» fc» the ttroitrr. I wall eoly t6 

joa nmj ««!• >««lv I Oo»*, darlinB. 

Bat WoauuTs R^hti h»d her h«el apon 
tk* ntok of wom.iu'« love, »A BntxmMtU 
«oMly ausworad, •» tbo w»lk«d awiy j . 

• 1 do not kaow, for mv P»rtj how in tkir 
Me akd «>«Btry, with the old b»rb«r«a» 
JTwe of marmge .till io foroe, "JW. 
koacat BuiB ean look a woman m tbefM^ 
and Mtiouifj ai.k her to be his wpfe I ^ For 
their own honour, I wonder tten do not eet 
alont and riinodel their dw|nraoefnl lawp 
befoi* thejr do anything •^fr^Ae/"'; ■»•'& 
if (kaee day. wero like the "old hf*oio daye" 
ol wkiokTon Jort now -tpoke, when men 
braved deadly p nla and wionght ipreat 
work* for wowau'e MnU". ^ .^"°i* ?*T! 
every woawn lay npoh her •nttor thi«holy 
tatk of refonninir the laws as the only ppssi- 
hleeonditioB «f herfATcnr?' : 

*T.-(aByoa »iid in my' own peraon, 1 •«" | 
oept the ohallenu^' said Jnstin. tanung 
jKMd hwBoaredly towards . her. and in no 
^n«i«o •hashed by the repnlse »be M «I7« I 
hJSTln.lrttth. hnd Mr. Roeenkhji's nral 

\fieen anything more tangiWe thnnWoBWrt 
Biglits, h»»gbi-I do not say that 1i« 
woold— kavo been disboaragwl or defeated. 
Bat to svrMidor to anything so TwonaiT iw 

' that was not to be dreamed of. Bo w sob- 
jnitod to let Britoaarts visit apon bis 
4evotod kMd the pins of all his soz. for a 

" wh^e^ ■ ■• ■. -■ . . . ..*. . . • .. ■ ' 

•1 wai 'ske np tho gaaatist yoa haw 

throws down,' ho continaed. <*I ful l<K>k 

ini^ these offensive sta»nt»s tfcat wsisinado, 

Vsodby. eoms oentaitee before Iwasbor^ 

Aud for whtob. therf*ore, I do nttftss that I 

^M beVu kdivida Uj remoBwbb?--* 

, •B»iy«pipsreqNmsiUefoirthoai,'wsfm* 

M iaterroptilBritonMrtsb * Every man who 

Uves ood^r (hefla, auurries anfM tteayssss 

women V>bbed sad opprsspsdf ander th«m». 

' withoat rising ap:to«pposethe«B,is^W mask 

rwB«a«iblo for them as if h4 <»^ ^ <^'^> 
had odgmally etasoied th«ar 
i 'Orantod that this ia in a jneasars tra^ 
JtahsU bf so with m« no longer,' saul-d 
Jas^s. •lasillewMaiao thm^jud whpre^ 

loim.IiriUUbonrae«l<asly with fsa snd 

. toHgae, ton^dnBth€ii.;:Bat, totb^Biesa- 

tnw, as I oaanoit ftivs my whole miad t<^ 

hsj^ iM^ at^ B)?it«»«rt^a*Mjlrltiijs- 
arts^heaawil^ aad yn wiU lajK^r,^^. 
M^ loving y^aealogili^ia all 11^ 

his tssk bsfort hs Tentared to sasfor hip 

• And tlieaf— «ad tkea, Britomsrtsrf/ ^ 

* He did aotslwah «st it.' aaswsred iha 

man-hater. . , . . ... 

Jnstia bowsd arsvely to her and »miled 
qnifltly to>mseIf. i .,^ 

They were walkiai awty from Lood'ii 
B'»Gk. whers indeed they had already liofsr* 
ed too lona, for the tide wns now riunf 
ra|ridly, thfeatsoiag to oat ol thwr tatfeat 
faom the tpain. 




th BOl.i«sk «P! 

Sonw high and nob!e en'erpriae of good 
I'Uptmder till it shall poisess mymmd, 
Bseoiae my pastime, study, rest «nd food, 
Aad kindlf in pay keart a flume refined t— 
Pray Heaven for fi mness my whole soal to 

To this my parpose— to hsgia parsait 
With tbonghts all fbted, with feelings para- 

■ ly kind ; 
Strangth to eomplst4 and with uelight te* . 

Aad graoe to give >ho praise whste all is 
^— CsKos WUeo9. 

* Bat what then will yoa do, my child t 
I am an hnmble minister of God, even ia 
his Vnefioent aipeet- hf Father to tho 
fatherless. A^ snob I ikvits yoar son* 
^enee; trkst'inme.' 

These t^ords wsrs spoken by 
the vUi' lAtheraa olergyman to 
the beaniiful m%n>hster, as he ben* kind* 
ly ovef her, holding hsr band., on the morn- 
ing after tnkir dei^artar<> froai the Hiin* 

nisf were oa board 'tl^ ]>vla-haa aad 
Within a ffW miles of WsaiiagtOB^ 
' Blis had bssn argiag ajpOB her tho oftHro- 
poatfd, of t-rs|>oted invitation to auke hit 
noaps her hoafs. For we last time tbo hs4 
^raitfelty #i«lteod the <»lBM^h(^^ 
I * But #bif tkea vill jr.oa do. niy ohild f 
ho Jcvsametl. eeoing that she reaiaipt^ silent 
aa<^ thoojiibt^i'* ' Tonr «ild gn^d-aapt hss 
. a|ios<: annaturaily reaoarosd ^>a t aor indeed 
if 'she hid aofc. woald mto>. Bims be s do^ 
ilo hctoaielor yoa. , Tqo p'ople that Uim, 
retains aAmnd her, and th« mmnaia 
MM> a^ siOist aboat the plaoe, flnake it pair- 
tipiiarly obljBOtioiiaUo pa a >esidonoe for a>^^ 
vOaha «rl. 
JtiB%8s,CfonyOTS l(^od dowB^^a^^ poa*/ 


i" j ra ^ar a — .'jiy o kttd , I o apaot hear to part a- i t t ^ 
ytijfyrmoi fv& i laoiriag that yoh go bat homokai^ 

■ / ,.■ » 



hieadlMi ana praailMS Into this «pAt Uttl«- 
flaldoflif*.' . ^ 

* I am ■teODg •noojiih and iMrftv* moagh 
to bold mr owtt snd^ naly my inY$' Mid 
Britomart*. : 

, f And proud onongb* no dovbl Bat th, 
ny ohiid, yo« art bat a ebild^ feoaroely otdair 
than my own tonder Mini*. It btirta nM-^' 
And b«r« tbo old minittor'a Tdoii broko and 
Ilia «y«a Ailed wrth tear*. 

* Many yoanff man bar* baaa tbrown daoo* 
hte apon tbe world at a maoh earlier aff* 
than minie, and they bava «aooMd«d very 
well,' said MM Oonyara, Mntlr. 

'Bat yoo araa yoaag gtrV aaid tha minia* 

*And I aball bo glad to proT* that a 
foang girl oan gat on at leaat aa well aa a 
fonng man^'ratortod thawoman'a champion, 
irith a riaing ooloor and beaming <Ianoe. 

Evidently tbo Lqtbaraa minieter waa get- 
ting apon very daagerona gronnd} and in 
tbe abaorptlon of bia thooKhta with the in- 
kereata of tho orphan, bo cTen 4i<i not ana* 
Mot it f in fao', hia noxt^^nirda plnnoed him 
leeperand deeper into this qniokaanda. 

* Ah,. Britomarto I Britoaiarto 1 yon do not 
\know tbeObataoloatbatbeaet tbe path of a 

Womaii atraggling alono throngh the world, ' 
to aaid, abuing hia bead. 

mer brow anadenly ftoahed and bar eyeo 

* Do I not f Oh, rigbteoaa Father in bea- 
rani dolnot khow^tt Dr. Boaentbal, I 
laVa aomotimgr happened to bo ont late at 
aighi^ aitbar in lotnrning f rdm aome leotare 
>r fr^m evening worabip at aome obarob, 
ud I bavo obaa'oad to aaa «ome o( my p->or 
kMt aiatem in the atreet— driven there, 
Iriven tbore bf vAi and banger and tba 
peril of daatb frMa both 1 driven there be- 
MOae yonr diaboiioal lawaaad ooatoma have 
oot.onbr banad agaiaat woman in almoit 
avery Ikld of laboar, blitbava rednoad bar 
to tbe loweot pittanoe of wagaa in tboa«,faw 
Batda in wbloh yoo permit hor to work. Take 
an inatanoe— te aay largo elothior'a or ahoe* 
make^ak or any other aanafaotnrer'a bonaa 
where ttiey emp'oy men and women alike— 
they give dieir joamoymea oaoh iromflftoen 
to twianty ddllara a wooki and llid them. a 
ahop to work in and Are lo work by f while 
they piy (beir joamey-womenor J 'b* women,. 
or whatavor tbo poor viotimi miy be oallod, 
eaob about two or tbrae dolla^ a Wadt, and 
I hem to flod thoir own woillt-room, fire and 
iigbtl Tbo moa work tea boon •> day in 
thei>r oomfortablo wbrk-abop at tbo **oitab- 
liabioeai;'* Ibo WMBon wonc ngbtoeii boara 
oat of twoatr-foar in thdrmiaarable garreta 

iorfoir tiiiMa a^imoh moa«qrl the women 

work f6r oaedftmrtb a» 

do twioa aa maob 
maoh nWBoy-*-' ' ' 
— • M/dear. t kaow It^ bat—' 
— *Oo a little higher,'. veheaMntly 
tinned Britomarte — * take the aemi>profea» 
aional o'aaaaa—tbo teaobora. . Where tbo 
male teaobor geta from tea to twelve baa» , 
drod dolbura a year, tbo female, for teaobiog 
the aam« brtttohee and doing the aaai* 
amonnt of work, geta bat two bnadrad aad 
if^y or tbroo bandred— ' 

* I know it 1 I know It, nydear. b«t>i»* 
*I have not done yet When I waa t» 

Waabington tbia aprtag; I beard it aerioady 
mooted to emp'oy women aa elorkain tke- 
varioaa departmrnta, boeaaae tbey Ooald b» 
made to work obeaperl Bhamal abaoNl: 
ahamel* . 

' Softly oiy ohild, aottlyl X beard tbaT 
anbjeot diaooaaed too at the boaae of tbo- 
S.eretary of the Treaaary. Tiia arganmat 
wiM that women oonld in got to work obeap* 
or than men, and not that tbey oonld be 
made to do ao^ ' aaid Dr. Roaonthal, mildly. 

* And where ia the dtfferrnee, I pray yonf 
A woman baa halpleaa infanoy di infirm age 
depending on her for anpporti abeoaaaoi 
are them atarva} aba mnat work, evoa 
though leaa than one-half of what aay 
man woald deign to do the aame work for |. 
and aha ia oven ezpaoted to be very bnmUy 
thankfnl to tbe aolf-atyled lorda of oraatioia 
for givinif ber anything at all 1 What eaa 
abedo? She baa no voiee in makiajiyoar 
}awa t yoa make them all for yonroalvea aadt 
for her, and make them all m jtmr ow». 
favMir. It ia ao brave to wrong tbe weak I 
It ia ao generona to rob the poor 1 It ia oa* 
mnnly-»to grind women down to the dnatk* 

fiowheroheeka flaabed— bow ber oyaa 
bnmedr What a baantifal, tarribla oootia. 
flaabod forth from the wbolo Inaffared iaaa 
and form ot tbe yonngman-bator. 

The minieter eoald hard y bear it. 

*Heaveaa, Britomarte r bo began t bafc 
abe rothleaaly iaterrnpted bim ) 

* I Iwva a piotnVc in m? memory i. In <ttl>. 
eity wboro I lately tai^ried tb«ra la a pabUa 
aobool in two department!, malia and femala. 
Both have an equal nambav tt popila atady> 
ing axaotly the aame braaobaa. Tbo prinoi- 

Kl of the nualo depar tawnt b an old ba^»> 
• without family tieo and ho goto oao 
thoooand d Uara a year. Tbe principal of 
tbe female dopartment ia a widow with tva 
yoang children, and aho got twobnndrad 
and fifty dollara> iw doing tboaame Work.. 
Sham% I aay 1 it i« a barning abaam to. ma»> 

* My dear. It la. Tbo old baobelor ahoAU 
bo m a d e tg m a iif ti» widow a ad five <iiil>- 

dren jmmodialaly^ or give np bie |daao ta»- 




thiJ. HtoooMaovfor his Ufo, Iwty ttos 
ttltto joka aliK^I oi»l. 

Hi* ««nmi«liMBBpioB did a^t cMa d«igB 
toaotkltil. 8k»l«ft him m doi»b| M to 
wktthw ito luul hMrd it. 8h%QoatiniMd > 

*Attd, aftatikU, It la not th* Mmifpioiwi- 
'. olaM: ■wMtftr workiBg woqvd that 
,^« aio«t, for tb«a a» (m«( omii tfi* 
MMf k for tiMir work to kMp bodjr ABd •oiU 
togatbor. It ii tLa ttill karderla)w«riBg 
mSwwm paid olaaa. who All tiia gvrraU oi 
tih*itoBain»0t buaaa% itorkiogday andniffht 
to iialeo foruuMa fonatMtais wboafcarwarda 
fblaoaa ap towa. 7«i who do no| paj 
paar whitt aUVaa ODoagh lo auablo 
..._ to koap off ikm Mfwpa^t paanof 
haagar aad oold, disaaaa and daath I Toa 
am all ndUat a gTMlatir atmit,I^Dif tha 
tlaaaaof tko plaaiatioaa. Tba .poor, halp^ 
laaa ^tiBMl^«fia, by oppcaaaioo« kard work, 
gliadiZg -wMo^ ,ttuT*uon, fratsiug oold, 
ON d^aa tadiath, or, what ia worsa, drivan 
to ai» twhim, whaa yoa kava brooglit tb«m 
to tkiolioM.' yoa ditbar aead to priaoa to 
woA tar aoUung. or to a hoapital tobaooaia 
thaaab)«M of a oliaie laotara. or to a dia- 
aaotiaffoMoai aa aa obiiot for yoaag madioal 
stadaBia-tajMillaboat. Qb, my «i>t«n I mr 
aiataia 1 aa Oiiritt diad to Mta tbowKaM 
baawa iaor, to I v«Wd dia to fraa yoa I' 

Mha apoka paati6ua|aly } h«i| boMia waa 
haaatafc bar eliK«te wara flaaliad,.bar ayoa 
«ar» AMAOavaad lall of taart. 
^ ^'BritoMUTof I •ar BriUaaarta )' |)agaa tba 
aiiaiBtar, aaottotriy. 

^ ^9wa a*,Dir. Boovatbal I I oaaaot faaar 
iaitaUi to a auia to-day/ aba wkid. 

*|>(i aet qaarral with ata^ my dtar. IjMid, 
aahaMi ia amkiagf baWilaiwiL or i|aoo«nig- 

«>V«iai b^lir llmg. fvn parfUm lor a«a-, 
tra4iotiB#ya«,i,birt yaa^hadt vm yonbavai' 
a am «4 ona a aa^a ol .t|w Uaitpd 

* Yin Utra aadav tbiia imm irt«bo«ft 

iadtMi or ««iia la Mt^lfeoat. Yaa prptt 
an o t ama *wbaafc atafe t op i a mb a n iijg 

-;da aoti: . Tib«adwl.mti««l«iMr 

maa, amaat M da w rriaatiagyoar 
_ _ hoapiialiigfk I «iUJ«t Drtl y#«i 

j#«iUaot do. la tbaAiM* paooi M 

Wag a»^ barbaroaa Urn So abaipiaga imk, 
' .bar a awiaatiiv. I wiU 

Jaatia told'aw aa 
jtar« mildly* o.\ 
toa. ao loag aa ymm ha^>, 
- "" If ota>ajaaa^ k i^ti 

of waam; I witt'a^i P'wrk for aay wtgti 

Vbatovor*' j • , . _.„ ... 

•^ Ihaa wbftt in tba «orld will yoa do r 
« la dm tbird v^*o$ lo loua m aun oon- 
tiaatt ta wrong woman, I wUraorer aoQ»pi 
Mabtauoa froa^ aujr man wboma0airar.' 
•Tban again I Mk yoa. wHa* w U yoa dot 

• Tba Board ot Foroign llituOua an in 
waatof tW>l»»r» *" J »^ • «»wP*"y of mia 
aioailrlaa they aw about to aandoat to far- 
ther India. I "hal^ olTer iby mrvioca to, go 
wiib tbaau' 

• MiMt dooyan, you amaaa ma I* ■ 
•Itiabattar to labour for notl^iigia the 

▼iaoyaid of Mia S^ord, among the heathen., 
Ibaa to slaTa bare where yoar braal Uwa and 
onatooM ia refrard to woman diationom 
Obriatiauity. Di. Boaaathal, aoau I tbank 
yoa for yoar pioffarod boapiUmy; bat I 
oaanot accept it, for dfon aUo are partkept 
CfMnia ia theea wrooiga of wumea. 

4^a whea aba had «aid th:a, aha bowed 
wiUiagraoe andaweauictM wbiol^ araa all 
the mora baaa(iti|1 for i« oootraat to the 
paeaioaand larneetneaa of her former man 
B<fr 1 end aha left bia aide, 

JuaMa, B(uaentbsl atroUifcd up aad )oita«d 
bis father. ^. 

•BritomartaOonyersis madl^^ * 
a M area harv— as mad aatb#madiieat ran er 
at liuBpany Ball or the mtddeat lauatio in 
bedlam i' azobimed Dr. R >Matbat 

•Kai aha is oaly as mad aa jAtber-^ 
umd as JEraemoa-naa mkd as William Tell— 
oaasJftolaad, orJbaa of Anv or any other 
haro, martyr, «( reformer, whoa.> indignant 
spirit ayor ropa op to do battlo aitalMt 
wroaa aad oppmiioa r • _ 

,♦ Aad a aMa-wils cha woald makd>l* 

• She will mal^a a nt^Oner far audi h 
naUe maidjm oaa amita nothing Ism 1 And I 
lava bar— Cl4>«9' h<mo«a tb*a wwdaoan 
•ZMMH. Aad I Ap a»th«<»w whethOir I am the 
moia baify ia* or tbf ami* prooj^ pt. my 
lairel* ' 

fWbatiathaaasI she wiU a«Tt^ bs your 

■wiiar ■ .: ■ ■, ■ ^: ^■ 

' 8ba wiU, my fatbar. I* is the first war k 
Iheva oa haad to mahs baf tob |(»«t !«,«!>»>• 

^Bafora doiag aaythiax, toa wa»aMwV 
hiiAi oar Ufa Islmar lofstbar.* 
*Toahaid-battar haffwM; ahoat it. than. 
hoy. 4|ho»«W.%to?«1harIadia.' 

a. » 



oatiy to^darfl bar to vorlt aldsgcadlpg ratsa 

BMbac aa ' 
torwra with 

i^id b cgj aai ig 
',1 insh yoa 

„„ 90 ' amttar r 
9lm. (hm ahall io- 

ing bm 




i; ■•^*^ 



it tb* BoblMt. 4o«il Mtirit I tui«« •«« «fM« 
olotiied with wovMui'a (onn. I wi}l«ikr]r 
b«r, M)ii th«a I witl lAbourfof muuti of lk«M 
TAry ratvfmi iti« «dToo»tM. Bat Ui« wftrk 
of « ntormM ia • Uf«'loiig tm»» Mf I MUli 
mhtrj t)«r>flr«u ^ o«dbo» wait.' 

• Bat sikAMgra •&• will Mi*r a«rrjr uatU 
^btM vtty rtforna MP* oiMta.* 

• 8iM «»tfki«,' Mid Jattio, with a ■light 

' LaoMy ia «»t«hi9g. I b«Ii«T* yo« arc m 
mad M aba ii,' aaia Dr. Euaaotnal. with, 
aomething bakwaaD a aigh and a abnw. 

Tbsa* ooovacaattoiia t<tbh plaod, aa I aaid, 
oa board Iha L«f iathan mumI at««ai*r aa aha 
4ppnMMsh«d har Waahingtoa city laDdioa; o« 
tb« day af tar har da^partura ficoa tha Baia* 
.bowa. ■ -ir -■.--:-..■■ - 

Britomarta. ■fi«| UaTiag Dr. Eoaaathal, 
weot down into th* eabta to put «p har 
agboua, to b* raady fof. laad^ilt 

Broiinia waa idraady'thar^ aagagad in 
auhiiig ainulai^ piwparatiooa ; bat ai aoon aa 
ahe aaw BritoiwMrt» aba tbcaw haraall into Jftar 
fi'iand'a aroia and borat into a paaaiba o( 
teara. Tb* piOapaot of aeparatioa froo* bar 
qaoao waa aUnoat isaapportahla lO th* auo- 
. iator'a gaotUl ohild. 

' *l(\t w«t« only ia pity- for oia^^ Britty, 
yoa might not laav* oi*. I bava no mbthor, 
nor aiacar, ibr miy on* ia tha world bot 
you. |u oMlray to aa* f«t might ooim with 
tao ' ■'■ : ■ . .\: '■-' ..;■ 

*Hy darliag-T^o ana? Why, ya« hav* 
your f»th*K, your b^har, and yoar loTar.' 
«*id MiM OoagrWa^ footiy oiraaaiag bar. 

• Oil, I oMan 00 wonaa. Iciaapaadlor 
a girl .ta>liava no weaia« friaad. I f*al u aa 
And y«t itia not for.aiyaplf aithar that I 
gri*T*, bat for yoawho haranfithjar fathar, 
brother, nor Ipvar, aa*I Jmt*. ' 

•Ho. thaak H«»Ta«,' avalaiaiad tha ■mmi< 
hataiylaryMUyi aadjhwt Wtthaaoflaaad 
maapar, ah* addad t * Bttt aheat vfopr le«ar, 
nv darliag. «iMa yoa ara afli.«tad with «i«h 
a nal aaa oa ttf nwy bafvr* w« part.' 

• Taai.l wMb«d todo ■» I havaapasoiata 
lioli ypa» dial Britmaarti^ W*lt tK*»— w* 
— w* »r*angima^' maraaBrMl liraiiai^vMjt)i 

!■ Ton -aad.--C»lQQ*l. Kaatw^rth, ' a«|lind 

Bntomartak iltwii) asd with diaoiay. * Im 

njuwat I* opatoma r y lo oonnraui* 

,m» a frjaadop thaaa ooaaaioaai ba| t— I 


'Od, BrttMaarta^ yM will asi-aly wiah «i 
■ j»ir.': .:■ ■;■*■■, ; -, ,^- > ■ 

• With all ay h*ar«LaBiao«1, 1 piay that 
jog omr vhat* lil».j*<i|_^hapitiaaiai mv 

"df«Nal «B*,' aaid Xiaa aa«y«ii» vMT 

4ai*«fiag voia*. r^ 

• Ani^ yna wiU aoi thinh that I ahaU lato 
y<Wi laap oa hi* aoooaor, will yoo V 

*1 do n.ut hnow, daar. Toa do hot haaw.' 

'Qii. Bnitoaurt* it ia ao. diff«r*at fron 
what yoo think. <€ do not lov* yoa l*aa, hot 
■aof*^ mob; mora. Ah| |nd ad, it actma to 
an* I lov* all th* world aadc* for loving hia^* 

•LQjrt^ Ifrr*. loT*. it ia tli* whol* Vard*a . 
of y^or thooghti and apaoob,' aaid Bri.o* 

' 'Ah. bat ia it not th* whol* Uf* of th* 
world? Look at th* jiky, fli|*d with th* 
Ugbt *f tha aao, how it boaaaa down ap««i 
wa an aa if it lovad' th* watar. And look 
at tb*'how it amiloa baak to tha aky, 
aa if it lovad tha aky. Aad a** yobdor hy 
tha ahbio how th* w*r«* kiaa tha aand. Aad 
ap amowi th* tr*ai^ aa*^ how th* wind 
pUja witti th* laavaa^ and bow tha laata* 
fli|tt*r with >bo wind, and laaa tog^bar. 
All thing* lova aaoh othar,* whiaporad Er* 
■ini^ aa if ihiakiag aadibly. T 

***'OaDuui art thoo. htnatioat' kmghad 
Ifiaa Ooayara. . *Tkia bright lot*r/th* aky, 
aomatimaa grows blaek with doada and 
atbrma, ana ooitaa down npon tha watar, 
and Uahea it into «aoh fory that all 
hatwain th*oi oeaaaa to awift daatroa* 
ti«A. Tb* wiad that 4aUi*a ia fondly 
now with tha troaa, not iiifr*q«*ot|y g»fa 
into a roire, and faora tham limb lnM0.1hiii»t 
It ia with man aa it ia with aator^l* 

•Bltomarta, Britbmart*, that is oolf 
tailing m* that tliar* iaa Bataa.aa wall aa o 
Qud, and I ka*w that h*foi^} hat Ib*li*r* 
that oaly Qod ia amnipotaat, and Hia oaoM 
ia Lav*/ said th* miniaiar'a danghtar, far 
vently. . .j ' 

*Tao, my daar, hot hia viaihla raigo ha* 
not ooovnao**d 00 aarth yat. nor i* Saioo 
boond. Bat tall me, Brnunie, phMi ia thia 
marriaga of yoor* to oom* oft* 

•'On, net for two yaack P*po will oot 
oonaaot to part with pa nn^ I am *ight**o 

* la two yaara. Mooh may happao io two 
yaara,' marmofad tba maa>ha«prt hot io 
tonaa too low to nmat tho •ara of hwr 
fOToari'** : 

*My d*ara» my daora. «ra yoo raad? tt^io 
oo ah 4* r ooMcd %. Hjiiaolhat Irbim ^ 
head of thaoiMftaava.; 

'Taa. papa.d9«eM>h, daor^toflMrta, 
tlHBk imn i^lBiia keoM wjjih, OW)!' pload* 
«dB mini*. ' ' . - 

'1X6, Hkf dovliag. W* moat part ji^o^ 
.Qbn omyoor parting kiat ip thia aakm* imk < 
W d% Mmo aif tbo IW m^d Miw 


JB.mi0M throw. h«rm>lf lolo thf onNHoT 
Bricooiartab aod elooc loog ood iri|dlf ft 

V . 





her botom. aniil ai*00Bd ud third raannou 
l^rom Dr. Roicotbsl oonptUwl h«r to U% fo 
r iier hold. 

i IVn tb* two friends wfot ap th* atain 
I toffthcr. 

t< ' The thrM gentlemfo wtrt wftiting to •••• 
I oqrb th«u on fenore. 

Dc B *aeat)«al pUo«d bit daa«hUr in tlio 
OHriagiihat wm waiting for btr t bat wbaa 
ha woald b»T« l«d Britomart* to tha mbhi 
! bUmm, aba aonrteoaaly thanked him,and oaid 
that bar wiy lay in another direotidn, and 
that abe would sp on foot^ ' 
Joatia eama forward and lald t 
' Ton will lak m-i a«a yon aafa to tha p^aoa 
wharayon arafioinjr?' 
' Nn, thank yon,' aha replied. 
Jnatin argnan, plaadod, inaiafted, bnt all 
to no pnrpoae. And at laat aba said s 

' Mr# Resent bdl sinoa yon oompel m^ to 

say it, Tonr attaadMioa wonid ba an in*. 

tmaion.'^ "^ 

,' Than I bara nothing ,mert to nrge, Misa 

Oonyara. Wa will Blast again.* 

• "A*: Philippi/ ghoat a Cmuf? Good 
bye, Mr. Bosonthia,' laughed Britemarta, 
warina har^band. 

Jnatin bowed and laft bar, io antar tha 

oarriaM wharo bia parij; w«ra waiting. 

And BHtomrtf watbhed tba oarriaga 

* drtTo OB and roll out of aigbt, and then aba 

dfaw her blaok Tail bafoio bar f aoa, and 

walkad on her ,way alooa. 

'auxoxka^ra niBABxa.. 


Oh, hfa t oh, ailen* ahwra 
Where wa ait piiMantt O, great 
To whiob wa mk iritb aolaain 
> Bat oMmwfnl ao mora f 
HWdilinI wata diaambodiod aonla to 

hops and 

Jjid Hl^'ifipia aaa;Wrda wing to tha In* 
Till Unnv Th«i^iwt Oaa» wUt oar apirita 

B(|taaia»ta poaaMaad a faw jfwala. of 
-tm». TMia aiM bad iMiw wora or ahowa. 
na a^ took thsm vto « Jawallar oa Paaa* 
rfyivaaia Afpma^, aad adid thaai for aaengh 
to dafhqr Mr^^^apaaaoa to tha 6ity, moa 
whnis fMt Iha littaioaary oompaay was to 

On artimtog •! Uuit otty ^a found a ohaap 
bahinlfaa liaM^ 'MtA ^*> . M>«f Ht oat tho 
•f «ha board of Foreiga IfiseloBai 

aad onrad; 

har aerriasa to go aa w ao h ar" 

go aa 
iHthi^ odaiiwttf thfjr waia about 
oat^ to farthor ladhb 

to aead 

Tt|e aaoratary rtqairad taitinioaia*a^wbK'b 
Britdaiarta inunadlataly , anhnitted. And) 
than, afisr a Httle.haaitftion and inreatign- 
tioa, htii aerriow were aooepted. Britom- 
arte foiinad acqnaintanoa with aoma of btr 
deatinad fallow-voyagera. 

Bnt what do yon thing waa propooed to> 
tba indignant nian>bktarf Bomathiag thai 
aaarlr loat her aarrioaa to ths nrisaion-*- 
namafjr, that aba ahonld baoome the wife of 
ona of tha young olarcryman who waa going 
out with tha company. It waa orged npon 
her that snob iraa tba onatom. that it wa» 
expediantb and that jroung ladiea oalled to> 
the work not only marriad miasionari<'s hsrs 
whsre thsy had a full opportanity of know^ 
ing tnam beforahaBd.bat that many of them 
also want oat with tha axpraaa nnaantaBd*> 
ing that they ahonld marry, on tha otbar < 
sida, nisaioaaries that bad aavar aat oyaa 
on before. 

To all of thia Miaa ^Ooayera atmly ra«- 
apondad that aha ahouM never marry at all, 
and oortainly net ia that way i and that if 
aba wars not pprmlttad to aanra tbo.miaaioD- , 
aooording to bar own oonaoienoe, aha ooold 
not aorva at all. 

In reply to thia, those who bad propoacd 
tha obnoxiona meaanra, food-hnmonradly; 
apotociied, aad tha aubjeot 'was dropped. 

Miaa Ooayar* then davo ad allhsriimeand 
•ttantion tom*king'praparatioaiip. for a sea 
yojtigb that was to Uat ssTv^mhonths. 

The nisaionarisa ware to fiMl the lirif;' 
of October, ia the greet .Ball^ndiaaw,a» 
-Sultana, bound from B>«ton to Oalautia}. 
hat their iaatiaatioa waa Gambodia. 

Whoa har praparatioDa ware coaiplatad^ 
B:'itoua«>ts wrote to har iriaad Bnainie, ia» 
formini bar of all tha partionlara of tho 
projoetad miaakm, aad asking bar for tho 
laptaawa Of tiiair osra fallow graduataa. 

<)aMkly as tho peat oould ratura, Miia 
Conyero reooivad aa aaawer frpm tha aSao* 
tiaaato giri. ,. 

Aad aow that tba misaimiallr aieaaara 
aaoBMd irr«v«teaUa,£rminia did aot diatreaa 
harfriand by aay vaia ^mentatloaa orar 
her own losBi Littlo armaaa lika, sh* 
praha^ glbridrd, and raiofaed orir bar 
irioad; aad hiida h«r Ood «pa«d. Sho arroto 
thathor hrothair Jaaia had Jiiat hi»aa <Mr» 
dalaad a aduiatar «l tba Oospel. and that 
ha waa to laara aooa tor distaat daiy I'ht^ 
like did aat say wh«ra ha was goiag. 

*8o, thea, oar aatha diverffa foraTOlv 
thMk BeaHa I' ««<dalm*d tha ttan-ha:tan 
aa aha road thia pari of the Uttai$ but, ia> 
daad« bar haaviag boaoa^ aad oaiyariait bpa, 
aid taarf i rt a r *» did aot loak tary maoh 
like ihidikla noaa. 
^ Brmiaia farther atatad that O^atl 



; ■:•?»•;, -H'^^t, 







r htr 

' • 

id to> 


on— - 

fe of 






id to. 






otiior < 



r" ro«-' 

t all. 

Mt if 

Mioii> ^ 

son Id ' 




■• ■ ■ 


• n«tk^ 

*. ■■■■^. ■■ 





l«tod» ' 




•• ■ 










> hor 



. -. 




■ '^'-f^ 


k, hi* 


.:(v; - 



•' * 

irort^ hod tnkoo apartoraata al » 
hotel in tho ofty. wtih tioiBlMltoa i»i 
in« tho-Mwainf wiator fthtrob 

Oi tlioic.lini «laM<aiatM Bnaialo wrote i 

•Thoiro it Itho BiMliiof «• plaj dowa' in 
a«orioo. Ii MBOM Vik||ftm Oanoni aiaod 
[or ih* iiand of Alborta |p l i ft D t ifh.w<iioh 
irft* iadifnaaklj MfMO<Ua» bj bar fallion 
N»t Jm wo* ntaatd adoaittataoa to lb* hoBM 
by bar notbor | attar wMob Miaa Ckilda 
boronffh. ohaneinf to otoat bar loror in tba 
itiaata of Biohmond, oooUy laforped bim 
that if they oontd not aea aaoh otbar in b«)r 
own borne, the/ ooalddo ao at tba bouea of 
their mntnal friauda, and at tba ■*>» tima 
•BBonuoad tbat aba aboald apend tbav ot*> 
Ding with her 8ohool»mata Blaanora Laa. 
That avenini yon taut ba anra that tba Sir* 
Dior Vittoria lonnga I iato Jvdgc Lera 
drawing-room id pay bia raapaata ta a- 
firmer patron. ', 

' In this manner they oontriTad to meat 
•rery where wbar* they ware both aeqnaint-^ 
ed', sntil at Uat, ob, Britomaite,th«'y alupadl- 
You don't bnow bow ahookad I waa to 
hear it, and how aabamad I am to have to 
tuli yoa 1 Bnt yon aaked na. for nawa, and 
I will keep b;icb nothing. ' * 

'They made tot the neareatjpbintto oroaa 
into Maryland, wbara thay lenally 
nvirried, ootWHbatanding abe waa iindrr 
ago. &i Mr. Ooldiibflioagl>, with two of 
her nnolaa, pnrai^ed and dvartook tbam ba> 
fore they bad eroa#ed the bonndary, aad 
■eiatd tbam bo.h, aa ba had a right to dow 

^Yittorio, thqraay, waa^ draadfally afl« 
tat ed, aad BTCB draw hta iword*oana io. 
defenoe fli bia lady loTe. But Albarta waa 
ueoolaaovar, and lMda*bim pat, np bia 
■word and yidd for tba tiiM being ; for 
that, tbuigbitliiilr mnrriaia waa dblayed, it 
wa^ not jprafaAlad. 

' Mr. Ooldtboroagh talkad of prosoontipg 
l^ttorio ia a oriaiiaal ooart for ataaling an 
heir«aa aad aiaor; Bat « J^^*^ oalmly 
airar d ber father that ittdang ao ba woald 
oi)ly be dognding bia f a^ra tfonria-law, aad 
by oowKqaeaoa bia only daaghtar, for that 
•he w«a raMi|vad to gtva her iiaad to Vitto- 
rio npop tha Terr flrat opportanity aftataba 
•honid beooam of age. 

'Whotiiar or not ibia annonnoaaiaat in> 
flaenoed Mr. GoUaboraag b'e eoadnot I do 
00- kaow t itJ# oerlain, howeTor, that ba 
did'not proaacata Sigaior Vittorio t hat ha 
broaght Jjhojrta bOii^ jund pbwad bar at a 
parluarboardav ia tba ooaToat of tha Viaita* 
tioa, whaiff^ behiad giatea ai^d bara^ aha ia 
•eoera froia a aaoond aaouado. 
i did aet < 

* Mr. Ooldaboroagh < 

! oall oa aa ria« 

tilte hMLIeft bia dtaghiar ia Jlio •0BTaiit7 
aad thaa ha only atayed loag aaoagh to tall 

ma tbaaaiaota bafora ba latt for Riebmoad, 
I oallad at tba oonToat to aaa Alberta, bat 
waa r»iaa^ a aigbt of her. Bba ia la tr^i» 
ao laaa thaa aa hoaonrahla prifoaar tbami 

* And that ia aat all Mm troaUa in M*nri^ 
ao aoaaty. I bava ^a latter from Bif rida 
Violding, in whioh aho talk mo all bar < 
aaereta with the atmoat oandoa< r«qaaatio§ 
me a'ao to tell yon, Whobt aho aappoaaa tob» 
aom«whera in oar reaob. 

'Now who would baoa thonght that wild 
little aioBkey, Biflo, woald bava aeted, i» 
aimilar oirenmetanoaa, with ab m'aob more 
prndanoa and good aenaa and good feelinn^ 
than baa baen displayed by onr modal yonog 
ladyT Yataoitwae. 

' B'fie baa bad a propoaal frOm-^wbnm do 
Toa think r-^yonag Mr. Albert Oolda. 
boroogh, who waa intended for hia eonaia f. 
bat aa aha ran away with the flute-playing 
Italian, of ooaraa ha poold not be oonaidered 
bonnd to her } ao ha followed the boot of > 
hie iaelinationa, aad oSiired hie hand to* 
BIfla Bio'ding. 

'The nronoaal waa in every point of vie,w 
a moat eligiDle ono for BIfie, and mneh bet- ^ 
ter, aba aajra, thaa abe had any reaaon to- 
azp o|. Tiro yoaag anitor waa bandaoma, 
amiablo, iatelUgeat^ aad pr aaeaaed of a large 
fortana, aad lattaad modt, he had tba favoar 
of hia inteadad— ba^— 'ha differed in politioa 
with B fle'a " pap and two anka." 

*Now yoa know what it ia to differ i» 
politioa in theaa day* — ya have, read hoar 
grayabaired feaatora take each other by 
tho throat ia tha aanatc ohambar. yoa 
have aaaa how It aeta father againatioa, 
aad mother agaiuat daaghtar i bow it porta 
lovara aad diyidaa fifuailieai piay Haayan 
it may aot aomo day bomo aigh to divide 

'Bifle'W "pap and iwo aaka ** ara tangbt. 
'Mied, far^4aeing, and pro g reo a iveiaaa. BleV 
lover ia a cotfaorvativ^ aad balieiraa la tho 
atamal atabiliy of ** laatitatioaa •* bad tho 
iafallibility oi tho poarora tkat be, ato.. 
Ji:ie'a lover, had ho livad ia tba irat vaar 
'of the Gbriatiaa ora ia. fadaa, aMMild bava 
boea'a Jaw, aadlielpad to eraoif^ Ohriat.< 
Aad ba lived in Bng'wd at tho tima of tho 
civil wara, aft woald have beea « royiilnt^ 
0-bndbia preaaaoa eaiiohied theaarth lit 
tho tiam of oar owa JRaTolatiba, ba aroald 
have beaa > tory. 

*Ko# yoa kanw, of loobrae, it ia aa irro* 
aonoilablo differinoo batwaon Bifle'a **pap. 
aad twoaaka" ao tfiie ona hand, and uar 
lovor on tho atbor. Bit Bllto woat ran 
away with hijiK aa he anabaa her to do. Sho^ 
telle him plaiMy tbat bo maat o evert her 


aad tiro anka, or be ooavMrted by tham, 
xre aha will endow bim with barhaad^ 


And th«r(ifaniM of.tiM •lAf^tWhlM 

•kfl !• hMMM I for tk«agh sIm d<w't mt* m 

ea. for politiM htiMlf, sIm will 1mv« 
(bo fftBilT. 

•IhftTa lMr« qootod Uftilo Blfo^ 
v«,idt. N*w «bo woald b«vo giv«a iImI 
igtlo I— pkoy orodit for to mnoh 

And in (bo ■•natinM jroa ooo lir. Q«'d*< 

borooffli boo hii.bnBdo fall bo(woMi bio 0OOI, 

4o(onunod doDgbUr nod bio o«lf-iriUod. 

rofno arf nopbow ) botk of wboai, inotMd 

•of BMiryiac wilb oooh oMior, and koopinji 

(Lo family oototM ^(|otbor, (o pkoao tboir 

>friendi, novo Ukon (ho libort v to ebouoo 

portDora f or liio (o pkooo (hcaoolvoo. 

1, *Ba( af(orall« oa tbooo movrMfoo f ■o( 

TKft oonaumnottd, who kaowa bo( (bo( 

young Mr. Ooldaboroagb may "opo bia own 

inrerMt," oa (bo pbraao foao. and pacaaoda 

Jkib r(a to ** aoo bor own daty,** oa ibo otbor 

l>htaaa gooa, and tha( tbof mi^j yH marry 

«nd anito (ho two groat branobta oi ibo 

g o»( hooao of CtoldaboTbogh. 

* Bat oh, I am wrong tn wn'o «o Ughdy oa 
vaoii Musma aabjaota. How bard i( ia, doar 
JBritomarte, tokoopfrbm a'aaiag with ono'a 
lOiigae and paal I kopo that all (boao 
ioToro wilt bo (rao (o tbfmaolroi, and to 
'Of.d w.i>o ia (be Inapircr of all paro lor«. I 
hopo thof will wait iia(tontly autil th«y win 
tb«ir paroB a' oonaoat and tbo rtwnrd of 
ior^aajranoi,' .:r - 'vi. ; 

thoro waa mnbh manici Shiblali iiMM^iri 

too wneli to qaoto. 8oin«l|iniM (bo ofbr> 

^4hoito( aMrita cf hor yoath wooU fanyt 

"forth ina^a^h littla |oit f* tbTabo?? 

«iowiy fbb«ko horaolf fo^ aaeli lovi^ . ^ 
Hot latter o1«m4 ip ono^ datp. foivtnf , 
hfart-foli «ipii(atj|QB for, Bciito«arta'a bappi- 

'Bn(oaMrta^ toaia Ml luitovorikia loHor. 
TbJo man . h a t or wonld .libo to liava por-s, 
aaadod hanalf that obo wapl ofor^ko 
^ttMBfbtiol «lM.lifi«ll|>M a»pafation fmNB iMt 
t rntm friopd^ or OTW Aolrailtioa of Albarfak 
«t ##or (bo troobloa of B fle, or oror aiw. 
IMnf or anybody rathw than oirortfio 
•MMrjrof Joadn RoaoatbaL BimiafelMl 
"OPrittMr iNoly of Alberta and BifridArani 
tlMir levnai b«( aho had moutionadlMr 
fafOMiw only tom^ttuA bo^liad boon oidain- 
•oAaad «ai goint away. Aad Bricwnarta 
«o«ld aaanalr fgrgiro h« friand. for aooli' 
owgliflHMk^ AoMwb thafc waa wrklan im 
tb«litinr ^ JnMin ' aho 



and throw it away. 

THat^lA mBrnri who ■(ailihii onlbia 
right bnndtelo thoiamaaand hold it thoro 
whilo It alowly bamod (a a oindar, had 
aaak«ol«moro raoolatioa than thbatranga 
aoU-wilM giri wh* had rathloaaly «aa( hSr 
ova haart oa (bo altar «ra of bar priaoinlaa 
—or pridr-^aad waa grimly watohiag ito 
doa(h agony. - • y- ,>.:.'.-/".;* -.-Jv 

With all bar boari aha laMd laatfai.'ind 
WonM. bavo diad Ida hlak With all b«r ia> 
toUaot aho.doapiaad harnalf for loving him. 
And with all bar will aba woald hare aoon 
himoond bofoop ibn w«9l# hava manriod 
h'imJ ^ •■.-.. 

Ab, what awf al, rivia& ronding atroho 
of lata waa that which had IklUpi aaoo iHia 
yoangofootauro, dividing her agaiiMt horMlf | 
attarly dtvordng hor intoiloot front hor 
aflMtiona t amking h«r^ aa i%. wara, two . 
boingo-o* loving, onfleiing haart aad a tcgt 
aant. imparioaa JntoUoei I 

And who ahall ra*Bniio (bio aotorad nataro 
and nwko (hw woman onot In othor worda, 
who ohall honl tbia wonodod apirft and mhka 
it whdof 

BritoaMBto waa. glad tbo* tho i$f ct 
oayiac waa «e non^ ak hand. Oooo away 
fmm (ho land, abo hqpad to loavoall hor 
w aa kn aoaaa,aaahoonUkl (ho holioat pvompt- 
ingo of hor nntar< hahind. Oupo on (Im 
oooan, obahd|M (oanftr *aofa obangointo 
■ onaai hing na«r aaid atrango,' namoly. a «•• 
mani^Aotethothdltyofinro. ' ' 

Oa tfea aanM morattig (bat aha waa to 
omhacfc. aha winta a Ual. littlo lot or (o 
BrminW. Itwnaonly an a«knewlade"M»* 
of (ho Mooip* «l Brminia'b iatear, and thaa a 
fow.thor(aoMagM ilo fttonda andaohool* 
ma(oai and laatly n lamwalt an* n Ood hlooa 


wi(h hor own hMd%nni than'hntrlad haok 
t» har/ ohoap boordjn g - ho noyin wall f Ar tho 
ohartoradnmnibna %kk» wpa to tdn tbo 
whflla B t irt ina r y pany to* tho pimanuMi 
tha ahlpb Vhmr Inigaiin M ha«n oanried^ 
on teard 'lhO'Ma^Majd!llotM>on.'''It<«aof 
•at a p'oaaant day forlQaiahte. Hivii iaora 
Uka Xovolibar. Tha afar iwm wow o l i a iiod. 
.thara wna ^ n ..-ohwy piUitwitfng oaat ' ' 
tha( throntanod to ktow «« nlii^ ITot < 

nohanrfal day ii» bid iaadoMn to ana'o 
notinolandfiar an inMrilMly Itof to* 

^ ' - ^mmj^m^t^y to|S|nUhw r. 

ipat'oib «aidnff>Av 

oiowly and haaviiiir naon 
dMiy.withnilwl^ Aha laaoUiotod 

tho pofion Ibid, 

alano wf'h har^ 

at -tho B"ir7r" n i p t 3ii>^l(hrtMM 
oitttfbto oMinad !to«um4''haaidaho^4faMi 

; I 


-I- III 

wli*i<la M tk«. MirMft 

" h d Mi4 Mk «tr«ri||ili m4 «hMr^^ 

' f«r«tlMSteraiB|| of 

. do r MwarMl iitr MhiI «Im wBmbw bad 

•ronnfTth* little mm Mud IumI bMa |i«r 
hoai«»for II MumyiiiMlu, and Mmii harrM 
down a^sini, wImm twr lanillordi ma4 landt 
Udy tlood lo bid hw go«4^T«. 0b« thook 
haada wkh tb«ai aad paaaM, aal. Ic «■« 
raiBiaffiBOV— nat with a ioa^ dnabiag, ««•' 
hilanuiot abowar aaab aa ahatiietafii a ika 
atawaphataaf tbaaaa*h, bat with tbe abiU, 
dark, d >jprfMaiag drMa tbat ia peooliar to 
tha nor ■•aaalfaoaat af on antDti^. 

A RantlantaBBteodoAiba'aidawalk, wfMi 
a larga aaibrt-Ha hoiaWd, raady to aaeort 
herfroaa )he door to tba oaaaibaa. Ha traa 
the B tvt Mr. BI7, Uia rtrf fwraon who had 
been p-aoqaed as a haabaod tor lllaa 0»|i« 
yftra. lie bad, howavar, foaad aaothar 
tiatar who waa willuf to haaoma hia ao«- 
panion for lira, and to Brito«arto. waa for- 
ffiran. . :■ ' ■'•?''.■. ■...-.-. 

• A «a« iMrbinA' h« a*fd, aftar bowiag 
and axtanding hu nnbralUi ^irar tha haad 
of tha yoang ladjr. 

B-itoBMrta thaDhad biaa, ai|d pariaittod 
him to ha«d her into iVHf omaibaa, whara 
•ha waa in rodnoad in form to tha Bar. lira. 
Ely. Mr. and Mn. Braton aho a'^ady 
knaW. thato with haraalf wara tbaiva 
miaaionanaa thai wara to go oat to Purlher 

. ThatowyooBg iroaBea 'wavalfyiagW 
hind thair raila. Thay waaa atrangara to 
raeh olhar, and all baft atnagara to thair 
hoabanda. Oaa had aoaaa f ron tba Waat^ 
and MM Iran tba Sovtb, to many tbaaa 
young man* and go ant with tham to ladia. 
Iliay had now WoaMuniaibvtafowbotnL 
aftar an •aonaintanaa'witb thair iattindad * 
hnabanda of bat* few dagra^ la a fa««r of 
enthnaiaam, thay had left aU tha f iitolliir 
aoanaa aadall tha daar frUnda of thMr al«ld- 
hood and Toah, to join thair handa with 
a-na«Ma» and g» ^t to a focaifa land, to 
iiTo and kjhftnr paMM haatbaa. lla laoaidar 
ihaywaptbittarlt/iahind thair vMb«a$i« 
omnihtamttlad «! ator tiia at any atnilta 
and aadar tha driiiliMi a|^ i /^ 

Ha tw» bnahmMla «d ant aaatt to/ftaaw 
hoar inatMala mm . «lwy did nM^fmi 
t-ytod«ii , - ■■ ■r'; /^ . : 

Bri^qparto wntiiMdtlMlwobRMaa far n 
faw mm m» 9, •miigitfim ftumk tUad hair 

ha dahidad aithar by thair own haarta. or 1^ 
Mm alafnanaa af tbaaa yonag nMMk faav 
thtaga I how maab batUr off thay #«iM ba 
«1th<i«t thaar hnabahila.' ^^ v 

Than bonding to tha ana that tot naaraat: 
to bar. aha whtaparad«-> 

*I do not toll yon not to i»aa|», tor waa|»> 
Ing will toUara yon ) bat I do bid yon r*- 
mombnr — "tba ^raator tha oroaa, tha 
brijahtar tha aratrn," and ba eomfor^rd. ' 

.n hn«fW--^.«w it, and I do try.'aibbad tha- 
unhappy littla mea^angar of glad tidinp to 
tha btothaa. And aha did haroloailjf try to 
tafcaaamfort, / 

:f4nd yon?' aaid BritooMrto, Mftly tntfC 
Ingt^jio bar othar aampanien. / 

•Oh, my poor fathar i My poor— 4Mr 
latharr avotaimad thia 00a, hnrating into 
an nnooatrollab*rflt of weaping. 

•I am Tery aorry to too yon griaya w," 
aaid Britonurta, gantly tahing bar band. 

'Ii ia for biffi I I waa hia yonngaat and 

•Why did yi« laaifa him, than, daarf 
in^irad BritoiB«rta^ ««tarljr tagardlaaa at 

a nraaanoo of tho *aaninil ftoamy.' 
*I thonght it wta my dh— nty t n 
wantad tomahedy tognent^tritb Bra othar 

paraato twa 



B'y, and thara w"" no ona woald ooaaaat tj^ 
go, and M I tbMglit it waa itg a h nd fV 
du-^ntf V wbbad poor Jittk Uti^Wm 

• And waa yonr latMHr iHlliag th^yiM tHtfe 
hia only daaght«rf' 

'Ho laft H to mv-aa t Ha aaid If I hadi 
a oall, ha would ' ^ hindfr me not. " H» H' i«l 
bo would of-rof«**offar mo upon tha aitaV of 
aioriflaoaa Abraham olferad baaiv' a->U>sd 
tha little w«>|i^ii. 

*i6 waa a nObla MorifM and amd« in purt- 
afagkaaaaa ^ h«tft, aad'Gfd irtU'-anNlr 
oamfort apd atrengthen lip,' aaid Brita^^ 
aaarta^ yatry toBderiy aad t i ft tol H. 

•Tca,^ beU.te that. I hil|E uwit. My 
heart ^enld bra-ik if I didB*t^ahall Ba^ 
aw hilB any morajn tUa ^MH^ |wt h^aaid 
wa anonld mi-et in hea^ayea I* 

'/That yon anrely will, my danr. Bht tha- 
ft^thar Dt All Mareiaa wHt aoMfart you btt*h 
aran here, in tMa warld— 

' Uod haara youraighf wd aaag your taaia^ 

Ood will Bft up your brad.' < V , 

aal^ Britomartai wl'h. iafaMa laMlaaato, a# 
iba atoopad •taraad eoaanlad thia mauraar. 
ladaad, paa of thai atrat^pMt peauliiiritiea in 
beratiiliga abamolai^ Uma tba oaBtraat be- 
t t aaa n tha iaaAMa tandameM with \rhi«i» 
ahnlaf«l,har4irvtox iMd «ha imraorahla 
ata i B U ipi hu h ipllah iIm IreghMad tha'othar. 
' a i ^ d iaaia i yl^wp leadi t j n a l ioa- 
anaha llii»«dftroai tha '•aaMMv wnmai* t* 


f 4Dt PLAT. 

tlwl wmMMl 

iMk at'tlia mts wn& wkMi 
fats «mJ<nmU. Tim look 
#MarMl btr. f 

* Wh«B ttM Hi4f OTNktara Ium omm«4 Io 
griava Ar h«r lAtbai, ah* will bagia to 

evarn htn, wkiob la baitor Uuia ■dchl liavo 
•B boptd,' aba (bought. 
. Tbw omuibna. iMauwhUa, k»A Immp.d 
liiain v«ry rapidly ovor tha aio.i]r atraala, 
•nd it now broaghc iliea ap la bar 
abtopUjr to tba ptar wharo ihay wara to gat 

It WM atill loiniug ataadily/wilb t^at 
dark, daadly, dapraaaii g driaola tbfti boa 
uo( ita ooaatarport auywbara alko oa tha 
faoa of tha aartn, aa I do kopa aad boliava^ 

Tba twu gau daman got oat, nnd boiatod 
tbair aBtbM.Ini. and lUMislad Ik* kdiaa to 
alight,, ■.' ■ „:: ■ 

On t,ba pier was • «rowd of tho abaroh 
ammbara, oouaiatiog of maa, woaMa and 
ohildrap, m omnibuMa, io oaba aad on foot, 
tba lattor having larg* aaiWallaa hoiatod, 
all waiting to aao ^ho aiiaaioaariaa oft 

Buaida tha piar wiiM phaiaad a larga boa% 
wa ing to taka tha Totagara to that niag- 
ailioant thrae>daokar, Baat Indiaoan, tiiat 
roda at acohor about half a nil* oat in Uw 
harboar. ■ .c 

Thara waro boavljr* thora w«ro aorrowioL 
aad thara wara ehoannggraatiagaasohanciod 
batwaop tba niaaioaanat aad tiioir friands, 
aoOordingljr aa tbcj happaaad to baloug to 
tho lasghuig or erjring aohool « of pbilo« 

%» aoeoouft of tha ittalaoiauer of tho 
wvatlMr, it waa daoidad that tho friaada 
•)io«U aot attaaupt to aooonpany tha Uttlo 
fcaii4 of jBiarionariaa to tho ahip, bat ahoold 
Hlkf^lMMra of thaaa oath*, piar. So thuro 
Ifcav; iwnad, with oMay a na nar aad 
f«rv«Bt *Ckdk4 with ]ro%' and 'Oiod^Uaaa 

^hm |wo gantiatMB hahdad tha htdioa 
urto tho hoot aad thoa fdlowod 


AaA at Ma laal.Hopoat, Joat aa tha boat 

waa p«ttiBj|offiMittio pilar, tvo of tki 
hiatluiwi from aaaong tha atfawd that 

Uft bahiad aimaltaaaooalj, daoidad th«t 

MtUa boaJ go off 
and that tbof maat g^ with tiitaa uS 

tlMiy;0o«ldiotl«t tbio 

yi aaa tltoloat of thoa^ and ao th#: 
iwrnptA down late tho kaa», to 
bmoiillifg of ita oiailibrioik 

■aoig wara. foopi far them. 
haallaatMNall holatad. Tha w 
mk tho%holiB aM tho* foor 
laid tlM«aalfoamMr 001% aad tho hoa* 

for tho anaftahia aaa 7 aad tboir doaf 
■atifo aoii for oahaowa fogMOk r 

Iraa on tho row<>boat two of tha yoiag 
woman wara aarvoaa and frightanad. 

Miaa Ooayara. I bopa yoa kooi^ ««• ao* 
pariwr to oaah waaknata. 

Thair trial, howaTar, waa a abort oaa. 
In law thaa iftaaa miaotaa thay wtira 
aloogaid* of tba.graat bnbamoth of a abip 
thatlay upon tlia waton lika aoaio ata- 
paadoaa monator of tha daap. 

Aa oAoar atood upon tba d«ok aa If waiU 
ing toywalooBM iham. And aoma aailora 
wara latting down a ropa laddw from tba 
lofty dock to tha boat. Bat to attaaipt to 
olimt> np tba aidoof thatabit^ by that moana 
anomod iika trying to orawl ap tho aida 
of a thrca*atory honaa by tho raia pipa, 
Tha two bridaa W*ra frightanad naariy got 
of thair aaaaaa at tba bara tbongbl > 

Bat Britomarto rolantoarad to go fbat, 
a<td aba aat har foot on tho lowaa^ alaok 
rj^ngcKtha laddar, and took hold of tba 
Bida rop^taaad b^gan to olimb t Mr. Biotbn 
followad oioaa bahiad har, to koap har 
from falling, aad Alto to heap har akirto ia 
ordor | aad Oapiain MoK^faio bonding Yiom 
tha doek aad holding dcwn liia haad to balp 
har up oa board. 

Bo MiM 0>nyara laf. ly toaidad tha ahip^ 
and aftar hewing h r thaakato tha captain, 
tamad aroaad aad lookad down wnh a 
amiloto Oaooarafa har oompaniona to maka 
ttM attaitipt to follow bor azaohplo. 

lira. Biy vantartdlbtat, and BritomaVta 
Btoopad aad oxtondad a band to hoiat har 
upon daok. Than lira. Braton aaaayad 
attoaatofaUy, opd aooe tba whola partyatood 
by bar aide. 

Tha boat waa to wait alongirida to taka 
baok tho two bratbtoa who waro to latam 
to tbo oity. Aad ttaaaa two laH liagorad 
00 loagaa poaaiUa. Thay Iran lotk o 
iMVo tho Uttia baMi tiU thii kat ibinata, 
fPT whoooaldtallw wba« fato thay w«ra 
aboat^ tolaoto thMa. or whoa, if or«r, thay 

I| waaaliU rafa^ag atradily. aa^ tba daok 
waa.vimwot. laaddiUo^to wbiah diaa- 
gmoaMo owonaalaaoa tho aailora waro ail 

miff Sf *** ^*^ "**^' ■****■• "^^^ *• 

•o oaa. of tha hvothraa profOMd that thair 
party abeati ad|aara to tba aaWa aad 
aaiMfoiamartoialbat oaoa iaai* baf oiv 
partiogi laa p di t g lytbayw—VbOiow aad 
ramaiaod la pmpir or motaal Oshortaiion 
aatiltbo^waraiagary, *AUbaa«pMaboi« I* 
aotitad tbam that tba partiag inMiiit aad 

▲b I wlw oaa 4M0iiba tha fbaUagi witb 
wbiohOMfbrthointiimo liurM«CoJk» 

i. Thty waat baak opoa doak ; aad ikn^ 
i|iDbtaaifel«i|w» aad traaibliar Upa. iaA 

- • I'ltifK 



<lhep«<l band*, uul (•rvtat b«B«4M loaa, t)M 
liwi adUos w«r« tpukw. 

Th» kwo brakkrmi waat bMk la th« Ultb 
boat I bat bafora ab* bad rM«b«d tb« piar, 

til* tif nai Ma waa Ar.d and tba ftalUMM 
aiood out to 


uti oM TBI tauf, 

8h« ridM mtiattiOi with bar •walliag aaila I 
Tba gallaot bark I alooK bar waUr* way, 
Ouward aha drivaa baforo tba faToariag 

Now fljing at thair laogtb tha •traaaiara 

And Mbw Ibaj rippla wtkk tka raffling brtcaa. 
r T—r-^—T — -— ^ — -. . . . --^^owrtqr. 

RiiuinghaaTity aait was, thla UttU baad 
<tt vujragun stood upoo tha daok, leaning 
oT«r tita balwarka, uadar (hair largo am- 
brallaa', WAiohiug ibo alovlj raoadiag sboMa 
«f tbairdvar oativo land. 

It is a bwro to bj alwaya daaorlbing por> 
aons I ft thara ara aooM laadora who 
alw.tjrallka to ba mada arqaalBUid with tha 
p^i-aoual appaaranoe of ovary . Qliaraotar 
«f wbioh tha^ road. J aappoaa I moat 
ta'l how Bntomar.a'a fonr oompaniubi 
looktid. / 

Fiiat tbo I wo bridaa wero oftba nfioat 
-oojniiion typa of Amanoaa famala boaaty. 
Th y wars both tall, alandar and or^oofal la 
lorm, with pala, doHoata. lutalligont 
faatara, aod rather dark bail', eyea and 
ayubrowa, and witk asah diffaranoa in tha 
deuilaief their paiaoaalitT t>» auffload to 
iodivldaaUaa than. Tbry both wora brown 
meriuo draaaaa and oloaks, and mlzad straw 
bonnets, triioniad with brown^ribKon. Tfaasa 
travailing draafaa wara a praa^nt froai tha 
' 9'ioiety/ fad wora axaotly alike. 

Tae two bridegrooms wara good spodttaaa 
ot tha'ordinary Anerioaa pvofaaaional nun— 
ull, thin, stoopino, with dark hair, aallow 
" oomplazion^ hoUow ohanks and high 
fvainrsa. I bat in no other raspaot wara tb«aa 
two man abke-»thaT woald navar hava bMn 
- takan for brotbars. I bar wara both draasad, 
not in 4larioal blaok, bntjii good, aarrioaabla, 
aeaworthy salts of dark' grat* 

Tb«y stood, aa.I said, iM«ar their^nm- 
brellaa, in tha haavy rsla^#atohing thronf h 
bUodinf taaratha abwlj^ raeadiog ahoMa of 
thair dear nativa laad. 
/ And il, inatend of rain and wind, thara 
Asd'baan anow and alaat; or thandar and 
^■ghtning, wonid they not hnva atood amidst 
th» wUdaat f nry of ' 

ihoaalwfdahoraa tUl tUf flidad ont of 
^|ltl«>«f9b wat«l|ad|b«n.aa fondly na they 

wanld hara watohad tka dying faaa •! a 
dear f Hand f 

Ah I ooald ihav hn«a f eraaeen the hortikia 
dlaaatars awaiting ihemaalv s aod their 
doooMd ship In the far off fodian Uoann, 
and tha diaadfa| perila sad privatfoila 
Ihroogh whioh ibev were fated to p laa, Iwtota 
any one •! ibam sboald reinrn to saa Miwa 
shores again I 

Or woraa, far worse I ooald they lata 
forvaeaa that awfal tornado of elvil war 
deotiaad to sweep over the whole ooaatry. 
oarrying deTastaiion in ita traok, and 
skaklug the atabili y of tha nation to its 
foaodation I 

Clonld they, I eay. have prevised all this, 
with what aognisb. horror uud despair they 
woo d hMTO caaad upon (hoae ahorae fr 

Fortauately no ptopbetio shadow of tha 
fntnra daikaaad tbair viatou, dark 
anoigk already with the doubl- mist of 
tears aod rain, tbrongh wbioh they view tha 
fading land. 

B~*me little aatnral mlsgivinit thay, 
indeed, might have telt, in leaving the Arm 
land for the nnatable ooaaa, bnt it was 
no mora khan all laadsawn azparienoa in 
put lug to sea the 0rst time, aod whieh 
they gat over in tha flrtt voyage, and 
forjet in the seoond. 

th'-y stood g«8ing at tha waning s^eia 
notil Mrs. Breton, witha ahiver, r> marked i 

* I have keard itaald that it is anlnokf lo 
watob anything qaite ont of sight, foir that 
it la a aigri we shall niiver see ii agaia* 

A 'Nonaitnar, my dear,' said Mr. Breton i* 
*bat a: least it ia ofrtainly nnlneky to stind 
oat here in the rain any longer, bmng nsnra 
sign that we shall takj oold. Lst pS g« 

' Ob no. na no i not qniU yet, p I sSaa. lial 
na aae the laat of the dear land. BUn^M 
Knows if wa shall vver aea'it again I* plsddod 
lira. Ely. 

* We have seen tha last of it, danf.* 
Miss Oonyert, softly. • That dark line I 
ttae Weatarn , borisob ia not tbn land, Int n 
lon(L low-lying elond. ' 

'Yea, I believe yon aia right,' said Mr. 
Sly. taking n SBPall taUaoqpe from his 
pooket, ano pointing it 

Ihe^ all tnraad 4i4fy away, and want 
down wto tha sal>in tliat waa set apart for 
their azolnaiTo aaa dkring tlM yoyaga. 

Now, if I deeprika tk^onbin andlts oo«. 
manioatiog atnta»ro«fw, it is beoanae I wiak 
to,ahow my yonng randars^ who hate navar 
bean on tba osstn , tba nunnsr in wbi^ flo> 
|da 'go to boasd|ins9>nt vi n grant aailuig* 

■ * " r n lopg s a > -irpy a g » i — — 

'hia oabin waa tha sine of a laiHa CMpny 
naclonr. * It was fl tad nnwitb ncrpan Bras* 

'^r/^ y-'i %l^fe'' y-.^i r..W^ 



••!• MtiN*. Mil villi iin»-«Mr« 

•bain «•< wl«b AMI l«ot-«M«li. •& 

wliii flr««a 4MM«k lo MilllMMraM. XW« 

w(M • Urfi mmk\* top oMitM ubk^ Villi • 
■•tal piMlMt Md iMtal mabUrt, All Ml 
iai* tw4 f«f«M to kMptlMM wf« «rk«a IM 
•klf k>p|W<il lo roll. Al tiM rad of Um 
Mkkia. cMoalutli* •'•!» kf «rhl«li *m mm* 
40WB, iLtr* WM • MMrbl^^aii fiiw t»lik, 
Mfi abov* 11^ • l«U iooklat- gla* i* A «Ui 
IfMMb Tmi Mvld •tM«l b*l«r« thla fmm 
Mi4 look ia i| »a4 M« raiMlM all lk«t «m 
gelaf «a •■ dtk Mora Iba aakia 4oor. 

Tkafa «•(• fowlItU* atala»r> o a w opaaiag 
aa« at tbia aabiB—lkat la ta Nf. t«a aa 
aaak tida. NaaibarOaa, oa tka rigkl*.haad 

■ida la TM «■*• 4«*" *^* ***''*i ^"^ M' 
pr«»rialad to Ik* ll/t. Kmbcr Twih ■«» 
to it OB tka tamo oida. waa aaaifaad to If lan' 
Ooayara. 1fu«b«r Tkraa, oa wa laft-ktad 
■Ida of Iba ataira. «m fflvas to ika BiatoM. 
If amkar Foar w«< taaaal 

Wiiaa oar vaf ■I!*'* !•• ^ova lato ihatr 
aaMl^ Aa Hal tkiap Ibav aotiaad wara 
tkair larga traaka. «••« kmakjoi down aaar 
tka ataM-irao* of Iki oWaar. 

'CimM,'»M Ulla CoufM tbaartallr to 
kar faaiala aoiMfaaioBa— 'ikia oakta is aa 
aoaifortaMa a« *ay baaio patloar, aad il i^ 
•o pivaaaal to kava il all to oataalvaA, with 
•11 oar UillasalaMrootfM OMBiagiato it. W* 
aaii ba aa lalky oit> aa aodUl M «a plaaaa. 
Wo aoo akf t oaiaolvM «p ft «iir «*ata- 
npBf. or Ura aaa galbar ia«aihar la Iha 
oakiA. Ilatr ik«n, staoa IkM ia to ko oOr 
fo^iavMil aio«tth», kitat|i>lo«t« vat 


:SSm»%iy 10 boaaaka*|>iag, 

tbiiikto doia to aapaok oar traaks aad ar* 

fHMa Iktlr ooalaata ia tka dfawata af aar 

'mmmm' Aad Ikaa «a aaa pit l*a 

SVIKf aatsftka ii^ la Mnm ▼aaaai 

:'12PLv%4r, aatdwo vaattham^' 

'^Sig Wirlcb. Britofliarta opaaad Ikt door 

ol lUMar Twow aad draggod kar kaavy 

lrii!r!S il.tli*» •«■?«• '•<»•'. 


" Aa an fottif Ikoaa ilala>i«oiN w#ra 
riy aliki^ %t to eoly imu aaa ai y todaaartka 
lilklkt T#« ta #ra ftm k oorraol idaa af 

m$ ifco otfMMt %•*•» 1^ '^ •*!"*• 

M$^MbttlBfM(lJtflbr«i»Vai«OBS. Hflaa 
IviMaibrto wwi aiMM, iko kad 11 all fo IMr» 
tH «Mi iMfte kftad1i>ka oalHad tka 

' '"" Kai^ijii^iioa ' anw^ awd 

A daitiidl ,drdtrB 



wMk oalM^of 



~ ila IM mt «« • ifw aiua 
wHk a lilili di i wii abo u aad 
T. Il ««i itlMl m vHk kaaia, 
Aka!#« tkia alaad waa a akalf far 
tatlai ar'iaka^ and afar tkal haag a liltl* 
btakiagalaaa ia a gUi fiwaa. Laaily. tkia 
UMla raaaa waa ligkiad ky a aaull akjr-Hgbt 
f loai Ika d««k akora. 

Brileawrla'a Iraak tllad ap aaarlj all ib» 
apaaa katvaaa iha lowar kartb aad Ika mu 
aa aaah aid% aad tba door aad tba va*li> 
ataad al aaak aad. Be aka ap ^acd kar tnink 
aad liltad oat all iia aoataata aad plaavd 
Ikaai laaiporarily aa tka aafa. Tbaa tba 
draqpd Ika aaipljr Iraak oal aad atowad it 
awaj ia tka ▼aaaat itata-reoek 

•ka waal baak aad lookad aboal for tba 
ifavata tkal aka koair eagkl in ba among 
tko tetaraa af kar room. Aad aha faaod 
tkaai. flltiag ap all tba apaoa ondar th« 
lowar barlh aad aadar Iha ao'a. Thara wero 
Iwa daop drawara aodar tba barlh aad two 
libdtardaaa tadar tka aafa. Ia ihaaa ah* 
a^kliy amagild kar wardrobe aad other 
ataota for tko vo]ra«a. 

Tkaa aka pal bar toikl appkra'aa ia ordar 
aa Ika KHla iMilh-aand nod 0« iha ahaU 
aadar Ika lookiag-glaaa. Fioally aba hOng 
ap bar mTaOiac- baa baaida %b« glaaa. 

■ba bad arorkad Aigaatly. aa thoar wcrk 
wko wiifc t» kaalik Ihoagkt. 

How lba« all waa doaa. tka loaaly Klrl 
lookad afoaad «poa ikaaoMtortaMa arranga- 
BMMita aad alidad witk a atraaca aaw eon- 
aaiaaaoaaa of aoiltada aad daaotatiao of 

ffltk aa ioBpatiaat akaka. aka triad to> 
Ikrow off tka gatkoriag fhMBi i aad ah* 
aalaalad froai bar Maall oaUMtloa af kooka 
a trblBOM of Travala ta ladia. aad aal dowu 
apaa.lka aafa to oorapy kar aiilid wirb raad- 
lag of tba aaa atr y lo wklok aka waa goinR. 

Vow, oartaialy, tkoath tkaro wara a* oil 
tbfilliag daaoriplioaa of torriMo adv. ataraa 
witk tko wild baastaialkajBBfiaa. IbalBiigHt 
fcavt Va^ad kor kalroa aad ia ajraqwtbaafc 
horror* #al tkaia waa aolhia* waatarar in 
Ika aanatlvo to draw fortk tkooa alowlY 
ga*kar«ii^ hmni^ fahiag taaralkat dropped. 
oaa kgr oaa. oa lia opaa papa. 

Ia imik, Brito««na ftaaw not what ika 
iaid. Hm viaiaa of a good aiaa'a taea 
loatad ia botwaaa kar aad tko book-a 
Ihoack'Ail, loTiag, aoblo Iboa, friMaad in 
«ftk daA artaft %kir aad baaM. awl 
•I «p bv tba glMVo, aaraiO% OOimaUihg 
ikatr kahTkaffa^ a oaJ ajitktaHii. aad 



: Xo 

■■' . - 3'--^ 



)taa4 vllh «• Miflffy liltki^ r«tt»g aU few 
btMiltwl InMfw af *• «mnN tt m tm m0 km 
bor a«Mb tat «ll w nlai l«Mrikt tkikp 
V>«><k ■•« 4«Mfi fiMn Ml •* IM ifer in, 
• A% iMf ih alia 4r«9»44 Ui« ibak, wv«r«| 
h«r fM« wall few haiMli m4 wrf I MlUirlT. 
A td ikM lb* wooMMi'i bwrt afwicad iiMlf 
ap'ife »Im woMaa'a kii«lk«t. 

8fe« vtpt w loot, thAl b^w* Mm aterti 9I 
••are baa aDant i(a paaaloa, aba waa 4>a> 
tiirb«d bf • Itaoak at Bar do*^. 

•Who ia thoraf aha daMandal^ 

- Uuijr I, daa". Wa ara totag !• Aaaar. 
Art< jrou raady f i«id tfea ▼oioa of Mra. Kv. 

*Iabialba in a aaoaMfet.'aaM Miaa Ota. 

AaJ 4ba arooa aad hatbad h«r faaa and 
iRiOo' bad bar bair. asd arr ng cd bar dNaa, 
nud waut oal to Join bar oompaoiAaa, who 
wera waiting to M» lo tfea dianar-tftbla, 
whiab w a laid ip iTia diiiiag ad«oai 4lfaoily 
ivar tb«ir eabm. 

A» Ibaia iraro M J*» g M j i UiHH tfeoy 
had BO apMpaaiONftfl lia tabk. «-xaapt tfca 
oaptain. two of bw tta:aa, tba Mrgaoo aad . 
iha aaparoarguk aaakiafk witk IbaaMaltr^a^ a 
party of tan. 

Oaataia lliKa»ili Mil at tho baad of Um 
board and HA Ukm bottOBfa an boat. B« wa» 
4 talJ. afKni, largf^bonad bob of 0>ladooia, 
with hi|^ faatarao^ aanguina oomptasioB, 
and rMl hair aad btrard 

Tha oMivaraatiOB ma apon kba waatkori 
ofoavfaa. Tha waaib«r-wiat B«raad'tli»t 
bf MMMa Ik wnald ba tbraa d«ya Wlbfa thay 
woaU bava a obaMta pf tba bmmm, thardbra' 
it naat ba thrao Agra btlora |b«9r oiMld 
hava a ahanga of wafeibar, vhoa al tba aaw 
in#ou tb* •ky »M^d olaar a0 oold aitb • 
ah4rp m\aAnm mm aorth-waai 

Tba flipto:* tad a ataial aa4 kindly aa. 
turn, tplofd #iib a UKtU 8oo:ah h^mmr. 
a« waa trarr «>Haito«i fw tha aoataatMaat 
ot kia paaaengti% hoping that thof woald 
aon«ida< (h«aMaI>|W wkifla at hopa.' waka 
tbanNalva« oomfoitabA— and ordar whatavar 
tbafwantad} and H^hatorar (Imjf ord4tad 
tbay abot^ldbava, ha ttid, aalaarto prwait 
it it ihbtild ha naoMaaary to 'boat tha ahip 
and pat baak into port^ Ui. iirhiak m^ ba 
oonli Mt proakiae. '■ ',., /■ '/ ■' 

Thotnrgaon van « aho^tv' «te«lt, bald- 
handad/ rpOBd-bodMI Htfia Ddlehttan, 
namad Tba Diyek. : Ha waa an aradita 
afho'ar, akillfal pnatitioMr, and Jovial 

TMrapbtaaMO aad th« two «ataa vaia 
ngtaafeUa yoa«f kparaad altbgathor, tha 
cdipaiy waa miMk 'Wkmm^Ut tjaa Iha 



JUfar'diafeir, aiit ma laialag haidar 
Ihaa ay«r. aad Ui» davit ««• %«nr wat^ and 

tt» m»hm af tba akl p 

fait, tha ladka Wit tt.a gviiki 

•amiad' ta th«r 

It waa aartalahr wrv iif m aia ^ thb 
kta of thtagit aad tha two WidM hafaa 

BritaaMffta addraaaad bafoalf |» lil*t«^ 
of aoaaaUagthaia. ^ - 

'OaaM»/Maaaid, •lataaMt oaraofdla- 
worh. Thara ia aariainly a aadativa i8liM»aa« 
hi a ■■tdia. Wa will waHt aaul taa.iiia# t 
aad aa «a hava all lalt aw aattva laad ta ha 
•oaipaaioaa ia a kwa voyaaa, aad faliaw- 
lahoarata ia a foaaiga laid, ara adtl aaah af 
aa ia tana tall tlia oihara aa Maah aa w Ilka 
of oar blatavy. What do yaa'aay t' 

' WiUiagly I* aaid llra^ »r, wi|#« har 

•Iahaillikait,'aaidMrk Bntaa. nt 
*Thao yoa ba|ia, d^,' aid Urilwai It, 
ad dr aaa i ag Maa. My. 
b Itatk thara «aa «ary ktlla ta ftaU. 

Mary DyiMa tha ia««hlaralVM 

BMrohaatof Iritlaiata^ who #•# 

pMtil^ aad who had 

giva ap U 

work, aad a 


raally happy ia tha halUf 

that ka had 4ffm94 to Qod aa aaaaptaUa 
Mariflaa. Shabad BMrrtad tha Bav. iah» 
■y with ail tha aataaaaaAdragaat aha aoiUd 
poaaihiT faal for a worthy yaaag aiaa whaai 
aha. bad oiUv knoira ^ i »pata> f ». 

Martha ■ralaa had haa» aa larphaa froai 
harMatt, iat aha, taa, had lalt "a aaU ' ta 

laairaiha frlaiida •! harya«th,tal 
Om a»>hiboai«r of tha 
JaafMti Br> t >n, Aad aba hi 
a mood wifa. 

Wbaa Miaa Oawyaaa' tam ( 
aha Blight bava haaa aMata taUof 1 
aha totd bat vary littK oa«fWUa||hat ai». to har aohoolSii|« tiii 
kihool f riaada. 

Oartaialy thara fan aot Bkaab ia t^ iklltf 
hiatoriaaof thaaaybuf ^Ma la 

hoar, hat tbay a^vad. aa Miaa'Oaafata jja- 
taadad tbay ab«bld i^b. ta arhUaaiiraiy Ika 
tadioaa booraM/' tba dall fl t a t ntaaia tba 
ah'p^aabiB, aad ta draw tha 
aympathy ^a«ir hataraaa tba y 

"^^^r tbJtlraa 

yonag wMMb foitaid 

ripaaa vary lapiily. 

■attltba di t* a lla t» aa B Jii p it i iata twi- 

Ughtt aad/hytba 


««*d8hia . 
talbad tngatbar' 

to tafca tbaMlk «• taa^ tbay had trim tp' 




What 1 a0/ll|bt I* Aid M«.*Hy. aa b» 
ibliht'dowp Mia aabfa MHMk'« 

Ibk ti*a wara tbikiaci tra «idai^tfaak 






VAtt fMT. 

•vlMtod to b» •wCUiiliQ«Mii,a«m i« !• 
BlMwater to til Md telli M Hi* (wiliglk^' 


TIm tM^tebl* in Un laloon »bov« w«M • 
twty «b«Mr(«l MpMt, notirub«t«adia|| th« 
nduy •vtniMt. 

tfb* * kfaidly 800%' (kptoUi If oiKmuMi hai 

tiCb««d aU ()m luBM in feh* wwingtni ohtn- 

■MiMF tiuit kauK iboTib •■id bad lif bt«d 

MVtMd^sm lamps baiidMb ^nd Mt tbam on 

. ^a latala lo auka tba placa aa brigbt-aa 

, fioMibU} and ha bad r.flad bia atoraaof 

, tbairoiiioioaat Waife India aWaaMaaata and 

Boat oh marmaladaa for tba dalaetation of Iba 

Udiaa. And to teU tba ttnUi, tba two 

-brida^ tboafbtbair ayot vara atiU rod wiib 

iManft waapiDft did loll Joatioa Co tbaaa 

■iANnttai I lar yanib aan aa* and waap at tba 

aama sfiaor'aad aujogr tba loury of tann 

4uid of tba^iMi aiMiataMaMly. 

Tbaco waa alao at tba tabta^tba old Datob 

-doctor, tbo jonaf JUlab aofaioariio and two 

naw Burtaa. 1Fb« oaptain bad foVt bot two 

<of tbaaa alwiqra took twrna irttb tfca otbor 

>#|rb to lOBMibi an dcok. 

▲ItMf «a% tba ladiaa a^ain lafl tbo ganaa- 
aMn wMb tia aUdara of tba abip and want 
•doian Into tbair atbiob 

I a bcipit (Aanga. 

tigbtad ap bgr a obaadaliOr 

fi^i^t voiMa.' wbo lookad ao Uko « gip«y 

•Too ata tbo atowbrdaM of tbIaaaMnf 

«T«irno'«a>«' iild *• wcfcan, not oaaa 

«ir^ iKSi.i?iKn^i;s^^ 

waa m&bingaa alio aitok^ 

* Tban, aa wo aro to ba a long tim to- 
jatbar» Ibopa wa aball ba good fHaada.' 

*fl|ank7oo,ma'aflB:' ^ 
'Tbia voyi«« o|>Pmu« to ba a vonr for- 
Midabla o«a to bm ata4 tey frienda t but 10 
yoo, I dwa aay, it ipm aot »wm wo. , Yuu 
bava aMdaatitaral T^agea toIodia,parbap«, ' 
•aid If la* Ooayata. 

And bar two yoang aoaapaniona looked at 
tba atowardaaa witb. a aanaa of oonaoiation 
in tba oontanapbtioa'of a wotnan lik« tbeni- 
aalTM wbo bad aafled to India and oom« 
book n<^ aOTanl tifl^fb mi wbo waa not/ 

'«Tea,'aa*aBb lljr ti^ti^ la tar|lantar on 
tbi* ship, and,! MB aU tbat baloagi to hiai 
andlal#a]ag6 wbab tbora aro any lady 
paaaangar^ af tban moat alwaya i8.'i&awer > 
ad tba woman. . , 

* Wera yoa avar aaa>tfek« alawardaMf io- 
qnirad Mra. £l)r. 

'Ko. ma'am, fpcoi itot'^Mt lb|^ flnt ^ 

'Dj TOO aver gat Irifhtaitod In a atortii, 
atawardaaat' ioqaiiad Mrs. Braton. 

*Bmt% yaa, aa'un. aomstima^ wbaat thu 
4ddp ia rowing till it'a bka tba kaal is aa 
oftaa apparmoat a« tba daok, a^d «ha wavea 
rising and tbaoloada lowanog till ya oan't 
|aU tba aay from tbo aky 1' 

* Qb I aod tban wbat do yoa do!' inqaired 
MnT Kly, witb a #a^iod look. 

* Baro tbara'a bat tfo* tbiag to d^ ma'am 
»-I firil <m iaj h g aa ^ .aad pray**- 

<;WiU tbara ba many atorma on thia 
mMa^ do T<m titink, aiawardMs f" aaked 

*Wal^ ma'am, lagging from wbat I hav« 
aosn baloro. I aboald tbiuk tbora might tie. 
Wa bava got toiaaat tba trada winda* And 
fb^D^ ia fpifaiig roand tbe oapO^ w* al«ray« 
JwTo d vtby weatbar» aod ia tba Ibdiaa Buy 
wabovotbo tynbooB.' 

*0b, daorl «lh; daar I tbat ts T«rjr dread- 
faL atawardaaa I' abaddaiod If rs. B y. 
jfi(|t OoajFora tboaght 1^ araa timr to pur 
L a atop to twi tteritymg doMraraatiOaS ot> alia 

^ _ ^^_ lava aarrivod tbaa aO, bowavor, 

ladaabaMiatRbt bava baan araaX' 8ba wm. jtewardtoa r Baiil ii^ vat^jMrl^WordJor aa 
■ ■ " fcAlNMt» jtaf . aUtt aad a graaH.. 'M.J^-iiini3^:otl^ 

itbatbooffirom tbooailing,and maka ovary- 
teak ' 

bogbtartlwait baddoaobyda^ 

(toam OB! tbo marblo tabla, witb 

ita araMran^ aarrioiy aad oa tiia bngbt 

MSB iaaapsl. |mi4 brtabt graaa obaira and 

, aillai^ aad aa tbornikUd nunor, aad oa tbo 

rwhitaid«na ¥ tM^atoto^reooia,^ aad finally 

'"Mom tbaiibri of *«trangar wluMa tbaj bad 

. vlMfewaa»JMndaoam<yoaac £riab woaian, 
^wibainaiittiagaboaft tba oabia* and in and 
:-<taib'apwi>i-.-.tba- >at»ta go oa i a oarr^'ingiato 
<'««Mlaft«Mi watai^ olaaB towolsb Bu^t t apm a , 
itBadia o aa ytbiag alao tbat waa Baa d a d iaa tbo 
'',oi|t«»agaBd.t|Mi:'aM<raiBg.~; ' 
• '' ' '■ -:1f|i8nBiaB^batar, . wbaaa baart wanBad- to 

•oviary araatan* ia tba form of aoaiao, iai» 
^a^watoly antdaaaaaaiBtaaaa witb bA; 

jBhamaaa iPOijtttaUaad iim^Iooking woama, 
' MMiha«olMavalopadtanni,angabirf«atora% 

ii/mmf^ aoiiplaaiMi, tmA graat b^Mkayos 

qimd a y a b ta w% aad »ob blaoik bair« of wbiab 

a|iak,aB4 kad« 

ailk baadkare^ 
ladar bar ;Obia 

of OOiOBtiM ^.\ 

ia Aad * Jady. wa aw— Jady m 


'J^Stlfi Jffi^d^ 


yoa a ra 

rjk» Ptf?., 



ffffally not tBBM • Vietaf* I htff' Nka of 
that Jadith n^ho «at «CllMlMadnf Bi>l6- 
{•mes,* Mid MiwOoajMTB, tookittf Bdairiiif^ 
ly QDoo tbia KtadsooiB Irish pMaaat 

• 8iirr« thm, «7 hdy, ywi'r* sol thlokiag 
I look Uk« • nvrtkwvr t' mM Jttditk ip 


' 8bo WMOO mardorcM. 8h« oat off tko 
bead of tbe poiaa iMdor^ kns ok* did il b 
the wrTioa of tbo Lord.* 

• Wm oho • taiint^ tkia, maVm f 
•Itkinkdio WMb' laid the itea^iator, 


• Thfn, e«ra, Vm |Aad I look Uko her, 
ma'am, th^gh. faith.^ don't think I ootUd 
ant off th4 hood of a omo MItlralf , avMi l» 
the MPrloa of the Lord.' 

: 'Save as, ma'am I ooald JO t* • 

'Under similar oireamataMea, Joditk.^ 

*.Tban ye are betthsr nor moeolf, ma'aiq. 
Bot tore me name is Mt tJadith, at all I 
It i* Jacly, a« me motbor^ was heigNrs mo. 
And wiih7oorIat»,ma'am,«bo'obooBaaaint 
iu HiTventheee tin year.* 

While Jndith spoiu^ tho ceatlemen wore 
heard oominn down into too oabin, and 
the ai|^y qaeen haatily catberod np bar 
lantmg oloth, briiaboa and watarHoaa, and 

< i am afraid yon b«Ta all boon very d«Il 
dowiii^ere, -said Mr. BIf, irko!«fS the first 
to en^r. 

' Not at all. ^0 bare beaa tolklag wltk 
the atavardese. Sheiaqaito • dUunietor,* 
tnawored bia iHfo, ^ 

Tho two yonot maa oaao and aaated 
themaelvea at tba taUe, vitk tko avideat 
intention of trying to sukke themaelTea 
•ntertamiagi bat tbagr did ao* know bow to 

The yoang wooMndhiw tbdr litda aoodlor 
irork from thoirwoHc-baskota, and boon f 

•What sort of wsatbor la it aborof 
inqnired Mra. Brotott. 

^ Boiningi ^UltaiBiag as if ft navor stsnt 
to ato|k' said her bn^tuid. Aad than ailonoo 
fall It WW Mw Mt soToo o'oloofc, and 
thorowaro^tloas^^brso dEgadfnl hours to 
fet rid tg bafoip tho OMrliaatbod-timo. 

Tba yomg jMii ■ijimijtp havo 
loand Itttia to mij. VbotroOmMay.iadosd, 
araa not eibi|«ratia& Tho dull evAiing 
ikreatsMli tft doopoafatea din«al ona? 
6Htoaarto.loohsdat bor^woftmalo oooi- 
VaaiMML a«l aiw tba* tkey troM rMdy to 
aqragria. Tbaaaa insaimtioa oiima ttpoa 
tor. aoiaiag-bor WoatiM voioo ia ono of 
tho aaoat sa¥litM>'f lafos ti sasted maaia^ 
to mag tkat gtand old hyaia 

ohaagad thtoa of tti) woida, bioa a s fc aM 
said, wo aro adao oC it **aaiatB at Ika 
Lord.** 8i»o sang t 

**llow'irm a fooadatloa, yo obildiaa il 

Is laid for yoar faltk fa bis aseaUaat 

" word I 
What more ooald bo say to joa tbaa bo 

bath aaid, 
Toa who to Jeana for xafna* hath Sad f 

'*.* Wboa through the tteep waters I oall JPOM 
togo^ * 

The ooeana of woo aball aot yoa OTor* 

for I win bs witk y!iMC jVic triUI to 

•■ •■ bless, ■•■■'. ;'. ■■■• 

Aad saootifiyto joa yoar ittaMMt Mis' 
. ■ ■ ., treaa.*'* "■:■ 

Sbosaig tho whole hymn, bat it is too long 
to faoto hero. Wboa sbe began to alog, 
bar baarera wars at flrat a littw aorprisedj 
bataaskowehtoa tli*T became eatraoeed 
aad eaalted. One by oaa thoy Joiaed her. 
Hot tbim, as I think I told,y«iJwf<>r«» was 
Ok o^oar, fiaro^ olaatia aofrnno. TlfiL two 
bdieajoioed bar timidly at firat, Mfiing 
aeeond. Then ICr. Sijra TOtoe straek la 
with itadeap baae, and lljr. Braioa aang 
tenor. fi|n$ all their notes seemed to ba 
aabonia by tba wiagad Toiso of Britoaiart*, 
waiobseaaiad to soar and rioavo tba air 
Uko sooM beavo&-*boaad bird. 

Whoa tho hymn waa fintahodi aad iUiair 
Toiaaa diad away ia ailanoa. tb«^ ailenoo, 
deaf and impreaaiva,' ramaiaad • aabrokaa 
for aoBM mmatea. All isH stiCrad .aad 
onltad by th* iaarvallaaavaawar of (/ha , 
ainger, bat noae paid bar tba lalo ObakpU^ 
ment of tolling hor that wbiah shpf 
already kaew-i^what a wonduid gilt sla 

At length Mra. Bly whiiparad t 
* Sing it agaiii'-K>h I plaaaa aing it a^aia, 
tho aamoapirit: n 


tbathioaoallottodlaai^ ftalmgglar. 8ha aha 

or aoaMniag alaa in 
dooa aa ao auidi good.* 

lliaaOoayaraaiailad aad laokod aroand 
apon bar ooanaanioiaa. flboiag that thoir 
faooa aaooaded lira. Jt^% jpJtItioa, hor 
Toioe oBoa bmwo aroaa ia that glorioaa old 
hyaui of Sir Walfter 8aott^ hagtaaiag t 

• Wh«n laraal of Iko Lord balovad. 

Oat faam «ho hmd of boadago aama, 
Har faUier'a Qod hoforo hariMvod, 
Aa awfU gaido ia otoalaaadiaaM r 

Tho offialaf thia hv am ma ovaa liora 
impnoaiire and andtiag tbaa that dt tlM 
h«t. All Joiaod ia aa JMoia^ Aaditwaa 
oa> wbaii Atf aapiatJ, that BHtbauurto 
dlaootortd, thoy bad a JMgna aadiaim# tlma 
^ iUMl aatiolpatikl. ^ ii»*^ 



Trim rtAT. 



S tlw h9Md ot th« »t»iw,Jirt«ri|it «•' # 
•tolipg. Ob bd»« iM^ howtm. fli^f dl*. 

*1S^til*p»rtyMni«Nwna other b^ma^i 

SiftlnM,Mi<lMMur«d<toav.s*iteM« to tMr 
ttfUM^BOiw t •ni wh«B thair tmBiMBliks 
jooMVt WM wrar, they had^wjiin* pnfMi 
Q^. And thtB. thjoih It WMT otiU 

JSi/r 'lood Bight.' ond MpBnMd te Ntlio 
%th«lrt»**aitoto.roo«i. „ 

/ oSiBg OB thB mM of th« mb, Bad rolllnf t 

■ •ioMBiaglr* Mtm mom»at*^MUtJ^ 

had ootiBto iMt itBtorrooiB, rMled oboBt. 

fho Ud fBOhiDftd »>«^d.y dm. tor,B 

Bi||ht-«nBpp«r, BBd iBfBtd iBto^h«r^b*th. 

IBmS lodK^thB tOOkiB* thot fcBd ¥ij«l iO 

mSMtioc to her whlto ih» WW to iita 


- *?.;■■ 

■BriibrpSiltioB f^uiMd I'.l ohBiMtMVBBd 

b£aM/KHib«lB|lrTBni.|^ MOthiBJ BBd 
SS^ Add UlOBB iBlBBtiBBMU shB 

fihik ^ I tEft; B«zt iMTBlBf. fital «f 
BBoB tk* ahyliDt thBt 11 wm tBiBlarBB'fMi 

M^kdBiid oir«tB«id^ Wa. BWi«y «oWBBB<l«r 
fZSnomvhMO. Asd dM hoilidf, lacttBd 
SfXiBirQii oBo «id« of tho tuw^tami'w^ 
STSSlMitttVtb tho MiUBA'atti tliii 
JSSlir&oioor. IBB wo>V tioiUpwM 

HKiWBAfl^ UfUd htt hiMd with tho is. 

' la«SrofiiWfc iNl* dfovpad it iBiBMdioto. 

|rtoriitdt1lii& « lomp'vf liwhBBdth. 

^iSTw MM ^iBpidljr Bfe UMihlO wnt 

thTBtBt tCoo dBjrB.^iB.fiir h»j^«M»f w 

Sbm it niBodlbni, wifh a^tail wMi dMid 
iBtt 1S» ^trBrttMBt ■Wl^ ^W^^ 

h£mj'flNm ItMB to tf«t» t Md Bil 

tikoi|iMbBMFS .wori dr 

jMMUTotMMff -^^ 
iQ^iivM hwtd to m 
PIMM «Bd o«aiplBtoti 
ioirilB 4mm liBt..bo44iB 

__ tolhod^tohBt«a 
, hBt, b. rf i toi Bad; wBttr-n 
«H* WM OBfriod toto tho ■C.tO'rooaB to: 
SSiiIShK, Bhd bNtigil m% to-*-WBdl 

tio toorBiBk ^tbolMrth 
ltiM»B toflMboMtt^ no 




IliMOmyoB WBB tho ao«t, aod hor re- 
ifory WB. M iMip oto oo it WOa MtddiB. 
Ob thBt BMTBiBC Jodith EiordoB h^ 
biroB#ht har B oBp of bUok tto Bod b ftoto 
of dry toBBt, bU WMOb^ .with th* ohMring 
BOW* thai tho wiod hadahiftad to tho Bortb^ 
««at, BBd4bBt it waa daartog off *l> BBtifnl 

lad 'farthMrBMro that *tko gtotlamin^ 
bloa. thin,' had got wwU aad goao to bnalc 
faat, «hd ' tlM ladi«% Lord batirB* *bim Bn<» 
harau #an aiaoh battor, tho darltoga.' 

Ob tiyiog tha aBpariBMBt. BnWBUri^ 
fpBBd toat aba ooBld raiM bar baad Wlthoot 
lOatogoll idao ol tha whaioaboBta of h«r 
olbor Ihwahin i ood, Buwootar, that aba 
oQvld rolidb har t«B asd toaal aadalao keep 
them OB her itoBuohi then., oo Bwktng 
•Bother ai|^ vootBre^ aho ^UaooTored 
thai aba oottld eotoiJly ge> Bf aod dreae 


,> And 'dMi^ "b* walked ont toto the oBbin, 

*ototbed BBd to her right mtod.' 

*Aioitbe (MBtlcawB <qp Bt breakfaat, did 
yoB eair, Jaditbt* aba loqaiiod. ^ 

*8Bre yoe, Bu'aas thay'ko Jiat attber go> 
iagBB.' . ". 

TjJid Ike ladieaf . ^ . 

••ore. jMlami tkeyW to bed yo^ the 


•VheBlmpBrtbameaobBTiait. I-fhiBk/ 
BBidMieoQDBjarK^Budebe er^Bt BBd knock- 
ed ioftly at llnmber Oae. 

<A eaf^ weak ^Ombo to,' BBtkoriatd her to 
opea thetdoett BBd OBter. 

If iry Sly waa Ifiag ob the berth losing 
vor% BoloBod feeble* 

MiiB Okmrer. upproaobed her cbeerfnlly,^ 
tomoeor, Miytog"- 

'flowdoyoBdot I lM>pe yoB itre getting 
belter, liko i am. 1 feel like a aew ereatnre 

*i)&yimt Oh, I wiah I did I I baVa bed 
a Atoadtot time. Bat nrbat do. job |biuk 
Waa Hie oary WONtof it alif Wity, having 
tobeBBfoedby aatvafgo yMag a^Uke 
BMhorSy. CNs I wte hocridi Howl 
did wwh ibBl i W9 fwk* 

BritoihBir ^ lb* 'pak-bBtor, wtoeoi^nd 
ttnwi^^diilfoko bod beta oMiBg; Then 
toBUtytotkakweai IMo falelieo thet^ 
iri«Ta«Bad«ptoliliBi a«*«atto|ly. ehe 
oiidi. ■■■' 


^'1. iSMAkiM la 

vwwod Vfore 

' *0h, M> *»' ^ ^^** ^^ f**^ ^t">ff 
MaMwlMa kewaoaoaiBalrBilBtoWBiton 

hli<iilf I bat atill I dti m ■ikh irhh» "''■'« 

I .«Bt m dMdlf iiakr ki wo«|d«i(#way^ 


* ■ 


And •• Ajr «■ il I get Utcar nottwUiited.witk 

'T«i, dMT 1 1 data Mjr it wm Twjr cm- 
to TMiiof to yoa I batik It ,j»U ovw^aov/ 
••id B-itonBurt*, atooping mkI kiMiitf tb« 
poor litfl* fae* t and tlMa add tag with a 
•mil»^'Aad now I Imto «hm to g«t you 

^Ob, dear. JWI art vanr ffood t bat I 
«oaId not lift mf btad I know I eoaldn't ) 
I bavtn't lifttd it for tiirM dajrt.' 

* Th«a It it timt troa had. What hart 
joa takan for hrtaknt: r ' 

' Oh, aot|ung at all I dida*t dart to' try. 
Z ha«|^'t hMn ahlt to ktfp aaythiag on mtj 
' — "*- -iBOtMoadty.' 

It it time TOO had,* ttid Mitt 
And the attpptd oa. iato 
_^„.,^, ___ told Jodith to Ifring to 
ITaialKnr Out jutt tiioo a oap of'teaaad 
pUtt of toaa- at tho had hrovg}|k tolTaaitor 

And whta thtttrtfrtthmtattwt^t r ady, 
If ■•• Conytrt ptrtaaded htr yeaag fHtnd to 
«u throagb all tht «zperiaitnu that ahi| btr» 
ttU bad triad to taootatfally. 

And haallt th* bronght Mary |ij.o«t 
intothteabi* ahd ^otoonotd htr <Min|ott> 
ably ia oat of tht taty«dhairt.»- . , ! 

:Not a rotkiag oat, if '^yoa ploaa^^' 
pleadtd tht diofy ei^atora. 'IfaoTthaA 
rooking tDoath to iMt ■• tht remaind^ 
of aiy lift.* So tho vat pat ia a atoady 

Aad ntxtlfitt OoBytnwoatiatoKanibtr 
Thrtt to look alttr th« rtmalaiag patieak. 

She foand Martha BtilMt jottatpala. 
fttblt and datpoo^iag. aad Jotft at i»«r«4al- 
«at of tho potdbility of hroakfiiatiiig aad 
ntiar ood^rtMlBi^ at MaiT Mj had bata. 
Bat Mitt Oooytrt rtaorttd totxaoklytho 
oaait oitaaa aad had; tho jp«m WMtta with 
tht oooaft with tht othfi^ . 

Andwhaltd Martha JiiatdBoatia tciaapk 
aad p^ot4 htr iataothto obair, '^ 

* Ahoat 9O0B yoB maak bokh tq^ togtt ap 

' ^T^^'^ ^!L^*JX^ f?* «P tl>^ Pow, aad 

taagth aad 
taUtk' tho 


tbt frtth air will gpta 

appttito'lo go^to Iha 

^d. •' 

iato htr 

oltak at 


"» ■ 



aa tho Inard tha two yMdifl 
dowa thtoabia akairt»ahowoal 
aadpatoa htr hoaaok, 
•at to go 


_, . - -_ , • tao aoatd 
at- Iht.'fliy yol«« haihaadtf 
aiaMtat;aiar thtif wirta. btad« 
th^ with teikha al aiUioaata 

That tapplMDtatary lidla waaa 


fal favoar froat Iwr— tht aiaa-battr^il thMr 
hadbatkaoarait, , T^ 

'■■•■:■;/-'• -iwAMBfc'xi.:.:-^- V- '^•; 

A anwirara moovm'BK — a umoi'B 
•wramni . 

What tara I for thy oarolttaotttf . 

I give froai foantt that ov«i fl •w,. 
BeaardU tt that- tliejr powar to blta||i y 

Ttiy apirit oaapyt f«tl orkaow. 

I 4iv« that loTO aa Goi^giVtt Ught, 
Apart froBi awrit or from praytr, 

. Bd Moing ia itt owa dtlightk 
A-id frotr thaa tht boaadlttt air. 


Whoii SritoiBMMo laaohtd tht dtok tha" 
watrep>id for tht' rflbrt aht had laadt. 
Firat alia foaad, thoagh »h* giptioa of ^ 
thip wat ttill Ttijy jpi«ai& it hblongtr uado 
hor dUmj, aadihat tht oOa!d koep htr fott 
Tory w«lt; for ovtny brtath of thoaiigaw 
atitiiig airrtatwtd btritrtagth. ' ' > 

Thta aha tao^ thai afttr tho 'dirty 
woatbtr' tbo atilort bad laadt aH tidy aad 
tht dtok wat eloaa aOd dry. 

Thtrt wore bot ft# talk att, tho aaiia 
tOD tail, tho foroooartt aad tht [ih, for tho 
thip vaa flyiag brfort a Ina atrong oorth- 
wttt wjtid— ar fair wiad, aiaoa htr ooaraa ^ 
waatoath-taai ■ , 

Walhiag forward, Bri - oauurtothqariit 'tho 
441^ Waa almoat dtterttd t ba j lortmA aft. 
tht tawagroap of gtatiaaitB aadollotrf 
gathertd near tht tttortgf 1 to tha wpat 
OB aad ttattd hoMMff ateot oa Oat of Urn 
ooilt of rope Itowrd a^aiptt tht balwi^ia. 

Mtr eytt waadarcd oWr tht adtao. 

What ajnuMCiahliiBt and gkrieoi Maad' 
it waa. Tail Mao aad boaBalrtt tta,. aa- 
dalatiag nndtr tht blat aad boaadltat akf; 
Oat vavt ^ki of airabotOi oao vatt dre'o 
of water btlow. Not a bird to ha ttoa la 
all the air, fwt a' taU toho tataaa all tha 

Thoir owa loaid^ diip waa Hk otatiw of 
thit oirtlt aad tho oaAf oat witkia it ' tbo 
tolitado of thit taoBO^araMCrta aioro ata** 
peadoat thaa ita vaatBffi^ 

Oaaiag. Bn oaiarto t4ak Iato thoaghk. 
thea iato dnMrta, thta alBMit iato traaot. 

What plat Sli waa tho btaatifal »aa. 
hater tlrUf «^ itoia la thatM|fiflig|tnlBg 

Whativtr it m it wrapl 6or wholo.faat 
la aa t h tii n inl io ii •» profoaal. that aba dU 


dookt iNr^ahtait tho foria'thiM t|Ba# 






k«iicU k«V tho«^ th«t form tlidtMwd b«r ill* •ffwt limt 1 wott d nt*«r hmtybut wife, 
tiom Ik* ftyu« apny that had bkgan to W«i ' In ib« preient «tet« jtf tli* Uvj^ ao oiroom 
hVr dotbiajli nor did iIm blMom* ootraoioat 
4>r tb« hU tMl«r*« prMMo* mit»i b* atoopwl 
to h<-r Mtr Mtf l»N«(b«d ii«r aaiM t 


hwc, lo*kr 


8h««twrte^ Mid la^ad 
jMtin EiMMtlMl staod b«: 
iiiff t«nd«rl]r do«ra ia^^liMr fa«t. 

/ -liy— ^.r 

la^rMBaaiiMirf lb* vt^wtd 
4>f ttaallMtiii^ , 

In tba Srtt sboek of bar'' IbrBriM 
M«4d'a) 'bte with 'wiMUy dilated aya^ «« 
tbo«f|h ba bi|d b4M» lia apparitioa tron tba 
aaMan wori^MHid Mm aoettied toibialctbal 
iha WMkiatrdaaa* or ibit iha bad Itat liar 

•taaotTo'^bUi world ooald i£daof' oia'to 
nar^ I and if any power in Hoaraa ooald 
o9«pel ma to do m. and leavf ma tba'fraa- 
dom of ehoioe, yon ara tba laat nan in tba 
bo«indl<8a nnivcraa ,i>at I wrold obooac f 
axalaimad Brltoaiart*, indicnantly. 
^^Bitt wbyf ^aaotioood bar lovar, Hrlrb 
jjiovoUnt oaliamcaa. 

r.«"Whyr Do yoii'aaJt pa "Wbyr 
Beeaaaa j(>n ara a nataral bcm datp6t, fall 
of dogfrti pendataaoa to aaforoa yonrwUl, 
ygb$a joii oaa. Ton ara a ma» who, if yon 
bad livad ia tbaaa madisTaJ alRai whiob yon 
areaalorfd of apiolUur. and, bad loved a 
_ woman' who did not ratainyovr lot*, would 

nitoL Tl^ia tbaoartaiiity,thoraAlM> hara Woiraitd htr oartla ^ai^daarrlad her of 
al tba pcacaiiktfpidly ffaw apoa hai^-aa ••ptiTato yowown/iaid the qan^ter, 
0ha iiM«i>miaK» !!>•« f* wiM bo^^^^ 


.ioaLaad dnty of oolf'«»|nuaatioB. Thvn hit looked 
ip and aiMwarod. fraTely t . 
jMiaa. '«aia ^ay aa a »a » •«• wmmmm^,*^^ /I tijtok yon arajigb^I tbtnk ** miite 
«««^ - # '. r~ . _.,- »*_^^ JJ ^^ U^^- laboald. Tcib Brttomarta, it I had 

•ad flap* !!▼•« lii thoao dark acaflb and ran had biait 

'^ 1 

JiitiikBfl»«»»h»»»>«^J»WikidharlAloTM, ^ Htriowr*wrt»^Jda bwrdad ohinnpoa 
tlat^M itaadM bafot»>hafr' -an ovw bta^e8r^«Bd».«med toba encased in the 
whotaiiPf «M*rWjoy itiad bar. 
|)4tea aha bad tiam to awtrol karoo a a n n* 
* aad radiAtad,fMi« 

m; '<tkia ^oy k p aa iad aad radii 
try foatatvot kar baaatifat faoa. 
It tka w o am ab o od - kapt kowid 
ra ia tko lowaat doptha of liar 

aTKry laaiaraw afr aaMimai "aw.. *• "*« 

aait tka woiMbaad- kapt koaad aad flap* .-.••. ^ ^ 

dvaia lfca>waat dap^ha^of tka.lady of tko eaatlo. tbot I lOTed .and 

■rida and Vibaipta. bid anddaa^ bant bar 
SSSfl aM^kadft^ briikariraad Ugkt. 
Kwaakatfaroaaiaalas* tMt vombabood 
2bir»| itwill^ for ia tka anrt. tb* aiaa-' 
jSar I a oaaaiftad bar, aatprataafly; aad pat a 

iird«poB kar ooaateaaBOe. . y . 

fHMid J«ittai. aaiwariagkM>Mffoaa 
of ooaa aaaaor wltk a Vvaliaf 


•Ton kara I* aka * a a 1a i w pd . 
, ♦yaa.'. . ■ ' ■> "■ 

•Is waa im* » ^!>«N» aBbiri^^okal^ baC 
Aotde^rytMaK- ^ 

'Uniy'an yoa karaf jdMr 

Bat t(M* a aaa m p t faa al ^ ^ 

toalpla. HakM^aoan-tkbtwaplaatiaah 
tff ;M' t» fl a adi n it ittat jayoi^kar Um,vaA 
..avaa if ka k«d avar oMartataod a*y 4 
«f k«r raal faaUMt ^awarda ki*. 

M^w^mm imm dkfaU^d. 
^yltod kipiOlf knidakar^ai 

«i«k >M4l^i¥«ks aad iMbifii^^f^^ 


ooald not win, I|htnk-iadead I know->^:l 
ihaald kata aaaka^ yoar oaatlo and oarriail 
fM;off to my-own i bat tbeni know I ahoald 
kiVa area yonr love, and mada yoa •»? wife, 
aad okariahtd y$n aa the deareat o)J<et;of 
my li^aad boati feithfal to yon anto death i^ 
ha addad, airfamnly. 

* * Doa'i awka tka mat:ar parataiil to too I* 
ayo'aiiaed tka yoong' raformer, proadly, 
VI ooald aa-: bKTa b(^ that aoman to h*va 
oaraaaed' tlia hand. of aty ooaqaai^. Kr 
ooaldrtba aiiddla aaia b«Ta broagkt bm fortli. ' 
I am the otaild <tf tka aiaataeatli oantary-^ . 
of, tka twantiatb I aooMtiniaa tkiai^ whan I ' 
aaa,howdark witk isaonnoo, injnatioa, and 
oppraMioa thia koMtcd aiaataaath oeatary 
ia. 8o aovar fancy mo Ihriac la fbo midd o 
«fea aad aoriaf ' ^ P**^ ** * whipped < 
apaaial. JUm m» oat of tka ateryi' 

*Taa^yao, aartt^tfy/aofdJaatin. aaiil^ 
yto •Hyoa wiUlaifaoMOaKot it| aotalaa. 
STyoa pat aa 4owa lato tka middle afaa^ 
tlMa«klt ia opiy iaiaiigiaatiiMi^ t witt taka 
yaodowa witk miit fat Ii«aaao|, «. (atker 
aritt aot. i|o aaywkora witkoat yoaiV 
', 'Or Awhr mo, to; j|a ai^wk^ witkoat^^ ' 
yiib it iMifia. ' aaid Bitamirf «, biilctly* 

ii^aaatdkawrthT^. ., ' .■.,.[ • 
ZTBo tkifc ikaa, n iko '* ai«t«at da y " yoa 
to y^tya^^wka^ yoa wora i^i^atnjBii^ 



I* ^ 



tjttft Pikt: 

„ * And' Sfinlfn* n^tmt •s|diiiB«4. It 
Mft lilM hivr to lM^«o rteanrcd wl.h ■•.' ' 
* 11^ liittr . wm in hononr botmd to kotp 

'Bot why^ thooU yoar Miloa ia tlna 
. aiattir h«T« dmb kept • Moret ? It Mr mt to 
.otto {bill hMi^NM»M> iifittooa Mad norar "^ 

'thftt fa- ft nittik^ SoMtlfaiM th^ 
aiaiit. My liMndcd yoygt •$/*» kept m 
MontbffattiiltliO^gbk U jm diaoorand 
thftt I #•• to W year felto^-Toyagcr. jtm 
woold noTtir mlwrk on thig tii^«rpru«.' 
. ' ThM I aovi^r iliAald h»T«'doBk,' -^ 

* And ffibmt Ttlasblc MrriiMo woold biT* 
bMo iMt to tlio nfadoo,* i»M JiMlia, iHth 
4 dUtkt amile. -\. 

H« qr)N iMfcod Ji*; n^o cMmt dowtf 
opon him with a ttaaohuit Mom. in bar 
oast worda. 

•Woaailadda Tii^ay. thtk ia Batqr- 
day. thaflftk day oat, and wt hsra not amn 
aof thing of TOO Antil thia m«rnu>g. frvr, 
do yon oou'aidai^ it eoadaet; .wtirtky ' of a 
tandamas to aoiia- aaorally opon th» <ahipr 

preiniaaa.. I. : did ^ ndt "4^aM^ ^aoratly 
oa tlie ikip. *I angng d' ttjwalf aa olark 
to tba «<ptaia, who la aa hlA* friend of 

Jar family. Trie, lint- ifkj, • it ia trnft, I 
apt oat of yonr aicht, taat. if yoa k'appahad' 
to m^ mp, yon m.lght taka fli|dit aad ob kaok 
ok Wia pilot-boat.' ' ^ 5 
*^I Tarily ball;^ tkail dioald kato.doaa 

/Ibertaialy yo« woald | -aad ta f aaid ha- 
fora. yoartalaaUa aarriofa woeld baimliaaa 
loat to tkl^ tkiarioa; To blv^ata wkidi mi»* 
fortimaXkapt oat of war iigkt aad In-tka 
oaptaln'a olb*. w^ I o^iM myaalf ia 
amn«taff kia kaoka aad pepera antil tka 
pilot #aat kaak. After wkiok, aalt waa 
impoaaiklayoa'ahoald awim kaak Id tko 
mainUmd,l«d aot iaind afcOwlaK ttyaalf 
at tka ttit^a. Bat aafortaaatfly yoa wera 
Ma-aioki txA 1 ooaM aiti aao yoa aatil tkia 
. ■tontaic.V '; 

. •Bat wal H light, waa ft waaly* waa it 
honoarakir* to f^bw ala la thia M^avarf 
Movnfal'y aoMtianad tka aika-batah 

* Tm. lllaa Oooyar*. it- Waa aQ tkft,' **ld 
JaaMa. grft«^» *I titid yoa ia tka keffian 
niag tkat I iamt^ yott with a|y whoMMMrt 
andaMl J far jNm JMid for^ atei|^ i Jhat I' 
akonUi aiala'^r^ fliat o%o|^ mj Ufa to 
w« yoa , tott i ng wait%U ot> — »^— *- - ^'^'^- 

ooaatiintioa, aad ooold andata a gfaat daal 
of«akfl«riafffMragNat,lMiirthi»f tiOM. jiai 
I do aajr that I do not ehooaa to liva withoat 
yoa. So maak' doj lova yoa^ ao hopafal I 
arndf wiaaiagy^B.' 

* Yoa ara veiy amwaatind prcaariiptaoaa 
to My ao I* Sftibad t|iimaa:katar, asvaie&. 

^Noi tharaagaiayoaialauka. Myilovn 
for yoa ia a» far from praanrnptioai aa it ia 
firom kc^l)Man«aa. I saw f fnm Ik* irat 
kow TOar natara fa diiridad agaiiat itaa)f-l 
kow yonr iatellakt kaO armad itaalf. ka»da<. 


lauoa <fr waat yoa tana wooMia'a rigkta, 
Wkiloy^ar kaarl ^aa MMMkJll«( witk wo- 
maa'a |baadetaft ;l0!ra-*aad my kaaiA aaifat» 
mak4 yba aft oiajrf|kyoaraalf i t^Tooono'la 

miipit ko iaep«Batikl&4itk tka paraaift of 
tkatoMaM. J«^tibt lay X ooafld tvotUra 
witkoafi^ >w i Vi^ ft akaad, atr^ 

tka qoairal kaiwi(«B yoar kaart aad foar 
k^dT*^ laatln, irfM? 

'And ]h»a.e«y tha« tkia fo^aoli. 
flon f • klnard 4hp yonag okampioa. 

•Irapla^itiiaa far taoOB ^aiqpalr.^aaklv 
Joaiin. amiling, aild addioKt 'Vardowaia 
thadaptha of jtofii wkOla. aatara-^for it fa a 
nokia natara. aT«Mf in 'ita wildcat aaaaatriOi^ 
siaa— yea iuM a loTifig aiid lovaly woaM|ii> 
koodi^baft it .fa ioipriaoBadV akaia«daBd^ 
giiardad ky. two dnwfNM mdM arida aad 
'prajadioa.. lika tba alaapiaa kaaatyfatka 
faity t^ tkfa'awaat aroaianfcood oa> waita 
lolta aarakaaed aad dalivarad: Aad I am 
ftka daitiaad kaiakft who fa taoaaroOma tka 
dmaoia^ad diliv*' *Im eapi>m.kaaaty.' 

- *I aaapaBtadikaft yao waraai Uttfa ribad, 
wad aoW I kaoi^ it f aald Brilomartr, witk 
a oorl'nff lip. fa aha araaa witk the la'trar 
tion of Widking aWay. 

• -Bat,>aT<*r IRO *;anderly lyad rfvarantfally. 
Jkatin Uid hia hand on baa abonldar, aad 
looked With biaitrave eyea in her lao^ and 
Witk a'tbrill, atraiifvly orintled.of impetaaft 
daflaaoajHtd iavolaatary daligkk aha aah* 
aided iato ker plaear aad- Oovaiad kar ayaa 
with harkaad. 

Jaatia dropped kfa kaa^ aad api^aaadii 
kiA wHk ameh mora eamtioa fthaa be kad 
kitkeria kaicayed I , ! 

*lly/dearaatl mtdiONat I ftkfaiptarrfaar 
Of eon haa. kaea ooadaeted— oa yoar part 
#itk aa aqtaot of deflaoea at Tariaaoa .witk 
the ftrne w^NBSnliiiaaa of year tfatajre, aad 
oa miaa i^itk a kaataring toim'^t beifaa 
^kadaaa-eanMllaeaaof mykaartt for I love 
fba,,Bntoaiarta Ooayan I ,1 to** yba aiope 
tkaa worda'oaa aaproibl fbr tkia IbTo I, 

kTaleft an otifar kOpaa, parpoma, imk^% 
taliaitow fimtt to m wttkyoa, to watek 
;yfl(i, lb akara yoar f^ta I 1 tkiak tftat 
I iw' artwowk y. of yea ;'I koipe that laaa 

eaii,blaaayearUf% aa I know tkat yea aaa 
klaoaiMfOt liook oa ma I' Ipaak ,I0 mi^^my 








<ImIi. Ml b«»« • ntnvu touoo F^k)i^b«r 
fuel 8b«.wM thrilM thro^h •▼try mm 
oTher mMRIt» ftMsa. lu^ dimA not trmak 
hcrwlf t* rtkiM k«t .yw or opM bw Upii 
*T«»wui%»kt Tbea I will bo^ MiBoy 

CB, lent OaljMbt with mk htrt'it » 
■niMM w f rwU, that I ahovld W gonto^t 
with Ihftt aloM t Tm, to b« with f^M 1 
I Id 

fAlB PtAY. ....^ - . . 

■■ ^r- - — ■ — ;yi!u Jigj i i Jii,, , Ij'^ ' y ■■ ' ' ' " ' !-.4M!"V *' ;■ 

th« MlUad* «f iMr ttattfOQii; ilM (tfljrjid- 
nittiii th« fMt. ^ , 7 r , 

Ym, iBdMd. dsML it^iiol i|r h«» o«r»luid 
raooangad hiai to nUov liar i linM IM wm 
J» B» vajr MtponwibU for hi* oowiM i inoe 
iMT fataiw frp«4«iii «»#iia b; ia M war own. 
woaitoi 1»f W* pMWM> i^# wm gl«l, oh. dMipIn bow {atfBMlyi^ 
that he w«B 1>M» »«*»•♦ ••»• •hould.rii . *m 
nonriua with «h« otfrthlatT of Jutivu hb 

nt^t ^ •vary day uid all day lone lof k^ chwhsvi* w>._ .—- t— . . . -^ — n — 

Wtivo. au, or V.»a« aioatlw i and timU, ^MmM# aH; d*y tow I wat wWi ayu aad 

oSd 2m oa a proapafooa w«l*< to Im^ Mrab«rahoald dnok la d«Uf t.<^* ^""PK of 

^* T^UMifd3lMrahM« aSTiit. Daar hit mil* and bia irpioa. an/.U tWa wfthont 

^ "' * any volition pf iMr oWn, and tharafora wiMi< 

MtM&r|KNid«poBbarlifa. ^ 

ioraW waa faBy raaolvad tha^AM^ 
what oifghi;, aha woold n«v«r auuVyWai 
andno^crgivohim tho alightaat Maion to 
bopa that aha wonld i aavar I navar I ovrar i 
Bh* wonld ba a natt'liatar and a woaMoV 
ohaMPion foKOvar aad forevar, amen I 

Bo vaa«il«itiy, ,tha diaririaga ranonaoaf 
took bar Miodlc-work and;) walked out into 

ikO'dhkUi* v' ,. . ^,. ■ V . ''■"■■»'»,«.i ■ 

Jndith #pa thw% vary boMT, jruWtog 
and pc^abing all tba nctol«work aboot tha 

i^tbyoB on ■ ™ - 

yum in thatttoknoww «9Ut*y, will ba a Joy 
iinapiiahwbla I' 

~^Vra nay aavov vanob thai ahoca I Tha 
vMWfiiii aiaBfavvWi aa wall aa a todiona 
oaa^' aaid BrUpaoartob in a low, alow, dr«aa» 
fiMi aMi«ba bad apokan rita«r to h«natt 
thantohi*^ ■_ 

•Itia. W* maj novar raadb fbrtbaf Iii-. 
dia.. Shaaatara at aaa ara ooanon anongh, 
and akivwrook ia nlmya poaaibU I 8o lal 
JBanvan> will ba 4«m I Naitbar yon nor I 
faavfaineadiilbt^ Wa faav notUag hn\ 
aaparaiion/- ^- ..■::. ^' ,■•.■_ ^ 

• S#aak lar yanwiir. Mr. Boaantbal,' nid 
BritoaMf«% in a low. atom tona. 

* Tory wall I I oball apaak only for aky-^ 
■diflMU wbioh I bopa ia trna* oiniay ba- 
aoBMttno*. of both of «•. i ahrink froaa 
uothiag'tet a aaparatfon froaa yon. tho 
auiafian. dangar, daaih I aanaot aara yon 
fra«,I«iU gladly ahara with yan I Oh! 
wall t oviataa an oaat in tba aana lot I 
ibat ia lay p r aaant aatiafaation. Britoaarto f 
tei Iha roat I ean wait! xhavaaavaral 
iDMtba bafoM mm,' ba oonolBdad, with a 
badla. Aad bo aroaa and atoodavkfort 
•aaatariiW liwarda thoB aaaaa lir^ llyAaM^ 
Wiiag tba nabloat»pa of Wa yoaag wuo. 
A law faaaa bahiad t h a ia jpa Iti i. ihmI Ifva. 
Brotoa. . 

It apfiaNd tbat' tba twa ariMlaabrlao bad 
not fifn Booaathal tba* awnuag at^bo 
teaakfoattobla. Bat thair ^wtvab bad aavat 
li^ilAin. 8d aa latMdaatJoa tollowad fhoitf 

Irblla it waagO|bg on. Iliaa Oanyara m^ 
pada«aTrirtatdVwn ihtojba cahiaaad 

rata ■Baa. 

t, littp'aH 

fi;:aMiiLij|i.4iNapoaa bar patfbtMiiiaH, 

• WhiOh baing Saturday, ma'an, wajdlara 
brigbtan np a bit, * said Jnditb | * bnt I hope 
I don't »aWat yon ma'aak ' 

•Nv, Bot at all. Go oo wi^h yonr dnkiaa, 
anddou't Blind nta,' aaid Miu Oinyata, aaat- 
ing baiaalf ia onO of tha eaiy ebaira, |tnd ba> 
gianiai bar noadlo-work. ... ... 

TB«ut bywan of koapug bar tboa^bta 
from dWuog NO ainob npon Um bmb whom ' 
abo waa raaoIVad navar to BMinr. aho began 
to try to tab* *a laitlNat ia Jadidi'a anira, 
aad to that and a^o aatarod mto ^vataa- 
tu>B witli<be|r> . ^^ '' 

* loa mMt ba yan kafooBM, I aai afraid* 

Jaditk*idto afMiil ' 

•thaakyoa kiad^, ai|>ai.ior thinking 
abarik tbalm iraia all alU Aad aara it'a 
lonai^Bo oaMgb liboald ba, il it wa*a*t for . 
Biddy Ha joai. tba aiay^itr. ' '^ 

•lUdy Mali^rri«iM* « HttoOoayara. 

^'Saib auiWi aara Ifffco IraUoay, tba 
aaiMMttV awta¥ vtfawbad ladi ta hm Im 
aa latoiniad brbto baato aa ha i8-.-aairia| 
mmt piaaaaM. maftm. Bara fatbar aad I 
S«itbBid4y Hallway aad Mika.' 

•Why* I bad aa idia thaia waM an aiaajr 

«lio aMia tbara aia\ pdW fwbyaH'a 
Biddt If aOoay aad aiaaaK Aai M a 

( Bbawaajlgtt BhaaoaldMt 
da^yit-tobaraalt Bhawaagte^ 



, *!Da yaa mma taaay ibaVibb!irMl|»| 

■ (.'■■.. 



man-hatar, ««kiag Bf t# th» wnMiM oC iMf 
VoM ioa. 

iai«. B«t tht , 

kU wm mm« l<ild Mld^ 

._ • hmn mm 

Hort I a^M aolklaf aK a aU, btgilag jUmm • Ultl*. B«t Bf OUmt B^ttatt itm Mt 
'"•""'*""■"" — ' ^bviliMtio «oa¥WMtkM. Fitelly D« >■«. 

Md a HMI*. B«l that wm mufomA t« W 

▼wr •-^^MTtalaiag. 
Tba iKfaiuMji thrvalanad ta ki* Wnr d«ll 

MOMtll Mn.*]^«too. laakfd ■!» laM. 

^*K iuiff u ooa of Tottr iaipiriag hTnai, 
d"ar Miaa Oonytra. Tliaj alwaya raiaa our* 

yoar pordoa. na'aab' 

' Tim aaaM atory. alvajt tka aaiM. « 
wliet* thvMmiil O.t luidaa4saa tM 
old atarj of oum's ^pprMaiaa aad woaiaa'a 
•ndaraaoa. Wbv doaa xk* oaptaia alldtw 
■uoh oirtraKM op Ma ahipf ahaipiv daauadad 
th« vo^raf^rafuhner; ' 

tSora, nVaii. Wk aona of tba oaptaio'b - -. - , , , 

baainaw to ba maddUog and makiag tvixt ] apiriia. And wa kava Ml haard aaa aiaaa 
naa and vtff.' | kbatflra* avaainf,* 

*X aidn not aqaal to aiBgiog ]oa| so*. Bat 
~ try to aoaaaa yaa arltb aoRM rtadlaca 

, ^ . . , -baptela, if that vaidaaa walL'aaid 

Wh^.UiaaTarybadi^ahoaiaaa*. ttiayoarlBrJ '^ p- > ■« 

lmalBaa^ aad it ia aiy haaiaaagb' a&id ' 
woKi^ali ahaapida, iadifaaatly. *>» 

'AadihaaaaiagiaaaaalorjioB^atarteiaaaa, I *lmta 
«l*aja ihapaNM^ avafywhtfa Uia aaiaa I Oo I will tr^ 
had aad *a* tfca aMia-~a6body^ boalaaaa. [ froai tba ateta, _ _ _ __ 

K-.». .^ _. .. ,. "^loaMWta,wha♦aaaaloBa at thoaafWaaly 

laoh aa to oaan aty «umth to 
thair fl«hta, Mika vqald aaka 

I'ai aora thaa, aa'am, I'm ofcaa fli ta 
Ditah Maa iaio fha aay itaalf. • Bat aaia if 
I wa» aa'aiaoh at to oaan aty ttoath to 

iatarfania.!' ^^ " 

twohaadaof . 
. 'Poor eniahad W9H04 that hava not avaa 
th^worm'a aamt to tarn.' aighad wyMnaa'a 
yoang <<h a B i|i ea, aaaimnning with heraalt 
'I Buirry«— I baoeaM tha abva, tba gooda 
and obattala af any naa, to ha oa-^T aad 
abaaadaoeordiag to bia lordly will. Itiaiiot 
igSF liJtaly, Mr. Joatia Boaaaibal It ia 
not to b« I'zpaatad that yoa will braak yq«» 
h«ar& for tba lova ^ aia or of. any otbiar 
woman I bat if yoa do I aball aot aarai 
indM I aMll ba gtad. Too wQl ba aaa aia« 
oftring." at laaat. laid apoa' tha altar of 
<MA-ragad wottkaaUad tV 

la tba fall tida of bar iadigaa»t Iboaghi^ 
aha waa gaatly iatavraaiad by iba.qoiat 
anlrauoa 61 bar two faouda adapaaioaa. 

'^It «%• ao roagh oa daak, wa bad to aoaaa 
balow amia* daar.'aaid Mra. Bly.aa aha 
paaaad into bar atala>Mda to lay of bar 
WfaapiBga, . f 

Ttia tbraa Udiaa apaat |ha ranudadar of 
thaforaaooB ia thair oabin. oaoapyiagjtbaM* 
aalyea with a aa d l g work. 

Briioaoainta aaw no auina of Jaftia Boaaa* 
thai that day. «atpt at dinaar aad a ' aa^ 
par, wfaata, tba oaavifaatiaa baiag. fiaaral, 
thara waa aot tba aligbtcat opaoHuity 
aftirdad lor avaa tba briafaat privAt* aoa- 

. Attar aapmar Mr. Boaaa'bal t«tir«>d to faia 
b^rtbjt ihaaaptaia'a dBoa, and Mr. Jtly 
waatwttbbiai. ' 

^ M«.^ Mm^ abd tba thna ladiaa waat 
do wa l>t i tba aa bia. 

daiiaato paq^a wba bida thair light aadar a 
plaaad it aa a oaadlaatiak that it aiight ^vo 

tbahoaaa. laotbar 

light tftalllbat 

Bfilanaria aad bar ««ai»aaioaa 'cagM-d 
i» tMr aaaalfaaa a aaadia-work. 
Mr. lvat«t f^ t» tb««, fgm. ^««i»^ 

— faitaaaaaaiaaaofbrrpowata 

of oatanaiaiaA hbd alwa»a wttliag ta axaci 
tboaa powara for tba b. aalt of bar f riaada. 
___'CMvoaiaoaBa laadiagi Iroaa thapoataf 
Willyaar Oh. wiU yoa. iadaadf W^aiiaU 
lika that battar thaa aaortbiaA It will ba a 
abaaga. Will itaot Martha faaid Mra. 9 y, 
anpealtaw ta Mra. feratoa. 

'Taa. Fadaad. What poata harayaa, daar 
MuaO^ayaraf^aaidMra. Bratoa. 

*A ffNr JRiaT atataorooaa and a graat 
aiaay in air haad; 1 thiak that I may te 
bUa to prtdnaa yaar favoorilt. What will 
yoa bavaf* 

'HaV^Toa i|ot LilU Bookhf iaqaira4 

.' T< in Jdy atata-^oom,' aaid Miaa Om- , 
rm. Aadabaitaadiataly waataad hioa^t 

'Wk^yartioa ol talk Bbokb aaall I 
fvadraba aakad. m aba aaaiad baraalf at tha 
tabla an^opaaad tba volaaMk 
, 'uii. 1% fir».Wonhippanl* Mtfo|«mi 

Mra. Bly. 

.•Ob.yaa| ThaIiia.WorabipB»ra. Toat 
ia •^beaatlfal,' addadMiit Biitoa wanaly. 
▼•nr walL^ Tha iWWarahippara it la,' 
•r«d MiaaODayat^ who aavar^boogbt it ^ 
B.-ataaaiT to aoaaalt tba taata al tha eaa 
• aatana «naaty ' who waa prweai 

Aad aomewliaMo bar owa aa(9«t diagoat^ 
tha laaa^hatar b^gaa to tiaA that abaraiag 
P^ruaa lyva fftt^ that will aavar'eaaaa tS 
''^?***! "^ iaw'gloaUoB of tba yoiing. 

Sha liad with aihat avaa that, whi^ waa ^ 
» Uttla MMjIaaat ta bar pftMaiplca.r Bat 
aooa tba apaU al tha fm waa fait by |ba 


lost hanalf ia iia atarr. «ha 
JJJpMjJMha #rtiat*aadtr.. 8ha 










Umaj, Tbiw W«f no »«••'*» »it,"*» 
MbiB of • MlliBrdiipb OB th« bvMd AlUatif 
Omu. Tb«V wars in th* rPM^'gArcluii Vt 
F«ni«. iahaling th« prHaaM ol A »>«9MMd 
lropi«a fl9w«rt. li»ttBlB| to <ko 5<|*^w«J« 
Wbttl. wBtahing with Hiad* Md hw iot«r. 

▲ad Ob. with wiMt • gMh of mdtittM^ 
pMH«a» p^thoi. Md doTOtlwufci iwid 1km 

•IoiilrMktebcMtb«tk«*ir. ^^ 

Tb«i bleiMd air tiMt'a bcMtlMd ky th—, 
And wImUmt on ita winit it bcw 
HMliali, or dootlit 'lis •««•! to «• t' 

Ai aho flniahcd tboM iMt Unoo>jil|o miMd 
1m# |yM«ad wm% t^ooo of Jwia BflnaWinl, 
flstd^OB bMT ia adlBimtios, in tongiBg^ in 
worahf^ Bboiwr that l» hod •ppropr««^ 
MTOty w^rd of tboM impMNoaod ttaoo aM 

was avplyiat tkoaito hwaoUv 

HowtenflMkadbsMi tiors HstoaiBf to 
ksr 8l»i oobM not «ill. fls bsd probably 
ooBM dowB iato eh« oabiB •* %*>• lavitatioa 

•I Mr. ily, wha WM ••«i*«>ir *r ^*5{__ 

lioirom^M Might lis^ Miss Ooayon 
iaaiediBttl> okasd hisr book. 
*0'i dMr, way da ao^ Ut as iatmnpt «bo 
M^inaossB* SrotBov BIy. 

* Ihsd 

fta4iiBjr.'M^ inaosoB* SrotBov BIy. 
•ToB bavo Mr intrrrapt^ i%. 
ii)Mb«d,''rapU«d Miw Ooayan, 

' Ob; BO I prsy, fnf,»«m t doB«l brsak 
V df istt ^oro. ' Bksdod Mrs 
,*Yo««nntp!«MS to 

.ra. ily. ^ ^ 
eisBso mti Q9oas 

«}gbt/ said Miss Oopf^» ."«M »^ ••'•• 

* ( 9tato«rooafi. \^ 

fWb»tabrilHsBt'woBi>ashaltl Bm*b< 
t #hy don't yoa msrry bsr aad Joia ear 
iioar imiairod Mr. Ely. 

saso, Mail Obrisiioa BM UnHg m tbo 

Mol tbs, brido is ooasldsiad toJbsaB 

iblo proliiiitaary.' sfsilad iBSlia 

IbJdMr; ■y^'ThoBwiaii' V 




As vartb poais fi*^ to tbi^ssa ' 

QafrUiBgsfMaiasef wHitb.BBtdId, > 
lb •fViBiyoOBStaBt knra to tlMo. 
/^^HbA tbst its vaty sabdi ara ff»M. 

Far llav^Bg ba sons distant dswv, 
' ' 1^ tkbrnib eoBMs aMt« swoot tbas latt, 
WbfB si tbvs* tsrlT mkts withdnMTB. 
ThyasBlriiM* JMJJwrt-^dMiwbl*;^^ 

fb* acvt ibff trM l|aad«f^«-.tbair 
|»lbft(t> At^ TlMa^M diiliBS ircrobiii 
iB Am diiilBg isiMBT MMl aU Hit pssMagirs; 

bo spsrod from tbo asoNSsry i 
iag tbo ship. aMsadod ia tbsir 
Bfotbor Bly doada<rtod tbo d 


aad as SMMT of tbo oAoSrs and BNB AS aeal4 

datyof «N«b% 
r b«st slothss. 

^ , „. drvotioaa, Bad 

BrbOsr Brstoa prsasbod ttao> israMB froiK 

«TKiiia»go doWtt Into tbo'ssa la sMpi^ 
tb4t do baslasss ia grsatwatsrs, tbsas sm 
tbB works of tks L'>rd, sad His wmmImb ia^ 

Aftar tba BMraiag Mrvioo ««ks tbo satly- ' 
dlmsr. wd affesr that tho pkasant premoa- ' 
ado SB disk. Tbo woathsr was W 4a^ 
sad aQ Mir Httio party of ssissfoBBriso bad 
by tkis tl»s fbvad'thsilrssa-UBiba. aad oven- 
tbs iMiag^oMoB ooald in^k tho r^tog 
dosk ataSst as wall Bi lbs 'atd islti.* th« 
dBy was wsrw Bid Mgb4 ftr Ostobsr, aad 
thsobipYM f«BBia« frssly bsfdroBlMr 
irlad. Our yoang voyacsfb onjr^sd tho 
bright Jky. tboblBs sso, Bad tks frssii air. 
naob too kooB|y to tbiak at goiag do^ 
bolaw for a good wkiltb tbo aswiy iMrritd 
sovplsspiir^ off Ib good, old-lssb^cd 

' oB tho arai ol bsr hasbaad. 

Oooyon -walbsd oft. «ad sat dbw» 
on SB armohsst Bsar tbo balwarbs, and 
watebsd tbs Mtto wbtos as'thsy gsfa shasfc 
Isspiag pUyfnl^* add btoahtng tbo foam- 
agdast ^ sidst of th4 groat ship, 
^astia Blpwttthal saw bsr w^tro sho s»t» 
aBd wslksd towards hsr. 

Bbs kisw wstt h* was ooBiiag^ ia^ g»Vf 
BO siga of noof^itioa. 

A sitiht ' saiilo pisysd «vsr bis sam«st 
fassas M pBissd bsf«ro bor. watehiag btr 
far a aMBMat bsforo bo spoko. Ho aadsr- 
stood BrikNBiUrts tbovottgbly. ystbsooa- 
tkaiisd to Otady bisr, ss tboB|^ sho wsrs 

S'Tm a BS^ Bad nnknowa volimio to kisn. 
Mritosooaisd tp say—' I kaow vary wsll 
fliat yoa oro aoriag a part at vafiaaoswith 
yottr owa tmo, We*aB|y aatarsi' bat 
notthsawcpld bs glf« attsnaos ta that 
tboBgh\ . 
BwWiaggiaToly, bo iafBlrsd— j ^ - 

• MissTSbyW will ifoa Wslkf 

• H V tbaak yOa,* sbs aaswwod, t^Baking 
oold'y, witboat looMi* at biaik fst |fs8ih- f 
Uac visibly, as sbo Biwaya did wMa bo sd> 

•Thsa will yoa talk r ho lamiMd. ssBtiag 
hfaasslf oa Bootber oho«t btsics.bsr. <^^c 
^fow sko did kMk op. bar iqpliadid diik 
#<iyjMM NBlIyilulai with isosaMa«tt 
f^a Maat{ ^« tb^ voUod k«MfiMt^^oir 


! ;, *«; 

that toskiag Bad avsflsd i^aaoo m^'t*- 


:oBBl#ka«afpMM8i *1 ko«» 
' ' 'Ii#^'- iMd'gBHtini^. ^ir 





to atlMli we «f di 

that to 4o 10 ««il4 U 
importovM to yo«r iati 

himmU to istoNil k«r, Md' ak* mm Ml 
aa4« tlw i«la«Mt •( ib* MMtor BuA ftkiat 
kn«w to itoU how to Md Jmt ■••ll.boaod. 
Ho brooolMi i ao raWto* fonoMlto bimolf 
or to iMr, bol h« tolkod o« 



oil Iho opposMi«o, 
•alt. ibotio^bM, 
of thooo Uw bnVa 
too |iipa<|«n of out 




for«M tlHit WON oOMpfiof too Miado^ all 
pbilaalbro^oto aliko la too oM world aad 
toiftaow'-too aboUtioa ol f'aronr, «^ 
rpi^ftooapotka of woaMa, dUttaiea of laboar, 

Aad too joaag irofortoar Uotoaod w<to Ika 
daopoat iattrM^ for Iw doalt wHh tlMoo^ 
■abjMto ai only a atraai fasollook aadi 
rifbfloao bMM^oaaiMl Willi «hott. - 

Akl bo kaow hii« to rirt t k«r attoaNos. 
Ttao awttaraf bio ooavorfcatioa arofoaodly 
iaiorootod bor. wbUo bia mummu wotood 
•ad fo>aMaiad hor* 

x^ad 00, wjhoB, bf aad V^ bo b^k« aff 
froto bio drdaatia dioooorao^ aod laddtaly 
••id— ^ 

, ' Bat iadaMl yoa aboald atrail yoaiaolf of 
thtota«w«atk«rtotako •omoAxoroiM, Ii 
OMj aot laot, jroa kaow. la • fo^dafiL c 
hoaff rroa, wo aiay^vo a oboaML wboi 
jroa will bo ooaflood to tbo oaUa. La 
vpenai^ f(M to wklk. TakoarahM.' 

BritoaHirto alaMBl aaaoaaoioaolr 
•ad allowod bin to dfaw bor baad 
hia iren aad load bar la tbo <^ako 
•ad lira. Bty. aad Mr. aad 1 
wbowuTtfaiillMmBaaadki^;^ «*L^— «^ " 

•troll,gooa,if9oa|4«aaa.lCr Bof^atkaT *addkiaai, 
. with tkat yoa woro aayitff. ' aaid BritoaMrtoi " " 
lookia* af aairarly iato bw fa't', aad ffoliag 
ao'darply iatortotod ia tba aa^aot of toair 
diaoovraa aaaoaroaly to kaow tbat Mmv b*d 
laft toair a^ta. aad wan pcotoaaadiag too 
daak-arai ia arai I 

•l%aa aajriar^vai;: I waa w/iaff-Wbat 
^tH^^^^V^^ P©a*rrad Jaatia. 

ud all too iatoijootioaa at tba ^ of tfcato, 

aataiajg wiib tbo boaatlfal joa<iff o aaaaioa. 
'Iwaaaayiaf— I wa* fciyMig-BlMa aio. 
what waa it? It baa aatta alipptHl 
aMaMry,; aaid Jaalia, la laagliing 

fToawaroaayiaglhaK.tboF BMlolladiaal 

• AK yao-toal It mil bo a aaaaaaa r as- 
olaiBiod Jaatia. alaV to fa* to* aaa, aal tw 

torew ia.a word .af ono^aragaaMat for aa 
««tarpri«o that ha kaow wai vary daar lf»' 


It mail^ iaapitoof 

ration, ridioata, ia> 

upon tba darotad haada 

yoanf woaian who aro 

ars Iato tbat ialdot 

a iaaoaaa I't asolalBMd 

tatly. ^ 

It thay waat wito all tbair baarta 

Jnalia M iarsaMaB> what ko bad baatf a^ 
iag. tkoariiit kMl iataiaotad %itotoaftoaa 
da»tr. labloddightatkaThiiraaaaaMai 

*■ fr !? &«'••?**?• J» ll»«I»f Ww ar to 
walk, la Itoilw kar hand not ootopbaadly 
apoa hia arto^ Wkadaaarataialiy forfattoa 
aMMtlqr vUal ka kadaoKrad 

hia trian^. 

IMOMba kf«tk, Jaatia dii w»t aaia a 
ptofarthif.pMlioalar aaMool tkat ba bad 
dlaaMiaf witk Brttotoarttw Bat 

U tb gaa rtaiatort taltotad aoa waaid kitra 
iMtkltiiaU to Mm diaaaailoa of MoraMMilHa, 

for BritaiBarta^ aka waa aow all tha 

piaa I too doaply iatoTMted ia tbo aab- 

t tbaj wara diaonaaiag to W at aU latar- 

ad ia b«r lorar. 8o rorgatfa) waa toa tt 

im, aad af bii |ov««majKiag,toat ia too 

•araoataaaa of bor argaaaal, aba ataadltf 

gaSfd mp iato kia «yaa. waitiat lor Napona^ 

aad iaTolaatarily praaatd hiaarai to oniakaa 

bia'pafoaptioaa, wfaieh proMaa only tbkaw- 

all hia tkoagbta iato ooufnaioa, daligbtfal 

ooafaaiaa, hoiNTor, wbiob bo woold aot 

iMva aaabaagad for tha «oat iatoUaettel 

Aaftar Jaatia, ka waiid kara talkad 
iddUaai. PMaiiiae^ MahoatmadanlaaK or 
to I aaid bafbra« aay or orrry o^bar iiai, 
with iMl>, far tbatoko of bariag bor aloaa to 
kia aido, of toaliagkar ana rihmto apoa kia 
awa. of watabiat vb«r av a bam aad taak, 
or BMlti^d boeoato. aaAtiad witk tran^ oT 
aaaiag barehoe^a iaab and jtoin. Mat bar 
beaoto/baava aad»fall. wito jOm Ira^ tk* 
larroto*. tha aai^rataaaa af har yaaagianlaalL 
aatktoiaatio aoal. Bat fk^ kiaiaalt 
atof^ad aad akakea by tha lairaakabad ia« 
■pitaa, tbo paaahai aba bad itoaai<, ka waa 
wiaa aaoagb aaa 8«roa|r Maagk ' to «aaatrol y 
biafaaUaaaaad^aard klafiaai to tatoi 
tha aafa fJaaaoTrlalaUaatoal diaaaaalfla, 
a^id toa larbiddaa groaad of lovau- 

Ah. kat ba laliaitotod biBiMl( apon thi 
diaaarary^tbal ha bad Jaat auida^-aaiaali . 
that ad laag aa'^ ha a«oidad tha daa«araSw 
8aliJaot>f lava ia tha praiaaai al^ha aia- 
batar. aad diaaoaroad of raiMlH to^ha 



.1. .. ... . FaarlariaB^ araoy whUa that 

•thft at all athar Imm^ lor tha aakaaf aaa- tka aah d. 

ka aiigbt wtfk 
Oay^ra a# 



tb«f^ltolfcod aad tolhad 

alippad aabardad awai, aad 

.iatoadod tttwacda hit allaadHt 

..■ s--, 



teaHiit. n«y Mlk«d *n4 talked Mill 1|«, 
tmi Mrs. M*j «M« ttrwl Md ««Mil Ukm, 
<«U<Miw4 by Mr. mmdUn. Brttoa. wk* r*« 
oterkad to M«ii oikw. M (k«y ifm« dMni 
ikW th« Mbi« t 

•Thai wUl h4 • Maltti y»l. «m tf ll 

* r^i.' Mid Mn. iMloa, 'Mia Mi«f aiyiil 
k» M«rri«d OB aliipkoud hmn, m ir«U m'mjt 
olk«r pU«k Bov fottwuus th«i« M« %w 

•Tcrf I I hop* thqr will briaf mill«i» 

|i •iritis Moa, and Mm w* ■h*U b*?« m 

otlMf yovng ooafl* ta Mm aftbi%' Mid Mr. 

' Whiah friU bmIw •▼•lylbiag to mmIi 
«MMMai«lii«MidplMMal^'Mid Mn. Ily. 

•Bttifav a'l Mm* I da aot thiak MIm 
OM7«n isdipKiMd to aMny.' ol>Mrv«d Mr. 
Mlkfftvm»mh-t^g hi<awa.fiwiC h«t wiMljr 
lanrniaiag from aioatioaiMg iU V 

•Oiap Md to aM fy. a^ydMrt Wh\of 
aoHnw Mi Wk»ty«iH( IhdJ la.avar «•- 
fMadtoBHHryr Bat a mbm oi datv aOgki 
iad«M bar to oosMa*. Oa« «ho^ liha hw, 
ta ««1M to Ihf vark of th« aiialatrT aaMaff 
tia k to tk M. ooriaialjr rrqairM a I«mU pn»* 
^fftov. Jiwt M BrathM- B4iMatbal, if laloiBa 
•atir auMiaa. irill nqnir* a haip*aMM I 
tltak «ho wbala aiUr io falto paa^aatoiV 

Aa4 M^ fatkarad atoaad Ikair aAhto tobla 
ijto Utola tarty «f atitoioaariM diaaMMd Hw 
■Htjr fraMa to a l iM l f aaatioa ol a iMRtogh 

« Ik* kwipM 
i«aidaMtk«M, waik«4a«4 talktdaa tit* 
•lairit «aia 4to Ma ^mm 4mmm kiaialh Ika 
WMtom «r«fa,iaj0|dia i^b^y. a«d Ika mm* 
aMMito Ik* aaat m aayar wriaad* — . Tk«f 
in$kiilM4 t»*MaaiUlkafatk*riB«*fedM 
«i. ai^ll wacaad tMi to fa »«lair. 

|«.t M tk«^^vaia akoai to part al Ika 
Itod af Ik* «iM» «*i>% Iwtte aa far laa* 
§ilktlto<NlifMMf ka jiad Mwiaiktdlir, kitoa 
Milaa'to'wU*f*tt . . 
~7l| ka* kaak a wm 4aU|riitfkl aftoiato*. 
| JH I ftlft l l i*wkaM iMj <ffa ila«aal|f wiih 

kai il. vaa too latow.' 

•kiMiiiito WBVMtIt 


^ K xiiiiwrwii L aaklkr Md caadilly t 

AM aMB a aiMMaft af^M^^ML " I- 

atarf «dvaaMM af M«k o waaawiM 
ak« aald aoaaaiaaMi *Ta*bIMkata 
aaMwilk yaatkaMlilaatoikAi Na m 

rf aaaaaiaaaa, aad I llkad fMr vlawa. Bat 
nU ]raa fraBkly* Mr. AMaatka*, Ikat I ImI 
I Mw kavaidaaa wraag ia a ia ai iaHaing ao 
MMk «f Toar aakvaraatloa Ihia allaraaao, 
raflMtobaibi vkil paaaad ha.vwaa aajTM-- 
laidky,' Aa addad, vafarriag, of ooarM, to 
iaaHa** profMal aad bar owa r«>)aatioa. 

*Tbaa da aai laaiaaiba r it. Mim Ooajwik 
La* it ba MiiattaB. (totaly yoa aad I. 
IhiawB lagatbar aa tbia akip. to ba daily 
aaMpaaiaa* lor aMaf BMatipa to Maw aar— 
ly iMiy «• aMV aiaal m ocdiaary aaa«aiat« 
aMaa^ aad diMaaa, aa iatahifioat huawn 

baiaaa» Ik* g*Mt ^ a Mtto aa aiao.ior^aaian 
dMtiay. SaMly «• aiagr da iMa arithoat 


to aadantdad Mat I am aol iaaoMialaat t 
Ikal wkai4 Mid y iil w day I Maia to day t 
aad vktB wa aMal aad talk, it mmi ka m 
ordiaary aaqaaintoaaj*^ iatoHigaai a*a»- 
p»aia>% aad ao imn. Tod May thiak than 
•a a KTMt daal af vaaity aad agoMam lo 
what I My I bat il yaa Ikiak my poaitioB 
*laM^««d*rataad. HaomiltodaMwaaid 
-ka yagy W f *i # * 

*TMiaM ▼aay alaarly aadantoad. MiM 
Id Xaalia «ilb a amila^ aad if ia 

biadaapar kanwiadi tt baama aatarf^ Md 
of kar aatttx kl* «ra*da waaM adarit a 
daaWa — aaiafc k» mm% bf pardaaad far 
aaiaf tkaai, fea totoai'ka.kad* vary *ag- 
gMjratiag* kdp 1*T« to d«ftl witjk. 

i^M^ ^PWBa»^^M ^^^B^Ww^M -^^r' WBI^H^v '■ S H^V^V 

loMW tka askilanliag air af «ka ka^ 
da*k.aad alM toaiday Idi <iwi tkaagkto, • 
^T«nr«al^«y«Ma%* kaMk#bklM' 
Mtf. *I mm kaap my ward wttk fwi: Im. 
d**d, I baM afNai Hiad to Mad ijy aaal 
kf • VMP tkti Z wfll aavar agria aafc yaa to 
ba «r tiiiig kit win tkraw IS* rmfoMibiUty 

d^lik ill tl^lhaMin* M* AalsMt 
d^RtM if a yaam maaV vaaltf, kat tba 



to Ibo 






hM*,* jikmilft M a auMrr « 

i to b*«i«t * 

aM*a*i art to^ 



UMV iMi M CfMlliW Mrvktk 
r »•««• tod MMgiiyw* mU 

hFBVI«««Bd I 

•total tiMiv ( 

is tb« tfteia* 

•Iwaya mm Ik* 
oa«H% vWrailM 
lM«r M<Mii4 ik« liM* 

MMf 44ra jkftor MMidaj. 

•I kto 

oOmh^ vlwr* Uto wh«to«MipMy pamU m 
Umr wnmd ik« UU» ta Mitog. drfakiM 
WMlMBVvMinfipiljF. ir«>t,if lUvMlh* 
wmIw, cmm Ik* fiagiH' yri—tdl 
M dt«k. vkw% wmapMl ia tlMfr wumt* 

^nik 9m m kmt or 

(Wdt«k. vkw% 
■kavli^ tlHf II 

8oa«tfM« BriloMrto a^ JaMia wmM 
walk and Lilk totalk«raa oa tkat laaday 
a(MriM«iltoit aMN fnqaaaily |k«y woald 
Jaia «M Matoaa aad tk« Bja. 

After tka praanaada Ika yoaat mmm 
waald fo dMra fai Mn aakia aadanaai* ia 
n««dto.«ork «atU diaMr Um% wkaaiiMa 
tharawaaa hntla lfa.aatoaawBdtitodiaaar 
tabto. IalkaaftanMa«,iftka«aatbarwaa 
•^•T!P*'.**»^ kiiaagli* tkdr aaadto- 
••^^'■t^n***^ •• **^ •»* «ka todtoa 
arwcd wkjla Iba iaatk>iaa» or oaa af ikiUB. 
laadalaad. Tkaa aaaa a protoa«ad aikHaf 
oTtr tka taa.|»kto. Tkair avaalaga m 
■ptal i« tka atMa, tka todtoa aaviuZ kait. 
tin& araakotiac ami aaajal tka faittoaaa 
VMdiafr atond la tbo^oiWn i aioaily frnn 
booka al 4mrato Is bdia, or ki^i^HM pt 
> BttoMOM laaadad tkara. or Mrgropktoa 
tfcjSr^ '"* Hi^ lahaaiad Tad^ 
aai aa j iaa ll a tk»y artaiaaaw waa fattod 

tMMTWk arUttlaoanoarta^ of vfctok Mtoo 
Orajnawfeatbapriaiadakaa. BroMiwSy 
INMMAa iaia, apaaf «ftM ka laaMj wfa#. 
ttoad witk iiaak lua amaalaltaj tartoN 
to tkoaara «f UatoalM wi^timm tbaa «aw« 
■BMUaBia aaaally aaaoaid m h^kSZ 
Bat tka flaia aawdad kaH MTtkaSa 
favaawiafi.whaft ikoattd air ••rarittod 

pi^Lm mUa avoNac laMha to tha 
£L'»i»tir^ to tWr toBSdlata. 


TMag looato vwa aMi- 
• to totog tka aikar tv» 

, — . la«Mk«r. Tb«y, tktMir- 

rtod oaa^ batogall vall^topoaod foalf. wat» 
iMMbly kappf to tbair aarftoii' atala, 
aad baaatotoat.y dwifoaa «l aMktog iba 
aiaato ooaa t^palty aa. It to raiy tr«a^ 
tb«TrMlrrtogabad artoiaatad taaiBMliaaw. 
Ofv aa tbw aaUad )t» Tatt. Tba Wo mH 
•JMorlM ba4 baaa pravMad «Hb wina aa 
tb«y bad kM« aarrad witk aaiita~by tb» 
«rao(tha|ltoaiaii laaid. I aaai^aaaa 
tako it apaa Mjiall to aay. tbai tba yaaar 

K!a bad «Taa asahaagad mHmimimr 
m Ik* J aial toaurry. ThaytoiAaa* 

aaptad aaab atktr apaa tba lapraaaatotoMi 
af aiatoal ttimUk Atol Ikw bad m* w- 
4oM aft Tkaaa aMi 


' paatad baviim . 
vara taraiag o«t bOMily. fad tbto faavH 
tatbor lavoaia Dr. Jakaaaa^ id«a, tkai if 
all tha aiar* >»• ia tba warld wava arraapad 
arbitrarily by tba Urd Ofcaaaallar batvaaa 
r««oaa vlio bad aavar aia« aaato 
alkar* Ika aad voald ka Jato aa >iiii|ai»aa 
aa it to •aw,wbaaaUfaeftok»volto*4a» 
of oJMiaa. 

Oar ntoatoMriaa. Nwa, vara aJa InM 
aoitoM wito tkair ova aMTrioA atoMa» 
thai tbayjffara amlaabiy daairoMff toabiaic 
Jaattoaad Brittmarto partabaraal tba ktoaa* 
iagi af toatricMoy. Aad tkay 
arth,y aajtldi to a tatol iJaR to ' 
tkal ohj'ol 

Oadtoialy. tkay vota tk« 
aad «bvioaa «atah awkara ia tk« 
^■a to aaw tka drift af aU tkair aiaaiiar*. 
aad ka waa aaaiaWkat dtotarbad toat Mrif- 
aMrta akoald atoo aaa it, aad taka alarM. 
ami bald hiai aff at a graaf ar dto'aaaa tbaa 
avarika bad doaa kalara. Bal bli apaaafc* 
Baaavaavftkeaigaadgaaaa^fc Mta«arto 
kad Mvar Uaad to •• ataniplim if aatok* 
■akiat. aad knaw aatklng iXmI tbofraaaaa 
W wbiah two pmnpU arogaM. lite tw» 
akaap^ towards aaab otkar, aatil alaloal 
aaawafai tb*y fad tbawahMa aaltod * tar 
battar. rat waraa,' aadlar Ufa. 

Baft oaa aalaalif dtK aa tha afirM «r 
arisehicf woald bavo It. If ta. Brolaa had tba 
iU-fertaao la apaak to Mlaa Ooavan aa tho 
aah|«aftaf IIm daalnd aantogft 

ItwaatoHtoadddto af tka day 
tka twa yaaag tutoia aNia 1 
aittiagaft a i nl i fwrtr awM «kal^ 

fc^^ttHMMhirlkaalkan ^ JD 

«llii«nr ji f iMig < ( af^< 

^Wa ^WMPB|| 

ta'arfli^ offr 

igto"**— -.• 

•WlMiaiaak to laa. 






Him Oonfit, #l»k •«»• 4i*oall]r vtkMif 
HP fr«« • Aatpt drwuKhlM r«««il«. 

• Ymi I iii4«iN4 wlMa %km vfMaff to 
to oninm uft' 

• W iwt w«4awA my 4Mr f 

• Yovri, to b* Mr*, utd Mf. JmKs 

TIm kffow «f Um •AB'iMltr f dl 4— 4. 

'Th«lr« it Bu q««>«iiMi 9t m w«d4i«« 
iMtWMIi Mr. BMtBtltal Mi4 «jwl^' tb* 
«iiinr«rMl, ooldly. 

•Qkl im'i Uiw« IkMgkt W«tl, than 
«ai b*. or tiMT* oofht to bo i tor it iofMy 
toaoo ttol fw wm oMdo for oaah •!■•€, 
m4 thol ho io dorolii to y«i«. To bo oaro 
tboM *l» BO OMb bwrjr witb fom two ■• 
tborv woo vtib so t«0| wbo, »bo Board 
tbo«c>if, ooght to aorry boforo otortlog. 
Ton dH tmt% OB tho wUp, tmd job bttf o 
• long vofogo btforojroB. tuU, I ibo«l4 
tkiok thot yoB wobM W»b bo bofplor. oboo 
yoBwofO— rrtoiii Wooho«Mbo^o«ood Ib 
•ooyoB Mh I kBBV.' mttlod BB poor Uttlo 

Mri BrotoBk VitboBk lookiag ap froa 
work, OBdlooBotfBOBtly wilbOBtiooiog 


popiy obA bod oBoBdoil tbo BMM'bBtar. 

Toi, pi I odd .boforob Mioi OoBjofo woo 
tiHipoblo of NoonliBg oay B f OBii fraoo oao 
4f h«r oWB IBS f kor fitf iMd oyaiPBtby with 
tfMM 111 woo tBB rool omd dotp. 8li« 
NB o» »d l oU fcor. oB i if ■ k f i ad jgB Bt J BB tor 
tbo *BO«BMlOMaqr.' 

How oho govoraod tko oBfor Miot owollod 
fcor Kill. — d whiBh woo raUly •Mw 
ogoteat «ko idoB p r mu l t d nihUt ' Ibbb 

OlpriBBfe tbo Woll*BNBBbg litllo WOMBO who 

priooBUd K f"^ ■^ BBBVofodf v^Tvly Bad 

''•ViLro io aa ffBoolMlitjr of' b aarrkgo, 
•Itbor BOW or ov«r, botwooaJIr. Boooathal 
4Uid nyooll. I Bli 'Tory obr» that oar 
uBOBoinaol BOBi p B B i wa o h Ip obaald bav* lod 
loa iato oBoh aa ortar •■. la oa fn w that 
4bof« Boald bo^* 
*BbI why ao*f |t woald bo i«ob 
"0 aiataki' parfiatod poorMaifha 
all aaooaooioaa bow for tk% 
« tibo patfoaaB of Ibo fovboaiiac 


. . -tlwBBi lor daf 

bQmwwtflm§,*muk waaa 
./^l! l i L |iA » i^yaa 

givoa la «BB wai *|p la owooo aad MalHply 
ood roplodioh tbo oartb. Why, what oro 
thiafelac «f t Toa«B OhHittaa laU- 
>ry to tko koatboa I' osotokaod If lo. 



ia aaboa a do d aotaalohi 

oao rl||k*MBo iBdIgaatiaa. 
* 1 aai thlaktag? rvpHod tbo auuffiago 
roBOoaooi, oolaiiy oad polkatly,— *I aai 
tkiaklif that thlo law of aMrrtogo oad 

% yaaag ( 

BMiliipliootloa woo oiooa Io aiaa bofaro oio 
broaa kt doath oad oil oar waao Iato Mm 
wor d. Mid vonr loag toforo Iha laifaltoBi 
kwa oaaalad af oo** Mklo aMrrioga for 
woaMM a onto of tUoory. aad wona thaa 
oUvory. a olato of BoBoa«ity, * 

• BntoBMrt^ i^tdo yoa aMoaf Mifwy I 
Boaaatity I b a yoaog girl loa tijk frto 
aad rooaoooiblo baawai bolBg wboa tbo 
boocBMt by BMrrioflt aWlovod wifnoadoa 
h oao a tdp l Moibor r 

* Yoo. vary naob loot to. A froo a i aid o t, 

Sauirriojrr, bocoaioB^ oao ooooo a olov«^ 
100 obo Upoto iato Iho parMoal poaptny 
of bar bBOband I oad ia aiiioibor .oaaia oho 

Boihiag la kov owa aaaM. aad da aalblog 
logally OB kof awa iroopoaoibihit.* 

~ Ak, JMtoaMito I how oaa yoa oay Mob 
dioadfaltkugof lomoaro Ida aot fetl 
00 if I bad Io^mM aiyoolf at oil ia tnarryiog 
BMt>or Brotta | hat raiaod agroolf ia tv*ry 
way ia dood . ; Iwao.apoar loaoly orpkon 
girl, aad BOW I aai a ohorlakcd wifp.' 

*lkt yoa woao fiaa aad bow yoa- oro 
hoaad. Toaworo ybw.awa aiiotfaoo oad 
aaw yaa kaaoaaiaotor.'aiamBarod tko Mji«i- 
kotor. ai If waoiaf pntata kotaaif laikof 
tkaa aataktag ta t or oooapaaiaa. 

*A laaatiri. Ob« BrltoBMttot if y«ik 
kaow kow litilo ut a aiootor ko ia I how 
mik ka tMalta of aio I kow good ko to to 
aio, bloao klM. I bofo I akalT aaiko kiai o 
gatid wifo. I oai oar* I oholl aayor bo oorry 

Irt narrytog. Bratkor Broloa.'' 

« if dwi^ aaii ■UHm Ooayan^ toadorW. 
•tt yt« a»a iw ti tii i , I ap picaard t ad do 
^lal aa panw tkto aahjoai I did a«A 

it to 

tajitalil Wkfc 
IMka OB oafui 
Aii tlio «aiy Hit 

tkto aah|oai 

oaiar apoa It^ fha la yaw 

aad tharofqra aaakw la H 

ot a <»■■■% aoaiHwi la ■aittojo.' 

''Taai bat I;— H di awaalt aaw. T<ia 

' iM ai^ yatfkaawi aadl wtobto 

^iV^yaCtkM I alia riavo, or 

laii a wil^* wcatotad Ifavlka^HMO*, . 
« BoMMayaa adtaa^y ava aik ia • Iko iMr, 
wkalkar yaa dia araat oaHrtliiidf IkalMt. 
~ ' " la yaw hMkatd id dfeaakiiriT 


It iKadoortMti 


to i^nm M4l^ mpa m Ir t tf 

K« onlf iUMV Nov imtm I Ml wiMi I 
looMd i« M 9M I lit Hmt •m ■•! l*. 

toll olad Ilk* yoa M% BMiMiartt. I mm 


•nty ■ po«r llitb ttlli^ AmI 
Wat vary kli4 of BreilMr ' 

• W«it, M 4«»r. 

n«at, «lu««l wkhiMte 
Ltl M drop iht MiilSttL' 

trtM«y. for UMIo llr«^ ^^ ^ 

thiokiag Md MookJag M «ko gmlnb|««i 
of wonuMi'i right! f«tigMd Md dlMoangod 
VomM*! iMfMof ^MnftoMtoa. 

'Oti uo, dIomm? ToVMidjMl 
« wtf« ooald o»a ao yr opw iiy ui 
aamt aad do ao logal M» ott kor ova r«^ 

Ym I I aaid to I Ut r 4o not vkik to r«k 


*Wotl, a»l«(tkolaMiag Ikat laar. bo 

viud. koMMMo I dtda'i • ooaa la ga: And 
•0 tko doar fallav, b|Ma kiai. t«ok tkia ooal 
f^oai kliava ok^iiMonaad irn«»»td bm m 
m ir. aad ataad tkivana. aai oGkiag iriTk 

llltio aUIUd. WMI. I ooaldat Car thm*. 
•< la iva ariottoa I woat dova k-kv a^ 

Aad fmi aU I M» 

IdakoHavotkai Br^ikor W^K^Ui doM 
k for Mator Ely •■ in>tl#^Bralaa data 

for M^ Ok, Britotarta, aK naot bMr lo 
kato ftm m anJooC„ Wmf oao« yua wa 

«iM,yo« vUlgol afor*!! thoMMMi. 
... ?.* "^ ^ ■»'»*^ ^ k«»V5di 
tklakiaff thi* M)y wla^ aaa kaov km 
iMd. aad iwdif, aa4 4ava|^ pMiL raally 

tho faoto iate fo« I it voald ko a ..«. . 
tt ia aaaUoa to do oo. aa I rv«ark«d koforo. 

• Bat TOO aaa It dooMi*. afliot at ^poor a«l 
w« h«»a M raaar^ «< aft •»»»( iko 
^^^itH^.y w*^. iMtkodllia. Brao*. 

•Wall, iia«»/oa vill boar i . tho tarj 
«totboo oa ¥o«r kaak'da ■•! lavfally kolaag 
to yoa, kal to vodr haakaad. Tti* Vary 
kriMMh oa yoar kruMt; tba vorr nag oa 
»oor flngtr. Cka V«7 «ao«l|o la voor band 
ita If ia BolTMm, bat kio, at io yoar vkalo 
p«r«oo atod all yoa oaao fOMOaMd. kal pao- 
aaaa ao iM^or. Ia tka muiImm ooroMoay 
tba naa k aiaia to ••/ «» kta Wldo-*intk 
all my vorldlrgaedvl Mmo oadov,* aad ka 
fora «raAn UMtalf, for te dooa osa«||y iko 
«nRot[taiifairlo«lM|i»aaya. Hoakaald 
«7» "^ "Sk" tfcolwifc^'OI Ikaa mA 
alt tbv vorNHy gooda I taka 

It ik.uaMiaokkNB daaaiii 

Bus m.u oMB aoHoM iaaai ii kmmij le 
baopoaiMr liatk or koaoar ia aay of 
tbair nIalklH vitfc wmm, Ihair aai^ia 
iarfa.aaJkoyiatMdM.' ^ 

■'0\ BrilofMrtol kov ao?«n. kow «a- 
iMt OTon, yoa u». a T0« oaly kaov 
BrotkorBMtoii, rM vwOdlkiak kotkr of 
«Uiaoik I ooald Mi yo« Miok iUtfi* of 

''iSl.-!^''"^*'^ •^^ •^ oiSliool 
•rttflto from mm, ko vMi gtvo «f all ko 

foogoM^kowaaiitMood;^ " 

baioi ^ 


daok aad ka oOklda't gal »o to &. , 

•tairo-aMiHlkoiiadf4^ tio^lM-b 
oMatar wM I tM kaaactaabw MaL ai 

«ay«M.d**'-' ■ ■- ..^ • 

- • ya% l a tka mr U io fmt 

--• Oi kov «Flnkad. kralal aad tynaaloal 
Ikoy Oka kol B.hl' aald tko awa-b4K 
riaiug ta diagoot r bat tkoa aaiokly (••oroa* 
aiujiniMr iodlgaatioa* aba od^ WaUy*. 
••My^ |ood UMla OfoattwT^i ki*. 
fallaa lata Iko kaada of a^'^tad aultor, 

*^ •? ■^' •■•*» •"•"•I tka cvaofo of 
vkiloolavaa. Tkat Ii ail iQm aaa W oaid 
of yoar lot. If yoo aro hmpp^ ia It^llla 
koap TOO aoh (kiiy do moi 
daotiay t,r av. I ka^ 
loaaooplit.' ^ 

. — -J tbia^ Iko Biitrrlag»iiaoBi 
laMfimP'alata*rooai aad aiiat tka d 




oa* tmf 


^ MiSADTiirrvaB ot na mam 
Tka UaMi aaa «it at Jaioc i Ob 
Tbat oTor I wtm kora la aot ikaai rioki l> 


I-- ?(*Vtt tba MHT ka 10 ^oar iMiti^, aad 
vaarokMioakorUai Vkv|y|iBjM. 


Mia^ByooaMroalof kor 
kyJadiik, vbokadboM ki 
kaaka af Birlki vool, for 
vlaA, . 

UiUmj aal dava (a tho laUa aad taak 



Miimr aal dava (a tho laUa a 
ap tka Wf-kait abavl.tkai oka kad 
fTMil aadjoiaodlka oai al Ika ■ 
of voal apoa il aad woaawd lkav< 

^ a4a koltovaiial Irifmii kai 
kaior.> oaMliMb Ikalaa fa^k^ frilal 

* Toob a aMan^katN^ tapMlad Mbo. In 
,*CMarf wMoao^aaA^atarl Lm4 




'. ^j 

• /^-- \ -^."^: •; 






* •%.'©5£»•«.«l»v2-«. 
y. jkitMMrto « M»-kft«>rt I •««» faMf 
• - r. —M t wf y hf ting »»y. 

B«» lliirU»Bi«tOT fMdIliiglit •! ; 
•rMi»MitkM44i*iM4«a«qrw> m4 

^vS5S3i£Kfi»di.ii I » faj»^». 

;;^»«db l«»W4rtk«M«l4aTM»dI 

S^MSktotev* III dolk^ wwk^t for 
MM Ik* fe««M CM d« tkat— M skoK, I 
?^i^r ^^*~*^ i» b korridr Mid 

• 4kd Mifb wfcjr wwudaV J*" J^riu?' 
•Bc«MMii •Mid Mlvk* dMakffN. I 



tk« «MVWMl 

iU l«dilk k*d 

Mri. iMtMli tow . tM«d ^ w«rd% 
•iMteokBOoiSmoai k«t tMUMd k«r dost- 
MkMd ptUlkiM. k^pfai M» •«»<>p?j; 
mSmiwMU t* MfM bp mt wwrt ^iMk^f^ 
tkfow Ufkt VKB tkat jkMlly MUpidott of 

• Aad wkM* dOM ak* ■»! «b« ■«■ to •!%> 
Iki»(f^ foMM'cd Jnditk. :8«M«»do*1 

2SZ£«3Mr. TktiikMiT w to too 

«tod « MwtiiM to »to MM, fMlr^ ^ 

7 S ^ iwd ikaVtoo iiMikto aiMj to k* 

/^ISutk-* MMlitotiw* ««• tetotratftoAAy 

, tk»:Mwii«C «ito« afito, md dto •tofpaa 

Ed wky wtidafl tt kt tei km, 
> Wko to to do It, Md wk«M to tlM watvT 

toOOMOIfMir Iwtok to MOdMW it WM 

■OHM « wvaa aad wnvd>^ 
r^itil ktnlT powlbtoiorM to kATo tome 
liir im^ wMfcid wr t* tki toqatrod of tb« 


fPHNvf *»M©# ■Bw»H* 

tiMJdl f« VMl 


JOB troii ROt- 

...wkora to Hio water to oono from r I 
lkB««kt ovory drof of frMk wator on ioara 
■bto wao aa pnotoao •• moltoa cold. I know 

"•^SE «kto« wW'a .Jiktoi JT tko fre.b 
wkfkorat aU^at alU 8«»o tkw^ oalt wather 
- aromdwk OaoaMtotl^illtooaiet 

[V toU aall wator wm'I wash 
m^ <* MMlkt fM iw»o ■toiaken. 
«« aio M iw (A aaak aa avor,' aighed 


ItotMb -■'■ 

• IMtildMadfklly kMMVMtopt *Htofa|Ni 
oM tor M toMf a v o waf oi m wvpmt* m 
any MMtkif tin. ^m k um war «ifiBf> 

• iad wbat fotakMld I ko Mtotokaa. wbi» 
rm koM foltowwc tko a«f ifor atooo l.wai 
a akildr Ban «k« oall waAkor waahea 
•J^lkaotoMtifal. Wo*M M UUMPt aalt 
SSSko!««lMi»to>kM kjMtifatothar. 
atoll9Sw»«I<toka^«»^n^ aa tkoaa^ 

, «MUK l> «Mt Mt U lk«t waUy tor 
inttif^llia. By. ModMM •• -••P^*! 
utoiBH. • II too 4Mto««W wa> MM of *!• «a«l 

,^Wka» for akaiad I toU tM a tto na'aa r 
Omb fM «Hi tkiy tt aadtottitooo yoor- 

• Ok. /B^tk. li;laM* ftiMtof to^Mar yoa 
^CM^pMPRill IBB VMlilkard r 
It BrlMW&ldB oar waaklaR for 

«f dniHikiBB^IiM 
twlkto»' Ngkii iSW 

-••iBsaMw* ail ■■nil •■• MitkTCia I 
|f«ltoay,BMtB4^iit ilai^toB JlMHla nr» ' 

«•' •>" V 





to 4«« 

AslMtothrwaMaUoby will'lM gted 
to aim • ftnuft aad aqatli^. nM . to 

• IndMd. il will te § JTMl liiiliM « Md A 
weU-MUMa pMay I Obf JadiiMi i« 
•n immMM Rood !• gti •m'o olotkoo 

•d r Mid Mr*. B;j.< 

'Sarji wnoif «•• w— d k i ri ag why yw 
didn't do it ofoco^ Aod thma for Ym. I wm 
•van dhrMdinji tho ohiplftTtfroloag with tho 
oIoMftir r ,, 

• Ob, Jadith. it WMii't «• M M th»i i 
hope. W« pat oil ow tpllod ololhinf i».«ii« 
jpare tUtO-rooaL and Ihat tli* «loorM4 
opfiMd tho pott ightoi And doar knowo .wo 
would wilUofly hoTo hod tho wooUog doa« 
wMki ktr,it wo hod kaowo that it ooald b* 
dono. Why didaVyOB toU aol" rtoaairod 
Mri Breton. "."^ ' <>..-:i.., .-,.;,-'< 

^ Sore, ma'ma^ and it wa« ioai af aiy phoo 
toipMit ofitai oUotaU. Wdl I fottha 

' Tm, Jadith. and ok I what a loliof I what 


• •relief.! TM Mm 


what ia hor 

"• name ?' 

l4IiathraM liallony. aMa'am. whtoh« bo 
the lame token aho'o oarpoatar'o aaalo'a wifo 
to mjr own father, who baa beea oorponter 
on this afaip for oivin yeaio obatO Fatriek'o 

•Vfty well. Jadith. Ull Mra. Mallony 

'•»» 7« *y l»y kor Uberallyfor Jwr tvoablo.' 
•aidlfra. Brotea. 

And^^ tiiia mat Uttb aAur;wao arraaced, 
i>nt with what iaal leoalt remained to ho 
■ ■ •een. 

Are thooo triliag dotailof Tkey w«^ m 
maji, I aoMfo yoii» to the yoosff ooyacoiB 
And only tkooo wko, hy droQffht«f along 
•ea royag^ or oay ether dreaaiotaBoe, kovw 
UeadokarrodfroBi tko fieo woof wator. 
coo aaderotaad bow importoat it waa to 
them. . <, , , 

B •idef. I promood totoil ay ladi toaden^ 
who bav»Bover booa plae 4 ia oaoh oiroon- 
■UDoep. how woaMB liM. rho .go «^ loM 
"^75>X«f ?o la aMrokaafb oiihag ahipo; 

li "iifi? ^'^ difcroat tktaio Km t*ko 
■plondid'Ooeaa aad rivwr 

Sodayo oad woeka paoood. r Tiwr^igi^ 
>>liBf tewarda tko aaa, and tko oUaMto 
waa grewiag waraMT Mrovy*day. 
_0oe flao OMNraiag, wkop BH:o«arto waa 
walking alMM oa tko apBor deok^ ako woo 
;*?'!^*y '^■•***« •'«ll« --^ diotf.00. 


here woro- two voiooo*^ aaa'a ai 

ThM* oMttdoi^aoo# tko oaata 
le m tB*kator dad wwaaa'e okaan 


■f ■ ' 


the ehaki 

Skoalatlod apoa korleak aad tt|iBiir-r4kt 

kod, kor MHI karaod, kor ^oMJMhed rSbe 
aaade a dafh to go down to tho lowor dook, 
^Pioai vbfOh tke aoiae pi ooeedod. " 

, •koB^ jm%t iOordoa fall tUtat tl>o 
koad of tp hiddor. 

• Wbat ia all thio Bdoe, Jadith f tho ia- 
qairod. atoraly. 

Jadith, wboon haada wara fall o| fraak 
towak oad (laah water Jag*, atoppod to aot 

jf'^'J^^.^W^ '** ♦» otoawnt aad mom 
.hor btoath krfnre aha aaoworod t 
JSan^ tkia. aia'*o aaly MikeMo^ 
loayia kia dnak.* : ■^■ 

, f ^hat io ho doiilit f kroatkleaoly iaaulfed 
MiaokfMpioa. witk km kaad atill opSa the 
•id^^ropoa to atea4|^hiM^ ia gaiag dof a 

at ir wboti the d|MOp%ialo Uai. ' 
^pojroa BOOB t» aawthat that draakaa 

krato ie boa:|fig bia alfar klaaal tka aua. 

»8aro. m'aai. yoa kaew wki»tko dkraa'b 
la, tha liaoe ia oat.' ^ 

'Io ho boatlag bar. iaok yoaf 
-WMlkj^ IbdloTohovlif ararop^iU 

y»?- I *«• ' *«» aoy aioro aoiooi' paad^ 

Jaditb. , . ^ 

• Why ^taoea'k tke o.iptaia iotorfoco t« 
proToat thio bratal violeabo to a woaiaa t' 
baoulld.'* *' '^■"* •art.oBly Jfi Miy 

* •?*• I "^J^hw Biaator. whoukaa a rigkt 
to do what he likeo with kio own. Aad 

l^ ^Kl^"* *•*■« » ««Mw»^ • Btaatar, tooL 
for alLUuow. ayaipatkia a witk|%a bta^ 

for aOUuioir. oyaipatl 
aaid dKaa-hatot. hi 



vL\^- ••»**.fat it • koo JaJlo- 
bat ko woaldnt deauiao kiai., 


Intirol; , -.-..-^ ««, 

oelih^ aNfUiagand atakiBg bolwim a «aa' 
Uo wU% 'oparially ia tko foiaoaatla. It^ 

[ Off a Md olotk kolMa Ma oyoa io 
aa at t ko fa 

iv kia kaauuoa I'^anaod Jaditk^ 
• I toU yo«v aa I ua I yoa W^ It to kia 
-!!I*^.*^ ■tLi*'?*';??^ oad yaar Iaal* 

^^tofliii^^ii aoudr ohr deij, *t tr«i«, 
«iBr a fopotiOoa of tW* aaiii«o I* 

'Bettoraal. aMi'aak Tkiiiii aa BMddloa 
and aukaa biitwixt a ana aad bit wife allaia. 
Vta tka worai »f it.* aifead Jadttk. 

Bat at tkia aMm at. a loader onr tkaa 
aver froM tka woaMMi Mow wataad tkaa». 
tb»tikefgkt,«aB aal y«l avir, octkati. 
ba>l re'aiiaiaMaatd* 

' PuImw mm I» orM tko raaaod oiiaai^ioa^ 
aa ebo iov dowa t^ ladder to tka 


jwd. It laaaod kor p.oaltor taaaia to laiy. may, a« ake kai^toTaf tar lliaa Obay,^ 

dad ahaa en^y I' oriad Ja<Mtk ip dto* 

* . <1 



Oaidcd by tk« WNUid off btowa M w*H •« 

nr th« orim ot Um womm Brito«r.« 

.^U«d lorwMf* to •»»• 'owwiitW, wfcjw 

«!•• fowMl tlM poMr •TMtar* te 4iM ■nPM< f 

^ dniBkea wwtoli; Who h«kl fc« i^» jj* 

• other. •/ ., 

' L*t that wMuat go, yoa dloa*trou nl- 
Uiol Thip initoo , I Myl Too ueMrvo 
^dMtm yoo d man 1' orled tho ^oohr obom- 

COB, io OB aathoriiotivo Totou^ otMldtiig 
if or* thon ) h«r tooth w«rO iot, bor woo 
«oaotutrMtod oad glMmlog. oad •»•» »* 
Ashoti polo with tbo 4oop poMioii of iodig- 
0«Moo tbot filltd bor jooog b ow oool- 

• At bor oonn^tad tho^non drOpvod bio 
«ioodfrooi tbo womooo* ooA 
to«dbooottraokofl; ood ho ou---, ___-_ 
..dodMlMtd im Ibo i f i M ow gl HMOo^ 


Tbo roUoood woaoo thrttw bor ibruo «o 
iobortkoooodbefoatooob. \ 

' • Bb««< obo»o (w yoo. moo, for \raW>f 
7oarhoad««^ookyoorjrifol How*— ' — 
4for loo|| o^^owoii tio^hioo ofolo 
rakoold $0 ood bido>oor hood or 
oolf for7oiyiha«ir ooidBritoi 
vitboriog ooora. 

tbo iMo'o bmttt igooeoooo woo o 
tit* of bio oftooo in Imt ^hrxo^ 00 i 
h«*obooaiothfa«of «oyoDo wbo 
Aoioohotor. SbeJodcidtbotaotorO 
lovo toMjbt bin MfMor OMO^on^ H ' 
tkn bod ool doM 00. ao'^^ff 
.^viato oC bor Wfotli ood poofod •thu 
^Z. ftbo tfOok hood off poor Mlko oo 

' a aod - ioi'pooiiblo bo'oyi 
Aod bo otood aod 
»4o0ibl» oM boof-d 

toaiottoriooolf' — — ... 
H woo bar owo loolt ootiiotf . 

bMo obiotoUif^t 

,itjril ioovory 

wbot, Mr. llollooj.olooo »h*» «• f^JSTS 
il ovir TOO vootoio |o roioo yvmt wiokod 
hood iniMi r««ur wifo ofoio wbik jm oro 

iotbioobip. ■•"V»»'5«^»^ •■»*'»• 
t wiU opo^k to ObptaiB MoKoooio. ood bov« 
warn pot io iiooo ood bop» io irooo ootd w« 
^MOb oomo port whoio poo ooo bo pot 
asboio ood korood loooo.' ipid BritooMrto, 


Ttoo'oolprit lookol lOoUjr oboobod oa4 
nortidod. Ho bod oot ooothor word to ooy 
io bio own doftooo. Ho otood with bio boad 
pcoppod opoo bio oboot, diggiog bio hoods 
io hispcokoto ood tokiog tbom ook ogoin. 
Ho woo otioriy rootod i wEoo oo uoonMtvd 
loiotoioooMot orriTod— io who^ do yon 
Ibiok 1^0 oo otbor poraoo tboo tbot^of the 

IfiotbNoo MoUooy bod booo wooping bo- 
kiod b«r mmoo doriog tbo wboU ooouo ontil 
oow« wkoo obo ooddoolT dioppod bor oproo, 
otooti o^boronoo okioiba tomod •poo^hvr 
ootooliiitd duuopion, oud Uaoiid iortb oa 


«To will, will yof yo OMurlbonog diril. 
fool Toll bofo J^« pit ioiirooo-«iy 
l^Ot Aod wbliH tbo 4ikoo of jw Uv« 
to eboM botwofo dwwd ay moo I Too'n 
qoooo o' tbo aobio» oro yo! V^M, tbio. go 
qooo* It tkero I ood bopo oot^ It tboioro- 
oootlo. if yoo doo't wouft o poir of block 

*^MNrkiobil whioht, w<«oo l^bovo oomo 
NMOot for tbo Ipdy. 8oro obo io rifht 
ootinly I' wb^^nd tbo amo. >*J»»«J«» 
-■ ^ ^^ log wof opo« hio wib'i 

•Ob, oToooM it woi 
iralf tkot obo io hootoo 

««iooh«rbor)ilol Itio 
oom'ofooiv o ooo rd iog Io 
.^voo,iMitbotiao Of 
tfoM of Miotboi KollooT. 

fMdtl Hor 

olorMO tho wo> 

Mil ItOlWOfO 

I to too 

.^voo,iMitbotiao Of Adooidowptotoo 
tfoio of Miotboi KollooT. Aod It llwof* 

-wiHbot loopMoo. Too^iVfwtek^ 

K«oaltyl— to ko krotol MMOgk to_holf 
aof^ poor wifo, oad tkoooMoooMogb to 

romooo yooriiif % lajrog ^^ bJiMOM yoor 


obooldorci ,. • . . • 

•Wiiiobt yoitoU. JUko aofUotll ••» 

tU #vo it to bor 1 Wbot oaU boo Hbm likM 
Iv kir to oooM botooo oo. ohootioiog mo own 
OMO ftoooioot ON owo two lookmgoymi 
Ob. tlltookokorl— ' on'oioMd tboT'rogo. 
Mkiog o doogitow domooo lotiM towardt 
kor owNtooaio «kompioo|. v/ 

Bottkoomo'k IMtroiniiig kaod «o«on 

Vr. wkilb boopoko to MimXjouyor*. . 

•If yoopbaik vo'oiOi >ott'd bot^kw U«« 

li, MoitVoo ploto forolo4y. And 

wkMi liTtooipor^ Mk X wooiao'iliko to go 

boU for wkot oko wooldot 4|b' 

oNotoro f J^ofmorod wMO«ai 
appioob' gfBikg oooifMoioootciy 

^ ^jo.r..„.^«..og..o^o.^ sno^JKSrSS^ 

"^.8tip«m*od«otoltl ^^'i»M0^^,^J^\^^^^^^ 

.«o'Mo.''btoitoii^o.*dtijoo^^ »2SariLisi&>bif1^^ 

, * Sb« piovokod yo* to i«.^dld oko. indood, . bor loto ot kit .dofOMO^^woom. "•_f^^ 
V mr lordt Aod wbo oro To«,^p>or. to duo 

to ko orotokod to oook o pHok of noloooo f 

■;:_.._ i.g im^ fm^ , pnvi- 

ogo. oodtoogr 


HoiMC to I Aiti iM^ k» «fllMr IlilBhfaig m 
TOt'^l t»UMlM0bffltliMlplkt«b«ir4ttty, 
wbMt HV i» UMlMr Mr » haythM yoa an 


thto iMt kanl of vltafontlvo t^\% Brito- 
«Mr«»kaAtw^Mra|riaMdB WMidbfttir> ' 
iMiki «| tpiril IfcWMVwy duwoaragiagi^ 
iro«MUiV«rd«iiye««t onaiptoa, alwoTo t# 
Ana Uwit w owo ii Umli boM wiUii^fly iM 

yoko tfe*t wM kid «f«i hMw 

•Ah. thiv Md wbr «wMo't yo hoU yo^ 
tonuM itMUf dcMMdod tkr mm of lib 
wiM w Man M l|iM Ooaywo Iwd bft th«M. 
'Sdra tho Idty WM te tko right iv It. It 
wM • big bMto I WM wtlMty lo bo botiog 

#«M raWk.Mdru Mfw 


of yo« ol All, •« *ll, «tU bwa Ho I 
tho ladjiwM nifh, . Md ru mvw 


• Wbkbn b«Mf 1 itwM tlM dbriiii^ mi% 
«Bd MC yortotf at all. it alL Asd «vo« it^ 
whot ooQ ba tbo Ukm of hw to mm 
«bMiti«faiig It yo« foronl—l a«r Whuit dooo 
a girlooB koow f A«d wh» k oM^ to bo 
onro. Jody B ordoal* iofotrod tho wooMOt 
taniteg anddoiily to tho ottwiirdtoi^ who 
«Mod thoN r^mm hor •!>«■, aad otMribg 
nfith diiouiy. 

• th«y do obU bor Biddy MmrIs, tho mm. 
«;er| b«t I'a alwr bdovo it ir btr, nivor f 
aniwwod liidith, U o'low, bmbid Toloo of 

, aw*. ' - . ■ ■.,-*." 

*Biddy Mortii^ tho hiKB-^torr oohood 
MitiNM MaUoay, l» p^rpbidty. 
' ' Yoi^osrOi' 
*Th« MMHitorr aiftlil ^MotloMi tbo 
wonaa. . 

'Bow doM «bo ftto Mar hi^M tho 
wonaa. teorodaloMly. 

it itr bw at all at aUl Saia it% a Joko. or 
•t'o a ofaadbor. mm «t%o itbw | Inr it «aa*( 

^ *r«i& tbjw, 1 thoaght ibiTd ata tbo 
rhaadof aMooU wba ohaotood tboia fkimlaot 
BMb looklag oa iModoMroald Miko. 
*A aMHi<«tw| Aad that will bo tho 
•a wbp tkw stad bor away to Ufa la 
OiMifbat 6b«do...wkoro tbqr aia aU 
Mit«a r ofgaod Mia. MaUoay. anMag 
IV !^ V^ ■•^ ooaolarfoa that^adilb 
lUofdaa hod Naokod hoflon hm 

• Bat Itott yoa maim bokva it It bar, 
aiTorl I'ta watoliod bor. 8ha atoo vary 
littbaiaaoaaybov. Aad, mn alM> aot w 
foad of aMa ap to waat to ato Ihaai i aoito 
tho oaiMrw*. iadado 1 ItV ho aaly a jdka. 
«ra alaadhor. j^y-^va gat ap aa bar,* 
faraiarad Jaditb. 

•Tai^ that Will ba itl'agiiftd Mr. Hal- 

aaa good lawoa. TU aivar athriba Biddy 
a«ain. Sara Biddy% tbo aapio iv aM' fT* 
aid tho aora It aiy haartt Nit I aivar 
thoaght ham hr liekfathar whoa tha dnnk 
waa IB, Ita^lf, till tba gtiloaa viada iMaaa 
what a bhrato I waa latitaly. toial 
aoalda'l ha aiy ayta to .bar fnaa at all^ at 
all, whio ahoatbood tharo forBlnat bm, Ilka 
oeaiTtho Locd'b nnny -aagala I ffaHi aad 
ni alTar atbrika B.ddT af'ia, to ha Moda 
tofaallikaa br*to baatoaa I waa.alitoa 

Bo, tbongh wooiaa'a aaraMt yottag ibaai 
piaa bad goaa away froai tba aaaaa of 
aotioBt ehllkd, anWttarod and diaooaragad. 
yat aka bad really aoaoaadad batlar that aho 
had hopad, aa moat refonaaii da^ tboagk 
tha raaalt el thair* aotioa amy Mt ba im- 
■adiatoly aaaa. Sha had 


Bight or day, a apook to alaia 
Mraaai— tha b l a aaad iba alowm 

la aBapproaababla diviaity. 

OaiaaiB. lajciaing to bla laUa^of tight*<i^ 

O'ar haavaa and aaa, far-aa tbt 
Oaa awa»Pk a daHliBA nunaBoa 
Aod all, trpii polo to pole, ia 

Ha akip waa aailiog towud tba iia i aad 
•la waatbar waa tary baaatifali bat tka 
paaaa ag ara la tka aabia bad baaa at taa 

paaaaagara la 

tka aabia bad baaa at . .. 

• Bioatb, aad ae tkoy- woro bo* 

Iriacing ta loaf for a algbt af bad, Hnnrn 
taoagb it waro a lofftigo thora. % 

OapiaiaM'KaBib had laid that if thp 
wiad aootiaaad tolerably CtToaraUa, by ttai 
Irat woak la Movatohar thay waald BMka 
tha Oapa Tarda blaaidt, wbara tka aMf waa 
to atopfar fitak water a^d ptaa i a l aa a . 

Tka wlad,ha4 Bot baaa paMaalarly ^v 
aarabbf aad it waa aaw tna aaoaad wtok 
ia Xovaaibart Wt tkay wava kjpiag to 
* M^ daya. 


raaeh Bart Fngra ki f Mr ar Mn 


Oar Uttb partr qMU 
■laakaa tkay kad i«JM ta tha irH waaka A 

thair. vof ana— to aaHi^ driaUBg and 

iogf walkiaa, liftiNffMd iaopoo^f I w9E 
to& foidiag aad aiagiag. 

Bat tkaia waa a aart af aaanBiai to all 
tkb that waa latkar trriag wkaa praattoai 
ta tka oaa oaaaM^dayaftar diq^fW tproalt 
togatkar I for yaa aaa tka vayaga waa bar 
aad tkair atoak fli keaka^ iaapa, warkiMr- 
M to^ w a daa^aato of eaaTataatiwi, wta 



-*-i-:-— -:^>- 

.v'-: \ 


trndmn 1km MUM valM|M% ^/^§J^ •«• 

rwy Mrt i^ Oto tUr J« "May t^ £^ 

>MlMd« •«q|MtotaM» villi aU Ik*. 

iai* M« J«»y M wM M tMikMwV* 

fMMtotff <l wir«1» f«rWMf»«i ilM H^ WW 

Mi4 ««• 'kdl 

^ •IMI* kin Uwmf Ytm 

nH Miirad tkM thiSr aM«iT«4 t«w 

lirftMriiad tk^ tM » Mw tarn, Aai. 
SM%%SniirfeM «l lk.JS5i| ^ 

urn, B H tawfCil' -^'^ ,„ . ,_ 

tktak. tfoagk tk»M» SdOif f^^f«5ff is 

Si«7llbvMik«r, mi wm kaf«/««» MkM^ 
4 fttM M Ikat of Jaly uid AHiMt in oar 
Mtiv* otUMtoi W« **■•»% •? •^» 

•»lf r y twMd llMrtka nrttoB.. .. ^j 

- k« BMr lk« *rof^' M»i<l Mra. 

MW. tiMt «• M« wikbio 
tkatt^ «C OMMMrafed 
lk« Oap* Taii* ulandB. 

ir t»fiii»MW«o«kM|a,fcrjwltfc »kw« 

OoMrtra ikall Ml iker* «l iMt • Ear* 

wSr*Ui «»• *Mtl«i a»y," y«r kMw.' 


iM iNAry dayi. AaA Mom Mdkbc bMn 
IrwEfS. M? inl. OhUA.' Ci Mr.. 

7ai||k Bl 

inf[^«ihii^tb« fliiM^ iu haoh eon- 

tt. half toaKkiac^^lwlf uroaaing. 

aM ipf aa^M m f» "PT? rta«K|»* ^iaaay, wkllatka feaaf womaa 

, A.T%^*- *-£=^ ^, 

ikf 'Maft i«4<llartkaBf«<aa» ' 

ESS «lSNTt^«yaaft«kay^4fla^^« ban 

" ^ 4a«llifiii^«aditlC Radial Ite 

MNMHiatMiUuf* jfrcf aal k a aai i i i 

k# aMaft aM aMMlad kiMy iai^ tka 

akitjT iwa, tka 4air of wkiak ataad 

iiifca^aiMl'aMlrfaii* lln.B>, lapi»»'. 





and . 

floatoBto— ^UifM 
tPtcki old. 

m»' 7*« «l«Mt iii«r<MjlaMMk ^ How MUM 
'Ob. wtal fnttjr ortatari*!' mM Ifn. 

' 'Ono vhlliiL oao tortoiM sioll ud on* 
,Crej. How I woold liko to hajr* oao of 
Iham for » pot I' Mdd Mra. Brvton. 

^ * Bat'wh«i(e did tti«j oomoiroBif I sbbold 
, «■ MOB flzpMt to And » •qoiffroltor A rabbit, 
:-9t anjr othor wild erMt«M of tJko wood* 
iMrvMSOMtof liittfiit.' t, 
^ •Wbtl.. nia'aia. y«a iM ShMlidi.tllat'b 
ktt M Wi into tho atato-rooiD-^Sboslah wm 
^ ay p«t Ml And I didn't kdow whM* to 
lnv# hor whin I oaum to mj} m I Mtngtiod 
iMr on board sbip and hmifitt h« wid mo. 

«Ba> wliy amafsla hw. WottMn't tbo 
oapuin bava lat yon bring yoor Ml ? Thero 
artanimalt anoogb on boafd.tho dM^ teow*, • 
aaid Mr*. Ely. 

•^•iz, maW and MtliaN iiu latt tba 
oapuiii wiglit b«To lot mt fMt tnovgb { bvt 

• Bu^by not f |rtB|« Mrfc Br. on. 

; 8ar# ma'vm, aiH don't yon knowiho 
4ailon oan't abido a Mt aboard abip 7 nix. 
a thay: found my Mt tb«y*# tbtow bar into 
tbeMyinnotimaat all' ,»^ 

•Botwhat'.tlidro%rtl«n|pi harmlM. 
i>»t r Qticationod Un. Bnton. 

^^ ^^^f'}^ »*•* »• •»• Tbay ihi»k 

aha will Mag all aorta a miaf^rtanea on to 
tbim and^l&ir ahipr bad wantbar. and 
Jionaa. and ihipwiaaki and tbatk And 
if 4hqr fonad a Mt on boards thay'd 
««*J^««f**t>t tha mm of tha aat^ 
andt^baadaeflMraiifnar/ ' 

^11 Ja tn».« aaM Brftwnarta. • I bava 
oganbaajfd^MilOM ba^ nA a anpar^ 

dooapa tba *blp to dfatrMiion. 80 flanly 
tod ar a th ty in tbi a p ^»iyd^o^ tfeaTSi 
^aptai^and attaan aia &i J^mtjf to yiatl 


* Tia ma'am. 8nr« whin wa had bras al 
My two WMka, aba nwda am a nriilntor 
tbiaa WMnw, And I kapt tbiin iS in mv 
loaktiw both 41M Mt aad tba kittMM»~an4 
fid tbim and tindad them. Uka baUm t 'till 
now %ht^t9 arowod m bfc and m wild and 
ptavfhli I'm Jiat fraid of bm Ufa tba aailaffi 
. will h(Mr tbim aad throw tbim inta tba lay, 
BaaoM. to»day I waohad ma tima midliii 
tbim in my apron aad mada a ma for tim 
Mbin I I thongbt tba ttttia araytaiM wonld 

'i.'.ftf ■?*A''u^^ Judith-th» patii wo 
aball ha glad tor bara tham. The dear knowa 
wa hava littla anongh to amoM na 4n tUa 
floating priaoo. Bnt what wm it fMghtaaad 
yon aof iaqairad lljr^ Bratoh. "Ifo* 
lookod M if yon wara ahaaad by a 
whaa yog Hettflad down tho ai^n atalni 
ihafc' , ■ - V . • >■»! 

' And why wonldn't I. ItMlf ? Bnro waani 
I flying for Uft r laatawaya fdr tba Mt a«d 
kittana' irvmr And didnt I mat« IbraroS 
Tomaa b^ bMn taking bia tnm nt tba 
whaataMHIraatoomlng down Ulow |nahaal 
"up. "And what bav ya goa 


a* a 

laa had 


a, Jvof' 
aia hMil 

, r its hr* ''Whanf'* iM L 

lit in my monib. , **TbeN, a«f«." 

■i* «••— '?ki»ared'np in yar ap'on." . •• 0|l 

tlrin, it^ill hi aomatbiag telengfaig to tho 

ladiN int boMhin,'* 9nff—^*tm woalda^ bo 

daorat fora Jintkmiui to 
l3iW.p aat bitttM fMt m I 
idHrall down tii|:^yr 
ladlia— to aay noting i^ 
aa haTa ahuMt'toratAod 


And fate 

go^ aad alp 

M yaiMWr 

a^ I riaking my akin to «l«o h 
fall not balaiting tba iSUc 
M kittia^ will y.a. ladiM f 

JSSL 2*l"f?H^ •••Witt ta» oara 
of yoit^ pan. But what do yon think bl 
yooraal^ Indltti, forkMpincfowMta ih tho 
abipf inrahrif ona «M Will brint dntma* 

?!? **.*!.'!'>xft**>"' ^^H A»tmOtla« 
not only totbaibipv bnttoan tba 



tlM MllMtf 4bal> aiako tEfh baaiM of tM- 

NhnMl' ipM^Mith. wtthn oadMantST^ 

«To <tiy 4hita light. Jidlth. Wokaao 

■omiagiaingKn.tbaanhlMt. "Yaorlhtnnr* 

ItM-rtlj/tf. with 3. i*«SiriTO 

t^Jg^JJay mmiy a ha^l^P^^^^mOd 



-V .*-»«*- -,,t^w 1 


tl^ jitttI*m9B not''' 
ih*l tii«r thill lil 



fur -mbliii* «<Bll«n 







_^„.„. eaitfk*'''TtmHimuA*t<' 

flalMd thai the frMllj^roTiiioiM ir«r« rna- 
Sing low I «li«t they |&d oaly •novfh left f> 
to serVe twonealst wi tli«t it would b« 
rw«ry«d for dmn*r t|ii dij ipidttlio next 

vWbieh looks lid&miDg to «a ond of 
thU pwrt of tk« j^olK' wliif p* rod Ml). 

B otoB, hopofifllr.;- ,,i:n% ' . 

;' * It looks liko otiMinf yb mi ond of onr ' 

Crormdor/ l«iffliMd> kiikas]b*nd, •• ho 
•iBod h*r t»opii^<^l( dild I wddoek. '' 

•malmUioo liiid ^ii^ I 

**lLSr^wo«haaiit tt^lB-no^^ V 

tbo^dkiof terdoa of tko ooiivorMtio« oinopg 9 
MkhopMMBgon stt that day. Itwaathe 
NpMoinoni ^f thoir goed<4iiigh», whoii they 
■tffatatod to rttfro to ihoir »tat«roonit. and 
tiM ntxl ateraliaff l|;i«i|i^ |^y •Ugktl]Ki«ri<-d 

,,__,__ Jlit|ioi*oml»ii|Ctl ^ 

S THK*f^; of'^ -taalpai, ol aoolal 

M, of (vAiytbtegi Md a^thiaa. or 

atiMr tha* of that i aod ^ BjtO; 

.^iiifciaakiy o»thia.i?oaind.^Aiid 

i i*OPfit« BoHhao Jaatia ior Brito> 

a|4 ^ iMKV<9ffo half to todioos 

^ iellow-'iMteaogno. 

^ toa^yata, lika aU othar thiagt,^ 

lo aa «ad ooroo ttiM or other, or 

«v»othor. Tbtir troyago waaaar- 

I tha oad of Ita fiat im— to tSo 

■vw- /*?df Wa»4» ,, •- - •' z^' . >_ 

Tho * *l«iU| aaooaoaiog. lM|Miveataio 
with thaikittaoa, tha oap a^^M *V ^ 

*If ihlawiBdhoIdo. wa thalf aZako Fort 
V.aya iha dayVtir to-aaorrOfT.' 

- Aodif.habiioakl-i . ..^.^.l^ji^^^i 
. •«4ahal) ali¥iatiiKti«aiiii1o(rft^BMtho 
4i^ aflor to^iaorrow/ hiaworda ooofdaol 
jh .VM prodaoi'd 00 gfoat dalight. 

Tb« MS; JBoniog, whra tha faidiaa oanpa Mm waa aiatakav, _ „ 

^tet ihfbr aliata.roo«^ MRBiotoBi who _,gg,t ^^^^ oiwu* aiorfcr tha paa- 

lato tho oa^Bi aad altar tmm§ «ha pattf ^mSwWb tha? ^hmo jfirtloi ait of H by 

^S -^ _ixi..- - - " w_iatr«»patory.fa ji pthoiiMi«Btholookwm 
' Wo ara now withia tho k rowg a. Wa i llt^ ^ *' ""^ — — — — - 

Qtooar ia tM aigKt. Wa ohiA 


4Bd all^jr^loog ^h^ Mi. all o» deck. 
withUiair tonOOOM. o»llfP«watoh lor lard. 
It wtM of li¥ QM for vt]li|a offloara to asfeoie 
tbaaa t|tat4«eh Ttgilukae 'Waa onoalled for. 
aa tha auw atatfoi^ -aloft oa tha Jookoot 
woald >0 ttbo iiat to ainooaoo it. Thoy all 
ohooatoatayoadook m iha bwBteg^hM^t* 
aad«i<t<thairOFaay^aadgiaoi» £ 

J^artlwlaitttha Ibc^ijia^ pMOtd, Ahoar 
tiapo aiaM aad wa 

lOadiadgM^ Thay^ 
at leagtfi N' 
tamed to. 

^ttiag fcHJr aad 
aad ajar. Thai^ 
lira. Bioloa* 

ptuiotd. Ahoar 
tha Mtefaoon 
thara waa no 
iFory latab and 
»t halo* aid 

„„_..M;I Ikaawit 

^tlM idaa of oar aver 

j^aoal WOara 

watata foravar 


kito hor 


laaka thaOupaTatda" bSada W aiBWflir| U^"***?!* 
paaina.' ' Thoaa who .^ 

*I hofa aok' aaawaiad hii Vila | *h«ti oh oaly kaow i^ ra] 



thai oir oi MO 

: «|p angaiMit^lor 

"i -^^rc-v; 

t;" r 




« \ 





d««thr- ;■,..■■ 

fo oar Ha O J My ' vogrMvn U 
■*■■> olttMijf i bat it flilfld tteB i 
U^t for dll tliat. 

Tb«y larnod oat qniokSj, harrfaid on wlwt 
•lotltM l:iT noM««t At hand, aad iMMtaaod 
Into tibooabio. 

* i;ho3adi«a ManaiBadbolov^bak tha g9a||a« 
ai n «r«al ap oa dook. 

In tha porplo dsrlutoaa of tho tropioal 
nifht, howavw, thoy 6<Aild aoo aotbiag. 
Tne ofloitr of tho watob ibfonnod th«Bi that 
they had mUIa oat tho Oapo Varda iHlaada, 
bat abo aaaartd thov that thoy woald aot 
NMh Part Troya bafora aiocaiag. 

With tbia aairi tho toatloaMnweBtdowB 
bolow.- wboNk af tor oaatoal aoaRrataUtloat, 
tho liitlo party anoe laoro Wd« oaoh otb*r i 
.^ood-aigbtk and taraed ia and oonpoaod 
themaolToa^ aloop. Afror tholr wntohing 
udoxoitoaitat they tlopt 1ob« and aoandly, 
and late iato tho a«x . atoraifag. 

Whoa Brltoaurto oam«.oat of hor a'ato* 
room, abo fodad Jadith aloao in tho eabio 
tad ia tho aaft of atowing aarn^ baakota of 
oruifta. looMaa, bnnanaa jad othor tropical 
fiaiti^ lata that oataiaBi gatboraai, tha 
■pani atata>a«aak%' 
^Saro wo'ri ia po 


abip vaa aaoborod iaal wi'hia tho oatraaot* 


of tha barboar, aad tbo qaaiat Uttlo town 

tagooof, half 
all barbaroaab 

port a laat, aM'bai;* aha 
V Mid, 'in wpUi of tho oat aad kiataai, whioh 
^ aailora. tho haythoi, alwaya thiak wiU 
irr^aa** ^ .\ 

•lalavarycUd. Whor* ara thobdioat 
-^ ^aak^^f iiiqairad B.itaauMrla, lookiag 

' 'lH>L^wLfaMM|hgi^ lik* 

aakiS^Krdod ^% uK^ gugof 
gglit^fcw Mtii^l ^aak^jriwt i lot Lt 

of Pur'O Fraya— half Forti 
Afrioaa— half oMHaod aad 
and wholly aaiaaa la obaraator aad appear* 
aaoo—biy at a abort die aaao oft Tiw ahla 
waa aartroaadod with baaa-btpK AHed with 
proviaioaa of all aorta— ahoopi P*0^ paaltrv, 
tho lao fraita, tha abaap wumi^ aad tho 
aaiall oiaaafaoiaroa of tho ialaad% aadi tho 
dook waa orowdod with a OMtiay iMbaf 
Portacnaae, aogrooa and half bvaoda, whoaa 
otaokli:g voiooo aoarly doafanad their boar- 
ara, a« they vWiatod tboif waiaaaad aolioilad 

Neariy otrorybedy boaght aaoMtblag of 
thoait .batit waaa aaed whila boforo ' 
dook waa aloarad af taa orowd aad Mm 
boa»a lofl tho eidoa of thoahipb 

Thoa tbo oAoiro aad aaaaaagara propaiod> 
to go to broakfaat. Jaat ao tbev wOra paa- 
aiug tho oabia doora, lira. Iiy aad Mia. 
Braton otada tbair appearaaoo oa dook^ aa 
fall of wuader at tho now aoaao aa thoagh 
thoy had aovor bahald laad la all thai»liT«» 
before. t 

*Yoa two haro Bilaaod a good 
Toa hava aaiaaad tho baiB-baata at 
trndon^'aaidMr. Bly. 

*0:i. wa doa'c siad that— wa ava ao glaA 
to ba boro,* rapliod Mra. Brotoa. And ihoy 
mil woat to tba bnakiMt^tablak 

*Wo aball lomafa ban for twaaty^fciar 
hoari^ * aaid tha oap^la. * Wo ahnll havo «o^ 
4ako> frtoh water nod aroT^laiaaa oaaogk 
t^laat aatil wo arrivo iiifh^ ^^p^ of Ooad 
flopo. 80 wo aball aot hif able to atakr aail 
kofora ta-ai«rrew moraiag. Tkoraioa 
gMttiag r^ady to |o oa ahoro | and If 1 
tho piaaongere wonld like to take a. 
the town, aew m thdr appertaaity 


^^inya and t«i»k»thay!|pa ailhar .^„r^^ 
■ailJa4ith^piiati4g ia atra^ 4iaappS- 
tiQd ta tkaWkata of fMt^tpiSbarad 
ap tho apova aaita^rooat. 

BritoaArta lobkad aad laaritod; aad tk«a 

ing; If iia Ooayara. ' flw 
' add. Jaatia BxMaiahal« 
ho top ol the ataiia. ■ ' ^ 
"^alata aa^ olhor, thoa, 
Jelaadaaialiottbo ' 

^ _ , , Bman ftaiad,' raptied 

B itpoMtrH i# akt atepped «^ doak. 

g faO Nd 'har with good men^ 
-iip aakaawlodgaMoi af tkoir 


oAtatlaaa^ aad ^kacl tunrw^ to kiok 

aariaoa aabao* Tho 

' Ot Mm ifory aatf^ af tha paaaaagats^ 
#o«llliko to fiiko a l^k a* tha ibwa I tli^ 
Id liko to Jook at aay Umm aftar loakiair 
' b(|l^i#atar 80 faamjad oapeoially 

faaor towa, 
ad-^a g^aak 

ioady t i lp ipa aiiawbmay loot ao tiio. hat 
a oaiaoaa 4<Mk— itbo hdioa diaaaad ia 
iribia aoanlar aiaatka, Ui^t boaaata 

aad tkiak oKaad wUh^ tkoir kMrge 8a»> 

■gb tbia waa tha 

taaik •( l|^i«?iii|ar. kat it 

«»*«^ ■ :v\ \\s-:^-' ^'rp r-:, .:■■'■ vv. 

> Tha f«arrtbai|.!#ith Itt Ufttla etotr 
two of tha oiBoe^ waa waitiag lor 
b«lfli|ir tha atarboird gaagway. 



^SaX^Su Malaidew* te UMMMfway Iw kp^l fMita. i^VOm, •mhm ttmrnmu. 

•Ton Witt to «U« to •limk Mm Mhi 
Mom iM IM to India,' la«f<M4 iMr 

w«^ali M fiqr«tllMidU»«lft 

" TIM M[*v«ft •ffiMi «k« iia* «f ftlM vhif^ 
iMd • lev »i««tM at rsMd rowiaii bMsgat 

diMi WttM t«i« fiw'«( «Im liM* !•«•» 
^Sa'tlMf lU iMiM MhoN vilk • hmHf 
ifiSi|^«BlMrttdlk*lM4. ^ ^ , 

Bat whtA A^maiat litUa ovtlMdisb f!aM 
^tt«Mb Mk» wm B«v •tail, ImmIj. «U 


„^ il 

'{■|lM«ilMI|ttb IwrbMr tk«f hUfMl 
ltf», kMid« tiMir owa akip^ IkM* waabal 
aaaatkar akiy*-^ Fartagmaaa tiadar, Jaai 
flrt.« tta Gbpa at eoa4 BaJM. 

la ftha ^aiat litila towa «Mf Jaat Mtotad 
iOtaf ' »9wmtA laal Ufa aaaairii ta-kaap it 
frail 4a«tii« Mow iifMaat iraai tka katf 
aitiaa, towaa and vUlagaa «l Ibaiv aadva 

At MM Mtaaa^a al Mm ffi»ai(al Ili9fa«gli« 
hK% Mm t»a oAaaia wwl 9M tofaMMr to 

iiaaiwat tnwt \iaaiaf nf MMiraam ia Mm 
~ mlaMac la Mm p ar a (> paa vi 


pMlf of Ms, Ihal.ap 10 

•ttaiiJUd dMHi ia a vaif 4ia8Mar 
MwCriad itarll iaia MtakiM < — ~. 

.Mr. aaillia. Bcatoa, aa4 Mr. and Mfab 
•SvwaUMI 1^ pMrattfalkar.aaarMMdat 
IMNkd pacpla ah«aU da^ partiaalar|r ~'^~ 
MMf baieag to Mm a i wiy. 

, JttBtai BomiMmI walkad qaiiMy I 

jfitiaMfflf, wiMwal ilaUag lila fOiMw 
iriMilMr¥r«iitrtaf kiaana. ' ': 

AlJdat tpMlr wwt «kra««ft flM lli^ 

Hot to aypMriMataUup, ar to •Uaah tea ->, 
aaakioiBartaaaiPtoaaeii a Mil*, Miaa Ooa 
yan foUow.d tkair ttfunpla ao far aa to ««> 

Sal M aaibar aeMb^ Imt wktak aka tkaakad 
r. liwaatkal witk aa aaak iiaaa and 
awaatoaaa aa tf aka bad kaaa a «a««a 
maiaaaly. aaaaftfaR aa atifUil fto* th« 
■Mai IkvMNdal kar aakkt. ^ . 

tkav walkadtkroagk tka 1»««. and oat 
lato &a aoaa rr* wkaw tkrfj^a iaad wM 
faitotaat iki aaaltofad aakaaaa^ Mm fisrta- 
aaaaa aalaaialik aarroaadad Ij grovaoi ol 
palai, taaMffiad aad adaaaaala traaa, aat^ 
ialMvatod tklda af aaiaV. riao. tokiaaa aad 
aa«r. ' Tk^ toa^ tkajgiiw tka aoiM. tka 
iadifo^ aai «MMr iraPUal plaato ia tho 
•ataial atoto. Bat aapaaf an tkaaa aovM 
ohiao a, wkat atraak tkaaa aa ika.a raagtat. 
wara MM AaMTiaaB aaHwalia aotaula-oow^ 

IlwaalatotoMMaftoffMMairkaatkaTra- 1 
traaad MMb alapa i«to Mm to«i^MM|owa 
to tka karkaarwkaM Mw^^ifaallad tto 
Mpi wUak iaat a kaal to Mai Mi of. 

ORAPnOl Vff 

^1, to W akai!iiili» kdM ItraM •»! •■%2» " "" "^ 
#Wi Hk jiartjwrjuwai^ a»» yf ly pdM ^JSSLm^t 


'al tko aMtod to Mkakr laatiaf 

tk« IViMiittlUta'aloadi 

ikav Jay aiMl'.dtHlBa^ 

|.:.j :'> «'H 


„ ti^ f laUl fCKptaia 

||ait»w Ja> •!■ M W toifad Ml l ili lU ' W I 

owUtMayar^ ail dafib; . i ■■:.^ 



iTAlB tUkT. 

'W< lw > Wall «• Mw ioMiBf fH«M*^ 
la««lM!i Mr». B miK i i • wkUli «• ■ten'i Mi 
•lilt It M«« •gya l«r MMlur ats v«0k% 1 

il W« IMIV* ▼wiy t«<Ml ia«k, VtMMIJ rMMk 

TlM4««k FM pitod with lHUPr.lL I^mm, 
btV» MNI lMMip*r% wImIi tk« Milon Imd 
aol ):•! Ikatt Ik* otportatitF t* raMor* Aiut 

Oar UMto fifty VW9 tirtl sM hupryi 
■0 thn Md« ttUr wj M wall m Mi«y 
lid tkkMfli all oMniatioM. arfl wm« 

down late Uidr Mibia to Uj «dl «Mr bM< 
Ml* aad hU»t mU mt akMi gaMiag mim- 
Ikttff !• Mi ; ■■ :i_1l:::_^:u._- ■ ■ a_ * 

Thry iMMd MHtli IB »iWi||ln «f tlM 
fnaiaw. Ste i^yttd m thMi Uadyt 
MipplMthMi villi fcwk watarMd*^ 
lowvit, aad laimwd thaai ikai'tiM oa»> 
taia iMd ofdMW toy la ba aal Nady iai 
aMdfaldly aa aaiMMl of Mm iadka. aad that 
it wao la k» a **lay-diaa«r'*aar% Willi a 

Cialy ti IkMfe aiaH Md TigilaUM, aad 
•atlhil Mad ahiakM«,with paralty jratiiy, 
aail wM.' 

Aad. ia faol. fey Iha Haia lliay bad aU 
wailMd Ibtir iaaaa, aeaibtd Ibdr hair, aad 
amagdd thair diaaaM, Mm a oadtia ri pt bal 
txMUanlavaalBf aMal was Mady, aad Miay 
vtr* aailad tf ^hrUbb. 

* Altar illt II la Uko ooMiag ho«a la aoaio 
aa board of Iha ohif la Iha aaro af JMilh 
aad tha aap aia. 1 Ihiak wa aiaat havo tha 
hMl a W wtilfaa aad Mm baai aaplala thai 
afar woa Mia worlds* aaid Mm IWy. aa 
Ihty on dUlia Iha dfaian^Ma* ' ' . ■ 

* Oh daar t' aaid Mia. B«Moa I < yaa« it ia 
Uka ooaiiaK haoaa ha l il ia hka aaMiat la ha^f. 

Tha ladiva had gatlMftd oroaad Ibair. 
tablai aad lakaa aatof Ikdr paakataoaaM 
tea btlghl yava tkal tk^ kad faiak'>aad mi 
tka lawB I aad Ikay wa«« naw tnwiaaiag 

BinlaaMrta lanMd to frbOra tka Irikb girl 
^ ffaalMac. wiihkar alhuwa oa bar katai 
kar akia la lk« palOM of bar baud*. 
Did/oafallaavr to #i oa akora,Jaditltr 
iaa«krad Miaa Oaaytn. 

^bmr% yaa *a'aa^ aMaalf aad Miatkiaaa 
Mamay. aad Mika aad raratop Toot wiat 
oa la aaMBaay. Aad ba iht aatoa tokta, 
Foralon Um ariaintad om wiMi a M*aiat tv 
a parrit Aad lais oMoalf thiaka it will ba 
Joat Mm sqafakiafaal rraytara tkat ivar wao, 
aatiialy t Ikoag itaaro I'd laMMr haaa llaatf* 
or two hriVtba t^ pMialog baala af a 
Motokoy MMt Mfal% ffaUoay koagkt for 
Bid^y. Aadahliai».fbaatMikaMaU 
looy. oarob Tar adgm-lo kaow ya did biai 
a dala of «ood wilh thf b jgg|| ap yo gavo 

* Ab I fVpn hi tfoaMMRvifa hailar 
thaa ha did 1^ aaid Miaa Oatfora. 

•TaaMy|io» bolavo ho doaa Ihat saaM« 
am'aai I Aara ba'a altrav tia hia haad aa'ia 
Biddy oiaaa. at aU at all I ffhis haaayoha 
d«lf, ya-^oiada hiai bio Uko ■ abapoiatilar. 

' I oai vory gkid of it.* oaid* Mm aMiaUaoa 
■Ma*halar. 'kadf kafa holl apatia«i la 
faal Uka a tkiaf aTaryiioM 1^ toairAbaia 
atribiagbiawilol' ^ t -^ 

L '^^ ^i"* "i^^L^ 7**wlf waald 
braak tka braia^HHbnd a«oka Mm 
■qnlaahiBg las I WKTu»d yo'U glfa a 
pooryrayiaro no oriditi aj all al alL lor ra> 
piaUkoa aad aatiadoMat f watiarad Jadith 

•aoM la priaaa , wW la ba ■art, wojm MiM Oaayara did aal haar kar. Or aba did 

CL2L ^'y. '■£•: •■St.r 1****^ "^ "^^ »^'- «^ aaaMoaad, aa if tha 
ftaal* wardaa I '^Bal I ohaU Ct glad whaa wooM^kad aei apokaa i 

"HiStM "^^ **'^*** oirt, aad aro aol ^Bai. Jadi. k, jM^i|irl. yoa aM a good 

Mm mmmMIi 

^ _ FaMrrtportytkalgathaNd 
MM kuttiMfally aanvd ta|la thai o 
An bad kooa okaVova al aaalfaaoar i 

pariiMltlag^ of kioii 


ilai|iLJaiini it ■■kBlamiliiaiali • 

tHMUkM Mdaad Ika lak'o wao pialtag- 
od* fllaa tfia^oomoay iu«aa,oar hti« par y 

*ati«a*l > Ikal r oahht , #bat ajba^gi»i|gg^ 
iwMoiMikadaok. ^ 

eraatara, aad I taka a wana iaiaraolia yoo. 
K4fw akoat tkia fbtalot Ttai I I woakla't 
b| lakiag prMaata IroM kian aad aooap lag 
of kif oaoort oa okort. aad oO Ibal oorl of 
IkiagI It aiighl oaooarago bioi to awko 
lova to yaa, yoa kaow.' 

*8ar^ BM'aM, aadwhoro^ thohanar 
aaid iadilb,' viakaMy klaakiag^ aad.r»lliag 
|liooadaof koraptoa. » • 

""apigll whk la aMrfyyo«.aad yaa 
laar oUaaal to lltai, with i ko 
Mr. aad Mra. Malloay 


pi Talk ara (rolk^pligklad Mil 
/, aa4 •oV ki aarriad a^fmit^ 
agla AraaitktovMragab*' 
•ar ^ I' aulaiaNtI Iko «a»|«t« 




f Am nuT. 

VlropptM k»f work »»4iMiBf 



'▲AMMBlly ^«litli «MM Ml BlMkl llM 

staMra. - ^a'W'. .... * ». 

ThM« WM 4' #Ml ^Ual •( mIm m i—k 

< drLSnf 01 %Bs«. ««>|Ud witk »l» U^*- 
I.R ef^irt aadlilM WawUng of 

Mduw «k« atel* of thWM thor% tm Twy 
Moa lh«f «MM 4«wa M»ir. 

fMaiBg »mA irMtaff t* M|d '■«. •M«WMd 
Mf.T aU Biglit. .■ - 

ItwMfcwg alMT aliMilil «%« m, - 

«iA tMMria< valtr M' II 

Wkf ^IM^WI I ffiM Ui« fhk •! w«jrli^ 

li£ 4MiM|| »iii» portUa af tMr Toir«r ^ J« 
BMM maTtt* tt WM atMUy Uka wkl it Im4 
hmm arw iiaw tkaf 1m4 Nm at «m, «Mff« 
«kal Mm W M lkw giaw haltar aad baitar. M 

IliOT Mltod aMiw aad aaaiw Mm naalar, 
•a/tlMlaiiMWMa tMr li|ktMft ••■«w^ 

IB a . . ■ a >_ ..^.t Llii— ^.^^alaa «a.ll. 

ItWM the 

llSi'la ilaM 

ItWM ._ „ 

aad lioktiag Mm Mib. Bat Miag 

^tliad. tfca ilaMbaffwa tai— d aw 
WIMB tS| wok* «p te Mm irf@l Ika 

na ai ««■• ■■•« •• -»»-•• ■ 

Wkaa Miaf Atmmd aad ww% m d«ak« 

ara ad^iM 

Vf4 kwpfa 

|ht kaatoaa 

„^^„mj dr*Mid . , . 

llMy fB«n4'iitiaaM«WM on tka apt* aM aaal 
iMra, «iik Mm kad mmtlj apt of tUk»^, 
Look^iaf ii#a ll<|«tiaa of tka Oifp faiAa. 
I<hMds^*y Mfr aaly a akadawv Maa aa Mm 
ixMs^ttlMt aMfftat lM«a>« jJHtorfa^ 
or taaif bat it wai Mm MMca Af hid Ml 
vUk^ka tfBl Mdo MMiVMnlBg. 

* WMV^iAMnk BNtaa, tka dMpoadlUi 
•wa havawrfo Fwrt Fray*, Mm! baaraa oI 

alatlitai,-aad~>taMria tka «aMa aaarly all 
4af,t£mimtt tkaiaartvM aad driakiaf oaal- 

^atbairalaf DMMikar. al Mvaa a'blatll, 
la IM Moralaf, Ihtv 0NM*d tka %«ataffi ^ 
AMd Miia MaMd la ka tka ffnaijgwtflf tka 
aoyaaa Tarvaarlyte Ika M^ite ••«»» 
af Adalralaf auwabtaakaoMMadflf tka 
■MiP, da^BC fnr Mm H»» kalax. kw 
latiMaMta adorn. Tka aaWa MMMmm 
iaalof MNir alaaplTHka 

kmU Aad vkaa, aflMr a 

kwtlBd taiH *lMy oU. BMHrotear 
r. oaaa a«l ti MMr HaftMaaM ta 
I naltarwMi Jadilk aaiwarad I 
•Mato% «f«pilkf tka Ite* waart. aad 

•iCrtkay iU «MlaiBMd bi » kntMi. 
Thay badallkMidof Ikta ff otii f * om»- 
■May* kal of ^_.^^ 

da'SlMr la kial^iBO ll||*oty 

1 .^ ^ 



taka atkaadt* 

, MW wwra MMh astfaaodtaarr 
klMfo Imb WM aoMMtki kr 
iiTLm Bkaoaikiafc wllk Mm 

koU. kf '^J* • *P*^ • *•••• ^^^ 

• wa havawrfo FWt Fray*. Mm! baaraa of . boW. bf w^y « a i|wni% - — 
aar Biiy daya' kofoi, aad wo k<va laft 1%, ! frnf^flMiMto ^ . ^ 

•Oh. B giaat dMif Mid !!«.«>, tho fOMlaBa^k^ ^ :.:..... _._.:. ^^ . 

karMi '^ *^ •*• Fori F...a, wa «!r TS^^'^^lT'.S?^^ t 
kavafptiOMMWloBlMMBad roMBik-^ i---^-—- 4 ..^ laaBd tka daak. ft* b- 

of tkaOipo Tbrio lolBadi. aad lart 

kata toid fa a lao, .l argo oairply ai ..^ ^ y^^;^^^ ,-jj^ "SKJiiiiW^ diaMod ia 

waa aanwr Tiaai ma ■■■ ■ ■■•«■■ !»••• mmtw. w 

aad tkfia Mwy Mil IbbBiBg tk->aMilT«% aad |«nb 

oAaial Aigaltaiy 

, j^E~4 "IWI-" ^"■"^ 

•(•• *, « »W^ _,»'.. .^ 


• •taaalag IkMiii aa^ ia • v«iMil |li«M«r 
'EmI V ■ --^ ■■*:■■■■ 



foMi vivM IrtfhtMMJ, tmihUiig, ani 
oUacfag I* Ik* SMM of tlMlr luM>iii4»| an4 

BiiNaMnc BiMiAlaii MUtly iK«. mUi 

Mt hm hMd «Midy takaa Md draw* 
throoflh tW Mrm •! mnm «Mb tk* ImmA 
Md Mv J«alia BaiiitlMH, wb« fiM mmm 
■ikafflyto kar akia. Tkay bewad |a aaak 
otbar aiaiaUMaaaaly, aal tkfaa twaal la 

£?• atWaitaa ta Mm lm4 Biak Chumbaffw 
ikvl»aacBM« if Maipiiifciabaaaoa 

'Aufaara¥lMl ara ftm afMMr vaaMaff 
it Ifea iMrt W Ma MnjMtj Maplaoa. Kiag 

laMaM wiik a «aalpfa aaJoiaia|t 

a Us aaaif laiuaa. aadcrttwh ta 

Ika w^ala ptttf, aad tafUiaad la 

ir Ihat Ikay kad aaaM ta piV MMir 

„ ^_ • Mb voyal aualMr. 

" '» Aft^^lvV^ "^ Oha-harialiJ 
'**^>J1'> *^^ Panoaaga, gofiaaaaly 

i««**^*H«nt. wllk aaa waad% «abV 
P«wlarpaL afpNaakad aad a£f9 Iha viaU 

dtfwataialka.aaUa, whata JMlMi wi^ ■• 
aaaal. daaiiaf aad palMklat. . 

* Yoa kafa aaaa tkla mnw^mf aflaa. 1 
aaaaaai'. ^adiikf aald lira. Bratoa. 

^ Ba.a— ^a-wklak Mt. ««'«■?' la^alra^ 
tha kawMdartd «• L ^ 

* Tbia f vaiU af tiM aai|oia— takian If aataa* 
an k«urd wkaa tkar traaa tiM liaa,' 

* Ym, Bii'aM, aara I iVa arawad Mm Haa 
Ikray Maaat MMagk divil a Uaa^ kaoiaf 
yaar Mrdaa. I ivar aaw ii al aU, Mall. 
Ikaagli I WM ta a^l aiy iwa ayaa aal aa 
atMka to lank far il I Jm a divil a liaa I 
^lava wUI ka la il II Mil Joai ba a aaka- 
ap iv tka tailor^ tba 4aaal»ara, fatma»- 
aaaa la kava a IraUa md mi aaaa m^.*' 
aaidJadlMi. V "^ -«*• «W|. 

Aad aa aka aaaaiad vary wall aatJtl ,t\ wltk 
IkarMali a( bar ova laaaaaiaf op taa 
aaMaak m «» aHfnatad ta a|M%k«r 




fiawft i ik — aiahi Ika famalataartaf 


ObMaa katef «ada la Miia kavarana^ 
SLT^SiK***?**'**"^'* Ikaat, MMlia 
tka bfan^ Itfa ««ra aalifa alnLaC ik^ 
waJraS ba tod a kalf dalkirlmZ 


_ ar. kaWlad 

' ^~ ; r-^ vtyla ai Ika nmI 

«;MMr. aM bal4UMiab«baad aaaMk! 
■bdlaa Ika rofal aaai-ba« «a«9larwa«d 
loaaUaalMM&. ^^ 

ft. !J?i!?^ •**?" niiMMiailiit ^aial 

la BM aaaiMaisaai Jaaite * ^»--i i.--»- 

i*'' JJ '* j.!L"t •^ «■» ma N > 

Mir^ aiefa haaM tka wiidaat apraar 
raaad aa dtak. 

At tka and of thai Maa^ kawavar, tka aMa 
wria tif9d to faanaca. aad faU lata dia- 
•itUM M Maily aa 11 Mmt kad aavar kaaa 

And *^ ilkiv aallad aa, alwaya tawaidvr 
Iba aaa. fkir «iada paavallad aud aotbJav 
MearradarMMTJa altar Iba aaaraa af tka 
•blp^ ar vary lf||«Mataay af Iha vayaa% 

vbaa Ikaj ftmgmb» aaalwaid of Aaaaa 
•Im lahad. ^^W 

All Ika aaailiiafa kaaM oa daafc la aaa 
it. «biak thay aoald aaall? 4a wiUi ika ai« 
af Ika talaaaaaa. wklak waa p^aaad fr 

■ iiijiiai 

M« yilffk Mqr kti dafilli7.ik«y w«.t 


kaad taka«A aa tkay aioad da tka aiai^ 
kaardakialf Iba daab. laaaiag am Mia 

af tka aaaaa. 

. 'I waaiar wftf It Ii iiliai 
bUadt* aald MnTBNiaa^ 

Bafan aay aaa alap aaa)d aatvar, Jadltk*. 
wko aload kakiad ib^gMafk vataptaaral la 

' Sar^ aM'aa. il It aiif la aaa MmI mm, 
fkis il wUl ka aallad lawaalaa lalaad far 

•^-?*^J^ *»?••*■*••*• •* ik« lay IK 
aalf lavaada Ika aky I' 

*Ia Ikal laalliy Iba naaaAf* ia^aind Mm 

jkv laafkadlllaiOMrafa, 'ikaMk |» 
dafaalkaf MtaaaaamlakifaraiatlMjllia 


' Bait, ■alua.tkkl will 

Tkay Mtfaaad tagaaa al Mm bhnd aa 
kai aa il aaaMaaad V«iM liflw vMab 




OaMiMvvw «Im v«fkl«l«AlMi«lwf in •mmtw to tkait f Mt M ii% u 
•Ail'*4.wl«k m MlMMIt l»Mi 4«f l«4«y. M tlMV iM4 fcj»« fwJ Htk, %k^j 

0f iM HiMfMili •! &MMi>)«r. viM Oa Ik* ««*«ly.f«irtk W DMMlkw thiy 
•Mn Btwifiifi Wffi* iBvilad t« mbm 'mrmm4 Mm Trofi* •! Cbp rt —m , m4 af i«r 

iHm fiwi III l»MaaM m< , ilMMk •! tlitai Hm •! «W yMi 

«i4t«k t«tn«w 

M Affij taliv««liiii 

•oalatiMi vttli Um ImI 4afa •! If>po h o«. 

Tlwy i m mt A am 
tiM •tkrkMfd HI 

Ut tiM W«tll iMipWkIt 


„ flMgiray, Willi tMr Mik«4 ( TlMy k*fl ObiiifMM nailf «• kMhl 

«/«• tiMy aMli ••>• ilM klM4>^ «ImIot «f aMp. 
r«M«dirMteftabgfra««4-MM«. IMsmV Iiilk* 
P«»k— llialufkMl fotet— WM ■!!««• IM». | la tlMdl 
MM with Ik am oltiw H l we n ia tlwy ap^M andenMi 


land'— ta* 

ffwMag aiffkl, af l*r aa »aak valar. 

Tktf watakad Ik* iaiaadi oal 91 altkt. 
Vary ftlMlMilljr Ikay aav il fada away la 
«»• dlttaaM, la Um vaata ol val«n kakiad 

*k«i»». . . 

•8ai«ikat%tka kMl laata Iv laad vail 
aaa li I wa fat to Ik* 0>fa,* aaid J*4itk, 
I law 

wk*i la Ik* laUaMtir laaidaat to tkair 
«oaiaMB*a«. kad greva vwrr faaiiUar wilk 
tk* ladk* is tk* «aMa. • Divil a Wl 
iMid will waa** Ml w* awk* Oap* Tawa.' 

"^^ Jadtth, I maal i«*lly trfaaai faa b«I I* 
wwraokard. It la kad awMgk te a aM«. 
•t il la ^aito aho*kia« la a wmmm,* aaM 

Lac* a* kataa* aa aad kana. aM'aVi I 
ar awaat. INvil aa oatk Iivaf awev* 


alT*r . 

4« aiy !lfo t ■«• "M faikar w&M mA» 

t«* kaad* •! aMif 1 4M ikaiMM I* laplMd 

Ml* a al e al a k ai mH, 

• Ok. Vadlik, Jattlk. y«« a»-** dhril, * • 

-vUafarad UM. Vy. 4r«f^ag bar vaMa v*rr 

' Hal*. aM'aai, laktag W* Mm* i« ^aki 
•M'l •««arlag al aU I I* il MIm Biddy 
mmat laiaara.ladiM. II jm daa't Mia 
Hl Bhkr a kil wli I apakf It agaiiK ' 

•WadMilkk* H ^adltk.' Mid ll.ia 

<My*nr'gMfvilyi*4Mlk*«gkli I* mi aa 

<pMij yi^il i*>Ml • »I«IM«I wtird.* 

v*Tki» llYlt akU win I lv«r •pakalt 

i<iMKte. ■•^Bib'MM < w l aa wi lg lk l* d^gknr 

*Ois Jtiilk I Mitk 1 «• «MM*t»«« fi« 
■a for a kad 1*^ nflMd llfa>-Bral0a« 

•IMLaiWY«1ik*«w-*af Ik* ladM 
thai I* alwaM fhrteg Uk T* giv* «f all 
kqta^ataiatwlNMil fmir. «• 
•ilokkvM nv It teaO tkall 'Mivi 
'aililfct#»>yli#ii Ir m 

irkal t MfritttV,' MM # 
tk*Mkiai ■■:'■: ^:- J ^■ 

lar«Mr k*d INvliik vtnkif 
tkadtelag aakia, aad atarly all tk* iMam 

Mr. Braiaa aad Mr. Mf aaatlaotd 
lk« d*v*tl«a« aad Mr. EMaatUl yraaaM 

▲ftor aiwaiag aarvl** tt^ kad a aamp^ 
Moaa diaaar, aad aat wfm tbalr daMart aatil 
a lata kawr la Ik* aft*ra**a. 

latk* avaaiag, at Ik* rafaaM •! k«r 
fallawkVufMtn, Mi« Oaayar* raad tlM 
Irapdf af Slag Lmt la Ik* jMM*ai«raaa4 
■ • ikl*dlaik*( 

•ftka akte aaatiklaii ialkadiainn 
. AadagaM kar aaiaaiag kialrioni* 
aiaitadlb* w*adat aad adailraiioa 

•Ikar aadtoaat^ m with a prMi a a aufit 

Mr. to tan tkt farlaM ika wud 
41^ Maal K*aH *« ttadar Oar- 

daUa, tk* hati* Wjar, tka -faltklkl Itaur. 
tad aU Ika Mhar »mmmi f iiii« af tU 

Ula M Mp r ikMi l bUr 
to UlUa Dr. Vai 
DaY*k«lrka*Mk«ldaMMM Mm Madiat. 
* I kiv* k*avd Maaf ftafMaltaal r*«d«n, 
aad •**• aMHiy M Hh t a tod aalNMa* <■ 
■f Mm* •■* in w «M««l*f aai «MMiy of 
tkaawar*^ a* daiiki ailM Mdlhaird (kui 
' 1^ dMMUlr Mil kat I 

•f rtMgli g km Miy kMMiMlity 
«haliN*iMdtl IlkiahialtMyHkt 
BMgi* t* 

^Ikia l»^ idi ll» Mm* ilMiM, *itlaMt 
hmMII latwhat a Mvar fw Mod or 
•vf ikak taft^^ h M%ft kaadrl Iti« 
\«'Miat Mii ttl il l M gUMMlk Mr- haraaU 
MlMkaH. nSfcwSM ah* aMllii Willi 
Itl: Wki^«k**«di MMM*Mf «hl*aot«r 
aMi i* MMM Mfk MVj^My MM* y^Xk 
ty MBiaaiah t "IPkaktt'MilaiMfal 


l«MaatiiMrkM MMMMMI'fiMtt ■ 

"'"- *■ MaMlilMfkMMk- tWlMik aad 
«lh»«iltt f .«M"Mt# '*»m^J 

) . x»r ,iv.;* 

'.in-. .. 

f Aim PLAT. 

•my r mM Ik* «i9i»li^ iMtkM. mA 
ihM «Aitai I *■ lat vUl« «• cMcritMa ag 

Ml put of 11 


LlllM I* 
B^ »M Miilm Iks l^«l M«M la Ik* 

iMlMl. wlMt Mm kMvtbMkva oM kla« 
!S?r.J*'.*T!*^ Ik* k«<y •! Ifc. d«.2 
Cord«IU ia kte am*. Bit* nmI li vitli • 
tntb t* aalM** tkat 4r^ IMM froM tk« 

Wk«i ^fMilM •« ©m, tk« •«4iM«» 

orowdad tovM4s Ik* iwidar to aAr Ikair 

dtliclitlas, «ltk Ik* «>M •rliti'b 4«liciiiu 
ia III* •mr«lM of hw graiM. BritosMto 

aawilUaii to U«to»to Ik* r»mk pnitoa ik*l 

^^ •'■^•■^.'■* "•»»* »•« «■ tfc* 
«» Ain'i mM* lor tk* oaiortMOtoMi *f hi* 
oflMfiMMlfoMoaiMi^ MMl Mm Oo*y«ro 

Im ikio pkto*4 Bo U m* mJmi vi,iM« 
r*fr*oMtoti?* 0f Ik* 0«*l*r. B« ii o«r 
»k»«ol o*w«*of IhO. Ilnkt, Md M , •» 

•kf«ol 1* dU aotato ■MP9r*o«Mkl* la oak- 
UmIijpI Tk* P*r*lM fln-Wonklppora Md 
Ik* PmiTUa ••••WanklMMr* wtv* *» 
rodlf r»ii**U oaa ao mmtlf rigki ■• ik*r 

•'•a fo«it.(r K w*«y«ii tk« Okrioii*. 

NVjIotMQ. ' 

•■•iwk*a Ik* k***MM okaUko totloC 
tofwtkor 00 *a*r*ll» and tk« aaa aad aooa 
okall pM* awav aad ks Mallod oak 
wkm^lllkoa ko' ^ 


l''L'*!i t*^»*y <*^ fooli bal rii. Jc_. 
'■* . "^Jf??* ^ ■**• tatoaladJ^ to* 
HaMl hmr MJMr.Moaoajofi «mL dowS! 
1 ao tkaagk lk*« kad Jmi 

MO 00 laaaga wov tad Jul ratoisod timk 
itoiiiroryoatog a fa • parly i kai to 
ojoid koarlag tko toadiapaTLoordiaoaotod, 
Mi« Ooa joro aaoatb took «• kar taak. mml 
k.d. »k«;aU j3iSS •» Mr kaak. and 

• yaar god f oaid laaU% 

* Whm oiy do«l okall ko wkoa nv kelir^ 

okoll ko ato«klod todaal. IiH 4MiS? 
told Brito— ta,fraTf|]r. h;,.. ■ .« vT» . • • 

Wk la Ikoy g i^d, Ik* oM toakMd4oaIr 
dowaiatolk* ooo, oad :woo mk ol Mght. 
A mool ao oad«loMly ika vlud folL Tk* 
ogooi ol ikif aaoBpooiod Ml vao ii«« f«li 
la Ik* okaa«od amUooi of Ika akto. It w*o 
raaaiag aa anootkly kafato a Mr ariad, 
wk«a, ltai» too laoiaataMaao kiikdtoval 

whiok __^« _^ 

;«piMdo to Itaiv loag oad 

vary akooriog 


"Mik Mao toigkTka ispaalad. 


•i ikal taipjto«» Ika oatto iafM^ aaUaaood* 
aad kaag atotioalooo, wklU ikooliik rollodft 
UtUo ftooi oido to aido, aad Ikaa albod otiU» 
araoarliroob ^ • < 

'Wkai'k tk* alitor r Ih^M Un, 'd 

*Audvkal#nikapftkr I 

; ll M^ Iwvo ao la a d«ad aalai far doM. \ . 

aril atoTrioa la oo«o atkorqaarlor aad wA^ 

; JTgala i ak. r 

avMllHokMildaatoo. Tkloio»go«aaki|^ 

aad Ikaaaplaia la a goad aaikr« aad ko» 

kava wMlkaiad aMay a 

Bat I MB oorty I oaid aaytki^iakaai 

iOOs to MrfuML 

ikoaroopeololoao. Ifyoa 

IlkbLlafatoro* I akaU 

Ik tkion to iroa.' 


HS^TUST^*^ , 'OktaolTloatploftollantoolkotealkt 
jILTLT "^ ••^ i»» ■•• ka*wtfco#a«ta»*aaoraaldllifc 

>kJ^ ■•<^« itoii IWy.Mvar wMMnv Lotao 

_ _ oofalakral toaa. 
Wom." nrokOdf ikocalaaa »w*i«t» 
-oaaat Mwtoo , tka i afatkatoa.kain 

Ika BosI - 

>k wHk Ikawn. Nfea irHk M^'aad froto 

, tka aiflk 



« kal»id aa Ika mf" 



" *■ 

f Aim PLAT, 


U til* brtakhtt t*bl«, (or tk« wid4 wm w 
Mffb. th* Ma 10 rMgh, ^»<l lb* rollinf of Um 
•hip M frMf. tki^ Mify •ovM soft aKIwr «C 
th. ■ kMp tMr InI or sttuid otoM for • 

BoMBibAl to doro to l^rt . 

bkter. A* b« «Mr«folly ««i4«4 bar «t«po lo 
tb« brwklMt Ub\%, u4 tMid«rly>lM«l bor 
iia b^f otat, b* wbispmd orohlri 

* Wo mmi bftvo tbo hoppinoM ofjcnowiBf 
9wr Hrongtbji •bnviiniM mofol, Ottd otMl 
«tOMWnr, to woman.' 

BhalMbMi ol bim • Mum of noftBlmvpl 
#1-601 bor MMMttfol qr«i* bat boirfai||^ §a^ 

•Itii tra*. Mr. RoooathoL batillsB 
boppiaoH yov oharo witb iho bora* ami tbo 
4to«i^ I tbair atfaBi^ la alao aonotnlira 
aaafaC aad •▼*> ntoMA.>rf to aa. I'Im varj 

fflto(vl to yoa« bowavar, for ejwrliat fvm 
mf borvioa. Only yoa aiaat fo«a4 yoar 

lIlM OoaTai*, batrajriaf oa aaaoty i 

So af oopad oad wblaa n od i - ■ - ' . .'H- v 

. *It ia wriM^ ibal "' virtao la IM ««« »». 

ward. ** I do aot l(now wbatbvr tbat ia ti ao 

thaa tbat tba D. vll tvamtod Jia ia . at aot t I doabi vary aiaob wbotbof |t ia i 

J to daro lo |a«l IriM tbo auui* ] bak I do kaow tbat aay aarviaa I oaa tmdar 

yoa ia ila owa aao ading fraal roward I Bill 
all tbia la aiakiag toe aiaok ol * tnt -.' ba 
ooneladad. ' f 

And tbfB. loot b* ahoold bj liaip-ad iato 
aayingaoaMtkiac tbat aiigbt looa biai tbo 
attloivoaBd tbat ha tbo«ltn» ba biad galnad 
JUf baiTooaldaNoa, ha walked away. 

Bat ba did aot laav* tba daak or loao aighk 
of baiL Bo iWMMMd thoro to watob over 
b«w ib aoa tb»t abo did aot got lata ddbgar 
wblloralMftaid thaiok aad to ba at baad to 
ipiida bar aU^ whoa abo aboald ba raady to 

BaT^aga'o iaarafoad ia atroagtb, tha 
MMtHM ti ibo ahip"b«oaaia dangtroaa lo 
kadaaaeii, and JfaAdn cam^to tbo aida of 
lUaaOoayen, aad aatroatad bar to allow 
biia to take bir down. ' <^ 

Aiid for oBoo aba oonpllad with bia la* 

In tba oabia Britoauirui. fonad bar f rJchtan* 

, od fvaulo aOBip«nionaaaatadoatbefloor,aBd 

[ ooworirg |oga<b«r* aad liataning to tha 

' y«ma et Jad^, who. aeatad ao»r the foat 

I ot tbo ataira Waa angagad ia aoothlng tbe^ 

fvaiowitb grapkio d«ao>iptiow of all tha 

torrilo aloraii aad hair^bnwdtb 'aoapaa aba 

bad baraalf ooooaatarad ia bor aaa Ufa. ; 

* Oh, I'm ao glad yoa bavo ooMna dMWii. 
Briomartal taara ia Hti atraugth and 
oonlortia yoar j^raaanoa^ daar. ^A*' hara 
iailartbai alanoot tarriflnd o«t O! iaraaaaaaj 
aad I oaaaot raaaaara bar,, baoaaaa I aai not 
IB a maok battor plight mVacIf/ aaid If ra. ' 
■y, witb an atfliBipt to aaiik . 

Aa Jualda, "Iftar (laadibg^MaaOBayah 
aafaly arfbo fapt of tbo •U^n^ taracd to ra- 
Miond tbaat, lira. Hy oaaghtbfaooat akir a, 
aad kal4 hiai fail, atolaiaiiag t 

•Oh. doa't go^ ilr. ft>aaatball plaaaa 
doati H*N wo ar>*, almoat doad wi>b 
laar, aad tbia draadfal ablp roUiag ao that 
w»hato to ait aa tko ioor to kaap firooi 

olain io owr aotaeai apoa aosM bighar pita. ' 
Jaatikbithto lip aad laaghadt haaoald 
■at oa tha lat taatt lad a rotovt cf aal to tb* 
aUB'^Mtor'a Marita. 

Bat whan braakfbat was ovar, lio did iiol 
tmj tho loao otraftilly and taadarly aappw^ 
aadgeidobarotapofraai IIm aabioato tbo 
oabin doon ^ 

* •lor*aU Ibaro aaid. Mr. Boaaatiial, I am 
oaaaiblo «l ymr kiodnaai^! aba adtaittad. 
And ha kaow tbat abaapoko ftho iratb, bat 
ha «Mi'd^oi»void Myiof. witb a aatUa i 

* Aro yoa aqoally aaaaiblo of tbo Vndaooa 
of tha horao aad *tha doakey, whoa tbay 
•arvo yoa r 

Taa, I raaUy aa, whaa thaydo it kiadly. ' 
„ ftaawarodo proaiptly. Thoa loekihg 
W«Bi»*baa^di*I doaol tbiak tha*I 
will go dowB iato tbo oabia | it te too olooo 
ihoio. Will yoa ktadly holv BMtr«Nao 
wiMra I oaa alt aad bold oa 

to aoaMthfaigb widia I aojoy this ine mla f 
• 0>rta<aly, tf yoa wiab to do ao. Bat ^ 

■.raooMBiwydyoa aottto try tbo oapapi 
-^ToiWOI^booororod with 


'liato • good walar<proof olc4A ia 

• Alpd yoar good wator*do;i will 
faloh it/ aaif ^Jaati% atartiag off oa 

Ba aooa rataraad with 4ho nnaaat, 
wrnpped b«r earafally ia it, aad took hor to 
' lototw, wboML aador tbo oovrof tho 
ooMoaaa, ha foand bar a aafa aad oowf or 
*Idolb«akyoararyaiaahforUMtrooMa ,. . 

im bava lakoa, Mr. loaaatbaL I wiab I with bar atory. wfU ^ 
aoaldtadi-w war of iowjrdiaiftt^'aai»),|l Id wwh a^^k^aMiig 

bodg baataa to ^ 
«B iaok, or doar! 

•Thaah yoa voigr' 
aaid Jaatia. 

* Aad yoa 
1 or, win yoii, 
abaira ovory tii 
' *O^BMatall 


h I And oar baabaoda 
wbara I' 
I^ata with yoa,' 

ir alMiigvoa. tb« 
aalblid tfff 

Mr. ^^ 





J*. .•/■'. 



4t^tm\ «•!• thfci Wb ■blp wM ta to 
v«ry totltiidai mi iMr ImI fvng t to India,*«f. ^ ^ . 
^ 'Oh, >%ti yo« do Ml I bat I oiriit 
totf •ttbi«a« iIm •oaid <|i^ o o>»* 

"O.i. BO. iofUad I il ia vary daprtMiHf i 
tal itiU. i bk« to kMW Mm wvM.'siglMd 

< P^iTbal I doa*! think ItdairaHiBg at all 
I tntiik it trarjr maoaraiciBib wr, ailir sm^ 
aha wiM talla it liaa oona aafalv tkroagh it. 
And that iatha iaaaon why I|ika to h^ar it,* 
Mid If ra. BIy. 

And, todaMi, IroM nil agjewnoa^ tka 

■arrativa ^ Jadith aaa i ed to tnh« ?«ry op* 
pu«liiaafiMt npoa llagr Biy. tha hoMnl, 
«nd Martha Braton, (htf^aapoiidiBdi Man ha 

WM mil of Imt of a poMiblf atorm, whila 
Mary WM fttll of hopo of waatharinf kha 
vary wont that ni«ht oooM. 

'Go on Judith | UtU na tha worat*' aighad 
Mr*. BratoB. * . 

'.\YtlU thin, Ma^an, anra tha worat wm 
ovir^noawa fot toto Tahla Bay, Itaalt 
But troth I wa'dalta' haan loalthat toOMb 
it th« Boolay Tirgia hadat baaa to it I' 

*Tbfl Holy Virgia to iti Do $^, m^an in 
tha abip or la tha aaa, at what do yoa aiMa t* 
iuqtnrad Mm. Biy. " 

* ^kr% OM'ani, thin, I autno aha'a tha Star 
of the Say itMll } and fihrv aha watehaa ovar 
%6or aaymaa day aad night. Bat yo'U net 
h6nonr tha Hooly VirKio, yarMffa.' 

Mra. B y and Mra. Bratoa a»id a^ithar 
yM nor aairt parhapa thMr did not qaita 
andarataad tha drift of tha wobmui'i 
•paaoh, 4ad parhapa 4hay did aot wiah 
to oumaUt thaaualTaa. Bo Jadith 
lookad'harti bat MIm Oonyara, who waa 
acat«4 if a low aaaf*«hair, at a aliort 
diatanna froM thaa^ Md who BUtaagad to 
Aurp har gaat very wail, aoUrithatandiag 
tha rollinrof tho ahip^ aaawarad aamaatly, 
tor haraaif aad har oompaaioaa. . 
.'BatyoBMiBtaka, JaiHth. Wadohonoai 
tho M o tha t of Ohriat, W* hoaoar oronr 
good aad graat <kroaMa that «far lirad and 
di«d 1 And abotra ail wOMta, I hopa wo 
hoaoar tho aiothar of oar Ba^ioar— Mm wo« 
«Ma who bora hiai aad raathd hiM aad aaf 
faiod witk biai to hio aafP ringa, aa bo othar 
hoaMa oraatara avor aopld or ovor oani 
who was thaobjeot of hia owa. tender aara 
avan to tho aiidal at hia daatv agooy^-hia 

Mm thoa«ht uf 
aad holitat 

«iothor. I ahoald aappoaa 
bar waald awakaa Iha laada 

"^lara to a#anr° w«aaa% ha 

to a#i^ 
twtoatialam I daoply l«?o aad 
«M Maaioij af Mary, tha awMMt «f 

biTVoa UfM yoa for iiyiag that . 

i\m* thaagh yia kaaw othar thfowa dowa 

^^1^ ioa'tr aialaiaMd wana-.haartad. 
ith. ' ■ , " ' ' • 

iU<to doatt Tbay bImmi icnora bar 
«» a i> t aaeoi Bat Ihaa tbay bim^b bo amaatol 
dMraq^aol to bar liidividaaUy. It ia oaly all' 
of a piaoo with Ibair faaaral tfaataawaaf 
wpaMaraald IftoiOonyMB. ' 
*• Ah, tho baat«»r A faato of Mia aalt aay 
watlMff llirif Dloald ba good for thca I Ao« 
aaia I areat~toav««gowa aff forgria^if 
tbay git Itl* aiM Jadith, wurmlf | thaa 
battpanbg tolatioaibor ba praaaaaaat oaa 
of tha aatarttf it a ow y, aha thr«w him a 
glanaa ,af jtial^all Irij^t and dapr^Mtioa^ , 
asaiaiaitog'i>' -.'.**".' 

' Loidbattto* il itod bwr«^. air t iam I 
forgotya wart thajfi,,: Sailk Mr, I bag yoar 
pdrdon, aatlra^.* , . *, 

*Itf ii willlagly gi^atad, mf good girU 
Bnt I hava a word to ia|^ III aaf dalaaM to . 
MiMOonyera,' aaid Mtv Bmllbll, Thoa 
.taming to Britoaartt^ ba'iiattoiodi 

•I fiiak' yah ara.a Uttl# anlaah W^ 
hoaoar raoh aad^ all aoanaated^ wVk, obr 
blaaaad Lord aad Satrioart hat woara«8r«4> 
fal aot to tot oar hiiiaoar ran inta that .warC^ 
abip whioh la daa oaly to pni |i^ Bii 
Faui"R* «?> 

'J>ai;at tbaJioaanrl pafto tbaaiethar 
df Chria^rBB iatoanah idolatry r aoldly ia- . 
qnfrad MiM Oooyora. 

'No, parhapa Bot|li»eanaa yoa ha«a 
groat ociatrol ovor yoar- alhotiona i aad oaa 
a^ to'tboai— **tbaa far,aad no fartbart'*' 
^t it ia aot rrary oaa that mb da toai* 
^ ' D.'ar Biv, BiitoaMTto I' ia?a Mra. Broton, 
Baaaaiiy~*Ona doM aot kaaw what to 
Biahaotyoal Toa oall yoaraalf a tibrialbNi 
and a Protaataan>i ytt yaataiday froai yaw 
aontfaroation wa BiiMt alaioatlMiia aaai 
yoa of b«tog a lira Wtvahippar | aad 
by yoar tali aaa woald tbiak yoa a 
Oaih— • 

A Tiolaat larah of tba abip oat abort tM 
apaaoh by tmabling tba •paakar avar m/i 
ruling har off to tha othor jM" of tba aabte. 

Jaatia Boaaathal ipraag to bar aniataaao i 
andTUftad har np aad Mi bar jright ml 
aoothod hfriarrara.. '^-■^''■■ ■' ■■'yi--^ '■ ' 

BritoBHurte aaawfcodt 

'ttaaa I am roqalrad M 
Man. I doolaro MyiaM 

Ohnatiant lovtog 
fdoflBg all that to ;^^ 
ping tho Oaa wba to lilriaa.' 

Whalbor aayoaa aaMBghar ntop ailaiH> 
fait, laofoad to lala asaapltoM to 4bfe'. 
Ubaral (ra oMtoa «| falMn aM bmw ba 
baoira, Mr aa aba apaka Mm aMtlia af Mm 
abip biaiaiaaaaaaaaaitoly fbagb tftalMMk 
■y, Mra. iNlaik aad Jadito Biariaa 
wm aad 

lauad afOf apP cvto i^- 



c « 

y . 

, •• t 





*Mt»m d«U U|tlit«.'wAtM Hn, Br*. 

^•• f tbcT dM*! mum. mMm to bwni 
i«##«ir M^MlM ytll MMBtotliiakt 
•«N 11% • way «h«y iMtr* •! Mjriafi 
•'0 «M IM wlodjr-ihKltor* r ' ^ 


TiM hif f—wnw ««• •blia«d to i«« 
■Mhi iDBl i ii i to tMr Mbia. Mjm Om* 
jfwra bad MkU aai^ bmv« aMtmipts to ge- 
«p M desk to witaMs Um war af .wad* aM 
vavaa^ b«k bai alvagra baaa bafl«4 a*A 
drivaa kiak iato tba aabia, wbaii% bar 

I fiJtoir Toyafan aal iil apon tba iaoir, to 

iavoM baiM 

baatoa to dUatb^ by tba 

* fbto it ia.- Oaly tbay aan at<var apaka fltobiag ani toanof ol tba abia^ Aa4 it waa 
ai«dbl«,tbabaa;aa.' la gtnS, aaarat sartiiaatki to wo»aii$i 

WbiW JaiPitb apaba, Jaa:ia BaMrtbal ' fraW ywug abaaipiaa to iU that wMI» 
aril baay fiviaf vbat a toiato a to ba aa«l4 iha * iaaMMS aaaaiy ' aavM iWRafai aa d ay, 

to iba aprawUag wMa^a. Ba bad balpad 
Mm. Wv iatokr atataroaai, wbata aba 
taali abaltor ui bar lawaat barth. Aad bow 
tofaadat a aiaiilaraaniaatoMrik 
Bal al tbat mmm% tba two aiia- 
ia»a ataaibliag deva iato, tba 

•A tanSbIa fala.' aaid Mr. Vy, aa ba 

wantpitoliiagiaui bt«atato-rooak 

Mr. Bntoa want to Mm aaaiataaaa af bia Imv* tba wam-oat 

' Tho oabia waa doaad Ol aad tba m^ 
atill iaaraaaad 1m violaaaa. >^ , 

apd aaa t tad arith tba/graatoat faiy of tba 
aWMSti, aad ba tbairBMu>t#a. aba and bar 
iiiali aoarpaaiaoa wata aeanajiadby llMir 
abyrfaal daliaMnr to aaak abaJtoria^tba- aabia 

aa aha liltwly obaraataris'd tbair aaaditiua. 

• Aad tbata.waa Jaalio BoaMtbal, alwajp^ 

OB tba daak t>^iaf wbat aid ba ata'd, abd 

•fiOB at tba wbaal, takiaB bia lam to iw». 


Tba atam bewh auto o^ tba aaoi 

TiM-*todi tbair loadaat aptbanaaiBg^ 
Aad bilowa rollinf faarfBlly, 

' witb tlM wMnwiBd aifef. 

Atlaaat a aoara «l Umm aba aaMyad to 

abov«» bat ia vaia. um boMtifal pan _ 
waa i o ra wd to dalight tba ayaa aod attraat 
tba b«aMa of toat ^aaaimaB asaaiy ' wbaaa 
aba abbfrrA aad rraoBBOid. iratbar tbaa to 

•'Mm. t* jr. JMyit. 

fival tbair akiU in Mdi laa'a. af atiaaaliM 

atiaagti aad aiariaa tmrntrn'^im ai ptni 
Beea<9HUT ta all who adgbt t^umilk to tnid 
wi4itoiaBitytlM8toraydaah» Alttt' 
laat fatOi attaapt to ■» ap tba oabiB 
■haul dova aa tba loav hi Mia 

bat iotatoialoaii ai|d baU aat 

liiada fuM ana% aad pMad aa ' 

iW tbfM diyt |ba nla aaatiaaad to blow gait afi Tf iiia ta iiBt, toyiiMr aatoaat 
fiaaitfef IVtoflfrkCtba aartlKaaan witb *I tNad# wbaMa tlwi|if^ap 
aaijbatad y a htffc Tia «aad ablt apitd da ^^'''^^'■fS^^SSaSkJ^^i^ T^\tSL '^ 

if BO BirM «aa to BMi ia a.#i2o^ 

ilU l taolto 

bat taak aad nui away 

ay mIho 

iba toillatr 

I H«Ha wtm o«i «HK MMi jwm mwmj vmtoww hw a«m iBia ai 

I fafliiablaai Bvaa la tba day, tba ifc^ wia wbiobbaf 

mk ,■ 

«4Ift KAt, 

, «M lhM« Wll 4fiNi wmM b« I* IIm bbm 

thiakilMdrtektl' ^^"^"^ "* ^••W 
' 0.1. BriioMMli V •sfUlM4 IUrth» Br 

Afwtiratrdt ih^ 


«dk«4 jferwaN wiuk 

for iDdMtf IMi . 
MMfriMnlNi faiii 

•u do to liy* . 

lUDAtie of M •( 
ROM beolt o«NM> 

fro MtMaf bot&'^ 

IlMonaiMliM ovorl 

***■***•««- of^i. 
Bktiloniao oPM^. 

And noir thol t«ro of || i oowbob mm.. 

*Si« in tho -wrS..* iK XI Steo'J^ 
»»iJ»y of hoBrffiatioo to w2!^. Sff'* 
ohampJAO. Oainf iboooii 
««>•> tbtir oMoli wtro MrvlSt 

wok«d food, andfloaonU dliooi&rSI 
Bu^thogaiMiaiiip rodooot Um .ii. & 

^•••F- Wofr. wool down «i«|| ifcT Si X 

Ho^ did yoa koMr Iko^iao f fto MSMto'- 
iW2««."h«tooklterh!MKl. ••"?>■ 

did Ml »o«t«M oo dort.i tkiok. im 42 



lkli2lLlSl»!!!S*II^' ^•■•» «ioeoo.*oUy. 

- IS*^*'** ■•* orofctod to iirfo. kat 10 
oud^Mi nadjr to work umT wTk io^JJ 

T} *»«* ISpF^d tkol JM VOM MMTior to • 

#riMM#tkb|i to«o. Mr. bSKS. I 

2?il5" * '•'*'• "^ •l*»»«f0W #ofl M- 
ttm t IB if W« A** *A ..^-4i ^. . . **. 

- -T- • !f*P«*» •■• M I 10f ( 

*" ^^ *T* ^ •Mtiaoo to 
lotav kMr M 




700 aiMt 
Jwtia l)ow«d Md ftolod. oad momm^ . 

toit ooB<mtr(^. But ooB^Mrora oboold b 

■toll ytfUvBt BiM-botor wooidtoko alto^ 
• !'f«P «" ■? irre|.4|i*d NlfhlTv •^ •■ 
'tkowiitior .k. «ol&Md. kor 



'••oh Ik- 


1"' l2.f2_2%2Pto mr o«^rio«o» 
"•«" ••• *mm MO. ooMil »»^ 1^ 




iMBiMto wUh -Ml « •« hit lonM of tebomrl . MMMMdl hw«fc *r.!g!* 

Sl«Mlo«r to li«r 9kmk», mad tb* MtWMvd 

loirui MM* «• to fo4i. my wbok •»« Vf 
«iy iacfleiwi mU aad my u«id ooapuioM 
« •Y«o atUl lUak, Umb. that It ii foito 

Swvig»tiMi M !• etbw tbuifir' Mid JMtia. 
TT ipHh a f M t iotibto *Mik. 

•TM,'ak« aaawaradtlmr fslMtlutUll |tow- 
ing and h*r «tm teaateg— 'yeal tiMMik 
Bikwa. OB. lr*w r«»| #«JM baa fii^ 
Matha powai t» aaiww **jm*' to th»l 
^oabtfal qvHtiMi ,>«<«y '••t^';;?** i 
4riiipiliawM ia vaa •*«•» *• «»«»S»0»'^ 
Harn, OB it! voftfa to Oft iferaia t tlM oan 

tavar, aad aaa ol tha t^Ua ^aa Maidy w^ 
iMaffWB lital«aaw»oa al aaYigatioa^d dM 
otltor OM was M|^lTdaaforoM ffoaa hia dii- 
' Bi!iStioatoBMitiBT>aiidthabadtoooBtrttdBot 
aiily witb tba ftrlffb<fal barrieaaka aad fatal 
wa'^r aarraati of tUt rtfion. biii aloo witb 

amnbardtaata araw, Md oo by tba «atiii- 
uirat Jf»ia^ wbo wUad *• aaafwrt tha 
■MNbaalaMM lattfa pint*, ^bat did sh* 
4ot Iba Mtka irtt «aWmlrooaisha 
«BMNMad thaaiatosyi and ■hf; wbo bad 
iMHwad ■•▼»■•»«• « bar hkahaid aa • 
•ara paotiM. MftM tia ahip thraag h all 
♦haatoma aioMd#h*««p. "^ *f l""* 
PMofio aoaat, Nfaly lalo^ «m Mrt ol Baa 
VraaelMa. Bm did iba do lit Aak tha 
XlnaiMiaatl I doaotkaowl forlPfOM 
aftba iaoMMt oaat. by^i»lM«, I UU pm, 
1 «m vol hava mf mi Jadfod f 

Hotr h«r bflbaai awallad/kov bar alMtka 
glowtd aid bar ayaa hmutd i»a rtH < fa > ri » 
•y»path/wik»ial hra»a ttalit ^mnjh 
who^od hM|^ haiarif aa iwrty «a«w a;r. 
tptrnjiKirmt wadkl bav* trifd tha saak 
of Iba atoataal hwrlad aiaa I 
. A« JaktlaiaiBd •• bar. M mm 

WitfiflMPthaapafea. thaMhiMi^ 
iJiriiM iM»<P* lM4.d««r "Mt «»jt% fift l«t 
j-aailir«MMha hwHroMiiMgi 

»iM I • ttm J __^„ . . . _. 

tha 1 • a ■dillaa. ' ba aalatly oMwarad. 

Tbaaffartaaltr «m aa «Ba«fti««al o 
I MaiT Maa aav«r giv* »aawa 

iM#fMt t 

^7al3r% «• fw ^ 


Mfartaatty ol ibowiaf wlit tto»r •« do i 
OhaMcdoaaMMtuaM-iayeaae^ • «il- 
H a af UaMa-aad thao, laat th« b«M»« of 
I la ladiridaal waMO «rbo bM bMa favoarwl 
by ahaaat with tha opportaaiijr of ihoww 
what wwaaa Ma do. aboald rcteet i;a^ 
apoa bar whoU mx. yoa oall bar aa «s<wi 
tioMlaaM-OMia a MdliMl Oli.aialil 
wbaalrt^Mt how wall woman ha»*a« 
aaittad thiiMalTaa-alwaytacqoJntd tb«» 
Mlvaa-ia tb» law opporioaitiaa th^ ha»e 
had fordiatlMtioa. I a* ooMtraload ta b«- 
liara-bMfoa kawra 1 •»■ J-"*** "'S*'* 
ara Mpabla of moh hi^r th»ii ^^J 
ha«a avar yat aaaoMpKiMd. ©f, ■« ^*« 
a?ar diaamed af aaaoajplWhing I 

•Tbara ia om thlng^f Mid Jaatia, with aa 
air of profoead aoivteOoo, 'iawtiiobwo. 

•lBdaadf*-rMUy Mwf-aad apoa yoar 

boooort'* . ' 

•IndMdt^rMlly MWl— Md vfca lay 

honoar.' ,, . , ^ > . 

•Aad pray what U ll'ln which yoa dtlga 
to acknowladn that womoo axMl jMt 
lordly MS r tnqairad MiM Ooi^roia, iioai- 

^^la Mt-talfctai aal' aMwaiad^ Jutin, 


• Oh, what a aiMa, miMrabia, Uttla, man- 
I'lia way of wrifglijyroat of aa argaaMot i 
• {al»i«Md B.'it omart^ And 

*0b. what a daal of aoora lookad bMatiful 
la tha aaattmpt and angar Of bar Up t' 

'And In ovt-raillaf as. too, pvrhapt.' 
maliaioasly add«d Jastio, with a nnila a»d 
ft how. M ho laft hU«I fM aad w. ut 
to Ma Okpaia IfaKoawa. who M oome on 
dMk to take an ohawratloa of tha Ma with 

laahalfbovr jHtin oum badttober 
aida and raportad tha raaalt. ^ 

'*Wa aia within aboat two daya'aail of 
tlM" Qkpa ff <teod lope, and if ve ate 


iM fomd MNtfytfihif 

fM by tha gfla aiad' 






tidy H«» ^ Ja^tlii AAikattvo 

|MU^«M WOT* M Mat«t«U«»««| Im^W M U 

^M powiU* fcr Mmm to W vb ' 
Tk«jr • 

jklMllofmnilMto • atriMff. whMh lirti 
Wf kMim IMT huas^Ad tn4tod and Jtrkad 
;fcMor« ibmn. . 

! ■ if^ ^ i"*'."* WM walaWaf Mm umn irttk htmI 


'«orfc itfft'cn, tkf'f ft dMrof eonminy 

•^.^^^i*?!. *•. «''7»>»«»'*l Only irtli 

. Mikn iMtf fMBd tlM« oat tiwlf. wosWa^t 

th« bwiM tovt pttebad tbvm lato %k« liy 

eaCiraly i' »h« Mid. 

BriteoMric told bar IHMii tha flMd Mwi 
--iianialy. abal Hi* oapdttia lM>p«d lo rMah 
ihaOaMofOood Hopa iialora tha aorainf 
of tha Kjw Yaar. * 

. Tliaj wara ao glad ol tha iaformaUoa that 
thay a^uad pteyTai witk tbaUtMaa toliaar 
all aboat it. - 

Bat Miaa Oonjrara bad ao teora lo toll. 

At dinaor tha captain ooDflrmad tha Bawa. 
and at IbeaanH tiina infonaad taianaaaaaMn 
that haaboaidbaoUigad td ramaiathraa or 
<oor daya at tha Cap . to dJIhrar fiai#ht aad 
to lay. in a fraah aapply of watar and pro- 
Tiaiona. "^ 

Aka next two daya wara baaatifal{ tha 
akv waa oUar» tha wind Ught, aad tha aaa 


faiMf for laad, tha auw aloft ( 

Mt ihaiMfttl woida— 
•Ifaadbol* ,. > 

Upwaat Mr. Bratonl lalaheoM bat kw 

•MUaaaaaotbiagi bia gbaTSi aai au 

^warlal aa that of Iha aw* a« tha lookoat. 

Mr waa hia poai^oa ao aoaiBMadiag. b2 

PM^ bia talaaaopa aloag to bia aoai. 

pMfeai, aad oaa by ofia tbay triad it, task 

tn vaia* 

*' !?'.** i?"«^* *•»•«• ^ *«»y Wad la tUkjL* 
gramb^ ll/a. Braton. \^^ 

vO!i, y<» ) tha nan ooald not ba aiiataka*. 
Ili'Siy •^ »wd I»raaa»tly/ amUai 

•Tbraa'lor ya, BM'aai. Tall aa^ tbi oom* 
y ^ijP* ^}^K l^ 8ur« it'a fiif«. 
Tap Ton hiuiaalr that'a aloft, aadhanirar 
■aba a aiataba in bia Ut; axoep*. wbia ba 

'"S?*^??**?'?'"i*^5^***l"»*^'n« baataof 
a bird I' aatd Jadltb R ordan. who. 

Tha iMt day of tha old yaar tbo paaaaagara 
ranainad on daok from momiag tili aTaBlnc. 
watohidf fbr knd and f or tba approaab to 

maOapo. ; ; - 

Thara waa a man atatioaad aloft with a 
^rr'"?* *;'«««»P» to hl« htod, oa tba look. 
oBt for land j bat toap bafora it waa poaaibla 
for him to aaa i«^ ana with tba aidof hia 
pow«rfai|^M^ oor littla party of miaaion^ 

with thai I aakad ayaa. BTary line of vapavr 
oa tba abntb-aaatora homMi tbay aoppaaad 
^^ *•»•««!•* o* Afrioa^ aad tbay oallad 
oat to aaab othar to ainaonaoa tb# diaoavaryi 
oat whan Haa aftor Una of tba imaflittary 
*^VJS^^*^*y •** ■■*• »t««lf tWa air. 
!?? ^2*^ ««*•«»** to algbt but aaa aad 
•^, tbay bapuft to grow diaaottragad. 

Ittfiilat tbf MaM raad^ and raMap ba. 
^^*gj »^ Wa raadi itl» aontpkuiad 

rt>U 9$hl9tm iaJa^^mm Mra I8»y. 

I^ImII "^ '"* •*•••»*'>• iook-oat 

1^* fM of tbair Uttla glaaa, tbay mada oat 
labia Monat, and in two honra tbay oonld 
to«*h« whola^Iiaa of ooaat, with Ui bold 
haadlanda aad daaply indented inlfto. A 
fawboqramora of aaUipg brought th<m to ' 
. VJV*??«^' ^•W« B»y, andar tba abadow 
of Tbbla llonat^ . 

TSa abip droppad anabor Juat aa tha ptta 
toaobad the boritoo. Tna aailora weraiill 
Wi»y witb-tha rifgiog. The^iaaionary pirty 
z!^'JiSf ^"^ '« »*«w tba noral aoana » 
*••*■»•• Oonyara, thongh beldiiging to tham, 
walkadaft-andlaaaad orar tba talTrail. to 
B'd n{0d.ali(ht to tha laat adn of tba eld 
year, aaba aaab booaatb tha wTara, 
^ Joatia Boaanthal foUowad bir, and atoad 
by bar aida for a faw mianteai WKtobiog in 
raverant ailanaa tha ri«b orimWligbt lad- 
lag from tba waatom JiariioD jlaad tlian ha 
aaid. «aiatlyt 

*tt}»»n9i Will yo« piaaal to taka tor 
•rm. and allow ma to l^Tm forwbird f 
Tba aaptain will aotaaad a boat on abofTto* 
Bight } bat tOMBonrow moming wa aball all 
haya^an opi^tMitf Of vtaitiug tba aolcpy 

**!^f"^ ^ JS» •«Htow«ii ia w^ 


#,.4iMr: bpr laidwiabia: 
bar Isiwaid, wba» aB 

biaarm# tmH. 

^Aad jia» itt mt-*0ff mmm^ wlia J 
*fef««>«IJlii mim Ub» yidbb to* 
Ibm «batm<||^lba bikw: b|p tba iHUUa* 

_^ _ rmtm-tiA* 

llwTlMr. aa Jwtta SoaaBtkdnmdtorir 
' t Pia^-^^ ' ^ »!tofaB|r a*, tif^ 
•U» tha W %tf wiiab (bar ^ pat «< i 





■VMbwrad* At amImt witliia It. BtfM* 
■•baladif|«Mil« M Mthfr M«4 4k« 


fs>:sr^!t^t& i^-js^p^^ 

m^I^** "f «• *>»l* fSM* willt a*vw fmilt, 

tkfitM* «ilM oai ii 

•ad koniM of Qii^ Twwi 


. b<il«w lette Mpptr fhftt M _ 
' wiMafi Md •ftwMtdk tMr MMHi 
■ Ihr nifnt."' ' .■;> :■ , : ■ . .■■;'"'■' 
I A««OMI n ll|«f «M«*«lMi ^ Ik* fMTB^ 

JkniiM iipof liSl «»J«li!l#i»tfc»»f !•* •» 
tlw Iwrbomr* Um •ii|^»||||» tovtt M tk* 
. * So Ibfe it 4frio» t *so!iki«M Mn, Biy 
naSnf 1%. ( p <«*«Mk^«d ir«MM# «|imi tM 
■ SwL/ b«for« iNilf jfiM& ii^^hiok^r** 

•o#«io» wo oMi iMiw^I l»ot IN 111 «•■ to 
l4mMi. Afrioot HTkr. Imt. JTOb koo«i^ 
ttMffh I •lnojl liMMr tkt^flur of ^^f^ 
•t MliooWiuMl Mod obovt If in fM«rop|if« I 
iMTor f^MMd to NoliM' llHH-* viuftaaffli * 
•<M0. itohrtff •■omodibiM iiibliMo 

yiMo too itow. imu tto.iifijr Tif)i*f . 

alBtiiC M If l-iwM»ft»y^»*w''li^ 
SbUai of OiAtt^MfHt, oyiiyoili(it 
ptaoo tkot wM ool^ M o iMfilt. fl<^ fOOirl 

a tUakyow ImII^W t mM^^ 
OBoiluM wonld bofwMy M^«!!>ll*d||^' 

10 oar ifBMM, tiM KmW Uko IKtUNil. oiB^ 

7iS4ilMalMiiiiM:Mi^~'l^^ ** ' 

,0k/»»» ij:'i fiA»«ii iof--Wli^ 

^TMM«o.aM*llo..aalo>-^'«^.«flh«\M ... 

•ktoiti*. •■• |iPiii--iHi' Ifoiilllnft. '.•MW'^.ilk^if'.. 
,«oll «IM^. by kfty t««i««li%t|^jM/t««» 

mmm^i oaok-oido,., •^:>#Mfj|^!^pii|^ 

■'tiwio ililwm .. wh^a yoii' iO'dii''iiMfo»' ''Aod 


oxm!, for ai, ia oarlMOflMllo^* ^ 
• What aateaada mm,' mM Ilia. BMkM^ 

*k to Boa kON.aft tlia iMtftiiitkoni «i4. 
.lM«f «l tbaailat barliaroM«riii dIfM 

.$lbo-:Oar(h, .a.-towa with ;liM«r|jj |^'^*' 

•|r.iiMi;f9Uo«od"tMr ooii9|aM;:fi»to;;ik»'. 

wkw^«r«lip* M daok agaiB |lf«y'lo«<id^ 
wimk^ tim- aMda Mio WpijjNto Ikoai; 
•olfo% aad wwo looi* fta% tWk §f^ 
■MB kaiadtd tb» MIM oaiafUly do«» Into 
thoboat. tl^oaylriii; ■wkp:;t»ai jloiwi ••, 
•hm'vitk'kii piiwwi*n. luM. ftt«K.iod ' 
tka aano«»latd IbMMatvaa iOlbalr^iiil 
aa ab o d ot tho'boali rr^: ■ • ;;,■.:« 

Mif^ Iktum vIm' #1.001 l|«9M:bafMf.% 

Kwm bar aotoiiMi<liiil ai:liidt,af liiitilf ^ 
Ml Ok i» fcoib ■fylli|«al,i^rt^.^v .^ -^ 


]>atiii liadon. pMt OatpitMilia aM >b* 

' ' a all mmm'^tm*^" ^ *i:miibm.. 

tmim$1^ mmt>kmm^mufku^ tb*y 

A« MMf bfoa^t l»tri ft''iaia^:;«a«» 


aarhofl la ^Ir baada, 

Mti ih* fOf<,iv«iaof 
te^Jio^ f^ 

%| lOliMMrtOr-Oidr 



,(, , 




{. miWBIi .*■' '■■'"31 

w!3J?*iim 'T"".^ dlfji«ifL«lili« 
u^iJ 3:^ . *• • k»»Biir»» villa iB iiM 



■-|M*>«tlJit. ■• ■■.' ^.'-^^^ ,■■.:•„■ v: -^~ *, 

filfMti .t li, I a«,^. Mr. « . b^* l.7i.ifi taSle 

•kHr oarriag. hi,4 wIM tlK-gb lb. Ikm! 

that Mrdi.! hotplteUty "»d(oh jiSsTE 
paoalur. I tJiitili, to •oIobU'i all ov«r Um 
world { bal ia perbafm ato«l paoaliar to 

*J&i?''*!f fr' *!'•.■''' ••'"W imaMdI. 
ttoly briBf la hia wboio p»rt» . .ad to M. 
JPias tko anoaftkm of his pi... ho waat with 
fhatmnlteiaaa tolkoMrnafo aad pat hia 

SS? i.u *••• •'■Oo'' *»d ahookhaada 
1»ithail itaroeOMata. ai d th«>a had tha« all 
oat of il aad io hh own drawinc rao« hvloM 
th«» ka«w What toi-y wan a)>oat. 
. . Thto ha a at for hia wifa aad •^aachtOM 
"^f id pratontad them to hia viaitora. 
V 'lira. Baraay, Miaa Baroar. Mim u^rj 

jj^ fhaa ha prwaotad toa vJaitora to bif 

Tha Bav. If r. a-'il Mra. Brato^ thm mJm 
Mr. and Mr«. R^«Mtial.' T^ *■• »Wi 
--.'Miaa Ooavera— li^a jronng 'ady'e aaaw 
{aOofyara,' wKiapaiaS Mra; 'Bratoi la* 

'PnanMard Mrniariaa. Aad'"«Si*ihM 
5twiiad;|plHM3rira«r! ISmS 
— — *" a «torlag»to take Ihato araaad 


Butof authaharrlad Iow.toaedr„l 
turn I ha aafortaaata haal jkaardoaly t|to 

_?«» 0* •« »>• harrlad Iew.toae<i cspUaat 


•* aad ha aorraetad hlalttto^alM aiS 
aial ara wotm by . laWtolat , 
^P«« «7 ifaa«daaal,ynl IbaifMr 
pai^a. air and aMdaa*.' tiUm taraiMhS 
to bk family gnwp. ha jwvaaatad thtT yoSai 

5«ra taarlil. 

r««. fy — 'y..^**** — «tot •aU.MaMaaiaa 

Ava&Ani«inaBU»t. ""i^ imia ■ taa i m iat aa Iia aboak 

i ■twaqT 




Ha lt aba la tow 


■toiater aftor d . 
■r NiaaadMMiir 

Awt tli^a ha 

' .■■.■■;#■ '. % 




•,^a4lM**w«rl4»w M ■Mi»l'*— 'Will 

<lJ!iMi I will aol I Mtil yM |lf» «i« ikt 
mm\ Qpaf •■■ rwf— *«4 Nf *|rfty*,JMnir« 

•mtylKi MdyMf frMi vlth wbiH Jgi 

VMM VMiB f •• «i Ut •# MWkMMO 

•Hi ilMwb Mi k« «My %nA mah JfWf * J^ 
•» k*M Tm iwMl Iw sU MT Hit* if lip 

•I irlA rMMM imif • ,«IUMMt •! ct v^k 
tlnial • aliipt vktok I doii'l WUijr«l 
klMild 4e M trrn mm. I thovld M iiHi l» 

Will jTM * M aov rSn^airti Hw Up 



• tk«ir«ffivi 

M3r.rlilii» ^ . 

iMtolctf ' Hifeb" 

lMM«fov«i^^<lM--» wrk of lMliM#il» 
th*far ll*ta kMla wliicli tk* mm Ii*Im> Iimm- 
4i«»thr tiiMl«4 by fiwipdy rWa* to follow 

|»iM4i MilM • »0ial of ti.' Mii Mr. i%. 
A»dail|r. iMtM ateeaMMii t#>i^ »n> 

-„^l, tlM two loiko umm to .M«* iii)» 

rot«i.;i»-'tlio'«KlM; of IIH».fl|i iy i ipi M < ;lM»r 

., koM»iloM<»|| - , — ^ 

£1 iod iot^ foiio* to look iNMitt (f 
m.. Wo 4oii1 luMW who Mkjr fB« "o 

wUmvio* Mn; llir ^o Imt 

•llMVMliollMOll •« 

loto |toco»l»i>«' 

i hSud ootsMlly 

)IM ot jy i rtM < fc>^ 

ttjS^iftojrW MiiU S^^ 

SSTwftli Mo hum^iOM bio kMooiai Mi 

^Tlpr rilf Wi.l M iB fOit.lMCOjMMiof*. 

***** >ifctrtlM fi^*!*?.* "MTin»^|irMiili lo Nlof owoy,^* 

' ' bot jTM IWUr brioi *• 

.Jti, low, 'ibOWbiMrlP*^. 

) otiytWiNI for >Mi Itf.tjioi tfo^. 

'• lotrtrt«4«»«lo. w»«b * 4rdl 

loiifcotboiwotol r """■"■ 

ftfoT^ETliMiyo. Mdl .»*#rwl 

I to mtmwm* %tm»,m fo o» 

^JUm^ « ■• of or «iMr J^«|» 

fllboai lio)t Of Mf«Uit tboi 1^^ 
Sf iylof olM ioMW P^nirMytblit 

•OB or i|i 1' ^ • ««fi ("v rm' i^^^**Hf!^ 


*aiiiBiMdv^«fM> MM llr. ••• •>• 

tmwt^m* 10 fo— • •■ „ 

•Hlfo. Md 

_'M0 lOilM'tO 

Site iBOl o«if lor Ibo WU^f>i 

oCvhiil MOT N^ifBi 'or 

Tm tkNo 


lo mpi iBl 



oa«iil«, follow*^ 
Mod tbMB m two 

aiB %wwm 
jppoi ioH 
itt I^mA BB In 


ite- dwiNii .tW^'JMil:' iMloo !«•-. liM» 



k^tkUm, m4 llMt iar fMrMi|»«Ml ImtIw* 


- *lii ikMfli I Mt fp« bit* Mfa^it 
riowi,' dk* mM, Wm Mi«4 mi mqIim 
fMrwlf jM tbcak Tlik ImII. nml wlilali 
tk«f •a apM. ii atMiMM fmM a^l • 
pUMnal |4ikM lii4ii «r VRlk IB.' 
• Ab4 roB Mi4 f«ir Uv«ly tbtor ara v«ry 

MM •MBpMiOM. 1 kMW^' mM Mm 

nnra. vtUi • NUlIC 
.'TiMirii !««. I «« gliMI 1^'ttliik 1*.' 
ilMiw«f«d M« wirMt, Mt4kll7. 'It 
1^ ■• b«M tlM* JTM will l«tMIM« 
g i mlki ni •! yM Ib Ik* ali^rl tiiM 70* 

lilU. WMI* MMy ■•fMyaMM t« 
ik^m dbwa hii* tiM 4r>wii m .i i »w. 
te llM Mwpt vf M kmr, llMf war* 
hr i||a gMtkaiM U W» mkaim. 
r tiM MTly ikn 

iMir iiin4 WW ■*• cIm 

■Mk* tk« notl •# i% ; 

kil OMTitM MlJ j^lr, 
kofiM. Md took Bii R 

, Mmn Hi^i« wna iHKr 
hMpitaUljr. tko md$ ai 

tkoio to flulMl TM. 

Aoy Sd Ml omiIm (kwMolvM «««k to 
lor ili in ko y, 700 Mty k* Mio. TliMr iMd 
bad MOMff aoiMlMMMBl o« .ak(B boanl. 
Mm. tfk wBilpillM l y raawaa% fliW OBt 
.of iMT raaBi aari iaie mummiutfi 0Hrf 

Ibb lilU. wMla Mmt iBraay 
akowv ' - 


JokNAkr .- ., 

AfWtkoaarly ikrot o'aloak dlpaat. aa 

tkair tl«i4 VB» at- akor^ aB4 ikty kad la 

Mr. Baraoy oH mn i 

, knd alao Iwe aaddl** 

RBHla for a iMo aad 

driva aroaad tko kaaatlfal *Bvir*rt «f Ck»* 

Tvn. U •; BBravj and ikB Ikraa ai^ 

liBBary Mim sad Mr. Ily roda iaaida tllk 

aarrlaipi, Mr. BanMjr •» tk* kes nadd* Ik* 

aBaakBMB, aad Mr. BnitBB ai|d Mr. Bo* 

aaatkaloB boraakaak. 

TbaT vaat to ika fool of Wyakajr Hill. 

-if^ta^BrHrkifa Ik^ all alitktad iBd kagaa lo bmmM 

Bad lati Ik* kill bfttf BawJjr aiad* apiral walk 


B*i*a k iaaa vii 
BraoaMl* WWlaiBa, aad 
aad MaiBMllaa aMalar 

SiVtw tmm att m eiiittMai at; 

WkM M«i^ ■> vaa aol ilMiag i* aad 
•bW Marlka ii*toa wa* NaNag t* aad Am 

tiiat M m Ik* iBBirit. wkar* th*y alofpMl 
lo ?wlr «k* BiacBHi*«al Baaomaia aaroad 
OBl k«i*alli lk«B— tk* karkoar and tko 
lowB. Takla ||0Bat» Lioa'aHvad and D8*il>b 
PMk«en oaa k*nd, and tbaartat aaady aiain* 
atrataktai away to tk* dialaal «kala 


^aMaalBUBat ob tk* olk^r. 

Ik** bii foi aaoBgk af tkla *iaw 

•aadad tk* kill ky iba aaaM apiral 

wifldiag aroBBd and dowa ifo aida* 

•kai • *btigbtf»l ^aiil ikay raa oh >d |ko kotlaas wkor* 

iki»|r foBad tka aarria«o aad koBMa a(UI 


Mmr I aeold taka yoB to oar Zoologi**! 

t, ia fa*t, yoB woald aoM tkar* 

yoB Bava ofiaa aa*n ia 

try- a wild kaaal akow. 

w*wiU driv* IkMB if woald liko 

Mr. B i i a a y . 

^_. kia gBMta aaa ar ad hin tkal tkay ara* 

UMImI not lb Mt. 80 tk*y. all rataraad ta 

1km ft ia U ra, wkara tk* Utp 

aaairt tlatag la^la t oaa ly t 

'011. faar Bia.. kaw nm »t 4liB fMl ta 
ha iralklBg «a a taar tiM kaapi aliil «fcllK* 


it wmmfl lal 4a fm kaoi^ I ka«k k^ 
•altefaMMliawalkiaff oa tka lalliak lo r 
<f tl5^«BkiB Bt Jk* daak af ihal Mj/u aid 
ikSp^tkal I Mala daai>r bT fol'-^^ ^ 

■tatiaMrylifrt Yoakk l«ill#^ 
faal tti kjjk iai alwaal dtaljiaiaiy 
*r flail aaftttra^awa taaJa^tadlti .^, 

tka iBor tadk a ham tkat |t^ ta tka ipjr 
top jf ngf kiai t ftliMllH, tiyiat ta m 
mi iBlMlkii^Mi a BM^talaal taar aiir 

A«nill«tB«arta» do Yo^'tkiak ir 

waijria— i»ef Ika kartil Batnraa 

aad MiaHiNiaaaiail i^Ola woaiay 

H ail i^Ola wo alay kaiM 

kM NHi^^.iB tk« draw af^rooaa, and wkota 
f|ffaandala0tk*.twa)r«wig maa of Ik* 
foB%. wke kad bobm koBM f^oai tkair f taoa 
af kB#uH8a ia tka lawa. aad triM war* aaar 
daly iatradaoad to ika auMaaanr jparty. 

Tk«y«U paaaad a vary d*liAlM a*«ai*|k 
a*B««iiU1y whan lira. By m oat 
ik* iMrai Of Britaaaarta'h gift far dnuaatiB 
Mr. Baraay broagkt aatMa Skakrapeara | 
id Miaa OoB**t% aa ovar, dali||bting t* 
araiaa k*r talaai,aadl*alaaaa kar friaad% 
tka pkf af Maakatk. vkiak aka Wad 
at BOBfar -Bad aSeolb. 
kaigil^ wkaa all ika ladiaal<adr«lirad 
„LaM|Jka twa aii8Bi«a*riaa liadTfal. 
^lk*tr irIvBa talMir rooaw. Mr. Bar. 
aad ife. Baaaatkal raaiain*d atooa ia tk* 



' Wkal jw BaMMPiBg draaiiiia tal«at yaar 
' ia- fOBMg frtaad kaa/ aald Mr. Baraay, ra» 
Mif^ly. *I kad tmm kwt.ktt owd a 



fifMf- 1 f«r,««Mi la tiM kMl ■■»ijpi 
hMHM, I MW ••« •*' wmU oalf g«| tii9 
«r ilwM parts v*ll Mli^ r wli# 

«r llwM parts wall a«ls4 r wli»waiL wmb 
■ka laaaa. va kava avanr part aual> wt^ 
I— tmi I Wkial a Toiaa sM kaa i Im« 
pawasfal i Imw lbU-liMM4 aa4 varyiat >l !• i 
4aar It ralla and a^aUa la tliaa4ar ia aeaM 
•I Iks paaMgsa I li0W it viktataa aad aMlli 
in sw att a ^ a a la atlMta. Ab4 bar laaa I 
What a aMtwIlaaa ioaiiaMid ol aaviftaaanaa 
alMkaal lafsailagMaMaf haaafwaagw 
in tiM part af Udy MaabatS sba ia ala> 
hilaljr appalliaf. WlMiraftlMff taasbar a( 

^ *latanv I lUak/ rapU«l JasUa Ao- 
asalkal. « Siia kadT l»4aMl, a pfofbtaar al 
alaa aW a w , whja l^aiaad yf» ja aaaM af its 

flianf I Ml alM M IfliiiliM* k*r austar: 
mt aaf atbar ■••'fl^lHK ^**^ *^ 
thai Im «aa MaraallMPHi'* '<* 1^ V*'*' 

IfMwliMaa. „^ , 

latotaat ia tkat •iagalariii^ftai yobaglaiy. 
I shoald vara harol iM* pw v^ aba p ' 

* f«Mc it tkmii isaipllMr lata tkat 1^4* 
tha BMat faaaiaatiaMad psrilaaa (Wd, wkaia 
It caa ka tka aia«t llsplaya4'. 

* Toa aMaa tka a'aga t* 


I • Taar ariiflTlaii' ara yaa a i lU sfc Ika 
will aavar kajtawptad ta •siniaa k«f tal««|, 
ia tkat atay. Ska la^ag oat as a aiki^ 


•Ak, ta mam i 

i * Ma. aat ta aiairy aay mm tbnaii * 

•'TiMHi. fiMrkaaa. ya* aia tka kapfy 
mtm. If sai I aaapiatalata ya« vftk 

all Mj ksart t for jraa wUl kava a vwjr 
' kaaavia) ainl krilllaat jrawi| tNatai* iir a 
vlfo. lat. U«as a^ Ufb aad aaal. vkata 
4ra I HlstalM tkal waa of aiiao^ ta ka >wa I 
a«lluM| yaatwa Mr. aad Mra. laaM t kal, 
aad tlioa, taaaka Matlaia' watasb tftiag to 
oa w aa t mf mtm kf aalllag ya« jHr. aad 
ll9i. Ooayars r saM tka aid ■*% kuigkiaf 
at tka iaaallaatiaa af tka faka. 

*l r s p iat, tkal I aaali aat ImI ayaatf 
vary aiaok ag g fl af a d ^ tkat iiilsuka. Bat 
I SM4 U»% yai^ ilr. iai%, that I ka 
aat tka kap p y awMi jaa ti^Miaafsr.'iaM 
JaaMa, fWai. «i if t«>aak tka askfof- 

•Wallt val^ aai yal porkaiai Wt yaw 

wiU ho i it la awf oaaMk> aw jj^i** 

alaalooa WaU* ao«o aCg,^ aaU K 
trma^ taklac "M^ad raaai c»ad |» 


kia kaart kaaado d . la roopafMo ta tka aa»» 
tdaat fr«dla.kMi of iho oM aalaaidtb Ho 
klaMalf kaliavt4 that ka okwaldifaalaally 
tiM *kofpy aaa ' ka oapirod la ko I 
aat Ko loos dolifktad ta liaat kU 


ava aootot oaavlatlaaa aoi«i Mad ky aaatkor. 
vka aiigkt ko tapaoo 4 laa old sad aspori* 
aaasd ta kava kaa|adaaMat aUoltA ky faaoy. 
Oar ilttia paily of Irafollova did aat wisk- 
ta looa mm kaar • f tka skart aad arratoas 
Ubm la wkiak tk^ kM ta •«>M«1I ikat 

voapsaolklo ia tkia aiiaago 
laa4. ia tkay wrooo aarly ia tka aMralii*, 
aad iaaao4 oIbmoI olaiattaaoeaaly fro«i tk«ir 
okaaikolB aat laia tka loaiaioa kali, afoa 
trhlak tkoir doota opoaod. Aftor asohafgi g 

tkagnatiagsoflko»affBiagMidaoB|rataiii _ 
lag oaoh atker apoM tka g.ariaaa fmt kof lo 
tkoia, tko B( tt aataal faoatlaa af aean* 

•^dldyoa faotf 
•As far MO, I didat root sa T^ry wall I t 
■laoo4 tkoaatloa of tkookip. ai>d oooawd 

aaraat soaivkodc ta laak bm la oloof^' oa d 
ra. My. laagkli'g. 

*Woli,da«r, wawiilsoo if Mrt. Baraoy 
kao gal k g aid aradla pat away ooom- 
wlior* ia bar laabsr>r«aai, «ad wall k«g tba 
laau of It for yaa, aad I will ruok yoa to 
olam ta aigfct,' laii bar baobaiMl, with 
■Mk oat^ablty. 

*9kr ay pM% tka faakiat af tho last 
thiaa aoktba baa aada oaak aa inproaoioa 
aaaa ay atrra af aasatM a tbat I bali«rt I 
akall ftM ayoalf laakiag Apr tka roawiadtr i 
af aqr katarat lilol I aa oaro tba bed 
owoy«d fkaa oida to sida wboa I bid dowa, ' 
|aai aa tka iaor rlata aad foils with a« 
ovoa aaw t' atid Mra. Brotoik 

At tkia aaatat Mia Baraty aaia oat of 
kar Moa aad gtar tsi tha gaata, and in 
rltad thoa dawa lata tkt kNaktast-aarlour. 
wbaia tka aovalag aol waa rsady, oad 
wksta tha aaslkdar: ^ iho taaily awaited 
tkair vteitara. 'c? 

Mr. Btini«f ad«aaa«d aad skaak haodi 
vitk Ika wkab party oardially, wbilo Mra. 
Bara^* kawlig akA salliag all arcaod. 
pMMa4 la aaka tka taa. 

* what la Iho yragraaas far ta^y f Too 
aail aaka tka aatf af tkr tfako, yoa kuow. " 
laM Mr. BkWiif, vkok thoy wars all aaltd 
kvaaad ika taMa. 

* Wa wars lUakiagaf yMliag tko sobopla 
I aa iafarasd thai ika prarialaa lur tdaoar 
tiok It faw llhaial aad, Ikdaad, aaailoant, 
ttkdikkl Mw fawtitktiaaa af IspralaiLJga 

tha vary hiai af thair kladVN 

-\ ' --■■- 

^Wa|Uy«ai«a aayvWl thasskoabU 
kat I warn yaa that takaala aro 
•Ilka all tfir tka Viri4^ aai aan 


uo M« dtlbr mmm^^ f 

I0« M. MIM« Ml af Um «4ii». 

w« !»«« • 4riT« I* iha buM •! T«M« 
Tk^fl M* MNM MHaM aiMiMM ai 
"•C^iif' •• W iM. I. Ul.1 VMtaiiy.' 

in Uwumr m TihU MoMV 
Am4 «UvM«ly Mtar braUlMi Mr. BarMV 

tin fcfflir^ •*•-"-- 

*«Mi M,. Mr Mn. Wmt 

M btfM tfMM, AM Mr mm- 

•Mm • iMlf.wajr ttaikMi |« kmS 

V^^'r • ''W ••r «M]lli«. Br*. 

r*iU«g arMf tkreagli tkM* akMy rMaT 

Tail Nl I ImI tk« i«»a«M •( th« aiii> 

!•«. aa4 11 ia aaali Ilia lar«Mft Im* •• 

||*ria 01 . K» •tlopjr. Wa Mva a<Aa aj ««r 
MM«, Mil tli«r iMVa Ml yal laa^kad ihaiv 

, 'Ok, what • •■badi4 kML do look I* •«. 

>« IUm anuan Itel <na btbadai ikill 

iMi Mif •nrim* 

•MA ba ftlgkiMad ataln. wa wiU iMva tC 

••rrkfl.alaaad,lf»a^,|i#.' -^ ■• 

Ok. I aiMM fikn pl«Haf AffHitii 

l*»«2^ .•••" •!» taad tlM aaii UUu I* 


unaoila^ S#wir •■ laMa as a waak Mala. 
«<>« Ikf IM* af tka aJX AadTM 



'Bulllkaagkilkal liaa^ aad paaihanL 
•M«ad la iM aalawf ^^ 

Jil* ft*'. 1^ .*••?•? •»• fc'»*«' kMk la. 
wardj^ibatoUad. BlMai I Mta tka amlaia 

.a^^JTt " riT W** "W Wirt wa 
■~*L^.**'*'^*'^'* aal a» a 

aoMtllilag of tbal aart. laap lata It.'^ 
•Qaitaaaio.' lM«bad mU Ihmt.mA 

Uiaywkaloaaa b*l<n. •.,. -jy-wt.^ 

AriirHlallkaMaaol.Tabla]faaB» tk«W^ 

Who la.M h-a illdr iiSdl!i"llT32i 
tkaai. Aad Ikaa thaj Maaa tMr raiab^ 
Miroagb tho wid aid EaaalSSl a!!aaul 
MMckritliat alaikad IM aMaa^iMl mZ^ 
Iba prooipiae. ■ 

'What aaipilaaiii plmM la ikai witb 

Mra. 11*. paiailog^ia a tiaa Uka ahraS wiS 

kiadlad a Ira aaMag Ika, Ifaitlaa aMaa 

barM■otlMtrriaa.^lLataa^ •"« t*^ 

* It la Iha rvd-fuwarlaf. arVrtaauial alaa. 

**^ "frZ* **^*^ walfcad an.^ " 
'Aad Ihfa ataaaf* paiaUd f uwar. lMl 

ir BM* * ^'^••'•Maatar^iBlir i«.^^ 
•ItUthaatafali% MdMlaafi nt|M» la 

nar. " 

•a^2Eff!rtL!^ *7»!f '*^ •>- 

£L9*Tr ** "■* '*'*$ •hatlNiac. 


■:'; .\- 

. Mb' aaid Mra. Ily, 'lilo 

JlrSiLlffl!.?! •*• •b«fa« «MdM lowara 
M« *• »«t«lMa« pataala. tU^ialai, |«^. 


' r 

A » 

' ■^'\ 


' ■ ■ ' / ' ■ • • • 


•■ * 

' • 

' . ., 

1 'h' 
1 , . % * 


./ ' ■ '. 

' '%- ■ ' " 

■ . ' y' ,:" -, *■ -^ir^. 

, ■■ ' ■ ■ ' ■ 1 ' •'. 1 

» '^ 

, V ■ - 

',*'■ • 

. V!'' -^f '!' '■ '■'■■.i* 

jy' ' ' ■ 

, ■ '"! . >,. 


IX ■ 


•< '. ■ 



■ V. '■•'■.-': 



'», '■■',, , ■ ■ > . ■ 

\ - 


' .. .■ •"'■- 

■■ .u ^ , 

«. . .'■.■'■ ' ' , 


' . ;\ . .. • 

"■ , ; , ■ \ 



- "•'.:: . v-v :■ "■;■ r',^ ■ -l' 

.. • 

.,:■■ .y .' 

'' ■■ . 

^ 1 

■ )?;;•■■. ,^. ;■:'■:■:/:#' v^'^K ' 


'■ ... r i, >:r'." " \>- ■:■ -. 

" j' \ ': 

^ 1 ' '. * 

■'i ' 

•. ■ _ 

, . ] , ■ 

.■,;-'^vV :■.■;.;■;,■■■'' ' :: ■::■■>:' - ■■ -. ;■ „. 

.1 1 ■ ■ ■ 

■^>i^ ','*■. 


' - " 

■■ir - --r ,:r-j-- 

'■ ■ . 

• \ 

<■ :,,:' ^-'r! . .y- ;'„ ■■"' . ■■, . ' :' '« 

!'■■■• '\ 1 ■ ■ .- ,; 

,;■■/.;.,"■,■': :■. . vf' .: 

-,.'.,'/ ■ ' . ■ 

1 ■ • 

'■:-y' ■■.;■..■ -Jv^.-- • ■-, •■>.:';;;- ^' 

'■ •' ■ 'i 

t I 

'■ ',;. ' .■ .'r' V'^'-' '■ ' i-y}''^ _ ^' • ■ 

;^ . :■....'■■ -'I 

i||tj':^w''' .■■/. . 

' "* '. .i ■''':■ . 

' ■ ■ 

f - ■■ " • '• -^ 

.- -:1- ^^^^^^^^ 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^, •• : . ' r 

-y^' ' ' ■■■ 



' . ^^^^^^H 




, * ,^ 







^^7 ' ',/ 

f ■ 

■ » 


















■^^■♦- ;;-;■■ >■• 


■ 1 ' ■'■Li.'<'--1 "'• ■ ' ■'■■ 


' ■ ■ ^- 

•■ ;--^-#'' -V'^m' ' 





■ • '. . : 

e ^ 

.'■■...'■ ■''. 

' ■ ■■ «. ' 









t w r \ 





— "~^' - 

- ' 

.- ■-*-.'■ 


'. ' ■ ■'■ ■■ " ' 

■ 1 . ' ■ 

■*■■ ■ 



■■■ ' ". ■■ ,. " -' ■ ' 

- . 



* '""■^:-- ■■'..■ 


■ ■'■■ y-'- . •■ /'■: 



• '.■.' 

■ V*■^''" ' ., % -- ' 

■. ■ ■ ''-'{{ 


• :: ■ ■;■■ ■_■ ■ 

■■' ".", •;.'. ■ 


'^^■■^^■^■'■^.■. ;■>. 

'■/'. v 




'- '•. ■ ■ ' 

'■ "'- 



. (ANSI and ISO TEST CHART No. 2) 




JO ~^^ 

"" 3.2 






1.25 IIIIII.4 




S^ 1653^ East.Moin Street 

r.S Bocheater, New York 14609 VISA 

^2 (716) 482 - 0300 - Phone 

^S (716) 288 - S9Bd - Fax - . 



and, obi how mauy ger»- 

ininr, oaotus, 

Diums I' - • n 

' Beoauie many of them came ontanally 
(rem tbia country, and many othera •" in- 
digennus to other oountriea,' answered Miaa 

Conyera. ^ ^., , 

• Tliere I there, I declare, la a beaatitol 
acarlet creeper I Ob, that looka ao like the 
window at heme 1' exclaimed Mr». Breton, 
atobping to gather the flower, when, with a 
piercing shriek, she aprung at leaat three 
yards from the ipoS and atood trembling 

and while. „ . . 

And well she might 1 For when her com- 
panionsaaw ihat she could not apeak, but 
continued to point in one direotioQ, they 
looked.'anddiscoTered, to their horror and 
amllBemen^, the hooded head and nnged 
eyes of the deadly cob: a^ reared and g« 
from among the innocent flow« rs I . 

In an instant they realiaed what her 
danger had been, but so paralyseed were they 
all by the sight of tne reptile, that no 
one moved until Justin Rosenth.l, taking 
from hia pocket a amall toy of a reTolwr. 
levelled it at this motionless snake, and with 
true eye and steady hand, dr*w the trigger 

and bred. « . j u 

Iustantaneon!ily with the nasn *nd the 
report, the snakeaprang into the air. twisted 
over and over, and dropped, « writhing, 
harmless mass, upon theffround. v 

* Thank lieavtn I' said Miss Bnmey, taking 
ft long, deep bj-rath of relief. 

* Oh, let us go home 1' plead d poor 'lira. 
Breton, who seemed to be booked for all 
the frights, and was now sobbing hysterieally 
ill her imsband'a arms. 

* Yes ; let us return for her sake : she is 
really unfitted by this shook to go farther,' 
<)aid Miss Gonyers. 

And. while Mr. Breton supported his wife 
on to ine carriage, and the other members 
ol the party followed in their wake, Brito- 
mute walked deliberately back to tbo place 
where the writhing reptile lay and took it 
up by the end of its tail and held Jt" up to 

view not dead, but powerless. She oon* 

teonpUted it for a moment, and then ahe 
hauled it to Juatin, saying : 

•Do yon scalp your enemies aa well as kill 
them, Mr. BtMenthal? Whether you do or 
not aa a general custom, I think that yon 
had bettM^^preaerre tbia troj^hjr Mid send it 
t<ryonr fat&r. The eol^-di-capeila is a 
very rare tarioeiiy even in mnaenms, 
and Dr. BoMnlhal is • collector of aach 
oijeetfk' .#>; 

* And would Tahi e this very b'ghly . I 

hand, and thinking within himself— 'Mr. 
Burney was right after all.' 

He laid a large ailk handkerobiet down on 
th* ground, dropped the reptile into it, tied 
the come: s together and took it up lu hia. 

band, saying— . «.. 

• I must keep the creature out ol Mis. 
Breton's way. The sight of if would throw 
that heroine into fits again.' 

When they reached the spot where the 
horaes and carriages had been left, Juatin 
went fi St and tied hia prise to the tide of 
the aaddle ; and then he helped Miia Con- 
yera into the carriage, where her rompanions 
were waiting tor her; and laatly he mcun.ed 
hia horae, an«l joined his comrades, who w6ro 
riding on before. 

They naohed the Poplara in good time to- 
dreaa for dinner— which dreaaing, with oiir 
ladies, consisted simply in washing their 
faces, and brushing their hair, at^l^abaking 
the 'nimplea' ont of their gowns. W- 

A glasa ot cordial, and a rest On the sofo^ 
tor a few minutes, reatored Mrs. Breton's 
equanimity, and enabled her to appear at 
dinner with composure. 

There, the adventure with the oobra-di> ■ 
eapella waa told ; and, to the surprise ot our 
litiJe party, made much less impression than . 
they had auppofed it would. 

'That ia the firat one that I have heard 
of being seen this season,' said the old 
gentleman. 'You must no- think we 
atnmble over oobraa every time we walk 
out; No, indeed I We do not see more 
tban half a doEia in the coarse of the hot 

' Good gracious I' exclaimed Mrs. Breton v 
* the idea of living in a country Where they 
meet with deadly venomous snakes half .a 
doaen times in a sommer, and think nothing 

ofitr . ,,. ■ 

After dinner, as the gentlemen still hank- 
ered after a sight of the schools, Mr. Bnmey 
vndertook to be their mide, and aet out 
with thetn on a tour of inspeotion of all the 
aeats Of learning, high and low, to be foand 
in Gape Town. • 

Meanwhile the ladies were, at their own 
rr quest, Bui^licd with writing materials, 
and retired to their rooms to pn^pare letters, 
to be left with Mr. Biirnev; to be sent to 
their, homes by the firat ahip thW left that 
port for the United Rtatea. 

Bi-itomarte iwro e biit one letter. It was 
addressed to Signora Adriana di Bieicellonir 
General Post Offioe, New York. 

When the gentlemen retmroed, they 

thnnk yoti for snggestinc it. Miss (Siriyeni,* 
replied Justin, takioc the serpent frtm her 

broQgl^witli them Professor John, whom 
they halted for at i 

the oollege, and also 

Oaptain M^Keasie, wtoom they had mot m 
the atieot. Bokii the prdfMsor aii4.jtha cap- 




.tain atayed to auppen The Burnt ya had a 
fine piano, and Miaa Cooyera good-naturedly 
sang aome of her beat aonga for the enter* 
taiiiment of her new frienda. And the even< 
' ing paaaed very pleaaantly for all the ooin- 

When the profeaaor and the siaptain aroae 
to take lear<^, theJatter aaid — 
• We aail with^he fimt tide to-morroir 
, morning. The yawl boAt will be waitins for 
you at the pier from eight o'clock } and I 
would advice yoa to get down aa early aa 
that hour.' 

His pasaeiigera promiaed ; and he and hia 
learned companion bowed thenuelvei oat of 
the drawing-room. 

•My dear,' aaid Mr. Barney, tnmlng to 
hia wife, 'we have had the pleasant privin 
Igeto "greet the coming,'^ and now we 
have the painful duty to "speed the parting 
gueata." Let the oook know that we muat 
have broaktaat on the table at aeran o'olook 
preoiaely. I will warn the eoaohman to have 
i^e carriage at the door at half-paat.' 

Mr«. Burney reaponded by a nod, and 
then eaid^- / 

* Ic is eleven o'olook ;' and aioce our frienda 
must riae ao early in the morning, they 
should be permitted to retire now, in order 
tu get their due amount of reat.' 

And aaying thia. ahe rang for the bed- 
room candlea. f- 

And the viaitora retired to their anart- 
meiitt. r 

'Oh, dear,' aaid Mra. Breton, when they 
had reaohed the upper hail upon which their 
rooma opened-* ph. dear, and oh. dear! 
Thia 18 oar last night andera roof. To- 
morrow we shall be in the ship on the 

ocpan, playing at leap froff with the wavea 
• agam.,' 

♦i.I?v^'*°''''7'«*, " more ithan half over, 
t^ank heaven I and then as^in we have got 
ov^all thea^okneaa, and it )'■ ao splendid riding on the ooean 1' s#l Mra. Ely. 

There was no tjme for more talk, and so 
they diaappeared within their own rooina. 

ihey all arose nekt momliigaboat half- 
past eix J made hasty^ toilets and went down 
to the parloar, where breakfast wm already 
prepared for them, and where the kind 
faviily was assembled to see them olT. 

Immediately after breakfast they took 
leave of their friepdly entertainers. enSr" 
ed the carnage that was waiting at the 

tbT'i^ *^*^'** ***• *"*" •*"* ***•''•» *• 

* "El!*^''*''! boat was there | so nothing was 

Mnail individual oontribationa, «nd give it 
to the o o ae hmato to a re w ard fo r his aefvioes. 


to the Burney 

and their last oompliments 

After which they aU entered the yawl 
boat to be rowed b«ok to the a)iip. 


TBS HtnuucANa. 

* The akipper he ato<ld beaide the helnn 

Hia pipe waa in hili mouth. 
And watoh(d how the veering flaw did blow 

Theamoke, now Weat, nowaouth. 

Then up and apoke ak old aailor, 
WhoVi sailed the 8k)antsh Miiin I 

•• I pray thee put into yonder port, 
Foi I fear a hairioabe." ' ; 

"Hie boat containing our paaaengers waa 
pushed off from the pier, and rowed rapidly 

, the fortifioaiiona, 

[hat fringed theahorea,. 

■m of ahipping that 

nd^over the bright 

to the aide of their 

rode at anchor wait* 

«-«.««a w-biik ;.5rK:sss'K°s:,S2*«d 

past the coatom-huui 
and the marine viUaa 
and through the U 
filled the harbour, 
waters of the oater b 
OMm fine ship, 
ing for the tide. 

The boat Was brought to noder the sUr- 
board gangway, and the chain ladder let 
down for the aaoent Of oar party. 

Captain McKensie and Doctor Van Duyok 
atood on deck to reoeiy|i!,3^m. 

•Good mornings yqifiiie in go<il time. 
We are Retting ready %ii|»ke ,,ii . g^jthe 
oaptain, cordially, at Me extended hia hand 
to araiat Miaa Oonyera in her aaoent. 

'Thanks,' she anawered, coolly, aa she 
barely toaohed his hand in springing «poik 

* It seems like t'ne mont* instead of tree 
day you have been away,' said the littl* 
lii^tcli doctor, offering the same oonrteay to^ 
Mrs Ely, who rcknowledged his kisdneaa 
with a amile, asshe a.vailed herself of hia 
yelping hand. 

_ • Glad to see yoa, too,» he said to Mrs. 
Breton, whose head now appeafed at the top 
of the ladd(-r. ■ *^ 

'Oh, I take care I don't let me slipf ei- 
olavraed that timid oreatare, seis'ng hold of 
the stout limU of the little doctor, who 
took her bodily up and set her safely on the 
deck. ^ 

Ihe gentleme^f the party, and theh th» 
boai'aorew, followed, and final'.y the bo«t 
Itself was drawn pp. and made secure to the 
davits. J v 

Our pMsep|ei» Went down into^he eal)Sn 

only to deposit their dresejp g baxes, travel^ 

|»°R-*»8» ««dj»»roela, and then they retn:^- 

went aft^andseaUd 



■•-^h«m«elTfls in t be stern, to w«toh the uilora 
pi^eparing to make sail. The deck waa 
lumbered with-boxea, balea and barrelt, that 
had baen taken in -from Oape Town, and 
that had to b« left where they Were an:il 
the men ahonld have time to atoi^^them 
away. Now they wore all M baay m poa< 
aibie t[ettiiig up the anohor, aetting the auila 
«nd a<lji|atini< the rigtring. 

All waa soon ready, and with the ebb 
ti'de the fine ahip spread h^^saila to the 
•wind, and onoe moie aailed oat to nea. 

The day waa fine, ibe aky waa olear, the 
wind waa fair. Our passengers, refreshei. 
by.their throe diiva' aojoarn in the beautifu 
^louy, and exhilarated by the brillianoy o: 
the morning, were all in exoelleat ntirita. 
Altogether, the re-oommenoemeut of their 
voyam seemed very promising. 

' How different from the day on which we 
-sailed oat of Boston harbour I Then wu 
were oTercome with grief, which now, by 
the grace of Hearen, We have surmoanted. 
Then the weather was horrible I the ekj 
-Was as dark and gloomy and full of tears as 
our own oppiessed hearts; and now the 
« wnather is loTely. and th^ sky is §» bright 
and cheerful and fall ^fraiiles as onr relier> 
-ed spirits ought to be !' said Mrs. Ely. 

'Ah, yes r aighed Mrs. Breton, saddenly 

« rowing gravA * Thai was a bad begianing, 
at ^ bad a aood ending. And the old 
proverb says, " A bad b Ijinning makes a 
good ending.*' Vow this is a good iMgin- 
ning, and may not the eon verse of tliat pro^ 
▼erb also be true? May not a good begiiw 
ning have a bitd ending?* 

' Oh, yoa inoorrigible croaker, no I it 
■will have a better ending^ 'N^aaghed Mrs. 
Bly. •) 

Oar passengers renuined on dmsk M the 
forenoon, watching the gradnally. rsii^ding 
•coast of AMoa antil it had entirelf disap- 
peared. - . '^ ■, 

A' dinner they resamed their aociid inter* 
«onrse with the ship's oAcers,from whom they 
had been separatMl for the three days, which 
-«he little Onteh doctor persisted in asserting 
to seem three ifpontbs. ^ ^ 

After dinner, a* the weather waa still 
<d«lightfal, they retamed on deck, and sat 
in the stem watchipg— -not tho rise andfell 
<«f the bine end snnlit sea, under the blue 
•nd-^^snaUt f ky, (or that had grown monoi> 
iooilms, and they had had enongh of it— bat 
iritohing the sailors hanling^ lifting or 
iowering the boKe% balee and barrels that 
Inmberi^ the deck. And iMtly they watched 
the s$tt go down, Ui a perltot Unas of glory 
.^nt iUamiaed the heavens and the oosen in 
, 'What seemed a conflagration. 


n magnificent sanietl I never at an ear!y hour. 

saw anything like it in all my life. And 
even now that the ann ia out of eight, the 
refraction of light ia ao intense, that but for 
the deep richness of colouring, one miglit 
think it uoon-dav instead, of near nighr,' 
said Mrs. Ely, who was standing by Miss 
Coiiyers. , 

Britomurte said nothing in reply. She 
was gaaing on the glory of the sea and sUy 
in s lent breath lets awe and worship. And 
when her f elinga were so deeply impressed, 
she seldom expressed her emotionk by speech. 
But as the glory paled and dimmed, her 
voice, low and tremulous at first, arose and 
swelled in fulMoned melody, and almost 
anoon^oiously she sang the beautiful hymn . 

' FadiDg-i~still fading— the last beam is. 

shioing ; j '- ^ 

Father in heaven, the day is<4eclia1ng | 
Safety and innOQcnee fly witK-the light- 
Temptation and danger walk forth in the 

nighf , ' 

The hymn is a, long one* and thai musin 
anH words by tariu slosr apd soL mn or wild 
and appalling. By the time she had finished 
it, the last beam indeed bad faded froia the 
sea, and the a tars were eom'uMHat in the 
purple black sky.- "<*^^K[ 

'There is the new mootf^^PefulIy ex- 
claimed Mrs. Ely. poin.ii^'to^he qeliOate 
creao nt that shone like a,ilianiond near the 
edge of the horison. 

' Oh, dear me 1 yoa have made me look 
at it oyer my lel|4iiboalder, ' complained MiC 

• What of thatft Ton didn't twist your 
neck i I hope?' inquired Mias Ely, laugh- 

' Ob, no I bat I shall have no luck while 
thia nioon laata, jost for lookiifg at it over 
my lefjtf shoalder.' 

* Doii't yoa think, my dear, it wonld be 
well to get rid of some of those heathenish 
superstitions lef ore yoa begin to teach bet- 
ter lessons to the heathen V inqnired her 
hnsband, with a smile. 

*Iosn*thelpit, Jamea^' she answered, 
•erioosly. ' rnever see the new moon over 
my 1 ft shoalder that I don't oome to some 
grief. And so I am aare that I shall have 
no luck while this moon lasts. ' 

'No lack while this moon Issti. Then, 

*niy dear, yoa will have a terribly long run 

ot ill-lock, anlecs the day of doom— when 

sun and moon shall pass away— ohonld come 

much sooner than we expect it.*' 

The ringing of the sapper bell pot an end 
to the obhvvsation, and they all went in to 
thetable. ' That evenStag, being wearied, 
they all retired to the cabin, and turned in 



B, that but for 

Tnu» p«*ie(1 their daya for th« two we^ki 
during winch tbay had flue wMthar. and a 
■' fair, ornearij fair wind. 

Than, #hen ih« moon waa at tha full, 
thare wara indioationa of a change. The 
wind ffradiJTjliy died away, or roae and blew 
in fi ful puffi. and aana again. Th« ahip. 
with all her eanvaa apraad whenavar it could 
catch tha fainteat braeae, made little or qo 
prof r. H. The weather grew iutolerably hot 
and oppretaiva. Tha aoii blaied down from 
acloudleaa alcy with obnsuming fi«roeneas 
The ladiaa ware driven (rem tne deck to 
•eek ahelter from the burning heat in the 
deep ahadea of tha eabin, where they re-'' 
mMiHed ail day. or.a laaat while the aun waa 
abore the horiaon. After auneat they ran- 
tured upan deck to aeak a breath of freah 
air, which they very aaltlom founA eran 
there, for the atmoaphere aeemad opprasaed 
nih aonie deadly eJement that made it al 
moat unfit for inhalation. And eren the re- 
fle Med light of tha moon aaemed to be re 
fl oted haat laa Wall, and Mrs. Breton de 
dared itjooked Hi hot, and felt aa hat. at 
ewr the enn did in her own natifeTlime. ' 

The cnaia came ; tha wind fall lower an^ 
■till lower, and then the fitful puflf* that had 
■ervod to carry the ahip forwArd a knot or 
tTO in an hour, oeaaed altogether, the aea 
•ank; and the ahip lay like a log upon tl» 
glaesy aea, under tha burning sky. 
Day and night for nearly a week thia 

molC. "*""""•''"'' '"'^* '•"""•^"^ 

•Oh, thia ia horrible I not baing able to 

. move an inch I it ia aaif we were loomad to 

f remain here forepr^r. or until we anall oeriah 

ladiee and the ataWardeaa were alone in tha 

^o. -fk°i *'". •~V^«''« «fteai,3on of tha 
■nTi'nth day of the telm. 

««\W* "•>";!'*'• y*":*' that allaralooka 
on ♦he darkeat aid , anre,' .md Judith. 
; how ong IS thia soijg on f 

h..?h'irdTeirbS^i "?::! Airr thi 

fall to pieces like an old tab cot in thaVnn i 


the calm to .'aafc^ 

• And you never knew 
mnrrt than at-ven daya ?' 

'Troth no, ma'am, and hardly ever ha'f 

raad^*"' *>»^ *^ l*" Iwtad ,aT.vp d.ys aK 
tk ' ® *' .'^*'*°'V '^•*' •• **>• •ivinth. And 

ftsalfT' *"«• ''•'•** ^*"' «"* '^ 

'K*'. *••'.•" ' Wny shouldn't 1? .What, 
nextt^jpqmred Martha Bre-on, uneaiily. 

Hot h, ma am. something as you'd like t» 
change back again for a calm.' anid Judith, 
gravely. • 

•Oh. my goodness I You don't— don't 
mean another gale !' exclaimed poor Martha 
Bre on turiun^ pale with the memory of 
one (T, la and tile dread of another. 

lug if It's only a gale I' 

• Worse than that ! what do you mean I" 
cried the terrifi«a woman. 

' Just a hurricane, sura I' ' 

'A hurricane I Heaven and earth ! dirf 
you mean to say we shall havo a hurricane ?* 

I J St did mane that aame. ma'am. Sur^ 
these calms u thaw here latitudes allerl 
breaks up in a hurnoane,' said the relentlesl 
Judith, rewdless that she waa fl™ rati vefv 

hearjr, who*, frame was quaking with 

'R ayan of Heavens I then wa shall a» 
he lo-t I gnsppd Mis. B eton. on the "erJ; 
p^mt of swooninff. '^ 

'That don't folly at alL at all m.v«. 
Surem. and the .hip hevVen h many I 
a orm together and we're naythar of m lU 
yitsa,^ Judith, though, he rathareB)^! 

Jienar!*'*""' "''''''"'"• •^'* throw! hJr 

i.«l,®« • '"If."**,".^ ' Oh, my goodna«it 
how many shi|K, I have read of bail* wrJS- 
ed in a hurricane, and all on board litV 
wailed the poor diamayed creature. ' 

, My gracious, Martha Breton I do t«r *«. 

yet, and there, may not be onet or tf it 
oome»wemay not* be wrecked* o? if wt 
■hould be, what Of it I The wwat that cIT 

come wdea'h.»ndthat mustwmo to^ll 
•ooner « latr! Why, de^ mtnf 1%^^ 

™ik ini:- "k" ^ v*«s.ra;d . shT 

wreek in which aU on tmard would neriab I 
Mr^^lM^ •• 'T'" •• ".yhoJyr 2S V 

'^^"'7* ^"patiently.'^/®'^''*' «tKn>3 sensibility T 
\ danger tha n T a m to b e ^praised for Ay Lr 

t«ct u«.«iiiiKt;Vfearryoa whairiT; 


f •- 7 

; .' *-i'J.*.i*si:i^fef-ji»ft 

nr ,- 



4 I: 

•ob, M if komc Kl^at monster of t th« air or 
water breitlied slowly and paiufuljjr irUii 

forbearing with the faoUs of inen,,shoul<l bo 
a ittie patient with tht> weakutss of wo- 
men/ raid Brilomariei cren'lT. 

' What'M thntr' ez«laiined Martha Broton, 
in a low, Kashsid Toice, as ahe held, up h«r 
ting«r to enjoin silence tn her companions, 
and paused to listen to a sound that came at 

It was like a liu(te, deep sifh, or moan, or 

fulljr irbiii a 
vast distance ovar the sea. 1 

'WliKt's what?' demanded UHJ Bit. 

' Lisicn I' 

Tuu low, deep, distant sigh, moan or sob 
twept over the sea again. 

'I think it is the wind rising. It cisr ainly 
grows cooler, ' said Miss OonyerS. 

* L?t OB go ap on de6)t. The sun has been 
set this hour,' suggesWdMrs. Ely. 

The whole party assented, and they went 
op on the deck that was now as level on tho 
sea as the floor of a drawing-room on the 
gi-onnd. e 

. ' Look atnhe sky I Oh, did yod ever see 
such a. colour f* exclaimed Mrs. Breton, 
harrying aft toward a group of officers who 
were eagerly conversing in the stern. 

The heavens indeed wore an ominous, aa- 
peot. The unn had set, and every ray of 

his lig»>t had faded from the western hori- ' f'^V have n(* even thought of sapper, 

xon ; yet the whole (ky seemed to be 
illumined with supernaturalliftht — a bronse< 
coloured glsre that made the moon and stars 
pale and dim, and that was reflected by the 
sea, until the whole sphere seemed smoulder- 
ing on the eve of bursting into a conflagra- 
tion ; while ever, at short intervals, came 
that low, deep distant sigh, moan or sob, 
across the waters. As if in sympa'.hetio 
answer to this mysterious sound of distress, 
th« ship began to creak, groan and roll. 
And the whole circle ot the sea began .to 
boil up into"a white foam. > 

The seamen also were very active and busy. 
SoUia were reefing the top-sails ; some were 
setting storm stay sails ; others Were, closin'g 
the portholes } and others again were secQr< 
ing the fastenings of the life-boa's. 

* ** There's someth'ne wrong abrewing,"' 
•aid Mrs. Ely to Mist Conyelrs, at they 
wallnd after Mrs. ^reton, who had hurried 
to th« stare where the. anxious men sood 
grOQMd anmad the wl^eel-honse. 

* Whirt is coming. Captain McKenaie *' 
inqnitred Miss Conyers. 

* Not mnoh, 1 hope, my dear yoiiag ladjr , 
bat I would reeommend yoa and yonr com- 
paniona to go down int-o the eabin.' / 

— E v en w hila the captain spoke, t he dnll 
brouM aolonred glare grew darker and 

dark< r, and in the fflnom of the ripples of 
the sea gleamed in phosphoric light, and the 
air was filled with-a sulphurio odour. 

' Will there be a hurricane ?' Miss Oon- 
yers was about to ask, but in pity to her 
frightened companion, Martha Breton, She 
furbore the question. 

V Oh. take me down, p'ease I I know 
thiere's something dreadful at hand ; 
anil I don^tsee my husband anywhert- 
atalll Plei(Ber'<**k« »>• down!' pleadeji 
poor Martha. 

'^^''Miss Oonyers ^ould have much preferred 
to remain on deck to watch the coming of 
the hurricane that she felt was almost upon 
them; but* in compassion 4o her tr«.mbfing 
friend she drew poor Martha's arm within 
her own, and led her towards the cabin. 
They had steely reached the toji of the 
ladder before the wind suddenly arose oat 
of the northwest with a great .W^s', and 
then as suddenly fell, leaving the ship roll- 
ing from the impetus. 

Miss Conyers hurried her h Ipless com- 
panion down the ladder and into the 

• 'Oh, Britomarte, I know I I know I the 
captain and all pf them expect a terrible 
storm I I saw it in their faOes I and see 
how hard the sailors are ut woik making 
preparations to meet it ! And only think, 

though it is past the hour ! Not that I 
c|ire for supper now ! I am too frightened ; 
but I know it there was not great dang<'r, 
they would not forget it, or neglect iq^rvu 
it ! — and oh 1 what a blast was there !' 
cried Martha Breton, as another gust of 
wind suddenly sprang up and bli'W with 
great violence for a few moments, and then 
again as iiiddenly subsided. 

* You had better let me help yoa int 
yonr state-room, where you dan lie down on 
yonr berth ' and be quiet ; and no doubt 
presently the stewardess will bring us s- me 
tea. which I will take into you,' said M Sii 

' Oo into my state-room and lie down ? 
Not for the wor'd I Goodness only knows 
how soon we miyfaaveto take to the life- 
boats I or how suddenly ! And I would ' 
Uka to be reidy I' said Mrs. Breton, sitting 
or rather dropping down upon the cabin 
floor, fortha wind had riseii with ano her 
furiqas blaat^ and the ship had given a 
sadden lurch that brought Martha Bieton 
to her qaar tars sooner than shc^expeo^ed to 
oome. ' • M '' ■ . 

Mrs. Biy ifks now handed down fnto the 
cabin by her hasbind. And they were fol- 
'l ow ed by Mr. B re t o n, w ho/ e »m e down -to- 

look lifter his 


Juatin Boscntbsl, ^ : 




tie ripples of 

iffht, knd th« 

MiM Oon- 
piiy to her 

Breton, the 

I I know 

at hand ; 

d ftnywhorf 

^o r pt««dejl 

ich preferred 
le comiDg of 

almoat upon 
er tr«.inbUng 

■rm within 
• the cabin. 
I toii of the 
ly arose oat 
t .bUB\ and 
Lhe ship roll- 

Ipleu com- 
id into the 

[ know I the 
Bt » terrible 
lea 1 and see 
roik making 
only think, 
t of sapper. 
Not that I 
> Oightenrd ; 
;reat danger, 

was there !' 
tber gust of 
1 bli'W with 
its, and then 

lip yon iu 
fie down on 
nd no doubt 
iriiig ua 8- me 
1,' said M Si) 

. lie down ? 
only knows 
to the life- 
id I would ' 
reton, sitting 
n the cabin 
rith ano her 
lad given a 
urtha Bieton 
[^ezpeo^ed to 

lown fnto the 
ley w«e fol- 
m e down to 

though in the oonstant habit of spending 
his evening^ in the cabin, remaiued no^w on 
deck, to render all the asaistance iu his 

■ You had better all ait down upon the 
flioi, and hold on bj the pedes al of the 
centre table, or yon will be tossed about in 
t\\\n oabin like footaballs,' said Mr. 
Ely, easing his wife gently down upon the 
Mis Breton was already there. 
Miss Conyers aeated herself in a low, 
d cp arm-charm, near the table. 

Judith was squatted on the lowest step of 
the ladder. 

And so the occupants of the cabin waited 
for the hurricane — waited, all except Bri- 
tomarfce Ckinyera, in fear and trembling. 
She, Miss Conyers. if she had not, sis she 
said, a oonstituional insensibility to danger, 
had. something greater^a soul that rose 
sup rior toits alarms. 

Meanwhile all on deck was anxious prepa- 
ration to meet the danger. Some of the 
m n were alolt, relieving the mast# frdm 
-everything that could oumbiBr the actidn 
of the ship, or be reft away by the wind. 
O hors again were clearin|r the deck from 
the lumber sent down from aloft. The 
captiun. with two men, was at the wheel. 
Tlio winl that had at first sprung up in 
fierce and fitful gusts now blew steadily, 
but with great and iuoreasinf violence, 
from the n6rth-east, driving the ship fu- 
riously through the boiling wavea. The sea, 
ruen to a great height, disshed over the 
decks at intervals, carrying ott all light 
matter that had been left there, and threat- 
ening at every return tp wash off the cww. 
Sj s rong and fierce was the wind, so high 
and heavy the sea, that it waa all the man at 
th» wheel could do to keep the helm. 

It was an awful night, with- the howling 
and beating of the wind , the roaring and 
dashing of theiea t the meeting of blaok. 
fire>cbarg«d oloads in shocks of thunder 
above; the msleting of black, fire created 
wavea in iUcks of death below } the 
•truggiin* otm^'^f ahip with wind and 
wave forBer«Mrf , the whole seene of terror 
now rev^M In a sudden gliire of lightning 
•* ^y,* Reheiraloonlagration ; and now awal* 
^« lowed npii^ the blackness of darknesa. 

The oapeaia remained near the wheel ; tho 
officers were afiiia deok ; and the orew at 
their posts of dutj t no uaii thoaght «f 

. In^tho eabia, «■ on deok, no light was al- 
lowed to bnm, and pitoli dairknoss added 
to the homm of tho aijht. All the paa- 
Je n gar a, wi o ept Jnstin wo a sathal, w ho ^waa 


9 flown to «— •— '. " M"^ »jiwpt < nswn immubwmu, w no w aa — pei 

Boacatbal.'^.v ■ wubithooaptikia at tho vheol, aad Brito- Br 

marte Ooikyers, who awaited her fate with 
unmoved oonaUnoy, were prostrated with 

Mrs. Breton, afraid to stay in her state- 
room, had come out and thrown herself 
down with her face to the floor, and her 
hands uTher ears, to shut out if possible the 
deafeifing noise— the mingled roar of wind 
and lea and thunder; and from this position 
she was continually rolled over luid owr 
with every turn of the ship. Horl^uibaud 
was seated on the fljor near her, vaiiily at- 
tempting to soothe her fears and &£ep her 
still. Mrs. Ely also sat upon the floor, 
clinging for prjtcc ion to the bosom of her 
huaband, but continually j-rked fiom her 
resting-place by the sudden pitching ot the 
ship. . Judith Riordan occupied her favourite 
position at the foot of the cabin ladder, but 
she had to ateady herself by holifing on to 
It with both her stron|(. arms ; while she 
constantly repeated a Utany of the Viigin, 
the refrain of which always was t 

• Star of the sav, pray for us. ' 

Suddenly, amidst all the gloom and horror 
ofthesitua'ion, there jras a lively and lu- 
dicrous inoident. T(ie three kittens, ex- 
oited and exhilarated by the noise and mo- 
tiOui rushed out of the spare state-room and 
b?gan racing and chasing each other over 
the cabin floor— their light agile motions 
in no way incommoded by the rolling of the 

A glare ot lightning though the com- 

S anion way showed th ir skittish little 
gures suddenly to Judith, whoso faoo 
as suddenly became a picture of consterna- 

'Ah, ye born divils I' she exclaimed, 
ceasing to invoke the virgin so as to rail 
at the pats—* ye born divils. ye I are yea 
rejoicing and triumphing over the a'.orm 
ye'v'rix entirely? Och hone! that iver I 
should have brought the likes of y«^ here 
to bring ns all to destruction iuelf 1 Ah I 
and bad luck to yes, I onght to have 
listened to the saymen sure, who knowad 
*^e ways iv yes betther nor meaelf. 
Whisht I 'scat I get out iv me way, thin, 
ye divil's imps 1 Sure and I'd hand ye« 
oTcrito the saymen thimselves to throw 
into the say, only they'd be throwing ms- 
self in afther for bringing yes at all at all! 
'Seat, thin, ye bastes.? 

Sho finished bv tUlfewing first ono 
shoe, and then the other, with snoh 
goo^im at the Inoklesa littlo animalsL that 
thtff^MaopMod back into the spare tooai 
ThiOaiKt all this soene of mingled deadly 
iril, awfal fsar and -* -^ — ^■'- 

>, awfttl fear and atrange abanrditj, 
Intomarte sa*: on a tower ohair, holding fast 




to tho p dMUl of th« MDtra-Ubla, whioh 
WM a Dxture. Slio too flxp'*ot«d death, bAt 
•ha had nvrvad herMif to meat it oalmly and 
■ho aoaght to intpira oooraga into tha pan o 
atrioken haarta of bar oooipaniona. 

A» tha nii(bt advanocd the tempaat in* 
ereaaed in lory ; the wind blew id 0ere^r 
blaata, bowling and ahrieliing around the 
ship, aaif all the aoouraad apirita in Tarr 
tarna had baeip let looae ; bad there been a 
■quara of oMfiraa np^ ii moat have been aplit 
to pia99J><^ha very maata ware bant like 
*Alp* on Alps ' of wavaa aroae and 
broke in death-dealing blowa upon tho 
di'ck I aoaroely an hoar p;ued in which aoma 
nnfoi tuuate aeaman waa not torn from hia 
boltii.iga and awept overboard, and thant- 
mott preoantiona taken oenld not fjAraYant 
tha wavea nabing into tha c«bin, to tb« 
ttnnttrrable horror of Mra. Breton, who 
ooald only gaap and sob, while even Mra. 
Elv exotainjd in affright i 

' Wa ahatrbe frowned I Oh, my beaTaila, 
waahall jtM drowned, drowned hero in the 
cabin llh^blind kirtena in a tnb I' 

• Alirthin, bad look to the kittena. I 
wiali^maaelf they were drowned entirely, 
for tur« it waa thimaelT«ta aa broagbt thia 

•Oh. for daylight I oh, , heaven, for day- 
light r waa me frequently aapirated praver 
in tha dark eabin. And. 'Oh, for daylight r 
oh, tiod. for daylight 1' waa tha mnttared 
prayer on the tramnlona deck. 




And ever tha fitful gnata betwean 

A aoand came from the land ( 
It w«fe the aoond of the trampling 


hnrrioana npon aa, aa the aayman foretold,' darkneaa. 
« xolaimed Judith, who had only hoard, in ' — ^ '*-- 
the dm, aomethinf abont drowning and 
kit eiia. At evaiy wave that oame rnahing 
iu, Mra. Breton went into a apaam, and Mra. 
Biy cried out for mer<^, thOugb before the 
w(>rdB had left bar lipa, tha wave had lelt 
tho cabin. 

A laat one, heavier than any tlat had 
preceiled it, broke into the oabin, proatrat- 
uig all iu inmatea, and than mahed oat 
again. , - - 

* We art Itet 1 Hraven and aartb, wo 
are loat I' oned Mra. Ely. aa aoon a« aha 
oonld get her breath. ■ 

*A>i, bo calm; we are immortal apinta | 
wo cannot be loat 1 Think of that^ and 
brace yonraolf to bear whatever oomea 1 At 
wornt It will be bat a atormy.paaaago to 
the other world 1' aaid Miaa Oonyara, ear- 

■e'tiy. , .. 

Bui her oompaniona wore aliaotvad be* 
yond all hope oi being atrengthened. 

And itill, aa tho awfal night deepened, 
tbj wina blewinjBorofarieoa gaata, bend> 
ing tho maata W rods, the aea roae in 
highor watoa, beJRfog the ahip with mortal 
Uowa ; tho tbuoder rollad in louder peala, 
an4 tba Uihtaing bias d with u more deadly 
glar*. no ahip waa drivun furioualr, 
through tho darkueaa, and oluar out of 

Ou the rocka and tba hard sea aind. 

The breakera w«re right beneath her bbwa. 

She drifted a dreary wreck,' ' 
And a whooping billow awept {ha crew 

Like lo'oloa from bar 

All things havo an end, That awful night 

pMaed at laat. Daylight came, alowly 

enough, through the heap d black olonda 

that rollad upon the heaving wavaa below 

' and reaohed unkuOwn heigh. a in the aky 

fhbovo, ... ^.* 

, So darkly and gloomily eama tba mom- 
ing that it aeama t not ao much the dawn- 
ing' of the day aa the fading of the black 

Night grew paler in the cabin, 
and the aoArftd inmatea oonld aea in the 
waning darkncaa tha wan iacea of their oom- 
paniona riBM| up and down with the toaa 
ing of the ahip. ^ ., . .. 

And aoon after daylight came that atartK 
ing qn from the mau on the look-out— that 
oiy which our paaaengera had heard twice 
'before on thia voyage, and greeted with anch 
Joy— that cry which, aa I aaid, la ao often a 
aonnd of raptnro or of deapair, beoauae it la 
n herald of life or of death. Ab^Heaten I 
it waa now a knoll of doom. 

•Land ho r 


•Ouhorleebowal* • 

' Thank Heavrn 1' fervently broath d Mra. 
ffiv, to whom the worda oonveyatl no other 
idea than that of a good^placa, 
whero they oonld all leave tho draadfal ahip^ 
and go on ah -re in aafety. 

Mr*. Breton lifted her proatrata head, and 
ventured to draw a long breath. 

Miaa Oonyera nevor moved or ap -ke { too 
well aba knew thu deadly meaning of tho 
woidaahehad hoard— 'Land ho T 'On her 
leo bowa I — When tho ahip waa being driven 
befoco ^» wnad at avep a fnrioua jhate. 

* *^adfor 

Silent and breatbleaa aho aat^ and ' 
what ahould ooma>nax\ ■^ 

Tho voioe of tha eaptainrwg eloarly out 


her oouraa. and no ono on hoard had uoaL-nhairo the roar of wind fau wnvo t 

. : .7^ . T? ,. — ..^-L -1.. - — ■ — — * i • ■4f.»a r i i .»wt ' — t^. — -. 

diatinot idea of whora aho 
So tha night of honor* worn 


•Luffl Luffl* 
1^ IMel 

^or iailaut and tho- 

.tiL *.' 



ctMomed ahip wns lifrtd high on th* top 
ol an enormoiii w»vi>, and oarri< d forward 
an<( cast down with atremeiidoui sho^k that 
cnia|ie(l and tore through all h«r timherr 
troiii liael to qnartrr deck, while the ahud- 
' <lo.-»d in d'luth aKotiy. impaled upon th« 
Ik rtis of the hiddtb reck. 

Tiie paaseiigt r« in the cabin Wfra to>aed 
up ami thrown down by the ooiioaiiim. 
Tiiey were j rnd and thi.ken, biit not ten- 
ously hurt. They qaick'y recorer«d thorn- 
selves; nnd all thu wom>-n cx«npt Misa 
Conyera were aurprined and pltaaed to find 
that the ship, wiiioh had been toifing and 
pitohiiigwitd auch tremftr.d'.ua force lor the 
laat twelve hoars, had now become nearly 
mo ionlfa*. 

But there waa a great deal nf ruahing 
about and anllmir out anions thu men on 
deck, and Mr. Ely and Mr Beton atarted 
and ran np to a>.>e wh*t it all meant. 

'What lathe materf Have we landed 
anywhere ? Oh, I anppoa(> of ooorae we 
liavf,' but With what a atunning ^hook ! It 
iabad enough when a river ateameratrikt^a 
the pi r too auddeuly ; but I d clare thia 
qurtt kiftiokcd the breath ouc ( f my I ody • 
and, b/iaidea, it waa so unexpected ' I didn't 
know that ahipa ever did come qui e up to 
piora, and I did not even know we were 
near any place. What pof t ia i likely to 1 
do you know. Mijia CoDyereT' ii quired M 

' I do not k now where we arp. We a 
heai p:esently, I «uppJ8e,' npMfd 1 
mnrte. But too well ahe kn w Wiiere/tbty 
were not— in any place of aafety. 7 

'Anyhow, lam very glad to beitill. I 
know tha', ' answered Mrs. Blv. / 

Man ha Breton, who was often /frightened 
out of her senses by slight p^ imaginary 
dangers, was now quite cheerful in the 
Br.idat of the real and spiling peril of 
which she was fortunately n«ponscioB«. She 
got ofT the floor and inW a ehair and began 
to amooth hrr diaord^efed hair and dn ss and 
to call out t> Juditji to light the lamps, for 
thongh It waa daylight, it was still very 
dark in the csbin. ' 

•And you kbow we have to dress and go 
^^irhore,' added poor Martha. 

*Ah, bedad, yea I aare we've got to ao 
somewhere^' wailed Judith ; bat ahe got up 
snd lighted the cabin lamps. " »^ 

Meanwhile th- commn ion .n deck in. 
ereased. Suddenly again (he captain's voice 
was heard above all other aouiiifa. 
* • ijiaiioh t he life-boata 1' 

-■^A-* ?*.!?*!!^'*?''^?"!^ ^*^*P» the deck 




...»^Md. mingled With the rushing of many 

M«ry,.ataf of the say,' and to forrh, aud lo- 
forth, aaid Judith, wailing latneutationa ami 
muttering litanieii. 

-i! Are we to go on abore in t he boats ? I 
thooglit the ahip {tse f had aMd.^d aid 
touched the pier,' aaid Mra. Ely, nsinp 
to go to her s atS'room to put on In i 

• Well, I suppose we shall know wh.t 
port we have 'onolied sooner or later,' 
laughed Mio. Breton, ao «lad to know that 
tha ahip atood still, and to be'ieve that shu 
waa about to lesve it for the shore. 

Britomarte neither apoke nor mo/ed. She 
knew, if her eompaniona did not, that death 
was imminent. 

The commotion en deck grew furious ; it 

seemed almost as if a mutiny had sprung up 

.among the aeamen j too Well ahe knew the 

meaning of iha(oommo:ion > the crew w«re 

seizinc the life-boats. 

Again the voices of the captain was heard 
near the companion-way — 

'Ml. Baies, Sue to getting the women in 
tieoaiiuiup on deck immediately— they 
niuflt first be saved r 

' Saved I Heavin of . heoveiif ! Pi ore 
that T fn m what are we trfl» saved, Brito- 
marte? exclaimed Mrs.jfllaton. suddnly 
se z d with terror. ^^^W' 

Mits Conyers made no re|^, 
'How strangely you look. Britomarte t 
J^ our face IS aa whi e and as haid as marble. 
Oil, dear ! what is the ma terT What haa 
111 ppenec) ? What ore wo to be eav. d from » 
led me I tell me quickly I critd Martha 
Breton, wringing her hands in the extremitv 
ofdistrcsa. . "^ 

*0h, heiven, do yon not know, then r 
The amp is wreckeckNn the rocks I Tne 
crew are lenviug her m the life-boats I' said. 
Miaa Conyers, solemnly. 

•Oil, no, no I Oh, don't say that I Oh . 
mercy !' screamed Mra. Breton, wild with 
horror iind de.-pnir. 

'Be firm I For heaven's sake, be firm! 
B ) a woman I L«t theae men aee i hat we '^ 
can brave death with the best of them I' said 
Bruomarte, for you see the ruling passion 
waa 'strong in death.' 

'I don't care what they aee. On, desr I' 
wailpd the poor woman. 

' What ia all «!« 7uss about ?' ci^ed Mrs. 
By. coming eat of her state-rorm 'ompped 
m bonnet «nd shalsl for her landinfcP 

Be'ore any one eould answer her, thrre 
Wjsa nish^of many feet down the companion 
ladder, and aeyeral men entered the cabin. 
Wh ich w as s'ill "- * • ■ -- - • 

too dark to enable t he occu- 
pants to reoogaiss the new comers. Bot 
Judith hartied oot of Mrs. Breton's sti t - 

i waters ariund the abiir * ""'' P»n™ to reoogmte the newcomers. Bat 

t *lZXh^*^l^,^^\ r Judith hartied oot of Mrs. Breton'a ati t - 

\ l-«l betnae lU,.*^ harm, the life-boats I room with a lighted Untern! wd th« th,;. 

mv *m' ->T,r.-g^y;f-^^^ 


f AUt PLAY. 


Mw that th« Tisiton were Joatin Bosfnthal, 
Tcrrf no* Eior4«n, and th« two jQ^ttv mia< 

Mr. Blr and Mr. Brt too ••eh rushed to 
A the reacu« of hia wifa. 

Riordan liaaaiad hia daaghtar np tho oom* 
pan Ion Udder, 

J.aatin Roaenthal oaoia to tha tldo of 
Briti>inart« Oonyara. 

'Hiaiaof wna rnij pale, but hia vdloa wna 
flim, aaha hastily addreaaad bar. 

' The ahip ia a total wreok t tha orew ar« 
aboat to abindon her, bat thay have oon- 
•ented to save the woman. Let no taka yoa 
to the life»boat*.' 

*I will go with yoQ on deok,' aha *nawar> 
td. calmly giving him her hand. 

The other women of the cabin had been 
taKen away by the men that had com* for 

Jaatjn and Britomnrto now followed them 
op on deok. '^.^ 

Bat, oh I what n aeano of nnparallelad 
Jiorror and dtaolation met their appalled 
.«ighi 1 / 

The aan waa Inat atragglioK ap above the 

horiioa through oiaaaea of blnok and ragged 

' olondr ; the thunder and lightning had 

■ «eas( d, and the wind bad died away, but 

the infuriated aea atill foamed with ratfe, 

and roce in mighty waves, aiid roared above 

the ahi^p, and fell in thunder over her decks. 

The ahipt a mere ahnttered wreok, l»y im~ 

0nled upon the aharp rooka that had penoi. 

ftrated her keel j bar bowa were ander 

^ water,, and the wavea daah«d over her every 

minute, threntening to dirideheramidabips, 

bat fortanatt:ly her atom waa lifted high 

out of the aea, and wedged in a ravine or 

orevioe of the rooka | heavy olouda and fOga 

' reated on the tempeaiuoua ooean, and no one 

- oottld see where the land lav, if indeed there 

waa any land hear, or anything elae but tbia 

vohain of aunkou rooka which had proved a 

Mef of death to the fated ahip. 

Tlie life-boata were all bunched, and the 
s tvew were orowding into then. 

Cnptain MoKeiiiie atood, pale imd atern, 
by the starboard gaogwsy, aeeing to the 
lowering of the women into the boate. 

Mrs. E'y and Mra. Breton wave let down 
teto one, uud Judith Bioniu» intQ tha 
«ther. *:-.- ^■'■■' 

J- ,* Hand ^e other gir%n dowu. Sum 

well sava tha women, tiie oraytorae I but aa 

for the other paasoogera, taix they- moat 

take their ehanoe along with tb* «Finld aUp 

— it ae lf I troth, th<y'd a wamp n a all if we waa . 

to have thim in here,* said Mr. Mika IftK 

I lour, who^'m thia hour of oonfusiouwwiiU- 

ilhaa ohaoa, and hpriror worae than d*diHt, ' 

had aeiaed the oommand of the boat he waa 
in. > 

On hearing theae dreadful worda that 
doomed their hutbanda to d«ath, the twe 
anhappv young wivea began to soreem snd 
aob and pray to the orew t and to atreioh 
out their arma in an agony of yearning to 
thoae beloved onea who had grown aodes^ 
to them on their vayage, and who*now stood 
flird and livid wiib de»pair upon the qnaii« 
ing deok. 

sick at hesrt at thia eight, Miaa Oonyera 
turned nway and walked as rapidty «■ she 
oould up the inclined plane formed by the 
leaning qaarter<deok, to the atern of the 
ahip, where ahe atonped, looking down upon 
the ' hell of watera beneath her. 

Juatin Rosentlial atcpped haatily afte^ • 
her and stood by her aide. 

He atood for a moment ailent, liv d, and 
breatliinir hard, like an animal spent in a 
long ohaae | but in hia eyea burnra the in- 
teuae fire of a love viotorioua over horror and 
detpair. Then he auddenly aeised her hand 
and nearly ornabcdit in his convulsive srip, ' 
aa he whisp.^red ,hoarae!y, in a voice vibrat* I 
ing with the atrbnft pacsion of liia soul~ 
atronger than death aud ihe grave — 

* Woman 1 apirit I we are on the immedi- 
ate lirink of eternity. 1 16ve you more than 
life in thia world or the Utzt. I u<ve you 
more than all orea:ed ttainga iu earth or 
hoavt n. Tell me, in this last mortal hour i 
tell me betofe we par^, Britomaito, that yoa 
love me r 

She looted' him in the faca and met his 
eye ; she4aia^d her hand and pointed up-, 
warda, aa she answered in a low and thrilling 

* We ahall meet there I I will lall you 

Her anawer aeemed to satisfy him ; a ray 
of Joy inapired and ex:«lted his countenance; 
once more he crashed her hand in all 
too strong a gjrtmpt and then be atooped and 

'C me I your eompaniooa are all in the 
boats. Let me take yon to them/ 

'And ypu?' 

' They are leaving me in tbe ah'p. No 
maTter. Gomel' 

* Why do thiy leave y^u ?' 

* There ia no rooni in the boate. Come, 
there ia not an uutant to be kwt.' 

* No ; I will not enter the life-boat- 1 
will remain with tha wraoft I I am not 
afraid of death at all I* ahe anawoi*^* with 
that iron reaoiution that he saldem erer aaw 

any other hnm a n b e ingi 

* Bat it ie yoar duQr to tjry to eave your 
life 1 Hen ven and earth 1 tijiera i« no time 
to argue thia poin*. Tlia ahip ia doomed. 


Ih« boat lit WM 



Ooin«r b« 

.th« bo«t«'*r« iMvinc bar. 
rapt«ily and M^rly aioUiiiied. 

• My min^ >■ n*'!* up I I will thftrt th* 
(»t« of— tha ahip I' iha •nawcrrd, oalmly. 

'Than I will mt* yoq what bar you will 
ar not I' ha oriad, baatily laying haniia o& 

• Stop i Doa't dara to aaa foroa witb mo, 
Mr. Roacnthal I' aha aiolaimed, io a tona 
that mada bia handa fall from bar paraon aa 
if tbay l>ad baan atruok off. 

'Bat fiaataD of flaavanal ibera ia no 
time— not an inaUntof tima for paraaaaioo I 
Tha ahip ia aiaking, I tall yea I' h* oriad 
breathing hard. ' ' 

•Than I WiU aink #lth— tbo abip^" aba 

, 'Bat whyf oh, whyf ha damandad, 
qaiuldy, waroaly able all tha whila to keep 
hit hand! off ber. ! * Wigr f wby 1" be plead- 
ad. Perbapa ba bopad (hat in Ibia laat 
awfal hour aha woald giva him • anprama 
pruot of love, and aay tb«t aba waa raaolvad 
to atay to ahara bia fata. And parhapa to 
'■harabia fata' waa bar atroosaat motive 
for wiahing to ramain on the wreok i bat if 
ao, aha gave a weaker one ( aha aaid s 

'Bjoaoae I would rather at oooe aink with 
the abip, and imeat a qaick and eaay death 
tiian take the ohanoe of Ufa amid tb« horrora 
of the life-boata. I will aUy bare, and jB|[tL 
my fata. ' i^m' 

'Than, bafora Hearan, I will not pliSm 
yen to dp M. 7oa are mine by tha right of 
tbft'atrongaat lore man avar felt for woman 
and I will diappaa of my own aa I plaaaa^' 
he eiclaimad, throwing biii arm* aroand 
her. and Ufifog bar' op M aaaily aa a ehild 
would lift a kittan. Ha bora bar down to 
the aurb^d fongwar. from whioh tha loat 
life* boat waa Jaat patting ofll 

• Stop !• ha aho«-.«d. ^Man, aanmaa.aoma 
of yoa halp Ut lowar her down. Soma of 

ion take ber iM I tot go bar. Biordan l~- 
[ullony l-^ your arma.' 
'Bjdad, and maoal' will do that aamo. 
Let her go I' ezeUlibad Mika, aten^ngnp in 

her anna yearningly, longingly towarda bim, 
azolaiming i 

Juaiol Wi b yoa I Taka mat liy 
beloved i my b«>loved I' .' 

Bat be waved hia hand to Mike to taka 
obarga of hi>r. and turned away, white aa 
death. ^ 

And it waa an inaanaibja form that Mika 
Mullony laid gently ia tha lap ot Judith 
Riordan, who, with bia own wlf^ Biddy, 
were tha only other women in that boat | 
l^ra. BIy and lira. Bra on b ing on the other 
ona, V 

While Bntomarie lay atill in that awoon, 
tha boi^t waa put off from the aide of tha 
ahip, Thara ware pti board ti har beaideO 
the craw and tha women, the abip'a dootor 
and tha anparoargo. Atptt oh, in the midat 
of all tbair aelflah anxiety for the prcarrTa- 
tion of their own livea, Hnd their natural 
aorrow for their companiona left behind to 
pariah, what grief they alao felt in abandon* 
mg tha brara abip that had ao gallantly 
borne tbeu thimagh aaoh a waate of Watera, 
the good ah.ip that bad ao aifely broaght 
them throngh aaob tremendoua at0!ma,'and 
that bad only aneoambad at laat to tba over- 
whelming power of windaandwjx^ Aye, 
they griaVad rrmoratfully for ber, aa for a 
haman being, daaartcd at her atmoat need, 
.andleft alOna to dia. 

When Britomarta tapoTered from tho 
daap, death Uka awoon that bad held bar 
life iii i^yanoa, tha boat wfM aoma diatano* 
from tha ahip. Her aenaea and memory ra« 
turned inatantly with ^er conaaionanaaa. 
Her flrat thought waa of her loirar— hetf 
flrat aol to raiaa heraelf on har elbow, and 
with har eyaa to a weep tba horiion maaaroh 
of tha abandoned wreoli. . 

Tea. there it waa yat^-diatant ud dimly , 
aaan—bnt oartainly thar^ with thv bowf 
Oader watw, *nd tha fetatn wadgad ap ia 
tba eraTioe <^ tha anaken rooka, and tha aan 
brMking OTM- it aa befora, whiU all abova 
weta dark and driving olooda. and aB balbw 

- . - .- -7- ~— , — y.-, -|, ... foamingaadhaavingWaTaa. Tba boat mado 

theboat, andaproadiaghia 4^ma,tor«!aaiTa JWry littto headway over thia heavy aaa. 
theform thaUTaariaVrilli^pannfl to low^r' Britomarto aavar took her ayea horn tha 
*'>5»- ' wreck. Aa "^ ■ "- • " 

To3 prpad, «r too fragOa to ftraggU with 
•op^riorfor«^ap to thia inatoaiBnto«arta 
had baan ^oiat aaoqgh j bat now, ia ba waa 
leUingh^r gpb aha taraad wfik a hatt.#v- 
prewaaaty and olaag > hia ^^mwi^ Bat 

ber into tl^a atroag anna fflfifco Mallony; 
And ^ ■t^ppug kaak ppof thf dack. lia 

waved h i a haaYfg Oum <oSm (iW^ 

Bat ohi wtiat abrr of aabpiaiipMa aa- 
gaiah o«a»a «p from that boiMv MrB<Hom . 
•rteatartod to har laat. and gt^|«kad tarth 

wreck. Aaahagaiad oa all «bat na^ained 
of tba good ahip, thi aan aoddaaly borat 
through a Maek oload, and aoma ahinftig 
objeot on ma alraaded atem oanglrtriUMl 
raya and Ughtad ap tha wraok, Uki i^^tmit"- 
of hope. .;T ■., . 

*.*Bitm htait oh. Ood of Maroy, Mvo Mmf 
WM J^^*pnPM|aal, tiMNigh aalbtearad, eit dl 


ting yotnr ayifel oat 

yoar hand arottnd Uka L6i% 

lak^^oiaK nM'aait £oak at «s' aail 
b Riordak ooatibgly. • Boa't ba ao»* 
oarayM oat baattoka, and twiatlng 
hand anmad Uka L6i% wUa. loakii^ 

■^r-ir^' i-^jstw" 




1 ,1 

«f (htr th»l wNwk. Ood Mv« th« erarturn 
|h*t w«r<i litt behind, for wa ooulil do oo h- 
tag for tliiro. 8ur« thia boat wouldn't 
bowld anothrr aoul. And ih«< other b >«la 
wrra ■■ ha»«7 ladao, aird thty left the abip 
tnt. And Lord know* what a beooma of 
tbam, (or I don't »•» ona of them, thoa«h 
troth, th'a ton to tha Uudward iwallowa up 
«T«ry objeo', ao it d'oaa. Ah, well thio.aura 
1 have b«an p aYinf tor tlia p )or amnera 
laft on tha wraok, and aajring tne litany of 
tha "Star of tha Hay " aver aiuca w» lift 
thim there. And I'll aven pro at it aCain.' 

And Judith opened her little bjok and 
went at it again, mOttaring bar Utaniea in a 
half aadibk roit: 

MiaalOonyara paid no aort of attantion to 
bor. She alto waa b eat bine earnaat pnyara 
M tha aaivatton of one left to p iriati, whila 
•ha atrainad b -r avaa for a aight of tha wraok 
ibat waa oftati h dden ttjm Bar view by the 
riling of aooia gratt wava that threatrn(d 
|e oa ry it down, and aaoftan loomed again 
tbroogli fog and apray to aaanra har of Ha 
oontiuued eiiatenoe. 

'Oil, if h can but ko|d togathar (or a faw 
Aaya, aom-j ahip miy paaa and taka him off. 
Oil. if iliia drf»dful aaa wonld hut aabaide. 
Oh. Ood have mrr on m« and aave him.' 

Sueh waa the oanatant burden u( bar 
tbooghta and prayara. ^ 

Tnera might have been otiiara lafl on tha 
wraok wi h Jua iu Roaenlhalibntaba «oaroa<' 
If ramrmbarad th.'ir axiatanOa, aha thought 
••ly of bim. 

ThtQI waa appalling danger aurroanding 
baraalf .and her oOmpaniena in iba boar, 
biitaha hardly e.radfor it i aika>afr rad 
mht for him. 

If ow, in thia awfql boor of doom, all tha 
4«ptba of bar aoal had bean opsnad np, and 
■ha know how atrongly, bow ardently, bow 
davotad.y aba ranlly loved him— bow e«tirO' 
Jgr ha poaaaaaad har Ufa, 

llaadwbila tho danger, to tba'boat and it* 
•raw WM immiaant. Tha aaa ran high and 
lUavy, thraataning avary inatnnt lb awallow 
tbam up. Tha'abora, towards whi«h thejr waro 
blindly sttngcling* was eevartd witb olonds 
Md teca that saigbt bida^ for sngbt tbaf 
toaw, mora frightful parils tban tbos» froai 
srfciah tboy ware tryiagte caoapiC 
X Wb«t Hub ahoia waa, no ona lia4 tbo laant 
vHm. for tweiityrfoar koara bfforo tbs 
■torm, no okaarvation bad baan tabfn am^ 
M te«hMiMrp»doj Md <tar;iwtb«4^i>niB, 
'tbo ^9 bad i99W dnvon logM buadra^t «f 
illlaa ont of bar oonrse^ ao fiiat bo cmi* ki 
in iTbst took* lb* !W*i WMflMdi «t9 
iMii this atvnprfUiif boat wis %a4i«f. TM 

~ wiMkaotly 


jrtod tba bi4 nUon gt 

off the fog- bidden land. Thia aoon oUarad 
away all the miat and revealed a rugged, 
rook -bound ooaa\ mora tarriflo in ita aap^at 
than the at'a Itaaif. 

And I he aaa waa growing darker and wild- 
er every ina ant, and tho boa waa toaaed 
I ka a odokia alirll on the vad wavaa. Tii#y 
lowered the little aail to prevent the wind 
oapaiiingthr boat, and they took to the 
oara and worked bard throufh the baavy 
aaaa along tha ahorei, keeoTng aa well a« 
they oou!d off the rooka, and watohiug lor 
aoma opaning to effeot a landing. 

One of the men had a pocket oompaaa in 
lii^llbaaeaaioo, and ha took it out and aet 
i%Xnd aaw tbat tbay were rowing north- 

A 1 day long th«7 worked hard at the oara, 
now oarriad onward by the great wavea that 
bat taken their direction from the pecading 
huriioane, and had not bad time to ehange, 
and now driven baob by tha wind that blew 
off the land. So all day long they labourrd, 
rago ariy relieving aaoi other at t hi oari, 
atad aoaroely ramemhering the nicaeai>y of 
eaidg oy drinking, until aom < one, I think 
it waa the Dutch doctor, mora hungry or 
more thoughtful than the raat, brQko open a 
box nf biacuitr, and knocked off the m eke of 
twobotteaof mm, and diaributrd tlieae 
rafriabmanta amung hia companiona. Sjnie 
ata and drank while o hrra Ubouced at tl.a 
oarr, and tlioaa whoao buugar and thirtt 
were aatiaff-d, took their lurna at rowing, 
to a low tlia oaraman to refreeh tbcmaelveK . 

Whiib $\\ had bacn atre ighened and re- 
Tived by food and drink, they work d on 
(bair way mora aheerfully. 

Tha aun waa ainkihg down through a bank 
of clouda behind tha land, when the boat'i 
craw, atill Utriving with ka wild wavea and 
rowing northward, aaw tbat they waie com- 
ing to a potnt tbnt aeamad to be the mo»t 
northam axtramity of aoma ialand. 

' If ^ OAn oi^oa roond tbat p int,' aaid 
ona of tbo aailora, 'wa ean get under the 
leo ahora, and maj managa to maka a l.^nd< 

' We moit gira it a wida berth, then, if 
wo donbla it at all l the current around that 
point wonld anak the boat down to dea. ruc- 
tion' in n» tUni,' said another aeaman. 

Thaj tamad n liitla off and atrack ont to 
toai ipMMtiag to glya tho point with iu fatal 
ibMU«;t>fllk *tbo wida barth ' tbgt tbair com- 

le ^an want down* 'aid ati(Kl'iiitbarad, 
Mpd all waa biddon from har Tiaw. 

4arka«itsaiiba bfgfat, tha beattag of tha 
'#iad a»d tbo Tongbnaaa of tha aea, atriving 
t9 HMoU tM vowt wtd fat aadtrthols* 


■•i*^ ■**''■ 



•horaof III* Uad. Bat ' •« aighl dMpra«d 

thfl ikr tlr«w daikcf, th« wind hi|th«r, and 
th« utm wildvr. I wm • m r«al« th»i I ha 
boat llvad from inomant tomomanr, thiough 
• varal lioora of tli«t draad d«ath-«trugg.r, 
but wl.tlii tht/ atroira fur lif», thay i-xpeuifld 
only daath. i Thi-y maHa whal blind prrpar- 
adonithajT cbuld to moat tha groatar oiia- 
initr, when tka boat ilaaH ahonid ba oat 
Tlia men wart a rong awiipmara. aa wall m 
good aailora and good oar«m«n. Soma of 
ih<ea took tlia oaia, 

•vliat lifa-preaai Trra they had arhadd on tiio 
puraniia of tha halp'eai^ woman. 
MiM Oonjara objao a ). 
• Pray don'r, ' alie i«id. • It will b* bat » 
froloiigatioa of tlia daath agooy. I had 
rattier druwn at oiioa and hara it all OTar, 
than beat about for hoara in tbit wild, dark 
—A, and periih miaarably at lAtt. ' 

'Bedad, though, there'a a ohanoa of Ufa 
at laat I And aura I pr mlaed ih« tnaaiher 
t.. thry and aava ya. and f^jx I'll doitf 
Hnlp me here, Terry,' eald Jlike Mullony. 
and with the aaatatanoa of Terry Kiordan 
ho iuvekted Miia Conyera with the life- 
Nut an inatant too aoon t 
There oame roaring ouwai d m enormoaa 
wave that lifted itaelf high above and fell 
with annihilating foroe apou them. And la 
an inaUut tho boat waa gona, and the toula 
that had entruated thtmtelvea to h«r wort 
«tiii«r((lii)gin the mad aea. 

Britomarte almoac loat heracnaeain thU 
•hock of doom ; and then ahe found heraelf 
ni the wild water*, kept op indeed by the 
life preaerren bat daabed hither and thither 
a helpleaa or*a(ar^ at the mercy of th« 
wavea. And the night waa appalling with 
tho howling of the wind and tha roaring of 
the water* and the ahrleka of tlie drowninc 
mpn and women I ■ 

In thia of horror oniittenble. Brito- 
marte waa beaten about, now driven out to 
T' "T f."''** '? totrarda tho Und ; and 
th ouffh all on* aublim* thought «xal ed her 
80UI aW* .11 the daapair of- th* aitaSon V 
W* an iinmorUl aoala and cannot b* 

foTtllt? ' "• ^^^ •"** """•• "^* 

At laat ah* felt h«ra*If liftod an by an on. 

ormoua wnT^ that, roaring aa In trinmSi 

wlooitir and thr*w h*r with di'adlyKoa 






Oh, who oan toll tha iinapoakabl* ni**ry. 

Of aolitad* lik* thia r V,^ 

No tiound oan ever rvaoh my aar 

Hav* of thfl paating wind. 

Tha ooaau'a abb aud flow, 

Tha for*«t in th* gala, 
a uanman. oomc oi t P" l»*"«'"ln« of the ahower, 
While other* faatejied | o(>«Ma-td*ad and mournful alt ' Tr<|||n[. 

, ^nBrltomart* awok* from that deadly 
aUte of iiia*naibiliiv info which th« tr. man* 
doua menial and phyaioal ahook had o«a| 
her, her rtouvaiy a*em*d' lik*.eominc back 
to lif* in tha grav*. ^TT 

At flrat ahedid not know what aortof or«a« 
tur* a|ie wa% or wiiat ataU of eiiaten^ aha 
bad come into. Nei h*r memory nor ihouahl 
wna prraeot with hfr. Th*r* wa« only a 
boilily a*na* of un*aain«a*. aa th* air agala 
inflated her oollapaed iunga, and the vital 
d^irrent reauwid ita flow through her damp, 
chilled and h*avy iimb«; and a moral aenaa 
of vague deapair, impoaaible to analyi^ 

Inatin*tiv«ly ahe turned over and tri'ed to 
riaa t faintly ah* p*roeiv*d that the paliM of 
her handa Were dt^ep in the moiai aand. and 
that they went deeper aa ahe bore ner wtiighl 
upon tht m la har eflTorta to g«t up. A^i4 ah* diaooVered that ahe wai.on th« 
ground. 7 

At. length, nft*r a«varal fruitlei^ttemp'l 
aha awoeedad in lifting haraelf to a aittinff 
poaition. And . then ah* looked blindly 
around. But nothing Waa to be ae*u. AU 
waa dark aa pitch. And nothing waa lo b« 
heard exoept the thunder of th* a*a upoa 
th* ooa*t— a aonnd that im|>r*a8*d W «; 
keaaaa like aom& dimly rememb*r*d ka*tl ol 

She pat her hand* up to h«r head, and ' 
tried lo atruggie forth from thia itst* of m*a* 
laidg^aaaaandoontaaion. Sti* triad lo think 
and remeaiber who ah* waa, wha^ ha4 
happenied, and bow aba oaln* to thia Hadat 
ofdarkaaaa and doaolation. In rain. A* 
Wf II Might a new-born Infant try to raoaU 
th* *r*nt* of it* pra^exiatui**, anppoaing it 
aT*r to kaVo had oua. With all'hor atri^off 
to oooM forth from ohaoa, ah* oonid onlf 
arriT* at a dim, ayatarioa* oonadonanoaa of 
infiuit* iota and atamal deapair. Waaahf 
adiaomUMltedapirlttthanr Waa tliia roally « 
hall I Had ah* oom* to it? And for what 
aint Nok bat anoh apirita had not fleah aa4 '' 
blood, aa aha l* It too aeaaihly that aba 


JTk* aeaaalaaa bmliag of the #ayeoaM« 
tlM ahOM waa a lainiljar and Migr*«iW 

..i-.^K_ . %-' 

, S ii'%.'# '■-U.'MiiiW -"4. 

Li^X i»tf,J^,w ^jjiJijjJi •'i^^^^if ' 

^^rr '■'I * , 

•^ 1I;«^fl'>'^ 


V I 




■oand,- ftnd tumbled hm with glimpaM of | 
mamory that flitMd in uid ovt A her mind 
like fffaoate in » grnTeyurd. / 

/ It WM • triflit tbAt 4s Uet etrnek the 
elee'ric chain of ueoeletioti-nnd rcetored 
her to beneV> In.. h««^:bliQd |povementa, 
■he tonahrdih* ibf elScI life^piMerver thet 
w«%faeUned mroui^i h9t*fhSti>f^JflA in^, 
•tantlj, witd n aiiook ol re(nm*Ai( Hf%, the 
whole aoane of the oataatrophe fltahea ap'>n 
hefin«mory. And ahe knew thnt ahe -waa 
«aat away upon thjit dreary eoaat'on whioh 
thehfe*boat bal been ttraggdhg alMny 
Jong^ and far into th«« nisht, fJ|d«n whioh 
'it had finally been wrecked, i •-■ 

Bat whether thie-coMt waa 'h part of the 
nain land or of an ialand} wfaeiher it waa 
liarrea, or dotbed withTegetaittoii i whelheir 
it waa uninhabited, or peopled with eanni- 
'|>al4, she did not know and ahia did not oare ; 
«r what deadly periJa and brnel tofferiuga 
{r<>Bi tbonitfaleaa«ayageB,or|c!OiBprotraeted 
starvation (Might await her/ there, she did 
jiot know and did not ear«i / 

JiUUntiy, with the fliah of inenMiry had 
eofOM the knowledgo of her one great aorrow, 
the loM of her loTer and Mr beloTed. Tea, 
iBf>4i« Awfal hoar of doo^, Bntomarte knew 
Ihai ahe loved Jaatin- with an earneatiteaa 
ihmt ontweighed her hatred of h{a whole sex, 
md her devotion to the aaered rights of her 
.«wn. . ■ :• ■ 

And the cry of her broken heart mtms 
wildly oa the dark air. amid the pcofopa4 
stillness of thatatrange land— -a ay td h^tir 
sagniah, not for the fats of,all her Uts ooaii- 
yanioiut too p'-obsUty perished iathsssai 
^ot for the feeling of her own hoifibls stits 
4if daagrr and desoUtioB wdfsi than deSth, 
hm-- for detpair at the loss «f hin whmii shs 

Jored M oa^F svsh 8Q«:s at 
to Ibye. 

'OoBOt genet gonsl 


OoM oal of 

of ■*' 
^rayforover. Oh, ihiskthssoR«wI4iMa> 
j$A won» than all otbara in Uds iarii W«rii, 
the only sorrinr I ever nally dpsidsd I tiU 
withjsat hhn I And now hei is gone lotsnrsr, 
with<M|toaeff09d wofd Itom' 9s toltflte 
Jtnsfw how I IpTed hiai t ^ hssna^ Ww 

She wniac her hap^ «Bd tori hsr 
bssntif«* hair, aaid thea flang hsr anas «s 
liigh. aad oried oat sgiiSfln tlM fiaa^ 

fastial Xaethk I ay I«rsr I my bdoWdl 
Whsrs ars ymi f Whsrs trs , yst' la lyi 
Upaesf <Am ymi bsmt not rpaa^M hear 
iMf Oh, istiMr4 ao wi^ flf pieioing th» 
vs^f of fstttaff to yoo, «r drawiag yo«' to 
r»#f Ob, ooas ioaiel»ot 1 

sm ^mmtnmwKgVm JapHa, vUlo ymi 

were in the fiesh I JasMh, I aai telling toq 
howl loved yo^ I I meant to have obd 
With yoa on the wreok. I did, Joatio. I 
did; th ngh I would not Confeea I loved 
yon. I meant to have died with yoo. Oh, 
wUv did yon not let met I eannot, cannot 
onlive j^oa I Once yoa said, though yon 
loved me ao mnob, yoo oonld live without 
me, beoanae f on were so strong to snffer, . 
Bat 1 1 ob,jiow I know that I am notatronc 
—I eannot live without you I and with the 
i^eroory of my bit^r nnkindness to yoa t 
Justin I Jilfltiu 1 Ob, spirit 1 wherever yon 
live in bonndless apaoe, sprak to my apirit J' 

8ke waa indeed almost inaane in her ireusy 
of gMef, remore and deapair. And ba^> for 
her deep reUgions prinoiplea, in her flercs 
anonish she wou'd have mn down through 
the darkneae and caat taerselt he«dloag into 
the sea, that ahe atill heard thundering upon 
the beach. 

At laat»OKhauatsd by msntal snd physical 
toblflt obo aabk down upon ths ground and 
coveted her face with ner ' handa. and sat 
there in pnte deapair during the remaining 
dark honra of the night. 

Ihf daWned in that atrange place at 
laat. ^ 

Mbe lifted up her bowed heaO' and looked 
aiaand. foeli^ in the midat of all ber misery 
tks ssme sori of #sird curiosity that canaea 
• criminal on htCway to the aoaflbld to look^ 
witb^ttsntioa at s^nry object of intsi-est ib" 
the range of his vision. 

She saw the ssstera ho^tia^ growinfi red 
behind a gibvsof tall, dsrk tress;' bnt what 
sort of ttsss they were She cOold not tell. 
8hs sroos to her fsot sad stretched her 
chflled sad |>eaumbed limbs, aad took off 
Met life- p reserver. jBfer (dothlafi had dried 
upon her I but it had a .haish fooling and a 
smTsotand a scsat of the SMa•wst«^ Her 
haii, toob, was loose aOd flowiag ; eooiba 
aad plas had bsea loat inS her "reeent battle 
with tbo waves. But sho oarfd littls for 
|dl these oireuBBSlsnoss. A Jeverislv thirst 
odastUBed hor, aad abo wptked on in search 
of sbass spring or stream 41 fresh water. 
' Dtoy hrOadMOd over the anknown land, 
shoi#iBg bar sa nadulatinf aad vari«i|ated 
oointary of hill aad tallsy, pUia and foreat 
Tbs groaodwps ooTcr«4 inwa coarse, rank 
vordnre, sad stsrrsd arith away strsiup 
wUd flowoi^ Bko aMtaly jp^saped at them 
ao sbs raalbled ialaikl ia qoost of s fonnts^a 
to auoaeh hor tNUrning Ihirit* 

ifiio walked o(pM diotaiaos, fsarlesa ud 
oarslass d what aakaewa wild beai'a or 
wUdor moa alight iatoMi^ hor poftroaa and 
dsMPogrhsr lifaL SheafMssak exhausted 

ad t »ooaim eiictid 

horSoaniqrt^**a oaawid by ^ ^«*7 



»'«1? ■ 




to iMMh «p her Ttry 

tall 4«rit«MM 


8b* OMM to tkat fMvn •! tal 
behind whidi ab* had mm ttw nm tim ia 
■be morainff. 6h« foaad Ummi tobc • groT* 
of oooo»i>MliB«» aai M tlM tatorad aadcr 
their anbr«Uai>Uk« thadas ik* «ral ataftiad 
hf-n ohattariac ovar bar baad t aad at tba 
MmatiBMamiaaiia «aa laoaob*^ a* bar, 
that niMad ita aiarfc and rollad at bar 
feat. - 

8ha atoopad and piakadltap. Ik was a 
ooooa-oQt. Bddnn b«r afaa at tba aama 
time, aba aaw a monkaf par«bad in tba traa 
abova bar, arioniof and ahattarinf witb 
miMhiarook delight, gad pretMuring to Jaaaob 
another oat At bar. So aba barri»d from 
nnder that traa and ovt of tha way aa faat 
aa abe oonld. 8ha aarriad off tha monkey'a 

Iift witb bar, Miiaking that if aba aoald not 
nd f raab watar, aba would try to break the 
" nat and dtink tba aweet milk. 

8ha paved tbnmgb tba «roW cif eoooa>- 
palms, and dameoncapoaa gntlv declining 

Elain that deaoandad to tba aea-aula i ao abe 
^ new that aho maat have eroaaad tbanarrdW 
; point of laiitt and ooma oat at the part oppon 
•ite to that npon wbiob abe bad baan i»t 

The npner part of tbia plain wa* oovovad 
with a thiek growtk of what aeemad to bo a 
ooarM road or bamboo^ or what might be a 
apeciea of antantoaao. , BritomarU bad aoTbr 
Been the angar-^ana growiao^ and ao aba 
eoold not Judgo of it. 8bo broko off 6nm ^ 
the atraigbt atoma asd plaoad it to bar lipa^ 
and foood il to oontaia a awaot jaioa. wbiab 
ibe andked witb avidilj to aoiaton bar dried 
Jipa. Bat tbia only aoamad to iaoioaaa ber 
thirat t and aa ^at aba b«l foqad n^ fraab 
water, nor ooold ab« bopa,toin4 Myao 
near the aaaaboroy b«t with a frogtuMt «f 
rook abaooBtriTM to braak tiM ooooa-wit 
and drink tk* milk. BtUl tkat did not 
qaenob bar tbirati ao dkoonao aMN toraod 
her atopa ifoaa^ tha aea and walked inland, 
thoogh by aaathar rooto than tkat by wbiob 
ahe bad eome. < 

weae, wbiob vara aot,howarar, oooo^-palnia, 
bBt aome ankaowii growth of that ooantry. 
■It waaa piotaraaqaatbioket, witb roeka and 
pottoaa, oMb«d witk hixarianlregatation 
that grow la tba m^iim or viMroror tkeio 
waa a root^idd of M^ 

Soddonlv abo board a w«loo«»*a<mnd, tba 
S*;f""P *.*»■•■?»*»« or atcaam of water. 
Followwg tba aodii abo oania to a rook, 
from »,flliMM in w^ trioklodaaaiall. dear 
foantain. Bhe baatily «« 4in — ifMM?f h«r 
band, aad oaogkt adSl qnaOM the p^eiona 
uqaid eagerly. Aa4^«b|aahahadqa«nobed 

ber faronah thirat, aha bathed her faoa and 
! handa, aad dried theqa wi|b her handkeiw 
obiaf. wbiob aba foond aaf# in her pookel 
, While aba waa ao employed ahe heard a 
, aaddaa rwb and whin of winga, and looking 
jUKaboaaw that a large fljok of atranga 
birda, of beantifal ptnmag*. had made a 
deaoant and aettled among the branoboe of 
the treea oier bar head. She watobod tbea 
for a little while^ and then paaaed out of tbo 
wiokot, npnpon a aortof Uble land that 
oooapied tba oantra between the two ahoioi 
oObia lolng peainaala. u aha anppoacd it to 
■p She walked on ahe knew not. oared aot 
wITthar* Heir horning thirat anted, aiMl 
that phyaioal anfliBring alUyed. aba anla 
ezperijaaed beary mental tronblo. ^bo 
walk^ on in a pur|n«eleaa way, nntil. kap> 
pening to i^anoe doiKa^ard abe aaw beforw 
ber a a: rang* looking Uttto aalAal« in aia* 
and ahape not anlike onr yoang natiro pig. 
Bot on being obaerred, it atarted and', 
aoampered away. 8ha went on and oroaaod 
tb* eleratcd plain and oam* to another 
tbioketand paimad tbrongb it and oaflneopdn 
tha aa% ooaat again. And bora aha aat foira^ 

in'.tb* oollapa*''ot daai>air« 

only to wander bar* until I aball bi ^ 
manaored by tb«r aaraga nativea, or <i*. 
Tonrod by aoaroely mora aarag* baaata dF- 
prey. or olaa until I drag oot a miaerabto 
Mmnaatofaxiatonoe, and peri«b alowly of 
fa^n* and axpoaor*. or of aorrow uk* 

P'^'i."*®^ *""*'•*■■ P^J*"«»' "affiar. 
iaglv Bow/loiw will my atrength hold oat 
to lira ani aoflor r Not lobg. I hope aEad^ 
pray. Mi«a it would b* to no perceptibla- 
good 014. 1 Ah, wall, it oaanot Uat forever t 
** Tima aiad tba bouhi wear out the woarieib. 
d^y I" Tbia ia a dreary aeaaon i but thia 
alao will mob ovnr. timo ia. b«fc aamattr 
portfoa of otoBi^ and flmk but a trinciont 
oondiifoaof tbo ifiriti I am aa immortal 
aptritk If ring ia otomity. aa4 1 oabnot dio or 
bo loot} oad aoma^mo— omnawnero I akatt 
meat— soi I I«t mo tbitik o2 that and bo 
•trongi' ' :^'^ 

While tb^naaba rooMBwd bortoUoat of bor 
daapondeney, and aerv^d bonielf to ondar» 
tbo aorror and deintatiloa of her oonditioa— 
a horror and d f oola ti on aot oron to b* im- 
agined by. any ooo wbo baa only kaowa. 
laiaoiy ia tba midalof their owa kind. ia. 
tboreaok of kamaa oympa^y— ah* auddea- 
ij beard a oq > a abarp, wild, pieraiML 
ory. balvaoa a. boii9 aB<l n ahnak ^ 
a waiH* onr flf. ongbiab apd deflaaoo at* 
farodorl ■ ' ■ 

fiharattftadaad lia-raad. 

I t wa a ^r a p aa tad aj j ai n , 
fteroer tbaa aaforo.^^ ^^ 
^bo hi!v^A--a:^B^S0ftf^t^ il 


, "-^l' ^ ^i\'^'^^^^Wf^^^'''^itW%''f^Wf^^',- 

W^amiL^l-^id-ril^ ,i.i > 



from somt npaoiova brMtof pray, imd with 
hangar, which woald m( np«Q bar and malM 
«hort work of hat and of th« ' draary aaa> 
coit' aha drtaded ao tnaoh. 

It waa rvitaia'^ed in almoat banian tonM. 

How intently aha bant bar head and iM- 

' Ow»oo I ow-oo I ow«oo I' it aeraamad. 

HaaiantoSha yat not Krtionlata aonnda. 

'Oobohonai ooh-bonai o«h«boaa f *' it 
. ballooad. ' , 

A anddan light dawned on firitomarte'a 
inind. She knew that th««a laat aonnd* 
were navar heard off the *Gtom it the Say,' 
eiicoept irt>m aoma 'axila of Erin.' Sbia in*- 
madiataiy aroao and harried down the beaob 
in tba dlraotion from wbiob tho oriea pro* 


And tbera apon tba aanda, dfnaeroaaly 
near to tba water'a edge, lay tba foim of 
Jaditb Biordan. tba life-preaetrer wa« 
•■ill aroand bar waiat^ bttt ab0 lay flat open 
bar book, witb b-rfeat aud banda tniaed, 
J Aioking uui flgbtjog the air, and her roiea 
lifted and bowlitig ditmalhr. And with 
jook reaaoD ; for aba aeentea naabla to get 
up aild ran away frooi'tb* apA and tba 
tide waa coming in rapfdly^i and with evbry 
^uivancing waya threatening to oyerwhalm 
4iud drown heir. ' 

Miaa Ooiiyert borried to bar dde^ and 
Auelt down, ezeUiming eaferl|r : 

- Oh, Jnditb i Jaditii Biordnn I tbaakt to 
.JB0<><'*b tb»t jroaareaAved r 

'Yie, tbankatoHlvin, and avail tbanka 
to ant of yei^ lATing me her* bM mttiUf to 
be drow««d anti^ly. Add wb ifA ara tba 
JaT« otfjn, si m'X bt alllLdaauuidad the 
if iah woman, ortttafy. ^ 

* The rwit of a* f Oh^ Tnditb, I dilfet 
know. Toajara idb« flratoh* ttit T bft«« 
aaan I Oh, J^^h I ' I UuAJi wtttMf 

, '4i hag« wATi mimtoJSRtiM #Bd rotofihg 
^witfd. br«akibg «« ttbl^l^ imi dunfM- 
abg thatt Vitb ipniy. ' > ' ►^'' « 

* Ai»* M Intk till ya tbin, wby if^fva 
^ag itta bat iof tttin; f(i4lf T Sot* tinii beict 
o^e wUl owry me <tf ^tlMrJ' isrtittibd 

, rObiJTadith, poor girt. «Mi*lyottialp 
ysDiBiriitlfAtalit Ar« vott ao badly bdrt aa 
^11 Oibt r inqairad Itlla Coi^i% m gbe 
^odk bold of. tba wbiaaB% UtobldiFrai otti 
i|^^lli^ bar atrangUi lii l|i« iflMrV doilty 

m i^i^ii^oiiia nmk Wt i^Ww^k Wh 
meat.whila th& B itoaarie, aHofi^ ' 
broatbe and rooMr^. 

> Ain^tori w bid m tlt at| 
Ta battbrr b^Ufft tl|ot mm Vfiiri aihd 
rm thiiddngiyi^ iJBai in ao 

00 I do I Ah, b«lad, bare oommo anotbec 
•ay. Bare if I'd been Uft where I waa. it 
would bare looM naoffontirely. Oob idn| 
me farther (Bt ir ihia-.—' 

Bv«n while aheapoha. tbaodrojeing wave 
broke, andv tambfad dOwa, » ahattared 
araUnohe of water,! at tliair faot, coreriDR 
tb«m with • abower of apmy. 

When it had fallen baok, Bcitooiavte onec 
mora took hold of her eompfolOp, and with 
painfnl effurta aacceedad in dragging bei 
atill ft few fant fsrtbar on« wbalw aao wai 
aale from tho tide. 

* And now lot mo oao where yon are hart, 
Jaditb,' aaid MtMtOonyera,fira* taking ofl 
the UhH-praaerrar from the woman 'a waiat, 
and then nofao'oniiif the elpthea fo prooeisd 
with the examination. ^ 

* Jaditti/ aaid the yonng lady, af or a 
▼ery oarafnl inveatigattoa, *!' cannot pjr* 
eeire that there is auy bone broken,- or any 
jo^nt dialocated, lu yonr whole body. Rtil', 
there rany be aome inward injuriea. Where 
do yoa feel pin T' ' 

* Sure, an over me.- . 

'Weil, that ia m»ra b4u>e{dl tbaa 
if y4»vfelt aoate pain in any^ partioatar 

'SareTH^iyi'y joint it OQt ir Joints and 
irity bona ' " 

* I really think, Vudith, that yon area 
Croat daalmorelrighteaed than bart. How 
lobg bad yon been lying here when I found 

*DirU»bitdo I know I baat tbiiin 1 1 
Hiidmbor, whin tb^ boat ««nt down, I i^ 
flghtiiv with *^ x>y, and a treat wave " 
riaad mo op ao hi A oo the Ay and hev 
ma down there } whin I thonghtaare the * 
world liod eoata to aJa iod tta whin i . 
Otjiiak tboboa^' itaalf, 1 aoir tho biwiu 
^woi on on fUh, and tbia : oU woo darknew 
iaidltoUMiig. Attd aarolknowed nOinore 
tm WO ««y #iilead mo up thio mlemin^, 
Mai{ai:«il^1ntii mo f^M0 1 And I found 
jtialolfliMili 0od bethto iho oad ' borram } 
"itiailf'wM M^.to moyt', and tho ttiaootaio^ 
in to dbroirn mo f 

• TM ItldnM ylgorbwljr. Jaditb. Be- v 
lioyo oaO, yota oro Wboio mA aoaod, 
iUh *0d bha. I oaa traU %oli«Te that , 
i^ bayii^ baeii oevorety ahcideod % the con- 
Ooatioiib ated tiiM<y«a foot* iMT 4Mid acre 
:hm fj^MUm %«[ hteH«t#id I Mppow 

SUfe^Noeryer iikptii^d' the fMfedom of 
riMiOiU Biitno#I1tt««^kOiiftoff, 
looMMOd yOOr olotboarlol iMtryto 
fifl yOai'lib h^ littittfflpoaitioat oadaftera 
e wbjllai iMrbopa. yoa «fll iod^hat yoa 

I Ow^l OcbhoMf Oihbonoi 
I ny ifiiirl Itl formy MuV kowlod 



the iroa»a, m IIIm' Ouayciv Maidarly aa4 
pitiHD ly lifttd hfr ap. Doabt|M^tlM poor 
cre«tni« wm bniiMd Aiid ^skcvutd fooad 
motion Mkher pftinfal, nowartr iMMiteiv ; 
bat then the b«d not the loMt |NitieiM* la 
iiaffcrtns, »nd the howled terrifltiany. 

' Aad^nre/ the oomplaiaed, ■• the tat 
«nd rabbed herlimba, *Te Veil bad yoarlay 
thia itao niagijuid I mva't had tha laata 
tatte {▼ breakfiwt t' 

• We iiare all had di^ tm I* idpeaM Mitt 
Coayert, torrowfally atrook to the hear, by 
the contrast prea/Qted in the eirvet hoaae 
thourht of tha peaceful morning metl, and 
The atter dcprivajl^il of fill ht peaud comrort 
ii thisttran«eaad«|ra«rypUoe 'Oh.Jodith, 
do yon not ^aw i^^usit we aret' 

'fiore, and I '*4iV Well enoagh itaetti 
We're on thora to we are } and 1 Want my 
tay,* aaid thalrith woman, ; for 
ahe aeemid to have forgotten that all the 
proviaiona were loar. 

*0h. Jadith, we are on tha thore^ yoo 
and myattlf jare on thiHT*', but where oar 
eompaniona are. Heaven oulT^kI<owt/ 

'Oeh hone, ooii hone. It it tniet ia ia 
trne?' , 

^ It ii traa that 1 have teen here no aiira 
of any BttfTiror of oar ahip'a oompany. 
thoaah they may potHbly have bean taved 

Before than eVtod a larRe byea*i wiMi hit 
head thiowa baeir, hit month wMtiioai 
and hit •aath gleaming at hakogM kka 
horrible langh of hit kind. 

•ladith, forgetting alike her torrowt aad 
be^ iairmitiet, itarted op to ran. 

Bac tba hyaaa^ apparmtly aa maoh afraid 
of tbo aaj^aown oreatare who had famped 
ap, M the waa of him, ttartad aad team* . 
P -red off at latt at he oonld ga 

And Milt Conyart gave bar arm to her 
frightened oompuiion, td help her to a pli 
of freateraafety. % 

■■ - .^-i.— . '..■ ""4ie/' 

UVt 10 BU WAtm. 

tre ye twallOwed ap in the talt lay ! Ow-oo. 
Ow-oa Ochl)one,Ooh bone. That ever I 
aboald live to aea. the blaok day/ bdWiod 
tite woman, twaying heraelt baOk aad forth. 
And ahe kept ap theae load lamaatationt far 
a^ long a tiritei ^t aft IkBfth Mna Oonyera, 
who waa tilting patlaiitly by bar aide, 
•trotted Midi wMaiiared t 

'ihiithi hit t«ii|aliiiiata coa«>lalioa to 
the torrttoia^of ^ a- aalamkty to know that 
their dep4r(e«>f^i«Hdfe hiiW atbapad by death 
the iadr* taritMt tthftrtddoe to #h eh they, 
the tarvivwai tre ttill ezpMad. It bat been 
a oomfMrt to flNi asA it aaj bo to yoa, to 
tbi* thiat o«r friaadaaiv lavod from being 
dJObttrad bt MM beaata, or tortaiad by 
tavagea^or akiwlyiltrtedto death on tbi* 
doHriata 8hore.aa w« are likely to be/ 
^ * Ah, bad l«ek UU ya. tt't a Jbb'a oom. 
fortervaare.itaa:f. aatiraly. Will it bring 
me fbthar biek to bava the baalea make a 
m»la (jfoMatir, Mtret Owoo,0w«o0i; Ow.oo.' 
MA ttelMMptalioM reoomaiaaoed lotular 
•hw oafM« . ■ ', , ■■ \S' 

BritdMMrta ant pAtiestly bmMa tl|ii bklf« 
«iTilijiad acaatare^ UilaHittg wturity to bar 
JK>w«»|^ i>tU at hat tkay won abawarad 

vy.howUap «| MOihar aorir — ~~^ — 

tiil Jadith 

Nor, ornel at it teemed, ooold b« 
Their hatta« himt>.lf, oondrmitr 

Awara that flight, in aaoh a tea. 
Alone, ootila reaone them | 

Yet hitter felt it atill to die, 
Detarted, and hit fnendt to nig6. 

And now Ul at tea what 
time had baiwma of Jobtin, 
few anfortooataoompanioBt to peritb oa 
the daeerted wrack. 

After tie bad forcibly tora Britomarta 
from her dinging hold npoa hia boeom, and 

i ia ' '"^nTfcB-^ 
D, laft wi2li ilia 

'Oj my father, oh my fathwr. Ah, thio.< dropped her into the oatatretcbed aunt of 

hOTpUMi«la*oihar aorT 
lilN Gteyora loakad ml 
igofifti her apNfe aod ataiod. 

Mika Mallon v,and had board harlaat daapauv 
ing cry, avd bad waved bit hand for the lifa> 
boat to be paabed tfl^ > ha abnijptly toraad 
aw»y that Qa might not hava bit raaolatiott 
tbalian by the implorino wordt end geatoiai 
of Ikar whipm ha lovedmore than ufe i for 
he did not know that With the ory tftill 
opof her lipe the had twoonad ttwaj la tiia 
arma that had reoaitred her. 

Ba cttmbed with difioUlty op tka io- 
diaad plana of tb<» balf-tobmerMd doartar* 
dt-ak to the etem, which Wat lift^t^ oat of 
thowatwr and wedged tighthrib a ctef t of 
^ha rock at an angle m AiO^t tiiftf-$f»^ 
degreet, more or lei^ - 

There he tamed and ttoed aeiur^ walat* 
deep in Water, holding on to tba ahronda of 
the miaitn-ihr.e: to k^ from iMiag eairried 
off by the vavea. 

Tu*a tea- that oeacfained to break over the 
wreok with treoMBdeu aho(^ did aol^ 
however, riae far id>o*a tha loot of ika 
miaieB<mait} tboogh areitgr wava <bat tbMtf> 
dared over the Making deck abook^tbe 
wtadi to ita jMaC and naaily twepk the 
mMilroM hie boTdiagt^ i , 

leoading Uf^boat and aileatlf wayioi for ] 
her eatety, aa aba lebotuad throogk the j 
bea«f aaa. ■ . ...... .^- ■■■ 

'PT'^'iZ' 'yw 



I And •Ten wIhmi sb* wm loat to aigbt^ In 
4; th« dacp fog thnft envol^d the dUtani. vn 
■f known sbon, be eontii^otd to gaw at' 
' ht-r, nntil an cnormoat wmm. broke OTtr 
abip^ bnrying kim tap to bu nook in wntel 
and almoat t««tin« bim from tba holdingi 
whan bo «liui|t witb all biaatnugtb. 
I Aa the ware fetl baok a tartiUa ory anaa 

from tbe aea. 

4' Jaatib, olingiag atill to tbo abroad^ bent 

bia bead fonrard to aee wbenee iteaaie. And 

, to bu borrora&d srief, be aaw aman'a band 

■ and am. atrike np for an inatant tbrongh 

tbe foaming waTO and tbea aialt oot of 


'Great HeaTenal wbo ia itt Wbieb of 
m% fnenda baa been aweptoff ?' oried Joetin, 
> gaaing in aorrow upon a oalanily tbat ba 
, vaa powerlt ea to prerentb . 

Bat tbo am aroee no mote, and Jutin 
tamed bih bead to look otar>tba portion of 
the deek tbat waa atill above fbe imtar to 
V aea wbat bad baaoOM of bia oompaniona^ 

¥hare were bnt tbrea of thon-^lfr. Mj 

•ten, wbom tbe aailora bad re- 

reoeiTe on tb« baavily-ladMi life> 

ftta5and Oaptaib MoKeniie, vhoniilbMr 
wlmld willingly bare taken oO; bat thaft ka 
regarded it aa a point of hononr to rrauitt 
wiik tba paaaengera wbom ba waa aaabla to 
.rcaaae« ■. '..i-. 

Jaatin looking all . olW tba dcdt, aaw 
aatbing of tbaec men. Vntil tbe nioment 
ba had beard the ery of tbe drowoing man, 
he bad beeaaomneo abaorbed in watebing 
the fate of the lir<a-boat wMab ooatained aa 
that ba loved moat on earth, that be |uul 
oMta fixrgottan biaAiMnpaaiom ia mMAvta^ 
, How, bowattor, ha kk«ed ataaad for them 
witb grMtrlmsiety. Odb of thMb in» loat 
— oarried off tba deek bf tkat Im grant 
wava— that waa a^rtaiai bat whion oaaf 
Waa it either of tba two jrotang miaaiteartM 
Wbo with bima^lf bad bwHi «bani»icd to 
dea'niotioii.'<Jr waf {(.the bfava^i^ loral 
McK^ni'eb #ho vohintaritT abarad the &ta 
of tboae he'vOoald not iayef 

J% waa jmpoanh!e aa yet to tallV f^r look; 

Aoare wen 

1' and llr^Jket 


. boataAnd O 


aab« might, Joatin oobU aea neither of 

He, t'ied tothink when aadeWbflraiia bad 
aeaathim .bwt ; and b* jl W )H> «<*>^ that it 
waa on the atirjb«irft.t|aqi|aray wbcve the 
tkraa «iaA# f^^ogatbar whan th* trat 
Hfeboat, >aoalMWaff» heaidaa 4;portioa of 
the oi^w, tba Iwa jrbang mmatonry ladiaa. 
wa%pr»jpariBgt6 tmvetha riiipb. H«M»> 
aiir bad^mmdjiit^ 

bad beangiTeitOiiMf^intilhelowan^hn 
into the aeaoad Ufa-boat. And alter tbat ha 

had Been no mora eitbar of tba miaaiooariea 
or tbe aaptain. 

Kow what bad beoome of themf One 
waadrown«dt bat where w«rc theotberat 
Jaatia aaked -himaelf the qnration, and 
looked aboat for tbe anawer in v»m. Tbey 
ware nowhere la "ight. Tbey ware not on 
deak, tbnt alao aaa oertain. It waa poaaible 
that tba two aarrivora might be in the eabia 
whiah from tho poaition of the wreok waa 
aa yetaplaoe of aafetT. Be oailed a' end 
witb all the atrtag: b of bia aooorona voiee, 
wbioh rang oat olearly a bore tbe tbander 
of tbe waveai 

'Biyl—Bi-eton l-^MoKena:al' 

'And bnt tbe aoonding aea replied, 
And faat the wavea rolled on/ 

'IfoKvBsial— BretonI— Blyl' he aalle4~ 
again ; bat called ia vain. .. 

*OhL tha roaring of the aea drowna my 
▼oioe. I anpi^e, ao that tbey eaonot bear 
ma t hot aa aoon aa it iaaate to let go theae 
ahronda, if the wreok bolda together, I will 
go dowe into tbeoab n and look for tbem. 
Great Heavena i now I thiak of it. it maat 
have baen McKensie wbo waa lokt Ho 
anaat bam remaiaed oa deek. He never 
woald 'have biddaa himaelf in tbe oabin,* 
thoai^t if aatin, with an aooeeaion of omtow, 
for be eataemed tbe brave andxloyal oaptain 
^ar aiore than be did tbe welMmeaning bat 
rather weak-minded yoang minionanea. 

In )iia eager look after bia oompaaionab ha 
bad aeaaed to watob the waveab^aad ao be 
had BOt obearved that the aea aroee aa 
bif^r, that the laat great wave waa the 
elimax of iu, awaU. aad tbat aow it aaamad 
to be gradaaUy aabaidjing; 

Hie anxiety to aeardi tba oaWa, inm aow 
greater .tbia, evert for ba * hoped avea 

aiainat hope' to find the gaod and brave 
eKenaiaaafearithiaitaah^iar. HewaiU 
ed and watohed bia oppprtaaiibr to tff to 
raaab titaoabm. 

Wheathaa«ahad tmM;dowaaytUe,aBd tba 
wwraa HUM wi.b leaa fovea, bat feng be^pra 
i% arpf«iita.aafe for him to leave bia bold- 
^N^.•'^ *•* go the ahioada, aad b^apto 
olnab the iao^iaed deelu boMiog bf any- 
tliiag that be «oaId lay bia haada on. aatil 
he raaebad the oabiB door. , >>^ 

It waa a ftat of gymaaatiaa ta get down 
the ; oompaaion- Uddar,- aa4 .«4ian ba hid 
aafalf roaohed the bottoai. ha,iqadvert»ntiy 
loat bia footing, ^nd alid all the #iay dowa 
thf >aaiag floors aaUl ha wai ato|tP«^by 
tha^opfoaita partitioa<' : V - ,» [■■■■■ 

T^tm heaiaaa to^ |Ma faet^ aioiMi aakle 

aaUa, tba de^d 

■ . aad loykidai r aa'wl. iHt h» 
iu|, it waa aearly dark m lb* 
i figk*^* bfing aiK aa thay M 

;.,■ ^^.r^- 


•■ \. 


bten pat At tb« ooMamiMgMalof Ikaatona. 
H» li«t«B«d, bol h« ooald bMr aothiof az' 
•ept kh* b«*tiaf •! Mi« wstm that atill brok* 
over tlie wrMk, thoagh vikh dtOMMlBf 
fora*. Affkia h«i m Ud oat i 

•MeKMiiel Bratonl By I wliar* mn 
yoo I For Hmtm's Mke fto«w«r I' 

Bat kbf r* wm bo rtply. H.a Baxi«ty 1m« 
tumn iatolaMbla. 

H« olimbMl «h« iMMtlDg floor AgBia. and 
■oaled tho oomptBioB ladder, liarl with grmi 
diffljolty, MMModad in takiag doira th« 
deadlifhts aad lattiBg d«yligfat i^ito the 

Th«B b« rt taraed lo tli* Mbia, aad doar- 
ly MV its ooaditiOB. 

From the foot of tho ladder; Mm flior 
ineliaed at aa aagle of aboat forty-flre 
degree*. The higheet part aear tha lad- 
der waifra* from water, oomoMoood aroaad 
the pideatd of the oeotra-table, aad be- 
■ame deepsr m the floor wae lowers aatU 
»t the partttioa wall it waa two feet deep. 
The chain aad all th* motrabia faraicare 
had tliddea d 'wa the slopiag fl>or, aad lay, 
half eabmergadaad piled ag«iast th* wall. 
Tbe doon oftha a tate*rooaM war* opeo, aad 
thefaraitare jvithio them wa« ia thaatmoit 
oonfoeioo. Aad yat arofytUag thar*~tto* 
womea'* olotbih|b bvagiag oa th* pega or 
dropped ap IB the berth, th* llttla work* 
bMfcAt fatloa.ap tide dava apoa the floor, 
the aoUtwred booki, th* flat*-.-all was rag- 
natiTaof lire; bat it was of deealat* lifa.v 
lor all wasahaoa— *tin life, for aot a lifiiu 
srettar* waa ta be saea. 

A ahoek of alarm, almoit^ of oohTiatioa 
thathirthra*oomp»Bloaa.hs«l<«llba-B loat, 
■tniok like aa iaiboltthroagh his heart. H* 
weat iato all th* stat* rooms, aaa fay om. 
^ Tn*yall ashibltad tlM wild disordsr be 
bad ptrtlj sa*iklliFdia«hthai>tt9a doors, aot 
oaly that of small alaapiag app^tmaMi 
hastily •va«iat*d, hot thatooassqaaat apoa 
the harrMMOb Tha two aUte-io^ms to tha 
ngiit aad left of tho ooaimaBioa ladder, ba- 
ing IB the highart part of th* leaniac oabia 
were ao«paia*iT*ly dry, tha otbar two, 
tower dowBp wera ptftly sabmirgad. 

No hamaa bjiag waa to be foaad im aitlisr 
bat oB th* MMir berth of Ih* spar* atat*. 
roooij lay Jodtth ftiofdaa** oat, qiiatly aad 
eomforrably aaraiag bar tliraa kittans. On 
seeiBg JastiB% faaa leaaiag of ar har^ aha 
bagao to parr with daUght* What a ooa- 
trast was ti|» piatwa to aU the deaoUtioa 
aroaadl , . 

Bat Joatia t«ra*d away, aiok at h*art. to 
prossoata Awthar wliat h* M* wMA b* * 

Tia diaia* oaMa waa on th* d*ok abo*«, 
bat it Itad liSMiao oootiaaally aw*pt throagh 

by the trameadooa aeas whiah had broka* 
orar the ship, that it ssemed.setroelr pos- 
sible aay liviog oreatare shoald h^ve IJud 
refoje, yet a forloro hope^ h* waat 
thither to s-ek Ihem. 

Aad what a soaat of destrootioa BMt him 

The sea, that had fsUea aoaeid«rably, ao 
loager a^ept throagh it, bat oTerythrag waa 
sbah«a togither ia the maddaat m dley. Th* 
takla wkioa had bsaa laid for the sappor 
whioh poor Mra. Batoa ao' greatly Uaentad 
the lose of. waa sfctadiag ia its place, for it 
waa a flxtore^ aad tha glaascs that i^sia 
fltted ia the swla'tfiag rack aboTc the tabla 
were alao saf e, bat every t!ii:ig *!*) wa4 
throwa oat of plaea aitd ■nMahad to atooia, 
or pUed ap ia the Ivweat part af tbe leaaiaa 
floor. Ia the highest purt of thia oabiB, 
wcMtwo doo a, leadiug loto two larf* suta- 
rooiA, the right-haad onn as yoa stood i$m. 
lag them wat thaaaptaio's p irate room, tha 
lefc-bandoae was the dootur's. Jaatia opea* 
ad th I door of the oaptaia's room.bat f mad 
it aaoocBpled. A loaad of pitifal whuiag 
aad barkiog came from the doetOi's rooav 
Jastin opeaed the door, aad fooad th* 
dootor'e little doj, who leapad apoa him 
with th* wildest demonstratioas of d-light, 
biit otherwise this room, lik* ^la oaptaia'(L 
was aaoooopied. 

Aa4 BOW th* aazioaadraad booama afatal 
aertaia^— hia oompaBioa* wara all thraa 
loat— aw«pt from the deok by that oveiw^ 
#heli!liiiai>aVlB. Bat yei^ at^,— oaa hop* 
iamunaj£* They wan aot oo the wtaoki 
that was aartaia ; bat they Bright hava bo*a 
takea off at tha last by tha flrat 
Uf*-boafc^that had left the shiiw Tkv 

Slight hava b*Mi so takaa off. withoat Id* 
oowlodaa. for ha had l«f t tkam atmidimi oa 
tha atarhoar^, gMfVay, asAic tteMiS fii 
wte tHFtiroj^Vi^waia wildly 
plaadiag with tha ar*w to aata their hoa* 
baadai -thp two. yoaag imiaiioaariaa ahakiac 
with agitattaa ia M&^ariaia U thair fa«7 
aad theaa>laia pala artlh paaatoo, aadatwra 
io hia d*t*rmiaatioa Ibahaia tliafata of Jiia 
abaadoaad ahip aadjiaaaaaiiMa 80 ha had 
latt thMB to fo|)o« BritoiMVt* aad taka h«r 
to tha othsir boal^ aad ha had aot aaaa thaa 
siaos. ■ 

Tiioy might hava baea aired hy tha ta* 
laatmg >Mat^a stavj hat if ao^ who waa tha 
aaat-away that ha had aeaa aad heard la tha 
apliftad arm aad veioe 4ae om ioslaat 
before h*— tha aa*traway-,.waa whalaial hi 
the-aaaf .■ 7 ^■■- - 

tha oTarpowsriog ooBViatiaa 
— it^-^- '■'- *- **-"• - ^ -' 

Tha yoaag alisoieaariiss had probiMy haoa 
ttkeaoffi^thopraysfaof thair Mm tlw 






(•ailor* havd • soft plat* ia th«:r haavto, or 
ht^ds, for til* treao of vonoBi tod will risk 
miioh to AlUTUito then } and so th«v had 
probably oonaaoted to riak tfaa awMiiptaf of 
rhoir haavily ladtn boat bjr tha adoitioaal 
-waiKht of tha two yo«Df hoabaada rathar 
than Uatan to the aobt and oriaa of tha two 
heart- brokan voung wivM. Bat Oaptaia 
M cKanaia had ohoaen to reauSn oa tha 
wraok With hia ona abandoned paaaaefar— 
Jnatia Roaaut al } and he— tha callihit 11^ 
K^nai •, had bean awept oil tha daok and 

8aoh wa« tha oMOloaioa that Joatia oaaM 
1o. And at the thought, ha aat down and 
dropped hia head upon hia hMda and aok- 
.'bed aloud J fon yon aea, aa I hara aftan 
aaid before, thd braraat ara alwftya tha 
taadaraat. J ■ . ' 

Thadooor'a Uttla dofc aaabla to Aadaia 
aaoh an appilline nght, to him, aa a aMn% 
diatreaa, Jamped and whiaad araand him ia 
afinpathetie nief and terror. 

At kagih Joatia iif:edap hia bowed head 
and. ! nod to bring raaaon and raliirioa to tha 
raUef of hia great ragret. H«i reflaetad that 
the deatk of aa good a man eoald bot hare 
baana 4<tiofc paaaage to oteraal bliia-Hi 
l>laaaed fata oomparad to that whieh awaited 
kimaelf. ltf« to pariah atowly oatha aban* 
dooedwlreok, or that whioh attaadad the 
iagitiTM ia tha boata, axpoaad to battle 
with the eleneata^ aad perhapa with huagar 
aad thirat for daya, upoa tha bar* ohaaoa «f 

' SamewhatalNM^aafd bgrtka flrat alaaaa 
iof hia caAootkMM %|l6n tha ataraal deatiay 
•of tha brata and rood oaptata, and vary 
liaoh diatraatad by tha «Qantar4rtita*t of 
kii aaxiaty fov tka f«ta 
Jaatia Koaaathal a#o4a - to 
aaUa; t^ielitttadi^ Jtmpii 

';i«ia« aa ba want oot oa daak.'th* aaa b«ohi 
I^Magk a maaa •! Miah aloada, aad alrik^ 
ia4r*pa« tha braataa of thaatami lighted ap 
tM irhola.wrMkftt # yarfaat Uaia af gk«y i 

tlwaitlMaama *9tir of koyt'ttuitkad 
«aa» hf Mtaauriiii ftrtMa tMa life- 
li joat bafeM tha KVaak diaai 
I har Haw la tba<4iataa«ak 
baraaaraibared that the wret^ baiagmaak 
tlM latter abjaotaf tiM •#% akd lMia«. ba- 
aMMLMatad hi|^ tn^Mr- tpM^ task*, wtd 
▼MMa «ati« baaVk iniw ku afiar tha 
baal^^faa iaat ta Jaatia'h ai^t^ 

Bfaaantkaiaabadihllaata amah » thai 
thia wbaia laag.h of tha daok from atam ta 
;wap-a k»M Iba ' ,water i aadJaatin waa 
l a a t« MOa aata a t t ha aa t aat oaadt twwr 

•ha raMaiaWI ia tha 

aQan(ar4rnwa« oi 
of tha Mfa-boftttt 

laata tha dtoiat 
■pingaai harfciag 

ittfa ai a d 
it Mart 

poritttut' hnf 



atara lifted bigh aad wedgad tight Ik tha 
ararloa of tha roeka. and har daok iaoUaad 
at a grwit aagla. Har how* were very aiuah 
hrohaa aad har kaal waa cored by tha abara 
pointa of tka rooka' upoa wMah aba had 
airnek' and whare aha wat faat ised. Bar 
hold mnit have been fall of water, whiah 
woald have aaok har but for the faot hat 
aha waa high and faat upon tha rooka | that 
with tha riaeaad fall at tba wavaa tha hirga 
leaka 1 it oat' the #atev aa aaailr aa they let 
itia. -"T-i .,r 

Jattin want d*wa to tha lower deck and 
examined tha foreoaatle, whieh he found ia 
aa avao greater atata of ehaoa than the oabia 
aad the aaloon had haan. Bvaryihin^ waa 
aalmratad with aaa water. 

From tbara ha want into tba atota rooaL 
whioh he foand ia th* tamaoondition. ^ 
tha proviaioao that oould ba hurt by aalt 
watav ware totally rained— exoept a few 
artiale* that* being ia water tight reoep« 
taolea, ramaiaad aainjjurad. 

Feeliag faiat floai long faa ing. Jnatin 
broke opiia a tia oaniatar of biaouita and Hm% 
dowa to aatiafy hia hnogar .upon that dry 
fara. The little dog that had trotted afj^ 
him Wberavar he want^ aa if afraid of Iwtng 
lait behiad, aaw atopfiad and atood oto hia 
hind l«Ka and Wqaa to bag^ aa hia poor maa* 
tar, tha little Datoh doator. had taught him 
to d«k Thaa peraatTing that hia aaw maatar 
did aat aotioa him, ha began to axpoatnlata 
ia abort impatient harka. 

/oatia thra# him' aoma biaonita, and 
laaviBg him to aibbla tham, waat to tha up- 
far daok. 

Bow lapidly tha aai had fallen 1 Tha Jago 
gad roaka hfMm Wjiieh tha boira of the ahip 
raatad «r«ralaid bara^ The wind had obaagad, 
aad Mow diraat'y aff that diataat, hakaowh 
ahari^ MUair tha fofa oat ta aaa aad tiH 
ararda tha wraok. While Joatia itraiavd ^ 
hiaiayaitamakaaet, if ha aoa^d, whit aort 
•f ahata it waa^ he faltaooiethiaf rtibagaiaat 
hia a«Ach» aad heard a aiew. 

fia|huM«ddo«ra «n^ Mtr ha poor oak 
who oMatabbiag bar foi^ ^m di^vaat bia 
liaibah aAd aMWiag pitaaaahr, and gaaiiig op 
lata hiiifdoa with that halpleak, ahpaiillng 
la*lt «1th «hi*h tha ^ta afiMoa ia their 
iModiMai to pray ta tha hMi^ for ra^^ 

•<PMrUt(|aailmal l*aaid Jtfiitib: atae 

attd|M%M»Ma« bar far. Jfa^ 

aaiapaaioit ia wtttahadaaaa t fan Idok op 
ia my taaa with yonr perplexed eyatL aa U 

CaMakI hoMIlM fomt», aaa«&|bt to 
talhainlV^ta^ tielp yo«t J^tySaaia 
half famtalMd, aad I ha«*. MlWhthinr 
WMait tagiTa yaa. And a* yoa km hot 
fflamttroMirit it Ml yoa- aataral |bad»' 


•TTI'T'*''' '''''* 

;;• f\ 



And Im brek* ap tlia biMait tad MAtttr- 
•d th«qpi«OM on th« dcok. 

And poMv. Rmnivor«Qt tkmifh ib* was 
not, |i|gaiiMd u»nn^tli« fraflaaMits m if th«y 
had I leen lo many yoang iniM, and dtvoar- 
•i thvtn all before aha ralarood to h«r 

Jaatin ramainad oa d««k antil tha aqa 
want down I and than throagli ana boor of 
twilight, and ona dark hoar that iatarreaad 
bafura wl.a iiioon roaa. 

Sino^ tha wind had aprang up agaia, tha 

aaa ha j bean gradually getting ap^ ao gradu- 
ally that Joatln had not at flrat p«r«aived 
the changa. Bat during tho itaUrral af that 
dark boar that praaadad the twiagof tha 
moon, it had gainad so oaoafatarabTy, that 
when tlia moon dd riae and ravtal tha aoana. 
JaaUn aaw that it had a«ain oo««r«d tha 
rocka, QDOD which tha ahip VMiad, and part- 
ly ooverid tha bowa« 

•Ah I )ha boata I tha baata I if tha wind 
and the i^a gat up again to any height what 
will beoobe of them f ha axolaiaied. la daan 
anxie y. '^ 

. .He remained on tha daok w#t'ohing. Th« 
*•" J f?° 1**" ••• continued to rla*-. Tne 
wind blaa^ fanoualy, and the warea dashed 

TrUil^^Tu'!'' .'''• '»»*^ J«»*'n«gain 
ciimiied up the leaning qunrter-deok aa tar 
Nstbeatnnip of the niMen maat, where 
•gam he oinng (o the shroada foraifey. Be 
thongbtaoUf bmself. He thooght only 
of the hfe^boata I and perhapa oviV of the 
, one that oo^tained Britoniarle 1 With how 

7 that the Iif«4boat waa ewaropad. 

the late hurrioane-and ao aboat mldni*h 
S*.rWde •"'^'•"' "^ tk* «»tarSjl, 

i SSlw !? *"• "■'' !• *•»• *•»»'•«• •"d threw 

bimsaU aiNMi^eaa of the berths in Btito- 
niMte'a abandoned atnteroom. 

Then .? "'/*'• "'S »*'•''"'« ^-^ ••'**?. 
nS /ilV^*" cottVicta •ome.lmaa alef-p the 
n'Rhtbefcr* the r/ axeototion. he. JwSl 

Siii*"i.'"V?.^.''« ■«'«▼ for Brito. 


OR *■■ iai.ANO. 





The iaia ia full of noiaa>, 
BouBda and aweat aire that give delight, bar 

hurt not i 
Bometimca .a thooMnd twanging inatra' 

Wili hum about my ears, and ^matim §• 
▼oicaa. ^^AaiaMiMare. 
A anabeam awoke Jettia from a deep 
and dreamleaaeleep— aaoubeam thatatraan/- 
ed la through the open oabin windowa, and 
alrnok apon tha meUl watar>aervioa in its 
fxd raeeptiMle oif Ike' eABtr»-Uble, whieh 
atood immediattfar oppasite hia atate-room 
4oor. into whisli it sointiUated' rays of 
daasliog tp'andoar. ' ' 

Aroaacd lr«m a state of profanad aaaen- 
soiaasaeas. Joatin oonld not at flrat recall 
tha areata that had praoadcd hia aleap. 
wbiob waa the flrat one ha had anjjrad ainoa 
the great oitaatropba of the ahipwraek. 

Btttaoon meBMry returned, briagiag i» 
her traia all the horrora ot his aitaattoa. He 
knew aow that tha abip wa» wracked upoo 
the biMkersot an onkabwa ooast, that the 
oraw had ahaadoaed htr to d.strnction,aBd 
left him to shara her fate. 

Whan hetnrned oat of hia b«rth ha 
Qotioad that tha cabin waa entirely free 
from walfar, from whieh eircamatanca hr 
JBd«ed that the waves had qui:e aabaided. 
He olimbed ap on deck to Cake a look at 
the prtapeola iher-. He found that the 
aUp waa high aad drr upon thp rocfll, aad 
thar the water ia her hold had runout. 

The^sky wsa perfectly clear and beaatt- 
faliy blae, aad the aaa ahone down upon a 
saaaa calm aa an ialand lake. 

In the pure atmosphere ike distant land 

oauld be diatioctly aeen, wi h ita racg'd 

whi aliae of rook-boand ooaat in atioiia re<. 

lief betwasn the deep l|)aa aky aad deep 

.blaesM. *^ 

But as Justin dropnad his eyes upon the 
interireningapaoe bet*aan tha land and the 
wrack, an exo'amatiae of sarprise and jiy 
a«oai>ed him. • • ^ 

What ha saw tha^a was rescue I was 
aafety. It waa what ooBM not have b<>en 
aeen at any other period aince the gale, for 
aft no other aoehpsriod had the aea beev ao 
"^ •^1* ^« «»•»• Wbat be aaw then w»a 
an ^aztMnely long Md nartow chain of 
tMks. raaabiag oat from the distaat abbra 
«to( tbe PQbitapoa'whiob the ship had baea 
^ ^ r , " y ) » a aa t a r al oaairway, a«* 
teadiog fr<a tba land far oat into the a<-a. 
Wba|t ilM asafwaa bigb, thk aaMsway wb«u 
dvply aorSred with waiar. and tbaa tba 

lit / FAIR PLAt: 

•hip, wImii driT«a«o far oat of l^or oourM^ 
hfta •Iraoli opOD it and bwi bMn wrvokod. 
Bal neir tlio mo hod (ollon, •od' tho ooooo- 
i»oy woo oboTo tho wotor. oo jUut ooy tx* 
port woikor oad olinbor nivM pooo ovor il 
olnoot dry ohod to tho load. / 

▲f lor the flnt abook ol Jby with whioh 
Jaotin grootod thio opon rcyid to lif<v ho 
tlloaght of hu oomponioiM who hod oom> 
■ittod thonuolTM to tho wildnooo of tho 
ooo» in BO bottor vmo«1o thoo tho boota, ond 
bo ooriMotly regrottod thot tboy hod not ■•• 
■uuBod oa llio,wroolL 

And if ho thooght with rogrot of th«Bi, 
<OYor whooo Mtion ho hod no aortof oonliot, 
wiib what poigoant ronorao bo thooght of 
Brit«BiMrto, whooi bo. bod forood ogoiaol 
bor will to looTo tho wrook. Oh I what if 
obo bod BOTor raaebod tho lond. Ho woald 
fak ibot 0000 hoTO beoa littlo looa thoo hor 
■srdoror. Bat tboa whAt baaon iaoii^t 
ooold bavo imagiuod thio oovorad ooooowoy 
wbiob wait to bo i ovoolod, oad opoa a rood 
to tbo bmdr Tot bow Mttor^ ho loiooatod 
thot «o bod fvMod bor to laavo bin. Bat 
abo maot bo oof^ bo tboaght, oho ooald not 
boTo booB oroatod to porioh •• niaenibly, ho 
bopod, prayed, aad taollv bolioTed that oho 
woo oafp, for o poworfal oouTiotioa of hor 
oOBtiaaod'exiotOBoo apo- Ibia oarth tooh>oo« 
oaooiooof bin ooddiapoliod all bio doubts. 
Jaa.ia wao not oao of tho oort who otaad 
idio and indalgo ia apoeola ioao wbilo thoro 
io aaytbiag to do. Ho knew tbat tho irot 
tbiag for bim io do woo to try to looob tbo 
oboro by that oanacway. 

U» kaow tbat thoro wao ■• daafor «f tbo 
obip braakiug ap Joot yot| votoao thoro 
abOMd bo oBOthor burrioooo, wbiob woo not 
to bo oraeoted,aft leaot oa i! tbo aext ohaago 
of tho ttooo). Ho Itoow oloo that wbilo obo 
bold togirthor, tbo obip affordod a oafor ^a«o 
of rofiiffO tbao tho aaknowa taad ailfht 
oflor, for on tbo obip thoro Wao aothiot to 
il Joro h^n, wbUo oa tto load bo' Mtbt fall 
ibtotboboada of oaonibola. Aadia ihaft 

what ooold ono Ibob do ogaiaot a wholo 
tribe r Still, bo ooaoidoiod, that nnlaoa ho 
woold piriab ia tbo ooa wboo thoabip ahoiild 
' broak ap, tbat aBkoowa land, witk olt ito 
hnidca daagora, BMUt oooiior or later bo Ma 
■lootiao ioa, oad bo tboaght tbo aooaor bo 
vrB arodjopoo it the bottor. 

With flA raoolutuMi bo woat into tbo 
ooplate!bpr;irato oobia to look for a ooull 
toteoopo f^Ufdi bo folt MUEO irao thoni. aad 
wbiob Jo iwdM4 to aoo m oatvoylai «io 
y t w y oaCltkotfboM. Ho ioood rt mid 
- ^m u flit litllt dgrfr— ' * '^ 

bogau N^tig aad fuqdBg rp oad mfVH 

hfai toil by woy of o BMraiag grootiag to bia 
BOW ouacor. 

JoatiB pattod bia bead, oad tboa woat oat 
oo dook, fotlowod by bio littb toar4oolod 

Tho obip bod otrookat right aagloo with 
the oboio of rooka, ao tbat tho atorboard 
|aagaoy V|a toworda tho ahoco. Tbore 
Jaaila atood, aad adjootkd bia ■ looo Io view 
tbo far-roaohiog oooaowoy and tho dlotoot 

BotoToo with tbo aid of Ua toloooopo bo 
ooold disoover littlo aioro thaa bo kaow 
bo'oro. Uo ooald only moro diatiaotly oa« 
oortom thot tbe ooaaoway woo a okioia of 
rooko loodiag to tbo abore— « road thot 
wotald bo oovorod witb water at high tide, 
oad bo ootlroly boro at low tide, oad that 
tbo diotaat load praooBted ooly a rook* 
booad oad forbiddioj aapoot. 

WtoiU bo wao otill gaamg. ho foil aono. 
thing olow at bio boota, Bowing pitifally, 
aad tbo oost laotoBt bo board oahrill. bark- 
lag, aud q^ttiag; aad oloppor-olawing. 
And ho h>okod down to aoo the oat aad dog 
engaood ia a ioroo oombot, io wbioh tho for 
flow ploatoowly. 

Joatin aeparatod boai, Uftiag tbo oat ap 
la bia oraw, oad giviag tho dog oa odnoa; 
iabiag kiok. Tho ho took tbom both down 
into bo otoro room, odd fod thent apor». 

Wbilo bo woo boay ^o tbia bamaoo doty, 
ho woo grootod by • dionikl oooad-Hi pro- 
longed 'Ooou'iBowl' that ho knew muat 
OoaHo fktMitiio ooptaia*o oow. bo followed 
tho •o«ad oatil it lod him to hor poo, wbiob 
woo botwooo dooko ia tbo otora, o poeition 
that bald amtfA bor from boiag drowaod, aa 
tho 9tom w^ liftod at taoh a high onglo 
anon Ibo vooka. Jootm hod oo oooaor loooii- 
od tho oowpoo. than tn$ woo grootcd by a 
porfMt babol of noiaoo from tbo animal « 
oe«ine4 i» thai part of |ho obipw tho bona 
oUMkod, Iho dnoko oaaokoil, tbo abeep 
iMa'di^libd, oboro oil, tbo piko a^aoolod a* if 
tboy woold havo o^oealod tb«^mooivea lu 
death. a^4 tboir boororo to doof booo. 

A'l thooo miipiab had boeo aorod by their 
po ilioB ftoo^ dvowupg. bat they irote in 
groot dongor of otnrying. 

JiutlB wont book to tho atoN^room. and 
fraad aa OS. oad brokoopoa aeroral boxea 
of groin, and thon Wont to tbo fioob woter 
bafo, OM drow water, and mixed fogdi kud 
earriod it Io Iho poni^ wtd fed tho fashed 

- .''•wn^h* hod latidM Ihoir wottta. he 
l^iaMoU bOMn tolMl tho'oraviaigaof bnn. 
g w ^ -*n 4 o f bnag o r tbalo o m i d^l on g o i b e 
fotiiiodhr 4ry Mioaitik 80 ho nooTnd 
to ti^^il bo OQoM BO fvopito lor himaelf 
o&Mkhing Iko a ooMfortabtobnakfMt. 


,.•■■■>■« I 


FAIR plat; 


H« w*al flnt into th« mImmm ir kltalMB 
of the tliif^ m4 Aftar • Msroli fMind •«■• 
oMtAliM Mid ktadiiiig wood, ol whioh Im 
ni»d« • ir* 1b th« stof* | thm Im ilM a 
kattl* with water, um| mI it «• If bell. 

TImb M VMt to tiM ilnw rodik to oto 
wh«t ho ooaU iod that wm flt for food. Ho 
foBod aovoiil odob boMO of too oad ooSk«, 
«nd bonoh ol OBfafi k«t tbolr oootooto 
war* boU WMt od OBt llf tbo ■0i^ aad wMlir 
spoiUd. Ou fkrtbor amrvk, bovof w, b« 
foand'ioBM boSM and bvrrola tkat b«d not 
boen burst op«n, and ob ouBiiBiBg lb«M h« 
Mw that tbair OoBtoati woro good. Ho 
found • baakot. aad iwt iato it aooia oofaa 
and aBfar aud Maoaita | aad bo took a flaoo 
of baooo, tkat iraa wall wat wlik oao-walor, 
bat Bono tbo woraa for tbat t and bo oorriad 
ibam all lato tka oaboeao, wiiara ba bagaoto 
pratiaro Ua broaklaat. Ha lookad^opa 
ooffea«^t aad a fryio f ■ pa a | aad ba OMda 
■onwi ooAm aad ao\lt oo to boil, aad bo oat 
and waahad aoHO ftikantof kacM aad aot 
tliem OB to fryli :. • ^, ^^ v 

The next tkiaf fo do wOi to Brilk tha oow. 
and he fooad a pail aad waat aad oulkod 
her. Af t< r tbat bO thoBgbt ba w««ld try to 
find ■omatbidg lika a doo«nt breakfaat saiv. 
vioe With wliloh to aot • if ble* tbat ba plight 
eat liko a eiviliaed eroatora, aad not Mka a 
Iruta t>r a baEJMiriao. To do thia ha want 
to the dinin«-oabin^ and aaareliod among tha 
hrokoo orooketv war< tbat lajr is haapa at 
one mdi nutil M foaad what bo waotad^ or 
what, at laast, woold aaswor bla parpoao— 
namely, half uf a larga diah, a whole plat*, 
a big oup Buniu oalf the brokea baadla, and 
a oracked aaaoar. Whole kaivaa, aad forka, 
aad apooaa ware aaai 'j oaoogk foaad. iUd 
with thia baaakfaat aarrioa loaoaad fram 
obaoa, aad with a table<«Ioth that ho took 
•• he pooaod o«t, ho woat book iato the 
oaboooo. aad aat hia tablo. 

Thoa bo had mIv to tara kia raabera. aid 
toaat hia Maaoita. a&d boll hia aailk, aad hia 
breakfaat wdb all toady. 
^ Tbea«a11ol tba Oavo«ry food draw tha 
doraad Iho oa^j^ki^. 
Too how aftor tkb viotoab ti: ihiak of 
i* Ibattloltiat thoB, tb<ytaoitly 

•>>«aging m katlla Jaat thoa, tb<y taoitly 
deolaroda traoa, aad to^aratad. aad atood, 
one OB oao oido aad om oa the etfaor, beg« 
ging. Abd Jaitli, «Ulo ka ato kia owk 
breakfaat, led tfaoMi- 
^ WiMa kia laaal waa ovo^ ko waakad m 
kia olefBBt kaoakfaat aorrioo. aad pat ll 
a^y. attd akaolc and folded kia taklo-olotb, 
aadamdaaH tkiaga aa lidyaatka 

Th^ ba propared to go oa aboro, ao« 
kaowiafwhatho aboald aMetther«; Ho 

t^Ofoiy pradeat preoaotioa lor hiaow4 

oonfbrt aad that al tha oraataioa he waa 
aboBt to laavo bahlad. 

Firat of all. ha plaood a faaatt y «f food 
aaddriakia tha paaa where tb« aaioM a 
were oouflaed, oo that tbfy aii«bt not aoftr 
froB baagor or thiral Thea be aet a paa 
o< aiilk la the oabia for the oat. After 
whiokha Iliad a liitle baaket with a day 'a 
prortaioBa for biauelf, and pat a pair of re< 
rolvera la oao pooket, aad a small u eioopa 
aad a pookot ooaipaaa ia the other. Th»a 
be pat on a breod'brlvaiad hat. and took ia 
hie baad a atont walking ttiek, oallad the 
dog to follow bioi, and waat oanfally d> wa 
the leaaiag deok to the bowaof the aliip, 
tbat were nearlv on a lerel with the rooka. 
With oao boBBd he aprang fiom the ahip to 
theoaaaeway. The .ittle dog Jaaiped after 

The oaoaeway waa. high aad dry aboro the 
ooa, aad long aad narrow ia iia Ooarae, aad 
Irramlar aad ragged in ita aapeot. 

Walkiag Oa it woold kare beta very 
dangeroaa, either to a reokleaa or a timid 
pedeatrian. . [ -* .e^.-, 

Bot Jaatia waa al tka aaaia time earefal 
and fearlea% aad keaad hia little oompanioa 
weat on aafely enough, thongh often alowly 
and with difloulty i for often ade«p ohaMB 
oat the oaoaeway aeroaey aad theB^Jaatia 
would bo obliged to atop aodooaaidOlr^vae 
beat way of gettiB||; orer iN and iben.>lnth 
the aid of hia walking-atiok, be would have 
to daaeead Terr oaraially dowa one aide, and 
oatag hia atiok for a leaping pole, throw 
himaelf aorooa the iathmua at the bottooi, 
and thto aa oartfally aaoend the other 
aide. . . 

Thore wore many of *lieae obaami^ all 
mora or leaa di&mlt aad daageroaa to 

Sonotimea the little dog wobU follow hiia 
well eaongb, tripping dowa tho .ilr»t aidau 
awimmifaiV the iathmaa at tha bottom, aad 
olimbfaig ap tke otkar aide | hat at oikor 
ttama^ whoa tka aidaa wmio very atoea or tho 

at tko kottomt wy laaK t^o Uttlo 

dog woaUToemo M a dead Mtiaad ataad 

whiniag mtMrablyv aad Jaatia woold kavo 

^tarabaok, aad laka hi» ap ia Ma araw, 

flPbaa7fla«la waa4i|^hoaia la goiag tko 
^^taaeo betwaa» IhTifiiaad lho.ahoSb 

A%he aeand f" 
bao am a Wider aad 

l^tUaaavoallM^OBad kia 
ol groat aaryioo h| goMkc a 




f ▲» PLAT. 


tli« a flMi t iireMid t b«« h* feaad kla ttl* 1« 
dot a irvst iroaU* t. him i for li«— th» dag 
—was tit«d. nd wo«ld •H^m atop wid whlna 
M paraiaUailjr to ba tikawnpMa«MrM, 
M an; apoHad ahtld. ; ; 

«M maoh MO kiad.lMa»tad to laava Ua 
Uttla foar-foorad aoaipaniaa Mkisd. Aa- 
o har hoer'a painfal toil Iveaglit J<n«^>^^ 
tha top of tlia movntala, Wfeiah In |iid«td 
to ba abon a thoatand laat abora tha laval 
of tha aea. Tlia aammit waa aa ban of 
Ttfatatioo aa tha Moant from tha oaaaaway 
had baan t ao that Juatin, from hia point af 
otoaarration. had a Tory axtandad »4aw of 
tha lMidalapa.« fla took oat hia t«laaoop^ 
adjMCad i%iiBd took aawMping maw aroaad 
tha holrtam. .. . - 

Ha foaad that tha land waa onfall aidaa 
itorottnded bjr iha aaa, and that^ waa on 
in bland, abtont la ahape, anfl. aa wall aa 
ha oonia jndg*. abont iwanty allaa in 
Itnpth by abott% tan in it« ntaoatwilih. 
■'^< TIM iMtfT hill, or moontain, upon whioh 
ha ataod, waa tha hiicliait point upon tha 
lalaad, andr#n« aitnAtad naarth* aonthain 
and— tha lanff aananway npaa which the ahip 
had b)an wreoked MttJI tha aatrama aonkh. 
am point. AndFthoqf h thia monntain waa 
harf«n on tha aid* aaoanding from tha 
flanasway. y«t o« *ha aida daaoanding to- 
wnrda tha intarior, it «raa friagad with 
%aantifnl treaa and gdmrnsd with aparkhng 
tountaina. Tha oMitra of bi iaUad waa 
Vary loxnriane in tropio:il vagathtiMA. To« 
Wards tha axtra na uto th ha land daaoandad 
ahdnarrtw^to a anndyneak (rf not mora 
than * mil« in wMth from aaa to aaa i hot 
thM toa«k ir9«'thi4klf woadad with tha tall 

Having obaarrad * mnoh, and tha tima 

•liaing nnV 'ihlM* Hvo konia nflar Mon, 

JTaawi, '^h« '«ms * sharp sat»' irsm his long 

•bdloilsMM^slkalMM tha «uisai«af,aBd 

nb th«'niMntai% sat dawiaianiamptiidhi* 

'tasi^ to pN u tr s Hw fw*hia nidAi^Mahl. 

It=«aii b«th tiihpl* lMMba4ii*of ooldfaMon, 

•Up MMnft «ndmilk, hot ^«aM'hM |ittM 

•«i*a»Jojfad'it»*ry"«wwk.i.-J- = if!. ; 

' '^-'Bimni' iiVlsNad *'kAt '■lanW^'h*' aegaii to 

daseend tha monntain, -laith ate pnrpona of 

'^M|l6i4»g'<ba>itUuii>r«a iar anha hanld'that 

aflbM»«6n.>httl oltaAtading, -tha hight vfian 

H^ iT>hf BiMNld-'iatt m^^otermlmiAipym ti 

With tha aid of hia aiiah ha tlowty da^ 
sasnaad tha diflanlt monntain sida. Abont 
h*lf*«hy down ha stoppad at a fbnntain to 
asMsgaU thiim. Tha Uttla do|, wh« bad 
hapt alaaa to hia haal% fQllowad hia aiample. 
aad lappad lowar dawn tha atr^am. 

Ttmn Jnatin raaomad hia Jonmay, and 
ooncinvad it without intamptitn until. 
Mar tha haaa of tha monntab. Ih« Uttla Hog 
atartbd a «ovajr of aplanad o iental btrda 
that hnni*np from thair oovar, dawfaoing 
him with their axpio^iva oriea, and aauling 
him with thair gorgaona oolonrr, ao that the 
wbo'a thing ailaotad him aomathmg lika the 
and4an )attin«r oCof flra«worka wonid hare 
dM|. Til* littla dog took tha aifair as ■ 
paraattsl alrant, an^ ooptlnned to baik h m 
aalf hoaraa long af tar tha wi«gad flr«;>«Oi ki 
baid fiaappamaa in tba diaUooa. Jnatiu 
P'AifladJiIm at langth, and they went on. 
Aa Ihry raaohad «ha toot of tha monntoiii, 
tha ana aank iMhind tha hiriaon. 

Jtslin.sat doWAto OMlt and rail. at. 
• ' Night befora !aat on tha daok of ha ahip, 
aaaddiag batoffa » tarribia hnrrloane r lav 
night Aloaa np«n tha wraok, ih ih» midat of 
thaatormy aaa i to»alghl .on an t>nknowii 
and what aeama to ba an uninhabited ialadd. 
What next, I wondar I Wall, I awrnaatly 
thank Ood that my Ufs hrs baan pNiatvad t 
Bnt what baa become of hi^r ? of Britomartr. 
whomlforaad to laaTO tba shipT, Oi! 
wonld to HasTfn I had p«mittad harto le 
main I aha wontd hajiahnsp avaa now by my 
aidai And now-^whara la aha? where r 
Bhail larar ^aat h r agaia on thia aida ol 
tbaaravat A\ hasTon, who oan anawer 
any of thoaa quaationa V ha groaaad, ami 
aaablaUmgai to sit still, ha go^^np snd 
walked forward, still followed bjr bk faith 
4nl Udla foacefootad friand. H« iNIkad oe 
Md OMttliMMih th«.ir<«(#s it t*a ioot of th. 
monntain, whila tw|)lrglii4Mpfaedtn*onigh. 
•nd tha stars aama ont In t\» pttrpla-Uiiok 

Uttla time, whtla thi 4P« oeilad itself up 
np again and raanspf 
atillhy hia tlaapy W 
ha disdoTeradiMM 
fan ooast, thromrh t^< 

t» Isaii >timi aaimala and 
Mth ha ' 

(' itmntslaiid. whMh ha fsfWM 

i^1iiiyw«h^ '■liil'iM m 'lit 

I jLi TWianhi «ot 
jUs wa'h. foDowed 


lOroaa, trbea 

<f$<4_ ooaos viln>» 


.,« v.i-j > 


. , J. •■ . • ■. .:m- .'j^ i.».i/^^-«.ftt»i-M,.v, 



'< - 






ton»rt« MadMtod bmr MghtM«d oov- 
panioa to llut tkioktft of wood! «i4 |prd»* 
(o«a wiMi* th* iMd fowid tk* apHag. 

t)h« oMdt h«r ^t dowa o« • fM^famit •! 
rookandar* nc«i<li»f inii, aad lkw| aHfb 
want to tba !!>«•« Md foattd ■ tarf* laalL 
wbiflh aha donblad «B !• tka laMi ol • attft 
and oaaffbt aoaaa «»tar, wMok aha btoag R 
to tha wonaa, who dniak it aafarlj. 

• Ah, thin. Moaa tha Lord f«ar gMag aa 
wala^ ilaalt I 8or« tbarati aOHhteg Uka It.' 
at all at all. vhia tha tbivit io apoa qm I' 
■aid Judith, gratafnllj, drawing ii hmg 

Britoaaarta'tkaft want to a ttoa «rhai« aha 
aaw frnit i^aambUog tha wild plam g rowing, 
and alia ga|boi4d OMM Md bretghi «kaa to 
Judith. •';■ ,;.' :■ . /■ ^' --, - ■ 

Botwha^lll'^Mi '<i|ailliry^tto(itk 
again, it waa not to . a«raUow • plom, b«t 
to Milavji lof loaQkii •m tha aabjaotal har 
fright. / 

* AK'thbu tfc* korria ol^aot ir a kmta 
baaU I 8or0 1 ahnll nivar gat ovar tha looka 
iv bim, aa ha atood tharo, with tha hair on 
hiabMk briatfad ap llko a|dkaa. and kin 

langik It kia ttimit. dMwfbg all kia gaakit 


aiaaa I kava 


taatti, and Wa laogblng hbia ha^ha^ka ia« 
Ilka tka divil h<«aall, to think wkat a good 
mabko«nu|oii4[ to auka iv om leak aad 
bkMdl VmtJ llaaokaa ao ottrdloap all 




kmd iHtb .. 

arnnoh am 

Urrrtrrr . 

kara. And yoa kam 
Tkaf am ^ita kmn»- 

\JJjf^ •*!». kow faU »▼ Mghta tkaplaaa im 

^Taka aooia of thaaa planu. Jaditk. Thar 
*ra vary alaot and I am aura jaa aaoat naaA 
load,' aaid lliaa Ooatara. poanag a qinanttty 
Of tha laaaieaa fraU into tha wOoMa'a Ian. 

'Ah, Lord kapa aa I whafb aowld »!aaM 
to do to atof tha gnawing itr ma atnmariok f 
tdra I waat ma wai rum toy and mUk tooat,* 
wklmporad tka woman. 

'Bptvan aao't ot aithar tan Mtoaat. 
And baaidaa, fmit la ovr nataral food, if w» 
did kit known' T^ 

' yia« hat aara maaalf hinot hi a atato of 
aatara, hat in a atn'a ir graaa, rrar ateoa I 
waa ba|>ttiad. thankato tha Lord an«hll ihw 
kooly aainta, and ao I waat am wattam tay 
and toaat,'whiaad Jadith. - 

* Ikit natbra or graoa, aa yon aaat ifalL 
toaand toaaf, yon had bottar aontoat yonv 
aalf with firoit and watar.' 

*Ow>oo i (hr-oo I Oah<J^a I Oth.hona I* 
howlad Jadith. 

MiaaOoayara laid bar hand gaatly apon 
tha woman'a ahooldar, and lookad bar in tbo 
faaa, thna taadatly aad ailantly aootking kar 
agitotion. ' , ^i^. <-.'—: ■ '-■(<»• 

•Thatirar #• <hoo|d UkN'MNl^^ 
to aao t bia dark da; I Oob-oaa I Ooh^bona I 
Ow.>e9 r howlod Jodith, tktagh in a aaf tar 


It tka or^ftwvliad 

t^lakt^ iii kalhaloat 
;^tliM(|hi ir Imt ho^kovM 
boMi and laok MM Maad i 


aa maak I 
bim. » 

kaptatttt ^i 

kaiviiwiyM. Hawmf^Mia 

Do not griava aok my jaorglrtl It ia 
qaita aaclaaa. yea know. tVy to aompoo% 
yonraalf.'aaid Miaa OonyaiB, gantly. 

'I^antbalpitl loan'tiiaipitl Ow-0«| 
wkafb M baooaia It na in thia howling wtt-. 
darnaaa iv a plaoe t Snra thara'a a hogMa* 
baato babind ivary boab, and a haythan afr. 
irarytraat And it wa'ra not kilt ky tko^ 
ono, wall ha ato aliva ky tkavtlHr I ~ 
konal Ook-konal' 

*I bagin to tkiflii tliar» Ik V*' 
aaoh • ftar, Jaditk. Ifo kato aton no ain^ 
of baaun bakilatloa kci^ aHkarmtaat or- 
alTiUiad. aad M ttOmkmf fkrMSbto^ 
than tha kyana.' 

'Faiz, thin. tkoMi%'>8aaB ooarfort Ikitka^ 
ambal Var<lf%o1loMlUkkathhkafthan» 

for tha ^M« iir Idtr I '0#-oe f 

*Wo«aM lalitefiah fittm 
JodiUk. ;«MliaakaMeaMaiTaflinL' 

^-d»lrttk««t »- — — • oJSE'.* 



I •% 




tlM«Ml*lwllM« alM MV«rlMi|Ml(* 
with tb* IflrniMM ot h<nr own mx. AiUi 
now In Ik* at^ftl •! ItM •wml rMliUM «f 
h«f own povlilM I hwit of all ah* lor«4 la 
tiM ««rM t iiMk •!*■ *■ uhaMud iaUad, 
*•<! iM^hMi of all d«liv*raBo«, axoapt bf 
<lMth. ah* allll ooalrollod k«r owa «aiotioaa, 
Aod Iciad tOMoUia bar aompaaiwa'a aorro«% 
wkiok ««N oU Inm iaMffloary aoaroM. 

* Aad ava, Ikia. aboa* oar aloihaa, (laalf I 
W« oaa'l to om waariag U tha aama olothaa 
lor ivar aad ivar I AMI whaio ara wo to got 

* Wo aiay a<a««r aood othan, JaJilk.' 

* Ah, Lord kofo aa, do f oa aaao wo aaaj 
-«lvo» U«« ko waar thaoo aa«* oat. at all, al 
aUf It llMl vkak fm «aM» aaiaf Ook 
kaMb OihlMM% fkodaf.' 

*Wo acot la thk hoMia of Um Lord, 

*lBllMhaa4a «l «ba Laid. OakkoMt 
thai>i wkakli tkoj aay wkla vaopio ara al 
4aalll1i door. aara. Ow^te, Ow-oo.' 

*Woll, ••■aa'k axtmailt to 0<4'o of^ 
■ortaalty.'* jo« %bov. Ja^lth.* ^ 

•IK I <m1 Mm« ik II aia*l la Iho 
€M«oUia«. Ow<o*w Oir-oa' 

Fiadtag aU h*r •ftvto to oooao'a bor ia« 
ooaaelabC tmapaaioa «aito Irailloaa, Miaa 
Ouayar* kaeaaM aUiMl. tb* kopod Ikat Iko 
woBHMi aygkl aocflA^aooaio woary of kowl- 
isff. aad 00 atof^Witk asbaaadoa. Bal 
Jadith^ voaal fo««n vara ofoal to Ikoao 
■ai a dog kayiag I bo sooB. 

At loaftb mmOmftn, atarljr daalaaad, 
%v tha aoiaa aaiodi' araao wUI) tb* loioatioa 
«f walluBg ar imk way oat of boariaa. 

Bal Jadith omM, b«r di«n «m[ M4 
ihor. oanlaiaiag .t '^^K ^ <j- ■.•.•'" "' ■■ 

•Ah,doa'lUv*if%%lM4t*ttNak Sara 

It'a oaly a JoVki 
baifais, JoVk .^ 
fioaifortar al all^ alaOk 
lUw Ooavfn vmr ' 
aoa^ aad Jaditk, la 

ir jro ata^at boat, 



*ar wkol* toiad to it fal^iMHKnlloar-^t 
■tko ood of whiob akp •< 
ior Ibo otorovaat of hcaaj 

* Jaditb, yoa o«|^t to taka oeaia food, tt 
ia BOW aooa, aad yoa ^ kofaoataa aotkia^ 
Tbair* ara ooaia aoaaa-aat napa ffowiait aol 
liar bpm im% Md U jroBL oaaaot oat tli9 
•ploao «t -iHU go aad tiy vU gat mbm 
M|i^ Tbof ara vary rieh aad aalri' 

J ^i^aJ mm^ 4IU> t-t--^ • 

l»*|hM 1»P n Wa aw ba, «i' yw ookai^ 
a«li Mi Pillihl . liua and oaadfl inU 
iufd OMM^taali aoigbrt mo foor atoaMiiak 

^•••b Ov««9r . ^ 

Aa4l Jadtik; vflk i«4a«ai«i braalk p». 

m«aotd bar aaag aad aaauli atralghl 
ahaad for aaolhor koori al Ibo aad of 
wkiok aba waa aaawcrad by aaolbor kowHag 
lv«iai tk* daiMka •< tka thiokati 

' Loc4 bap* aa from barai. tkaro'a tkal 
laag hia« iiwA agaia I' aha •seUiaiad. |aBip> 
big ap aad roaaVag ia |ba 4iraotioB nppoalto 
to Ikat froaa wkiok ako kad haard tho volaa 
of Iha kyoaa. 

MiM Oeayata gal ap aad followad boiv 
wilk Iko iatoalloa ol koafiag kar la aigMv 
aadoalof daagor. 

Jadilk^aa auaigbt lowarda tka crova uf 
ooooa^aal traoa, aad Ikaro ako aaak from Iha 
aullad affaataot torror aad askaaatioa. 

Bal akawaa aai panailtod to auy tbara 

ako dro p yad dowa Ikaira Ikaa ako 
groalad wi|ka aborua of aaroatoa aad paltod 
vilkaaW|P«f«iiM«lra. Looking ap. aba 
aa« Ika^Sa Iroo ovar iior koad vaa^Uad 
wllk aoakagi. Aad aritk a wrHMa yall 
•ka aaaa aaoia alartod aad laa far km Hf* 
—aad tbia Maw ako raa towaida Ibo a*» 
ooaal aad droppod doara apoa Ibo boaoh. 

Tbara Brltoatorto al laogta foaad bar. 

'Jadilb,* aba aaid, aofUjL •! aai rara 
aorry to aa* yoa aaflir ao aia A foar, I viak 
I ooald ooaviaoo yoa Ikal Ikora la raaUy a* 
aaaao for J'A*' 

* laa't tkara. Ikoagk f Faiz, Iko plaoo lo 

•*Tkt> wora awakoy% di 
aoakaya* tbaj oeaid aol 

*Qh. oMlda'llkiyt Ika 
rm Walaod blaok aad klaa w^i 
tkay gavo BM, lal aloaa koiag b«to to Jallyl 
Oob koao. Ook-oOb Aad adto lis atorrad 
oalirolf till aif ataaiinlok la goao to aiy 
kanktiboaa I Aad «rkara ara wa to alapa t|^ 
BJgkl t t^A tk* aaa gatiing k>w alraady- ' 

>Aaf*a(aaaaw*oooa-aatib Jadltk. Thaf 
pill al laaal aatlaiy yoar bapmr, aad yoar 
parhaaa. Stop, lot aM braak 
'aaMifiaaOoByi«a. Aad aba 
frOfBloat of look aad 
Iko akalla op*a aadbaododil 
whio, paahad to *xtr*aiity 1^ 
' to tok* it 8ha diaok 



W>» BiaHMaai 

to tka 

ato tka aa^aad tkaa bald 
•at h« i>Md witk ftka aiagia word— , 
^ Aaotkori*; . -.-, , ., '■:■>: :-^-:i-^^^:-:~^i~^-. 

A«d Mlaa Ooayara kr^lt^ aatilw fer kar, 
•ad rtUl iM«Uior, wilhoal oaoo nSootiag 
Hiat aka waa rbvaraiag tibafar poaitieaa ky 

Aad^H^fk kte aad draak%i);k.gra*l 

SSffl dTfe?fo£JtfiiK:^ '«'' 


•if k •! MlbfacUea, «k« 

n »mA tOMt ror br««kraak, mar 
rtuJLtthim f«r dinnwr, co'toy-nat 

M iM Cbovwn rimI* • in«a| of Um plaaa 
•b« kMlMUMrad. 

But JadiUi BOW lh«t bar afMlif* wM 
wlialaa. fo«a4 amUmt ■ounw of ferapb:«. 
--- • Bar* Iko ■■• ia Mtliag. mad i% wUI mob 
botUrkl AUUtd km9»ma»whafwmw 

'^»'- ah^ Mpatr ovoaloft Jadltk 

■•to • 4^^ 4w grMto la th* 

thiokat ihM «» kit. Wo vlll aiay boto 

ion boioAo 

MlMTl Tm. I radiM I will. 

XMyoik ■Jffiri, tkal tko **lMcblM 
bMK"M TM Mlt ki«, wUl kMpTottil 

Aad Ikon tkojr wl d 
twiliffbl^ Mui throMb IIm 

WM dourmiood to 
aula vlMN aba »ai^ H^^ ru...^ > 

«lada4taa*Ky vitk bar. 

luMU|Lrl(o abort 

l«i^dark hoan 

;i.*sr --: — — "omu aroaa^ Zko 

raioAwtlb iti^ak. mt% li«bi S3iUd«. 
ptoM af aaa, aod Iba atnai^ wild laac 
wilb ita arattljr palm teaaaT^ 

Bntoiiiafta aai «a»a« with aoaatbiuf Hk« 
<»lniMiJof«MtBp<« tka anaadiHiMaatT 
of tha aoaM, 8lMpiii||. or foii»t«ao ia ihu 
qaiat boar. aaoMd aifbar aonova. 

JudittamdaadyfaU iato a Btlkl alaa». 
froot vhibh aroiy UtUa «Mad-4ba raaoS 

*<■»•<• tbo footaiaa af a MuUaaiaut 
o«w tka 4raaad^^woka bar vitk a atarU 
* "^if^ •* '^•* oqoa»iaaib whao aba «aa 
to^Mtaf waMir*],. BriUMaMt* acaia 
■Mda bar t- ' • ' - 

triad to paroaada 

•Mk ahiitar ia tba 


daw la 

<rotto ia tka tbiakat. 

*Ja4itb.f aha aaid, • 
▼wYbaatUf taad tbad 
t><baa>a&t;dlr, ao y«< 

♦S- • J!^.L '"^* "^^^ ?• •ft#It«fad»fn»ai 
tha oii^t air tUaw Md a^ki atao^ tnm^ 

groltr, aara tbavV baaa om 

ala OM al Ibair Uiaans ao tha* weald.*' 

Aad ia anolbar iaataat 
■eddiag aad aaoHair. 

Bha woo awakaaad ap wilb^ v«a| 

A frim fooialap oaaia oranohiaa tl 
tkapabblaa oa tita baaab. 

Wilb a a«aaa Jaditk ■■vtad to 

M iaa Ooayara alae aroaa aad liataaad. 

Aad daioat at tba aama iaaUnt Jo^tia , 
loaaotbal appaarad bafoia %k*m. / 

'Lord kapa aa-lfa bia apaiM I' gaaUi 
Jaditb. wbo waa too aaaia^vriatoa tSlara • 
aad iy I bal atM>d wllb har faoa bUaohad 
M wUla 01 MOW, aad bar awatb aad ar aa 
diataadoi witb lotror. ' ■*• Tw 

Al»«ataa aaak aauaMi atood Jaatia aad 
»itoMrta. gaoiac apoe oaab othw ia ia- 
oradaloao aatoaiaKoMat aad aaapaakabla . 

Umm Ikoir Jot broko forth i 

'.■?'•!* ,®S '"•■^ ^*^* •haak Ood f 
axalaimad Jaatia, baldiaa oat bia anaa 
towarda bar. 

2 Bha oata^dad kar kaada. Bba aooM Mt 
•ak ( tba oranrkai«iaf tida of low bad t 
PriTadbaroftbapoww. "« W "^ » 

Bac ho oaagbt bar to hia boaooi | and aba 
«opp«d bar baad apoa bia aboaddor. aad 
bom into a paaaioa ol taora aad aaba. 

• Ob. mr owa I mj/bwm V ba anad i •«, 
balovod I mj aaarloaa traaaara I Tbi* it Bto 
*«rj hapyiart iMaiaat «t aay Ufa! Bmrn 
•baaply parobaaad witk aklpwiaaiHavd tl|» 
!«•• of avai^tkiaa alaa I' ^^^ 

Bcill aba aobbad apoa hIa tboaUUrA MlUk^ 
tomokoaayoUMrraplf. ■ ' ' " — ' ' 

•Toaarawltk •or I bara 
oarafor aolhiac Ibat aaa bafbi 
aot aaft oa I' ka aaaUaaa^ 

Mid /aditk, wbo bad gradaallj 
frott bar panio, aad raaogniaaA il 
tioa IB We. Boaontbal tm ika look 
. •BH^aurtailoiral laval do* 
kowbapMrlamr Bpoak to m/ laval "S 
bara apt K«wd tbV aoaad ol yoar taiaa paC 


* fwr Kill aad Bb faroar. " aalk^ &. Bo» 

• tkff jMia to at ■«, ia tka kSTo It a 

*<^ I (MMaoiM ■• bM. that yoa 
■bvwil OklkaSl^ltE^kOall 

ia what tr«rd« «aa ITikaak Ood 
raolatead BBtdvana^ witk aa 


iiioiladf with kw dark 
'OodMinfM for a 
hare apokan. ak, oty 
■• ataroiaiad. 

>«aaattt hIallM 
fair aakarii laalt 


.. !<«i. 




...MtiMvUl^ Infill* 1^ V 

^yMi4> •«*«•»? ■•»*«»^ "f Hk« r««ii*.Jf 

id do Ml > / ' . ^ 

1M» an- 

•Maw..!. «• ..*~ fcf MmT »««.1F.^ 


I -.:f?^TTS;M¥llib«^.t« iiM^^ 

"■■rit ■>,'"' : 

■'■«-. X ••■' i.'-fi* 

i-.^j.< it.* i.i ,'iiJi ' C-^ »- • , s-rStv"-- ' K^/-'' 



ii '" iiiimi 



IfitmUt* MM likii 9me>. 

Alj^riMM^^h* nr^ of tUvrtm vUli 

fIffMlf U|* 

^JiNlallwItel WSlli]iMii MylMkw^dl mMFOa. MXTT, 

li»d aftlwM tbMi. HmI ah* f«|tott«» tk«ai ! 
«r 4Ulih«vifehi«*iiBtf9«hftair B* ooald 
Bottoa B«tlMMt^«foOMM,«M'hoiiowr 
and MioMy forMi ki«i t4 «lhi4« «» thMi, 
or •*•■ to the Jof with vUflh Wi««rif«4 '"Willi «h« miUmI^m of ■omiaic JwIIb 

•■ •icoBg M iMir Writ' that •!« loTMTwm V.k««A MM hm'i»f mUka, nAtSU 


oftlM»wr|i „ __ 

*»«•*?*• to* «fc« ■•b|*rt,^^i •««' jm tMMM WM MUBMI viu Avw Mam* to 

«hoiildtMtv« wato'M»M«« l^umim " 

whyyoatboBldjiwm it prwUm 

the night «•! I«tli«r thM !|l^ 

otnog* lM4f whioh mighty A»<a 

ktMw« b* JifMttd with wUd toMtoiHtHitli*toMtw4C 

vowthalvm li«M to dtfcnd )n^*tiiM* Si* wtoh and tatoatton wm; to «» to tli* 

!• BO ruMn why y«« ahuold w^ iIm» in «ti§ iwA pMMPVo «mm pravirioa% for Urico. 

''??• -* . .^ . ./ . . f ■*»** hmtktmK mA to roiiim nHtli tbMi 

M '^"^ •***LV*'^ ♦•JT'^/^*** »^fcf iwttobilofo sito alMNUd ovdto^ia 

MusdMiTfn. • UtiU |Ko^ly|,flm^i^ niw>hi«tf!t»J»ip#«i. , T^ 

wfailiKl^wM^ Iheia^M &nk jrotto »¥Kt I ialMd Md tbt «hi»,thM ho hod to*dt m tho' 

I thmh *••**»•*# f«i • toto fUoo of rt^ Bo »lM«M^Ktoi«h* AbMd tkiM# tfco 
faMforto-oiriil>. To^morrov ^ttor shcltor thifiktt. wtlho«t/too dtoMMk iZdl* 

<?«9P>%. VT<»ligK»lto wio th^li^ol iMdlf lio ««u4tod Iho ilg^^SToDdTof 

'th« •MVwiay villi toiMgrij m^ oMttai «itk 

^ .^JB^<n.A(» ■>j|#i»,toypli^»lrtoi liltoitoMt' ' 

Kto^tho^fhip. . iff«<lMtoiHb«tfirMho«i 
w ^ "toftol todJMtottoa, »ig|iiig «■» 

(lMlfrdlNr«||l*4|M4a1^ Ml 

M|f»iihj;to' -MMd ->!»!• U o f i ag 

. *^ .w- .-w*-^ Tr_. ^-_. ^q^ ^^j;^ »lM^«toM wOl om fortSTS 

s yiM^ ItoiiBg, to wli iriM a hom i , k«ltok 
t« ai^teotoatwalkuvatof aadhonMlwngf 
tj M ^ uk^ ooald g% i» llM dinoiiaa ol 


■bohw t^t I am ulriMA to go to. NAnm, 

• awo.aiid I V m»| bodga.o lot MioM 
g>oUf-»pri iiB io n to ttoBd oljtlio boto oU 
ikKJll T^^-^ ItVfMog booto f foid 

-'/|.JiniiMlOolbO|*..^piilb* . X:bMlA.gWNl 
Mllib*V«to»M»ft|Nt'WlMfc iMfejriilt. OMl Mi 

4 MMRrViwy wti- MNd: .to ■kto.-tbio.aight'a 
«l«Mh'^Ni)Md.lfr. ftiMvttod. . .. 

< ^ : J^WftotoivoUie^odt^Miti^ to Jmrikt ' 
profooMl wMobiagi bm. bo muMMdodiaM 
!to«fi«aiafAM>4hafek»iJMi|d itotoh «Mioat 
]|»«g w «iito i a liMlto,llMya|l«aalto^lhO' 

Jartw apwd bio goat go al to Ibo iocr 







■ II 'I < " 

Ht fooad alM » ilMitT of work to dOb aild 
b* iMatoBMl todoii fintol^l,. th«|po«r 
Mt act bioi ott dfl«k, with a^rMj 4MM«atv»» 
tioa olddigliuk dMMb «rwt«r««MMaMik«.. 
Tha wu bw fNleoai*. Baft of ooww aho 
luid^pi>«l 00 all tho milk ho kod bft for 
hor in the «btfl i ond tbe vaqtod mora. 

Ue want immediatoly to th« pona to lo(4t 
■fur tbo oondition of tho onimab. ud 1m 
foood thol thof alto hod oonramod aljl.tbo I 
proTondar he bad plaoed tboraf^r ^Mrt,'ud < 
tliot thoy w«ro . olamorotta for o iio# ■opjply. 
Hla baatened to tha atora-room mnd niMd 
■oahaa and broogat to tha peat and tad all 
tbo onataraa ploatifady. Th«i ho milkod 
tbo oow and fad tbi aat. 
. lor arwi in bia oa«or imiatiOBoo «> m* 
' book to tbo bland iritk MOTitiona for hla 
' own anflbring loroi ha oonld not naglooft tbo 
•aorod da>y of rolieriag Ibo wnnbiof tboao 
fnordambfantao wbJob wwo fo mHarlt 
MailoM and dottondaat apbi hit kWhMMi 
Tbm» dnftio* laitb^l^diaOhargod, bo 
■Miii d iato tbo atoroToom'to atftmd to ibo 
MM&a«a npon wbiob ho bad oopooiallr oomo. 
Bo looked np a largo baikoft with a oovar. 

liko death. thoN waa nothing, to Aaftnrb 
ifliem. Tiio4latBnt aonnd of thoin4kat 
oa«a aottoaod to *keir aoMaai tboMnrar 
oootagoiMrdoandnMtUng oC ioaoot and 
rifplaof watan, were all aootbtof , InHteg; 
ii(P«ri(ki aanaia. Tbor alapt on^nntil lata 
liiko morning, whan Hatora baraoU gintlr 
•iikonod tbrm. llMy teonod tbeiT^oa 
aiarlyat tbo aame time i imt lay far nfcw 
■linatea witbont apaakinit At length Jaditfa, 
baariog Miaa ikujm more ibgktfart in- 

^piiradl;" ;- t'ft, ;■,,., v^-t; ,■:•■.■■ J ,',;.<( 

' ^AioyoaeUno, ■aSMi#«- ^■■- '^.-^ -vj ■.-■ 

be nrOiMdad to fill It witk paioab of 

oMTeab^^aoaar. ^Ifost ho wont to tbo 

tho^hoBi' naa^b, and 

bad a ptUtit 

•Mk whiah 

peno again a^d fonad 

ooUaotod aboaft a da 

he aloo addad^ bia atom. 

Tban ha aaoondod to the dining 
aad ffOM tha OMwida of dabrii thora he 
fi^ed onto low kt^rae, ibrka and apoona^ 
audoapMaaoara ind plataa, tkat bad aa- 
oapad^o«anbral o^tob»and pnt thorn in 
with the nnmaiona. And ho teokntahlo- 
ole«hantflolied4t nd bddiioforaU tbo 
flOBionta of tbo baafcoii vwhiok waa now 
4aitofnllk and «pon wUah ho sbst down 
aad fMtaaod tho oooan 

Keztbo wont do«B faito tho aabooNi and 
loehcd^fp a tan^ttK a fiyiMMtoa. a tan- 
MtoBd a ^ooffto^boibn aad^adlhali to- 
frthav by tho bandlao and bwig thorn npon 
k^pakr of tiNMa vbiah ha ■ling oror bio Mt 
hoaMatv And n^ bia hoar* hadwt of 
■■toi Mdthohavdio 
hand, aad hit atMit 
,ii.-r:-—-i-:3-j- *•'*«• *if!?»hanji, ha 

■■«ftthaitiamL ■..'■-. C" •.. . 

Aa« apan tho <wk«b htflitltt* vM nnliha 

prarfa ie t on^-hin< 
of tho taaia in r * 

KOk Inditb. 

* Afo ye awako, tbfa f 


*8orO'HHaolf hao 

/•Adraaiii^ Jaditbl' 

C .' *»r»7«* ■»'•■— •nwr draiMtHifiMly. 
I diMMd wo waa bitting on thea^yabtK. 
wokfog at tbo mOon, wbati anddenly— Lord 
tepa aal tbo apanit io Jlr. Boaonthal ap. 
pearad tona And thin. anro. tbodrame 
obaagtd, aad I tbonght it waaa't hia ipbi^t 
at alTat all, jmt biaaeU. I'm faaiodVa a 

*Tbol1iBodraam, Jnditb, bat n bkaaad 
reaUty. Mr. Botoatbal, tbaak fleavant 
reaebad tbit aboro in aafolgr. Doat yon re- 
aembor thai bo bcongbt na bei4 and atoqd 
aantinelat tho oatranoa tbon^ to guard aa 

*0h. yoi^ tnrai hotbor aky bioi t what ia 
It good for at aU at all T Bare ikao# now it 
waasodnmo. AhfLotdhalpnal Iwiah 
Ma ahlpwraok wao irdtama iteell Ok, me 
poor, onld daddy I iM |Mor,onld daddy! 
akall I novar aao yon igida In «bia worM t 
M*y loot to mo Jbiivor and irar~.dtownd« 
ad in tbo lalt aarf And fbra Top l^Ma— 
am pjibri dear, darliat lore Ibp T<ai I Oh. 
tboMaflk day 1 Oah-beno I Ow-oo i Owoo 1-^ 
oaiod tbo woman, anddenly raaMmbering her 
bo r aaro m a n bL andjgiring inf to tbo wiUeat 
tifWtiiOBiof (kfieC 

IfiM Oapyora kMw hf tho laat Iwontjr- 
fM^ howa* otparionoo thai It wab hottar to 
laaro JndiMi alone in thote perioda of paa^ 
tiopMo borrow, tinoii att attbmpto totonaole 
hor onhr aiado her wvn^ wbUo if aba wort 
lait^to hartrif ah o a oo n rotwrorod. 

In tbio l aa p ao t Jndith wtm liho an aaimali 
~"*'^*' Boaoonororor, 

bnir ar*a»ito lyiniad bar 9t I*. Abd 

\ ahe «a« ooBHy ooaaolad by Ibsaioal 

lit»di8«Moto«hy pbyritai dfioo** 

fhawhal* hnrdoof «f «o Jbir 0bblatk^ 

hMMtotiono w«bM^«ll» dnoata bad ■» 
dangfitor P That of Jidith'o bright htra 

: — • ■: , • , "^iff f .' ,■ , ■ 


WAUk f L4Y. 



kMS-fHf ftajr %^Ji»* <Miyl' Aadjal 
ilMkdlbiMi » MM •hil4l;*adb«rKrMf 
for tiM kMf «C k«rlfttlmr WM ■ioMf* wUU ii 

IfwOniffn UtUl Imt iMad «poB th« 0A*9 

\\mA, MTlBC t 

*fnif to ik* Lord, Jwinh i B« wly •» 
oomtort *M»* 

Ami tlwB ah* fMMd e«l «f tk* grotto, 
•nd wwt to Mm llttlo fonntain, and wuhsd 
htr Im* Mid hoodiu aad wi pod tlM«i, m well 
M sko OMld «n hor |M>ekol>hondk«r«hwf. 
▲ft«F wkiok ab* viakad k«r 99«k«t>hMid- 
ktrikisf, oad qpraad i» OBtkokoskM to dry. 

•ko lofktd oroond lor liMtbi^ kat aol 
ooahuc Wm oaywkMr*^ «tw tkoagkt tkak ko 
bad wolkod wrojr on-yvjpdfeo to \my k«r 
m4 kor oMoodMl oImio foro wkllo^ on^ 
ftkut bo woold ko bosk oliiort imoM^tolj. 
BkodidBOtMUcaOio tiMrt ko kM rtt«taod u» 
tbo akifk 


■poko futo (AiorfDUir I 

*Sor« whwo la ko goBO to^ tkiof 

*lir, Bo8M»tka^ do 70a m^aii, Jodttkt' 

* Saic, iHm oIm WMUd I ba maniaf ot «ll 
at idl i laix ,tkefe fa ao otkor ** ko** on tkia 
ialaod, if it ia an iabnd 1* 

'Thtn.JnditktauiooyoaaMaflfr. BoaaB< 
tiial, I Biwt adaioniak 70a tkat it ia not 
raapoetfol toapaafcof aiiHitbaMiiaa "ka.*** 

*Agtnt}aaa»l Lord kajpoaal Itkoc^t 
wa #era ail iray and af nU batob mi tkia ia- 
had* if wo wror wera anjwkara alaa I Bat 
aara, wkwo ia tko giB^aiaa»jtoMotD» tkia I* 

•I doa*i know, Jiditk. fkaroaet aaaa 
liiaa tkia ■omiafp^ * 

*Bedad. tkia, ba% foraook ■• } and awo 
, tko laai^iflff baata win ka ating oa alivo 
next I* 

*Ko. jTadi b, I aa oartain tkat Mr. Boaan. 
tkai baa not foiaakan oa^* aaid Ififa Oonycra, 

' Andkara^ kaan a arol Wko ita^ itt 
AikdwkatwUlttkakcroforr Skiotkoio'b 
aanaikalaoa tka iaiand, and tkav kindlad 
tt tooaok «bl Oqk-kOM r Ow^ 1^ 

*0k« k««k, Jaditk 1 Tkaro ia no konaa 
kaiofjtt tko laLwd .k«t o«r tkraa mWm. 
TUalhi war iroKaUy iiadlod by Mr. 
Boiwatkal ia tka aigkt to (nmo off tkat aaiM 
laiMtMag koaat of wki* yM^Mund ia ao 
' Biajh tortdr. - • - " /^ . - . 

. 'iU^ tkii, aoM il oagktiit to UH bna 
lataooafc Aad wkat akaU wo kiadio it 
witk atidtataai tk ttafi «ff^Oek martkor l 
Itliooadagaowl Boar i| wabkiag tkioagk 

•Baqaiat^Jaditk. tt ia Ifr. Boaaatkal.' 
■aid Bntoaartf* aa ^■•tiaaa«o.^Nokte|| 
tktongk tkoAlakot, Md atood kafoNtkZa 
ladoa dowa witk fr a r l iiaaa aad oookiac 
atoaaila, ood looking, aa I Mid kafara^ Uko 
oao of Skatnaa^ baauMnw t o taia ad liMa 
a aaooaaafal forago. 

'Good momlnii oiatar 1 1 kopo yoa raatod 
wall,' waa kia akaorfol, ■miUog grMtiag» u 
ha aarafallj aak ika kadtat 4owa» aad* 
droffped tbo oeoking aimiki, aad atrotokod 
kia orompad ubuL* 

'Tkaaka to>^r Itiad nardtaatkipb wmw 
wall.' aoid BritoaurH oardially. ' 

* Tea or* ataring at tkat boakaS Jadttk* 
aaid Jaatia, kogbfiif. f Wall. I haro kaaa 
Id tko aUpk akd teoagkt 9tuum iwonaitaa 
for kreaktaat. Tko anator fart of tbo aWJA 
atoraa ara apoilad ky fkt wottkig tkay Ml 
ia tko atona t kat atkU tbaro ia a ooa»id«b 
abia oaantity wkiak, Craai ita 9oaltioa» 
aaoapod iajniy.' 

*Ak. Ood bloaa apl karo yoa broagkt 
aay toy itaalf f aa^iSaaly inqnlrMl JMiik. 

^Ta^ Jaditk 1 1 an happy to ttU yoa 
tkait tboro aro a«toral diaata of tea aai^far* 
ad. I karo broogkt a aoMll portioia of bao 

« Ak, HiTvra bloaa yon, air I Aad Lord 
lorgito aio for aayiag wo wow all fray aad 
aqnil, wbioh w*>a noti oad alrar aaa ka I 
ftoraarayoaVeaatoaly a glntlaaMn, aa'l'' 
ifiroroaa oxpaot to koBMoalf, kat Ikif 
yoa'ra an aagal all ovor, ao yoa aro I Aad^* 

•Tkcr«v tbw% Jaditk, tbat witt do f aaid 
loatin, bmgking. *I>o yoa anpadi tko 
baakot aad lay tbo olotk, wkila I aaka a 
ftto aad kaag oa tko kattloi' 

* Ak, aara^ tkat X wfU your koaoar I Aad^ 
lairar aMaatwowarofngraad aqail, atoll 
at aU t flor trotk/ yoaVa an gaardiaa 
angel and pottora ■aint for fariagma mm tko 
lay t Fais» I'vu been pining for OM toy ivor 
aiaoo I wito ahipwraeked, ao I kavo I Lord 
kapo aMb I tkink I ooold do Witkootauto 
aadkraadkattkeraoraM iayl'aaid Jaditii 
aa aka kaatled abdat aaaaduag tko kaafcok 

Jaatia aMaatiaw kiMilod a fro of losb 
ka arocarod tMm alnmg atldia ol 
aool. aad ataoklkOBi iato dM grooad 
at eaoal diataaoaa froaa oaok etkar aaaaad 
ikoir% aad kaal tiMir tapa togitkaiv aaA / 
faataaad tKai aaaandy* 

WMlo kia at ta ii i ha waaa t aar k a d ia daiag 
tkiib fcitoatarto^ a a forea i fo d by Mai, toil 
■ oarriadlt to tko 
watar, aad 

Ittotkagia; - 

Aad wkaa Jkatia looked aaooad wMi tto 
latbatiflii «r doiag tkat JoK ko iMdKd M 

-' / 



' I f i ri i ntt f i, ', 


.rif •r,iMM»tl«ittf, Aiifcf ff 

«|,4lMW .Mitaiiw bat twiwllf » 



>|i«Mii ».jy*i^4»UgM tin ImM: Int mM hi» 

Bat ctMjtyag tlyit I CM 4p, aitliwr far 
.t?Mi:a«l'M>aWllM«lM.; . 

, ; ,• W^iKftMSa: ^ ., . ;^.,.^■ 
iMJI^P *^wjrw wiM^fa tbnk, fa ia all 
jotbar tlMiMK "V -r-' Ha irai almt toaay 
-'iiflr^ 4aai|*«|,' bo* ha ^a^br li|i«|Mil ^ 

0a «6|iRrsss^ 

lAbMI A "alilM? Mid 

Ta4mi«« >*«% 
wtiua bcaakiatfe 

•• iciQiiMl i^" aa HoBBwhaa it I iiaYer 
ba4 J iMtygy • WarAiag in^ ny ^fa^^ vt 

Jpiditb WlWMNl^^^ «M VUtoaa 
dithea oa-HMt tWa^ble. MtCli* "^IkW^ibtb, 
and tha« aba witKdta* t^ tbllia bitfatt a 

•vilU iC lha» 

ira'U aurtbarajwar 

totiu «r(0ar a»d niljiag 

■laMJl i«^ tba fare Val 

■i«MJi i«^ t«a lore. iMira 
doiac vid «a lira bipda 
irkinff liiMJi aiwitf ta{d 


,j«f at9 Mi npa aa4 

viMPa alii, /an Immvw/ laid llMi ConjraMM 

. |,aMJ«««arkJ 

■Jadtlil. lad i g aaadyi and 

tha Mitagonial a)M ;«r4i 


'Ak,lMfdkaiiaa«t wiO t« 1m bMviag 
#ati»lBina tpctb agaia? ihii^ didifti 
«ta laa ar«i^ vbw tba , gtatiaaiaii, 
«M «a tayj «M«. lat wba wnilMi 


., ■'-* 

itn-Sm^mt Ibifff ar:aaatlMv.:...f%||i|ab.,1iqaiya 

..' nJava *biii aggi »loi^KitMttr m !>• fAf a^ 

i» ,f «fl*iig#ba m^ »^^^^^ '^W<'»iM 

■?Mie«i«ka aliliba riota>d% 






grmlted, attd tM>k tMr bn^akiyit aid^aio or 
gifto* faablaa. 8(i« ppttif^ d>|t> U* M^^t 
«a4havb«)P*^ b^tto tbatttajl|ddi<ta«a bi ■ 
at|bitiaM«i aM ba 1^^ 

^ JwS Vft^M^ »Wli jyir, aiidijiiiBff ^ 
W%ib«rin«fad tlia vSwilliiib^ aaoh | 
fUmf^mpff.. ^tvr*i 1» i|Ma«'aij|ii llnd ( 

fhi^it tiM. I ftSbt WbteMr «mI Bat ^ 
■piii!,iaai|lM aoBt^''»b«^iic4i^^^ , 

MtH^^y, iUiMi9« fW |U^ IriiDMMli ol the ', 
Im m IJba l«i. joVM ibaifMM^'l^^ 

id kaw aaf Cbliffftiaa v 
dtliAt tbtim, 'Baaky, { 

atioaa, nflg { kaow," 

^' aaila'^"^ - 


' afekiua 10, . 

>ibi ' 


if ."iMMie a» 
ip Ibf po( 


l*a:a^«tt# «■ 



■diniattmmta MMII' .^.^ ..^ ^ 

■to" " ■ j' f '' l *?^^:<^/ ^t^ ^^■ Ijtljtfcf* 

it WM tM 4Mlll>te« 


itirMto*4Mlit»l»«tiii^ > , . 

• A* ikvlto. .ii >.aM Marr •* 4m|( «| MM 

wdb kiiM^MiMl. lad fai UwmmI 


kecp-ovt raia^ Cmm «a4Mtk* ami 

Ooa]rM% Jaadbf tlka awgr l^tiM^toaM 

Jaatia faUow«44m^ «a«%Mk raMi 

Aad BOW I ■»# «ak» Mm afport«ai«y to 
<lMorilM tJia cnitto, wbieh waa toba Brito* 
marW^a (Nbl^ii^^ jftaaa attiil liar IM rada 
«abia ivfeald ba Waadlqrtlia iMAdaaf bar 

TUa icitiiin Wikmtth* ii^d iNMa df that 
loiif aMHialMi»tlHitJaatuMnNaa<l ia «o»ia|| 
from rta a i a a» r ayto tU aiatra of «|ia 
uUad.^Xt «lw. «itand fa, » hola akaat 
••?•« laat lik|k lip tlHM Inad. dmad 
ibM liol% iiidat kiM aatifa aida( U tk» 
moaatoiiv tha whote aiu4aaa ivai fiaWy 
cotlMdwHiiA tliJdM* of thmW^i^daai^ 
Jioga mhmwm «h«r «mUI flad vaa* bald la 
1tl•Milbat«aaB<•lM^lookk» aad ift |r«aNi«ad 
• -'>-* V-iii*ital appwinaw. b ^aatol 
tb«> gmtftmm Iba^aiaail aatand aaawiay ia 
tba araod«»«iH« mt HttbfMtfV iilid «uida 
their fita aad aataa thair teaakfoat. 

P««ii(W«ithr«mk JUf iMla «( tli^raok. 
wdaarMTnai t^ vcr«tt%. aa it »iffht ba 
«»Uad, iaati»ra^>]iM( ' ' 

aalvaa <te» aMaiva* m 
giMtaati " 
ifrtlt<M4iummwnmi^im^ W «a fonaal^a 

l**l« *ka «aa» iM Aoariaadiiviiaia W^ 

ia«t«lbaai|,ib* iMli-IWbt«<i^ttl thadaatN «f 
froatMl aUvar. Tha whala htei a^ the alaaa 
vMiabiMktbat «| at.laifa itiiily diaatfaff. 

'It iM) paiaia fauna higfi t mmh t m m;tmxm 
qwHkV, addJattia im-mitOiMl^ ' 

tQl#ok afar Jadith. 

WTaynai t)M cr«tt% aa it »iffht ba 
, iaatiaraaMl>]lrti«8ii^tai'iaaad than^ 
M a«Mivwaftf% of a«ai <l«rai aad 
aatMl baiptP. Sh* foai^WM Marly 
aB4KihaaMdla.«Di^ ia-liM^fcna.flf,a 

^ t 




»^l^^lM>atf % **• valla tM 
fnih uSmm' llfitartiriaM, 
TMaaMMlh ia all arlthia, raio'protff 

Jbd dalltetaly liaad. 
A baartfa ia t^an, aad woodaa diah, 
■^ AiMrMna la aiaody tv4n, 
. mikd ioikah tf 1 raady to a wMi V 
' ld« aoufltrt aad MpoM. 

!^ nott thiag la do^'aaid JnatiaLaa 
thay Joiaad JodiUi* t tlia «n, *!■ ta jat|U 
t|»aatamalM tha yn^ek. Aftarfhafa 
jiMarad tha* Iiaay br^nf away •■ oiaah ti 
MaryliaMalaathat naiyba aatfaltoaaaa , 
loM^^IMvi MiON tba ^la bnaaka np,* 

yoaraali' u». luloMaria. gravaly. 

*4Bd a)MKd|Btaly aao^aaaiy Ifiboar, aad 
tbarafoca to bi iiadarta|kfja and aooa^i- 
plishad,* rapliad ioatia, aBiliag. 

^Towala«t lat aa t#ka aar alian of th« 
wmirk.* ■ ■ 

|fy;d«i>H>d^rvPM^tia tadi'^ 

Wmttob t<»»;^laboario«b|Mr yoa. Thaaaif 
tray orar whioh all thdK thtafi htfi p p^ 
broMht i9 noKsAdaniiMd avaaaa^ XWinua 



' WaU. vilL' aaid laiftla. Ua»M^ '?^ 
flTf "qaaan, o^ yoqraali^aifiL '^' ' 
al^ tMiM, Toa..moat'.#ork yoa ^_ __,. , 

*Aad;aare heifa'a mtaall wUll^^^ 
haadpMtliafen. i«ady to ftK^^jijiaaiij 
indjia>wt iryas 1' . : ' :<^ 

•Tbank yoo, ^aditii. t Had'tartatalT 
ooaatfffl «n yofir ^%^ «aid tUxtanUtal. 
lAtidnoiT'-^aifir^THdiall va tot ftothf hi 
uqttirM, taniing towwda T *' 


1 I C.f 


: 'Itia vaqrbat aad growian haittori aad 

I dam tor fm mm^ toiac a. baatot.vitb 
<|wa» ailiaaiym l ua d a d , aa tliia blaadif* m 

I dwa aay I did to>t.*^lBi{|iH) BrftonMna. 
Bat JadiJIli te|>k mifU mkttt^l^ifidkd 
arayityi • ■■'" • ' ' ,, 

'♦ittiii;atfiL'''aii^d' ■.-•'" ^ ^' 





Mall to kapatiM hair ItMlf m m» 
lit aloo* iMmiratB f 

*TlMn w« Btist inproviM mnm 4«fi^M 
foryoar tmA» «||iiMt thitMo,' mid Mir. 
BoMDtbal, looking arovntlA *Akl I hlvo 
iti tbo ptln ImvmI nothing ooiUd bo 
btttor t*, b« axoiHinffd, otivting off oa • ika 
tbroogh tbe tbiokot toiirords tbo grovol of 

i( tluroogh 

*Ah~, aiiro wkot wonlcl wo do -.vl^oBt 
kin, at oil, oi all I Trotb. w« kadat otoo • 
4M«ntne«l'i Tiotoala till bo oooMtoow 
ndoif, 00 wo hadn'tk Sore w<-*d porioh 
'itiralyonly for bias,' aaid 'Joditb, looki 

itafollj in the diraotiioii wkoro Joatio bi 


batar did not N^ji Thara 
BO oonttrorarttng Joditbti wMd», Parbapa 
fklao liMyv«xpraoa«d Britonuurtali owtt 
tkoogkta. Wbai indaad tboaj^ ono WM 
hnva and tka>tkar atroM. oooUl tfcoio two 
Womtil hivo doB^ for aelflpraaarTo ion, laft 
alono oajkia daaohjialaod* withoot tha kalp 
#t mit-wSk BUun Providaaoo had tant to their 

Joa^ aooo rataniad.>Mring kuna palni' 
Im^ wkioh, #i«h aono hatwal deztority, 
ho dwlldcd and abapad iuM a mda aiort oj 
hoods, mora ranarhahla fbr nility than fbr 
haaottr. ' " ■• ■ 

*Thoro,' ho aaid, Mhqr >ro not 
fho lateat Pttriaian i^lo of Itdioa' 
Bati^,'taB afraid, baft thay will iBop tho 
■an Off, and to do that ia tha pvrpooa fbr 
wkioh thay wora forriaad. I bmo wo mmj 
^aaavar tha and of oaroraBtiooMWdL* 
* WH<ai«iay waro abont toatart^ tho lifttlo 
4^ aaoiag armptoina of a 

■ •• ■ 4 

ftnlpiac and friaktog aronad tkam, to taotffy 
I appioVatioBj of tho Joaraay oad his wli* 
"liajmaaa to autfo it. 

'Ifoyott doat, ay flao HtUo Ullow. I 
hoi«$liad aaoagh of croajiag tho oaaaaway 
wMi y««. I had rathoT aaify « two-yaar 
old obild at oBoa. WoU loafo yMi kaio,' 
■aid laatia, looking aboai farMNBoai 
ofaOBflalBjg tko dogi 
^o'loafo him* thora wai aasiair to 
thoB lo do. Thay Btighft-kbTo tiad hlBi to a 
m^ 0BI7, thay bad aaithar ropa Borohaia. 
Or tk^ BiigM hoTo ahirt hi« «p ia tha 
had jb6 doar to 

* eaty tha^ 

tdikishandkarokiaf flM» Mipaokatk r«b- 
kdl H ««U apoB fcia owB f aoa sad haada aad 

Wdit 4«ir»0B tha froaad. aad 
And tho Itfil littla orsatai^iaa a^ 






■Mdktaly < 

go BOW,* aaid Ji 
li tho aHMBiaia^ 

aaid Jaatia. 
Bp tko aHMaiaia^ ha- 
roof of yoar grotta^ 
itiaataap andaaagadi 
Boft a vaty. aadant 
lady, I thiai that yoa willfladtMi atafl 
aarviaaabia | ladaa^ indi^aaahla,' ho ad< 
dad, haadiag to Miaa Oaayaao a atiok ttoat 
kb had oal for bar naa ia aliaiUag, and 
wbioh aho noaiVcd with a aaillaof thaoka. 
Ha gaTa Jadith a aiaiilar atafi^ aad than 
tbay ail aat forth. " ' 

TiMy ssaaadad tho SMaatpia ia a aiaah 
ahortar tisM than adplil kava/booa ai^ 

Wkaa thay iasokod tko taUo kad on tba 
OBBuair, ^aaMn foand a ftragaMoft of reefc 
Ikat wobM do f or a aaat, aad adviaad Bri. 
toBiarto to ait dowB aad raaft. 

Ihaa ho took o«ft kia takaoopo aad ad* 
Jaatod it, aad iBViftad kav to taka a aanray 

ofthairUttla kingdc 

'Fortkis ialaadia 

o«r kiBgdoai, aqr aistar I— 

* ** Wa ato iMBarohs of all' 4m. tm r t if mrn' 
Oor ckhta thara ia aono to diapnto | 
lyoib xlia oantro all roand t6 tho aaa 
Wa ara lord! of tho Uid and tho bnte.** 

dBathownaoh happiar wo ara tloa wao 

aiyahooldar to ataady it, aad Ihea 
Idbk,' ho addod, pfaMiag hisMalf ia » odd* 
Vfnioaft poaition as a t w aaao p a staad. 

8ho adjostod tha lastrasaaaft adooidiag to 
hte ad^Mb poiatiagtt towards tho wraok, 
wktaToko saw dis<daotly widgii ki 
olaftof thoraok a* thooad fl|\lM oai 


■ *" 


If ab'o wafo a 
fbr, of 

itMBplatiinriy I 


ka» fato alaitotao 

baiag dooa^d to doath. 

MBad. Itao araat 

fcftw^'said Bri^osNuria. 

Utm,* rafhwd lostiB, 

iBd It saoBM. ovoa tha 

Vitj, K ao aa sa , as ako lay aoai^ sbaia 

inJaiBd biyoBd srMdr, wora tha 

rapaMag hot aft haad. Bowovar, 

sko: wfll kob tonathor tha IsBisr fsr kalaff 

kart'Bo worss^*'. 

; BritOBMirto aow liftai> tho aad «f tha 

^lasbope ftasi JnitlB% sfcoaldar. aad takiar 

It iBMbtsvoara haafc S B fpoind it that 

whilo shii^aido aoarvoy af tto whoio oirola 

Ot tho M i tt ufc teBB JaBtos psfOadiB thu 

raviaw, dariag wkioh a« int i sp a k o. Irito. 

tho irst to ktiak alloaoa - 

fA wi ldara sss aarroBadod If tha iaaf a 

ia tk o a rf dst of — t ko osaanf 

^Itiia aaacni^aaat— ft Is tabliaio ia it* 




■ttorlMUtiM tUd pwfMl Mli<«4«l' Ik* 

th*ttl«MtM^ *T«ftMfMvM«U»il««M 
wild«ni««alMUl Mmm Md blMliMBatth* 

WASiMllUtUlMW A«MiM4Bv«^ TmI 
for aU tlMt iMfe «>■• Md mlm% w ihiUl b« 

tohbad Mr. BqiMalbal. iHtb •» 

kiftirord. Hb fMoyfead bMB r«»aia« 
•way with hiai, mtil li« mw «h« eloadi 
fktheAuic apmi ih* ataD-Juitsi^a brow, whra 
h« raddvalj fnlUd ap wi. h— *8l«tor T 

*««»«11 w, go on ?• Mk«d BritMBarti. 

'Otrtiiiiily* If yo« v tmt^i,* raaUad 
Jwtia. ' .-.u'i '■ .,•( ■ . "^ 

And thty iMvoMd tiMiv famwy. goliit 
dow> tta* wMBlda aid* towMda tSa JaaM! 

way. . ' . . 

•I thiak MhH jra had aU tha aaoMariaa 
and oovforto, Md iMay af tha lazariaa aad 
elegaoeiM of Ufa aa hoard of oar iMp^ ImmI 
wanott' lataifad Jaatia, ai they wwloa. 

Y. i, of ooarM I tat yoa bava aa«a raa- 

■f° .'*, ■**MMkat qaiitioB. or ratbar for 
nmiadiag bm oI ihoM thiano. Nbw. wbat 

it yoar reoMB r iaqnirMl If iM Ooayon. 

•Iforalyl^ follow an yoar aaoww by 

aMonax yoB Ibat yoB •hall hava •!! thoM 

BtoMi^i«i^ oaoiftiita, aad jMrbapo laxariaa 
nd •laiBBdaiatfll.' •"• •" •■"■■ 

Britoh»rt« loakad ap at hibi iH»iriag|y. 
^ 'Hoar^an thf^ tbiBfi re«aiB |al apaa 

irSfS*!*??' H *^t«»~. -^ny tbaai 

i!ti.~'J^.u*^"*^ ^Mdalathafofa. 
•Mtlot aad ahaia ara hedd^c autariak 
«naogh aa tha klaad. laaa bBUd^aaa 

£!f!f!^^^ *^ ^mitai«IihaUia!aaa 
™* M Maa a Wy aaw rt ai BB t af grate aad 

P»HBwiatasponwiM ff ffaatiag < 

•l^of parpUxi 

». *I'\""' «^-*<>»«»dla, tha aaptaia% 
Haolf, tha arayf Bia I I waa aakiaff yo«, ia 
■ba aat^afrr *' 

Jadlfeb. ^ Aad, ah I by tha wty. I l*d your 
«a« aadbiu.a% tao^ iadltb. tbay aboaiw 
V"ta aafa.' 

*Ah, ttiia. Ud laek totbiail Ara tbay 
lafa liaaU, afth« briofiag thair batthara %i 
rala taraf Fam. I wiah tbay'd baaa drown- 

!?? 'V^^^/^y ' broaihitliaaioB tha 
•hlptabrioff diairaotiaa on aa aUi Ah. 
bodad I wall IhTa tham wh«n thay ara. aaA 
Bot briag a bit of tham off at all at aD?' 

• Bat that woald ba araal, Judith. Aad 
•iiwr myiaU; I ahall aat laara tha aaiaUaat 
Hviag araalaia to pariah, oa tha ahifL If aar 
afbri at auaa will mto it.' ' '^ 

^.If**, *''•"• •"• ^®"'* t» briag tbi» 
divilaiapo OB tha laad fo Mak aa to ditN 
thraouoa avar agfai r'^ ' * -wu.-^ 
. 'Ptoplaoaa'tbabroagbl ta 

*0b. aaal tbay thoagb, 
onraalvaa waa htoaahttodia 
ba tba abipwradk. aad wa i 
to diatbraetioa over agaia bo 
or ilaa ba aaaaibala-^hiat 1 1,.,™ «™ „, , 
whava ara yaa agoiag to at all as all f aaaaad 
Jadith, braakiag off aaddaaly ia ^hi^ 
aaara^ aad atoppii g abort ia bar prnaiaM 

oat tha oaaaaway aoiaaa. 

* I>6a*t ba Crightaaad, Jadith. ttatftf iaal 
trbara yaa ara aattt I balp Ifiao Oaam 
•m tatba othar aida. aad fhaa I will Saia 

Si?***J!?5! ■:S '«tiB.wbawiaoara. 
fally aapportfag Britoaiarta iahardi«a«li 
daaaaat dawa aaa aida of tha ataap, 
Wb«i aa had liftad bar awoaa tha atiaam 

'^i^^if'^J^^^^ btrtoauStJJ' 
athar aida^ aad aaaa bar lali «m« Mm to^ 

ha tatafaad to lateb JaiUth. '^ ^^ ^^. 

*Tkatb, IVi baard talt irtiia 4I«||% hiA» 

i»«y. bM BiTof aatr i* bailiaMShS,*S^ 



«d panafaiaaai^ I will'aibat ih» 

tba waTtaiaf iMgaiiad Ja«th. #ha wai 


M fail •• aha aaaM. 

to Mr. Baaaathhl. MtTVuAu^ 

aw^ardlydowatbadaiiiar^ '"■•"V 

tbI2hl'2A?l/W5!2*^ ■^•^ ^ 
tpa otaat aida ' m Iha ohaanL tbav all thM» 

!r*!i^7*^ atm^ltthMadMS 
^orMiad te i»a ibtta aaaZr. Aad 

NOiaLd la tW^ lii*'liklf'j6atJ'Si 

Mlt-'lt. ' " ' ■ . ' ■ ■ . f 

Mr. BoMBlkal baaiad Miaa Caayara a* 
dMh> aad than iMlpaff Jadlth^'bSaiS 


iA-. . i . 

anlMartolaokadaipaad wi^ 

:t : 


.1 /■■'oti >■. 

B'^'^J^t'^^^ ^^* 

jTMur kM»«nH 

4tttUMA»lMllllift fai 

r If hi lw Mi u , iladeh 
vO* kmdf witk tk* bmm r - 

M ibriial JPnvfilot Smb. 

itrintinilft PiMMta4lB,iiM MtsMwiflfeiMrlMlb 
r Ob. «|r.r<Kv iblp I piwwipsd . JBttlXBditli 

r^ y ~' —z TTT *^" TT* ill ■ ■■ :b i^paa* 

■ ■ Hpklb«iliaM ihAtedi Maiininkxk* littb 
MTwl, Jaditk, who hiiJ flaialMi hM' Mr. 

JSMnai, i«"V«4 Mrt of tk« apan 

mw ««1 fM|«f to Imp, parrteg •&<! 
I Itl9ir Vfttb ftulkb «b4 nibWa« their 


wilh them 

k«9l:«| MNK* ». 

,i|« «paW«BiiMliddMr w4 «teb 

^16 ■■' ■ .■'■'•■ 

;*^MlfcV^llMi|«»Iflil%r/iiPlM^ t«ka 

|0 UM 

fc*.^'*>* jMliMMi iiy : *b»t 



both d f<»dta| M IIM 

u tnm 

MA wi«A'^ll» 

•0 7« am, ■><><»> > ifcfc H 

do M ftMi^.iiMi him 


» ^ii ii| ti^mmr'^ 


iatottNl m4 


with thi% Mf •Ml? 
what poir«r Il|iow— > thrMifk fay lnttfMk 
with tliiv •■» •kU<.be4iMl bmOo trMtaf^ ia 
•U in Ml, >iM— ■> iMMoth^ w M» ftoik *- 
pendMii ■§•» him. ♦wilfc M» fhy»i»»l. ■■§ " ' 
ioritrt tawi— .f^MBi pMiilii<4 Whyvtit* 

in odnmoD vitklk* M M#lb«aiitfl TMt 

•aptfiarlav ««iM %i tolwllntifil pMrvras 
ho bM. A Anmnitt. taum •*• Mdijl «Md4 ■•« 
uTo ov M lili« §■<»!■■ «Mi. ' Balk i palm 
hM Immni fmtjmkm f w<ip> % aad tb«|.i» 
tko iMMd tcwOil; tiM ilMpiU M«« givM 
«• otroM b»dif»itii piiitii mtt t^umn hiP f Oi 
•ndhoiJiT -,.,;•■. ,.:-', ...j , ■. ..a- ;■ o 

\ 'AndjMlMiM aimr to«M JBo vrbaMwr'tv 
iN> I BAjr «ak« «lu* I likov* wid JndiiK 

XTho» I MI ^a no«4 iMtth, Mp 

• Tiianky, Mm'mh I Sar* il% • fririltgo I 
Bi?or M .%of«n ia aU mo liiif 4mM. «lMuik«> 
to tho Blii^rraak, 4 hava it wow I Bana it'a 

^ MiUWtiM. «l t>oatliUa«9M«i m 

iiad aotod m J«dith did !■ tki« apaMavb 
H i Hwdiiii #ilt ld >i>a pi w ad a^a Mp tHa 
^1 ■ aaaata of bar #aara aad iadigaallM » 

*f1k«illf>iM»l««k tut >aiw wai avar pa«l 


*n ill wil^ that Mawa aokady goad,' aaid 
Judith, f^ag lata lira. Ily'a roe«a».«ad ba> 
gianiagia ti wia i a g a gyia tfcatppafe anoaam'a 

I ' 


ff' - - 

vnary with (jMat aatiaiaetiaa. 

Maiy ailT^fiag W«B tha daogiitatal a 

WMlthy wmnkl^t, had m iarga aa4«a .tiaii 
a •took aC «aaii«r apfaial aa aaarwaWM 
ntha aiid^W. dtoaa aTlila ioaal4 viih ta* 
pouaiMi aa4 Jiditk ararbaaM it Mtk 
-irMtaalayMal, , 

^ ; Ah.;«lM aa UMgaat ahawU' aka aviad, 
Mdiag4^»ajr|ii^lac«i^««apMMa halrwiap. 
* What m^miuiMmmh^aikmtr taiwaaa^ 
■MM. m^MMFbM-1>MiyMitkiBk>lr 
at* IB tMa|!^.M4(aaigiKaa%<il<- % M Wa ia k - 
thfai W«Mb I aMkrji Ibtkai ««aii 
'^K*^?*""^ ^^mm akuatlkajmaa 

kataaailftiMMV ttdtfakwrlta tMi if I> 

'*"' r^ •nmfwiiT' lia.-iib^ irid a tkmiMai 
avn,tiut$fmr- 'flht'^aMatMMV'aa m$m 
Mr aa ak«M|k«» d|^ihMta4a*l«»Maa4 
Md i ika^U ii^iuiiipaltiiM iMii, kiattta« 
ttnl If pki alk lalb akl wMa dailiat 
ly a MMiliallli,dlMMa.'^^'MiMl^^AU la- 
v^U gi bMH abilMtil#— a i ifcial^apPaatl^ 
■ba a a i l aibi aii iMkiMia^^tai M lw d a y uK 


*fta(4.< i«A«i-^dk» laakl tka taaati al 

aad ahawl aaA'alia tnaa iWi dhrwM. 8w 
M «i«a»lMt ajMa »• 'bm kafaaal Bha 
aivaaka a n aXH a tka Ulu Iv tkaaa aa tka 
4aak, ta ka aaoili latitdW aU tka aah aay 
ira«idr.' 'iMJEvMa'aaa.* yaiaMad Jaditf, 
tao araak akaoiliad' ia kar awa dallght ia 
ahaa*^ tkafdiaad «apaMBia»dt Mtm Qm* 
faM^-aaaaawaaaa. ' v^-''U'"%. ■ "<t^- T ■■,■-..'> ■ 

••H JMi«kl<ka«r aaa y«kf ]>a«W 
4api'»r«BaaAHfeatakaaoaldiiM|»r. ^^^^^^ 

BktittrtkatoMihvtforiB aa «>ataa*^tli» 

^aoaariafMBaaa #'liiaip awa aoaailaf want 4t 

kaara ida h al f a »aa Jai»k%-Brtad> aad ^alla 

^▼arwbalaMd barwltk foflMtaab Ska drtif p»|| ■ 

tka iaarjr, laag> kataaM -doara apaa tki» 

ioor ia a aittiag poaitioa* tkraw bar aaiait 

^aaar kaa^Mad, and bagadtoroak taar badf 

'ta aad ftra^ arytag I l' ;■.''■ 

«0b, tbabasta Ihail waa I ^ MM^ili^j* 
tkaa I uada Iw taaMMl Ok. tka diaTl^ 
wu taraiaf 'ia*»'wld «m< vaaMf mfLyum''''^ 
aaaa ir baart. Ta ba aalajiag ar Pf jMM^ " 
part|r faaCora laav gnMiag Mr tia dMHTP ^ 

yoauff anifibari a«a o#' tt»^ Iba 
bloob IV fiarjoath I Sara aht waa tka a«rt 
W BM baaut aad tba Hflka ia^ aM Mra. Bel I 
ikallaivaraaa bar a g a in ■ a ii^ar. Bha'agaeet 
COaai «oaal->^laat ia thaaalt aay walharl 
Ow-oal ow-aol a«>- •ab-Utaaa I aabi 
bbaal aeb'h^r 
AaJMitb aat tai far a aagalv baet af 

raokiugaad bqyWa g i aatbyaay'aw 
tba apirit of bypoonajr, ba* aa a mm 
baaiaaaa. fiaai ^imi'«il^% aai 
j|aa|iag at 

ittar ot 
Umift akii witb a 
Uttia aorraw wbick aba 


aaaaoiaatiaaaly trjiag ta iaardkat. 
liiteOBayaralika^tbit] ' 
apfttla aa abl'la4f tba 
«ka aat a bahitflal ' 

Maanwbila amlMk Mill baft aallao|«| 
t«atbar aa jaaa/' ifoiiia «■' tba Boitatf 
- m uSSmM dW far^ aOaUt mtr 







Wa batajal t^ ga 

laadyr* iwaaiiiMl 
asraa ftam bar bii« 



• f ••. J«41tKi»4 waitiiie JU(|mM» 
'•■£• tMldal h* wall A liftU* |«M|L 

WkilC Iflivi It* poor TOMM MkTtWiL, l^M 

—irr" '^•» "V •«* iWi «>«» »k« •«• 
VMlf iBMikMrfraMiiaiUwOlMfitliM 

•Ah, itilai, MMlMi, Mp MM ML m4 ru 

«rMb« awM .lU IliK wiite I^nll Bl 
««•! BatraisNMlaivwdtMMlidMVB 

{■toUBt to J faftl TlA>ift«M«h*lMfh- 

iMhMtol Kivil^.t^ |M»| bSTR 

tfll FLAT. 

•iiUi« to«»4» lb. M^ aa to«5«» mU 

•^••w-Mp «f •lato.MtMMTMiiM; 
«M dM Mlbog to#H4» ikt MB aSTto^ 

«Md^ IMl^tOWMda «lM fteriMMMM w 

MiMpailoib toVMit IM flMikl mf M Jl^ 

/thMUkif. m'miI iai« I BMlJB'i 

wUtW INtf Ite filUfalg te Ito poM FmZi 

«wtoMw wk« lu^ Mria iHr rrirtiL'iTi 

ulMt'IakiiU M Wi4m tunTflhtSili 

I tball Mb alliU* to it vbM« it iMMdlalS^ 

■MM IM tk* pMpl* «f wkMB I M WS^f 

^^Mi, to OMebM^. tk* MlMtoMry iQ 
«Ua^ fvMi tte Uaito4 StotNTdiMMM «« 

liMitoia VeTM^.M4 WloMM, vrnf 

MMTB tkM Mamit MMtf 
irMktottM, BirtwMA 


■ topnmtkMi 

ltofwnM«t«kfiMt«. .,i»,_. 

ifiinMVM to MMtwtoto Mmhtii 75 

ptoMwjfat of tlMM awn i^raton waa tka 

i2*'i*i^!^ ■*»• *>««*wad Mr. BoaMthal 
•M maa OMfiKiw wka waca bath him 
wit^M iMah M tkaf aay4 aany. 

.-ij/iV)' '&■;:' -'ii- 


■ .^'■ 

■(» -f; 



Btfaca J lai' thy talari ^ 

Ualwnr m4 foraa to aiwa— 
iMotolpwildllor tbM/ 

'^ — ^M thy MM^ to-ai|^ft $»f'^ 


'SL*¥**''f "^l VtkoaaaMtlM 
^HUii thy iaoiaat mmI ^^ '^ 

MrtM tkaaMtaaar of that foaiv ha Itoa to 

SlW^if^T^ "^•*- I»«^rtotohar 
jfcmth. IB Oftobor ho N^ppaaiod to Waah. 

Sl!?^/?**^^/"f^ *• •^•' «fc« haat 

IwlMir fcMMtod hy^Mtf^^ fMtlatoMi. 

?*•**• ^^**^ i^M^to hM batrotha4<4id 
ha aiMT toadlfa»«kaiahfaoh at ihtot mMm 
Janmapab ■ . 'V'UJt^ h-.. ■'-:• 

J^ *f* ^ "MOMf^of Ufa u« my irat 
I « gyfc <'' « ^haii. «a iiaaal at tha aMoUBg 

^"•^Sft; ^ *fc« bMi4tof h^Mw-aad h«Ul« . 
jwi tau of paoploi aad vwy fidi af «aeoto«/ 

Ito *«A apMtMak;aatopMM^^aftoajf^ 


- . «Mtoat Ha « haat<hataiL«^#«lMKl liiMS^ 
l^tiliitt ., lMlt,iMtr| ■|i»'^'1Sf*a!2il- 



■• iBiiaMf wflhlhaftMlljr sf Ma 

•ioaa tkal 



■ilWIItf w t lii 


Jji* ■»!. I Win Jd« rm •« TOW ^ 
•■tf ted r««ifa • fsvMK 

NbiMt of MM 1MS» Mm aMatar MM I 
«lr«iMHiNMb iMMPWth. W« turn m 

fmjf iMiffKMkViiir fMr raoa* «• • torn, 
awl lixtMf MWM Ib dl, wuMafi Yhhmim 
jui aUMb Mi mif mrmU mi av 
4MicM«M«Mr tw» MNn^l»l».MMIt 

1^ .*g*y.yy**> fMattewha; 

«ialMrla^«ki^ilM,«4M tkMdtf Mate 
Jtmtnm H il ga —4 H it>l i ig wHk — f ^ 


k^nU 4gm «M tygtevluilM.'lMg5&[ 
Hw oolo0<iL 

•DMlIkMvtliMjrMididatr Batyo* 
•It wmM htloi |M»t a iMtpM* 9B yoar 

'NonMSMf aai at tat fba aMMMal 

Ml Yom WH mr mm. And naUy. a«w, 
iMt worth, I Waal voa la ooom^' 
* ▲ ihoaaaad tkaaia 1 I akaU ba lao glad 

*• ?•.■• 'J •?^* y^"^ Uaaaaaa aa fhtahlj 
Mil is afbrad.' 

;,Tiiat te rklM. Awi aov I wiU aa kaaM 
ud toll iMaiala ta liava Iraa Utlrtad la 
your raoBM^ Utiir thaai aoa^artoUj fdr f oa 
Maiatt vaaramvy. Ska wi^ ba glad, I 
kaow. M t i i r l wi' aitoM «a asaaat yaar 

•IJMa ava^f -iri^i ^ yM ^hiwa. Ill» 
«IU baaaavwiSai far »aa. nMNfaNaUy 
■0 naaaa aa jay pwk lac dalay.' ^ 

'Karaaiiiaalaar aa Urtalilfcl an il 
Jih«Mrraafta'|J4o«alirtik to beaatof oar 

atribaafaosuaa aa aaMataaa ai a iMt^ 
j|>M»aMM «al|M «iaat I. ilto"CS! 

* ■'toii^ iW <i |fc|i^.-faai ta' 4biiat yaar 

. yartod M 

^S!l\t^ T?' f^Mito datyly graftiflad 
jrllb iMa proJ««ik *ta»ad to bfi hetal. 

taatSr^ *" T^^ •• ^ ■•'' 

Dr. Baaaa«Ml. plaaaad with lb* lhaa«kl 
•i fi^ag flaaMfa to albm, baataatd bom* 

*•.•5^7*f'• ^•Hk** •« tkayUa^aad ta 

»u?"*'*^S'^**'*.*^ II had oaato to 
tklapaMwMi tha alalator'a ratUabild— 
Ibalaba aa^f ■ n aiii ia liva in tba piaM 
af bw lavav I aad la kava blai alwaya ai 
lka,aa»a raaf wilb baiaalf aaaaad to ba 


Ihaa Ibali 
wbal aaarfart aha laak bi a^apariag far bia 


pw rf aaM aa al baMiaaau I 
"' M aartb ar 

Mrijall OaLlaatwanb, Ukakaalariddla. 
•fad gaallaa n a af a awtaJa alaaa. waa aa 
a|iaaaa. aai bla balratbad bcida kaaw It. 
lint, aba Waal to Ika kitakan aad fara Ika 



aaok f«ry famaalar diraaHaaa attaaaraiag 
Ika Btapaiallaa al aarlafai dalaly diakto aaia 
la Aigkl tka faaltdiaa* palMa allka a»k 

thaa aka aallad Ika koaaa-aaM, and waal 
tajal thaapaia rooato raady for bia aMOto- 

aad akaarfal wilk Iw bMiy aW^ia. 

^*>^ 7»~ Iwif fiaaabadad parabaa^afafa 
avoir Aaar ia fiaal af Iba boaa% wbiak waa 
of Ikiaa aiariai^ wilk kaaaaMat aad atlic 
T*>9nwtmmhra^ kaU raaaiac from fMat 
lakaaklkroaik Ika aadtia of aaak iaa» 
aad bamg two roatoa aa aaab alda. Tka 
baaaawal ooalaiaad Iba Utabaa, laaadiy^ i 
■orvaala* laaa^ aad atttar. Tha tm Imv^ 
•oalalaadLaa Ika rigki kaMaf Ikakroa 


. aUUatar^ '-MlMto mia^a^U: 



and oa tka kfl kaad, 

aflkikall. tka 


,.. «•« 

l^wi a h a d aadwaUfcapfc 
■ al vkrttaf^ 

liMkt lk##Mi li tm%llta «• 



., , , , kMl»<4r««. 

■!•«• ilM tprmH f4 btgui to UflM Ik* ii% 

r4«ritel thun VM tot Util* •!» I*N 


•r4«rltel tW« VMTtotlitli* •!» I*to 
4«M «ika to wan* MA'air Mm !•«■■. lal 
viM* Utoir* WM tantof k*t■Mit^ «M«to 
4r^ to* Mf* •» w M* ti^ «< Mto teivtk 
Mdto*M*y olMit ■• m um-^hmmk 
pUm4 • fool atodi ud a — < ■ ■to a * balaia 

SknWl pmhMv m fcM fl a g with Im .airB 
r^BiRilpviMlto toa4y •!» «am 4«ira 

Thaa aka WMil 4lMra iato tiM Uknnu aii4 
bffoackl ap toa aAugiaaa at to* Mik aal 
toa papan af toa daj. aa4 f laaai toato m 
toa aaatw-takl* 

. __ _ wgki 

toa aiaalat-»Ua% vkava toa 

_.*^ aal MM 
Aravaaaa al Iba 

Tkan. kMrtofi k«r kanteaM to 
Ika adliMij k«4Hifca«kar. aba inl. ^_ 
la nil a fair CMaafvt flaiakMg l awk— to 
tii# anMfliaMata af toa daavl«f<nraa«Mh 
Ubaarp mk ikuM parloar. 

JIval m Ika daUiikl of a aMtkar M«ffa»ii« 
r«r toa VlaiioC kwa««. ia Ika 4aUgM «< a 
cirl#raptrlaf far Ika MaUorl af kar ka> 
trothtd iovar. 

BmiB|MiuM«4 ka« falkar>i raliaiaaa b»« 
llafiatbalKMlMM aa iaviolaUliir af 
ktteolkal I aii aka ■■■■■< la kacaalt Uttla 
laa* toaa a «tifa ^akiaf 9m43 ^ ^^ raaagh 
»i0» of kaf kaakaud. 

iba !ird*to4 Ik* taa^t^Wa to ba •»! te Ika 
Ukriiry|Mi4 aaiwr vta a. Iaa-f«kl» mot* 
a»ial<ilil» aaat »nA datotr t»<tt itoawaaaa. 

iarto tkmmngf, wk^raaka^ww aaiijiotMd 
iq» kar m»lm^ ami wkaaa Ikaf awaiM ik* 

■Kif ta?a fitik aiw waw ik* ivai to a»(«b 
ika**«ilA of Ik* oavri«M^k*ala « to«v 
to rp q tola Ika fitoawl mIM •» l||A^ 
lamatfdk toa kOMa. ^F 

di| Baaaalkai kiiiilf mtm% mk to^aaaoiv* 

ItokMl k*to^ ao vaqr bwqr in 
prapaitoffar kka, waa -Mar mi mi with • 
■kiaap liiahliU- wkiak MavoBlM kair f ram. 
fwMh to na la atoi blw^ Baiabataag 
tmmkMW Oelaaa l laal- 

cr r- ^ 

awfto'a a*naal vb*n%wnr kto aMatar'a 
mB|l*.aii^ IkM akawi af lail i tolka Ubrary 

aaAwl 4*«ra to vaU aaM k«i bl^ aboald . 
'latarawiihber jiovar. C ^, 

laalavaiiaatoa toaf aaaiaddirf alain ' 
aa4l aatavaa toa rooak 

ItaUaia kail ifl'tva km kaWoth 
,f4. flka aav kia look of appraaiatloa 


ad toa room 

aad kaad- 

a a to nk i l laa 

•TbiilablaUkir'k Mlla yaiadiaai *(Ur 
Ika faaitowaiaai In , wkiak I ka«a lately 

BBwrnkmifSmriSkm^ ^ 



aoaani^ aad mfmUmA l«w_ 

"atokf '5. ^a^a"^na^( i^it *aR, — . mm 


▲ paradia^ af wblak aiy lad? it 

Ika 9kH»' ktvaitoacad, ia ala« vaiaa, m 


ka UHaA 


iraiaia yatowTkMalifaUf mA 
*«• jal*taiatkiaf.iaiia%^totk*afltoliaBBH« 
ratt k«padkawa«adbMawiHl^^ 

HPto ■ •4kto 9a*vaa4r i^ Ilk, jlil|A4aftrr in- 
mS g^y*"^ -#l*''lMr M» afok th« 


k«l'.i i.Af '■ •■.i'», 7. 

r ' 

^ of IM WM «ila«7 f mM 
- frMMyi 

f Alft FLAT. 

Yntull— H—tMi 

How It it pMilM* lb«r ahMM'k* «ir iMtw 
thaa tiMf any !• »fct4> ■ IWI 1 1 WMi ■ ii4 

•uto,' mU tWitaHn^li aMiiWi 
Aa4 tbM Ihiir — iwwt i ^ kl^tlk* toltl 

UlMtmiiM* of Dm Q«ix*l«, m4 laM tJbo 
volnmo Ml. til* t»M«. 

uidi.liiMtitlM gMd Mteklor • roud 
•am to iMf«« H Apwm PMtaL Bui IniHaio 
bMl t«p wM » 4 a wftli t» pMMM II I and li«r 
faibor MTor 4wi«4 Im kilov«4 dtwbtM- 
MyiMac ihM ib« mtm^ whisk i| wm 
poMikUlbr bin to pro^ro. So h«t« it !•• 
«poa tiM tablo I •» Ihi* tiiM PoviMM Mm 
oaly aonr M Mm «wk to b lovad !• 
ABorioa. ^ 

<< Oolonol ■itMroHli hai Mv«r mo» H i m 
Brminio iwd Mm Minhft «f Wi>f Mm inl to 
•bow it to liim. 

Thm «M pHMpo Akont • bM^Nd tatM 
plfttoo^ob pl«l«Mi.ff • pwibci ,rortj ;; 
•rn M. kt stadljid MfMtoly m4 «M«fMly 
Mdwith oy iMMMiat nrmimMwk Md 
•nJoyoMat of ita tritfeMMM to Min« Md 
riehaoM ia ka»Mr. 

«M •*» <iaiak|T tkal tm o'olodu Mm tn^aUx 

ktdtiMO of tkofHiot iKMMkaid* OM^IMd 

fl a nd alakt tlr,' aaid Mm ktadbMttod paaay 
taklaf lUaaottoA 
litk aw doar, koaa la a bttor ttm* 
jmtr bu lk II V oMkiiaad Mm m 
baraMafl lata Iko UkiMywttk aU tka ' 
'iBoa at a aabooi-bav. 

Ok V «riod bia dauklor, Jaaipiig ap t» 
H Wak *o^ 

Aad far iko Mao kMag OalaaaimMiwartli 

M 'loft oat i^ tka aald.' 

'AkI piaf oaaaaa aa, air I Hava wa 
foar paraiiaaiaa V laqairad Mho Miablw. 
aaddoaljr rsaallMMaf .iiiiMalf.a«d kawiaa ta 

* Ob. awtaialr. aartaialy. AM I aot om 
af foaMolvaat Mar ^ »ot aiiad bm,' la- 
fllad Oblaaol iaatwortk. aaiiliac, oM tkoa 
toraing kia wkblo attaattaa ta Oaalavtk Omm 
vkioh Lt atill kaMr* Mm. ^ 

Battt tka atr^iogal iIm tfook did aot 
diatarboar laagbianpartj. aMaaMuacaiM 

"t •f tkaakhMt 

Moa afttr did-'tba rfaghi 
doorboU. ^ 

Dr. Baaaatkal ,,_— _ „-^, . 
tkafatkMT aad daaablar k«M It 
tkaiB, kaat tkait kaada avar it aad laad it 

Itwaa tka am lattar Mmt bad^raaalaaj 
fraai J a aMa i^ t b i lottar tkat ka kad writtM 
mod mailad at Porto Praya. It aMralf laid 
tkaai 9i Mm tbina pruaparoaa rojofa ao4 
aata arrival at Parto Prajra,a«d ol tba walh 
bata« of all tba paoaaugank 
'Hadoaa aataaaai to baaa awda aaak 
ia bit ' 

Dr. SpaMitkal liiaaalf waat aat ta aaa 
wbal tbM tary lata aaaiaioaa night noaaT 

A A I?^JP*"'y »«»»•« ^ «• diatriot 
A»d ^*i*»*««M»M» far tki. wmb «a 

l«ttar, flliMgllMt Mi|b$ka>lii IM^ 

• *•*»>"• daUvw to.aerrow naraiaf Tbat I 
woald Jwt 8ta%iaaa*apitk it toaigkt.' 
'A M i caaa a d tkaatoL ny fHaad. It la 

;«««V«S5. tthtoW.fca.dwiiM»r. A 
thaMMd tkMin I tkio ia a raal aat of klad 

la flKWSIUHMa 

*fbpadaar.Itkah kia dallaata laapoot 
r bia ladj'lora waald pravaat btai nan ' 
riMag aa tka aabjaat, avaa ta a% faggaat- 

dfar. Tbaraaatam 
af falaa dattaaav ia, 


wriMag .^ 
ad Brmiuia. 

Wall, owf ka a«kn> d^ar. Tbara aatn* 

to BM to ba agraat 
lava afhira • 



•IwmdarwkyMtanarttdid aat^wtlta 
ta na,' aMratnad BnaMo^ witfi « pmaJi 
look. "^ 

•Map'abakljrbaadani^aa^l tlwaa fiwalga. 
naili, aopaaiallj Itm anoll taaai«a farfik 
ara vary irragalarlkd aaaartaia^ Aadyaar 
lattar nay kaaa baaa^ltogatkarkat «r aaly- 

•Jaatiawr|taitkatwaa«M aa anaet ta^ 
kaar fron km Mala Mttt ka taaokwaad) 
wrlt^ Cro« MkaOafaot Ooad Sapa r 

^ _?•!? rt^ ^ f'i katwaaa Mm Oapa- 
▼ardalakadaaad tba Oif* of flood Oofm^ 
tkay akaaid aaaak a kbnawart boaad akin,, 
ia wkiah aiaa ka wmUd di^Mtab a lattar Iwv 
Jmt. Bataow/aaUtkaiiiaittar. drappiDC! 
Ma aoioo. 'waawatpMt ap oaalatlw^X 

■aid tka i«rt^«^— IJmw. ^T^ > *. " * ■•>• f^' ""^ ^ 
^ lflfei^*> »M«tl«iiaaha triia. doator. .taSfe... > i'-Sa® 

X haOayaa- bava kad good aawt fian ny- 

' ^- • BtU dtknah 

kirn., at tl^ 

tJ!* i 


^ »' '. 




II TlMf lMf« bad • v*rj fnam 
)i«|yagi MfMT M Porto. PrajNw wHli 
§pnttf yroMtat of ft ooatinwuMO ol Mam 
Wft th w; Wftak Hmt«d I TImm, yoa mm 
•M wbftt 1m trnif, if JM will tftko the toeablo 
4o>ik«mr:ids lotto,' Mid th« BiifttotM>, 
iwiliftll th« MMT into tbo Tiaitor^i iund*. 
^^Mhftak*«' mid OumimA iMlworth wi h 
# bo#. Thra ho di«v Brminio to his iidc. 
00 tlMt alio aoold look evor tho lotttr atua 
.Milk hi«,ud opMMd itiMyiBg, with ftHftilot 
* I koow. of ooaiMb tkftt jftMi MUM^ nod 
'•hit too of ton** 

•<^/ *IbtIiov« jott Nftd oqr iboaffliti^tftaN 
■ ■ ■wdN d ^ BnBUiio^ Hith • boavtifU blwk. 
■«'.• A«d'>< I do wiik loonld nfd JMIBM 
««|L' aWaddod, jiKvoIy* : 

*I uMi yo« iMld, my doorwt To* 

'TmitM IKBOV tiKM, f*r fovnoit how p«rf«et- 

4f Ilovo yot." ko lopliod, in • low wbiqptr. 

f I luMT tkftt ftlrcMf . I aevot for ft mo- 

■doabtod jomr loto. Wbol^ iAdwM, 

ik«l fwl ool low ooftld difti^ yo« dow« 
«Mr aamiMod BmuiK ia ft voioo trMMl* 

' fOnAUmm yon uk yottr liiftb, ay dooioot I 
Jbiwlqr thoo, do yon wink to nwd my 
titongbuir iaqkiiod OaMol iMtwortb, 
<loith ft Mmimmtt gtaaootowftida tkoadairtor. 
Tto too if bo ntMfttlMdiiff to tbtir od«- 
' -vwaftftloft." ■ 

Bnft Mh^ BMMlhil ««■ dMp in tho 
fttftdrof Qmtmylhtm, . - : \ 

* Wbr do yoA WMk to Nftd my ftkoolhti. 
Bminior inpMtod kor lovor. ^^% 

*Okli; do Bolkaow. SomotimM^bta 
fonkaifo bow Ji«0» ifMMUnc on ovofting 
ftlofto irildk iMk ywi bftif boM ■oaoedy.oo 
jnvob M thbnghtfkL m abooftMniftdod. fto 
«ttMdy oUiriooft of atl ocMnd yoa; «o 
IrtMi^ «bUYioaf •««• «f m»,* wmfOmi Br- 
ftiinkL ladly. 

• •Of yf«i Vovnr. Bnftlaic Novor. for 
jin4Mtftat» beMftr aafri of aqr lif*f ox- 
^inid,lMtw«tk VMBly, tbongb olill In 


4Mto)forftfaiv ^ 

-*fiw«o^|ritl«I«ai ftu IpH*'* yvvMBMiW 
•ftd OMMUft ■!• btiftfi liritb ift tmb Mid m> 
.foft.i|bilMi« irith vMok 1 4o Mt «Mk to 
Ait^Myow noatlo boirt^ JfOk ■raifti«» I 
4|i*txi^,^bNigftr m.fmam'mtm.''.J tmrnwaAm 
■lil irt i M iritk BUft, witk fVftvo mw^iTiftiio 
«-MM| |lfm|l wftk di iKfa' Ibftt I aa yow 
^Mi^lwrfiril^twM^ yowt I' 


i|rdftvmi««ir tkftt. I 

MlMi syaolf whetbtr yon ««N 
4f iMr« Bnt I dokwNT 
9m broko down in «m 

HooMiMMhwwftbl witb bk 
fttoppod i» wkliiwr ■nmtthitij; , 

-Ut. >MM tb i l gi> n oid np ofor tbo tofo 
•f bio ■ n i hw li^ witiwiac ^ kiaaiilf t 
. *HnM|kla» tbfti ia tbo woy inwbioh 
tkoy Nftd «gr lOMli lott«ri' aad tboa h« 
boat hia baad alill lowwr ofor OnatoTO Dora, 
and bMMBO atill aMKv aboorbod ia atndy. 

*ThM yon do aoC lofo w»m tbo laoi. bt- 
ooMo, tiko Otktlto^ I tm abatawbat ** d*> 
olia«d iftto tU vala mi yaaraf" iMtworth 

*Ob.Bak Mw dftl f«r *'tkftt'a ail atnob." 
And baddoi^ wbal doaa tba iaapiiad wiitor 
ywa bavo Inat f notad lay abonltlMtt 

' *• Lot atai tba wonMM taka 

An aldar tbaa baraatf j ao waara aha ta bim, 
8b awayaaka lavalin b«rbnaband>baa^ {*" 

anvanuod ^010^ lilUag bar bead, bhub- 
inf intanaaly at ktr nam aadaai^ ia f aaUait 
Skakaapaaio nnan anak a anbloal. 
--^ ' loMliUat 



CMoanI iMtwartiL in^ 

Tolaataiily tigk^niaf Ua acaa anmad kar 
araiat. *z«ib daaraat^ mppoaiag Mint tba 
wapvan avar laaMaa aaelly on tkoa«M«eti 
af kftr akaia% aa law waaMa avar da^ and m 
I aat^ad yaa da aal> I triak ya« aa lava 
■mm- far tka araaiaft'a aiaif la raaaon boeantiB 
£|||ilaffta»a. AUatbar raaaona avaialMl 
llnr if yon lova bm for gaod looksi tkay will 
(}y akaagtb aad laigr fawiblv {mU 

•aonyonr aifkt OTaa bafara tbay abaafai 
tffor fowl faalltiMbT** "^T diaoovar that 
I do not poMMa tbaa. Iia«a »• Jmm U- 
yow lota ai^ algr daacaat^ •» wai yoa 
bava Maaa ta QiHHigak* 
aalovaa Maraaly %b bwafctba 
•noa mi tba rao a a d i anao wbioh 
ad, ^ftt wban tka aiaatel 
to atrikb It laaiitd Ufa aa 

•'alaolcl Blaa ttnr mAt Mr- 
tgiiiU. rinciai Jtka bad-imai aaadlaaf ax* 
aiaiiiif tlSadSat^ lanriag hiaaalt 

Hha hdaiHMid an* 
itla wax aaaAa, la 
IhMa mtla'ailfMr dii^liatioka. 

Wa baan aa ith III tbft bad>toaaa. ifi 
•anoidtt ttMtibaaltby. Qool-nli^t* aid 
tba daatei^da^^ fi|b««l a a^dib and 




=tT--r- r4— ^-^- '^^^ tP^ ' ''* -^1^-^' 


w'-mC . - « rft ^Er» 1. til 'n\ h t \i 




■unau't tuo* ' 


OoM tbwt witbln Ihy diMwt 

A pMtiUa fatar* sUm* 
Wh«raiB tbj Uf* eodd h«M«lmrtk lucMb* 

If M, ttfaigr 0M\ oc Mat, 
Ohl «•!!■• iMfor* all is iMl If . 

!■ ttaer* #{1100 tkf mbI • MmI 

That MiM «ui Mt f uliL 
On* dwird dM*aa7«tlMr1iMid ' , 

Ooalil beUMT »Jk« or atUlt 
^pMk-aovl iHt at M>aa fatua iuf 

Mj whola UfaMTtthar and d^my^-^. 

; Braiiaiv waa a vair iMk far «arl||r iHiaa. 
tiuBiBMr and wintar aba waa alwa]F»ip witk 
tha aaau IM*^ *!>• P«rpoM(y al«p| wi4i 
tiia foot of bw bad towarda «ia aaal wfai« 
<lo«« of bar reo« omI laf c bar abattan «■• 
ul«Md, ao that t^aMTUwt hmm» al fha am 
•ight tktea ncapoa bar aud Um bar ifaUda 
iato Vgkl It waa ao baa«tif«l ta bii 
avakwad aaeb Moraiaf bf tba tOMbaf tba 
ana, aHi laM. - 

II tMw bor dallf babit» varr aaob afl«r 
iba aarraata waia aa>ir, t» bo dowa itiara. 
bmy fritb bar boaMbold datka. Vroaitbo 
lima tbalaba bad.baM b«ea|b« from ■ahool 
and iMtaHad is bar podUm m tba yeoaf 
miatr«Nof bar *'**—*- '- — -*-- Innaii 
Torf ufitnciMtiffi tbi jujWMlWitiai ol 
ihatMlitioa. and iwva bar pMaoaatattai* 
tiaa to tba dataila of da^wtJa laoataiy. 
Aadabadldtbia irit^8»anahaaaaa»tbaft 

tba food ariabMr bMI aaiaUaat paaoaaa f^ 
boaaSag tfatthoy^MaMilf aad Ma daagbtar 
•Hvaniatawfa araffarad ta naoiva tboir 
friaadi^ aid ioald aata» ba aa iMMb fakaa 
by taifrtwai ta ba pattafaMoayaalaaaa 
bf tbaaaddaa arrival af IrMtoiB aft Ibair 
hoaai. -' 

Oa ttba awraiar— ■iiiiiilan tka doMo^H 
oatfcMiaC Oiioaatlliativorth la tba luaihr. 
■ -^* • .witb - -- . 

■ b lii m doira lata lb»1ttnty taaam 
aadalrj^ aad to ba»a tlia Mm MfMad aad 

iac af tba meraiag papaii Mil*, «• that bM» 
CMb«v aad bar ktrar Kigbt Mob avar Hw 
aawaaa tbay liaiiarad a««r tbair aaiitai 
▲ad tbaa aba aal doara aad a#ai(od tbtir 

AniT baU aa boar latar, wboa Usator 
Boaaatbal aad CMoaoI iMtwnrtb aataiad 
tba rooaa^ a Tory 

mia aMMralog aaa waa tbiainf brightly la, 
Hcbtiagap tba glaaa book-oaaaa. and tba 
aUTaroarnoa of tba brcakfaat UTbla. Tba 
iiabaraad olaarly in tba poliahad gra<a^ 
aadbyita aida aat |rnii|ia in bar aoft 
wUto awriaa momiag drMO aod riah aabi^ 

Bba aioaa. witb a aaili «» fpiat bar Mhar 
aad baa lovaft ■ ■ ---r-r*T-r-j— ^-;~ — --— : 

Ar fiiibarkiMad bar foadh aad tbaa took 
aaa aMMraiaafapw aad apfoiAd to T 
abaorbad ia ita aoataata. W 
' Bar lavar drow bar awiqr ti 
vMow aid wbiaiMrad t 

*lfydaiMat» I raaogaiaad femt Jorlng 
.aara ia aVapry aiagb amuiaaaMat"f»# aiy 
aaaifprt ia aiy roo«M laot aigbt * I kakw it 
waa tbk daar baad that wkaalad My •«!» ia 
ita plaoa, and aal tba ibotatool, aad avaa aat 
tha laavta af tha nagudnM ovoa tba id»kw 
Shall I thank yon for all Miia t IK •«««* 
giri. I wiUnbt mpok yoi aii . Bat do yoa 
kaow. Sroiiinie, ihat I aal ap laal B%b« 
tai;aii^avar all tkaaa taftgaataba* aMiely 
kaoanaa tbaoa dMur fltogata bad tiiaka* tboai . 

*IaaiaaiM Mti* JM «■■ ba akaaod 
widi aaytbiati aMidi lor yoi, :fcr.oli| 
it ia aa littia I aaa da^* aha MiMiiad, 

*Toidwlovaawk Taadakvaaik^id 
that k»1ra of yoiia aultoa year al%bM«r iM 
faaM a (riookoB aarvlaaf ha MplSaC iti^ 
fiitly pwa aii g bar haad la klaife ^ 

rlialH liatiwtkiVlHtti^SSr wtet% 
tUif vkat'a thisf wkaili aarii an Him 
aSa«l iitba 8«|(atar|iiiill^ arfgdaal 
tha aid itiaiatcr; atorki St <Mi yagaria kia 
haad* ' 

Moai^ i»t H i lly rnvtatari tm H had aa 
«aotaM aaiaalk aad tha aa^y ria« aaa 
abaaakilgkiltyia al tfca wiidawfc Hara 



tha aid 

ia i liagihaaad ra> 

la/ViaSita la tha 

WWiam d aaaia balvatia Iba 

i i ii i li ii- twtiaafc Muu 


,UftaalpS#datfc. ':'^ 

W'k*ma, \ «tM i|ifcdi 

papwa TNT fliNB ta'MM ' 

iMoftka'dilif V' •™ 

aatf liai 




H to rata. )f7«T<i o*ly h^wmi^om 

f Wm* » littl* MrioM» do<«a't rtt M if «Mf 
, jaally WMB MMMiol^ Mt' 

* I thiak tho South wB 8tet«s rialty 

Thaold'Biaiiiw ralaatML a mOTMat* 
^•a laag lk«4. aod thnir tba fapar avtd^ 
^ Mnlaiaiiac t 

r. • Paoliriwoh I iM^wortk I J»o*»«"« I • 
faw oraftT aad aaloraimloas ponUdMiM* WHO 

^ wa milUiC to aaarUN thair aniiitrjraa fbal 
I tlM7aMyri9aiatb^aliiiaiiii»#ia^ vfoa 

* tioa or a^dV^* J**"*^.-*^ f?.!!XJ^ 

1 tba MBtharti j^Pl* M >^r» F%i*S' 
IwMa-hMrMattaohaMiil to^ aad tU«|aUiv 
Itkairaoaatnl'-wTor, 18>»twy tk • nayar i 

, .liiOrtw^^ W]toIftU 

:ataa i ir a^ a j^oaopliar aad bookfWMnft ; 
. >^bat ka«iiap aot, aloaa fa hia, fa«*d«wT. 


vaatoflto tiaMWaryarf _ 
Om dttrigr aM^ fotiatiaB t^waa oolicatod 
Ihaia t afed Mvar to ga lata tba Braata oi 
tha Araaa totolw ta Ihaf^toa. la « 

of tkilii««|aMth. ?bHti«a wara aaaar di»^ 
MMM u »» 'Maia { nor did h« aTav aagaga 
ta| thoM aflrttrhwa. And. iadaa^, ea tha 
aaly oaeadciB la wkloh ha dinad aat ia thkt 
arsatfal wiatar» wh«i tha oabjaat of tha 
oooTMnatioa, WM tha Onttiadaa Oomprc 
miMk 4ha good adnitUr fMae pal with tha 
following ttattUag vrofo#ioa of faith t 

*n Ourlaotagaa had aaly oueooeded in 
aaitiag (ha oaatwra and arMtora eauMn* bv 
a aurr^ with tha J^J^ *^ J* 
woaid hava ohaagod tha daitiBMi of tha 
whalahaMaifaaar! .■■■; ■.■■:.■ 

At wawt it waa loatta mU poUtiaa to 
Sr.'ltoaaathal ) hat «ba day arao at hand 
ha waa to ha aroaocd from hh 

,Broa «i^ «• tbia lata pwMdr i* jsr-,^^^ 
y4iSo«l^t(» m0if^ '^/'^^^tS&Tmi. 

■ 7.-disiiaiaia.; "1 ' ^ ,' , 

,l|Bt; jtor .aoma 



I^ aiil €aL ■aaftwafth% haawp h*bita 
lhadlMM»hoaraa>4ha aidaiatar'M hpnae wm 
(ftiMiiil frimn '— -»-'—*' to •k^.hpit Er- 
liAaia itaok good dwa that har tathpr ahould 
Bol anflMr bf tha ehattgtt } and il»* iM^d hi* 
laiabaaa of alBwad ay««tn and hcaljlfd |!iird» 
Mnotaally pa tba taUa at two. 
' Oal. Saatwaath. auaa. hoaaa to tfia late 
diaaar. Ha *iaa .«*ra, abaarhad, abawt- 
intadadv Ha a a a n ai i^ aa ahoah off tWapn- 
aaaailitiaai hnUt araaaalh anavidantaffort. 

naJMaia« Aumar tha* ha alwfad talk 
palMiai'witko Idai baatrha waa m, verr 
t a M ai M l aa attfhiia aaMaata. T 

Altai dlaaa% (hay arithditaw,ti» IN disa^. 

jjaj waw> w h aaa rtHtm-i mA\,iim*A» ana. 

Sa Dr ' Beawilhai took Ini;. fipa ^ went 

••#ta aMtty ta aaaoho'itad laMh^ .,',. ' 

^aMima waa btt aioM wiOlhiir ImtFptb. 

••il»g|Mii>df;iwbMftlafl Mm^ with 
har laaar. iadaaad har to riaa and ^fm ^* 

ahwok' 'Ma '.' aaa^ -.aad ■■,■ pImnliJL ■ ' aaa cjm ter 
auMMhav^ hiaifaawriW loaci4,4^di> 4) in»y 
a» «ka« ^ #iiii»i Ua f«iat.^.|Ml^ At 

iMgthaha ataaiali iifca itii^.oMtvMlL*^"'^ 

flMv- haiaa*d,a.|pdiV'A]14o|fJaMI «.<!Ptar* 
•ISMlad Bauo».* . «mi ha«.MiW ^^flnt 
!SSr«Bd/iWpK^auikiagl widp Jm dhoraa 
wtlhailhathaartavdaaal. «fiM#flhim 

4a-Mii. -baa^iaiWi-f DiKi IN^ wiflir^Afl an- 

■ * * ti^Mkhaad M^ — — 

Milva «iaiv:tii f 





- «•■ i -ill. 


tni iotluAmiMm fk! i*Mk 

•Wkyt^-wfeyiMjI Mt aiaglha Sliw. 

' i «MMot Itwrift 1 jfar (1mn»i» I OMUMl 1. 
«iNM Hw tiM* I tlMght oqrMli; I 
oiniMif dMMBiikiigMl. viA %• mm»kM- 
mpanttmit tMDttwlaou «au>tK». 

^B«tfiH(yr fUl BMiriiyralMjMniMdl* 
wite sftioaoiuito i f M ia i M . 'xon hwra 
foogbt wll iB th r for it| yo&liMr«itlMii yottr 
fiioalMi blood in i|p Urtwii | yon h»f 
troa Imttortal famo v|id«r it;«blvky 
tkoa (P^/mI Mt •!■§ tho hmoM of thai 
llIoiio«a(iaMMK,!ao doidilt (Mr 
jroor aakaff 

Jlawaa friglllfally agiAalad. 


• Oh. haah, SnMaia, luah I' ko 

*4ihlWlMI<hifcdiatiiiktd yoa aor-n^lat f 
aha rvolaiaad. rUog feiMk Ikafivwr^aMl 
ataiNlia^lipM* ■■**» ^^ .-. 

BaMJM9kMh«(»ha»ahaivlHrtka iHb 
aad mm hiMialf teto akaflyit ■aaTtHia 
<etttfa lrtil(^ «na> wfciali ka haml^lrli'* 
ua ateoMa to aaibidiM Ma diaadlal emottoo. 
' ShOfOOMldAotbaar tMaloag. - 8na 
andiMat i» Mai^ a«aad ba&id hk ohatt. 
Icaoad evw JdManil vhiaowad t 

'Oh. wUI ia it that tNabiaa ya«. aaff 
TeU ma«^U BMl WbyalMUdttha aianiii 
ui that aaaf ibava ahakaayo« ao riiMh t' 

HaiMthbthaM ost-aad dvawkar'av^aad 
to iiiaaii«hakd4Htli/Ua warn aMond h«r 
waut. heUtothaaia m eOmtmbnM, hk 
aiwwfM^ with aMca aoaapoaaio tlut* ha 
had Mtii4M«ra» b«t gniraly a«d mMrt 

ChavviMa atmgglaari ay lIiiiaM-4ivida4 
<Ltt ri aa tb at taar aad laad • aBan%> aofil 
aaoadaroairildhonaa nixhtdiaBaBiliar a 
nuur^rria bodv I' 
^Sho loii har haad vpoa Ma biow) 
aU har tiaaiditgrjMaliMiiotaaa ia IMr dtam 
to coMi^ hiaa I laka ptaaaad ^av Mpa to hia 
Jarahaa^ and lahiaparadti 

'Xew iNigUt:* «ra-all «iiia;^ldb ma 
oo«tort;ya«ifiaaB. jUiow aaa haw to do 
It. wr daaNat. ohl py daareat.' 

Amm day. Wnar ^oi^a <.f ay hU, j 
rmU tall yoa alL Hot now I lUnnbibaar 
todp it.» nor oodld yiMi jbaar.t»haar il^'i 

'( liM baar aliiluiig»M.ali><«hiMa far 
your aakat^ fty m»»<^-9*km mUfrSif, ia 
j;2iJj5W*W t|(»aati4twk||r«bW 

ggjj^l^^* apa^miio afcrt. 

tJiKt^Mfrnfm alno>aiid» 

'iila'iHwlMi^HiiilM'Mini al a 
•ririMfgrthaMlrr ^. ^ 
*Oli^ «rhdtdoy«i ommiT WhalaVafM 

* '*Ba inoaaaiit af xkm loMwrladH', daatadt 
ahodi.' tiU pm aMlwr«,.tlM ^aad i'" U 
attawwad, aiAat aad tfMbwtag off. tho 
floadi thht haii|fMh«f«d<^MMl'«Nai. 

'-"in good tiiaa ha did ao i for tha door 
Miatly, and tha old dliaior. who bad 
I hia pifOk aautaMd iotd tha roooa, 
toM^dthakaat of tha aviidttit #Mh hia 
airildNM, aa ha oallod tkaao two. 

Utm9 ii*M avwilnfla did tha hafratlwd 
lovaia qMod alooa in that draw hia^ aci^ 
Bat Mt ajalndid'Snilala aMMuat te-atai 
tha Star fpaaglad Banaari mi not mmS 
didOtknallaatvoHb toaa hia aalf atfaia 
akn, «r hfait drnUy al -tka * odaiiat avaMv* 
tlHitaiirtthalr ihatloMl^oiw^'lMaapitif. li 
Khaiilha of that avaninf iraanot raptatad; 
■rtBiMa kt tta aaemory fada fnan Hariaind^ 
traM|atI aaid Iwppy m tha 

aooiaty of har lovar. 

Bm ^IbIomI ttiatwortk tMi haltfhar happy 
Mor avail traii^nil. An haooi^lila |p>iitia«> 
aMuv%potnotia dtiMn. and a diaitomiahad 
■MdMlr, «lio hitd irttik'tHeAhm Jinrtla la 
the «aririae of hia oooatiy. and now a ttiA aU 
IMlllrii.'iiMii. o«aaaiantioMJI|t>pldttin|ii har 
raimihli'tailMd «aa torn hy thavtrasclM aC 
tahatlia aallad *a divided jktTt'ttadlikanad 
not nMi>t|y to %h#iaaniyrdom of d)aaiMfebar> 
aaant |»r wild horaaa; IMr did tba aadlaty 
of hia ftatrothad brida taad tatitatba' hiM. 

Ha waa iieo aaadly lb lora wHh Mm 
anioiatar'a baaahfbl dhild to baar tha oUaa 
iatiBBa<9 df bar oodataa^ ooaBpaiHeiabib'a^tlt 
anythiaf lika aalaaeia-HHilMa hr «mM bo 

pwauttadtomarry bar i*aiadiatily< 

Ona avaaing chay wara aaaaialiteib in 
tba ^wingHNMBk Sba «iM>aaatad at tha 
piaaai ttapaiK bia faVeuiia «ali# Ho waa 
bandwgorer har. taming tba M w a i a-bat' 
l^i^kiM to mora of lMi?tl|||» tf^tbiag * 
a|it« 8iawa» ablRittg tba lafraiiif tba* 

jng aapiratioa i 

Tb9i|>rt «a mifr— dy ohu i b 1 


hm^ mititliia daiab 
tr biab tai d ia» 






mmMm* Umimm lhlf«iiK 
fiodMd iriUi tiM ,«pp«uMw irf tb»«lM««t 
intiMaejr/ yal k«p. ft th* ttptBttt ^MtMAtp 
O ), BrfBiai*, I oftoaot bear, it lopgei; i |ov«. 
TIm pMno4 of juy prabtttita mvtf-U Jii«a 
b* •bort«B«d. Say. 1ot«^ bMI I ssMfc to 
VMr fathM oiioa aMraf ' Shall I fmplwr* 
Vm to iU an «M>ly d«« (or oar vnion ?* 

TIm) ooioar 4««p«ia« on Braii«i«'« «h«ol( i 
•*4 ah* h«itotf4 • fow nooMBto MoR* •&• 

rW« at* ▼•17 happy nowl woaivto- 
flathor alBoat all tb«.i« tlna. What iaoM 
•an va rtqaircf Ify daar fathar la. vatj 
•amohoppoMdto'oar marriaga taktai a^aaa 
.Jb^lonr two yaam Aad why ahMlS wa 
Mrej Uaif Boraly, awrd3^ ym ^ mi 
41nMi that io thaaa twoyaanlaball •ha«n 
tofMr^ayoaf* flM aaddfolt ioqaira^ 

' Mo» my aogal, no. I draav - nothing «f 
;«« bat to yoor baaoor. I kn«w that yo« 
flVatmtb itaotf. Bn^ I aanaot i»nit {«• 
jwini to eall yoa^iaa^ ay loya, 1 anat-^ 
matt bay* yoar oomMit toapwik \%-99n 
latbar and inplbra bim to aborton tb* ilaa 
af< oaf batrothaL*^ 

J} 'TtTJT'^Wv"^** irainKthMwht. 

fally, * b«l I oaanot ba ao a«y lonMr If yaa 
M« d|i«oiit«ittd, for ymr diMMit««t.«oal« 
ba «ba. 8pMk to aqr daar fatlMr. it yM 

•Thaafc%daaraaL tbaaka. IwiObw ao 
ti«a^' hoaaid. and Jm pr^aMd bar to Ua 
koam* for a Matoaat, ud than Iwrriad o«| 
of tka tWMB to 100k far .Or. B(Ma«lbaL 

'MmMm^A Iha Litbma nitoiatair fa kh 
•ta^ riMiitll ip hii aNqrtoh»ir. Mj«gr<M kin 
p^vwd favaiopadiiiftoIoaA Ql wr«?Mi« 

• J*l ii i» yoiy iMiwottkr flit dowBi 
labtMl ^oar jpip»-.I kitow mb aans U 

il ja WE&w/ aaUi th»4oot«r. oatdidlfap, pwhn 
teanollMr aM ^ ab rir towaniitliw gaaaib 
Satot»iag hia k«(#f tohm'iiMrSiM 

te^raitoaa parte aflka iMrl^ fc«a wbick 
lh«vaaaatadya«.Mw'aboiaM» pradao^aof 
IMr ^iimlaga. BaV'4tor air, I did not 
aaafc yaa fur ika «•!• .pkiaaraoi a a«ok« la 
yoar ooaifNmy. I flakai to bava atalk 
'With yoa.' ^ <-(«'i'- J -y ->«'■■;/.■ 

•Ksaotlvr aadid L I |aal f*lt lika kav. 
lag a littla ooaT»rwliOB. I waa tooffing 
lor aoma ono to talk toaboat old Haraditoiu 
Wbat a aaiiQiflaMit old fallow ba waa. to 

.* Yaa, air» no dMibl» and wa irill dhoua 
bb OMTiln •oma ocbar tiaie, if yoa pleaaa. 
To^nigbt I wiak to apnik ea aaotkar tkama 
f-youy daagktaiv* aaid Oalob*! Baatwortb. 
'•araaatlv: ,, : ,. 

'Tba old Biiaiator laid dowakia atoa aad 
tamad to tha apaakar. Tfaa aaaw of bia 
daagbtar waa sowarfal anoagk. aft any tiaia. 
to brug him aU tbo way kaak from ftha aaat 
attd Is hlaattaafeioa o« tba artaaot. 

•Ttoi •?«. whah •( Xtmikior bain. 

ObMal laatworlb nitotad fbr a toomaat 

^•I wmlil aabmit toyaa. air, rcapaott^ly 
•«t vary ainmatly, that aa >ngaRraMBt of 
two yaaia wUt ba iaftalarably tedioaa to ma^ 
(•oaM to antoaaft yoa to ahorftaa tbaimriod. 
Thara m toatoMi r«M» w^ #• «h«nld 
iMt bo ma»ri«f aftipiMi^ I tovo yoar daagbtar 
««roto41y^aad Ztoa apMetoad aa tolmra 

ilaaaa to aam^ Ify aharaotor and poaitioa 
-I^f».PM knaw, ara aaiatpaaababU ' 

.!A5 •'^ ^ ^*** iMtwartb-^oito traa I' 
Midtha aMdMtor, tokiag aa bia pip* ud 

J»lf«»«aw«fall kjb <M iHmiiribS 
tiM^^i ftbt^Mteal mmAWmmnXkimt, 

Mto*' • /'•'''' '/ 

^^IftbiakydTWiU iaithittok 
tha ftM%y|ir avar mm, » li 

" lM»'i|ylMliid^-at''iBiy'pil^;'_ ^ 


.*»lfftmahapaihM yoawill^N- 
ioaaidar pMr datiaioQ, ud allaw to* mar- 
nwa to toko pkma, ' pMiAd tboao^MML 

•l^SMtwrnb. I aaaao* do thi'. my 
Mmi«. I toally aaaaak I lagtoftaniame' 
!L*?»^y TW^Mytbiag— foa saat know 
<^' j*» J '^^ *» ■eii— i ni ito yaaia 
.^J'Qr PtomHa aiaaaar«Miyaa attpal 'fiat apira 

air. 'y^a 4a a«» wiab 

^•agktar'a iw tiii Jaaft 

irMfifa kaaitito now. 

. ^ ^ — _ft^«k bar for aaatoOiia «• 

5!^.iK??^v"*^"^ .•i'tojiiif,' * af ■ 
'ipPfMliiilaaa liua- auiT-kf wy lk>a'WlMa''Bim 
Himviid. I am ttioiiagaaly af Miy diar 



tkM%W^t9m tlM ii MMk IMfyfiwf •• 
b«iM^rip4>n TkiBk 6ffli|w«IMrM*M« 
MtMfvatMtt. HarvMlll )• iM > l ifte l i— 
«ob«r OMnltM iM «Mik0 b« im aM«^ 

muc b» |p»tii«ft^ «iy Mettd.' . > '' ' ' 

•Bun iiir. hMTM jrttfMrthfr. SommI 
11m fMt uf my o^o iMln« ana Immb tk* 
•bjMtioaof lM*-«zt(MiM7Mit|it' WhAtska 
hdn iSr' «Ei|wri«M« and knowtodfa of tha 
world oaa I bm aapply f wfad Iha aolonaU 
Th« oMdtfttaraailad. 
• Doabtlw^* k* aaawaiadi *Wl mb job 
■applj k« viUi tko phjciaal atMngtk 
iMadad |o BMak «fca axiffenaiaa of aiamed 
Ufa, aaa irhiaB thaaa aaxi two VMia will 
giTa kar* if akaiokiaiBa aioglat llbi laal< 
worth, yoB oaaaolk ][» aartkl^ powir 

•8ir,aUtkiiia«atytryiBt- ladonyonr 

■ iMi|{ht«r' 

* Ah-^aa^ yaa. m ZIebow I' Mid t|ia old 

. doetor. kBoMtiayliripkao oat oi hia pipa 

•ad taflUiBg iTv^liomd bar motbar, 

owboa akt foty WBefc naaalMea { kot I kad 

, to wait iaar at iva yaara for kar. It wa« 

> tryiagi jKi iaiB|kikar rigkt, kBt I ittnriYod 

'•(Oiii iBdt Banakda ^ft^okaiwa year 

*-^^ Katwortk*' kaSd'tka.^ffator. oaaa 
aipra r«ai«TiBt kia pifo to flaaiir, *flf all 

areatod k«afi« l«for is oartakUy tha aioot 
aalflah t tkoiu(k>;«kat riatMO^ ^indox^ for 
bra aail aaUMiiMaa akOBl4 b* aatitkaaaa, 
Noi Botkia* OB 4iHk woald ladaoa ■» to do 
my daai^'aOUl M a wfoBv aa ta aMOaat to 

bar aMRyiag fpi» tka mo : at aiaktaa^ 
wbiob la ynaiiffiiiirtigh ik tU nnninlSal far 
a girl U tak«iii|i karaatt tko navaabbiii* 
tiaa «f ■a toi i Mk Anytkiai alia ob aartk 
to pkaaa yoo HwuM do axoa^ tala tkiag 
io wkiak ika wmmM aqr daar akiUli 
MooanMdb It 1^ jrUI. lately i^ioat, 
laat#ortk, yoB 4^i^ tka wiadoai<if m 
'ooBfaab' - •*'■!■ •' . ■ ' ^^ 

'OartaiBlT. I>ft p aa a t k a l ,* aiid tko aoU 
oMl, witk • ag^pBi aacBaal fraakoaai. 
fCbrtaiBly lkiii%(^ktaf to oeatelaJBor, 
katavan^kk4|% kaMrfU for.V^»- 
eaoiaa of ooMiHMtewitfdB ayaaH 
ha#Oglvwl ■Jaw ' ' 

tratkad. I ^ 

aad M wai a^ i. j||» yoB kaaia mfimfikk 

a ookdiHMtewitfdB ayaaH ToB 

m «a W flwadoai of yoar koaaa^ 

■aaiaiy «f j^isBf dMCbfar, aiy ko^ 

tkiaa 4hl haathBakti friffemaa 

iag > 

^ m bm. BkciM'^ YmI. ari iky 



;^,.l-.^' ■!>: 

^ Otiunal laaiwavtk arJoiaaU InBiala is j 
d|Bwiag.reaak Staa look 19 laaBirii 
^ aatofod. 

'ToBtfatkarioobdBnK a^y awoat letv^ 

laaapoi wib bla oooaaot to aiy wiabMU 
npoo a;^ taisMb' ha aald, witk a aiofaBiiZ 
aigh. '^ 

'Jfbaji wa Mu« U patiaBl My daar 
latkar ia Taty good to aa' ia all oth« 10- 
apaatai ia tkiaaiao, parkapa* tkoagitwo do 

ootkaoirir/iopiiod Kmibia. gmtly. -^ 
•It auy bo ao^ Ioto.' aaid laatwoiik. 
Aad voB kaow that if oar aagagaMaBt 
wara to laat taa yaara or twoa^, aad U !• 
tba flMaatiBM yoB aboald traval to tka bI» 
taraoat aBda oY tka aartk; aad I akoaid 
aovar aaa or bear from yaal aboald atiU ka 
traa to yoB—yaa. tma aa tratk.' 

•I baov it» my oBly lovab Aad I 
aooo pat yoar tratb to a tarribla taat.' 

' Pat it to aay taat f to aay r 
Brouaia. iiakly, ia kar cnal feitk. 

I ka«o aa fisad my miad apoa bar, 
Taat wkaraao'ar rframa a aobemo at Bfa 
for ttma to eoma^ aha ia fay oaly Joy I 
Witk #biek Vm aaad to awaalaa fBiaro 

I fan 

ootaa aa 

I do. 


If intOBoarkoknraa 
imagiaa Hka tkaai. 

Oatko iMVBikf aBoaaadiag tka «aT«iaa»' 
tioB rakiltd at tkaaloaa of Oo laat okaptar, 
Iraaiaia an^ aaatad at work ia kar owb Noop, 
aad aiB«iag^ aka aawad, wbaa tha koBao> 
amid aatand aad laid a oaid kafbio kaiT^ 

••*yittot^ Ootooai,* oar Italtaa W 
faaaar. Wka^ ia ka. Oktbariaaf laaaiiai 
InaiBiab witk kar afaa aa tko , Mt of aao 
amallad pMtakkrd tkathooatM aamo oka 
:raad.' " A ■ '■ ■ ■ : 

I akowad 
>fiaat vkic^l , 
lUkita^aaa yoa f^ 
yoaaaa da 1 



laca aaa prawiag-raoa^ 
kya kf,«aald yary auiok 
ra lav niaataai if aa ka 
tka kaaaar,' lapliad tka 


«iMi» ^8kt 

Oiqalaifta at , 

I to kaap kar flaitfr 
tko amidd9<^ tko 

I'ia^tka diBwHag' 

._,^. _. jiO'af tka"aiu^ieka^ ■ —. 
aiMid Mad oara.wor% kai fiik IP 
\* aBd> iatacaatiag aa ay«r, with kia 


, \ 


»' i... ' -li- 


aJCltl to *» Mb' 

ISk *f^^^ Mil mk ibflM^fMB.^ 

BraiiaM wdM •ti»i«li» to«*te ¥*!i— j c 
r|M*« fM^iitowiib allMiM. Sa.AMM vf^nili 

Mi' iMi. mtit mimtt Mdiag oollMr 

^aMHWVd'VWK'tlMWM'lMtoBk.tlwMv' ^ 

a •« too h»My, HiM BomhUiO. to m* 
TMWMHI iU ywrhoMOMd lnftoftrT' 

m^\ m down. tNnaSM' «U iStniiii* 
iMvtot Mu towtai* W Ptol^ a^ toktof a 

" >* HhMkM^ lirt'tha fmm^ Itolfato «Mlh. 
tetohis|diidft> . V, ^ 

^iT<^wtfapMditiiritom« Matte WMh« 

rl^lill^nktoil to M7i Ivat Hit^Mttt ql 
pusagtb'* ■ 

""^Ton will at l«tf ft totoiOa Wday and Aim 
.with Mt ,ll» UtW, nnow. WQ11I4 b* M 
Bl«MMl w ato 71m'; ind to ili«r'%o«ld 0»N 
«ii*l BMtwortH. who It with u.' 

• llMtj kKhttkt, lliii KoWatb^ } baft aqr 
«Tii tttf« Itrbid oiy-.MiJayina to jrtot hf^r** 
«io«k, $lMOol9il«i it with jo«f 

•I nalltd to»4tyi Ifiit &oa«li*b%l, (o pi^ 

to« niptoto to yoaittii tad jou hwraod 

iathw. «Bd j^alto to fltoko t^Mt inwuriff 

^aml^\ ^ fioi«t ialtoMl tddlM^ 

t 4oWtCtiid tbtm ofttr HI Inward^ tlni«il* 

\ for ooauotwt. ho iddtd* hatkil7--"«t 

, iriio it MiBtltlriMllir'tqt^ too thtoK«# itm 

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- ' ^Ttf^'MT ditor lpto>li(iiiMteMMdi >'t 'hitnt 
1' W #«M->«r h# iMto'iiir' Ttolaat 
tti«te i|^.th«<4imii* Mit 

HHk li^jiMteti ■ • 1 • bL - . . - ._ 

_Bt to atrfton *^ baartt of htr 

iatiiif4*W'tiii yte W N < liito' ii» i i i Mi < ^ m 

•fO^oiioMlhwri ^ 

^diot^ ''|^'>IMOiMiii..Tlii» ' jb tho 

^^ di!Jt4|ti»loto^><I«imM-MiflH' aar 
v'-fluit would Mt tooohny hopoan' 

^^ •'1|#Titt'^it«t Itooii^'wtoMiJUlMtfiaf 


■ '.IMCTnO — 


it.M|atpMy to WF« 
^q!um^,f!$im.'nk4 tola 

«0 to«»aad at^ AiboMf'a *Mi("aaait 
*■ toa.M o«t olaohi 

I hud tny 

j* Aad ohototAy woald not tdl yof r 
. vNoi tht Miihtdt* atb aadtoMmtf n»- 
boor it likao wiiii->thtt tbt aiaMi^ itodttV 

wl>iohIa«|br«d wtt paiaM !»«» Ml latAl ; 
that d^lM4 ti^ it htnoll iii tKi^aatnn^ 
w»y» Mid Itod MUf ivtd U I AM ih^'VBe 
U&» SUrido pado a Jtot of mJF i^dttto I' 
jMdyOiho^a good UtOt or«>i^d>t 

wr la^y, ihtoii«h jmjf*9^J^ J^ 

'Vmy likotyr'WoU, my d^ <jitn 

' to look up 



„ ftim, #hioh 


Itob away by 
qoito to the 

i Wat iafotowd 

hoad, who 




^MimtamJr Mcolaiitid. 


itoti P imlba 
kaow. Vor 
«fitfci|Kf«ps iwtt 


4|liiB0W!.«b#|Rt ^ 

aatoiia 4ho walla 





^t» far lMr> My MOT MX^iX^mi 

1(M'M1i«fMtf%<li«1 Mv 

Mm* Sfbeilliyil. «f^ jMir ««• <ir«l 

Ji«rr > 

PMM «tMttJh tM* liiMi^ of Ilik MMter 

•<*«NMla^l iMt for 1 do^a^Mton % 

»WMii tt i » ii i i w ifc. NofwdaM IhMMfM 
■tarta>taM>ia kMiauv«aok • M«r«u' 
BaiyoM wUlMt aU M4;M«fec» «|« 

•«lt«4Bi|Mvi» kit fMhw^fiwill^ I JH. 
Ml aid bar la aooatiabaad oorrwaeodaaa*.' 


Yaa(4iife«i fcidxbrMdtli iiact o( diiiiiM. 
liH* My M 4oaa IfiM BaMi»M.' Mid di« 
M|aiw, wkiat iM ill ■■■hiiMii dwalalMMn 

dap«H«W; 416 tthiMilMid Midir 

«b« j^ MT tk» iillMta. iM*itoiha 

.aMn« iAiliitt^hM'4<4MNhi Ito mf iMMit «« 

always rv-ad by tba Ifotbar BaparMr baf«M 

tbly aM'KiieWMMdrW liMb 0Mk aia'iar 

Tba yoanc m ytm m f kaa«ad a ynlMwd 
aifh aUa iMHilltt'i ' 

to Tiail Uiia apMir 

KibMbtfWAMinMnii^. baMMoM tka 
byparboUoal IbdgMjR^ << «I4* ll««r «i>bkf' 

anfwwil*!- . 

aiataJb.'- ■ ■ ■ >• 


•avL aiaM a«f Wlikiliti^^ to 

4«liM1tjhriUk^^ V«« tttbdM-KtMbi Httla 
lottar? To«ootfd aaaiWa«liT«r a llMfov 


aiid^lriiMiAr Mb MlfiMllW4blo<teAr «Mn « 

tha^ifdaiMrMi bdlb, tipiiii In tb 
brtU^^ba wm,' Hid InaiiaiaT goiUly. 
;^*rilMA y«m ayanih tba flood JOfa 

Boooatball I wUlbava folk ab4 bopai 
bat I wiMMfa M^atiaarta 1 IirUI bo« wtti 
far «iM4 tei aH «hal| ba waU baaoui I 
vUl anhoit to I Good bmiwm tR§ irmw 
■Ma^ too Aood yo«i( lady I* „ . . . 

Jmi ^idarioOMEaoaiviiritb a daoftyia* 
Jarad leok.'bowad bioiaelf oat. 

pnMiu aiailipil at tba Italiaa'a balf- 
a a f;i niB iJ < ry a h s B Maia^ want «p atura to bar 

OoTMoi. alknr:laa«fa« tba Latbacaa rnin. 
UtM<^ booaoit walhad rapidly to a oak#taadi 
tbnnr otetalf tato • oairtaaa asA livoibb 
ocdart ;• . /, ^,r,"-" 

'TothaCowraattf tba^iiMatioa.' ' 

Aadtbaaattiafla atartadii 

flbraaliotdj^ ia &i« aoat. Mtii 
BKM4y abd tardonia^ antil aV tM . 

rMobU to 4!ib^ ""bSiiS^ 

Idbtt Mtil bo laoahadtba ftwt of tho^'** 

irMit. TbbMbowaikad ap aad 4&m 
tba boUdiap W^imt a»at tba vbidi 

IMA* fo M >ta»tb««. fMwt afltMBbi t 
tb'aob'^ifiMr Cfol4oboroariK>v^Mtb<tb 

f ; iM>> tAitid-^b*lbaNb<b 

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VMbafciM<jr bf 

;abid' wbiihbd. |<ov>viithoo«obb«dd:iwai«/to 
■iia<bwa^»iab»brtiot f Bbwbd J M 'aMiiw<boe 
% jo«rali| .tMt' j^ MltwTbte 
tMi^*4nna^te thbiotjatlahaaaaat wraia 
itblM, ai«th«atoOiid pirn maid baa* 
;aut«dbuB,fa« bia Italiaa apM^ 4aliflhti4 


Wbila ho waa thM dibirtiag frik bbabtU;; 
ba aotiaad: «tai^ftNb*4aoF opM^ Mi lOUa 
gM% tbiilf «r iB twoa bid tlmj^' 
la bwflor aBMbM% ftaoa Jortb « 

■ na ai iua i.^; - . ■>■ ^k >. /.> 

dMa«t- tbat tbio AoM «ao 

, , ._jii o«i 4bb iaititatilt, aajl 

tbat tbffi obildnm vara tba day adMW 






Igtted «• «M» fmDM^tn hmm Im 1km 
iSSkMrlMa tm'dimmr, md tiMft tea4 
^ k«v « Mr* ttef VMM rataim kt «» 

Aad that *•< wad ptM ' irbidi bi4 toMi 

J4 Ij liiiMlil ia bli aiad, iMMdiatoly 

, took«MM«akaf« and aolMir, Md q^uf 

H« iM^MadtO tlM BMTMt MatMUM* 

. Md wdMad InohMB for biawalt Aad wMla 
it WM Mng fa« rM^y ha Mli«d far writiag 
. ■■tifch ■ml wwtaairtfft YaiyMoa India 
liii laaahaoa^ and tkm, wttk bla 

laMM te idi taad, b* atartad 

gf5iafartwai»X ^ ^ AS f * * 


t»ila«d *a landiaii ■ aawapapm 
b walBblo|rtiiao*Mit«a«adMartu^_-^.^ 
inf thiMrMk JToaiirattflMllAltMriilaiid 
TllMriobaiaB to dospairafiiMiitiioMroi 
bia fiw. At kaidh oil aiaaMd totev*ma 
{■, far mat aaotbor oao •ppMrtaraadiiM 
roa aloaod, aad Yittoriaaaito da^ 
MooofMottek ~^ 

Uio bor a iio Ma i fcaa iMi ipi i tfca, 

fwrfoa aaiy b* MM, «ij 

thoiaaiavary low •aarataia tlMa -world |. 
Md tba Nal Naoaa vky |fia»QaMabotMt>> 
bad bo« MM* W IbM aaaw fcoaba d wm 

lid^UMafu'j?!^ aSTJil 

kar qraipathlM wara witb tba loronw. 

• ioalMa Mka Oal^ b a t oag h . fl atoiaa, 
Md wdUd d* aajrtbiM la ni^a kor kappf ,^ 

« ^* Mi4 tba Xt^liaB in a f ir aatily^ 

^kia loTM laatcMi^ iMUaAa^ 
ai— ■rfe tOMt apaa tho aoaaitita! 


1V%1«0 kek^tota har a^ vwy 
8h« iaoaottU aadjproad*' btgaa tba 



gli0 la m tmd ud wl»- 

f baapy. Mr dMi;' oaid Vilteriaptraaadirtlyi 

■ UoatSt UttUgirL 


i WbotTiiMat it prott^aeo t bat oft It bit* 
WlilM iMKb aeldoataaddMp^i^ vaatnti.' 



Aad^itoHama diB t i a i d to ftova iba 
tMtb at tbl% for iaikaa h* was tuaiag avay 
H biart bnibaa anMoaiav of 
ba aii* a baaalifariillta «I4 
i.of afi» iw ioo d > ib doiy 

■liiibilL' aafd oonqribga. wtoM/af .booha. 
SokiMrthoa al» mm to a d«r IWPft^ 
tlio •wMal oolwal»aad tfea* ob* waa<Mdad 
gfarl, a w at i ag thabaaid- 

V 'tad imm^:. bt t oiao ti a a 

kad-«p nlB.: Jdo'.: lMM.-«ili 

_ bmd iipuMioa of m»»otby wbtaa 

it tovfla* aoaa ia tba fiaoool ohildraa wbMi 

LoaoiaoalMtlttiag tba iroibM Wtva 

ol, " _ ' _^^ 

.boiNid^pMliMitf«.waita<L. : '^ 
Oo ilMMdMalf addraoaid bor t . L 
'lirdaoAlw»aw yoa .« papd •! that 



tm.» _ 

I ^t'lbxMp 

Kaa aabappf. too I I bavt l«al avlir 
iP^'.oMd tba aMid. , . " ' ^^ 

• Havo yoB, ay darUaitt Than flniy tita- 
hlMaod«[H>«bar^ Obnot bayoar»othyr, 
Md aoatorifoa/ taid VittofiOk pbintiTaly. 

•BattbatdoaaaetMakaMarallaa. An^ 
•Itham^ l|i.f Ck>Wtb«fpa|ib wUl apt lot «a^ 
loTo bor^aah, I do tbiak I wo^ do aay- 
tl^ to ploarM b*ri .and I do kaatrl 
wo2d da m*^, !• >• world ta g laoa* 
yoa. oa yott woaUa^ laak ao wry, yiKf 

• W«ilil yoa. air UMa muni t To* ara »^ 
liltlaaawlof jroodaoiol Wooldywitaka 
• lattoMroM aa fea Wm OoUbkofoaikr , 

♦OlK,yill».^r.^*^I W^»^^_^ . . 
•iM4 aoj^jw* J«»« tt taW ^ oo o r o Myf; 

• WiwiMk aay oap b«t kaiaolf aooian y*«j 

.daill* ■. -..v '..,■:,. .H. ' ;;. .•v^-:- 
^ fOk,yo^.iiK^' ,: ^ -, ■ ^- ,-f. ^:r-;-v- . 
. •Xkoa..t|tftto *wttM. < -v. ofy *«S 
koartb ariUyM tMio «Mb A» Ikarr uiA 
Tiitafiat kandiw kip,pr»paiad latii/ ta tkin 

#¥giadoaa, I will, atrl Mid «Mlr 
anyikiaf . nM^ i| ^ml^^^' 

au miiiAr^kJlp #^f 

■VI^Vb ' IS^H^^V BW '^^^w ^ 


i '^ 


»AMi ri^f . 

•■0^«.y!!!»|g4***^.*' ttirt I win II tw 
ritai it «MV«iM It le »•.* 

''*¥'*^J!**"^>» And «•#!•,» 
Ml ktmmmm iaildow fraa*k ben. 
■»-wh«l* tat lUl tff «lM«. tSm 





poelwia «f tkilr ntmI •Mtwt^^^^ '^ 

•f MM«. Take _-^^. .. ^ vAMI««wl«i4o«| 
tiMM' wllk yMr ! Wn^ IM Is m 4*bjr t with tiM* t» 


Tha Utila jM akraak Ui*. 

ia l» 

with a mmtOttd air, 

far thaa. air,* abaaai^. 


Ith a MortMad air. '^' 

•IkBOTrT«i4l4flX H*«I« aMal or ■» 
„:• I To« did lib or ratkar jo4 udavteaL 
todoil^aa^taBakamakaBpr.' ^^ 

«T«a.lka?aitl baaaMa f§m f 

fOrvM, yoakaow.' • " 

•.t Com ao^'aaid Ika litlla w<»iaa,cra^l. 

Uttia aakOplaMtaa kanpy. by akariM thaaa 
bo».bou a«0Bf tb«i.r uld VittoriaToS*! 
JnglT. . 

into tk« aalabal that aha onaaad to niSn 

Ah aU 


komaj witheat tkaak 

Ikinna sB^ar HaavaalaU 

wiu «wf awoMaaM 
friaaida aitk«r aMi 
Pairfla. akaww^aafla 
bar to ba, pvoad aad aM 
tkalaaaa Imm or Mb 

tbaa. ^ --^«»«^towa«ja 

? Bat a^Bd I I doo'l laka tka laMw b^ 
eaaaoof tko bon^bottib jroa ksowl tmnm 

thing ak(Mrt tba boa.boii% didn't Ir* tha 

aU bar booaat aoal tka rvf uSkSHSiSn 
aad aomiplioB. • ' '"■"7 

'IhMaoadid, aj littla aataaki Ta# 
andartaak tbia kiad aflaTiat mSm Bi£!S 
roar bM* aaid Tlttoria^ aawaaJJ? ''^•' 

•AaiMwIaaat raa i - - ^' 
a« kl 

Idaia, aad dowa^Ukac ^ 
witk Miat £3iflbiaaaau 
friaada aitkar aawaia tka 

atUI. 8ka l^lt^,^ 


kar latmt aad aSMliiKr bar iSHSSSt 
^ <*• «l»ly awaitodtka tiaia.^^^ 
w.!f^ j'^^^ tba¥ttla firl wkaak 

craaaAi Jaat M 

raaatkf karalaa aUateaaalalT'oJ?!! ST 
JlaaaiarMMaalopraatlaa ba»laoaa««a 
^ Maa«i Aaakaaaaaadaatka taaab*? 

aha WW tka daar of om af thaa oaaiiaad 
•aw Ifiaa OaUaboroach aaatad at tbiaaMT 

tba ball, aad aaaag ao eaa aaar,^ aliMal 
h| aad tkraat tkaStiaiatoAll ^"''•^ 

*Ba aavaic to aa oataida^ . 
aaawar ll^ plaaaa^ aad giva aa tbt ■■■■■■■ ■■ 
ftakatokiaa. Toa kad batiar aakakaatT^ 
plaaa% aad vrita itaod ffiaa M ftraa kalbrl 
yahafato«odowaiatk;alaLZZ! Z!!y 
I aaiB tka aotia roaa«aakir %\ ^^ 

'Tkiaka, arr daai^* baaaa Alharto i Ima. 
•^ Utda jM id Mt wSfto l2?ShJuJ" 
BbawaaAlikaaaariaw. — —"*«* 

;^to«aldakawi,lk apaaad ka^lrttor a*4 
( . *lltfww^»d«ttMnr%--l kava lal a. 

tuXhtii' ' atjaai 




>aow tkat I 





UrtlM4 lirtlt 


«' It MAT tai^ fMtp «i4 1* antA* fwwvin'* 
— Mi«M w* MMi MMl miu our ^MltoiM 

o«it«|f|«tk« ««rt|i float •! 

■•vwy (ivvBiBf from ai* tftlmtk fkik to Ms 

■or tk«U JmUow w«U% I will ■Mara/Mr 
mtdmm ituc^fM*. Or if fsi im^Aw 

4«Hv«aaflS||«IUrMk aqr lif»~4My, tanM 

hWflM^ fonatt. Jt* liiitaii hJ 
MmIT tt* MMir^ *ir tit* 4MIM «i Mil^ 
#l»«rii«t «iHi4 MM' l»*if «uii biiB«k tiMf 
«lMt «• «liM«tr tM i*t tMaat «(MMi|#a, 

«iaiMI MiMirar tiMM itatf biilMrNaV far 
tUfc MM jiuiirfiiiiHUi "ilW 'vai MMMtet ^, 

t««i;>. or wMr* «*al# *« lui^ Mha «w 

^MMV' TMta#tiaM a >W r r r iy<^ IwM 

•ytwarte'troili'ka MttMa waltHirio N«ai«« 

•MUft J 


M ai l i djfl , tK«y 


iW. TiM 

•§» a|artn«at luMwn 
wImi* tk* baaviiag 

■BMrtMat avarlMliH til* aartk r^ #k«r« 

^'^^^^ T22L2SJS?m^ 

^ *in!it dial w>#uqrr mgu^ aiMwMd 

' Wtf*a^JSt^iA*riMUMl«4 tb«girk I 


iaf MttiM lici^ {a BBoh aarf riaa that the 
■till, pr«p4lfiw09lsUborMi«<h tki^U aMve 

ktahataakaAMHT'tf • fUtaff' 
ikalWiC' um tk« •Milft aiun 

ilTM ^'tlA #<«&• jiikliiliiti'aa 
;aka «M, haadtag tka Mm 


tetlu^ bra mU wbuur JuraMi^' wid 




kio«aM*f aa ta «iow, 
-tM/ «M«d «Mtli«r> 

•I iMMMkr it hll tlM day avfila vOl mn 
hkmmlki- li iaawa kard/ sanalwd* 

«j»^aiiwiiaiij taaw woaH kti* tktm 
tf tk<«y W «Mi^l 9H^i» <« I ir^<MM lis- 
t^ MJi^rli^iAall i» «a»<*d iMr teit 
Batliki^.pMiilMMrtHia kifiikaar mnt kwa.' 

ai||f|JL|k^t«iilk. • - , 


- - — --* ■ ** 

ika 'ia «b«iMlto 


^'4^ .L£M^.m^t.k 




MM 4m||0m4 iaM aifku aM Mm ipt'wM 
lickM. Md Ik* «Mv fM ftlUaf Taiy Imi. 
AWta mmmimM uTiaSlaf tk« liidw. 


Now mad.' siM MOd, •4drMilnff b«r 
oompMiiqM. 'yoa amvl Mt IMrly, aad go 
f vito oat of •iffhi, mmI rafnia fraai watoftia^ 
m*. I aiaaa to bid* wImco Ma« of f oa bava 
r Mddaa bafora. Ton adit hava vaaldifl- 
flbltj ia fladiiu ma, bai t aaaan jroa it arlU 
b« liood faa wbaa jraa do ^ad na. Doa't 
aoaia ba«k aatil I mil *' Wboop I" ' 

• No. aoi #a woA, AlWrta I' asolaiaad 
■•▼tral 9t h»r ^oQipaliiona ia a btaath. * 

And tli|«7 all barri«d>oat lalo tha r-rmit. 

Alberta atola babtad thaa^ aad aotiSly 
aloaad tha doot apoa di««, b«| liUatly 
■lippad tba bolt llMa aha wtat to tbo 
oaly otbac door of iba r?oa^ wbiab waa at 
the oDMaUa aad, and aba diiW M** kff 
from tha otbar lida. aad lookad itfaat. 
Matriag ^aa aaoarad tba room, aha witlt «o 
tha ndirtii iHndowa. tb* fiaan Ha^a blfada 
w«ra drawn dowa, aad tha oatatda abnttari 
waiaoloaad. 8b* atoppad at a Via^owat 
tb* «itrMfM and of tb* row. aad tha moat 
oat of t|i* raaga of yiatoa of aajr OBf who 
mi^hV at a Utar boar, foroa aa aatraaoa into 
th* roofa. aad ah* lift*d'tba bUad;%j«d 
aot dratr it nn, My4 ^• holbtad thh wildiew 
^adofaaad iha ibaiWia. Ilwaa^ aa 
Bil«h oataid«y aMi •aqwiMfaafiif iAi|i% 
larriblaaijifit : to laka or i^ ii. 'lot 
whafTwIll^Jat m wOf^wmik ^htlkk n^ 

ioie ths^ 

Thara w»* ae rateaiai. 
ab* aallM! a«alh. HSiph m 
Sha.aaMid ahathar -^^"-^ ' 


harawB ^MtraotiOB, 
far dttt'of ilU wfbdow 




^ «l.'*haaaM. aad aha withdraw 
th* window. 
B*r aahaahnalM^ who bad araa 

waariag far adaiaitaiiat at tha daaai'dbar. 
whlah,j6waTar. *h^ *^ "^ Wtt^f^ 

* Why daat yoa **wh«(»p** and I*t aa ia T 
Havant yoa bid yoaraaU y*t V laqairad baa 
aad aaotiiar. 

'N«.'aatw*rwl Alb*rta, gpiag ap ta tha 
dbor— ' aat qaito y*t i 1 aball ti a mhiata. 
Dan't 70Q h«> in aaob a harry, aad dbnt oaaM 

* Hah* hkmU, th«a,' axeUimad aavami at 
th* airla ta a btaatii 1 'it ia cold oat htfra." 

*rwitl,'«dd Alberta. And iba w*at te- 
tha |wi wh«r* b*r owa *r*ryd*y toaaat aad 
abawl hnaf, aad tha took than down and 

Ct tbaai 00. Nast aha taraad off th* mm. 
. triof th* rooai dark. 
Than ah* w*a» to th* trlndow, aad padMA 
llSPM high aa it woald go, got wpon Ha 
dn, Uttitol tha bliad drvp baM&drh«r to 
hida bar maaaaof azit, aad tooh a elaar ^|» 
town ta tha aidawalk balow. |t waa a fall 
of iihoot aigbt flMt. aa4 aha oam* do#n wMk 
a havar* ahoek hat with wbola hoaca. 

* Mr owa I my own I ara yon bttrt f* n- 
alaimad bar lorar. ia lh« inftnkMlty af 
auriaiy. f4 h* flok*dhard^ 

•I-latm^nttoiWrat^fri Jjto, lam.aei 
barv aiwwiraA Albartal eontna«>d1y. 

' Tha ovH4fa i^ roniid th* aoraar. l«b 
m* Hf t TOb abd b**r yon to ic' ~ 

*iro.I«fn#aik very wall aaw,iryaw 
Will give bie rb« aoppbi^t of yonr arm.' db> 
aw*r*d MiM Ooldaboroof h. 

H* di^w b*r baad thcoagb hio araL and 
oarafntty aondbotad har Wtha waM^ih^ 
0aca. - ■ ^ ■■■"'* • ' 

How kmg bar lohoolooaMMalttaa ranaihad 
oataid* th* door of th*iaciraihilgdlo^^ 

^mMring to oema la | or whih 
anaa Uoama nzbanatad t or Uii^\ 
•dm aBtrui& I ar what^ thwf 
abriii.orwho fot ajtootafartl. 
Attjaru naWir k^awjMpTp'Hi intd. 
Har lolrar plaMd haf m a ciarrlaca aad 



, ^i^ 



t* law. la Ik* IIaIhhi^ WMd Uv* wm taw. 
«b4 la lita iMBMl Mai Im «M aMoaMiOM of 
Jbairlaf 4«M • grMl wruag. 

Baft tkara wm bo ttmmaa of Yittariali 
aMctiag Mr. OaMsboroagli ia Ei«liaioa4 
jaal Umo. TIm vary baai afoa whiak tiM 
aawljMBMrrMI pMr MiUrlMd. aad whkk 
bad laaaaad Um Wailiia«hm wuirf tala aa 
tka avaaiag Moca. ka4 braaglit af AllMrtali 
lallMra«ft vMl la iMrMlf. Aali 

kl» Imt hte la M* liM daachter vImi aljriii, 
aaA M Ik* baNla war* ail aiaal aaaoalor- 
laWy ««w4«4. tba aU gMtlMaaa 4Mi4«4 
la aaMfar htewU apaa kM gaod iriMi4, tkm 
lattead liailMraa ailaiatav. 

Ii Miirft ilMki Ifiak Im4 hmm boolni 
Jpr MurpritM Miat d«y. mi4 UmI Mm Mba af 
wuriat «r frtaadt ai aawmai aa a Saoiali 
alM, ^ wkiah bar falhar had jMliaglr 
apakMt war* raftUy Ugiaalag lo paar la. 
Aa had aMiocij •artMi«d Vlitacia Ootmmi 
mM biipf* • Mb foUad aa lo Iba daor sad 
bw t«9 waU^ Haaa aad IHadtfab 
Aal.g0loalaf it. 

„ froMQanaaay 

A« div b4Mak and th*<y bad b»tb aoaa «• 
Um» iMir braMMM* Mnmt, tba latiiad Lih 

■iMirad Iba* lata Atpaia 
iba baitiaad t* b«*««ira 
[Aa aMka tbam aeafartablai 
I sba daqpatabadCbtbaria* ta Iba 
1 Library t* laak for b«r lalbar tmd 
Mlbteffftba arrival u( bia bretbwi, to 
thAtb* mUHk b«ny hooM. Tba aid I«- 
^«(aa aibJitMr auM with tn* 


abm k^tmiBg wm ky.aadMi 
iMlbai* wwaly ia bta aaraMta 

(MmmI Jhatwartk did aat appaar tBtO 
«h* six V^Mli diaaw. whan ba wmi iakra* 

■(I fa tb« straafrta. Sa wai^ < 
ft MMdy aad pi i ■owpitdj bpl i 

0iald Mt'taag iarfM tba iaiawM it thftt 
' rital lMa#l 

aoidiia BfM^ «l iMa #bi«b Maaiid lb 

H «ai aoaM, itaM afWr tb«y bai had tM 
latb* library. aiidMBa iai* lb* i>iwm> 
^mm^imAiiwm wbf la fcai^lMMr aaalat 
,loT«rw*ni •! lb* pUih. iM^ 

%, tba* th« 490twbaU nsf and Mr. 


iUmI starts m^^ tka 

I la raadva bw Ia(k«r1i gaMi wllb all 

laa^^MsrtMy tba «aal4 

Mr. Oaldabofa«gk'b ftrai wwda MaMvhat 

allftyad bar fiara. 
• Taa loak carytlMd and «Taa tbilki l U 

■M aia h«ra ao aaasMatadly. ai Mila tala 
baar. aiy dMur yoaag Udy i bat yoa will ba 
alaaaad to laara that 1 bava ooaia ta with- 
dmw yaar triaad, ay daagUur A barta, 

yaaL -, , 

bar ooavaal Mbool,' aaid Mr. Oolda* 
baraagh, eordially aHaking her hbad. 

* I mm vary ^lad to •• a yta at aay ha«r/ 

^Tbaabal Aa boat waa btbiad Urn* fm 
gattiBg ia, «r I ^aald aot ba?* btaa ta m^ 
SMaoaabla ia mf appaaraa**^' addad Ma 


• Taa ai^aat aa aiaaoBi lf a at alK ay aid 
Maad. It ta aat yat aktaa 9'ataak. Aad 
wa bad aal b^pa ta tbiak af ratlrtoi. Far. 
yaa aa*, bart ara my taro kr o tbar^ Jaat «rw 
nvad, aad oaa oaai* all tha way fhai Oar» 
Biaayl Lat»a prMral kb*« ta yaa— Mr. 


B«Ra iaMiitk*). Ifr. fhadnak BtJMtkal- 

Mr. OaUMacoM<>' „ 

~ Tirpiip faattaMaa bawad with ali< 
Md piMMaiaaaBa**. aa tba aiaipla* 
I Qa^immi ■arohaati war* iatrodaoad. 
▲ad Iba^ baaaft dowa and booaoM ooa «l 

' Bar* yaa aappad f baapitakly taiiabad 
^ MHW aitatvMa of tba hoaaa. 

*Ta% *y dMur, aa tka boat. Oiva yaw* 
aalfa«tia«bta,* aai4 Mr. Ooldakoroa^ 
wlfk • bow* 

* I aai viAy ^ad that yoa aragoiaa to taka 
I^Jaaa wrfagi A lkarta, oat al tha aoayap^* 

* tmt ay doiag 80 bafor* tha batf-yaar^ 
taoB kia fi^irad aay aaaai vary aaprfciaaai 
■Mb ta fiat, it Ii Ml aa. Thar* ara gr«»a 

■MMaa wlqr aU wa ?hitataM aboaM fatkar 
all tka a a atta w d ■ ■■ f i n wt o» laantiaa 
aar ««• atat* raalb, Tbaprofraai 
aflrin eahatH iaiparatlva that I 
y <Mnktar koma, ar rtak tka 
id Iran kar for a leog and i»> 
la pariod. I kiMava tkat I aa 

lafaMaagMaadaaadiiJrBptikiaMa kfrr» 
tka piwii of Onlati ■aatvartk ia tkta 
kaJE Wm4. awtaaaat katlMty Ui 

aTQlNib pet a bpHvp at tkp aoppny.kaa 

kaap a aitiMiallkaBopthfornaByyaar*. 
Ikanfcnaip tfcpftjriiiiBta, wiH aar. 
laao^iMi tkaUai&i S'atta, aad 


St«itapawatad Iw a wkdp. Bpt Iki 

■ | ia |i i r aaaikttk>«faof.O? I afc al lUatwaKk* 
^^ mVSStng SVm wMk a ataadyaad 


Ill* I 

At WMrtkt alNt • tk«ii»lfkl pMM*. Pr. 
ftoapatlHU tpsk*! tat U ayalM «Mk«r wM« 

kftv* bMii fUiMT tkM tW vwdb mmA bir 
Mr. 0«U«bori>uk. Mii dlkoMb Or. Im^ 
«Mtod ib« mmMm •! tfcoM ww^ 

yti b* ■trMffOy HiMateMM4 tk* fMiilM 
— ■I * ky Mm tfmkm. M» hmmUj mm» 
pmU tk»l Ik* Tiff^Mw yil— ■■.!■ 
•Mcklaff U nw i>«, MMka «f M M(y m 
««prMiktiag ill •vitVi Tkkt «M vwy •mm> 

*T«i «T ttok Tk^ate vOl mtUlmim 
Md» ftMi MM UaiM4lUiklMb MA lk«l tk* 

jrimite kflmlf la dUfi 

ill ««Umi4 

i The 


. Ogl dh k fp>gk I 
I'l f9m ahgm tommU I tk«« b. «■!«. 
tolBty. M apUMMiri ■■<■— ki Ik* «ir. 
m4 • few l«Mtof iliiMiBksy wjJH ii^ 
•wilk^ OarallM kM tM«. M to tni% fU 
I«*l u koM MuH tk* vlU aoM i 
•Mi* bMk. ' B«i Ttoiiak mCi,- . •» 
pli««tOM JMalMi f»l V4vM,Ool4|. 
koroMk I DMi'I distrwt fttm Mttv* Mftlik 
myfr&ai tk* It m l*y*l. I* Ik* U«hm2 
T(Hi M«, or M I MM I Aa4 k«kTM kMwa. 
1 luv* this •outrr, wklek k— fMMf*4 a* 
fur forlf f •*■*— I Mve kw ■* Irahr and m 
dMplj;alfIk*dk*Mikmk«rM>;i And 
•h*«M Ikk mUsmm of uniMlnii kwioM* 
«MMd« m4 ikwMd sii* k»T* • oi^l war 
i«M*4 «iM kv, it wlMl Mj ikM* acM* 
7Mr*, will MAa » am* ia b«r dffcMa a* 

Wka* • naaak waa MU* for Mm krara a^ 
tw> k *attai oM waa >c — 1» to a ooapl* rf 

'Tb^, Mmi^ MydarUaa, I ka«w 7*« 
*r* a kcav* tmi f*^ iiirlUiid tb«ta ai« 

mUIIom oI jaw «9«aliywaMMi lika voq i 
for jaa ara a aaMva Aa nrl Ma aitiSML nv 
MlBM^ allkMiak 1 a« w>l,'iald Iho Lalkaraa 
MiBiMor, poltlaf kM daaglitor oa Mo koad. 
* Sal Mmto will ba ao aooMaltT. loi aa boac 
fM ail MOa Mlf-davoUoa. Tko oloadaol 
m >wla> fbMMr raMMr MiloUir aad darkly 

jMl MW, UllkMT WOI k* dtofo th d > b W 

wttl ft* iiiiailid.^lMaiM,. WiIlUBf Awtf 

to Ik* ii*.Bla«w .;^^^r* ^ 

CU*Mt SMlwarlk toik, Ha faaaai miam 

knidi IradBkL aad atobaad aad mblMiiTii 

T*ry low— 
• Aad wkal wOl kMoiM •! M^ My aUaK 

^^.^^•^^ folloi* yowfoifcittolkt 

IM f Wk«« ikaU I K Md wkft wfll «N 

for iMr 

•Tm wiU k* wilk My faMi*r. aad I wOl 
*ar* for yaa katk. flartiy yoa will Maad 
•koaldwtoakaaUUv wIMi «y fotkar, lad*, 
foao* af oar b*lov*d *oaatry I Aad m 
Mirsly I ikaU k* aaar to Miaiatwr to yo« 
bolkr aaawMod BrMiab^ lookiag aa w^l^ 

Aa Ik* koar waa laH Ml* fariji^ 
••paratod aad ratirtd to tktir rMfi 


Ttia foot tkoBf bl of OoloBol lMtw«rlk« 
la ■inkiaf to alaepb wm t 

'It wilTooia* to tbia— ibat 


Mini* Moat <ikowo katwoaa harlqrolir aad 

^^^^ ^P*"^ Wp«4 ^^P' HHp^B aH0B 
.•■■■ - *!■>•■■ -' • ■.•«.-*'• ■ ' '.' ■ 

Biy kalovad 
r loyalty aad 


wbo wtot kia k o ao ar o d aoMla. 4 

Maitkar* of «k«a aoaw«nd a word 1 flw 
feu4tkaftlkaf bad aii*takMi MMir m^ 
for tkia waa foally tka int dotaiMoa of kia 
aaiitiaa Ikat Ik* LaMMraa aMaiator kad orar 
tko«gkl H warik wkil* to BMka I and 1mI» 
«wtt kai aaMOMl kiM to ka iadiftcaat oa 



Vow doai ao« a aMatiag" Uka «kii wiho 

troai aktptiMb 


. 1 

Marl ilM»lak^ 

Var all tka loag an a t hi tVa kaaa itoffaff 

awayt -, ^■. 

T* aM tkoa bafer* ato m^ aakoolaato aai 

Maaiiliaiaa4 Iripl at aMaaki«]r itgt. 
•nt. If r. Ooldaktnailk cot toady to ioS 

•Tk«dt iwMlk^UMrif iaiiiii la 


} •,.,■:' 



"fe'f'ftMi'-i'ff-iii'; iiM*'i;'!iiiw'.iii<fiiil 



tfttNty ««<•«« aiw » to It, 

tb« «bMMj^. M« Ili«tw» MgtiMNtf «•' tiS 

pbMMd h«r luuid «|«l tto iwa iMdr to 
riaff mm| Kito «MMnk 

bnakiiiit •! to* XhronrS* nM ^tk* 

faroMt; • < .f^ 

'The* teU M aU aboai th* alkk/ «iMd 
^ *^*53rf?^* h«»l tWU toll tcL flhtt 
•Tiru All •bbttl lUbia«rii*|L' tof4««. 

kMwftlitoivMr gib tl 
k* tolkof 

1^ \nm ft llMto 

W 'ffMltMllMW 

w MV^M of ■■■■Mioi^.v JL toir WMkaaoo 

«'%i?* *ite^*«^ t»o^*ll«l int to»^ 
-" -*^' *' *^TU«idt% to do lo 

•Hfthoatin riobMidti 


koto% |N»t.i«ato«» kiaokMHk MHl «Mptty 
kMUMti toiMd, ana boHiag " 
OoafoiinMri«* mjIo llnwiiifWrr 

^» i— ik wto 

1 3 *^«?**«^ fc«l«v toiMi^ to kis littta 

^kmUwiyN^ iamnL tbo ttoryi 
& ly**'***^ l«t BO told, it from tko flnL 
W*vMm r*» art »y i*m adto bad goiM. 



^*f ?2l!» ''•^ •^ ^M»fe w W*-- 

"•:t:!^,^^^«i«»»'»»«i^ ♦to iSi n 

•HMhbt tko Irat tbiuii r ^^ 

' Of ooaito ]nm iMd.' aaid Dr. ffiiaatkii, 
laukteiL • •-WtoT tho oat*a aS? t& 

•PMbaof aiookiof did jm * "-" " ' 
*Ahl ^tkoNkuMia 

** wai'Mt » 

Mlpbt fcffiM ita 

toMfe' ^ 


that|ka4»%« ' 

did I' 

•t kaak to IJMlkito* it VmIVI 


I Xbltlo Ma talk, f dfdfiVovM 

m" — 

Tkara «r«ro todi 
fat** w4 

*» fatkoii ftwid^ ;, 

*I aado a laid um aw 
u|t litol kdMinlMv T 

towMNi wrtaiMi iMiiiaB ■•. to i^ 

ss*5s*? ?».*^^s?, aS tSr 

ik» WHIiai mU aM vUta. aad tm 
lntoratHgttoM j itii ld tha a i t««otkoff lik» to^ 
Pt«<^ ^^«aar old lair T Tb.« I took; 

itoii^ Ito» I «M tba «mm ^t 



■ ■I i ji.,i I " 



was nwBr r yipiw ^ ^w^ ■■ • > . '-^ — —- 

(t«k,«iii all *^ - -"^ --• 


/to f*«W 

raij^uK^^sii ^"pBiiy^feiiu^w^ 

«M'ny btMkfMt t-Alto>i l^MVwrM* 2^ 

^ >itartiiiT-rto*wfc****r 
■Mb > wM^^ifit. aiilH wft tU mm: 

iMit «• It WW • pkaipt Viator day I «t in had •!•»#■ 

hsMt Mt iaio • tc 

Jt .V, 

-^f-J, l^K^ 

WAl'k PI.AT. 


of tamriMliaBf, thilt htm #iiou|li to fait* 

tiM fa^of off mr iMMMi.«Bif u in^yrAiid 

than h« ord«r«a bm to hw |Mf lifipiirajr- 

"*TmV« aBMtarJflpiJd. 
ioakoniUsWHiMr. AM I bifiA t^ •bui 

'TlMtfstfllL owMBR ;m4 iwfpuriacllk* f 

.|l|» iiif toftiii 

*;*Obm^ ir^i^km u i i *^muwm 

-what, lair ^^^ 

(WO olten did soft woi* for tho diMcw of 
|h«o.ooMh>mL pMjr MiM«S5SK 
bko Mk«r«« and qm ifP llk% qlitaf 

«dd. llhoallMjliiol. loopldMllMlpa 

«wariii*llMm^ vitk tk* olhor bomi; iot 

.^ * Too know ftet I oa-W 'I- #«f -tUak^' ' - 1 

th«« thol MOiroiiooftiMB 
*P2» i^«» X,«»w hi. •to.ioddwiT wltfc 

MMnraiAi^vMid thoa tw iMtor ttuip 

Bat tteLothmo miaJal«r oMJhitlSi^ 
t« vMo too jinirolf M u otoito d i» xH^; 
umtiToto •spMflo«a7odtoiraiiq« of Jior 

^I OM Oil fM«d U Ite 

W«>J,«»<«»ffi^« «^to««hl 

^hA*^ SLffi^t'y gyj^. i.j- 

.iMOfiljr. Itaboold kavo ooo»Soto««i>SL ' 

nUMr thot. •hdoUt latoll ' " 

gr&»»lo.wItliT ^ ^„ 

m,' •ifflMd tk« LotiMna ■unlolitSh- 

■to' • 

*w^]nii'"V '"^.'yi«^^» »d wii« , 
JjWjd. 1*«Id»>^ fltoot. Migiite 

•got ovoo.'to oivo yo«r otrpifi '■■^:'< 


^*V ^'"flfll|; 




c. W m cvar iM Aktiqf 



hnffM Iw4 


..V n 

^OtelffM Ml tow •*«*'*P*\5» 


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w iri«MilMSrkMaM 



i&liMM* «rMM|«l^ih« iMiw 4««ii ov«r 


"'S^M.?. ■' 

;f Apt PI4T. 


iMiiiirmtlii^i^^ Tk« 

niliiv|M9'''iMM mMi.' iWiTMiii wf^ Itt 
I ttf#, ■ ^v* '^^ 


irwritif •! WM{ 

irwritir w w^aptMM, fpkilwM iMMi M 

«,, jih»iiii . iiiF ItaM M* 
lowW • TolUj d wntim umI Mmhi« iai* 

•f tiMil 1mm* vI^ Vd«r a«#llV !■» •! • 

•UvaiaiUto ol tk*' 
« B*fon I AMU iifiri ay hnv« abl, wk« 

iMd iMMd tk* NfVt'WM^ If Mr °lM». Bkc 
-Mt • gM Into M lUUBd. MM fM4 1 

• ** Apk I i4f9 a^M vp XWL. Mid h* «ui 

• 4o good MWioa. ]lo«r yoa toHi tkb i«B. 

mAm wiftthMi CraM thifl viadoir. •■d I 

^•nAMii«kootlMr. Aad,i|o;UlMO».it 

loM M iKo Muwuitioii 
tliw tN^ldlf IMM. po|k* . .< 

~^*XM«Md to MMwif^ an' gMf to toll Iwr 
mta to alMMr lumtlf at tho oMior iriBd««r-r>M 

1W0 air 

,k««aprf«l.t>ii.i.«|tovwaa. _ 

Mvdir iflltoo tlwi otl^ ivtadtur, aad ^aia* 

« teg totiaa ao tfiti'ijiBpBtotii aMlHW ia a Jiki^iu «MHi. JjmI iaio #«:atoriSt 

at my tHii^. Wo M al^MM Ao- j^, |j,^ -frv f «kwld hava^tfirid tA 

. JBMr.. ▲adoaratowaaaimfifadlV'afoai^ m^^mMmAttmiLAtttk:ik»mimti^ 

«f iuHlMtiy. . Tkm, 

a( liMM aiid a diabbannv • 
abota rkltled vgriBatJJM iMit «f tll» 
stedWfwtd tb* wiadot^; ahiltirtaa 
«aalMa. I tiMibMI fap i^ fWT 
' ' ***Vflt, for HiMttoa% •ttn^^liMva ti% 
jiriadow. follflataimtlwioor/ltoid. ^ 

*4^Noe If Ikaoir ilrtay^" akaWfrwid, 
4Mt i»htt« I lipa pat * aUt Irft to Mad'at 
.4iM aBMy.t^ad aa aaytog*' iha Uaatd 

'**'OtiaM aaiaf Ih^ arba 
to it.' 

ft told y fW; y Iha tod, teti» 

vftaab laad wMMtfto to aif^ omi toaM^ I 
I n ia i td at UtUa mmtn mH .toki 
fapaA Whili 1 «a» to«a« 'thaai al 
lay jtoMa* aid ^H«d oaaM iMk* dato. 

•'iJJIi MMMii lair 4* iMd^ aabnuitf] 
away. TbkaMiN Bla by atottlStorV 
aka itost gi«a to aay -atlMr vaf, aadaatolt' 
Tm got tba waggM.aad kMMlai Mm Mk 
dato? '■ ■■ ' vy^ '"'■■" ■'1 

•«'Vad.'* aaid I. * ■■MUlJli iWHt to»%J 

^M»a^W^ ^BUI^V w W^F^^^^a % ^II^BB a^^Bw a^^^F Vg^V gm^^^P ■ ^Ht M 

*Aadwi.wm^m Irtr- j li ft > toto f li 
let bar atoOMk aM wairti' te to d 
iwaaK taiakly. aid tkitoll«a^if ||# 
aot db at to t«k* bar Jbaffaaillt vgib . 

ffida ai? aoarafda toaida. V 

to'aaataad'witbfaM ««^j 

bata to otaoaato. ipd r 

ty.'^a^ayflvl. Aad 

abd vabidowB tto^l 
h doei^ irbar,* |l«d 1i4"tba ' 

^«f^iad.w*.iMift(Bff^4ba baaklitoitiiMII 

irto aama 1 to 

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WoIVjmv; IJflwlbit. Xhat'k aaairw; 

l^aUd JMat 'aiyaSidl^ wbas 
If it iadaat 

• «aray vitb bor otban: 

«I did tlM MaM^lHtb toy otban Avd 

> ipfa wa van a«M^rad by a ▼ellay of^ ■»!■• 
iMtryi ^Aad atoii tba tbot rattfad acaiaat 
'tbavaHayairfVllttba. titohrir^^b* «{a« 

brat** gifi (all. iMMl. 
. teaaagtayoftanarl tbvairdoiratof gaa, 
^ totfd MM and lilMd barag. . '-< ' ' , 

- i * ••I'to all cigbt, paii^aboaald. 'It waa 

P','^bmiJ mf .mm kiakad aad kaoakad ■* do^ira. 

r-,A«d aaar* yoft j|ii!l laad «p aad l*t'«« 
' jFOttaNaa fapof oyaok *ni 

aba itoiddbi 




^uh Itoto* tbi'.abata.' ^ Aad ofpf aal^anML 
^ baraitoy^ I omv. tbi.'#bk* 'aad<ftuMa*P 

■*- fa^gitoto'^tia ^tidda -.iti ?lfca %i«m mi 

fc^BSii^ ' j^^a to&tAMA ~ »aB i — '""" """ " " "~ ' — ' — -^~ — 

aa i bad daii^ toi tb* iM7 X^mSSIS 
T«i]^'w*a: M..tbataaaaiia«i.!vMl.J ' 

rHfwM OB..tbat .■oMrtpa»y»atX. ^lyit 


k»a aaiiidk iag^,%e fiT^bit^iM *to^ 

J«M af IhT bUnalf tibald basSEvas I 
•ttdav mm^- 4ftoMliaa»to Hot tba* 
wtori^ Iflthbdart bfHi fee tbati 

btortad. W in d a 

.^•XdMi^lbiiiit aitbaryai 

' baaa.^ toailtoba- aa li Maad al rm/t\ 
■m tb4#«aaaaiaa» «* Wbaaaaaid'yav'i 
•lbl ibliit"||i.btWf aaid Diw w)b«iibil 

4# a iwiatto aaati* iai 




n'ta-bia iad<.faa^'tai) 






' "■" ' > ,1, ' ■ '■' . . 'I ' I ' 1 '! ., ' . 1 'I I I. I ni l 

tlwk food, 4m** tea. ptpra mM iMJlMli/ 

/■ ^:iB-^ 


4mAimm wkM* Imt* yet 
Mgro whe iwNMd jtoii 

•Oh. ke i* an right Be ia •* the 
, •Drotert.* '■ 1. J ' ■; . ,, • • .-,„ 

tTcia>kM%Biabli«waia4b«qaite«el- n»l»eMtrii6wiiei|)bhoar&Md.ii4theB>il% 

.(■■■< i».o«PimMk Ow MCftet«,.#MiUI .SMi^tMnn. Wh» 4e yetfvtktelftimaied 

>i'«ei»»ee»#'«P*l«i' V''. ■•■ ..tolif*.- •■ ^ 

«tMif .>09efr<f«foiMl dietvtetii I >mM Mar v 
~ "^ liiooniei •* - - - - 

<> kHiMT >w^l mkt*&U ta. Seeli% pap .r««iQfmlMA to liMr |h«k Qoldeberoagh !• • 

it^JHTJiaaSt: ^ri'^sf isK: 5SK^ **** '"•" *^ ^* »"• 

Wpyrwi ■• woaeoiy. We efljWMntBio pi«nty. .^ 



ii'<ilNl:1f Ible MM 



. ..and 6«iraiftiar »toiAlliiitl^ii>r%i«id;tS 
S^ %U| til^tp aniAld jMrdeAtMelalg^MnUy 

i)i<ir»aiinBiiila.lBd _,_ 

If, i<ad Bip of ill* 

'Mid:' ' llMyttii 




iuuSZt v^*u w ftaiir 1 Alia Ajr 

' ■• «w , MfMiM y «NI> < Mil' 

> ■ ■/..»-■ ■■. ■■■-.•■■ 

"■'.''".V" '<'. 

IbmfMik«l««liRJBT;i»ult : 

JK^IimSmS^ 'tiJI k» 

. tlMl#r«miflit fate ««lip uMliutt^MmS^ 

mt' ^Be uSnUMoTMa th•«lfi^ CMdaboroMh 

wu «&r cUd toi«l m4 of fMJi mm 

_ llUrr ibd to i«l _ -^ 

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iotdibji ^^^ibo4 UMott mM,' Ml M b»- 

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for m aU IM oMcmiA ImmoI MttlMrflBg 
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PnoidoBl«lMl MMl ylM* Iho — l o i > 
iMoatbodoiM «l iko MPitoL Hm 
Md Ikrtk o*! tko ttlkor riMO I wk«« m 

el r osolklMoi Biob M oko Ml* dowa to 
writing d^ok Mid bofos to write • ohort. 
oead^aood ModMl of tto pbM diTvUnd w 
kor bf i4Mr* Ooidoboroaffb. 
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•.Ivod attd d h w l io t d. 
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•ib«ff«d Ikto Ik* o w dw— obi 
Al »!•% m tedtaff kMMlf is ika o«bliM» 
M0oo% Iko liitlo mono ironblod ^ioo«> 
Mid oMild ooaruoly kotd kor lo»Mr 
takor bMi4 

poiMMi kaikooB 9r«iiljk««kl» 
|M«d (kot day kf o a toooi j ^ w * 
•ad buiio^ bo bod br«ik- 
rk tkopo Mid MiffMrod Iroai li- 
I Md ■• ko woo M««b Irritatod oad 
uSfif iMMBiMt t mUI wboa ko o«w tb»i tkm 
■MMMI krMbtorof Mifodio wu • troabitef 
UMto aMWIry nvl, «ko Md • f^ir tkoi 
lookod voir MBok Uko • b*f|«r\ foiiitoa 
v«T ■kaklBfly ia kor kaail K taniod sfioa 
kor • atom, lorMddfam oaaalMiMaoo, o ala a> 
latod •ttoriy to »f oi akola aad aaalbilato 
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aaf fartioatar !•<> 
iad ••• bi|h ofl- 

to MO MOlMMt 

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•I willBOadlrootH to 
diTidoiU t far it I do not m 
oial dig^itorf at Uioaro to 

Tuoai aka pal on bar oalar ganaoato 
•adaaliawa 10 wall fo# lb« oarriaao aka 

It oaltoal Iha kwur, aad aka wool dowa 

MairaaadtoaM hor •>••• *■ <!• Sbofava 
IbVoadotto Ikotkaadaal'a Hoato diiddMfva 


AkiWHkwkat a koaliai kaartokago* 
aai oC 

I a raliaf to k«r to ka iJTttiat 

Bal M kad «saal|j iIm apaoaiio o*«l» 
if raaa l a g ■!•• oad raatofia« kor to b«>Noif 
aodpatlAgkorafaakartoolMo. Ptellfa 
Waa oaaaohNM Ikal aka waa parfonaiag a 
bigk dattL aukiag agrMMaaoiifoo oilMr 
piTvata ilbaliaaa ta Ika pabUo wolfar% aaA 
raadoriagaalAMrtaalMrrioo to iko gof- 
iiaiBlri aad tkalaka daaor<rod fraiao iaf 
alaad af Maaa t tad aa tkm waa ia •• moo4 
to M Wai l» to b o iii i il B^ I by aay • M^^ 

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aa ill awwl yoa a yoor'a roat aad yoa liko 
to toko i> oat ia a iMand of iif Itoh I I 
bM«a*l ooMM to Mk yoa for aa ofloa. Mor 
la ikla fOM^ a«nMor of raooaiaioadalloa I 
IkavoooaMto lay iaiporcaat laferaMtioM 
iavo Iko dopartMral. Bow iaportMil H 
yea aa^ aao by a giaM* al tko ooaMil* 
tkiaoavalofai; oaid »H tkiowiagkar 


•AHaraBiliMMttfl waald ka«a kaaa 
•f aay «a« la mU ^ ltt%*liii 9io to kat^ 

adl» ai iha NMMi to Ika aM«iagaa«4 

aaatr oa MM taUo boforo tka graal 
£m aad ikMi goiag aad iiaglag 
oalf ia a akair, Imm wkMa a^ «a(« 


aaifaa t0t. wig ' - to 

JBaUaaghlyaMdkaU aMil 
aaatafcadlhafafar «fk MM" , 
fMid ito aaataalfc - '7 ..^ 

Aad Witt griaa aatl^iidiiaa Ilia aa- 
Maad kav Mi aoaata a aaaa akaagad aa ka 


rNaaally. wilk Ma ay« HlU falkiwiat 
tka Kaaak (a Mflaat MaViid.aad taag Iko 
kail tkbi atoil ifik Mi «^ , 


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*iir«H*ig^ •iitt^iMi«pU4U».«M«ot<,b«.iii«f;r tsr ' . 

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■ ■■ ' 'taiolMtteMW«»4«l'a«>*ra«kliM«ir ; /. 
*%§ lia '" 'li^MlMMlIm mtm rtv iNmofv • h«ti■ff^' 

" -"YUMMWOMf «itnr«i«Mirwuri 

YMlupt All«tlM»<lM Will MlkilllMM 




for mof« U^% 

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•thM* M%< aimlttad llbwl with • 

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~ -' tMh»« 


* W«H; U sfty ««My IB ft VWf It^ ««M K 
•hMM te amimA W MpMlMMy *» WitlMimiW 

jPMliilftl Wft^* ■dimUMiMl ■Mk«virtlte, 
IMditfttiMMm«iMat |PtUi Miirn»ipi. 




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vim CUT. 

iMlMkMB ««■•««*• lka4MM«(llM 

ipil* 4M h( 
on Mm •Mil 
bMfMl wwi 

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iMtlMfm OMMMMf . Mat, lM«Mr«r, with 

tahi»W<||MMi4 l l W idaM y—tfc »• M 

Whisk IM M iMMift Mtbt^fMifta* 
Mi • iMff?^ «•«>.• thtoa^angl* •fM^dl 

tike M«t WM MMgr •MMJh— MAT ••/*■• 

4tiMBt M ImU* to Mid to U» Tte4«8trii» 


,M« i«r —. , - ^ IkhBawiwfcM ittiM. 

ThtolqNdtoon M lite to iMd tte iww^ 

MfiriMit to th* bMit Wk» Wto» iMbj 

jkfMr~MM toiMto* if tooMvJtkMgkt^ 
OoloMl ■Mtwwilittrawk wm AmkMtt 
toMdiBrwIni*. ■• fMni ^kw in «Im 
iia#iiii->«oai. toaiac ifwa IkiiMkwJiHp 
iMd JM« taM Uf htoi. Mi Mt|la« JiiM* 
iMl i*ftai** latohiBg tottobto m M 

n WM tnw I tfai i»Mtli> | i i l i i' i lMi tiar 

Inw I tfai wMlteMM'lMi tiar 
'Ml liM «M rfl««' IMMt in tk» 

ha«liMli«4ltU* iMiv with ft*?. Miik* 

tMiMMML m' fNtoti htr Ufa It tiMt aptt 

M lli# ^ «lhi» hMi «iN#i tk« tliia i(«ir 


^koiki^ •! MlMiafl f MikMT tM I tat 

llitofIWI?£J||i:«tarfi aiwii M«jM»4 

•rtMtoinmfraMgl oilM 

Miy tk» pmmg 

Wtm iMfpr^to iai fM wlaaik awtol 

ton.* lit wii. fMinff I* *to >i^ 
«Aai I«ai vwry iiMpy to b< 

iMpv to iMaioM I* 

^Miiiwg fcMh ato fc ^ •I^tofa,ar friffiit 
v«7 itoriM Wl, «h I iaiati X MB Ml M 
Mf7 Mtrr thai Um Maipiay )• flMI* Imm 
W« Midi Ml tag •> jip 


•Vt^ flvtotoil iH «9^fMMMll«» 
•IkliMll A9iM_M« -'— - 

wm TMr uMtATtt toM to W Ml Hi 

WtHN X MaVM VMT.IVMlfM* I* W flMd. 

^tviUlu ljS>nMi.l«^ af iato yMr 

ik*imr aisalitoalM^M* f*^p|k *wM 
.iMiMlf «PM ^,*ai, ■ |lM.i-iaipiW ia 

i^B i,,,! j^ M towtllr * MflrtMoi 
•ai alMNIM Miiinar I 

^^fti a latM liiili t iti l» t Mrf iMnr. 

iMk«lr iMTMil^Ma^ pi*ii. taq' *Mki M 
a1MlM*tolglit#niwa '-^' ^- -^ ^ — 


iMvia*. Taa«MMliMkl 

■«.- w»»fiia*f*«**k*a*liatMaUMr' 
'liimniL Mr W*i«i» X •* tfkMi to Ml 

^'^SMto iMl WiM* X wMf TM I* i*t 

SlliriM i'flia ainvwrii, to • iMr. tema^ 

i-'11iifiB^MIb*.lM*M«*^|ir,'i#*l X 

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i '^'- *—- It tiiriii fiiiiiiii in 1 1 

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olaloMdilM L«iIm«mi aiatotar^ 4M4ilitMk 
'"t^'lJt.T^LT''^ •'^^ wi» w 

to kir hifmwm aMMdiiMMl. iiSmTiT 

fihk fai kte wammb^nSSi' ~^ ** 

Mar «•• |Mn\lM mw bUad (aitk'fll • 

SL *!?!L%*'***ft V • «•■ '•if hir 

koMVMi br ^^vwMv.botli for hte privato 

ooolil aU trwr iaaglM that k« woaldoall 

apM IMT to fBffiilM hariatkwMd ImTSoSk 
trff ^^^ 

th* toil to which ha wmmt to Mt hv d*i 
ra Id l*v«i jLad M« ha hatimil thai *h4 
tiaa «M ripa te tha «aaiaa»ra if hk 
plaaa. Xov ha fait iaiiii that alTwiM 
inbTMd «.Naarfa4lyhia vm.^ haZS 
to hiai. Itod, m4 aiA that ik. waTaal 
!?*1'^.****'^ «4<k hia. hat wiUmi 
to aMAi*. U h« ihoaM «M 1^^ 

~ " toiraaBaiw Wl(hi% 


ia aa aMMl a» 

4* la to 

tof habvai. whall with jTMi to 

■hal«aka«»thiaiiHtha aarwrlaad,. W: 
— ..__. -Taaalaa a( eoaataa- 


» »a«gh ab« «aa»tad har owa 

ar of aodarataadbii 

I to haaooM ay W la Nalitf , 

aa ya« ato b fUdfa, thia vary iay/ ha ^ 



to »l«t, 
Ptotod, aaraea |y. 

•tUl aba laohatf at hia la daah 
anik Mt haowiof how to aaairar. 
•/Da JOB hoar aai ay low f I wiah y«« to 
haaoatotoy wiiainlMt aa yoaaia to pi^ 
■iat, thl».f»ry day. Thia ia tha t«t to 
whMi I wo«ld pal yea, * 

•Bat mgf ' 

•^ Aad^ 


itwarth, mat 

ia aot him^ a»d wlU aot ha h«ra^«eW 

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Ma^ tmatlhl, tortoat 
joa fiivo * " 


m^u wKv «MM oo aa aaui Mm 
|mlM% I WMid pMfi ya«. i^ fai^^ 

"" ■ " "ilr ll«ii»V ha aom«ai, 
>M har with iOaito 

hiaovaa if ht wan harat aod ha li Mh 
hiia. Wf awt aat, IraliiH withaat oMt 
aalUpf yewfathar.' 

rOlw jMtwarth.' aha aaaaiaad, to i 
▼oioo that waa aU aarrdw tad w> raproaah. 

*'*^ ^* ^ •■•> ^« ■■•• "^ wHh- 
o«: ooaaaliiBf yowr &thor. Itia paiafal^ 
bat i" ia BfiiMary.* 

'O:^ laatworlh,' aha Mpaatad, la tha 

SJBitSSjPwa**"*^ w-aotahi* 
^ 'tiraat tovaw llhow bow hard It wfliha 
for yM to do thIa I bat It la yoar da(|y | aa* 
yoa #di aovor ilaah Jtoa iaiy. lMv«m 
paia'aL* '•"'"" 

low bar haabaadf 

. 'WalV aad ara yaa aal toy wifik aa« 

■'•^ ^ ■** J?5L«^ «na|lo#,aat 
—1 yaa aat aalaaaAr »r ' 
'aa,dtor fcilpiii^ . 
wtfri. AadlttoiSaM 
•»r.iilo,mtoirWaola aa hMi^*hi» 

\^'V^m^mm .« . ^ plaadtd; p!alotiva|y, aot aa if aiiia 

!T**ftn^i Nl I fifo yaa an 
ifptoittk farthato dtaw af 






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'■ '" * I ... 

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yS nt i g t* * 

OfekMMl aiil««rlii W«M to vlMiitl^ 
«M«lr fmatb «abr«:< iMlMM* tHrTpSSS 






iffcrlMMP tUMMtf 

■■■••• ■•••** ••■•• •! , «*' mm^r^'mtt 

;iltoV« fU* M 



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.'«lii^llM<MmiM, wkM Dr. 


Xi hii aakaaad^ iMi^kUM^ft., ^»^ 
^taTfiMPM t* idii tkal Us kto ipMl 
ii4 ri«iM lii 'i t a tew «m fto^pail !• Ito 
Mi|»iwt«l tk* toatkNn OmMwmv, Mi 
4Mt§MMtMaf t«, «u«r ■§« Ma mv Mt* 

^ 'Im!^ Haft mmtf m aqr ' pmt afeiia f 

. *Ofet i|# Mmk prar fw Ma 1 vniy thai 
jMnf^kamlMah taaa.' 

iJi J# J?: ***^ 1-4 wUl ar aa|«l 
«U14 1 MMm jtmi 1' iai4 th* dooion" 
r ||n|tfei»iialad hanall at the ImmI of tha 
|ahl^aa9«,««i% thn«|k|iM tetka of Um 
^mmmuitnim «ai«tiy, aa<l altar bttak- 

im ika v»«t aWit Mr (ioawlM»14 aftiTfi at 

vHMiiBi tayaUtiaa t« iMndt aai abator 
•ii|.vWt la ito W«r Paairf mi| mad lU 

r *iAiiltoiika Wit lAai htonad— ^ 

•^Jlt?*^..]'^^ |NW»^ toto I will 
•altoti hmm ^mm to«afar ww'l to 

4ilm^ ft WM t» Ito dMMMitto 
mr^^farttatftt tod rn rtitd aartrfai»> 

Mmmvm #iM»to* wU^ 

OHAraii zzxm. 



Oh I w(ada thai tov* 

Ooaatf «a thta dttoUtt thani 
fk^oM atrdial, tadi^ariQa report. 

Of a Uad wa shall vltM ae* mora. 
Wh«a wa thiak at aar awa aatir« lawL 

Itta tatat wa atta tato th«fat 
Bat, alat I l att ll it tl aa at haad V " 

Naaa harrkt at httk ta dtipMr. ' 

^WWk ito tiara*^lo«dt a( aMi wMk 

aharfid with dtatiafltka, lawarad darkB 

avwaar te laiva Iwd, sUwaa htaiga ». 


^^wva ^ai^wa a^^^^^BP <^^^^ww ^B^wa^a^ 

^ Tto wiitk of Mr >hi» ttm Iv Ugh aad 
dft aftotto caito whSra itolada^mk 

raato, thataaithar Wiada aar wa««a had m 
yat ffowar la totak htr vp ar lift tor «C fl 
tataad aa it tto aaat rt^aia ttota «lia 


thia Mriod 

■■aid arar 

■a lo ttovn 

fad tht aatoala tbtra, tad hroa|Ail away aa 
aav •! tto tteiaa aa thtf aaald oarty. Bat 
•a Ikh wav waa Itof aB4^th«„wark toUaeaa 
aadiatoiaa te Ito ta|M||NmurtoBrt Ito 
iftf •( >toto wta aodBl'wlth watn^ H. 
.WM iaqpattlbia far iM^pi aato a^ tlMMi 


ana iarw falftto 4Vt%yn,^ r—^ - 

Imik that leMMffa iff Jto atara^^ttea 
ef aaoh aaxttty it ti^ !•« ttof int^ 

Jthtli^ld btsakapttowftok. .^ 

r toay wWIbi' •I''. 
it aw«y IhMt ihi 






yAii fiAY. 

•iNPglk m0 tHtfV 

•^ hi 
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- *^^ •Tte'S' wnM of M i^i 
M tki* ilMitI iliad. 


li l» M «h« ••• 



II fM 

j4 Mli^liyo— It f •▼•rythfad— mf 

Mwtn. wiMMffw tMf MVK >i«wurly 

y^MfBk iMV^Mtio. for SMM «^ m4. !«• 
i %v* Mp «Ml Airay m Ihto ltUa4. th* 
^MM OMttor who «|do««d yiM with yMr 

JS WoImov* UUm4 m iU$ Mtow of jUr 

' l«h, Britoa»rl*. 


^^«|f■•or•ly««^--0l«M(l«h. Brit 
tfymi«wiiol fi^ «*W»>^«f 
■MMh. Byo««MUM» tMOh*Mh,j 


Mftr 1MHB «■* liNW ■■■iiiiHH|» «■ V«« 
wWiM«lM%4Mni^ r klilfMlofeMM 

llfei hM h w«di%#iMi»Mi. teiwfwr M« 
U wtotifciiiiwo ttSfe. ^ jl«> y^yn 

13;^ •liftlM* Ik 4.M||hlM o^^ i«iW» 

«»hr««hft«l.' h* •MMa^a.wllhaB 
bvl^ rovolMnl hMai«f fai hH tyoi^ 
ui4 tkrallMr te hh trol*. ^^ ^ * > , 

*jMII»l^iltliBr aho yhUjL J ii ult 
hi! htijopwi IMW h— <•' ■ wwili i> hiow 
7«ihMim> hrf th> ■ l i l i f iwi n »^Mrt 
*• Md toM IM I thM yoa WM14 aM hM» 
fblowtd i»» h^M attiohMB Mil Mmkm* 
iMa 4Mili«ijhM>». »•■ *** ■•* «S^ 
'ttiihsjbifti.Jii(hi.* - ■ ■ • 'T.- 
'VW liid ooldMifivfiflhofrai 
VHm» Bit Ood If «Mir Aad^ I 

ilmdvi aMl MUihl thiPhll jftiw 

hi«* hiifii«dtoa»l tho« l^miyMMd 
l«Md fmt •>>•* I follMrtd 7«nt Mi hii«» 
hiwMiiiwl^jrMoaihit imMmtkmt^ 

•l|Ni«*Mrf»kM^ thft IMIi latirriMr, wl&t 

A MOhil oiovMlkiit to 
w«iM h%Wia MUlrriy I 

llli IM^V t „ _ ^ 
- "^ • thif 


^tmt» tkN* iMh thtoir . 

«rtlii'feMht-'|llt&-'lfeM WM 


ijSSth Miw 

iMi^AhtiliiidlhidiiiaiagM th* mm 
l5i5#-iho Mrfyli wft# I I III* i m4 tl , 

Aai^HwMjmrfidl liVi^' lA tfil 


Mb fit thif hti hiito tM hmUfsfm§m4i 

gNM iwtiyMtMMIi ^WWk aM^idL fill «t 

c;;iii4i.ii m. "^^^g^A 


miMMit, 49* 11 




Ki«t is iMi #MtlMr ihw VM« pniMil 
w gf«M» ilK L wkitiilkMi , lM««niM 
lMiilyfwl«M. iitikwMptkadibff tk« 

MMBttia, te • MMll iiNfalMT hil% «a«ttai 

lM> «l tb MMtato ih ^^^ 

MBMi Mli Ik* prVViMOM t 
^Mllli kiid ifttod •• Brit 
wtmm mutk Mr* M skJl 
■tad* It a» •MBfwrtuklih if Ml 
• kdy^boHMr. 

^lb*kM»«llk*r**kj M**W IthtdJ 
>tMUM[«km*M>liMl Uffkbf liP*wU|k 

nJWMiiA 4iif •■ • i**r-«n4r. 0* !«• 
— <*kto it w— *>* ni o<i> M wtti A VMrictjraf 
*^lli taJwrUat I ro y iwa fltmU wU viam —4 
I rcioli w«r* fMtiMMd o* 

M aUMd. Oa tk* fkwl «l Mm 
taM* hatov %kmr b*0k-«i|**Tm tiMl Brtl*- 

CrCiaTSJ*'*^* ^^ **** " "^^^ 

■laapiWb wlMa*rci*lBw«r*fBa|M*doB*?MgL 
««v{«a •! llM ro*k wImn th^wa* aay aoif 
"«• MWiaii tlira, aa4 wkeaa |HaMlMa,ia»' 
4nll aad MowMa vraaikcd th* boat. 

fmU Ikraagh tliia U^•M 
aanaaw^ y*a raaaA jroaraalf 
alMadhii pla*a akoal «k* « 

IkMagh tliia iMaatifally faato*adl 
J- . ^ ^^ ^ ^^ 

— ats* Ola laff|* 

Ita walla aad iaer vara af 


•arMak kl !• lira 4ajH^l waa Apa farNfallr 
laa iarfl Ika laJa, aalaM It «a|ff fira«.a aav 

Vaakflala Ikb ■liikMiiL Jaalia Ml 

Vaakflala Ikb 

altakaiialk#lo» aad alv 

JlMM^kai ak* AMaaiM ttaMka* 
aabte ollka wraak. fta faraiatriiaddiiMaU 
priMpaHali giatta. AjUak aa»*l waa 
hid a««r Ika laar. >|p£d lafia waa 
ykaad mmm ^%, aad aa«A witk a wadlaa 
aklk, aad aaa n aiwt iai i l wtik awattkalL 
wkkkwair Hfhiad im mtimOf •» 

la Ika laM* immin&r a 
flatlaaanr.wMakkadakak „_ _ 
Ika w w a k , Oa aaak «A #1 tkia lakla afti 
kaak.akalra^ wklak iwaiMid a ata«nl 
faaillak aiplMl Ika waH,>raad a raw af 
*a<hi*n*,] ahaira. ~< 

Oolk*kft iMBd aida al Ik* aattaaa^ 
alaad a lar|* baraao tkal had kwHi r«aMv*a 
fraai tkaaaptaia's aafcla. Akaia Ikia kaiaaa 
k«a«alargalooklaf-«|aaa^aad aa tkatap 
of tk« kar«aa,0B oaa aid* af Ika fflaa% alaad 
aa alvfaat draaaiaf^aa. aad Ua Ika oikar 
aid* a kaaatifal wark^kas, kalk aoMj^lalr 
faraiaM. Tkaaa kM kaaaflakaa tnm 
lla7 Bx^ «lata.r*oai( aad kai da «aaM la« 
ta th* poaaaaaion af Brlt«auMrtk. llrarlkk 
kataaa. aiiaiaal tka wall, ataad a Ikriv, aoai. 
fertakla aafe, tkal kad baaa takta tibia Ika 
ahif 'a aalaoa, aad alowlj apd kkMoaalT 
trnt^d kf Jaatia aad Jadltk aa^ t^ 
aaaaawajr. aa ta tka i^Uad, la tkaa^aM wf 
•ka* all Ik* k*av|r faraitara aad ftoiaa kad 

^ ,_ - tka wM«k la tka, 

akara^ Toa 0Ufm woadar, aow. tkat tkk 
fiMit kkoar aaaadad Btaav «Mka. Bat 
Ja^a waak M it ,B k ii rtM lly, ^aaataa^ 
vmm ii adMklijribaia M^ U«*d a 
kaipiaf akifalrj'wko waald ka^a kadav* 
takaa arata kt ap a a deaa taaka la honaaaaf 
|klad^M Aaa woaU Jaatia farlka 

Miaal iaiaeaatvp^akUif ia^'C / 
_- -, J Ika arattai^ Bill a«n iakk ik^ 
dStif iMaflt. AllaljiJlli walkwaM 
kaagaaakflttariteataflFaad'Olkardaaa. f 
lativaartlaka ^b***^ '••w'l «■ tka . 

^jJRTfcjirg^ Ifca y lla ar aa T-7ifrtrt 

ffS&VSLi^ 'k tWaaitaaa% 
tm valL waa pbaad a aida*takla, 

akaalaafaMkiSj^SM^ aad IS 

Uaaa? Baokaid^ llT'aaitialakkwwa 
plaaad aaavahaiW^ad foaMtaala. 

Inpatt froai tka daya af tfra iiat aklp. 
wi«ttad faM Mj i i a ta Ika a r aaaat ttea, waa 
a iaat>awav aa wall praHdA witk ika aaai. 
Ibria af a.kaaaa. Bat Ikaa it aiaal ka ra. 

^ ■i ii l pMa ff aa'kaafc^tkaaaHaia*a 
ika jkayk kiafcfc <ii Ika Sarf 
i4aailk>n»i« tm aaddkaMknn 
*mm klMailiiilliaiiaa a Hktata 

_ _, . _ Ikat alaraal avrnrtklaf w w aafkd 
Ika wiaak. aad tkal Britomarta kid 4 
davaM aaklfai. irka waald kava kiakaa kk 
kMlb tt kMaaaanr, la kiraMrvlaa. 
^ Ala aNfl^dklMi* tnm BritaMarta« 
WMTwakaiibaa k«k la tka vMl wkata 
J|iilk kkfl kar aaakiy ataaalk aiid araik. 
•# waNi.afri wkaaa Jaatia MM «» Ika 
aaMte alaw* wkkk ka. kad Wai^^ tSaaa- 

had tjlH k i i t Hm ai i ii illi aiiaa a Hktaff ftMaUy talk Ikak 
.aaakldkaaMa aarwk«a aka Ikaaalj AH Ikm wwp 



^MMMwiMi aM*-, 

•awiMMwat a mi- "' 

^>jk «!• MONrl ii HM l» fat Mii 




•f iMr tfMtMai •M«f« 


■yaiytt«g>»tt» in. «M nfy kiaa to • 

kMlMii apoa hU, 

vaa a 

•alb, vbila foa wUM «Im^7 mj m*^ 

^^*"'' MwJd auL ar £rv ika -*-'-»- ZZ^ 
^mtkk^mnimmf ^ ***** *^ 

JUi ^•Mtmwaaaofiaaif slMlMiMM 
^■a H«ktai tha laaip .114 lrteM4 li aai^ 
Jj^ talwval aavwad with a wiilto daauak 
.al.^2J!L!?ij.»''^ Jwtla.'ik. mii. 

*1 daaV.* bMtiTlrltaMtfU. iL. «i». 


CE'-!!*!r* • '**^ whaab.fc» juiM. 

■"■■•'■ ••"•aaaaw.* 

•ai?2jLff?L.T^- »«■•""'«'*#«•* 

a! iirffA* •• i» r» *•• •aawmCaa 

••*••■ *ka tediaaM aba*. ^ 

talk|*bairor tb« Pf«a»al it iMldm bl 

•tt^ Ml apoa batbl.a«i.TipE 2 
!y,T'^ .y'» wiMi. aa b«r alamtata aia 
aa aggaii w ita atana. 

5L? '^V^f r*^/.— * — » rav»fMiiljr, 
giy**y>Kaaibat baaatifUkaatf 

H^Kyl!** •7^'. aaa ban afcaJM 

-7-.wltt4»Jfa| w 

gwMjnljMitt Iba imaaaUa aarvkaa ja« 
J.M|kat I aaliaala tiMaa 



*k Bat yaa bava «tea7a___ 
M«M«balI«aiMl ifaak^* 



m I 


i lilt «w ■a- rt iiiiiM MiiMi th«i mtjtk 

lka«rtMiki^%lNWfc4«y Miallfel. £« 


I, BMtte»««riWM4W««4kwhM4 litUv. ■*««v«r, I wUl d^ « 

• . • WW JMCiT* M hMk «y plWfi^ 111. ' kM Ml4««l Ml4 iBik «« MMti 

MM WMN, ,• 

!• yo«» M? jroMf rvferaMr. 
tmmU. BmMMrt*. m yMr 

•#my««,4iM«iirk*trta. jMipbiMiliiiiii*! iMrMraniMMMr 

V«^ wkM wmMW Ik* «Mr )fiMlM te.MW» «W]r MMW wTMg Mftrtd 

«if7 «iar to y««»* mU jMtla. 

irfaw IMM to M iMT to^MM {HM 


«Mli ctlMNr wlui 

▲ Ik»kl< 

fewB all tk« kSMB WM. Ifwuwl^atk 

iMT to, MiJtl^ wriM, M DfeatoL Ok «to» iN««if |««f% htv I4» 
lil W« M«i4Mlv ktto lMM«rlk«*r'Mid BriioMari* «o«kiBf^. 

Ui M and aralkad tha fiHr 
bafOfa lia rataraad lo bit Mat 


aa Vf aa af art aba tl|r#w of tba tiaiwr 
gleaii Um» ka4 Itvand avar bar baarl 

Aalte ilaitod m aad amlbad tba Mir 
aavafa).MaMa bafara ba rataraad to bia Mat 
'IritoaMrt*. l09% doaroat lata, mj aalF "a laAaf kart^ arid It waa aa waMar tbat 
k»*a, laak apb I «U1 a«l dtotrrH yaa. *•<»<•»'.... ^ ^ _ 

Htavaa bMfr* I waaM laiir aaytkiaf VlaaiK* aaii lllia OMfan, kiora ^valr 
nikar tkaa ^v* yoa aa taataaila paia,^ ba sad kiadly 4kaa tka kad laat apokaa, 'jm 
aaM, kaaaUag by bar aida. aad bytkg kia , «*M<|l^i Mt kyary thgkt acanflctaMa 
kaJ la aawmly a« kar bovad kaad. «iib llitofy adWit ba^ taagbl yaa tba» 

•Ok, Jaaiia. Jaaliii. wbat a aaMa to laaa vviO Vtf Md lafanaaf wha baa Mtaly fait 
•M1Sa«it^Aaaabkad. IbaiMi^ ^ bk Alad. « at ba aa^^ 

«lia,i>>aaa>l Uto a graal M aM l i^ a MdkalWHalakaBd aaioai»litb«da»ytbhic 
4Maa Maadit-to lo«a-«4r talaT*-. to rii^l tliito» haa baaa Iral Bt(Mg to aaHoa 
tkaaakMiaSud aavar ka Mavad. BmK \ kiMM«aat irivato wro«f off bia aira ar 

.ya«kaaa>«aa,.tbaaU4Maaf akiMkaai ta fr ttaa, iratoa iU ^^i^!»J»^, 
aSa to ktoMMiA Wad aar fivvS* f^ «***<'' ^»*^ ***** *^ttH *^ fS^ .''«*^ »F 
illtiilil iTfrTrr^" f V »Oailar bM«alt<l WUHMb T^llVtoal Ufa 

'Mat tiNir toa aat tbb jmmmI iialia l ia.' 

«Ut kyafa ia to i totMto «i llfantta fM. 
aidaaaa , «a akaa'4 ka jawiw4 fraai tliia 

„lVha flaaM^ laalfVtfMit 
*|iir 1 M^ <ff« m mmm lot IMi 

aa t liwM NM lty jialja f||iii<y »» to 

to *- ^ 

togtotQjr a wbi«i.lka graatSwha 

bll ^Viuitit hm tka Aaattiia 

tii Mttok Mk\1ait4 «ka 



fkaai wkMk I kava aavair yvt la* 

<. / 




tVoMi W nut ai»k« t|M «M ftilnM k^ 

^'^ tMriifUitt JKSTfSk 

v • 

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■1 ■ 

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A,-' • 

V. . 

■ ■ " ' ■■---' „ : 



"" ■ * ■■■> " 



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'■-" "(•■■ : r 

**, '■■■■■ 

,-■ , • ■■ '. : ■ 



■• ■"■ 

• ~ 


' ^■"■'I'-'l'".' 'm">.'S* 

■ : i' ■ ■ .e- 

'■ .. «l 




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, ' '* 


















7- — ^ 

«>mFM ««Mkl(M MMi • M if it, I, 

IwM* ilMlMr 1^ 

■fffiMvaf lli9titwiic4iAl«liSHi aMi». 

tep* H |aiW»«f ill. 

TBM i MMvr ym, if I fvrt Mint |o 
fcK I VMM Ml MMb .'awp Of^row 

X «^wh«» I Mil. I v(U giMilf 4rtek it t* 
wovd by iMlping kiaMlf Vkm^Kt^ tte 


tMi««rtb»«M B»4o«i«i»iiMHA «| km- 
■Mty, whkh f<^.t« tte iRMalb »|M.«M> 

jMiia r«rtai4 t« «i|» IrflMM Al ImmI lir 

Mil wmU MM vtlMiliwr ialwiM«lM. 

fMM that to fli« Urn m4 Mmi tM kaMto 
»k««hMM. waabteir ^•w* th« vholt «lt% 
•kwkbal drMflUt «| •]# brM^Tvydi 
M | MM> fc >t M hfciiMyM 

Hh^ Mii* mm4 MlM oS^ytfTMCr 

If watw. t»ki«h tk* Jm mi «bm MiTteUa. 
Mag rMdf, JMtl» iavitU 




■ 1 


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Us mi toMM kllMtttM uU ^ 






^IhM M ««^ p«M iirslcr. 

At ImI. wb«B IIm •irMgvr iMii «iiiMi 

MOpllh Mj^ #M MttlfM fU^«4itiriMS 

I tekM Om tto IMIBMtt «t ibf fMrt Mi «vi» 

•4 Mms aMMf IIm hm fiimriinttiiii 
reaM MtMi t|* iMlto 4i«r;M5S 

te|NripriM*.W ni^it «M#i kli «tf^t. 

•I.Mi Ml Mk JTM 9 i«« ira« MliM 

^riMa, Oif tats f»Mr. I •!• tkat yM^ 

kOnmi^fWi m •pMk fagHak llkaA 

'.. 'I'li^ii'a aaliva jflMiMB af 

.^MaMiti'iMVMai J^Nlia%"~ 

"'▲^Ba<N« AMariaM avi fMf-^ «ki- 

tka mWik m, Ik* tMtk r fiilnSa' iST 

%^'ljtji^I. Ciiwiiii 

Mm till.' Mid OatakariiM^yMii^SSauikfe 


'WMIf Hka 




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fksvwi l ii rt ii iMr Mil iivMly. t« 

vaf. MmmkMk vMiym kf tfikiBMr 

. •Mi«4««« k«v« Ml t^.'^mM Um n«a. 
*^ iMiir •! Ik« Mlhif, ift vitfe • toMl« if 
1 wMmv M «Mll •! Ui pMkfli Mi MA ta 
I ^ ?hto,to«i% to iiM iw i4 ,itolM» 

Ml sf ilglii I Md ito» tolMh kto lakwoM 
•ii4«ltoM liMiMwitya MltoteMilMrf 
M itoMNimi, m4 Mt rtii i iMai •• limr 
totar^ltoir toM m4 imm4 iMMHVtto 

■ WIMi (to aMaf M« ^an to m« lto» 
••tofk, M i ll Itok toai Mi imv M m 

M tvlto i»HK Mi ami to 

UMl'fea .Mlffwfl 

MfNMala kakaftaf 

rlgaMM^ Vto «it 


ikttliMi l».ito IMM* 

lif liM Mil 

Itof alfkl iNMlii Itr ipn^ 

■li .fMMa wilMly I'Tiilf Mi Mi 
mhif fAmk^ toVartoifgg 



Mti«% Mi M MwI y Itlttni kto. Mi ito« 
iiHIii kto. alUl tlMpniiL la tto mmS 
fm»> Mm m^flbh »liia^ «ai toMa« 

pfalaactaf tor fraaiiWa vlUala, ikw tUhJi 

'^ - I Mai S la Ma 

MM awMM alter, 
itni kto,aaiitoii 
•ft I* Um ■ ■aiaat 

.. la to Ma ¥MlUa|^ OavlMl Ma 
waaiaf^^aa to haairaai M Maik ito 

uSiMlpSajwjM^ ^^ 

pf liiii. tto ktok-wvM aHi fVi'twi 


Jm Mta away Ito .^-.-w 


1m t«Wiaiito 



Ml - 

"ai--.,^,^ "if Vnr 4rr^ f)w». 

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^^^^ - 

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■■;.;v' ■■_. 








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■* a' ' ''.'.■• 

'■'.. ''■'..' 


■■ V ' - -■ 


' \' 1 . ■ ■' ■ 

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.- .■"-■■ ■' '' ■' 

■'■ '■■'' 


'■■'' ■■: /■'";;'''^- '■'./' .' 

■;^- * ,' ■'■■;■; '■■ 


, ".; 

■ ■ ■ . '•.' ■ " ' '' ■ '. ' ' -° 




, -J; ■ 

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' ■ ■ ■ ■I'f^ 

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;- \ ' 


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■/'■:■;■■■'■■.>' ^ 



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■'■■ • 

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"■.■'■ ■ ' ■' .'■''■.■■ 

%i ■-;: , ■ ■ 

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■;, ; :>■' ; 

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"■'-'■ ..' -...■■■' 

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•■•:iV.. '■;: 

-J . , ' ■ ■ 

' ' 

. <. ■> 

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: - . .' ■ \ . 


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• • .■ ■';. 

,-j' "■ . ■■■ ■ '- 

. "'^Z^t^/ . ' -.-.» ■ -■-■'._■ ^ \'.' :' ' 

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.. ■•■:iS^fc:; 



.. ;-;-u-: ■::■■■:-.■ t: .. 

.'-■-.. ^ ■''^- 

y 1 

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■'■■,:-'M ^. ": ' "■ ■ 

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V .;.■-■■.,?■ ^'\ v.-:: 

•;>;;■■';■ ■ ::■ ./■■■ 

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■/ ■■ -v • ■■■ 

'• -JJ— 




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t ' 

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; •W'- 

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w ■ 

m ' ■ 


1 ^ 

- . '■ ■• 

• ■ ■■ .« " 

■ ■ i 

•^" . ' 

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' i," ■ ' . • > ■ 

fr: . . : K : .'^ . 






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- C', ■■-■ •■ <■: , '■ ■/ 


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,"■■ ^ »* ■■ ■■-■,., ./.v 



•"■ '■.■ • ■- 





f # 




IK ' ' 
















y£ I 






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Roctiester, New York U609 
(716) 482 - 0300 - Phone 
(716) 288 -5989- Foic 





«b»)l w* ttop if w* begin to baild upon the 
'«ifs" of tha pMt! The "ifi" of tho 
fatare ar« eaffioieotly embsrraMing. N'one 
of tlieee thing* hftve happened u you feared, 
dear Britomarte.' 

• Tiiay are goM. Their ahip has aailed, 
tboD. laappoMM^ or yoa would not bo 
litre.' *', 

*Yei. tbey ara gone, and thelfehip hae 
aailed ^ but they have left ns a remembraDoe 
«ri.h aTengeapoe, BritoHaarte.' " 

' They hava abandoned their aaptata and 
left bim on the iaiand. ' 

• Tee, it is tma. They took adrantoge of 
faia intozieatad eondition to gat rid of a chief 
«f whom they were already tired.' 

•And they have left that brate with a* ?* 
•Tea, Britomarte : but don'tlet that eir> 

onmetanoe trouble yoo.' 

'Oh. Joatln, Justin, what a miafortnne.' 
•It is not a blasuog my deareat' aister ; 

not erea a bleasing in disguise^ aa far as I 


• He deserTee death, and yet we mast aiot 
kill him. He is not fit to live, and yet w;a 
moat let him. H9 is not to ba trusted, amii 
yat— • 

*Haia not to ba traated, and so I hate 
;pinioned and penned him. He is secutad 
trom 'oommitting any more orimes for tha 

. ' Jutia» ait down and tall me all aboutit 
«tiafor« walaaTa this plaoa,' aaid Britomarte 
4unkinf 4oWa opon the atone floor, and 
I plaoioiff bar hand upon heifobeat aa thongk t« 
^till the tnrobbing of bar heart She waa 
thorongUy nnnarved, and he saw it and 
«lmred bar. Ha told her in datail all that 
liadhappaaed. H^ ended by saying 1 

*Tiiera waa aamething repncmant to ma 
an the idea of Mndiag a atupafied mai^ bat 
3 wss oonatrained to do it, for unlesa I 
ooald hava been with you both day and 
nighty to guard yon both waking and sleep, 
dofh it waa neoeaaary either to bind or to 
kill the miaoraant let looaa upon mu aol 
l»oand hia.' 

•Andae it hart yar oonadenoa. did itf 
Iiorrd Uaaa yea. Pity yoa ain»t sherifT ir 
«iwepUMPi so all the thaVea and ontthmats 
oonid fo fray I' said Judith, for tha flrsi 
time breaking ailenoe.. 

Juatin smaed iodnl^entlXcaadB^tomarte 
«ros^ Mid tha three 1^ the grotto and ba* 
ipinte OMoand tha moantain aide. 

^**« fc^ long bean down) tha abort 

M waa orar, and it would hava bean 

dark bat for th^ dair purpla-b aok 

,amA spiaadid starlight el^ thoat lati- 

\^hen they reached and entered Britom. 
arte'a grotto, Juatin lighted the Lmp, and 
Judith lit; ad up her hands in horror at thu 
soene of oonfnaion it rovealad* 

'Lord betwai^e ui and harum I What 
Iver have ye bean doing to the phice at all, 
to tarn it into suoh a den iv thai vea 1 ISnre, 
are yen afther hoolding a wake, or a Duimy* 
brook fair in it? Or ia it a war danoe itaelf, 
like the red Iiiditns, you're afther dancing? 
Glory be U Moaea 1 did iver a Obriatian . 
aowl sae the likra iv it ? Look at the boots ! 
look at the braoea I' look at the ould coats, 
and the impty bottjea, and the broken pipea, 
acd--and-^Lor4 Ij^pe us I the war dance . 
must have inded in a fray fight I' 

Ae Miaa.Oonyera looked the amasement 
that she forabora to eiprdss, Juatin began to 
explain t 

' I pat out of eight all your pretty, grac:- 
fnl, womaaiah trifl s, and I brought all this 
masonline rubbish here to majke the plao.' 
look like a bachelor's tleu. and prevent the 
piraMi orew, if poaaible, from remembering 
the asiatenoe of wtmeu on the ialand. This - 1 
preoautimn, followed by the intereaiiog qnes* 
ion of abandoning their captain, did really 
preveatthe men from thinkiiig of yon.' 

'Oh. Jtiatia,how much war have to thank 
you for, my brother. Firat. foraaving^d 
auataining our livee, and now for protcoTing 
and defending ua.' 

' Huah, Britomarta. Tour worda wound 
me,' said Justin in' a low roioe, aa be began 
to gather up tha boots, braoea, bottlaa, and ff 
other 'maaculina rubbiah' of which he^had I 
apol^an, to oarry it away. 

Judith also lant a hand, gnunbling all 
tha while. i 

* Bnre and the more I aea iv man, the more . 
like ainaeleas pigs I think they be ! For 
it's a pig-pan itaelf they've turned tha place 
Intor . • - ■ ^ 

*Tonforgot, Judith, that it waa a man 1 
who made tbia place habiuble &t aa,' aaid ' 
MiasOnnyera. 'I 

'Thrue for y^^a'a|B, let alone bringing 
mwme Warrm tajFitself. And sure I'm Qot 
thsokleaa only it woatd thiy tha timper iv a 
hooly aaint to aaa the plasa turned np aide \ 
down tbia a way.* 

*it waa done for oar aafety, Jaditk,' 
•Sara I'm not denying it, ma'am. But 
faix It would vex a blisaed hngd. jo ic would, < 
toaei what a boar's naat they've made iv it,' 
aaid Judith, aa, witk aniia fall id rabbish, ' 
she atrod » out of the grotto. 

When the pkoe waa restored to order. 
Bntomarta aaft tha tabia. wUra ^Tadith went ' 
into tha ' kitohaa ' tdi aii^ tha fln aad boil 
the water. 

^' ** * * * * ^' ' " * *^y» ^f "U t h r sasat 


'« >. f *--^6^'^'*^i 

^ ^r^- 

•-4' -rt*-^ - 


down in p««oe »nd in th»nkfaln«M to p«r* 
Uka of It, for Britom»rt««t upon 

i.i thfm f „.nd Jadith ahoDia join thlm. 

To% but f»,x. f.r tho moat port, I'd • bean 
Mar t,ka ma tar in paoa U the kitohan 
fire ao I would,' aaid the Iruh girt, m aha 
oomleaoandad to aeoppt MiM Oonyara' iavi- 

-lJ2i!" *••• '"!•* *•• ''•• «W, Jadith 
aLV^^ TV *»• ••"^^•"dw.ahwl tba 
1^1?* *•"'• B"t«»*rto roplaced th« 
woollan ooTap and tha Ump npon tha 
tobla andJoatinfot down tb^Bibla and 
opanrd it. 

And whan Jiidith rattmad. they alt thraa 

»«hap»ar in he New Taatamant, and Brito- 
marte aanj; the appropriate hymn— 
* When dang«ra, woea and d«tath aro nicb 
P«n meroira teaoh aa where to fly,' ' * 

r.ien all knelt and offered ap their eren- 


.JT^'^'lu'^?"*'" »»da them ^ood-nirtt. he 
look w, h him a blanket «,d rpSowf whioJ 
fce oarried to the hole whiri tie' piritJ 

•till in the heaw arapor of intoTia>t?»n 

fcia head and pat a pillow iiadeHt:jSd 
•oirjred him orer with the hUakatTii^ 

^ ABd^ the day th«t beg«i i, peril^did 




©h I that my tongue wero in thothteder^ 

Angert mr meae , I .up ppon my.elt 
•And ao ahill aOrre witd feodiag.l.AAiL 

Sooh waa the atantoriM about that atart- 
Ijd Bntomarte o.t of her morning „,?Tn 

Judith if ^-MftJ^***^ »-riy.tnn^o; 
th- l?iSi.i- ""? rf h« morniu^ work in 

Judith atopped in t *^ • • - - 
nuking, wd Uitaaad. 

Ju«tio, to whom tb-}, aoftened 
by diatanoe, alept on, itnd dreamed t.f tha 
bombardment o! Richmond. 

tne empyrean. * 

Britomirte knew that it waa the about of 
the fettered pirnte captain, recovered from 
bia drnnken atnpor. 

ri/-li!ll ■^^!"•^■•.^ *^* *»''?'» »' ♦he hor- 
rid BOiaok and took her handa out of tha 

donah aha waa kneadin«, and snided by .he 

w^^h ;i.**"**°'~ ^*'t* '*•■ the mater 
wita the pnaoner. J,uaiin, «± lenirtli 

hi3 ^ ■""-''• «"^ "p "^ *>'•••*•<» 

-Ahoyl MuUiaan, Di«ti, Leoompte, Job- 

■on. In the name of all the fienda in flamea. 

whar'a all thiar Where the demon am S 

And where are you all; Ahoy I Jobaon. 

^K'^r?^*:^'"** Mulligin. A&oy^J^^ 
abouted the osptain. j »j ^j i 

' Ah, thin, will ye be siay f W.ll ye Ure 
off yowling till ya walje the young misthroaa 
OMtMlff Troth if. small u.e, 'oit,,/S 
ye to be aereeohing for yer Prmchmin .nd 
Datohmm and Engliahmin. and all the Uva 
^/•'■♦•".L***":? crew, which meaelf be- ' 
SrtS * •?• '"■'*• "P •'' *•>• offaoouringa ir 
allthenationaonthe lace ir the earth f' 
ezelaimed Judith, aa ahe hurried on toward, 
the plaoe of confinement of the oaptiTfl ' 

'Ahoy-oy-oyl Mulligan I Jobaon l' Set 
fire to yon, where are you all f And what 
in fury plaoe la thial Dei.,f Lecompte | 
Ahoi-oyoy r Bhouted the unwearied iuniri 
of the pirate. * 

Uto off making a noiae to wake thayoun. 
miathrwa. or will I brinji a red hot pok.j' to 

dortiint auM than not^ any day I' aaid Jo-' 
f^V'Ji;''? ^^'•^•W thiatonVand lei il 
thebghtof day and the tight of heroirn 
faoe upon the oaptire pirataT 

The man had got np and thrown off bia 
.blanket, and waa now wrenching away at hia 
fatten^ to try to free himaelf. -' "'""" 

18 It yoar Oome ip and kiaa m» thm 

Jadith! * "^ "* «^i^n« 

. *lT^ thin.PII kiaa ye with the flat ir ' 
a red hot ahovel .lapped in yer mouth, if j. 

^^^^"""^^^t.^Vr^ Whatha;hal. 
fwed to ye, ia »tf J^jc, can't ye awi? g«5 . 
Wb dead yo^are M^rajy. aad gpno to tho 
P*'«%s5«^>««» » Shrink aS ia mortel 

■'_"'.??^?,^l**»4 y« y^Mt hare to^idt 
time to 

natiRhild Miok had 
OHe. Ifeaalf think 
hia hottaat fom 

, - attend to yar 
W% halting apoaoiT 
f«- 7«r aak^ and It 


-•Vf, iV 





tokM no long to hftt« it hot enongh, whiah u 
the raiaon yj are kept w«iUn((.'Mid Jaditb, 
Mtting np .lur arm* akimbo and patting bar 
baad on one tide and ooutemplatingtbe c*p» 
live pirate with grratMtUfaoiio(i. 

• What the fury rubbiab you are talking? 
And What the demon ia the meaning of all 
tbia? And where are the othera T icrowled 
the pirate, now aoowiinK upon >the girl he 
bad amiled npon bat a few minutes ai(o. 

i Maning who be thootberaf Onld Nick's 
attii^ai diviUr Sure they're helping him 
tohaUeapver faruaoe,' auawered Judith. 

• «f here are lay <»•*• y*** ^nfernel— ir-' 

' BLape a oivil tongas in yer head, will ye, 
befor«Ibring iho hot poker till ye. Sore 
I'm not iT your iniemals. I'm only on a 
TiMt of charily to ye.' ..... 

' Where are my orew. I ask yon f ' ahoated 

theoaptidn. J ■-, ^ ,. ^ . 

•Sarel'm not daife, that ye need raise 
your voice so high. And be the same tokon, 
j4 bad bMtther save yer wind for bpwliug 
whin ye got into that same fnrnaoe, which 
i» to be yer porridge r - , 

;< Will you tell me Fl>ore iny crew ia and 
he blamed to you T' ^ , „ . 

'Divil a bit of m« ^knows. Oald Nick 
hasn't 'g(9c thim yet. They're some'ers on 
the high sayai cutting throats and^barning 

ahipa. \ i 

•How camolberef- \ 

'The wmy I tolled ye> By getting ^^ead 

'Who dared to put these fetters, on mc T 
By all the Aands in Tartarus, whciever did 
shall pigr for it "by • death of^^fprtBre,' 
s^tomed the pir»t«, wrenching and Rearing 
aw*y At the fetters until he grew blade in 
thefaoej hut only succeeded in brhiainff his 
own ieab. 'Yes. ihey shall |»y— they shall 
any for it by a death of lipg^rinc tbrmShti.' 

*8oppoayy« Jiat fny jrerself before ya 
boast so bi^. Sore ye nuttn'tpnly eattfh yer 
nan b fore ye kill him. but fnix ye ta^tt 
have tlie fray bm W yer l<cs to run after 
him befoi* ye eutch him,' mookod Judith. 

1 Where Is f oar masturr womtat*. 

' ilt UMStber. Bad luck ttt ye (or an un- 
(^Til brute, do ye take me (or • ni^T?' 

'Oida't TM.monUon your nistrtRs ja>t 
now, yon lunntio.' 

•Lortd btfp ye^ ior nn ivaoraatlMytdben, 
I lueniiomd tiie Jfouug miatbieia it «ha 
|d«oe ; bat ahh'a no mistress HT mine. ' 

' Whero is^tbf IttaHter of thopUpe, tk«i, 

• Oh, the oUftber it tiiis flMe ia' Ou^ 
Nick. Sure yer not f r>r|^tting that j e'r in 
the bad place, waiting (or yer leuon tupM 
houtod f nmaoe, •n' yiV - 

The pirato oapiaia maJo »,^gestare ok 

(ory. , - 

* Where la the gentleman who entertained 
Be at luncheon yesterday ?' he demainded. 

*0b. aure he's alive up there where ye 
left him,' answered Judith, compoeedly. 

As Judith ipoke Justio himself entered 
the cavern. 

• 0.», you are there, are yon, air,' exclaim- 
ed ihe pirate captain, on aeeina bis host.. 
• How comes it that I wake and find myself 
In (ettera here ?' 

'Bave you no memory of what happened 
yesterday?' inquired Juatin, coldly. 

'I remember landing on tbia island | snd 
luuobing with yon; and drinking a good 
deal of brandy. I snppoae I drank a drop, 
too much r replied the captaih 

*I suppose yon did I— Jndith, my good, 
girl, you may return to your duties,' said 

' SuKf , sir, if he gets obatropolons, ittelf, 
can ytr manage him «lono widout the help 

'Judith, I'm ashamed of you I a man in 
fetters. Oo, my good gtrL* 

' Sure, it's all the same to qieaelf. Tut it'» 
a divil in fetters and not a man you'll find 
yon will,' aaid Jndith, aa she left 
ins. ^ 

then r czolaimod the pirato cap> 
'ban ho found himself alone with bia 
'Now then— 'bow came thea^ fettera- 
Apon my limbs?' 

- Did not I he girl tell yon?' 

' The giri ? 8he'a a lunatic from Bedlam. 
She ia a dotril from lartaraa. She did : 
nothing but stand thea0 and gibe and mock. 
Vlamea and Furies, jpri Why don't you 
answer me?' ^^rpely exolsiiped thti cap.ain, 
suddenly breaking out into a fhrwiqr of lA- 
potent rage, tore f^id frronched at the 
irona that confiped hia wrists. * Where ar» 
my toUoarait' he thjndese4» 

'They bate abandoned ymt ^i^d sailed,* 
•ooliy Mdwairedtinatin. 

The pirfte dropped .|ljt Ittterpd haadf 
and at^r«4>t .^fBjipeaker ia i^fpredalbua. 
amaxMwnt MiMttffiiotorpatipn. 

' They toof advanta^pi of your atato of lU' 
aenaibihty and, determined tcabundon you.. 
A man muned'Jobibpi. I think — .' 

— *My secbnd oflfoer, Satsn burn him.' 

:-i«.*Waa^ riojKlfe49r ^^ tho mi»tinesra. 


'—' Atd so they l«f t y«u in a aluto of aa* 
eatweiiaaasaiMBd'iailefl aidur thocoaiaunA 
of their BOW ohiol^ 

'I aoe it iift dMtardly. artf-ieekinic 



mmla thai] b« fnrui.hed from oar fowf ^' 
h««d •»•» irom the iSroat or I : 'f.:^""* ''"•"'•. "•*"» "d Wing JJ; 

n« «phu (U,«l at tl£ ipntw br • 

S;t"i°!ir. -•^ii"!? '-■^■' »« i»<« 'i.: 


X : 

wer« h«ud 

irom the th'roiit of 

S 2::«fr!*.*^_'i^«" »>? '£»nd •!! things 

.^ Hi* " y?"^ """^ •WO* mo that i 
•w JO free with tne «.• of your tonJuJV 

'I know all «boat yon tod vonr «.> 
thrct crow. th.nk. to /ob" f Ji^ nieot Z'; 
tonguo «f tor your free um of th. hott?.' 
quiuUf MAwertd JuatiB. "• «w«Me, •— •"vrnmgi ae»rest ■tater rf-. 

tioon. •flo«wofc««,/: »!*„?; 



And hlff^ followed another rolley of oath- 
ouraea, profaniUes and indefl«.^l-- ■• 
horrible Ld revolung thai"tirrfi"r'if ^2 
flow dared you put them bn me f' ' 

Pliefen/ '^°'«"'"**'»^' ** *0.' r.- 
th.^SJt^oJr,'^' -l-dfotlonvld then 

•Take tho^ off inatanUy — inatahti, t 
7.-^ it wiJl be worae r??Vou. ' "^» ^ 
Come, cttntp, m.- «T.' .*. 

'• I jrera repL.^^ 


•iMen» With ydor akh 

• lone iilaiid like tbff !*E5S^? **'^»? '» ^«»*n«ly. pri»«B*r oTL wLli? J**** 

.— z-—"" uapnun anu rctiaiiied Ml 

-~ •■: " BP««»wii m list 

I notb* 4^ to hin or lotpL^JSn ISl E2 

li¥b iC "swaSiHir nSSSL "^*?^t ^'"^^ 

•rj«»«wrewew nor%diilditlia'aaftrrt^vn";: J"'T"""'*" 

»>M»yoV«mMk. Who 




,,%?.■/ >^j 



VAIB PLAT. ta • gwin* to oUne ap af th«r y« f 
B^dwi.ifiwaa th« maatbor himaalf, I'd 
make ya go dowiigr jF«r bama ItBMa and 
liok It all ««tM| woold/ exolaimed Judith 
indigaantty. aa 4aba piokad ap tha ampty 
^wT, plat« anll^^a7. 

Tha piratr»nawer«d with a b^aat of mala- 
> diotiona that a«nt aven Judith flying oat of 
4h« oavera. 

She wrat back to tha grotto and roported 
whatbaid bappaned. 

'And aura the diTil'a daddy that bail, 
Inatead iv ' li«qking ma for tha good break-.. 
faat I brought hino, and instead of ateiacf|>. 
like a sool Ohriatian a* he onght, he flang 
hMiiaelfinto a aavage riige, and kicked o«iK^ 
the ooffee, and aeattered the mate and bread 
/tore and a t abont the 'oavern, and ooaaed 
«nd aworo at me till he ri^ed the hair od me 
■head and inw me oat Ir the cavern, ae he 
4id/ aha exclaimed, breatl»I«Mly. 

' Vou say that he haa^ieattered the meat 
«hd bread OTer the caTern floor. Well, 
Jndithi lot it lie there antil he oomea to hia 
oenaea or bis atomaoh. Hanger, the great 
«iTiliser, will oerkainly anbdae tbia savaga^' 
aaid Justin aa he arose from the table. 

At dinner tim«t ^(la the Iriah woman 
^rtied a plate of food to the priaonor, aha 
found th^ aoattored viotii^ itUl apoa thil 

"*' •Andsaroitlooka more likempig^tyo 
than a mna'a ooll^ ao it doe# Heri'a yoar 
-dinner. T<^ oah take it or^ave it, or kiok 
it aboBt Bat yoa eaa't aay that I doa't 

bring yoayar .inalea rinlar,' satd Judith, 

4M she aet down theil>r 


whole of bta ainoer, ona oiao every aer 

Ilia aodbdted teoakfallir ao that there 

• «ol 11^ «t«mb of broad or Mainly a i 


But at aapper liime^ when she oorried him 
« bowl of tea Mid a plat« of mufllns, aho 
toand that he had not only eaten np the 
rhole of hia dinner, bat olao every aorap of 

Ua BOfledted br--^'-^' - *-* *^ 

jat 'm mmnh of 
kwe of bird left 

* Troth, I thoaght yeir appetite would 
taproTo'wIth'kaping. Now bere^i aome 
i^nttfal tay and owffiua, Jast what the 
jovnf maather and nytothreaa hare on their 
OwataUe. And too good bo far for tha 
likoa iv ?<>*•< And maybo yell ato it all for 
mito when I toll ye bow it goea afin aso 
«aiwlt»l«iy"r bavo It,' aaid Judith. 

Ba matdhed the tray opt of her haads 
^d hvlada maledietioB at bar bead. 

^y^ir, It'a a good thing je oan't get the 
iny oaa iv f«r limba, or ye'd throttle me 
«atiMlyo«tlTgratitade,T«r le thankfal, 
■90 f tJttV md ^adith, aa aha left tha 

After ddo tho prisoner's ferodty sank into 
nlngt he no lon g er refused his 


meals, W|iieh were served to him by Jadith 
with oohseientioas regularity, 

la thf coarse of a few daya ho oame 
aalEllyjoat of hia oavera and erept,(|boat 
through the groves aad by tlM stroama, or 
along tho aeashore of the beaatifal ialand. 
He had a linfited nae of hie fettered limba 
— eD0tM|h to help himself in all . abeolate 
peraonil needa i for instanoo, he coald walk 
alowly, waah hia taoe. or feed himaalf | but 
he could act inflict the alighteat injury upon 
either of tbe women, if he happened to meet 
lilMMogether or sing y in his ramblee aboat 
the ialand; 

Whenever he met Judith, she Mooked 


When ho met Miie Oonyers, she ratomed 
hia grvatiag kindly. If the arch enemy of 
Qod and man had been thsir prisoner, she 
oonid not have treated him unkindly. 

Juatin alwaya need him humanely, and 
encouraged hia eompaniona in exile to do 

' * The man baa forfeited bis life by every 
law <d ovary civilised land } but we are not 
warranted to become biaexeontionera. ~ We 
have only to deprive him of the power of 
oommitcing more crime, ,and then to treat 
him with Cnriatian charity,' he argaed.. 

Jnatio Uosenthal was Just now * very 
basy man. la tho two ycsrs that lie and 
hia frienda had spent upon the is and, he 
had made what progreaa was poaaibie in 
* making the wilderness to bloom and blos- 
■omaa the rose.' "^ 

The flrst few months had been spent, aa I 
told yon, in tho atapendona labour of getting 
the^^tores. the animala, and the furniture 
froin^tbo wreck, over tho long, mtged, 
almoat impasaitbla, fti of rockii to the 

By tho time that noarlir iaoredibla work 
had boon s auB i i ss ^ lly aooompliahed, the 
rainy season, tho winter of these latitndea, 
had set in. and all fisrther out-door work 
waa aaapended for several months. 

When spring and snnshine had coma again, 
it waa neooaaary, flirst of all, to build fonoes, 
to guard tho flelda and gardens that were 
to bo oaltivattdi from tba iatrasion of 
tho oattla and poaltry, then to till thifl 
ground and plant the seeds, of whfett he I 
had found a great variotjr in tho stoves of I 
tiie missionarie»--oonsisting' of wheat, lye 
and Indian com. among tiie fieid grainayand 
beans, peaa, poUtoea, tamips, oabbMc, 
lattaoo, and ao forth, among tho gllrden 
gomta. ' ■ ■■^^ 

Of ooufse tho planting of all these seeds, 
many of whio\p wareindifenons to tho north 
temperate Mf>np only, was « qasstionabb ex- 
per^ment. to !be tried. ^ 

I, 4: 





for oS;i.?A?l!:!!i^^«--!^ • l» A^^^ 

proapaitty th*t could b« hoped. At leMt 



tb. ootton growin/r 8ut«« of bb oativo 
wh«. pod. ol .uoh rich. an. ibn C" 

l-Ji;^S;s;;s-;:;:»- w.~ oocop..d 

fii«rtu ' ■••** '**?»**»• ''ool with their 

, ^P*ir of card, had bii. TonS '^ ''"****.''• 
, •tore, of the wjeok "'"* ""*"« **"» 

the irade hmh^A "*" "•*' brooght ap to 

t^frioj^^i j;:j^;h«^2j^ Of 

♦toe eud Of th* «L«™.rf^2r " wa« near 
»«r*U .hiB had !!!S^l5°*"'*'" th^t the 

niTOMABTB's Mw aoDra. 

It waa « lodge of ample aiie. 

Bat atrange of atroctore and derioa. 

Of aaoli material* a* aroand 

The builder'i hand had readiert found. 

Before thatrnd of the autumn Bntomartea 
bouae waa completed. A rough hJnae |t 

north ■temperate lone. y.t pomawd «£ 
•ome advantage, prculiir to itilf **' 

Iti aiobit«ot waa limiced in the matter of 

flrtt ha had to depeitdfupon the c..rpenteri 
box rescued from the wreck. .nU^J thJ 
aeoond upon th« ooooa.p.lm tree and *hf 
monnt^n rooka. ° •"• 

Ita aite wa. .elected i. front of the ooooiu 

•quare, .p,b.oua hou...*.li of oneTtwSv to. 
kt»p It «fe from de.tniot.on by ,he ,oin?" 
doe. that wmetime, Tiaited the I.l«d. 
r\:Xri±^^'t!?'^ -irate* 


ran, one- fron> 



» t tf 


by two lona. paaaagea 
front to back, and the other frim end to 
end. orQMing each other at right anale. Jj 
the centre of the honae. ao «h.t ..nk!!!. 
WM ocmpl t«ly d-videfflL Jh'e ^^^Tt 
had four «toor«, one at each extremity „fth' 
twonawagea p,« rooma had e.5» twJ 
winrfowa m the ^outor walla, and two d^T.^ 
openBfng into the paasage.. »*« door^ 

Tne walla irere,biiilt of the lonff BtF.i»h» 
•inooth trunk, of the S^fci Se^ 

? T* V ^•' tntneverae polea aeouwC 
faatenei The rnetio roof afciSed^^i' 
pIetep,ot.«lon.»inat th. rJSTwd whS" 
The kitchen chimney wak hailt of TITil 
jjenU^ofnM^k Joined ^ith ..tS«g^m"nt 
.made by nzius the aap of jrhe co^JSl 

I «d w'aisrfj' j«.?in frL thr:hX 


wall. iiMd. were made amooth bj; .S* 
JJ-terte. of moiatenei aoT^a^k^'f^Ti! 
tw«*B the loffc And then bitb-Jlooi'. aSi 
aralla wer^ «»Tered with t h V^m^'a^ 


•^ j 

.I^.'. '"'■ '^ ^im^-w^^^^s^^^^^ 




I Mid th« bonM fronted West, The irin- 
<low« of the two front room* only were 
nUuMd with ffUae, taken from the tMhe* in 
the cabin of the wreok. '^Tiiejr had also 
ahotten. The two baok rooms had ahnttera 

rho north'Weatem front room waa the 
family parlour. It waa neatly fitted np with 
the tarnitnre resoaed from the aalooii of the 
wreok. It had a red oarpet on the floor } 
red onrtaina at the windofrr, tt oentre table 
and a lamp^ a aida table and buok-ahelvea, 
• aofa, a rookiqjt^ohair, and four ccimmon 
•ohaii-a, and lighter artiolea too numeroua and 
■trivial to mention. 

The aottth-weatem front room waa Brito« 

martA'a bed>ohambfir, wbioh waa alio abarad 

• by Judith. It waa daintily fitted np with 

farnitnre 8«Ted irom the litdiea'oabln and 

bertha of the wreok. It had a neat oarpet 

'On the floor, white onrtaina at the windows, 

«ad two little white bade, in opjppfite 

•oomera. It hud alto a nheat of dr«)Wan 

anrmoantad by a loaking-rl«ai, flan^ by 

« work •box and a drea>iin|(-«aie, a wash- 

•tnnd provide^ with a white oi.ina baain, 

«wer and aoap diah, only a littla the woNe 

for baing knookod about in the wreok, • low 

ohair, a footatool, a little o«ndle««Und and 

«ther amall oontonienoea. 

The aonth-eaatem baok room Waa tha 
family kitchen, aooommodated with the 
cooking atoTO and other neoeaaary artiolea 
irom the oabooae ot the wreok. 

The kottth-westem baok room waa Jnat in'a 
•leeping apartment. It waa fitted np with 
, severe aimplidty. The windowa were not 
even glaged. bi^t were only provided with 
. rough wooden abutten, the haid floor waa 
bare, the bed waa a narrow nattreaa laid 
upon a rode bodatead, the waabatand waa a 
Iwoad woodfn ahelt with a tin baain and a 
«tone pitcbar, tho ohair waa a thrae*leggpd 
•tod^ and the wardrobe a faw atrong pfga 
-driven into thewal|a, upon whiqh he hang 
hiadothea. All Iheae primitive artiolea of 
famitnre were of hia own manafaoturt, 
from Iragmenti of the wreok. 

Ooold Britomarte bnve gained her will 
io thia reapect aa well as in moat othera, 
thene would have been a more cqoal divi- 
•iim of the resoned fnmitnre, und Jaatiu'ta 
toon would Iwve been made oiiore oomfor^ 
able. Bat in thb one thing Jnsti» wm 
0i«-Hn ipsisting^^ Upon hia right to devote 
■ himself to her semee and deny Jumaelf lor 
beraake. ., 

There waa no more fnniit«% h$ mU. 
thvk anflleed to iMlca Br1tomarte'ii,oiMUBiier 
And parlonr oonlortaUe and pretty, and. hf 
wo«M.tiot tafto eo pa«h as a «kair or 
otaud f t o rn eittw r: ^ Baridek ho rathi^ 

hia Spartan room i its aevere ain.p'ioltii 
was wholesome and atrengthening to mmd 
adiS, b. dy. H^ 7 

Thia rods afa<«ide dwellUig plaoe wsi 
fenced iA by a low wall made \^ driving 
abort stakea, out fr&m the eoooa-tree, 
closely together into the ground after th« 
manner of a atookade ( aqd two rude gatea, 
one front and outi baok, gave entranoe and 
exit to the premiaea. 

At the baok of the yard there waa a amsll 
atore>houie, or pantry, built to keep ■ 
limited anppl^ of provisions— tile great bulk 
of th«ir provifibos. being still kept in th« 
mountain gruttoes, wbere they oould beatba 
preaerved. - .,'^r 

A fiiw trOpioal vines hsd been trana> 
planted, from the thioket at the baae of the 
nibuntain to the toil in front of the boase^ 
and had readily taken root, and were now 
' trained up io feateon and shade the windowa 
slid df>ors. 

At the.end of the first antnmn month all 
wol ready. 

It was on a certain Wednesday afternoon' 
thatoor fk>iends first took posseksion <^ their 
hew home. 

Justin, having aeen the women eatabliabed, 

wont to his ont-door work, which waa Jnat 

now the transj^anting of some young fruit 

at' her had raiaed in a nu 

now needed to be 

trsea that _ 

from the aeeds, and that 

Britomarte took her needle-work— tome 
shirts that she was neatly repairing 
for Jbatio— and aeated herself beside tbe 
front window of her bed«ohamber, looking 
oat to the western sea, and aorosa tiie sea 
towarda her own nartire land. 

It was a novelty and a delight— perhaps 
the greateat novelty and the greateat de- 
light of the whole ohaage— to be able to ait 
Mving nt an opnn window, and looking out 
ttpon Qie Und, aea and skyi 

Heretofore, sinoe she had been on 
the i|l«nd^ i^e had nOt been able to 

^r grotto had been nj beantifal plaoe— a 
Woodi-iiyttiphli boweruHS faitw qireen'a 
pdaoetMllit hsd no windows, and its 
lofty skvlight. thottgk INi illnminated ihe 
whploplHbe,' aflbraed ^onUlboK what^v^r. 
snd gSwUhUt a liiiii^ ;|tim|si of jhe aky. 


When slM> had aat iii)Ar^A«r MWea; 
viaion bad been boiiad<id by the walls of 
solid rook, which bad giyen a piison aspect 
to her dwell wg pisoe. •.„ 

Mowall thiswasohsngedi < - i 

She sat seWingat a ehserfDl» opeflu^wbits- 

enrUined window, letting ber eyap'roire. 

I WhencTer she raised her besd, freely ov4>r 

knd and asa and sky. with a bnoyant sense 


..^ "^ 



.1 -J 


Who WM Ik that bsd ohMgod Lr ltf« •» 
•od bl«M«d b«r lif«. .Tar uhm ah* had bMn 
lSf;,d? »»•"»'••, «**»«~. ••- "* D-rt 

JfMtia Bo«enth»l, « buui—ob* of «h« 
^moii •nemr— on« of tho bated mx-~om 
•I the detpota, the opprsMon and dtapoikn 
•I wonan 1 

that Jnttio fioMnthal waa aa •scflptional 
jpanjjwhombi. irheUaa. coold Sot i 

lor a«aia th« trath ioroMl itwlf opoa 
h«pp«joept,o„, ^-.Wh•t JaatiD luul doM. 
ioArwl and aaanfiowl for h«r, man bad 
4on«, aaffwod and aaonfloMl for woman all 

w^' •A*5"r" *^ »*»• «<>oI of man. 
fr ^ !l^^^ "'^"•^ *»«» onltKated Md 
L Z*^ thaaarth. Of th* .tnpandoa. ool! 

'fiiVTi'*^'" •' **^ '^^W. woTan waa th. 
^'l—ir^l of .11 th*. wadthTtol 

indead few and eimiile, bnt womso'e wants 
*»jnMjr and ooati>-..tha poora.^ rndaat 


Jl Joditb with ^ pleaaed and .miUng oonn- 
•t^&k/.T'T' ^•''V®" «>«• -nd look 

f^« I nndent ran the riak iv knock in» me 
bwina out. pok.Dflr round in tba .moke^ „ f 
^M .Jwaya afthor doing in that hw5 K t 

iBtedtooook. And lara there's a a^ 
^.M* draMer for pUt«. and ooi a?d 

^SHu^}'**^ ' .** "J^ nothlng-ir the tabla 

bMg me diab-towala. Sura, ma'am 
y^ropmaandlookl Troth 1| #ui STpS 

With a saila Britomarta aroaa m^ .m 
lowed bar to the kitobT^TSuS SL' 
•II the mtar^tfajt hjAdith. ^ "^** 

jwo not taita new^to aether of themTtha? 

Sf'iS? ''"'"••f '••• P'«r«»of the bnilX 
l«ff. nnderenaaaiatad in the liflhteFill?. 

woBwnnaedlnfaomfortaaiftrinxnrieawhi^^ ?'•«»• ■•"••» m tbair 

-^th great labonr and axpanfa. Take. f«i iboTelty to th«^ I^a !?'°""« •*• "'m • 
^ik ni...»»»:^_ T_jj.L '••r^'"- . *»»*i «or rri "'^ •<» •*•". .nd thav went tbronsh 

*itjlruatratiwi. Jndith andhar *Ur ' and 

tefr,aad thatnaHoking that had to be .^ 
-oompl»h«l^bafo« jSdith or wy'^Jeh;; 
C"!r» -^W gat her tea. Yea, ./ /aatfn 
loT.d. aervad and guarded her. Britomarte 
?Jlr ^Z'^ii ••7«<f "d guarded womw^i 
t \ *• ««^«t««n'»«d world. And if he 
Wherfrom the field, the forum id tK 

SSr* ail' •'"*r« !" ••-dar oare ot bar dd»! 
oaoT than m f^ana /«.. ..« ■ ^ y- 

-.ry partof th7;p;;;ioa kTtchVnWiihkX; 
•ppraoiation of ita oonvenienoe.. ? 

• Sore. Jook. ma'am I even the oat itaalf' 

uasTa ir a^gvotto I' aaid tha Imb girL 
' " ' 11 — .-■"■•?•" """"woare 01 oar deli- Judith, ,tha grotto waa beantifnl aiuI 

«W thM in iealou. fear of her^fflr ?r~ =""'°S^»»'«*° «»«w,y, wd I iSrid St 

in«!i had dona •Torythin* for* woin.- P^oa, eo lat w not apeak iU orit^^iJ 
IfoooaaionaUr in tl.*'»»'JM . l---5°*»"- Brhomarta. with th.t*T-lii" „: 3. .""■ 

■man h^ dona •Terythiaa;^ for woman' 
Ifo««ionaUy io tbaSrorldawomrria; 

W teL^I* .''** ^''^''y Prepared'^ior 
ptotfera^ how oaabla to atoiid qnite alonT 
•M wril pron«|^ BntOmSt.2 ,mn «r, 
pwieiUMOBtha Deaart larand.' Th^tCm 
in vhioh mui baoama tha opppaMoT^ 
wo«»n wer. ii^di^idoU. cum 823!^ 

to Aa man-hater, whoaUharlSaCi 

They WW* mWif^tad hy/ «h« 

Brho^>to7;Hth tiat"-^:, S^^^ 
fine apmt. faal for e^an inaniZto tfinaa 
and pUoeSi Which«)nto daw tothlS 
from aatooUtion. —•.wwuiam 

' Lorrd bloM yon, ma'am, yon anaka iw 
JhM^^if,it woijm vowfaiKnga, 111 ^ 


W#hU : tooSk irtaoar rinnii th?*Wk 






.toT. \n th* d.rk, •« I aid la th»t h«yM»«« 

It » »«o • la the rook I* . ^ t -^ 

• Judith, T<mr k«»o pleMUW is th« •hang* 
dolighu mo ovoti moro th»n tb« eh*ng« it- 
■•l»7 Mid If IM Oonyorfc ^ 

But lu«t then Jfodilh't mood ohancid. 

I'm thluklng it may bo nil in /•>" •'»•>•' 
all I' tho Mid. M iho sal hofMlf down and 
btgan to pick ft dauk that Jutin had shot 

*^t^55. J«»d»»»» »• r«p*ft»«d MlMObnjor^ 

• Trotli, yea, and loat labour to boot. 
•But why do you think mo, JndithT 
*^8ur« It^ tha way i* the, world, ghrfa* 

tikni ara tollinir. tod aihriTing, and oontriT- 
In- TMra and yeiira and yean, to make 
thim'elvM c-mfortable, and Jiat aa eoon m 
do that, thay'fo got to maka a ohanga, so 

• What^ do yon mean, Jaditht What 
hM ooma ovar yon t What ara jou think. 

• Lord bla«a yon, ma'am, dont yoa ■•ef 
There wb« me own grandfathtr moilinc ^d 
toiling for yeara and yeara to pay for hit 
farm and hia honaa, attd aa too* aa 
he hatfiona that, he died, so ha did, and tha 
farm add hfiiiM bad to ha aold, and tha 
money divided among the ht Ire and tha 
areditora. And then thera waa 
aor«ped together a Httla money 
a little place, wM«h. aa aoon m 
fiM poor mother, re«t bar eowl 
died, eo aha did. and ha broke np and immi- 
arated. And thin thara waa meMlf, •«•, 
Jiat as I got luad to tha oold ship, waaiiH It 

"^lu, J«d|th, bnt I don;t m» what all 
that hM 10 do with our ebaerfal new homo f 

•Ya don't, out'amf Wall, 111 Jiat in- 
liffhtan y. Bora wa hata baen liT«ng on 
thia itUnd ia a baato of a grotto for mora 
than two yaaia, and nobody ooma to taka na 
oil Bat BOW that wa*»a got anoh a be.o. 
tilal hoaaa'iatlcely. bohm dlril of a ahip wil 
MBa by aad oany «a all kooM. I flfa it all 

'„ • Wan. Jadiih, yoo wiU aot okjaot to 
that f ' Mid Br itoittarta. 

•01^ Bo. ma'am. Ill «ot oMeat to that 
tba laata Aaata Ib Uf«L Sara lift »ba kat 
labour I'llba ohiaottoc to— tka boUding itr 
tha hodM, aad all thBt.V 

•Ab. Jndith, It ia not apt to ba loat 
ktbrar. Wa ara bat too llkaly to lamaia oa 
thia iahwd for tko tarm of ear natntal Utaa.' 

•Lordbatwaaa aa and hanpv aia^Mn. yar 
•et afthar vaaia that aame t Sara Fd rajik^ 
t ha lab c prba loat it aa lf t han t o i^ay^ 
ioritortoaajoythafraHsirl^ ^ 

mo father, 
and bought 
he done it. 
in hivtran. 

•Judith, we mnat Uva and traat from dap 
to day I >t la all that wa oan d^' aaid If iaa 
Ooayon* leaving her attandaat to prepjr* 
Iha dinner, and going book to hat room wT 
r aoma her neaofi-work. 

8be Mt and Mwed. tranonll aiid oontantad^ 
until tiia ean aaok down to the leval oi the 
horiaon— atriklng out a path of darling 
light aoroM tha water* — when thi *nn« 
worahippar laid aaida her work and watahed 
him antil he dropped down behind the 
waTaa, drawing tha long urail of glory aftat 


Boon after thIa Jnetin oama in from hia 
work and want into hia room to wMk and 
obauga hia draaa. ...... 

By tha time ho waa ready. Jndith had 
dinner on tlio tabia, 

'You like yonr new honaa, aiaterflatd 
Juatin, aa they Mt down to the table to par* 
taka of their firat meal in tlieir new homo. 

• Oh, yea— varv mnuh. 'Shall I thank yoo 
for it, Juatin? No | you will not allow me 
to do that. Wall, I will tell you how muoh 
oomfort I and Jndith, and even the oat and 
dog, take in it. BvaryUiing ia delightful to 
aa, bat nioat delightfnW of all are the win. 
dowa. 1 hava been ^tiug at mine all the 
afterqoon.' / 

' It muat have bean Tery warm, for your 
window bu a weatarhf napaot.'Mid Joatin, 

amilinK. / ^ . . - 

'No, for whan tha aan atraamad in I 

partly oloaad tha abattar and partly draw 

tha onrUin to aoft^n ita raya, but not to 

rhioh WM too now and 

idunoad. Baaidaa^ thara 

jaa.' .- 

liko yonr home, m long 
ell aa yoa do now, dMr 

hide tha outlook, 
delight nl to be 
waa a atroug om 

*I hope yon will 
aayoa live in it, u 
aiatar,' aaid Joatin. , 

*IbaTa bean thinking/ aaid Britomarte^ 

•of oorpriiooar. W 
liimmora kindnaMf 
and have him bare 
. *No, daareat aiatar, 
bootar. throatenttar. 

tnid it not do to ahow 

to tmac JMm a little 

« itb na eomwtimMf* 

no 1 What I tha fraf- 

tha ahinainker. ondar 

UiaMmeroof with ybaf No, Britonurta, 
no 1 The kinduMa of yonr heart mialaada 
yon greatly whan it oanaM yon to think of 
anoh a thing 1 It ia atranga, by tha way, 
that yon, who ara a man-hator la groaa, 
ahonld bo a man-pitiar in detail,* replied 
Jnatin. ' _. . 

*^It ia becauM tha ofMtare aaeniaaa a«nl- 
ly eoliUry I aad wa aMBi io es raamly fhar«- 
Mi^>^Min there ara oaly few of aaoMt 
awpT open thia DaMrt laland, to haaiah oaa' 
p6or wretoh fOMfer from ear preiaiMi^'aha 

fiaebeotar, threa»aattar, rtilf- 

He ia a 

bamer.' repcatad^aatiir 

A ,'<»^ . 


...„, ,.„.> -Alt, 


Jadilh had 


look to br/ '"'*•"•■« »WM I *•• doM not 

tiMt year w.n.trf«rf #- j ^^'^ *>•"•* * •••> 
•or pri.oner • IJ d J„.» *^ ***•' *f«*t«n«o* of 

lonr. Tfc2i^,rt! •'*"''«'»«bi« in th« p,r. 
Jhinia, w .KidlT .1 L' « ?*•"?. '^** 

•w. . nil doaiuj. bipSSi i^~?I ""* 

■ "'iff? J!*sii\::;*s..-i^'if'«5 

1 ^ y''^ * * * *w<*' n i> d Miw (W. 

> OoayMni 


" j.l.^;h?^.t^ i:r/.,rz h:.';r;: r* 
dj^y^in:? h-r.^:„7 r ^.^'; 'h^; 

"ff. M j« .r«. And whia th.tX, V ! 
••y OMt Ol »il Oil this b««U iV .« t . ? 
why t... ould Nick cou'idnVlt il.roi'illi 

m^'th"!""**"^' •"*"'"'" '''*» »• '»" "iy 

•*ia Mm Oonyari, r.ry gr«»«|y. 

'Hure QiMflir thinks a*« fh« m,i.A m 

8olo„on But thIt'.'V ™^tlr^T llToi' 
And roth if y. cn't .ppr.oi.U^nT^t^ 

ouf'to kji"**'''!S" •"'' **»y J-'tin went 
put to hia out door work. He aet r,..t . 

had raiaed from tin, Be«d— plom. neaoh .^T 

.rciJtVfiirar' ""^^ '••"*" '° ^ - 

•enn with SlI*"* "f *^''"' *»>• ''•t «••<>«> 
?ir%ifl "T^' Mverity.and the oaat-away. 

But thaj ware not idle. 

kLhen .uT^at i.j!:^i'ib:riw?rh''r; 

of h.. oumbe«om. working n,aUr7al, Zl 
h« gatcered than all into huT own m^.-» 

weaving their dbrea into oMta of evurW -ll 
m aommer. roaud, thiok mats to lav iJfBrl 

liirhtwi with the dSrmZu S^'^^J t' 

all^S '' j^ ? y'»*«' «' »qwntity of — ta ^f 

ore o( baalteta. P,ra6 be made a fine Jaig« 


f|- -r> ai ws.-w^m^^n 


f Aim PLAT. 

olothM biiih«». whtoh bfoim. th« |>Hd« of 
JuJith'. lif.. an<l thin • '«<»«,'tf, ,'","'•'• •; 

MtlT • woik bMh.t fot Bri.oin»rt«, on 
wtaioh h« Mp«nd««f hU flnwt m.»«ri.U. -«d 
,11 th« ta.t., tkill and ior»««'»y »»• P<», 
I', wM a mimoU oreonv«ni«no«. II 

tlia p«rlo«r, and r«*d vload, whiU ah* 

Mw^ .na Judith knitwd. . , ^ ^ ^. 

TiiM pasMMi Mi«ir lo-door lii« dariaf •*• 


Mt of bn^uty. It WM rttlitf !•'!• ""J 
o»«l in for.!.. th« mIddU ipw- Urp .no.gli 
toooniai-agood •it.d f.rni«tt 'o»'»« «P' 
•lid ail •round that middU tiwo* UtUa 
Jl.i,ion. UU .« aiT »»-k* Md bo>to- 
hook* and ayM, oord. Upa, t^iMd, ata, 
and to keap tham aaparata and in ord^. 
^oh litUa diTi.ioa had ita jittla moraUa 
Zl and tha whola kaakat had ita oo»ar aad 
iU haodla. I hara Uao partioaiar in da- 
ioriblngthlalittlaatoir. baaaaa. »♦•'»»•»• 

Britonarta raload it not apon aooountof 
iU b«aaty or ita ttatfalnaaa, ao ftiuoh •© *^ 
«aM iU eT«ry maihea and flbra had bM« 

d«arar to har than all othars yi.f, dany it to 
har^lf aa aha mifitot, da*rar to bar than all 

othara upon aarth. t^.w-* 

• Judith waa m niptnraa with tha bnakat. 
•It'iA baaaty it a baakat I a darlmt it a 
•baakati a httla angal'iT a baakat. And 
> aara maMlf wiahaa 1 wat olarar at ma nadle, 
•o I oonJd oia ona too. Bat fnix if I oan 
manaiC to put • p^toh *», »°J»°'iI\»»'; 
•loth, it^ aa mnoh aa maaalf o^ do, aha 

■***JHav.r mind. Jadith. Ton dra wtftTa, 
and that i» what naithw M iaa Opvytn nor 
^rnyaaU oan do. 1 ahall maka ^nothar at- 
umsk at the oonatruetion ol a loom thia 
winlar. and I think batwaan mf raoollao- 
tiona of my fnuidm*tha»l| loooi and your 
..nSJiSioJ. laball ba tbla td oonatniot 

*"*VAb. thin, if ya'd oaW do that aama.aaira 

r ooold waiT* bearttiftil oloth out it tha 
JoTaly ootton and woollen yam I ^ardad and 

niHi laat wintar, or laat wit i aaaao«-if 
that'a wint»r-thou«hI'mthlnkkiR irt h«»t 
'Wt tha dhry aaaaan itaelf, and laix I ean t 
tall winther from aummar in thjia haythan 
"iT a olunata.' t 

Jaatin kept hia word with Jfadith nnd 
labooMd with tha loom, patting \it together 
.and takinf it to pieeeo, doiag oHd ondoing 

hia worit, havaiering and tinkering at It all 
>4ay long— whan be had netbiAg bettor to do 

.-4or. infaot. the a«perimant of lowAwtjld- 
lina waa not aoflolently fall of pttmiiaa of 
J*™ = — . ^.. ..t-- — ^t»-^ -» ^. . . i I time 



lOir, . 
■II, I 

lom«, I, 
in haaTM I 

Flag of tha fraa heart a only homr, 

By loyal handa to valoar aivai 
Thy atan haTe Ht the welkin dome. 

And all tbjr haea were born in hr 
PoraTer float that ataadard a heat t 

Where broathea the fpe that fal 
With freadom'a adl beneath oar feet, 

And freadom'a bfonar atraaminfr o'er na. 

— ^. A,l>rah$. 

Wh«i afring Mid aaaabine eame again, 
Jaatin began to lay oat new garden beda 
and u> pat is tbo aaeda lor 

ariy Tage- 


And JaditMo ^^ kMrfk delight, brffan 
what aheoaUed her 'apring olaniog.' But 

tanoceaa to Jualify the watUng upuu U 
;fthat might be more proflubly onploy^. 
la tha OTening he Joined Bri»o^vte in 

. _ ■>» 

fltat of all, aa their bosea of hard brown | 
aoap had nearly glTen oot, Jadith ahowed 
har aktll in tha mannfaoture ot aoli aoap 
froaa Iva mad* of wood aabea, and greane 
melted from kitohaa fat. 

When ahn had aoooeednd in thia. aha oom- 
menoedher 'olaning.' Every houackaept-r 
known what that prooeea ia lo the handa of 
a akitlfal woman, ao it ia auoagh to aay (hat 
Jadith aooonapiiahad tha taak in the oeat 
poaaible manner, and that at the end of a 
week'a work, tha bona* and all within and 
arooBd it waa aa okaa and neat aa humaa 
akill and homon handa aould maka it 
White enrtaina replaced tha red onea on all 
tbo windowa, and the winter oarpetc were 
•towed away aad the floora weie ooTered 
with tha matting that Jnatin bad manu'. 
taolttred from the long flbree of the palm 
laaTa* during tb« winter montha. 

While Judith had been engaged in the 
houae-oleaning. Britomarte had employed 
baroelf in Inying oat tha front yard in par* 
tame and planting them with flower aeedi. 
And Jaatin, in the intenrala of hia field and 
^rden work bailt a neatooTer OTOr • clear 
apringata abort distance from the bouae, 
he built it of atone for ooolneaa, and dug a 
abannel for the apring to flow through, and 
paTod and oemantad it, ao that the pane of 
milk and oreaoB and poto of batter eoald he 
•at fat tha ronainff liratar. Adjoining the 
datrr waa a tamporanr ahgd, where the cow 
Aitd be driTOii to be fad and milked in bad 

•Sure ifa all beaatifal intirely t and I, 
wieb Ommmia coold go on giTing millik ior>i 


■t''iSiiia5j3^4fefc aaa ii-d '.' <"5W? 'i<&.^W^I'jitft«'@iv&aiin^^ 



- 7 /»i«^_ ^7W^W"^;^^ ■■ 

' i^^Ji" ' ■'•' **»'* «»•♦ ^ •»?«< 

rAll PLAT. 

, •nd 

' N«v«r mind, Jutii K «««„iii..i._. 
•h«d«y,-yo« know A„H """"''»» ""•o 

_t... _ 1 »■""». And W0 CAUiiot tall 

r^NoMtM. I whlohlTT W.y o«# look. Ih« 

A«d ana u h. i^'k., tkt •b«J> _^ 
-o..^, "^ "•'•• •'.* ...,. .w^ 2 

ao«Mr* "■"■•"«» Pui tBa ftiiim«a under 
HMMning low.rd. th« •h«rp.rold. ^^ 

T^* thaador rollod «id brokt. orMh npj 

aowoMtf tko • windoWTJlhS^'hri^* 
op«n«lfor.noth.raooi- ^ Miboe.^ 

oiid^ssyth^'dodr ^» •»'•-««», 

^ yt h i?. jMtia f , b« iBQwfaoJ^ 




Im Md.lMolut for the OMuflt of ant fatm 
ti^fWnauAmtflmmm/^ho aiigkt poMiib^ 

: 80 BnloiMrt* «r«M into «Im iMd^nMm, 
Md aadfl up Iht tedt. Md tfdltd th* wmK. 
«Im4%*D^ i^'^^^flMirsfttnigbtaad ebwad 
«|M«H»do«%,«didl!M#nMdil»e doorik 

Ivd.vhibate tiM doiilk tlwt, JTodith 
-WMMhiy ill the «fodM(3r ware wid oobkiDg 

i^M^mtmn tM iiuat th* wUidpwi 
•Asd doon*' '' 

III tUjM^fl^ Jiplrtia WW Into llM 
^pirloHr, Md Mfe tM diMi<^taU«% faain 
lad^MMv^tblk MidMd aBibb, • lijiu^ 
k^ Ml old oa» (if, JNi«k«mefa«, and M 

tto wiadoiv uddoon. 

Tlo^gliifr work, mot In tko flmt f^wamm. 

*T^tl^* «kfd Jttdttb, /wkotvaroaiMo 

«(»lMr •• OpH^*^ aaj M WB're boI jmod 

Ko OM «Bs#iNd tho giri. BotJ««ti% 
^th • tftf^rafim, fummmod tiietvo wmpmi 
'^ bio md«. abd tli|i;: hr^brly Uf|kito« bja 

it, retnroed tbaoka to DiTioe f^iividouoo 

avdJoatitt. ^^^ 

« ITot a^mam*. Wa baira obIt Jvat tai 
lliatnap <Md latea,' hubad .4i y<m 
naflUYofai^>JBlrWMia. ; * ^^ 

fbm aU tbaa |p« tetoftba boat. 

tbf b#idof «l| KVHtb bar baadM^ 
mtata% iMcK vJK^to iootba aad ooatitl 
barfaioaaa ahS afwod baeoaia frtebtaaMi 
and reathra iHkaB tii boat aboald ' 
BBove.'. ■ m "-■ ■ '- 

Itet CkuMiia bad aaw too 

dowsa te^bial*i«M 



SMJak jM ti tbo rtortteaaad 

-'4>h, h iBd aaa an, tblM wa foacfbl aairiL 

m btav^ aldM MTdaiB^^I 

»M*>to tbat %5Aj^ mlh^ 
WiaiiaTBfliaMai^toiHi^. ' j 

t»^ o^tafa ol.^; 3tyBt>ii*atood €»/ 



•I I __, 

i iMMBritoBMru^ ao lb« tbaadw r 

I ^a^abyai «f apaM aad dUd away 

> ^Mary. fttariv tbo iajrl . . . Slat 

( f^lMVivay faraaatBaanI* . . araturad 

Jadltk favokiag aU iba aBlala aba oeald 

INiBb af ta aa *m*t g »mt f . 
• I tbiab fa« ara fa aMfo daaaar fraai 

^BA alot^faff tbaa tnm tba Maadrrbolla^ 

jBditb. Q« MMt «%»r»' "^ ><^ o^ 
r^«»iii iiir •# i iMi i f j M i i« ifa«n. 

' Ibia baytbaB Iv a Hani •aaldB'i bBrt m»i 
wbiiifMadJadltb. ^ 

«ToB hava yoBr HaaaoBly fblbar, wbo la 

'i md Lord of tba BaavOBa aBd Iba lartb. 

teaal to Biai: It ta ob avfal alam I' ~*' 

Ifiaa Onjrtf*. aa 


af dry alolbaa a*d ftt 

I rfalil, daar Jaatla, oaila rlgbt 

i Ufa yoa if jnm ooold taaal •««• 

„. .,^. badly,' Mid Mm Ooayara. 

' Sara tba wfabad abaald ba Ibratad aB> 

aordiaff to tliair wiabtdaaaa,' pttt ia Jadllk. 

*If llwt vara tba nii«, wbUb of aa 

woBid |e aapaaiabad f io^airad Miaa OaB- 

Tbat Biaathava ainob r^ry aaaraa,* 

rollad doam 

af U|b«alag pbnaad aaary aravloa af Iba 
alaaad baiuw, aad aBOt b a r paBi af tbaadar 
naad aad araabad o4m iMt hflii^ Md 
liad away tai tba diataaaak • ' - ' ■'■ '- -* ' ' 

iBdiib'tM bM'baada aa Mat aa aba aaaU 
teaa tba« Ibiwaab Mr iagaaa. Mm 
SiwwlBfblilMWfBi tanar af tbata« 
MdabUbaaai iMi lar vat alalbaa. 
BrilaoMMrta afalft «fpd bar IB «o aad 

•aialdafaatt^ bM« Ihamib If T» 

ifakOBBnr bad. 

IdtBld aotlifa J 
a bad 

a Utm «f Uffhtaiaa, aaiaabef 
ablaat af wfad aada lorraal of 
nOa aaafMdad Ibair afBvaaaayona. Whao 
Ibia bant «f tbt Mni wia avar. Juatfa 

Vow, aa aaaa m foaafblo I waal Jadilk 
ta prapara aaaM graal, or paaada. or bvotb, 
m wlialavav la «ood for a aiab aua.' 

•Trolb. Jaditli will aat bfai op witb II, 
aadyoB, toob Diril a bit ir ma »iU atir a 
fat 10 §0 1^ Iba iroa atora ia Ihia baata af 
a ataiMii bv aay aaaaa, at all at all, lal aloaa 
to BMib* V^ for a BiBrtbariBg divil lika 
tbalk wbiab aaaM woald bo a traipttng ir 
fraHdaaaai' aaid daditb, abaltealaly. 

•I win gak' aaU Mlaa Oa^yara, aad aba 
ataax * laSCra Iba rwiai. foUowad by Joatfa. 

•<Ml baMi Oti^-ool' howlod iBdilb, 
laaafag aflaa Ibaa. ^far* wiU tba two It 
ya bif« Ma bara^ la ba atbraak dowa 

■ ■■■■ ..;■.■■ '; ' ■/^'■^■;^•■ 




of Jh. pWp,>ii. 

, •Mm 

petwo. ♦olanoh •^•Uren. AUwoKSr 

Itt oar 

lli« Mooad d»y of thsir v«mm •» -f 

i teagpentf Ubito of lii. liiSSTdM »^ 

5(3i«y .toa^f^A^ K** • W 

too oaptiiiB liopgit iSgriyX'fld'S 

Ih^iin^ST^i**''''^'^ bound ^•gM^.ii 
Aid tk. joDy oij^tain pat m «h?yy of • 


boM, Md bMr it off to dMU^li^ 
Nriiher JadJAli aor Brilooiorto k». 

•M, iodo«d. wu tun M«h „d foamu,, 

^^I'Zh **'"'*^ *y **»o brIIIianoT of ik» 
.«M«Na, Oft* Mir thai Imm hmA lkMi> «<w. 

w ^ <pa» M W i attifdaa wUl 

aot eb|r«t lo 

f .».«t huo • oup of to. Ud a roood of dry 
toMt tbia moriiinc.' ^ 

'Ob» ■•• Wow tbal Jadilb'a p^ia baa 
Maaad. aba haa mi|M to har acnaaa.' Mid 
MiM Oooyara, f^aiii i.u, th, kjioho, ,'o ,i4 
th« ivquiaitoordcra. " 

'Hi Jitt Ull ra what.|M%ait Tbaro 

•nraii paopla bava baaa mUoc of itt aad ' 
for mora .luo al« ««,tba w. four, ooomu! 
tba pirato. b.r. ba.a oain. of h | AuJ 
thooali IVa akwl it oat ta will .Tl 
ooBid, wid otiDf auU .ad rlao wi 
TJtitablaa. at.U it i. ,.ttiog iowl wK. 

faatlMfi»brMd«.d. oatlT it, .nd J 
WMliltolaat till to-morrow, m I do I 

i^** ^ r" •'."• »• ••»"»" •''•y • lot ti 

tedignaat IrW. girl. M mo/ m aba bilsl 
oaiTad If iH Oooyara' ordara. 

'J«dlth,Iamaobamadoffool IlitlMa 
oar tut loaf i»a ■boold dlvid. it with a aiak 
m>D. tboa«b thataiakman wara tb^cMMMt 
niaaraaat as aarth I And with a whAlZ 
bami of loar. aad wbaa tba loar^ro. 



dVl., v.! 

'>i<tujSM 4a)»<J .d « AtJ-4 I' . i<K«ii, t« <ii' ii.%'1 '> 


«ijp^iilM«Mn to reotiT* their fthan ol ^« 

^ i p t W re^ «l#o.MiM OooyeMaMig oat for 
bfir fritad% And thii liiiipaff wm poriiftpo 
thOgr^tMt tTMt iho ooola giv* then. A 
lV!iliDMl*t awMt TOioe OMollinf thoir fa'Toorito 
': oongii o« tho blM waIw wu • noTdtr and 
"Va d«ttf ht i|ul«M[. ». 

thai plMsantly pmdl tlw d«ya aatil 
8atitd|i7 qwraiDg. wboo tb«y rnndo Tablo 
ICosnt. ijid on 8<itoirday noon they an- 

Jnatin and Bfi^tbnarto went on diore to 
eall «fwn iSioir fifieilda at Oap« Town. 

They went 4rit to the donth Afriean Ool- 
lefb M|t learnod there that their old «o> 

£untano«^ Profeaaor .Jaok, had' gone to 
rej^ to bolleet Oertnin r^ro eaentiflo 
wotfca lor hie library. 

Then ther^ went oat to Silvw T^ee YiOn 
t#ieo tiieir'eeteemed frienda tho'Bhmeya. 

The^r itMiad the Bevennd Doetor aiid Us 
fanOy at hotMnnd in good hcnldi, hat iii> 
.ni««NHiMy MitooidMd and delighted to aeo 
Mr. B e e f nthnl and Mlea O o o y e r e, f or " 
h«d heard of iho wrodc of the Sttltona, and 
had onppoeMl tftoir* yoong friends to have 


And ne]K it, was th* tarn of Jnstin and 
Britonuttto to beeqnally astooiabed and do> , 
li||hted, for they learned that the life-boat water and also to piok ap a f«w •etpMn,aiiiA 

V*u ainwuwao .* naaas vv||MiU uo »m MVV tC|9 

obildleaain his old age.. He eonldnot Hmt* 
heard of bar safely bef<M« he otmld bavn 
heard of the shipwraek.* 

•Yes.' ■ 

'What hows this iriU he for Jadfth, It 
the way.' 

* Tea. I oiB see h«r faoe now.' 

* Bat Jaatin« whtoh boas was her eweeu 
heart in, do yon know! If hewaa in the lH>at 
with the miuionaiiea be was saTed, ' anjo- 
ooaly exdaimed Ifias Ooityera. 

Jostin nfl«ots(i a momovt and thai an» 
•weiWr:- ■.■■:"■'•:* ■■•■'^.■■"^^.-V-T 

'1 40 not know, I bave been^ trying to 
reeolleet^ bat in raiiv fle»ren giaat that- 
be Bay ha*e been aav:sd« for the poor faith* 

They dined with the Bamey% bnt wera 
obliged to decline all farther honpitalihr, so 
the leogth of their ahip'a stay at Gepe Town 
wae viry nnoertai'n. ' "- .■'r--i 

80 they todc an affeetiOnats IsaVe of tbsfir 
fHOhds and retained on board the Xyphiao 
In f eo d tim e for tb e- e a pt o in's e srly snpn qr * 
tabU whieh wae spread with aU the Inxarieo 
tobe obtaiaed at Cape Town. . 

*t have news of the Sea Sooufo. dbo 
tottohed here on the day before yeeterday, 
reoiained a few hoars to get in wood and 

raantnc ap a loog eeem. Ivery Uom ehe 


' It U a ahip. /odHh I Ob. Jad!' h. it te 
aeSipl Andit beoraoaretareandatripeel* 
eaid Brttonurto. roJsiag Mr bead froae 
Jaetia'S bTMstk iii Nleaaiag herself troos 

• fraioed be to all the ssiats f pioosty 
sjoeahrted Jsdkb. ^ 

•Prmiae be to the Mereifal lord , of 
Bearen and Baitk P'toilBH 
nntly. • '•■ <^~' 

Joeiin Kftod lis hat inAtM • AntU 


toekoag* toe 


of the 
oat the 

solitary loekeAj 
otrer it 

sbanfa||r«^«A«pi to soIm. or 

oOMMll |fe<|lMMge 

rt tha sbaogalM a 
Inil thiol eiNvapMSnl o^ jt qr aWre it 
•aeept th« pl«*l(lBC PSh ^ Iho sailing 
water fowl. Bat ehf loved it 1 and aht 
watehadita gradaal aabsMends freoi naa- 
slQ»tope«oeaa aho wonll bare wauihed 
tho ullff t* illii ff MM q||iMor who 1 

M t^ kignNMnen sho ani sootm j 
i^« Ng : "W » work, .. shenooke4 ^ np and 


•a ^all thrM harried db^ 
by the Oere te look for tbo 

faroni to.wiiere the 



8ks Was snOiilig very 
tsHng the Osye I . They soold 

fast 8h««N« 


emoaftwelt with the^hoked eye. 

ehe had «ot a little fait« the Core, wf 

water was omooSh, the dropped ant 

let doWa a knot, whieh was toon saaoncd 

by hall^dtoia Stoot oarasMn. oommaaded 

dera» reetod it 

alotSeSlM^ Brif 

his hot to salats _ 

triadow iill«4nMasd wared her hoadkecaUsf | Jodith fbllow^ 



«u««iiwi. upQu sne irisb ttirrwM ^•rv 

^*T1m weather |>roiniMi to to Una/Mud 

•11 this time 1» -*'^' °" **•» «loth«. Dri^in M I' aittwend Juttiii, • UttU *oon. 
*ntt 3nAt*u A u.^1^^ ... I iiuedly,.ror he faneied that th* aank*inik 

ftat oi their reMtted li^e^ Md ibank Heaven 
tor thwr preeerratioii fiaid Mm tWer? 
•Aod tbin to think tbut JTiS^Yarrd 

^vin|( wiMt for notbiag. So moah"!!^ 

j« to me rblt yott 
ir^' Mid Ifia. Oon- 

i !■ "^^ tlM^ wwo 
Ml tbolr flood alAftW.. 

Ubour ^. 

•Oh. girl, 
•Niiiorty they irero 

'Dvil sMt It. 
Mvod. Bating aoi 

Ijt^Oiieloaiiit me/labour wilgniTing S 
iii:SS-l£»T*''^ tbattbereanl^., 

sE, - I* '^ tTlSt^ •?■ "^ therain ind 
J^^t, --^ WiUw itMUi if. i^llt^ j 

. Britomairto giro i| up. She lenoed ta 
*«ow whetber^udith'. Ur tod toS. ^ 


jfiMedly,for he landed' that tho captain^ 

word* hMl a doiible meaning. 

„Ji*^/ly** '^"1' "»»>tor of whiat ai 
oioaland then retired to reat. 

chameb xlv: ■ 

Te Mtilora on the migfaty deep^ 
Tour eaored oatto we bid yoa keen. 
.We bid yoa faitblol ftud ; : 
The tawa yonriattora writ in blood 
The fiaf th^rltoe throngh flame and'tfood. 
' K«epwithtttet,bMrt and band! v 

^j^j|*2***ttide tbo^it morning the 

"P^P woather kept its ^oinibo and was 
▼fgy nne. : ■■■ 

Tke abip gteerftd tto^..eaat. flying befoi^ 
a fnoh wind at the imte of teiw elewi 
knote u how. . 

-jS?*»tf^^ «Uf PMMnger* lotii^ 
"?^.i_*^ ^^ reading, promen*dS?S 
«h»tttaii «nd all the fe^ni^Tthey jSiS 
whiat in the captain's oaWn.' ' «W»* 

«tti««liy. ik thai ef tto yenag 
know bow tiMa<A«Mr<ean eitiaeM heaneeii 
;obe feud on tVo OnMrt Ue in tbeQiir 
Oeeaa. And ea tbM o tfiatln to kn«w bwr 
2: *«fj'^* la bli aMi*e land, wd atoa 
^*^ *'** ^^'B* MMHtMag *f|A tbaa ear> 

^<^ *> ^wli* Itattli MitoyjrSft mT^^ 
(ailaMAea ^^— — — -^^— ^3 ^ ._ 

' Oalipd^ MiM tto >«it^ liMliMib. 
•'-►•aMtf' /M ko«i« Ihab 

UeaUaaat Ittol tow«4 
• "J?***^****^ yoa bMtr i.qaiia4 

•fVoai HowThIu*- ■».■■• .-4 ' '^ " 
•Ajjwkm boiMdr ^oa magi Mii«u 
MiiaillM M aiy aeking maay aaeallOM. I 
?WLte^.*»"3^ ?• • J".*?« »• *to panait 

■•d the aMo waved %•«<* j^la with 


Ttoaalaaof ^a^ 
' TheaaleaorMMif 

Slb« llip ol Staita aaAt aa« 
Ttoaaloa olSiaadi^ 
Tto aaioa Of b«arta. 

Aa4 Ito IM «« oaniiloai-Ter t 


Thiawaoib^fliatwofd tbal MnaaaliTa 

f>Uow. this 

- ^t5P^^'^*^ 

■^.v ^.,Tp,', "^t;^ 


T^ ^*^\*^^i ^"P-w*^ fc»» too' Will 
aiMipIiiiad to bcMk oat. .: 

^ AtJcnKthono eroDipg wlmi tho tropM 

fnil lliooa »nd KNat •tmn n»do all tho gky 

,«ll|Mr« off duty WW* loaajiiDgofi-thedeok. 
, and tbe cap aiii Mid liJa^jMrty wiiro playite 

wbmt in thf oalHQ.«lterod«m«a«iTfr(wl 

tbo nlMi at tlp«ttMt>l)«ad t 
^Siirhol' > 

rif roofed tho ^i9(pi» op 4eek liko the Mail 
of a Jnunpot dpoe tho war-hone. They 

*amAdth^hata« afar oft' ." 

Itet9rtlad.all tho .vhiat playon jntho 
oabin, ezoepttJM pUefaatio oaptaitt. who 
went 00 oontinaioff hja puiata t 
V • tw» by tnohaami ftwo.^ hoiipan I. and 
llwMoBel We're their qina^ Mm. 
CbajMpi And now all doftoida opoa the 

to t^e oai»tain. jB^«rf 
I'f fM» to mt«& <he 

i MOM 111 

n wo e ifj 


Sail hot' 


• WeVe beak them in the m^ lltMOo»» 
J!!^. ; ^'^^LT?!?^ to^eac them ia.aMther 
JK ^" *• •»»*^ •■ »«• frtM«4iip 

* T«^^ I <* vMiwamd Britomarta. aa her 
V j^-wW^ mr ao«a aUwk hon i^ayoaa^ 
Wh^iiSo «ppt»i«. >fKl iWaiwJt -fJo; 
U|M,irar iaMioT«., to tah« « MtiM^iS 

F^twUj: Aiid*«5 tbo whil!i!>h3£d 
b^ jMvr mpatwoM to net «fWB 4h«id«ik4 

jrppMMr^. W*«haUactMtkiMwl2^ 

* r... ^ly throMh their giaiaMvi imm.!, ,ui^ 


^ *W«ll« haodrMie of thoaMnda «l bravo 
fb •»• are tbera^ atrikiag hard blowa la tli« 

, * Bol etOl tbo E^^bala have the advaatag^ 

' •Teat for te evert battle the? fgbt ae 

' fiaoaldaa foogtit at Th«rmopyl»~«e Aolaad 

, ioaght at Boaoaavallaa. Bai tble atate of 

thiiina oaaoot laat. It ie ooly a faeetloa ^ 

tina. Weehali orarwhelm tM« by Baaibara 

f At length « if ia 00 other way. .There ia 

,4amathiM pathetia and tragieal ta the aa- 

"Mettif the 8a«th aow, n the midet of bar 

delaaivo Yietorlea, It la ta eee eo naoh 

haroiaa aad eelfnleToUoa waoted apoa a 

«awe aa evil aa It ie bopelaaa,* 

BritMMrte tamed to look «l thf yovng 
«,4peaker, and thoaght that ahe had aerer 
oeaa a faoe or haai^ a Toioe acre intoreet* 
iag or more eloqaant. 

*Toahatre a broad viaioo and a btfge 
iMark Toa are brav* and patriotio, bat yen 
are aleo Joat aad geaeroat. Tea flght 
gallaatly lor yoiur aoaatey. jret yoa feal 
deopiv for 
have WoOi 

the bravo, mlairatded hmb who 
wght all tbia woe apon her I And 
joa woald willingly be tboOartiaato planga 
Ilring late thle yawaiag galf of diaanion if 


•Thaaka.* a^d the yMag ■tTMiH', r^ 
nMvinK hia oap, aad gaa ag aroand npoa oae 
of )k» plaaaaataet eamnar roooaa he had 
ever eaea ia hla life. Biraw aattiag waa 
o« the ioor, UMW white eartaiae at the 
viae-ehaded wiadown, fraeb lowere oa the 
aaatal-abalf aad ea the tabieot aad aoe la eea ^ 
eomtort aad baaa'V erenrwhafat 

Jaatin banded him a efaair. 

Judith raa oat to prepare ftftaehaieatB. 

Wbeo ther ware all e«atad, the yooag 
Uenteoaat aakl 1 

' Averytbinf I eee aroand yon iaeraaeae 
my aatoniehment and onrloeilT. Tea aeam 
nally to be eomfortably aad permaMotly 
aaleaifled berew 

•Heavea forbid I' eselaimed Jaatiaqalek- 
ly. 'We have been her > over two yaare, 
nadlpaaaed a aot aahappy period. But wa 

waat to get 

nad'paaaed a aot aahappy period. 
have haA Mwagh of i\ M^ «■ 

<*••• .-.■,•■.■■.•.• 

'Bat— lo w t km iy' w i — keref lamifod 
the yoong roan, alowlv aad emphatloally. 

• Ah, 70a havo really naked the aaeatlMi 
at laat- I thoaght I ahoald bring yoa'to 
it t' langhrd Xaalia. 

lyss|t*PMlit ' 

a^dt--: •*■'; 

_ bring yoa'to 

Then growing aaddaa- 


i'^. f: I 

,t' ( 


of oaf 

it ft,B, 



te ihvwen of phoaphork ipwlu MopGde 

Imt bowaprik 

^ Brit<Mwrto tmImI and tottand and elang 

to Joatio'a ann to ataadv irtr atepa, for aiia 

•oald acwoely kaap bar feat for tiia TioJant 

MQkioa of th* abip that nllad a« tramend- 


•MiM 0»p7ira. tekamjadviaa antfUittea 
ItadyoB bal0ir/aaid Jiutiii. 
. »Tbanka,' aha repUad. And ha aaattted 
Vr deva iato tha aaliin. 
^I*»^5«?« l»w th«w with Indith. ha ntam- 
•" *£*•* "^ wjoinad tha oapcain. 
J^'l *i*«i » 8«« ifwa Ma Haiaint on tha 
•hai^VaridOipi^nTatao*. after a few 

Mt. Aiid#»IkuigfonrMdifaiirtMM»a,ha 
jKMMtOtfti ■ 

'']|taali-haadr " " ' " " 

4y»fy» ■"/>»» itmdgaUy. Wa won't 
«?^r£wM B?r at thia i»t« bafon morains.' 

/ Ihat i«m d6,'«Ma tha attain, whe? tha 
fO«n>^«owii^4* hit 1^^ »K.«rfhar 
■o. I d9 «o^ oaia t^^aHMl har ttntOW^ 

And ha aat tha wateh Mid want bat6w.attd 
tiirnad in for a ahprt nap, laaving Liaataaant 
Mhal to manage the ahip. 

w««« vw lUKw MivMivr ■« oi ooaavinrnora 

eztraTagant tbta tbe lirat. 
' To have beard ^nditb talk then, yon 
, would haVa imagined her to be Boadioea, 

Joan of Arc and MoU Pitcher rolled iata 


|o paaaad tbe night in the oabin. 
.Jnat before tbe dawn of day, Lfeatoaaat 
E^bel came below to the oaptMn and report-^ 
edtbeobaaa within range of tbdr lae^w 

* lira a Uahk cartridge into bar,* aaid tho 
captaui, immadiatdy Uiraing ont 

jBritomarte and Jodith overheard atery 
word of tbia abact interviaw. And Jodith. 
clapped Jier hands for joy, exclaiming— 

•Now they're gdog to begin. Sow "••^ 
■elf 10 happy aa Paddy a Doodyl irook ibia» 
Aa, oh Mhat I WM op on dnch «id tho5t» 
•Ml WoohlB't I-' 1 

* BoooMftroia V thondarad tho mm^t 
oftrthaaaa, with a loport that^hotk n m 

WithaTialant baood Jodith laopod op^ 
•lapped her banda to her eara. and, ehakiog: 


ad I 

«nd aoraaadng with tha axtremity o^ tflllBr» 
hid ber head it BritomartO'a Up. 

'Why, wbat'a the matter, JadithMB- 
qiufadMiMOoByar^ aa tho sowidr\«i|gi 
away. *Jbthiay0nr haroiefn?' \-^'""^ 

*8'iBt Pkllarawl oU the Holy Avoillaor 
Mother MaiyoBdaU tha bliai^CSSiar 
: *gkeped tho paiiio>s'riekeB gtA ^\ 


'-*"•-- -^^^ 

■V„fil..^ I 

i npoa one 
I ha had 
kttiag wee 
>e at the 
ire oa Ibe 

the yooag 

m ona o tly 

Ilia ^lek> 


Bui we 

kOt to get 

* lafoired 
e 9«ea1loo 
legyoo'ta ■ 

aitoek to bl«b 

aad held M> lone logalhar.' 

• Yea, it .nabUd aa to aavo Mariy all bar 
aargo. prorwioaa, aad •▼« faniUara aad 
live atoek. ' aaid Jaa'lo. 

•J.Thr.r'""^ -.--tahiagior^ 

J^'Vil** 'ir!* ••"••^"y •••••"pneb. 

ed, .ad "t •••bled .a u> eaubflab oarlllfea 

aoa f or u b i jr here. ' 

'Yee. indeed.' aeeeolad the yoaag awa 
looking -pprovingl, ^^^ ' y,» ,^ 

•aot room. * Tkai waa OMta thM two vLn 
•«•; .^ fTi ^^ «»«« hew ever Sm, 
^•ite ieoUted from the world* ^^ 


Im oU that time M 

•hip baa 

of that heraafter. 

how TOO OOOM to 

■■ to tooeh tbia 

; Tea, ooo ahlp I Bol 
nil am a »w, Ueaieaao^ 
he a^ lar oat of year eoo 

* We are not col of o«r oooraew W. >>• 
•miafaf ahoot theae latit«d.a oTtbe k)Ik! 

WJW* faat aa nkely to lad cm lyia* to in 
70«ir aove aa anywhere elea hereahUtfc' 

»ll» -T^*^* ^"•'*^ tmpbatiaally. 
kiJfclT? »ot e«MiIy oome in hera to 

4h|if9r mm tbe gala laot aigot, aoi thie 


■^ airf Wo«lad ehiebW "^ '^ 
Ilia oar laa«h««a hoor.i aaid Jattia t 
•4raw ap aad p«rUk«' ' 

' They calhvred roaad the table, aad akilA 
•d to retara to hie chip P^per- 

2!:,: t!* •v^ »»• '<»»f •• »«y have ^ 

r«.ia here for repairs Ha aoi kaow , a 
*"3**y^I"PP~«l bolwbeo we •Jl'of 

'Of eoovM we ahiUI, with year caotala^ 

iljt. '•"'»*"**«•• «•!»"•<« /«!.•, Jul a 

' Wa are not homeward boand ■• I k.^ 

ofrebalpriv«to«riL W« nay be eoma aMZt^. 

• m^igbtcrao. Still I think. opJo^hJ 

Wboto, yoor praepect will be bett^Tj^ni 

With «• than to etariaffbara' *"""*"• 

Imneaaonibly better. Beeidee we 

" f. •^J<.,><frkj . 

Brynrtliing thtre #m ia •dminbl* order. 
l(hn»iA the ooaf oeioa tlut too of tea p ooedes 
iso engttgMBeDt Appeared.' 

IIm «Mek i^M eieared for aoiloa. 

OMDwereAU at their qoartera^ the 

^•tthetrpoete. - 

_^ ilftptaiB^^tendinr «b thequrtor 

4mI; leveling his^t'**" •« the ohoe. whioh 

, aKHreorer, In falTkiffh^^rtioat two miles 

The tiiag oeaaed for tiie timo hdng. 

'WhAtiitheuMuiiBg of thii lall, 
-taint* respoetfolly iaqaintd Juatln sineiia 
tlwl, oOBliac to the tide of Ohptnin Yoteoa. 

8»ilofp will swear, moM is tho pi^, and 
Osptala Tetwm, dro|^Bf tho toleaeopo t« 
hiaeidoi hlow off a tnoMadow oath» aiMier 
MM.impNMidQ thatsbo had a aafloltBt pco- 
fiooation to do oo, anff theft he addod~ 

'woarooBafalse aoeat^air. Wo hatro 
Immi ohuiiqi «n Bof liah ship. ' 
. 'Afayoa oertainf doabtiaglj inoaired 

* Haaph I Thaae iafitrnel piratoa aoaio*- 

f • xon art aot oh a false sooat, eaptaia/ 
*Bhr What do yon mako^ horf 
•The SeaSoonrie.'.; 1 

*Ace yon _qait« oertainf' * 
*Qiuto. roahaotbe mistakM. *bd«od, 
Iffeoogaiaed her hy aaked eye from her 
masral appearaaoe. Aad when I twonght. 
tho glfss to bear upon h|r, I knew hsr iSso 
by iadividna] marks.' 

Th* oaptain ot the Zyphias waited to hear 
BO SBOre. Ho hdd down his' tslssoopsL 
spraag aptm tho poop dook, aad diow oat 
hiscspiskiag trnmpet 

As the mea had searoely takea their oyss 
off their eaptaia dariag tho fif toea mioates 
of saspease ia whioh thoy stood idly at tiieir 
qaartuji^ there waa ao need to oall thoir 


^Tho oaptaita |tot tho neakfaig trampot ta 
Us Um, aad. thaodeced forth tho words i 

•My kdsl—Tho wise that w haro boo* 
seofciag. the Spa Soonrge^ is beforf. as; 
And jAaso hoavoa she snail be oars bSfora 

■timos show fnlae oolonrs. Thvt is what has 
liapasood. Mr. Aoseathal. WhMi I oame ap 
«ndsokX,^nd htr withia irikBdraagsof 
o«r leo>hoirllaHMC; I raa ap the stars aad I 
iBtripeo and stat aUank oartridfs iato ho»f 
tar way of a .TidtiM oard. ShoretarfaodI 
dne ooaulimsat bgr flriai^ 4 aalato from bar 

lYsmeiidoat otaosrs froaa ths ssamonn-^ 
spoaded to tho oaptata^ pithy fiweob, and 
proved their gped*wiU to tho work bslbra 
thorn, sad their aonfldeade iof viatoiy. 



tK« yoa to Ntara with am aad ap«ad Iks 
•ft«f«ooa aad wr<Ml«gal oar raatk 4w«Ui«ii.*^ 
aald Joauo, ataadiag sap la hMd 

'Kat today. T»-aMrrow Mrhapai Wo 
•hall h« her* ihrM or foar dajrs. at Ueot. 
Th* ehlp'a earpealor lo a orte oar hijar4e% 
from tk« late gale aiask MMve eoHoas, or, at ■ 
l«eal, mere •sioaeive Ihaa wo hod 

Vltb a sipMeiai bow lh« yo«o« IU«- 
••■aat Itf ted bio eep aad Uft iho bo«e«w oo« 
aewaaai»d kj iootiB. 

They walhod dowa to the tumA, wk«re 
they faaad the boat watuag. The yoang 
WAoOoawl Jastia to u reoed e hiai. aad 
Mawod him iato ii 

le eamoasa took thoir aaia. pmhed 

?•«• miaaias olmiM rMT^ hraaikt ihsm 

Tho eapuia slotd •• 4asii.«ailiiif «• ff»- 
•eito tbe elraaaw. ^ , '* 

sdHSibsad lliaa pi a seated bio toatisaisai 

Tho two featleoMa thas latradaasd Is 

* W tsshi* from tho Saltaaa. aome lam 
slaoa^ aad mot with two ooaipeBloas 

ea Ibis P iam l Maad.' tbo yoaag 

weat on |a suflma, ■ ^ 



what might wall ba 

f — '""" 

Uea to be. flo mys It wtll Uhe the boot 
part of a woSh to got her rmdy fer ee» 
Lsia. When wo i^I hsf« ?•• •*« ga^ 

ia eaihk will ^ ifMfr tita|»i|ii wm 
yoo/ eaid Joelfa. ^frn'^l^. 

'JUdlebaU I 
BataUndl Iddtmt 

We msy have a toat 


Ns amts It mdT f 

('! t|.<, 

boat or two vith the nbel pri 
hwrsbaailihss^sn i»lm 

Utf ollj^«bB. jtislAtihg itf tivahtook. 
frfoh %Hiiiea,^i*. *^ fraits, aad aa- 
fteth. «fiish I wahld Mko1ictlMrh'>7Mr 
dtsfosaL ' Mid JasUa. * "^^ j . 

•1)b7X «<Mda'i kko to rob ymi sf tbsm. 

Its % 



from her 

' DtOllffht* 


d to bMr 
Iriw oat 

hoir 9fm 

ikU tfaoir 

impok t» 
iTo Imob 
fOTf. tw; 

• » 

unott re- 
cob, and 


- ■ ■ .1 , ■ ■ 


: •'', ::^' ' 

• *• 

ttohoateniiB(«Tohim th« ordi. wo«| 
Silf ^j *ir.; oMd th. fatoima. with a 

rio»dj. Bo aiglitod hm, m4 £X m 

•tire!' . 
"■*'■* «*• WMtar tbo atMB of tho 


JJJJ***- •^>«» wfll tpliiiter kioiaiaZ 

•JSSJTllS.^??*?"?^' "^'^ ""i^d hi. 

■ r***"^ jM th* oapuia of thcSM 
1 — mae> findin* Akt hfaT i.i.. ^.i ™* ^ 

tJ^li^ ">•» .•!*•»« ap iritb wood* . 
j^kji|.dawabrtow. TWke ». doiT i: 

Jboa v«ai, to a. .o,,.,^ ^i^ ^ 

^Atth*flnMa%eoaiBMuid ho Iroat for- 
ward tad ilaak eat of iliht. T 
Tho Best ahot ^fom tb* 8*a Booaras taak 
off tho h«Ml o^ tho brOT. ofi^STiSiBS. 

oowa.apoa thi Worv aaot whM u^t i 

•"••«*•« kit otora, OoaolaAMi that bo iro 
tooja^d detoraiiaod to flgfat tho bLtS 

»n. .Aad tho aosriaototat hi* otera ohaMr 

The bfaToauui di0e^toDoi7 
vJBhot affew ohot wao aow etehaaabd he. 

^^••f*** • >n«ky obot INMI the Z#iiiin 
••taok tho eaemy'f miipea^i*|iv^^ 

than ttUM U9 rmpoam from the Mn*- 
■MM I Mid iB4M4 ia^^« pun* iMtant tM* 
Iw m mi ifiskinic Ik* owpUin pwoai*«d 
UwtllM nunmubpMthMU'iiig. B« nMMbeil 
tk* Mm t«o law. T|i* jhip vm alifadj 
t«kitt^h|Mik fuid IjrincdiW^v .tuBtfm tk* 
I of the XypklM» and DOt two 

iMigtkfromibwr., 9«4»v« tii« .yip to • 

dMi.jriUwl4orik.tAf «*d«ri. 
* Bilk* hw with vonr port battorfir 

that skook ^ jHri%«tMr £piwl tiMviifkf^ 

to kM4» ««i;tkf li#h# ttM»|»*d.4l»kf # Jiniiaf 
iM^tAi* stvpwfcfvptk palmr^ Tbrnkf kiaieifd 

]ii.i!Hwrt — .^^^ — .,~.r — ., 
.kfBfPid* jnd, pt«fkir<, 

> "WmpR^WP^w W^^"^^^^^# J"HPr^| 

tk«Ml M ki^oa«biB|rt«i ! 



,-t looked, smiil- 
k*r oolovok) ,.HPBt 

• vofur 

k*iMlJd* hda 

-tk* >niciBff ir« 


iri( '^ ""'"■ ^^^^^^^JIt 



Leam* jtWHi oraak* Tk* ahritka U tk* 
ftopiod^on both aidea miofded with oaek 

; oibekli^ ^tk tk* okf*k« of tk«ir mhtti 

Iiptiit wu tvoryvkaro— iaipirinii ti» 
kciiT* M anil grfat*r d«*d* of ralowr, *» 
oi^raciii|r tk* iMBtnk**rt«d lUI tkeyfoat^ 
ti^tXm to* ivoat k«me^ k*Ip)i«f aU l^ W" 
«I*W<<>«pPi^i«^ •SJ*M H |k* gmt 

I wker* B*ahadYan*ii. tfiral rdiavad. 

I And now th* foromaaft el tk* 8*a 8o*aigl 

' . y^kak tk* Mlimr jrM *ttoa«a^rad with 

;^,vr*ok, QaptdB Tinktmi i*t t^,oo«i««* 

and ekoi^^ ahM<), Uf6k pp a tfii^mptA' 

^|J9^ fr^ irip-te poortd iii^ tU flk 

/BOMUt* a galUBg fli* of grap* a^dilMt' 

,T«tMBB. *^it,«k^t witk; ^ ki>- 




ffifiiqi, tk* fliiMk \pi «ha 

^|rp^i«l,pif|]^ MOM i|m, tfMilll .*in»B4*r. itfii 
' •X(i«^t.Fiffatefr if ntUJfoiiilit. 4«r A||(^ 

,-^.;-^-- -■'■■■■■ ■: *^*' 

HhMB at<Mk« •! falai l«|pm ta 
lar ik« tuVMm. 
iodlm la tlM ltlt«h«% vw «f to 

• Sara u ia A hUMiug laurdv that I «m 
00 aavtaff ef tW eagBr, attaf ilia ev**! ««. 
fr*M tka «ia«e la the ••Map «• ei^ m 
if«r I aoaUl to aMh* It la*«. A^ « aelable 
fhvoar tw OruaaM m« t* |« 4hrf . Tr«« <«r 

C, ■«'*«, vtd tha M«atf ••4 tl.« aMlh aad 
• sflp aad the fraak (rait Maetl, I ««• 
•MUM a d«aMvt At for th« r«f »1 ImMt la eit 
dava t«^ Ul aloaa th« 4iaa«ff that »U1 m 
kalev* It, vid frodi teh aad haai mu roMt 
«kkdM« aad pifwa pi*. A.4 th« i4ea !▼ 
«vkaviaaa*«p«ay ta dm.*, MaM Bar* 
tl^ la »Jknm» I • thlaklag I a« aU the 
llaa. Ptoleei Ma'aai. will j* ha eo food ae 
!• piaali •*. l« eae if lai Awaae ilaalfr 
•aM iadith to If tee OMyer*. wh* had aooM 
jau tka kitehaa hm mm* waiaf Jw har 

•Doa^irMikiakif fii mmwm'fmw 

ftmn to tha hot rt^. it woaid do ae well. 
^■dlth r laagka^ BriteMarie. 
^*9ii«. ao aia'aM. I nirar aoiOd ahlda a 
tam. AsdtMthlfltIa a dhr.i*ai^ll I 
daa> kaow aa I aac* to wake. IW thlak I 
to aaj, wki« w* eaa* iato thie a«w 
tkit It wf lad eali oae Miatabotir 



•laaatly. Aad tlM 
heea to 4 (a* lo-day.' 

* T)i« eap«a4a mi4 ea 
eaa ^••ngi efeeoaiin*. ' 

I Praeieely. Ho I ■ _ _ 

nhaU uf the momma lyiag pMt mf 4ow^ 
•lew I ull jom vhai Mr. tSraaikal. I wiak 
to earveaaer aiyeeif to ih* eaplata *l the 

Vum wM U weU,* gMi /aeUa. wtlh a 


m hi 


ba foar 


MlMmer4ataM*r«Ual4 • 
heat poe^hk eearae aad ., _„. „,. .^ 
fr«« the djatreaelog 4mtf of <t«livetiaf ap • 
aaa wlkMB I have ehallacag !• ^ aoad Mid 
aaraad ia hia illaeea.* 

• Aad ehahea aad aheked la kli e«pe ead 
haadaolad aad leaked ap ia hie eieaa^ 
h*t ha. h«^ ho, ha r leuglied the maa. 

It wee «he Mooeter who profUlaMd hll» 
eelf a rahal aa4 m pirate, hoaetad biaiaalf a 
thraal^aatia* aad a ehia-etahar. that I laoh 
aafe of ia that wap. B«oh a a*aet«r wae 
aat to he lot Uoee apoa two belplaee womm. 
who had not evea th« ateaaa of aeearelj 
harriaadmg thetr 4«M>r« 4«aii»ei hiM.' aalailf 
rapliad iailiu. 

•BA a*, bal H*^ h<^ hoi Yee. wkoA 
r« la li^aor I'ai alwa/e a aMmalar h* atr 
oira aaooom. I hate then a aud detidkt la 
latpif iag fear, horror and deeteatatiaa/ 






atemf-Bt of th< ^t(oa. • """ ^ *^ •»" 


oBw wyMlf of tlio we«iii«Mt*^ - 

oowo * 


itndeot. — ■■ '" ■■ ; -^ 


k 'SllT**- ^ • "^ — -^t I' 

#••• «• •uMr own (, 1^,^ ,^ ^^^^ 
Jj2^jr.P«»«-* li «(o«i I ,«,^d to «, 

•%Maik0 •Mi«Mi4i«r« or all Oqo»«Ur«M 
F ^"^ ■•* * ■•▼•r Ml m MirMi or 

•r B.MI oiilior 

W.rdrobt-o l,Mt«| a^ |,dood-oi f^St 

k»» 4oor to roMtv* ku MMi*. 

li««i««0«l«. »!.• ohapUta. ia« «tr.,a«, |ko 
4o, lor sad !»•• p«r«or~o Mrtv of Mi. mm» 
to diMO with Jwctio. -»— — • 

• H'.w do rv • 4«r Ikow 4« woo dor aAli 
tho Mpio4., h'orlily, Ja.lin*. ..ibr. 

I loll yno. oad (h« Aoh and agg. won • 4oo 
•ddiltoa lo ajr bfr«krMt t la morning. LH 
m- InUoHooo iko^ g»otl,«,.B , ik« Mmw, 
m. Whllo akipa ak«ptatiti LlMtUnanl 
■t»«l, yoo know I U««ta«anl RoM.a i Dr. 
■rowa, aklp'o a«rg«o<i | Mr. B .la". akto% 
paraar. 0«>*UaMa. Mr. R.,oonlhal.' 

Hoviog aooomBli«h«<i ihia lairodualioo 

2!^ rj^ *••'?' ••'•"'"■f. «»»• «*pi««ii. 
With kio tm'fn. loUowad hta hoat into tha 
pofloor. «h*r« ih«r« «M aaolk^r Inlrodoo' 
Mon -nanaljr, U) UUaOnoTcra. who raoaiva<| 
Ika BaHy wilh «nMtrfal <>ovrt*ay. 

'Aod now Mr Roaon hal.* aotd (ha otp^ 
loio, aa aoon ao ih'jr wrr- alt ara'ad. • aif 
■MB with Ik a boat ara down Ulow ihoro 
WnlUag yoor ordora oonoamtng tha ahippjoc 
of Ihoaa Brovial<Mia too Ulkad of. U mom 
will ooodoBo of year kMida to show i^mb 
wkaro tkoy f, tkoy will giK to work im. 

• Too foroot.' Mid Jualin. •ailing. 'ikBi 
I kava BO handa hut tkoaa witk wklob 
MtaMlMOytfWirMtd BMk I tlMBld B«« UkB 


*1 =^ ' t* ( 4^ IM, ''dtf ^ 


too Uunr with his woandad to go oad mo for 

Bri«Mn»rt« had drOHod tho ImI wowd of 
Imt iMt pAtimt, ond wai Mldiof • gl«w of 
kmndvand wttor'to bis lino, for ho wm 
Hani from tho Iom of blodd. whan Another 
Wurod mtn-n pug mi4sbifMMi~WM 
MtNight down. 

. Ahd ho ropMrM*tii«k tho OMtala Im4 ro. 
aolvod to oorry tho onemjr bf tlie hoard. 

'...■.^,***'***'*'^*"«« '•"•''• Mr. Ikwoa. 
w*V.i* fonmoot among tbo hoarding party, 
ightipg liko another Paol Jonm^' he addML 

Britomarto listened hroatbhRMly I bnt wait- 
Ad faieay nntll hor patient bad drained the 
|la«s^hat sh^_held to bis lipa. and then sh* 

base, ] 

CMKkljr laid bis hsad baefr. pnt down tbo 
fla% and nwbod np on deck. 

.8|m toaehed that horrible deok— the sosno 
«l tho 1*»B oartege. It was slippery with 
temklr t0(«L aiurspatterod with bniu. and 
HttMOd «rith tho sphnteca of ihlTOred tim^ 
%««MidslU«isibl iont^oanTas. Md frag- 
i52VW*f,*?*l*^ Md obsimdua 
Sft:!?? M[«*l •*« orer air hung a 
Mipi«rMs saioko of gnnpowder that oIh 
•MNd>the riiion and blaekened air the 
•ails and rigging I and above all n^a the 
4iMb dTM^, tho jMtMrt of fire-arms, the 

' Oh, Qod of Catties I give stiongih to my 
weaic woman's arm this, day I' she msMI 
orer to tho deok of the Sea Soonrge ia the 
midst of the boll of war, and stood by bei 
rover's side. 

Meantime Justin had singlod ont tho 
'."•'2,*%?*'*° Mnlligan a* lis owi.| and 
also Ifnlugao, who was a brave man. had 
soagbt oat tho mighty ebampioToSf tbo 

Aad at the m^ent In whieh onr anmson i 
ontlam in l^and, boarded tho 8ei^ SeOnrge. 

* -iTt "!**» •»* -Jnsfin"k other assail, 
auts Ml baok at a siinia from Uuiir oaptaio. 

atrokoJ^ rapid snoosksioil, oaoli ir4ry adroit*. 
Ij parried. At length Uuttigaa 'rost his 
temper^and with that his pna^ of mind. 

if^ •^ was qniokjy parried, and be; 
f^rsMooaUoome to hiatoard again, Jastin 
?y<'°i?*y»^ * ^rosMjig Btrole npon his 


bMl thiti fbUed kiMtoibododL.' 

* ?"i* K'^"* *» *!>• *»> of loToUIng this 

with • bo«kod pstol jN^lbtedoloootobls 
head. He thgai^it that his timo bad oobm x 
boli,entaiyi5N;that his iJal^SfU 
teoeuredin^BliVMi, he heard the report of 
tho »»tel{ felt tM ball wbiia throSiSb his 




' Thai 

♦ Is 





' "- J^-'''-'^ <■■ '- - 

; .. . J:. ^JWe' 




. Bol 


'%: ■: 

UfaMd Uk»« UMre ktAl 

mm§*§, •bfci* gr^U» pmpimnt a^ as •• 
mi mm ft mm or b^ofd el iV 

*fliif Waflf* \nhtm I the eaplate Mi 
$mfi ef IM e«e«ff«L tiaieafag mmttlf 

•The «ap«ala l«Ue4 bee , brUJbt at 
tlM tret aewi ef l»e war wiilelk, yea may 


»• iMt^ el iraar 

Z^tmi «y ••44«a .ppMraew inlgbl fclU 
•umwftkjWirl fa lUt llf Wall «« mi4 
Wetth ik« Mve g«iitf. Mr. ■ssiailai|' 
U4Mk«4 lb* K b«l. mtrntmumUf, 

JmaUm WMit teie the pa#io«r. 

' AMb •Ir'ody f eaelilmtd tbo Jolty a^a- 
•Mp «f the Xobl«k #-"-»- 

J f •. mi run mm m m to teU r oa r 
f tewa I wba<. oa Ibft fW? Ii amei kp 

tSo Dateb tab4a Hoilaad.' "•"^'^ ^ 

«lfoi bal i|lt« IM« wm bavtMMklil 

eaataln ef tb« fee leOHrge.' ' ' **^ 

rUrd Wee. i^m0m4 IpifiblMa^ aif 

yaa maar 

'Ho, aorlraaaita^ Wohaoe lakea tho 
aaaiala el tb* lt«« ll«o«rg«.' ^ 

^ Taken th« Mptaia of I be tee Seuvrgef 
Wekaow that he was reaortad oraMiae 
aboai ia tbsse laUledea. Irfaa .a wall foT 
laei IndiaMa I b«l v« have •«•« aohlac 
Was DO 8<M Boo«rc«. no 'an* 

oa ika loea. U iV afternoon bia er«« «». 
Mated. d«fM«4 blai fveai bie eo«aM«l pat 

tieed tWWodtdraa say the felWw taaowT 

' On lbl« Itlaad I lu laia lioaee f l|« 

^ bMa here avar alno* ka wm alMMidiMad by 

rl^ no Mf , kia abln, of » ar«e. U* la aow raady t« alTe 

oh^rad here. | blSMelf Up to foe- Tea will iraai htai| | 

Aad yol va'I^'^iIm aatatltw f«» I '^iti^STii^yJX' % Mst asa aai / 

1 1«"'"? ^•M\mi (bat.* jftiA tka GapUia .' 
ofiheZypbibs ' 

dtHU'^^ *!■* ^ '••w^ aeeowpaoied 

v( bla 1 lieai waa no &■ 

otbec abip ia sight wkea we aa« 

%t abaa we nsis iml^a, 



:'#. Jf 


i||a, j|oa acalftl^ «li)t a*. Tea ^ fmm, 










■•-• / 


*^ .f •** *^'* ^^ wreath, of Yiotoiy. 

a tmjy painked with • chewftil look 
. V . .,, Aad («la» AarfUly ^^ 

As soon •• tiM. ONW of th# 8«» 8«0BI«« 

bad rorrwdaryd, Qaprai. TatiSiSSSS 

•^.^'^■'* ••*>««* ovirliS? "*■«■• 
.-•^^i^ ^t fa iSlif ho add to MnMlf 
* Ife oauiot bt A«B ttel MiSS I £S^ T 

«i<Id7. wilod, ni^pod ottbi» 

Be loraod 

•J -« iMijHno lo 0* Tintad bMvilyiMB 
k %'T;*"'**'^ ^""^ Mr. Bthalfait tba! 
S2^J,«*!* *•• •'.«>• Xyphia.. in tb.l# 
prtMBt^staU of ezoitenent. bear of their 
oaptain • daniter, no one ooald be auawerabli 
tot the livca of the >ritonera «a the 8eB 
Dcoorfe, So bf gave the order ia tho an. 
inguooa woi;di quoted. Aixl that order Wm 

*i""*T«''*' *»* >*^ '••''•d baok to th* 
■ide of the oaptaiB aod boRui rapidly to m« 
button hfaooat and Teat. When fe^M^ 

with blood, that had flowed ao freeLv^ 
eren BMUalhr to fltl the epaoe between 'fi 
•ofcboota aad the linba they oorerad. 

The jronng UauteaMit «roanad in annah 
of •pirft, for ho levad hfa oaptam m^Sl 
■oldooi lotci« man. : _. I ^^ - 

«11'**?*'L ■**'"« "^^ bending orer uK 
FMtrato torn of the oantain mnd tMr^ 
away t ho tiood-etainad TlS^ g ^K, S Sf 
forward, eniaioiing i •• ^' ™e»e« 

^* f»^i» 'W«»^«df Good Loid I bTio 
OM olot of Mood I In Hea»en'.^wirii? 
why w.,|l«otlo|d,b.fctf.r» ^ ^ 

. ' OMM in hero but a oMMeat am mA 
foond him lying ftit on hfa faoe^' wpfiJd TC 
you^g man, in aliearhibrofcMVoidr^or 
ibotor, fa bo djlngf* "**'"^'~'* **» , 

M«k ltl««« M f ««( y«4w«l •«aiiM _w^^» 

Ofc^UiO.' --i— f^ ••■ ^oa 

•»Mi4a4 ih^ Mi »,, 
V I •««» HAY* 4mm 0i»mrmmtk «■«••« hm 
etf 'M ertuM ol y4M«y, m4 twtiai «« m 

I OM* «f«M f«« M a |WiM««» of «M 

<mii iM reaeh eae el ear ewn norte, 
There I eh^l dell^ yo« e^ to ifcTwi. 
IlKMiliai^ be 4mH with aoeoHlac t«» Uw 
VoryMTowaeabe^ I N«9. It wiff ,--,^ 
<••• ye« bavo <to»« m ware* ihea yon oay. 
Ii««ten««l BUmI. lahe eharge of llmafi^ 
•»9, a^i eee hiai wf«»« «• C«^ 

rj-js^'-" "-^ '-^ '—•^' 

_7** !!!"'C°^T *^^—*^ »• 'Wy the 
•rder, bat Mr. loMaakal ialarveMd kg 
•uxtpimtt aad oeffg «• tk* -,yt,i, , ^ 

- Aa yea raedve Ibla oAMr ta tiM «bar«ot«r 
«la|»«ie«Mre« wm, 1 wwila Uk» to aek 
bi« to |aiii ae at dteaer« If yan hofO aoo^ 

*JfoMin ttevMM. ifaaieMBK Igio 

aiHaBip ^ ^ M^^ai ^mb pMaiiMaa to 
tfc*< y». 4* 4 lh« )^ »y hae« yitwl all 4^ 

JH t ii w ti aad lUdHb wm m^,mi i« 

IN^ita* caaa «lo«at*^ b»«a« aad UaMb«l4 
e«««to at iltof MMaai la laha wilo 


Hm th#«e that MaM el ,.^ 

> a« lh« b eaeeOoid (eraiiafi^ 

•I ib« »r««iM«)aa ••«h M 

aad •▼•a m , _ ,_ 

wMid b* blMly i« kMf }m m Uactli il 7| 
e b a^id b* Mtea the la aad, ta OMe i 
other abif elMNiId be w ti e h ed OfOO lla 
•» aay eihet pm»mmff» n m$% 



la ih» t-lda ilMf bwaed looaoa lev 
aad y^ee aadfawla. 

They woaM bav« M« QraaHafa Iho ww. 
loo, faal that Ja.lltb raieed mmH a howl m 
ae%r 0a4 bMn heerd freai her b-(«r«t not 
ev«a ea th« o na aeten af Ma ■htpwrMh | and 
vaawllltat tofaavaOraaiaita baklad wonid 
brtah her hoart enttialy. 

to eeiafeot Jodtlh, and. aba^ ai^ ia«OM 
kmt deafening kowi^ BrOowarfe fralfaid 
that Oraaarfe ahaold ga. Aad IriiaMfta'a 
prtMtoe WM bar bend I m4 mmmwm, bar 
word waa law. 

▲ad boeidH the UM^U^^mfM if 

>* y^i 


4iE < 


ZlMk a«ma I it is aot naar w bad ■■ 
■f* #om4 «» wont, aod Ji«*il wMttor iL 

-— •) b» «Mb«d hi. paiii, tti5,i5g 

aMUMf tolT iMk Iron faiBtai ^ 

j Ab,bal'Mid tb« dootor. 'Tr* that 
I •f«I«, my lad. wfU yo«f Kow «7|mi£ 

* yyj ** ' * •"**• oooimander of joa Jaal 
alST!?^*' •'f ' ««»«»«»«' rva t9 hoop atilL 
A»d it dop oada up- yaar obadUaoa to aw 

** """ *" ' '^ tBMiaia' 

wj ttmm, witb a, pa& al- tbirty-two 

wbstbaryMi aoatinaa to ooni 
gwr obip, or wbabw 2 ^ 

JoaMoa 1^ Tiait n^ 

mil. •h^dSMripSoITKria^.. '•'^^ 
wmJlMtboraffitdafMiaf tb* Xorifedto- mum mm, ^^ ^* ''"•• '"»*^ :; 

whito aad^ 

'J^*^'>^-?i^S iKfaf of Mm Jowal' h£ 

Im*^ thatiMlir admiaiMnM mta^ 
•J J-. th*t .N. I»a,4^fc tb. -ptiMainte. 

^Ote rooofarint bii MNdoMi^^' nL*»«x. 

* Tba t bdid yMTva «^ a foot to iMtahWiT 

dp^ootkara^' •'^'»"' 


ioo^r ow bi», bo iMb^ inqiiWdi ^ ^ 



Mi that 








■ Mpa 

' 'ao>«b< 






TiM aMMrfa •! lb* Ivfb>«i lb«<i^4 Ibo 

MB^^^_ S^^^A^ ^^^^^^ A^^^L. ^^A ^^^|aj^^^ A^^A 

' flip*!* m4 ftii llM adlAM* Ip aai 
■p»4 •««4«]r~«ia t«M «a«4i^Md «*« IM 

4*f •• tiM wind ■! bM ftMHb li boM m. 


<t — l a a iWi «l UAH )•■ la(«i««f«L 
la«« • t«oia<wavf «b«f*\ m« 

__iak raaMfVMiiBi 

fr i o ib ad hfabo alp"* abaateiai 

I tfiMoaJglbf Mr iMMiyul I Md 

••4 ta« arav m^mmIiM lM«a 

1 Ik* ta p a n a af Um Xjrp4it«a 

fniMMf tm M ibla ba aaid far iN«i--«ba« 
W VWld Mi b**« alapl^ aa •««■ vt«k«4, 
dariaf am <#<Hbaaab IkktAlmmAim 

Wbaa Um allaraoa» aarriaa «aa •««. Ika 
* aad aaaaa al IIm i> n ia rataraad la 
ablp I bai iba aaplala aad albata r»> 
imU Md tpaal Ibiariaii^ aad aa^ lalt 
aaa lata ' 

• »« ail VHf ^Ma| •• I 

d«4t rw«aa 

tfaitf pa'aa 

aM tt^^mm liM lta« HMI 

ilka Iba baa* tv aaibMllaa I No* ttt iba 
•w*t« rte* aaay aala Ika* Bni<i< l«h« «IMM 
•bM«ia«iMM«k 0««M I Om ii««Mit 
d» I Obb OM }a««l tv aa (al«a4 i 0%, «§ 
dbtllal l« •• mU«4 I Oik. mm ItlUa ••(•! la 
•• lalaad I V*^! a»aii«ll Mtvav aaa f«av aval* 

V a#ila I Ow M I 0« «a r 
A»4 1 

/•diia 4ropy«4 4*«« apM* Ilka 
Imv apTMi <>«•* 
ward aad 

aa raabar Iba pIMk 
•• ba •• MM tl 

laaMa aad ■rinaiaftt IM baa bawl a laaf 
Um% aad tadwit aatii It vaa Mnmi lor lb « 
la iaaaiai tba ■l ai lBii ^ aad lb«a ^aaila 

OMm Iblflkk fcb iib WHk aygUi 

II Wa all If a* a li1|»M<atifca lipajtl 
9l Uaaiag Iba pUaa Ibat baa a batl aaad aa a» 
«ab|^ BaU apaa tba wbaK «« ora 41 ^* 

. <•. 

' r 




It m 




alifea vii 
I Patloa^ 











,. ttii Tofa^ hit wkok frui* ao ahook wiUi 
'■**'<■ •• «* VltWid llMM iMl wmmUl that 

IbdNv fe«r oloMT to Ma k«Mt sad iZSl 

■'•'••■•■ »»«% asd iMr only fMliac «u 
■^^»<*«P»tfrT with »h«». ' "W^ 



n«a www Tn«o tk« hwrro? TJT 8^ 
8flo«ririrt. Darote joar Ufa |^ owld il 


■k« waa aboat to laara Un to ntoM 
woaadad io tka •ockpUTwkS^ 


or paaaioo. vr MyiklM Uka aith^ 

What la tka jMttorf Jk it faKJutkli 

mnmA ^i^tT t •^^'^ *»^n»»aaRJmT 

i^liato »ka OM w« l«to woto r *t ■ • 
^r*«*k«Jw»to,' aka mid, Mirf^fcaa 

iMUwMto alao ll«gh«i m ako rapliad l 
2Sf JKE."-??! "^^^ P""""^ BatatSa 

• . "i ' «* . ■ ,,"'1 Sj(^' ' '*^'- * ■ 

rui Ui« LtiH aMf «M 
••^••t •• klai villi 

»• fw r aald ia,«t,^ 
>iy <l kla ^M^ 



*i'^' »'i.^/ ^ 





' And M*/ Mdd MiM Oonycn. • how maoh 

n know of eooking. Joditjb. Whal 
flMt bo mdro dolioot*" than this tooit^ Of 
■ioor thM this turn, or riohor thaa tliit 

* Huvo for tt» on'on. Vm not Mjiog to 
«|m oimthrou^. Bat that ronindt ■# ht 
kM'BOt Biado lao a dhrop ir tay.' 

' Wdl, jniith, Uttlo M I know of obok- 
iM. I know that tiM oiiMt not bo tnado sntil I olotiag tho froal'ioor tohfani tkoi^ mtd 
itb to bo dnak,' said Joatbu > takiqc thoir w^ to Iho baaoh, HtUoirodlW 

* Lw4 Uoii ya I Did y« know th*t muoh t «bo ^f^ HMIate Iwtte cMiioaM £ 
X aho«ld»'t woBdw it yor Jmowod how to ahodldaf tbo Im* Ms, wkiob oaao o«t «l 
«aU|i«Utoo«i'i«p|i«dJradith,aatbowt h«r "' _^ 

toato diftv. 

*Oofi^' «r|td Joaftiv. *wo will looo ao 

for tkoir lost w aoi i l oHw ob tho 
idaod, .and for thoirwoocM btaajdalivw. 
anoa, and Invokod Ko blaaoiBff oiiho irio 
th«T WMo laavta^b that it mi^t yot ' 
tbo oalcivatod oM M«bwi baMti 
oitnliaadaad CfcihUlon wm, aadi 
own ooiiing voyagB. that It aright hnvo a 
prpoi^roaa oowao ani >■■■■ oad. 
\A»d tboB tbothido w«Ao«t of tM 


^«M In lalUnjL bnt gf t ow bcoakJiit. I waitioK for th«B 

aritom»to% tmm, illod with towola. 
braaho^ SU, 
Downonlhoauiditkayfwind thh 

^n^ bbat wfll bo wiitbg for «•.' 

An4 #nditir |ipt tho hwakfaat oa iho tafalo, 
^«i^ Biitpiiiartaa^d Jpiptin aat down. 

^ *%»>wf« «»itPn«. I "e^ JMti«.' anid 

HiiM Oooyori. aaaho powrod pit tbo ooflbo. 

*Svary ona cxoopk tbo hwt bos i that ia, 

•of oooiifk to dow oalof yoiwr obambor, oon. 

i^entroDlonoaik and that 


tilling, vow toflat oontroD 
mm CO with «,' ho rapUad. 
Whoa bfifakfaat waa ot« 

LirntMiaot Ithd, who^ to do tbaa I 
had ooMk 49 jpataoa to tako 

Oranuuo upa alraady in tho bteL to 
whioh aha bad^ baa* iif * ' ="*- 
oMdoviooof • pildC 

itiood by /ndtti^ 

©▼« tboywMitto 
nt tbdr final frapamti<nM lor d«iinr>* 


I aMi thot . t^y , ia^dod . «o,.l«avo tba 
boitaia with a ponton ot tlie fomitiiro,, ototh- 
Im fad booka^ for tho banallt of any ftitaro 
. dM^nrrodMd anfllMon, who aMght poaf ibly 
' bf caat away npoa tho ialand. 
. 8(» Bntoaaarto woat into Ibo bod»t«oia. 
oad aiado up tbo boda. and tidlod tho waab- 
ota^a, Md a|t tkbflbf iraftiraightaad doaod 
ihoiH»3ow%.4bpl|#>itad(b<> dooro. 

AaA.vh^ ahl «M doiiii that. Jodith 
, 'VfaaiMdvp ill tbo arodn^ ware aad aooking 
alaaaili, fhd |Pit theai away in tba oap- 
bowdlli M^ IbiiMho alftaiiMl np tM U 
and BUtoatitboiia aftd ahat tt» wiadpwa 
andiootn.,'':., .,■_ , 

J^ «haiiMal|ilo.l|Mrtia woaft into tba 
yatlQiir. Md aat tba ohair^tablaa^ laaipa 
- * la^aifbVaadlaid aBibte. a l^oiH 
' BhakiBDepvf. and aa 
iBoil. aad ansa imNiir, 
^,_. apontlMi beofcabolvaa. 
^abliaad tho ^dowa anA4ooca 

.*M83M»»« *?•«* «Waadi.^ha»ing 

Tl^^tt^ work. Biot la tbo ihmt paaaag^. 
*tir%tk;* aaU Jadtth./whoaroroMBaa 
«(tb«r ■• «ab*t aay aa ^'re aot gpod 
banapfcaaiMMi f^ f^^ thaf^U 4nd ova^ 
tbtaii ooa«aalMi« "tlr «bav bMir>aa tb«y 

Ko OBo aaaawad tba giii BntJaatiiu 
^th a graTofMa. naHuaooad tiietwo woawn 
-^ hia aida. abd tbbag Mfmarly lifting hia 

A, rotarood tbaaka to OiTine ^ ^ ^ 

taaakopt yoa waitiag,' 

Mok. aaoMoopy of JhakaBDe 
^ alauuuMk a.a lat <i p a i oil, aad i 

laiii and iak anon tbo book aftel 

oaiia'ibal doBoiow . 

. aha vaMjtiaodf Blot oaoagh wbllo tho 
b6atwa»^|||. ^^ 

l|bat«MBit Itbol atappad oa aboiku • 
bowad pcafoaadfy to BtftoaiarMh aa4 baU 
oat Ma baadf to Ifr. Bbaaatbal, ifilh a 

baartaT' ' ' - ' ■ .*^- ■; ■■ 

''Oood.aMmiag." ■ ■■ 

*I hopo aro bavo i 

*HotajMMMaat. Wbhaiwaoriyjaatgot 

Miatnaa Owidiaban,' bwahod .4o ym 

maaupoiatlagtaJCkfaBmic > 

^•y aU than iMiato tbo boat. 

Jndhh waaf , liHaadiataly aad atooihy 

tba b«ad ol tt|' SRndAhU baad aa £ 

mtatoli iMoK n/fy to apotba aad ooatnl 

_ ^^ barinoaaa alii 4S^%| baoooia IHghtoMd 

kitohoa. 1 »4 rMti^ iHkoa % boat aboald Wgia to 

Rit (katoiiio bad ^, , 

downa la thia wwK^ badiatarbadi 

and aa aba aia^tMf paaaaga to tba abip wilK 
gtaaf oonpoaaiC • 




0|MKk aOM af tho alotiMteaad baiitp 

Kay I thripaMki^bbMf 
-4|h, laadaaMn, tbdM ai* feacfai aai^ 

Vix* brara afaao aMM'daral 
^--£«y<raiarof tbatoUldiiph ,^ 

_Wbataiattara%ia4«rwavaf f*^ 

SbojiMte that %iMk/Dar m 

WillftoTojtoaaa^ttotoW^^^ , 

The <^ptdn of tba XfpiMaiataod m^A, 
toNodvehiapaiMaBgarar^ -^^ 



;4^ ft!±f!!il '??.***^'«»(«^»<fc«^ with 
iuLT!?!* «?*if f rwMly to mak* .^. 

^Wn ilM roBii. 


UritpBMrto Mid kur altandMl iMd m aUt*. 

fc«i«Ut& thith^rSTto uSKKS 

I STi'SiilsrSL/";. ^^ thriik yow 

I *** SS*f y*" •" •••«»* you that it is nSt 
Jfwhioh yo« «o«l4 t^. di»^%'Zij; 

^8^ nbw how anxloM she ittOMtawkv 

with the mook tapf«.©hfBl air. ' 

I rtn^ Jif! ^ •" •"'• ^fom bomo for 
\A!^ '"^ !•«%• rardy aSweS 

Mfc&'alwii i2'" T*i"5'* ••?* hff hoiiii • 
n»kT^i. "^. ^«» « wo don't fkll in ' 

Windliilod her eaavaa. to wu Mrav fdr th. 
'AadthisI willaav ftkr««..^ 


■ TW« Moood dirtr 'of tfcilJ,i»;,i«: -■ ■^;' 
t«Q|>eira^h.bita of hJa it^aSTdM l2 

. ? It to yoo'who »«■ irtw attirioiii to ^ -^ 


Aid Iho jiiDy oii^tMa put i 2?i^; 




T*rj oiBoh itajnnd tMn, and Tow*d tliftl 
If jM Ck>byflra did him «re»ft wnwii. 

The ship WM «<MiaUntl7 on tk» look-out 
for Be^Ml priTAtMra, and kepi • num a| tb« 
BMt'bMd day an night, reliaHng him arery 
two 'hovNi Bat night followad day, and 
dayaooeead^ night, and atill no tail of 
•ayaortwaato ba a» M all tha lonely 

NaTtrthalaaa, thia waa oa» of iha happieat 

Krioda that onr thraa frianda evar paaaad. 
lewaathar waa oharminft tha ■ky dear, 
Iba aaa ealm, tha wind light, and tha abip 
iaw on OTar tba watera at tha rata of tan 
knofta an hoar. Ilia ahip'a aaptahi and 
omoan wara^all extremely plitaaaBt eom« 
panioina, and nnafftotedly glad to bara thaao 
goeata'along with tham to'teaak tiia m<mo- 
tOQ^ of thdr aa* Jife. 

Paring tha oontinaaao0 of tha floa 
waatbar, tha thraa paaaenganiapaot arery 
day.on daok Hid »vary avyaingin tha.oap* 

1..tain'a eabin. ■ 
Uavally the iBM|rtyik Iha ehaptilB, Jaatin 
\mi Britottarta fenoMd a party,,and piayiag 
' anibbar or two of whwt. 

SmMtiaiai^ to ttitj the avaning'a paatlma^ 
MtH Opiiy*n would azeroiae her talent for 
di^matio reading, and on thaaa latter oooa 
•ionm aJllihe ofSoara that eoold ba aparad 
from t)ia dcok woald be invited into the 
Mn to reoei?a their ahan of tho 

_ , ime^y alpo.MlH Conyeri aang oat for 

h4r frited% And thia dniipag waa perfaapa 

the gr^teat treat aha ooald give them. A 

«!MmHl*a aweet TOioe earolling their favoarito 

' aOBga «B tha Una walmr waa a noveligr asHil 

.y^'M delight iadaad. * 

thof pMaaantly paaaad tha daya nntil 
8atird$y OMming. whan they muda Table 
Mboat. And on BMairday noon ttiey an^ 
eborid in t^le Bay. 

Jaatin atid Brltbanrto want m abora to 
eall oipon llkair frieilda at Oape Town. 

Thej waat 4rot to the tloatb Af riean Ool* 

legib bat learifiad ttiere tbac their old ae> 

'<:, oountaaoc^ Profeaaor . Jaek, llad' gone to 

Baropa fa bolloet oerCaia n|re aaantaflo 

WOtfca lor hia library. 

Than th<^ went oat to flilT«r T^ Yilhi 
to-iaa dieir eeteemed frieadB the ' Borneya. 

Tbof fMOul tha Beverand Boetor aiid hia 
family at bbiM and in good health, bat iiH 
n«aBaraMyM(toni(Aed and delighted to aaa 
Mr. Boe«mtbal and Ifiaa Oeoyera, for tkey 
h«d beard, of »ho wraric of tha Saltana, aad 
had aappoaa4 thair* yooag frianda la have 

And aa«c it, wai tha torn of Joatia aad 

Britomarta to ba«qjnal^ aatoaiibad aad do> 

. lighted, for they learned that tha life-boat 

t( wall and do- 
om by ctery 

Joy of Joatbi 
hia nawa. 
w of that boat 

ooataining tha miaaionary party, after rlrift* 
ingaboat the ooean for aeTeral daye. Iu4 
beea pi^«d op by a Daloh merehan man 
boond for the Oape of Good Hope, ami alf^ 
the pamengera reaened, that tlie X yM and 
the Bretona had rtrmained gnaata at Silver 
TVae OroTe for a moatb, daring whieh tab* 
Boriptiona had been taken ap in all the 
ehOrobeo to raiae a f^d<for their relief, and 
at the end of whioh, batog entirely refitted 
oat, ther had aalled ia the Baat Indiamaa 
BJtlma lor Oahmtta, en route fmr their die* 
tijiit field of mhMioaary laboar, where ia 
dae time they had aafeiy arrived. 

Mn. Bumey waa able to aaaore Mlit 
Oonyera that bar firieada 
ingwal], for aha haard Jl 
Indian mail. 

Great waa tha aai 
and Britomarta on fi 

«Thea, after lUl, Hie 
maat have relentid $nd taken the two man 
Ott board,' eaid Jaatin. 

*I anppaa whan Oaptam MoKeaaie ra* 
faaad^loa«ithaabi|^ he left room in tha 
boat for OM^ and tbiQr managed to maka- 
room fbr the other, 'bbaerved Britomarta., 

*Itiaaa if thejr were ^ran baok to oa 
from the dead,.' eaid Jaetin. ' «, 

•I am thinking of littla MnkJDyVpoor 
old 'father. I am ao glad he ia aot left 
ehildleaiio hia old age.. He ooaldnot hav* 
heard of bar aalirty aefore ha ooald hava 
ha«rd of the ahitiwnMk.* 

•Tea.' • ■■ ■■'^■' ■ 

'What aawi thia iriU ka for ladith, hr 
tha way;' ■''. .:••"•;'*.. 

«Tea. leilaiMeharfiioaaow.* 

* But Jaatin, whioh boat waa her awaet» 
heart in, do yoa knowt tf he waa in the t«oat 
with the miaaionariea be waa aaved, ' anxi» 
oaaly ezelaimed Miaa Oonyera. 

Jaatin nflsotad a, miMn#at aad than aa- 
awaibdi' ■■ ■'.:'■ ... ■■■"■r".v;,-\ ^^ , ■■. 

'1 40 aot know. I have been trying to 
reeolleet, bat in vaiiv fleavangiaot that 
ha may kava been aayad, for the poor faith* 
fal gilri'aaake.* 

Theydiaed with the Baraey% bat wtra 
oUigad to dadiae all farther hoopitotity, aa 
the Mogth of tiieir ahip'a atay at Oape Tow» 
waa voj^ aaaertain. '■-<*., -t^'^.;;! v?;. ■.;;;-• ;v-;!\ 

80 they todc aa affeetitonfata laa^ of thefr 
IHbBda and retvHiett on board the Xyphiaa 
ia geod time for tha-oaataia'a aarijr aapp«r< 
lablo^ whieh waa apread with all thllaxaria* 
to be obtained at Oape Town. 

*I have newa of the Sea 80001^0. Siha 
toaohed here on the day before yeaterdey, 
raoMkined a few hoara to gat in wood and. 
water and alao to piak ap a few i ttamtn anrt 



'ik«oalM Miitd,' Mid tilt wpuia, M thw 

«]EMt Md Nortb. dolof, BO doabt, to 
viMt NtamiBg BMt LidwitiMi from Ckleat. 
^ "• ?"■' *® *•* pownit of h«r Bad Iom 
aotiBiBBboBi DoitlMr. 80. Mr. BoMBtluL 
w* mU with the Mnt ttdo to morrow. ' 

• I MB rr joioBd^to hMur it.' Mid JBBtia. 
«» Atrrtlf'*^ iBMirlBB »0 bB BMMlo MMl 

flad tliBt ther* art no bomeward bound ahiBB 
IB tho harboor. So tbu tobbb ladv 1 «m 
B.lfl.hl, jUd to know. hM BO itiwTUl S 
ffo oa witb as for thBpKMBt,'adjUd tho mp-- 

.'UbIbm Bb* pr»for» «o Bootat tbo hoB- 

wbisb OBBB abo oaa reaiain at BLrtr Tra* 
ViU^ «d WBl* for . hotoBwart S^^d .h^;^ 
Wbatdofoai^y, MIbb OoayaiBr inqair£ 
Jwtia, taraiBg lowarda bar. * ' 

•iBay tbat. witb tbo oaptaia'b kind per. 

And ao thai autter waa aattlad ' ? 
K^y* r«" "*" »»*»» Miaa OoBvan foaad 

ISSjS^ Ti^ * ^r. •"°>P»»»o». that aba 
toM Jadith tl^e Joyfal aews about tha raaeaa 
Md pNBarTBtipu of tba m)MionaiT irS^ 
ThaeffBct upon the iriab lirlSSrtarT 


*And IVe 

I nivir aiajr tia,' dried Jaditb. 
11 tbi, timer"" ''•^« ""**•»•" «'*»*^- 

K.^ «"*i"'*^*'*' 4oB't tUnk of their elotbea. 
jBit O! their reaoaed lirei), aad tbaak Heavea 
tor tbeJrpre,erTatioa fiaid M« Obnyer? 
JAiid tbin ^to tbiak that JTm. irrd 
JttBirin^ Mmt for aotbiag. So maob loei 
r.boBr Tatirely/oompl/iaJd J«lit"-''^ ^"^ 

•wjKiffy tbejr WBTB 2;*d.' MUd MiS <C 

*D.Til a bit irni is aorrv tW# w.1. 
«|^Bd. BotriA aon^rarjS^kJS; 

•Bii±;lSiTi!^ tbattberea^m- 
JJ*t"*"J» «*> «J<iit; Bat Bare that Odv 

J£ ..I. '^i^.t'^ •?" ««* the rain aad 
^j«It, BB^ W^thBT itBrtj; it». ^Iltl^ 

^ BritomariB gin it np. She lonoed to 
fcaow wfaetberlTaditfa'B foyer had^Tn 

thekoBt With the miaaionBriee, bat aba for- 
boMtoBBMirB of Jhditb. who aioBe Boald 
toll bar. Aad aba rBaaoaed tbat if ]V»f«.te» 
Tom hBd beea oa the rreeaad life-baJt 
Jaditb would baye knowu it, fud would 
hBTe mani:eated more joy at ita ' pieaeryB> 
tion I aad if he bad aot b«ea there, he mast 
hsre been loot iit the other one | and ths 
bringing up of hia name would be uaeltBS'as 
wellaa cruel. J^ 

JnbsequeatlT ia the oabia Britomarta SMld 
to Juetiu-.' I feel ^uiu aura tbi^t Judith'e 
wm was not ia the boat that waa BavBdi 
for wbea I apoke of it aba aeyer. BMationed 
bJaaamB.' < ■ 

'I'aisoiry for that Thva ha aiust baya 
beea^ la the boat with yonraelf and Judith 
and bar father, aa waa aataral, aa he ba*^ 

ooUaotr inquired Mr. Botentbat 

Ob. Jaacin I I wbb bo atnaaod iHlh lbr*~ 
ro# at iBBTins you alona oa ths wraok, that 
I taw nothing around Aie. I only wBtobed 
tbe wreek untU it dropped down behind the 
oOriiMa out of eigbtk and than I olooed my 

gesaad aater wiahed toopaa themania.' 
BBBBwerBd. , /^ ~ 

' My deareat Britomarts I' 
J Tber^ 1 that ifiU #0^ Juatia. Doa^t lat 

^^■Tha westher promiaea to bef fine.^Mid 
{*J^«»ptom, ooming dowa tha oompanioa 

J'Letaj hope the weather will koep Ito 
prvmita IV anawered Ju.tin, a UttU oon. 
fu«edly, for he fancied that tha oaptaint 
worda had a dodbla meaning. 

^™r _.P»*y«d their rubber of wbiat M 
usual aad tbsn ratired to roat. 


Yb aailora oa tba anghty deepi 
Your eaored oatha we hid you kBeuL 

We bid yon faithfal f tand ; 
Th« laws yonrfaihera writ ia Uood 

^ Ksep with trha, heart and bead I 

--i' ;•' ■ ""^ ■ ■ — -daoa. 

ihiTiSlS.*'^****' «»B^xt morning the 

A WBBthar k«pt itB prootlsB aad was 
wry fine. 

P«iWpitoB<*>d Bo^^aast, flying Ufoti 
a fnah wind at tbo rate of teabfele^ 
kaota aa hour. , 

- J!5*.tf *ft toig «ar pBaasagera louaged 
^ISL^ ^k. reading, promensdl^?? 
•hfcttlag, aad ail the towaiST they 13X5 
wb i at m iha eaataln ' . .^Kin * * >!ST*^ 

oa wb i a t ia tha eap t ain ' a cabin.' 





<And d#7 and night th« oftptala kept 
ma St khf a^at-kMd on tb« |ookoat. ni _ 

13Sf^ '''f*.***^ *wo howw, tlMt bk 
lilMipM might not ilMk^n. 
vBat dAyiinnd nigfata wmtl lqr«M*ib«r« 
wm no liim of tho Sm 8ooot|«, or nnj oth«r 
■hhl on rII th« loQ«ly sm. 

Th«offlo«r« M well •■ tho omw beouno 

•Here w h*To bora omiaing for aix 
viontha Binoa wo lailtd trom M^ Vork and 
w. haWt faUfn in idth • rab«l pnT»taar, 
nor. bnd tbalaaatpfoopaot of aa OBgagemrat, 
Tho only adrontura w hnva ^adwM iha 
rwooing pf tbo flbiptrnokad party t» |kai 

Sueh was ttaa ohief bnrdon of tbo variopo 
•^OBPudnta made by oiBoera and man nk^ 
. '^ obtain onljr waa oOntfatod. 
, ^* T5lr* •»•»•«>• tha pirfta aoonor or 

d^> hSil^^^ ^»* tm.^.f^ 

An4 ha waUcad llo^na^bMSdMk aU dat 
•iidplajradwhiBtin tbo oabin aU nighVor 

'ly ao. AnA <1>« an/1 w^t^Ut, i. 1. ^- z. ^ 

4nd day and night kaptAu awa xnavm 

'Ouitaiakahoroniyot;* ► 

Wbila tbia bawling Waa foing on alofl tba 
Sdf whia?* **** ■*' 4"*«tly ow bia r«b- 

^T^^^^ JUentanaol MtfuA aana below 
touobad hia pap^ .nd aaiifT ' 

falJ. • '^"^ ^^*^**' ^'* ^* »«*»».«^PMU*#tauna 

' What do fan inako of bar f * iaonind 

^^ptaln. without a^-ingli ara 

* 1¥« ana Aiako noUking of tter aa vat^ tz- 
oapt that aha appaan to bavo aooa na and ia 
P»ot»gKwruf/ ™'" 

'ThatprcTfs hwrtolbo 4m SMSoeona. 

«Mt Mrrjr, and ahaat I— ~. I>iMnonda I Fum 
i^P^ltJayanrload, and wo ara waiting Jbr 

playiaffforth«^triok.*aaid tkaoaftainL 
aahe^taniad;n» «M ten«pMi4 aortidlS 

Ji^TWl ««i*««»»^ww»toii d«^k iwitb 
— Amdaoon tka ahjp tbWMdar 

^coiaaphiaeye^ poalad; and rilta^hKltKBSS^^SME.!^?!.* 
..•ry two l.o«r. that b. Wt^SaT *C5S?JSl^^wlth 
QMion ^ wjni^ on bia watpb. And aa many i^*"^ -5??" 'J*' '■ ^** 

daya and nighta paaaad and itill tbara waa 
#0 ngn <rf tbo Sea Sooorgo or any < thw aMp 
on all the lonely aea. And the offipan and 

, diapiplinad to brpak ont. - ' 

At length ona oTaning whan tha trop^ 

lull ipooii and great ataia iMda all the sky 

and aea almoat aa bright aa dny, ami the 

.offiperaoffdnty wwa lounging op -tliodepk, 

, and the eap ain and bis:^rty were Blayite 

whikt jn the oabin, there dame a mv /ram 

t^ nAaji at t^ttast^aadj ,, 

It ronsed tha pg)<wni op 4eok lika the blaat 
>f ajnimpat dooa tbo wair-hoiae. They 
/•aniffed tk^ battle afar oft' ." 

/ I* •tVft»«»'«IJ tha vwhiat pleywa imtha 
aabin, ezoepttU PUegmntia oaptattt^ who 
%«nt 6a nontinaiag his points t 
.; * TwA by tritikaaad.twoky hoMwn 1. aad 
fire More I We're kin».to tk«>iv mnaitllMa 
X^uMK And now nil daptada npoa the 
^ 5«*fc .^ we most Ip^k ^Sbw^t-Stoew 
we sho«il4 ovaihaal her at )«>iT1|>^|J^^]p 


: aa eaa lieteqid to the eaptaia. jB^pry 

fMiiona ponld givasafldeat attantion to tba 
WaoMin kMdlMrly to oofapats with hSu 
howoatiMa#tiiek, T^^ wiin ainv 

• WaVe beat them la the raK Miss Coa* 
ypm.^ Sh41 watry to ^ac them iaaaotber 

''Oh tt»i *i)»y i|o«'t rialin»gaaB.Qn<look. 

, .>W**^¥«,«»Too«l aliire^ haeo i^nyban* 
,»^y ««»"'•»' tho fray aa anyo^mrP 
lj«gb^,|t^^t»ln. v^U itsaitmit -^J, 

?fbe» jrtw g*t $|pk 90 yoaraatitoi coaMn^ 
|tth«,irarlanotaTer, to taka«m,tiw^ 

. ' th«* I shaU I' aakwtiwl^ntambrta. mai . 
P^twllj. And M\h tbo , wMlTahiSolMdl 
*r»^1*9»»twai»to gat gpaaaiiyaadu 
^tboro k ,no nso^iailjr far hStoiiihyldo^ 

^frm^^mWf Miirfa^tMTly qaastieaiii^ 

snrwarawaMn. - ,„^ , ^» onlv thftti.1. tk-s. iTL?^ !!?~."^*«> 

ff>iy tbfowh thpir jgJ^r E'lT^^g: 


■'* ■' •'f':'&?\:*-''"'^' 





• mtnj I Md w «kdl aoi OTerbMl bar Wfoi« 

I aoning/ Mid th* Mpuin. 
' *iLii4 in lh« ■oniog I* aiviinitcd Briio. 
^Hff^ bmthinc flwMly Mid giMieiag An. 
*Tm, 1b tlM ^orafBg. Tod wUl protebly 
■M a diatwbMM «f tba peaoa 1 Hamph I 
yoa bava bean in a barriaaaa^ taflurfd tbip- 
wiaak, aad sow joa an to b» in a aaa-flgbt I 
Ife saeva joo aia daatiaad la pcov* alltha 
perik of tbadaapl' 
•Bat tba Ma-flgbi— .1' 

lady 1 Toa woald Ilka ta ba at oaa ot tba 
,fBM to-ino»ro^, wtald yoa aoir 

•Tbat I aroald I'axalainMl tba araaaoa. 
I . Aad tbty waat ap ott daok. 

AIlwaarapimaMdwaitaaienttheN^ ^ 

^ ♦ WalL ICr. Itbal, ara wa gaiaiog ua tba 

ahiM f • iaqairad tba aaptaia ef bu Moood 

affioar, bit inl jMla btiag ill in bia taam- 

nuofc. . 

iJfob fir I lailag alitila^ ' Mpliad tba yonag 
■um. toaobing bi« aap. 

•Tbad«f»oal ^at tboM priYatean ara 
funoua tM raaaing bonaa 1-^t tba toW^ 
lant ata'aalb I' 

Tba ordar waa pwMd aad ezaontad. 

.Aad tba obip leiipad forward like a atMd 
that faala tba apur. aad booadadonirard 
tkroagb tbi waten, aeadiag tha foam flttiBg 
■iBbvwan of pboaphoria aparka aaaillda 

BritMaartajraalad and tottnad and along 
to Jutin'a am to ataadv bar atapa, for aba ' 
aoald aoaroaly kaap bar laat for tba TioJant 
Motion of tba ablp tbat lollad aa train«nd« 

*Miaa Oopyara. taka my ad?iaa aatf Uit «m 
laadyoa balow/aaidjrnatin. 

»Tbanka,' aba repUad. And ba aaaiatad 
bar dowa bito tba oabin. 
^I**^«i« fcw tbara witb Jnditb. ba latam. 
ad on daok and rajoined tba oaptain. 

*Mr. Ethel I 8«*e if wa ara galniag on tba 

*^*!fW'***".^«««»P^ aflar 
mwatea bad alabaad. 

•Ay^w. M^r.rapliad tba yomMr'Ueaten. 
* Aad talking forward i fawWa, ba 

,*Mmt4mAV:''''r'':'.^'. ■■:'■■■ 

;Aj»«»p«%i^'ii«toi ilia BM^ 

lookoot ' ' 

. !4^ ^JMiBiagoatbaahaaat' 
•^Ay, «, 8ir| bat gradaaUy. Wa wttn»t 

/ Tbat wlu ^' aiid tba ai^tain, wben tba 

^•"?2*^*^* *»^ '?P^ *K'*rlior 
» J^ d9 M aaia t»A»f^Mmiiiniu^4aj. 

And ba aat tba watbb and want balow.aad 
tarnad m f or a abort nap^ laayiag Lieataaaat 
llhal to Buuiaga ibe abipw 

Jaatia aiavad on daokaUttlawbilaloagar. 
aad tban followod tba oaptaia'a azampia. 

Bat nana of tbomaxaapt tba pblagmatie 
«aptain itated vary wall tbat dgbt. Tba 
tboagbt that tb«y war* oaaalng a privataar. 
whom thay woald probably aagaga {a battN 
aaxt aaoraiaib waa ao( likaly to^ rook tbam 

Britomarta aartainly noYar oloaad bar 
ayaa) aba waa kapc awaka no laaa bj b* 
Own azcitamant tban by tba * tireleaa toona' 
afJttditb, wbo.talkadof nothing bat tba 
aoming fight aad tba abaro aba woald lika ta 
takn in it. 

' Sato Dia«rif bopaa tbay'U find aonatbiag 
lor me to do in it i Th>tb, if tbnr'd pot nia 
to ona it the big gana, I aoald fiTa it off wid 
the beat It them. And if they'd not traat 
ma to do tbat aame, I ooald b^d patrid«ea 
aa well aa the powdy monkeya tbtmaelTaa t* 

'Oartridcaa, Jadith,* aaid Miaa Conyeia. 

* Sara thatii what I'm nmaing. Aad trath 
111 find aomatbug to do in iti or mo nuaaV 
BotJody Biordan,' 

*I am gUd aad prond to aea aa MMli 
ifirit in a aiatar %oibaa, Jadith, wbather 
yoofiadan oppqrtanity of ezeroiaingit or 
not/ aaid Miaa Oonyen. 

At wbi|ch Jadith waa ao delighted tbat aba 
went off into anothar fit ef ooaating'niora 
eztraTagaat th*n the firat. 
r To have beard joditb talk than, yoa 
, woald bava imagined bar to be Boadioaa, 
Joan of Aro aad Koll Pitober rolled iBto- 

So paaoad tba night in tba oabin; 
_Jaat before the dawn of day, LfeotaaaBt 
B.hel aaoie balow to the oapt<iio and report^ 
ad tba obaaa within range of tbairlae^w^ 

;|^ a blank eartridge iato har/aaid tba 
cntain, immadiataly taming oat. 

Britomarta aod Joditb ovarheard atery 
arord of tbia abact interriaw. And Jodith, 
alapped |iar banda for joy, ezolaiming— 

'Now tbey'ra going to begiu« Sore ">'^ 
eelf i^ happy a* Paddy a Doaayl 'rook Itta^ 
Aa, ok IjbaiX waa ap on daok a id Uimi. 

*BoomH»Hg»a r thandarad tba mm^*: 
aT«rthaaaa,.with a taport that iboak n-v 
abi& ^ 

Witli a TialaBt battod Joditb laapw) ttiv 
«Hatoped her banda ta her eara, and, abakiajr 
aad aaraaadng with tba extremity of Uattoti 
bid hw bead lb Britomarte'a lap. 

• WbT, wbat'a the matter, JaditKr Ib^ 
qiiuad Muia Oooyarib m tba aoaBdT^IlM 
away .* la tbia your haroiam r' 


•S'infPt^aBdaU the 
M at b a rHa r y aadall Uw -_ 
gkaped tba paBia^a'riekea.girL 







from the oksM. . 

•0«r«oii' wrtMhvd Jadltb. burriaff bar 
h9*A in ftritonartoli Upt *Mt«r me vpl 
kiv«r»<iapi I'm kilt •ntinlyr 

Bat Him Oonyc'ra surtcd tp, Ibraw tb* 
Cirl oif h«rkn«M, bvrriad oo bwelotbea 
•■4 bMtmMd oat into th« oabin, wb«N ib« 
OMt iMtin iMTiag bia itslt-rooM. 

'Th» HOtioa turn oomntaMd I' t'XoUumed 
Bri oBlatta* 

* TMb dAAnNit on*. Btfty whor* yov ari^ 
I hnmih yicTb. Ton oan do no good or 
doek,' aig<id JuatiiL 

' U I oMt do no good, I OAB at loMt risk 
. mr Ufo with tbo.dthoro/ ponistod Brito- 
." mar'tok- . . , . ~ 

* Bat t« ifbat Mdr Britooitrto, jen will 
/ aoi oalv do no good bj going oo dock, bat 

/ t/ yoa will do mtton harm by Mng m OTory* 
bodyli wny«' Mid loatin, blantly. 

Bho looked intontlf in bia f%e* to im if b* 
•pokain oarneat, befor* aba anairarad. 

'Utbatbao^ I wiUaUybara. Botoh, 
lioir anwiUingly. ' 

And aba aat down, only balf rMignad to 
lior inaotivity,, and meditated bow abo oonid 
«hango it into good aanrioa. 

While they apoke, another ahot w«i ex/ 
cbonged bo' Ween tho ahipa. 

Jaetin harried op on deok. 

Eraniliing there wm in admirable order. 
^oiM of the oonf naion that too of tan p aoadM 
mn engyent appeared.' 

The (Mok Wm olaared for aetion. 
JEko man ware all at their qaartar% the 
cAMra at thetr poate. 

Ika iaptidalrMatandinf ogn the qaartar 
•daol^ tavflling bi»t'«M •* ^« ohaoa, whiok 

■ioreoTer, In iairiiigh^.«ISoat two milM 

. The fltiait aeaaad for the tima being; 

* What b the meaning of thia lall, oap- 
tain?* roapaotfolly inqairad Juatin Boaan- 
Umi» ooatinc to the aide of Captain YolaoM. 

Sailmp will awear, man ia the pi^, and 
Oaptmn Tetaom, droppinf thotataMN^ to 
kiaaldoi blew oS a tramandow oath* andar 
ttw.impcomion thatsha had a aofloionfe pvo. 
wnaMoik to do oo, anff then he added— 

* W* aro on afalaa aoent; air. Wa bavo 
baMk ohaaitfgan Kagliah ahip.' 

- *ANyoa oartaiafdoabtiagly inqairad 
'Jiiitia.' ■ 

* Homph t ThoM ii^erool pirataa aoma- 
limM abow fnlae oolonn. T^t ia wliM haa 
kappanad. Mr. Aoaentbal. Whra I oatae op 
«Bd«9kl,^iid bar within g^ranga of 
o«r lan«bowl|blMr. I ran ap the atar* and 

' atripM and Mit a Uank oartridfa into haiki 
ty way of a yirftiy aard. She retariiad 
tha owMilimaMi hjf Brii{~# 

I kat did not ahow kar aolovik . 
aad did not o«aM to raa.' 


*Iaantamora argent meMa«* loharii 
the form cf a foand ahot from oar iea«keti 
ohaaar. She retaroed the flra in kind anii 
boietad tha BBgliab Union Jaok.* 

' Hn. didn^aaTa to f ' "^ ' 

*No, noroaoM to ran away from «a. 
Whatevar aka doea^ aha doM not aaoM t« 

'Bat an BngUah ahip, or to bOBMt ahip^ 
aMroely woald do tbat V 
- *8earoaly. And that ia what makM tha 
aftair doabtfal ao« awkward. If aha ia an 
Bugliah ahip wa baT* no baaioaM tb paraaa 
her } bat if ai^ la § rebel privataar aailin^ 
ander Bngliah ooloara we maat take bar.' 

While the aaptaio apoka. Mr. Boi^ntkal 
had baon attantirely rag Arding the ebaae. 

• Tha longer I look *t tbat ahip, the mora 
familiar aba aaama to mo. Will yoa land ma < 
yonrtolaeaopa^ wptainf* 

Oipt«in Yataom handed tha ghMa and 
waitaid tha raaall of Jnatin'a ioapaotion. 

^o^n pointed the inatramont and took . 
dolikarate eight at tha Obaaa. Ho Tie wed it 
attentively for a minato and then re> 
tarned the teleooope to tho ownar, aaying 

7 «Yonar 

«Ton are n0t ok a falaa aMnt, oaptaia.* 
•Bhf What do yoa make of kafr 
•Tka BeaBooarga.'. V 

'Are yoajlaito MrtainP - 

*QiBit«. raahnot be miatakon. *bdaodg 
Iffeaogniaad ker by naked eye from her 
general appaaraaoe. Aad whan I kronghl. 
tho gloM to bMr apon kfr, I knew kor lUao 

Tha eaptain dt tka Xyphiaa Waited to hear 
no more. Ho laid down hia ' tsleaoopiu 
apranf apon tho poopdaok, and drow oat 
hiacapaaking trumpet. 

Aa the men had aaaroelr taken their ayaa 
off thoir Mptain dnritig tho fifteen miontoa 
of a«vaitfain whieb thay atood idly at tbetr 
qoarta(% tkov Wm no need to oall thoir 

..^* •*P'^ P<!^* «»• VMking trampat to 
ki* liM and thnndexwl forth tho worda t 

*My ladal— Tho wiM that uro haTo bMn 
leaking, the Sjia Booorge, ia befora. na. 
And jAaM hMvan aho.anall ke onra bofbra 

Tkamahdoiu oboera from tka iwamea m- 
apondedtotho oaptaia'a pithy apaeob, and 
prorod their gpod*wiU to tho work bafora 
tkMi^ and tkilr wnfldenda vt viotoiy. 





nu WLuan, 

MI«WW«it tiM ilM' 

jMk0 for tk« alten Md yoor irM I 

■I* Ik* for tb* ffTMB dtftvw of your afna r 

2^«7 r<l«l •>»* '<Mli with fMmw • aUiiZ 

V And tbi 4M(uia| akMn auk htvd< 
^r*»i{tr P^ ■" '*"'** •'«** 

PM kMiT7 pnM of Mil abo %ni^ ^^m^ 

2L*fc« wt h«. .tor. w5rS/7SJ 

».t«r uid iwdor hor Um obodi«i» to h^ 

JV*jMJ*^ *'•»* lorwMd to «•• tho onlor 

.Tfco sniinor la ohann of th, i^ |„^ 
iiM|« wMonoMMdTSporiwSSil *^ 

Hm hmtenoBt g»vo him tbo ordl* mm,jt 
fcrjrjjd. M b. Sd t^^ irSjS 

^^oll hry, iir,' i^d tho votorM. with • 


•tire I . 

_-»j™k doM udto tbo aton of Uhi 

2ivXSrL.i£?^.«*»» •'•▼^Moii on 
JnlJ r?*^ ^^** ^ tpMntw btamiaSb 

»y?gyy°.^^"ji>» •t tho dhaae. And 

I« bii rt«fB, «M«l.Sii that hotrS 
na-botrooo iio^ Pown fluttered at. 

_^ f»o* tho 

-..-■hot plnagtd into thoMo oIoM «a thi 
waatharqaartorofrtwrfailaBt ahiK d«4Ba 

'. A Itoo ahowor both in hot WMthor ia o 

toBtly^lpM from Oop* TowB, who had 
booo rtaBdintgapfBf aBd atoriau with noah 
aod eyoa wi^a open, r-otf^ad a dolog. o. 
•»*•'•«• *'* Ob***, itriMag him wltb aooh 
ii2l**S' ^ *"•• ki.'b.huM» mwl Ma 
IS? m! i5V "^i ■*'**»'^ «Mid fall flat 
■Pp* bla baok, rolling o?or aad ovar. im* 
-&II that tbo ball "bad atraok bli' ^ 

JVJ^ • «ff I Toko mo down I IWko mo 

Amid roan jH laocbtor from bia oom- 
janioB^anoldaalt «oght ap a p.^^ 
•hoU-booka. rimUar ia abapa to flroSSIaf 

togathar ovar a . piioa'^ of flaab hador 
J^oSJ.**''^ '•■*'*^* ^^ « "'■•'SfS 
fa?''*liS^ »*»^n«~»f ap with woBdo . 

iS?^ •'^ bolow. TWko ma dowTbo. 

Th« Best abot ^rom tbo floa flooavM ««Ak ^'' 
off tbo baad of th. braT. oiTaSTiSiaS. 

2jJ-t bdori-tk^ JTUo*^^^ 

Tbo h^va mm diw^tonoo? 

And the notrtaataat hia atara ehaaor 

Shot aftar abol wa« now otehaaaMl Im. 


^Lf*^ * lucky abot frMtt tba Z#Mliaa 
•teiek th« oaomy'« vmen^a^^^^^ 

— t 



iAI» FI^X* 

d«eka of w* •nsny. 
Li«ttl«ujaiBtelaj|»iaUT«U«4M* glW 

' Th« Bm 8«ow|* atiil miad«4 hw ImIb; 
M h«r ■paakcr and oitMlMt w«r« a^U tUmd- 
iag»Bdaniwinc. Th* wraok el litr niMMi* 
n»at wM i^MNnttly dMivd Aw«y. Aad>slN) 
dognttlly MBtwarM gaa for gui* ihot l^r 
■kvK though the XjphiM vm «ov g»iiiia|| 
•09 Wr, Mid Iwr om« «m wall 


Aifh ho ^ lMn. , 

At toat a aiioji IrMi the XyBbiasstmok tkit 
UArail of tlw anonjr, plooe Ij tha wba^ 
aaaturinir tha aplitttan ia t,wti^ dicwrtion. 
Oaa atiuak tba hilMMW>n, drivan t« kia 
vary baaii. to hio d«^>a(oi»y oad da~ 
liriam, ho olntohed tho imokao of tha whoo^ 
with tb* iiravp th»t oo|iId,iv>t ba l>0 || ina d $ 
•ad bo alowiy aaak trhUiMurd t* tbo 4^t, 
twaiag tha whaal with hin.^ Tha Boo 
Booariv^ iD.^hadtciMai to h^ fao|%, ^Ofsdad 
aharply to tho wiad. 

Smdoff hio ship hvooobiiif to^ tlwoaplola 
«f tha 8aa Heoniga nw oft^ yolUng i 

•What A'yo BMn by «hht. xop-^«oo 
M0k7 LoSl UMV 

Tbara ooina no roaponao iron tho bolno- 
■MB I ond lodood l» «ho ^aioo laotant t^bt 
ko oioo tid of^in« tha ooptoin poroaii^od 
that tba ibMtinubpaatbaoriBg. Ha rooobed 
tbo bolm too kto. Tha jUp vaa olifody 
ti^ak«bpok ond lyiag^diiaottT .bafMm tbo 
40ana of the Xyphlo8» and not tiro ai^olao' 
buiftb from bar. fU4|»Ta tbo .fc^tp to 

falliag timknab aad tbo abriaka at 1|n 
twoaadod wara aM»ollia||. 

liaay poor fallowa loot Iboir U«m mUf-'. 
JBOuy Mora thoii lioibo. 

BhIaMr abovoall tha.aoiao •ndooUfMoH* 
Ibo voloa of Oopudn Tatooaitaaf oat okarlf 
'•nd Brwly t 

• Man tha atorhoord gfiui I Oiaw «p tho 
oo«raao I • And aa wa oroaa tho pnv»- 
taai^ bow% taka good •b»'aMJl|af b«r.«4l 
fortblalV ,-v.. t ,,:, ;,..., ^, ..,.■*■ ' 

jMd bafora tba 8oa Boowio ootid 
iraar roond opon brr oooraa again, tbo 
Xypbiaa eana aoioaa bar bowa. A lofig 
^M qi flro balohad forth fi«ni tbo atorbooi4 
goba. aattding inm miaailaa oraabiag vt4 
tOfMriag.Uto tho. Baa Boo«rga and daaliof 
daAtb and doatraotioii avarywbaM aat«o|[ 

jHfM in«» olofir and riqfing veiob'jRii. 
bfai^ bif h .abioTo all otbara ia tba oboan 
that K<iao JHWvoiiVard fr^m tbodaok of tko 

Af (ia tb#«o obooro «ran aaoworod wm 
y«ll»,of dofloaoo from tbo d«ok of tha prira^ 
tour, wbooa aaila aow bagaa to ftU rapldlfk 
Of^ thai aba noioklT woraroand/ 

ThiaDro«|ght tki ahlpo oppooito to oadk 

And aow aommaaaad a anudaroaa «■> 
fjbapg«^«f btoa da idoa. Boar lollowad. OmMi 
eaam jiaaai oraab* Tho obrioka of tbo 
ItMBdjea 01^ both ald«a apinflad withoaeb 
otbarlu^ iritb tho oboota of tkair aahwl 

, _ a riv»Uwl{i)( 

Tf*^ "fi^w #pi!iiigi«^ (f«p «b« W9t9 MPt^DM^oxam; 
dook..yaUod4erik.tkf ordwrt. iwbaromoa" 

* Bako bar with voar port battory, I' , 

Tbai^ipaad <iRVtl)f%,traiMdMa diiphifgi 

that abook tlm jKivatoor firom taWtttboad 

toha^/ao;tha|^&ttip»blad,aik« #|iiiaa 

OMa>«ro atraowfiptb pal^. tjMCbbo bRaaod 

bcoTb Ifior ami giaator d«odo of Talocur, o» 
O^aragiag tbo Jaiatnkoartad till tbay(oal^ 
lo iooot hwoiio, holpiag aU 1^ pr*i 
sample, !aad •onrUig at tbo.fpill 
ihadYanaa. dtitflnUovad. tT^ ■ 

And aaw tho foroauat fl< tba 8aa 8ooaig|. 
MTM aoe» totattpnr. ai^ fall 1 

.lNR«a«da ipnd, pat^ltir,. 
tboaot of bDoaobiagtoi 

that k»1 

looked, a; 

Wbtia tko 
j^.wrook, ' 


[rati _ 

il dowk bor ooloaJBi,,. „^t 

to Ar. ka pat Jio holm 

tko >riBkiag ire 

"bo poarod iato bor 

of tbe aacpHr ' 

iy ofvar bor leolwir^ 
mmm tho asMh ,fif tba 

ifMtfaltt^ rajiraad 

thb wiaok dftlmlo^ 

. ^ftiOa Tataom. MNiai^.«bi^t with tkt i»> 
\d|iMtiilMO oMraga of kia iMiatrymoli -^ 

■ ^S^fr'lMyTj^' - 1 •'^' '"iff- 

'" ^iatajiS^.birfQo 4^MrttU^ M>^,j 
| i i o rfie tffi aa d mfa j iboa t Mm fa d u ^ . 
IViHpHvatefir io waUioiiiiit Bor i^ 


w|8 oaoopi^rod wilfc 

Jbtaom aotbiKOQXvi* 

tqdk pp .a raldag j»d- 

IM poarad iato tM fik- 

flio of grapo aad ig^ 



l»i form pf /Mttn. dil^ring on tKmw mI 
.•"^■'•^djing what .h, mSit 4o kf mI SJ 
eiteuf nfe of th« ^^fon. ' ' "** •*" 

JJJMil bat •&• took Uio word fro. iK 
-J???'*'* *•* H^*Wo Mko IWm» tkAi I 

<2:i!::sirRr '.nM «;;. -sl- 


doctor. lo awuwd^j, 
'Nc- — *^- ' -- - 


'. ?'^» ^^y ■boald f oa act bo f ^ 
•£.« mo h«p yo«,' «id BritoSiL u^ 

bor'«booo«U7 d^ 

\«Si ?f u "v ^^>*^«« "od lint tUt. 
TOO «5!i "/ •f"^ youoM |„ip ^ .^ 

•Wilo wocl,lSi 

I f 11 



' *M '«oo'lNd^7^M;|, to ,l^|# 

wud7oir' — ' '"* "* ^ ' ^■* » ■ '3B li 

.,. flWf,«»«B,«wf •4»-«#ft «>qpoo'« onion, w^^ ^ iini^ 



-T-^T- afa ■v;f ^TS""'!*™'.*-,* ".r-c^T-^i^i^p,-. 




«#«Mn and •tMdy haad «h« /pp«d ap tb* 

felMVoa of th« Milon' woandcd •una, or (ko 

rilh Mul 
plMton ibIo 

•voa of tho 
trowaen of Ikair woandad Uga, 

CmpinoM. Bh« oat atiokiug p 
H aUndar alipa, ud w»toli«l •k%^dootor 
to aaa kow k« brought tko g»piaf Upa of 
■•n lath woanda togathar, tmd •loMd tkoai 
by lAyiDg Mroaa than, at right Mglaa, thaM 
dolioAt* itriM of plMt«r, sad than tModitgod 
than np wita linan. 

Aba watohad bin porform tbi« liaplo 
■ <«l|><ratioB oncow Aod than aha Mraiad bim 
u*t aba ooold do that as woll a* ba oonld. 
▲ad aftar that, wbila tba aarcaoa 
atiaodad to Iha mora aarioaa oaaaa 
— -probiog woBoda, aztraotinj balla, 
Aad avoa aatpotatiaf ^limba-^Britonurta 
«laaad and baodacad all tba aunpU flaah 
woanda with a skill a^aal to that of tba 
BBrgaoa biaiaaU; aad with a twdoraaoa that 
4ra«r from bar roof b patiaata maaj tbanka 
aod blaaaioga. 

Aod all tbis tima tha roar of batrlM woal 
^n OTorhaad aad all aroand bar. Oooaaioa* 
•llT a ball atraok Baar. 

At length, kowavar, tha eaaaoBadiaff 
•aaaaad, and a noiaa and aoBfnaion of aaotbar 
■SWrl Was hoard aboTo— a mighty diaarjng and 
^arrahing aad niaBing to aod fro 

'^hatdoaa that maaaf atnlaimad tka 
; ,4ootor; ( 

Bit oobodT ooBld aaswar bim, and ha vaa 
teo baay with bis woandad to go aad aaa for 

BritMBarta had drsssad tha laat wand of 
>lMr last patisBt, aad was bdldiog a gUaa of 
brandy and watar ' to his lips, f or ba waa 
faiat from tha loia of Uood. whan aaotbar 
Murad msB— • rovng midshipaBan— Was 
MtNight down. 

Add ha rapartad'that tha oaptala had t^ 
Mlvad ta oanry tha aaamy ^ tha board. 

,* Aad that bravayoBBg fallow. If r. lUiaaa. 
tMj.w foramoat mbom tba boarding party, 
Igktiiig Ilka aaotbar PaBl Joam^' h« a^ddad! 
Britomarta liatansd braathlaoaly i bat wait- 
«d faiaUy aatll har patiaat had draiaad tha 
«la«a that aba bald to his Hpa. and thaa sh* 
Mjtlylaid his baad baok, pet ddwa tba 
fi M % aad raabad ap oa daok. 

,8|M faaehad tiiat borriUe daak--.tha aoaaa 
«l Iha tots oarkago. It was alipparywitK 
*?,°^.i»!» ^yTiyttefa with bgas. and 
littarad wilh tha aphatars of ihivared tim«: 
Jwoaad okiitia dl raatoaavaa, k«d fhtg. 

iSS'*i^M*?, •?"P^ Md obatraotad 
wMb imd bodiatf and oror air bung a 
MlybaiKms itt6ks «f gnapowder that ob> 
scand'tha viiioa aad blaoksBad all tha 
•aito aad rigging t aad aboyo aU mag tim 

af tka waaadad. aM th« falla aa4 
okaan of tka aombataatk r — « 

Throagk all thasa kalrtan Britomarta 

^^.^ *i* •*r**^ ilda al tka skip, ta 
wkJab tba 8aa Saaarga kmi baaa alawiiBl 
•o oloaaly tkat a^r M« -'^^ - ' 
from oaa to aaatbar. 

0|»tbadaak«f fkalaal 
waa ra«fBf iaraaly, 

At first bar saaasa all 

korroi^ BritMBHta paroaivad bafotro bar oalv 
apaadakMBinff daagiBB, aUabiog. thaa- 
darlBfc aiBokiafi|bUiin«. Ciaadiag. soraaai. 
i»f. yaUiag Mm I lat anaaaUy bai 
•traiBiag agpi^ida Ml Sm Igua «| 

Ooaaploaoaa akava all tta ff«at by bis 
ffraat haigbt aad straagtb. aad by tha graa- 
daar of bis inspirod ooaataoaaaa. whioh 
Mamad aa that of a god of war, aad iiaging 
himoaU whararar tha flf btoraa iaroast, hi 
aooB baosma tba oaa targat of tbk,aa«my. 
-" atniak at bim from'all sidaa. 

Him kiiua aanvHaaaa ana oavpw 
ting, Britomarta oUap d bar bands. 

•in* bim thaa aarrovndad and davpw 

' flntini " " 


*u.' ^^,* ^••▼•nlj talker protaot him i la 
">Jo*i«»«lnitt merey Jirotaot him I' 

Tb4o, no kmgar fbla to rastraia baraalf, 
<m seaintf btaiHn tba moot immioant paril, 
■he oanght ap a oatlaas f rom an arm-obaat 
naar, and oryiag-t ° 

Oh, Ood of battlaa f giva atiaagtk to my 
"• •»•- day r aba msbrd 

4kwh tatnSi 

rt^rt of fira-arais. the 

waak woman'a arm this _ 

orar to tka daok of tka Sea fiooarga ia tha 
midst of tka kail Of war, aad ■toed by k« 
I6var'saida. > ' ."~ 

Maantima Jostia ka4 diigla^ oat tka 

"•."•^St^F*'*" MalUgaa aiTiiaown, and 
also Malligao, who was a brava man, bad 
■oagbtoat tha mighty ohamaioa <rf the 
Zypbiaa. ' 

And at tha mOmaat ia whi«& oar^aaiiiMii^i 
ontlaM ia haad. boardad tha 8aa tjooerca. 

t^*!.?^".?*' •n«>,^n«fia'8 otSar ass2r 
auts Ml baok at a ailnal froia tkilr eaptaia. 

■trokai^ ta|>idaeeoska»oB,aMfc>*rir adroit, 
^ parriad^ _At langth Ifimigaa V* »»» 
to«par, aad with that kia pr«awoo ^ mind, 
aadjiiadt a fleroa lang* i»t bis wfVaraary*a 

r^J"^'''* V^'^^^y WMTiad, aod ba; 
iprs M ooeU oome to hit toard agala, Jastia 
brooght dowB a Orasbltag oti^a apon bia 
bawl thklfaUad kirn to tha daok. , 
Bat ^ka waa la tba abt of lavaWag tbia 

jritk o jKMikad ^tol piiataddoaatohis 
haad. He tk9a|Ait that Us tima ba4 eoma t 
^•»*f y#W;that fc!s3B?wS?U 
fyeiredto W t fy'i h a h e ard th a r epor t »f 
tha piatol; felt IM hall wbin throSSi ki« 



>wji; and 
■uui, had 
tt of tba 


KS:*^ **?*^'"5 »*•• tord for hb M«Mr. 
™^.?* *""*^ •** ••w-wluitrTh. 

■mT^ w^tomart* had itraolp || «p | 

*I*-ir •"••■ .*• •■'tj* **• "'•■ ■•• **«• 

WM Mt M iBitont of tia« le lliiak of thai 

HMa or tb« MwmM. who droppMl lif«l«w 
to «hod««h. Every mI te thi* Pmmm of 
•nno I>Mo«I wilh tbo roplditT ottiioiligbl 

••4 thobniaiat of Um oMaMia by Jailfai. 
^whoodioMol ihf-batUo •torn that 
rH«d «roa«d tbom. Jaatia droppod «poa 
OM kao^ aa a koifht bofora hia queoo, aad. 
Mtoo|«ho Land o7 hia btlorwi, haoxdUiS 
wftb <|Mp«rOiotiont 
'I ow« my Ufa to yoq f '"-f-- « f ' 

Tb«k Q»voa tlut yoo ara <&rad I' '^ 

»n^J Jr'".'""' "•• fl»w« wd Ba»f, and 
np ran tba floriooa old flag 1 ^^ 


■ OHAPTBIl XVLIt'^J^'':- .': '-^ 
■ noTosT. ■ , , ■•'•';• -7/ 

Attd wa Ma xryad with wraath. of riotolj. 

/.;V;'^.^ ■■'■'■.. ";■'•:.:— Molwipaara. 
' ^ AaaMdHatWT 

£.♦"»! l>»»nt*d with a ohaarAil look 
aqoMv diataot fnan groaad inaola^aa 
,. Alld f^ fiilHty^ ^^ 

4w MMn afe Iha oraw iol tha ■^^ •'/i — 

Iham below aad oloao/tka hatoh^ ^''^ 
Ttaaa ba datailad a •mairpartv of %!• «•#. 

•Nobipmajhat^, to taka abaiia of tha 
jrij., -d o,d««| thaotb^ to ttl?o!S; 

piUtd dowa into hia eabip. . ■■ ^ "" 
aflSlfS! ^'••'^»*«' «»M<Mi«l-ddJaMwa» 

. tI??^' '^i^ «* f ha aaid to bl»aalf 
*lt oiBMt ba from that ifitmS I ^.Ti t 

- — B n t ! ■ I ih« aju ^ _2:i-:- -T — r-^-i — r— 

V' . 

B u tia i hrStifdSSL, t^Ki.,^. toM dhi wljiagflat 
" "~ .f^l^, I?"** ,||<»^»^ •! tha dootw, i« ha dyiogr 

■aaroa» objaot for ■apport. aad than rau 
forward apoa hia fao. ti'iLcaWa fKorlsi 
d*ep ewooo* 

•^LS** 7^ «»<»«»«ot LlaatMant lihal 
WM la tha aal of eoniag down tha OMsyMio* 

Ha iaaiaatly raiilo hia awiataao^ n^uL^. 
tag anxioiMlv I ^ •»wai»- 

♦ aptaio I what ia tha natUrf A,, ,«• 
Ul f— woaiidad f • *•« yaw 

■ndar bia fl«ptaia'« unu to lUfT hioi apTwd 
'".doingao paroairad that hia eoat w.aaata! 

I-ataatly withdra^iag h.: banda for awSi 

••r; ^^••'*<»«*>*"«oow. haiaraadtho 
2|»Uta«»ddwwy«gaatly to.apo^whm 
thafraah air ao«ld hbw apoa hiinr»nd th5 

haaSd f«t»ol tutioBod mm^ 

*J?i^^*'* WMOthO Wd to tba oookdit 
that thaaaptaia raqoiraa tha proMooa of t iha 
oarpoa inmodliatary ia hit oTbia. . " *"* 
SoNfraiaad. froai yradaatial noUvaa. 
2«« ■V'-d tkat th. aaptain waa wooada? 
te?/7'V " •»• ■"fP'*«» bin. to K) far 
Oaptaia Tateoai waa ao idoliaml bv biacr^w; 
that aoy iajory dooa to him woafd ba likaC 
|r at any tirna to b* Timtad heavily aaaa 
thaparpatratora. And Mr. B thai fait thai 

ii2i-t^.itf ''• *** ?• ^^^^ *» ^^ 

prtaaat atato of azoiteaient. bear of their 
I oapteia a daagfr, no ona ooold ba auewarabk 
I for tha live* of tha fritonara i>B tba 8aa 

pooarga. 80 ha gava tha order in tha am. 

ingaoaa word* qooted. AikI that ordar wm 

pMtad praoiaalV aa U w.e giren. ij 

^r*^r'J'^ bUpari raehed baok to tha 
ride ol tba ^ptata aad bagaa rapidl* to aa* 
battoB bia ooat and raat. Whaa ha oaaa 
to hia naderwololhiog he fonnd it orimaoa 
with Wood, that had dowed ao fijaff^ 
•Ten partially to «U tha epaoa batwaaalS 
♦ofcboota aad tba Umba thay oorerad. 

Thejroang Uaatoaaat croaaad ia aaanah 
of •pirft.forha loTad hia oaptoin S^ 
Mldom loTva maa. ^^ 

. Tha Mniaon now oama down the aoapaa* 
*^**<"«- Seeing B.hal baadiag orertJa 
proatrato form of tba aaptain and taaria* 
•wayihabkod-atainad olStKag. haSSf 
forward, axoUiming I • •»»eoao 

Tha eaptain wpondad f Oood Loyd 1 ha la v 

oaaalot of blood! Ia HaaTan'e^Sir*! 

why iraBtaotloWUfoiar* ^ ^ 

-it's?*!*" ^V* **■* • »>Miwnt ago Md 
a a d hi mlnaa fUt on htm #.^ » — J i K.jT^ 

iMrbibrDkaavaiai, •Oh* 

' ♦ 




* 1 hop* tad iTMi bK Ha hM 

tmm (Ma of b.'ood.' * ^ !T 

• Hjw Ma I Idl uMl I •»«|„ Um 

Ji"^/'* ^^* i •••'• »*•• •ik«r. How 
vtel • woaod. I fMT 11^ k all ov«r wlUi 

tha^ t«fa ta no tiiM fM> MabtMrisff lik* I 
VMMa, my boy. A oiiaata. m w« ••• or 

nm% tek« tii* w»tor is iklo kaote oM •«•- 
!^.!n ^*'" ^^ •^ntf tnm tiMit »oS4^ 
S^iPT'*^'!!!'*'^ •'•MM «••*. 


- •• ■••▼••• BMn tkM yamma j 

Moa ao tiM dooior «M MAo W barJteU 
•»k. tkat .book ki. wboffrlJ^ j; ASS 

a«dM M« work iiooMid«riy Md aa ikoMBflk* 

srtnsr ''•^ *-^ '- »^-^^ 

nadootorifOliawaapM MkkaoMaad 


•AMk JbavM I it 1. «oi DMr w k«d 

WkyaMlkmt Wk.«r.Mk*p0ta 

It" "P««> Jow •iMa loor. JJtmim 
Kikol foaad yoa .ad oall«d mo. 1 
aawi drroaod joar wuaud. aad aa4. 
yoa aiidpaf yoa to b«d. wbota voa a^^ 

rtwiaia for Hi* prtoaat.' ~ 

Tkaaaptoln rviaotad a Boaaat a||4 'iill 

'Itboafhi Iwai ■'-*thnl , kikiiLii^^ 
aador aiy ooal i but I h«d ao idoaUiail 

?il,!I.»K?*' '•• "»• '^ tWokaoir!! 
JSLft'***"' »w»"»^ «»• blood ««4£ * 

wkhTooaldaoi blparoair«d «iaSMMri3J^ 
*^«l«ar ol TMi; aaai. But MarSoTv 

a^tilii it tt^iUat W« »«r yoa to da bo»»^ 

•k«<i<wtor.«Makiai tba. fraakl* bA 
V •TB'pt 

•« iJ^^V^^^^^^f^ ^ •••^'^ 



I kad wnwotod fta flad It. It ia aa ag^ 
■Mba^oaadai worat^aadliaM WMtkarV 
zaa aao, a pjalol baO bad oaMiadbMl 

Jjrwa tf.oba.t. aad oaBia oa| „d«r«J 
Mfk ana. No woadar bo Mod aa Bia«h 
■■■i?.r*2*5!fri5^ HoooSdbaSir?**- 

mM|^woMriaff tboflili^ liyhit tbo tMaa 
^ ^ * *.'*>- with tbo Ufth offfi 




• Boak I Ha kora ia4«ad, aad tko lafct Jaal 

,Jba aoauuaiar of 'ik. .Wp.' wolalauU £». 
toto TotaoM. thimriaK «• U* oat of tha 
»>^««*rWi.ot hi",|bow. 'bR uSi, 
■Hjatoly fair taok from falBtaaaT 

•Ah, bar aaid tbo doetor. 'Try that 
•l^a, my lad. wlU yoa? Ko» ao^kon! 
2C*'1l.'?" n **^ coaimaJdar of thS 
!^£L!!t IJTf^* «>BiiB.n<Ur of yoa Juat 

Aad it <«Pwda apaa yoar ok«l|*.aa to », 

Ceoonaada wbolhw«aa ooatiaaa to oonauuid 
iraW^orwhatJaryoaiooB a Titit to 
ry Joaa^ witk a> pa& «f tkirty-two 
P«niad«B IB y«n kaad aadyoar koola.^ 

.'iSL^^''^^'^* «w>*b««rba»yhaadaf» 
tMmfumtttkm ^laldlBg, a oatjaio. or 



iooi^y erar bha. bo faob^ nqj^d, 

■*. ;. 




FAIft Widf . 

•Mr. lilM^' k« wyip«r«4. • j** wtti 

Ji«p« (or Ckp* 1W«.' 

■iMwr •skMuMai fall Ml 

Bro«r». Mi4 " 

^^^ Ac 4mI«* W«a| to •MaA4 
«■ ■» MMV MMii Til* U«||mMa| 



Md WiMt WM« Ikn AboVir JSS 

•MH •■4 taUM few aaiviklte* bM»4' iai 
rvMln Md thMi, la A low m4 mmmk 

• fcMB IkrMwkMif Ml «a crtoldaaMr M 

j-y^ oirw,.,wijnia5:3 

lk« lit* jo« luf« 

Ml iMiiMal rick •! 

«ltr«4 Is WMTlhlMf^ m4 




i>mt tiM.k ckd tiMi iETssiJtrjsj m 

Bia Toii^ hit trhel* fruB* aoihookwitb 
y ** •• •» nitmU tiMM IMI wodk thai 

Jj4jJW kMolOMTto W.kMtl •«! lZ3 

g*22i J '•^■r "^ uii, p^, dofi«ii 

piMN«« lorma, um ikdr only iMliaa wu 
nuin*f^* oNr Bfifciteto. Mi«My 


Ttel mbUmbi WM qalte anwortky dTtka 

nd wnw Jnlo tk« kt^rrSJk? &^ 
S^^S- ^'^ 7"" "'• »• otfUd M 
H^ •«fc|Aii hMMofty. MMl kaVTiTX dj 

tk«»MM. — www 

And ik* WM aboal to Imt* Un to Mtwa 
line ia bia MiMaft. •!»* — zTl* J^,^*"** 

Hiiaf la bis a«p.a^ tkat mJui% JSlSSl 

r« ■lariM 

or^lMMioii. vr aaylkiaff Uka «itk^ 

Wbaft ia tka aaktorf 
yoa ara waaadad 

f aka kiaatUaaaly 17. 

MMaaa tkai warkka kwroiaa §m aa«a 

tkwiih aka waa • biata falaatoar for 

aay «mar«m. la ak* klUad. wouadi? 

^ rriaoharr UaauSy iao^ 

XMt fiaditkl n kar aarvaa kadka^ 
■"'■*"' "^w** «Wilitr nilalattli^t^ 

:* .^. 

.«B ,ktr^jk*,wiiB,4yiM^,^ 


iA. ■ 

AM ■^: 

vAift t\act. 

•Up** hall, 

*i«itia, 7M Mi ill I' McelaiaMd Brlto- 
atfM^ lookwc •* him with rantwtd •iam, 
•fiti^aad, dMrjfcwiir. tetigacd.*,;. 

* Bot yon M* M(|iid« r 

*^»v*y(m not woh m* m Mlsaalhla 
•Her » dnj** worh'^n th« iibad f 
*Tm, ■MmHiaM, tiriMii the WMfthw wm 

* Well, th« worh kM heea ▼•17 vans to* 
N«T«r h««d BM, littar. A lilll« Mat 

witt^aat ma all right, and than lahall ha 
ahia to gira aooia aatiataBaa to tha olBaer% 
■Dtit thaf radaoa thit ahaoa to ordar 

il^r . 

^fityriowW aad Tainetaatly Britonarta 
lafiiuiB, aBdwtat doirn into tha ooakpit 
to MHid • aaMangar to look for Jodith, 
wblla aba haMalf gttva har atrvioM to tha 
voaadad.' ''•■'■' 

Aa aoon aa BritoBuurta thN ool oftight^ 
Jaatia tottarad to tha oaaitait goo aarriago^ 
-and nt dowo upon H» httariy aBabla le 
■lava a atep fa^rl^ar. ^'. 

fojttt haod to hand' ifdht ott hoard tha 
0«aBO(6hr|a,haiiadhaaB halt tenaoioaa^ 
raaafviag woand, thoafdl is tha asaiiaaiaiit 
cf-MHIali* b«d puM ao attantiOB to iti 
hil'IrhHi ^a flght wia orar *ad tha axoita* 
BHkii|%llliidfil» ha waa auid* ihUjr awara. by 
a tiiWy'pgB Bitd»r hit right iiriB,BBd a 
triAlmoitMti'>B. that ha ir»a woaadad 
•Bd MMmBfi: Stan th«i, aot wiahlBg to 
Birt ifi h BotaiBarti^ ha had rotaiBacThar 
at htf tiiia^^iMtil »i iivvMehiag folBlMaB 
tMMtd hilfe IAmI^ aavo har fraM tha ibov' 
liettta t(f hi* aMitioK, h» Btaat tot har mi» 
ThaMtoiwMl hpdko of Jodith. thit Brito* 
inartatBighc fo io aaareh of har» aod giva 
hihittioo|V*rtBBi^ to look tohia arouMd. 
Bii M a^ h too d tniB iowiail liMt away, hia 
•iMiqi^Mteaa ftiDiBC hitt, yathiiMVaao 
itt«m«a to aafliriag; tat ho abodd «•• 
MikhM whoat ho bMt ttoftt thao tiHk 

ilotr thai aho had toft btei It waa «il^% 
MP «f iittu* niiaf ■• aaok dOWB Bpott hto 
MMiiMiit' flafiMthM IM hod Btl^fOBrw 
to<iti«ii hto aahiB^aad that ha iMit^ look to 
htoitiltatfhoaat^ - '■ ^f -- - 

BiMH^ toaiaaaMuijia«lBg aaar* iuid 
: daalMtlni'lMtotaaaa. :^ ||a «too '-iliit wodi 
ti' . ii< '' <l i lfc r' h»tha «ahiB doMr-'aOt^'it^m: , 
tkh li il ii H ''M» util Ito ahJMill '<"g|ra- tho 

tritk]llto%4» dt tito 

ft#tto.MI-«, aMMi^hMbthooMiltM 
htodaoMtly^ Bh fa«hiH»'«lftMi ~ 



_ _ m» om% 

thvaogh ' 

11m othar aaitorib Mdog JbuMb atrtMod 
to hto iraiat aad «ov«Md with blood, aaaa 
roBBtog to him with •atprMaiaaaolalani 
aad ayBipatbyt far by hto nravary aad hiai 
a«M ha had baooBM a gvaacal fatoaritik 

Thay Waro all ^ooifarooa ia thair daauada 
f or tha •BTgeon. BatJTaatiB ahaakad thaat^ 
with a word. 

« My good friaada.' ho Mid, •thaio ato 
Biany poor fallowa who aaad tho aurMoa 
poah mora than I do f lot him attaaid to 
tboBidnit' . , . 

Apd thaa haawt a aahm hoy for aoaia 
watar. towal*. and daaa alothaa f roai hto 

At;.thli BMBmaat LlaBtonaat Ethal oama 
ont o( tha oabiB. Saaing tha bmb groapod 
idhr aroBBd tha gao oarnage, ha eaaia np ta 
ordar thaoi to thfir datita. #haB paroaiTiag' 
iha atato Of Jattto^ ha vzoiaiaMd t 

•Good Haavaa, Mr. Boacathall To» 
woBoda^ toow' 

' Tw, hat Tory alightly. CHtb yoniaatf ao 
aaoMiacai^ LioBtwaat* 

* Bm tha aorgaoa haaa aaat fort* 

'Ifak- aad pray do 'aot aaad lor hia. 
IiMk«a hha to attead to tha poor fallowa who 
aaad Mm BMra tbaa I do.* 
' >IiB«iitapoa aaadiag lor trim. Atto^r: 
badly iajBradaiaa hava b^a lookad tOM 
AaAaow.ithBt 'I t— ydar hart w aot H^ 
trifla yDa wdtttd maka it oat to ha. flari^ 
Joaao^ godowato.thaaoohpitaad dmim tka 
aartaaa to ooom ap- at oaoa. Mao^ ta yaar 

da>toa.^ ' v:^^ r^ 

Mamagor woal «■ hia amMnd. Tha « 
dtoparaod at tha ordar. Aod aoom 
tha fpbd doetor oaaia. 

* Ah I Mr. BoMBtitol wooadad f I 
tiioaji^ it hardly poaribb for yoo to haoo 
maiqpcd, if all wora traa that I had iMaid 
of yoB. Hot badly hBn» I hop* ? Lot mo 
aaa.^-*Thto falto# haa atraafc at ywi fiBm 
haUadi aad wi^ a dagctr. too May flataa 
Ir away wiA tiMt aawardly imaatoa. V 
ha eaa ho ^aatiftBd, ha oaght to ha haag«d.* 

^Mavor miad Mim aow. I doa^ aaro lo 
haaa him idaatilijr Aad I doa'hthiak tho 

ftlfo^ totoaot aovam. A law iMv^ m^ 

m l a lh at a wiH aal yoa all nght * 4 
fkodootoo' aooa noaad tho woaad, aad 

Mms toriU Jaatin to kaa oa htoV^ «hlk 

hrtod Nhi^tokia alafti^oom. 
Bat Jhatia Mkod tha daslDr inl ta MaA 4 

dowltHho«ahia.aad fit' tho wMMto aal 

dywaamao p r i t ia«ib aa ko did aoTWik t». 

dimw iidgm Otayam iritk 



IB* up to 

II Tm 

for hii^ 
lows wh» 

okad toJ; 
I not tW 
I. Hmi^ 


>4 tiM 

Ml 1 
to tev* 


MB. » 



-*/ ■ 




• Mi» OpBjrjr.. Wbj bl«M you, 017 dor 

bovariof lik« M uifl«l of marov evor tho 
poor vooadod Mil^i^ii then, niniiitorliit to 
their want*. allenatiDg their snfferinn and 
bnairiiig amilea to faoea that before her oom* 
ing had b«e» wmng with anguiab. She ia a 
lOTehr WARMO, ' said the doctor. 

'Heftven kno^ aiie ia,* reaponded Jnatia. 

The doetoroow aappnrted hia patienc to 

the itot^rooQi, laid him in the berth, aiid 

>fler « few aonleats left him in a cefreahfoc 

iloefi • T 


,:>■ wjaiktiom. ' 

Nothing in hia Uf^ , „ 

Beoamo Urn like bia leaving it. He died 
▲a one that had Leea atadied in hia death 
To throw away the^deareat thing he owned 
Aa 'twere a dareleaa trii^e.—SAoAeapears. 

Among the killed on hoai4 tho Xyphiaa 
iraa Captain Spear. 

Wlietherit had beon oiring to hia long ••• 
foroad abatinenoe from hia ban4> stron« 
drink, or to tho lotfg bonra of aolitado mrl 
wg him^ ample timo for inflection on the 
Desert bland, or .toearlior and holier iMaooia- 
tiona revired, or to dl thoM inflneaeM oomw 
I do not know, bat it ia oortain that 
^ loal ehange ittr the bottor had bemi 
^ lug over tbia man far aome time before 

t. ??K*"i^f •y, ^*** •»|Wf«"»«t he had 
had tho freedom of tho ship. On that day 
however,^ in the b Bgiaamg ot, the aetio^ 
5 !"****"» n»^ ing him on deok, had 

^ 'I bow bow hard it ia for a bravo man 
tobji ooottBd «p in bia ^oartort while a 
battle M goiageo 1 b«t prvdeatial oonsiders. 
tiona oblige m* to aen^fyon to yonra. W*(re 
yon at lar^e hero,vtif0>eaeea aoeidan^ might 
plaoo^ it ra year power to do oa maeh in. 

_*VSW«7«*to«.V told Spear, apeaking 
tomeetlyand oeeking to meet the'Vo"? 
tJoooiMianderoltheXyphiaa, MfyoawiU 
gl»o me the ftoedom of year deok daring 
thja Mjagomeiif^ I pcomiae yo« open my 
•wred hibnoar that I #ill tiki ao nart ra it 
NN«^<». orloryoar enemy. Ibwe the 
S5L!?'L*^'*^ mo no love or aerviee. 
Hto^ fcnoiwu And ovmi abontd «anmm- 

! !&2f* »*** '?A"y l»^«r td harm yoo, or 

fit SS^flS £**:?;»•-""•, 

in them aneh good faith aa won hia eon- 

harried off to hia dntiea. ^ 

Spear had promiaed no Aore thatthia. 
All through the ez«itii/g otaaae he had re- 
mained a aileat iaaotive apestator, broodinr 
monmfoUy AVer— what? 

OlBoero and men pteaing rapidly on their 
harried erranda, aometimea gUnmid at thie> 
aombre figure atanding like a a- a) oe there, 
and wondered eareleaaly what hie thonahta 
and faeiinoa might be. 

And what were tney in truth T Who ooald 
tell t Wa« Ilia love for the oH flig atealing 
over him? Did he remember how hia father, 
now in hia grave, had aailed and aerved nn^ 
der it for more than forty well-apent yeara f 
how. that brave and patriotic rather bad 
tanght him to lov4 and honoor it aa the em- 
Mem of hia nation, the aafrguard of Uberiy, 
the agianader- which the oppreaaed of all 
the «?arth found or hoped to find protectiont 
Or did he remember hia own atoialeae ond 
promiaing youth when he had been the pride 
of his father, the Joy of hia mother, the 
idol uf his brothers and slaters, and the very 
life's life of her, the fair one, dearer than 
all the rest, who waa to have been hia m^^- 
bnt from whom the sins of his manhood J^ 
ntterly divided him. ^ "^ 

Did he recall the sorrowfal bat eznl 
day when he first left home ,t» 
naval academy at Annapolis, anAi 
hia mother's tearful eyes Iookis#j 
with unutterable lovf, and prid?' 
and hear again b*r Toioe, Mjiiv t 

'Bememberrboy, it ieyoor mother 'a wish 
and prayer that yea shoald add new luatro 
to the name that has been associated witli 
your country's navy sine* ito infancy. Too. 
cannot serve your coantry well withoafe. 
aenring yonr Ckid bettor. Live and labour 
for Ood and yonr coontry.' Did he hea»> 
again hi« own youthful lipe replying t 

• Por^a^d, my ooantrjr and my mother r 
Did he feel aoain the sudden olaap with wbiebt 
she strained him to htir heart in that last. 

Who can tell f Ko one Wed his heart.but 
okanTtowtbetoeretbat ooaroed dowa hie< 
sun-burnt ohoek as he dropped his fiiee upon, 
bis hands. "^ 

Did be. renember how, Ibr |o«r happr* 
^eare. be hi^ atodied onder that cheriaiiedi 
flag? how he hid gmdaatod first In lUe* 
cUs«,Knd beea honoared with the onngratala*. 
none and eMomiams otyipeteran oflfiemjWb* 
had grown nmy in the ai*rnoef W he w«» 
blessed by hia parsnte, praitoi bfliis 1 

end brotheta and almest wershitiMd^. hi* 
sw e et yonng tore > and ho w ^M t h, Ji« fwTr 




^— it WM {■ Mm mAi»% of IIm nMrry-makinfi; 
and wiMiMahiofp fawMrai nMa tki«oofii^ 
•ioB tb»l tlia flrat ■Mdsef • fkMl viM<r-tlM 
▼iM of iMbri«tiMi->kii4 Imm tomi te Ua 

Xt*», Md how f«r y«uni It 1m4 >mb 
riakad Mi A^dslgad te aMtwIk vakaawa 
to bis aaarMk frfand ? 
Did ha rMdl tha p oad aad Jakilaat 4«F 
■"■^m wkiah b« rMMivad hia 4nit epouniwipa, 
whaa.a tamiwrata' diaaar partj waa givae 
at kia hoSM in kia kaamir, wkm kii ' " 
<aad hia hatrotbad had kaaa pwaii 
whea. a> wffhfe ke had atalM aff ta. kia 
aad iniabai tka aakiWatHai 
dar kgr gattiaff dnpik Jm 
aaUtada r Did ka ramaailiar Mir ha woriMd 
ter-aM* woa tha oaaidaiiaa alMl . ravpaat 
«f kiaa«p«riar oOoan, ■Atwltbataading tka 
.JrowiBf uf that /atal Tiot^ wkiok ka taok 
aara to^aaaaaal aO' waUf 

Waa ka thiaking h«ir. wka» tka aioada 
yr aati ia g tha atonn of mtU wu Lagan ta 
:fatkai^ aia vaaaraUa fathw waa atridna 
vitk daatkl kow* whaa all tka /anily, vttk 
iiaavjr kaaHa and atiaaaiiag Ufap^ vara 

C t kaiad^twiad hji daatb*b«4 tka vataraa 
dtaraadhai ^yiBg qraa apoa hk aailor 
aoa^awt'.aaid t ' . . 

*My hoft aivU war ki aaatt aa. Uapria* 
df^MB an kath aidaa. from atlialkaatki- 
tiaiir «»( waaltt taJaa tkaoaalvaa apaa tkfi« 

■Mr* MIMaMII. kkvaatinad «p aainaa^ 

t>av haMMikfad Satttk, knt RMat ataaeih 

rnHf ia tk rl i M lk, aa that tka Soatkaroara 

ilia laaolvad afoin aaparatiM fraaktka iJaioa 

4it an .ikaaada-^l^paariUck ajpaaqafial aep- 

avatiaa I if aot. a . tioiaa* baaT. Ka«% 

•waafal aafNirattaa aaa Mvar ka cffaaM, aa 

it ia agaiiat tha apiti* «C: aar. aanatitlitioa 

aadwapriDaipkai'OfvHiMf govanunaati far^ 

wkiak aarielWatk«ra^blaad waa aa iim^f 

te«iadllortk*i Voraaaa tialaatflpa,baaa« 

«|ppttriMd|,i0t kaik KoolliABd Aoatk tka 

NVal Ipaopla oatBUBibar tka tiait^ . by 

mnteda to aailal Bat tkaia wai ba a, 

lattg aad MMgaiaaiy wacl .la. tka oomiag 

lonrcHal, any aioa, laaMmbnr ]roardyia« 

fatbarmiN yon^batraato tka flag kak#ii 

«pkal|»'bf laad aiid aa% fw aaaa tkaa forty 

jaataf n.. .. i ^ \ .,^, r ..., ■,... ■,:■.. ., 

. 'Iwaitiaf fatkarUT wfllf tbaaan 

4Hiaarmd, ■•4Qibfef|aaaiBg idLbaaaid. 

*Aad m^ Owllb daal witk y«a in 
jWarataMataaail iaa yoa daal witk »aw 
oo«a«rr ia kara I A«d ao nay OodJHtM 
yoa^ mf<tt/cat^hmni* wmt^m UMttweida af 

■ ■ ' - ." ■ ^: . A 

baM Miflb(all|iBa*lf to bf ^wa in aad | 
banjiad down into Ihat ■■labegJi ia wbiob r 
bravi^ a^aidad aplrrto pariabadt 

flafMia bad 


r-babad daaartad tba old 
raiMM lita bandagaiaat it I 

I oateat ifaak ban with aaiwra^at^ for k 

gatbovad tbaaa antaeada«ta af tbio aiaa from 

aaoAar aantaa than Uillpai bat I ibiakll 

araatbaff, baan OMBMirifa (ifc* theaa that 

,. — aanaadtbatoba and ta*n thattbook bia 

'•^'? ^"x44«l» «»w* iPFlwl ■ *ow» bUi Wonaad 
t,. and \ abaaka to ha ataod acain andar th* ild flaf. 

How kmt ^h^t Mrpaiiaa. 
Ak I to4toM by «irii ooMiaalb 

aad bf 

by amid, 
ttet gnwiag Tia% 

_ tka aMa who war* figbtiag for it. t'- 
aay tliatao aaa aoald raad hia baart or tall , 
bia thoagbia aBd< ^ftoliaiia f bai aany aaw 
Idt: aation* and board tha faw worda ha 
ftto^d. "- . • ... 

< <Mid hav* n*roy pn ai*, what bat* I baah ; 
duiiig I CM fofiiva aaa, for I bara baan mad 

WM1« ba bad baan ataodiog tbaa abaorb- ' 
ad, antrinoad^ by tb* aa aa to riaa of tho pait 
aad thanaina af tb* ara*an«^ tba atorm of 
batUabad b^^^tkw&gaU aioaiidbiin. ,; ^ 

Tb» ahipi badlMan numanTriBg and waiit ' 
now abiato*«t'W«k atkar, peaiiag in thair < 

Tha fraawadona araak af. Ika raportii',,' 
ai^ooBod him. Ba a^'artfd ap; kia ay*a ktadp . 
kd with n now raaolnaon, aad ha Iratabad ' 
biaoppairtank|rtotpiit)itwpraotio*. .^ ., 

It oame. , A* WW a^araira cannor^i^tW 
H* apraag to i flU Ua. pkia% aad aarvad tba 
gnn naUr ha.WM afUay^ Aftai> Oiat ba 
thtowbiaMclf into Htm aetion with all hia 
aani, now a*rfiag ..a. gan tbat wm ahot^- 
baad«ri, aawwpois fcaildohaaringon tha 
maa. Sa dtawattantian from all Many a 
bmiraoldHiloiria tk*. audat of tb* bfttla 
idand tioM to giaap bi* baad. aaying t 

* T^ «ra ^na of aa atiU, Ood blaw yon, 1^ 
or woKdii t^ tbat *<|bot Oaf, tohtoat old 
y«na*taf'tk#a«datjBf maaw'onmyad aAd 
foagbt^ gftvabbn • grip^ amlaTming, witk 
aUNT* eardiidily ^an ookaranoo^ 
•l-Thai* i»itoato Joy in Btov*fi orm 
" *t o*tora,aad ** go then and do lika« 



and davotian* iTnatla 
dart to kia aida 9>l4 

Oa aaataig ki* ma| 
fonad Iteto aitoa to 

. ^HaAvfan ilitoayop teyaw^WUa •xampi*! 
Ibaddanayaninlaatiaa in t|ia paat, VW* 

Af J ' 




» I ^"li ** ***» l*|w»ltoi Mr, BooanthaL 
IliadgiffM,j«ii<taaBMab joaaon by woHi 
a»4 diiCjIattonb; IbavatoMf ma^ I waa 
Mvar«D«f<|iM^#l amda mitfaii* tobi^ 
bwwarari tbangk avi| 4f Wlwfa baan, my 
dw^ f a i to |b i tb«l> % paat I Aad I urn 

Bo WW iadood. itanatorabnmk froai 




.J* .- 

.1 "' » 

! J ' J 

1 II 


FAIR Hat. 



^•*f or f r a d«ii|Mr. Aad net tea mhiiiftM 1 1.I ^ ■.. 

b«U tram th« .a^ .traiA utrMt him in 
17*. ^!t*' •• *^ ''••hi. anwdM to 

To rvtora fraa ibis apjaoda, 
4erod tho '«»kold of>...XrPhL S |1*J2: 

■^"•n* ■" ■"•■ ""Mr anu. sMMd <•«» 


*«• Ukto of oad Cll* priMMMM to 

Jj.00 of ooiiflo«»«at, with tlio oxonTtk?^ 
inUi ih« oflaoni of khii XjphiM. '"•'T' 


ow •«dyjBiB.of,w»r, and aot liha * 

i^ !K S!'?'"'* "^ ***■« »»«• wounded. 

wMoh'lil'tLf!**'"''' W.^..-dof 
wwoh h«r^ noMoDffor ratnrard withoai 

3hi. iSSS-^iS **»' ••^ i» «»• «idrt 



JMUkh «jfht h»vo 

Mtanod to tbo ••Ml,: 
witoouirto NtanM 

w«if lu •» hma Md looii, id^S^i 

■a wy wno« tbo to* tlliai fiv» «^ m 

^^Twi tote«t di^ti^ iuivto* fetM iM>ib».k<i 


;,,»^ -^y rotokod ibo toot «f t^ 

r to a*lf Md Jiiditli.r~' •««»w«i bjr fc«r. 

Md''\hSJ*'tj*'*^ •■{«»*"* ^^ <i<«n 
tojwiwl? hignioirer. bfo-ihtTlS'iid'S^ 


Ijt, 4ndjwi'Joli«|,to to. toto,'5y5 

■ O OM MW bd 




' i^}±T^ *• tliiiik of ton J/ , 
/pnviuio I Troth, #boD Arif.f|2!£3 

it L^*^ HSii -JOT 

4fk. May IiiW iia |f it 5i^ 
tbinMrialh*«ili.ito«It BodSii 




\iotodoiffn into lb* Mok^pii And mmj I 

f^iraMth if ikmt wMn't tta* wont 

^^^./r'nil Y For tli«l;« by tli« fjmn, 

roniN^wl «nd blading Md gnwning utd ijm 

f, IkHBo Wid nniw ni^ nnd son* wid Ifji 

•^d aomc wid tlirir boiuli bi-oiian, nnd 

yr.\a thoir brtMta torta apart. Mnabnio, 

jnivaroonld abid«t tlia aigbt it bload, lit 

i^lono tba amall iv it i and anra I win* Inping 

wid tba borror, ae I did. And tho 

IhotyparoaiTing m* Jnmoitig an^ boanoing 

»mt, lik« » Aieka* #id it* boad »C 

rid floto atand atiU foir •• fool, and to 

KaJbMvtd it m mnn'a lat utd^kapa it 

iddf pi ha ont bia lag oft 6eb I tba 

rriHBi|ri«igoald bmto baata iv m batobor I 

'mmft4 M if ba'd ant Bioowslagaoff 

" hit band waa in aa aoon as look nt 

rUb ^ wid tba fanr nnd tbo boiro^ 

i^Hoiboglvo way nndar'aa^ and I dnppad 

And, any* tii* doctor, ^'wbntivav is ths 

*.A»d,ai^ I, **oob, doetor, Jawal (for 

■ibpssid to bs Mlit* *• *>■• <Mad bqplben 

lilf l^M in his olntohcs) *' oob dostor, 

'."snys I, "I'm nnrtborod ooinnlstd^ 

t^ noisa iv tho gi^ bad tba 

i|Mall%fl»a blood, nnd tho aigbt iw Hm 

*Aiii< says tbo don t s r. aiys bo i **Ba«ff 
"^^f^ I* y«r obbia. Bwf this Is no flaoo 


< .* AHgltk'linW I didnt wnit lor bits tb 
lM«i#Pii^ tpmMd ap- Slid took to mj 
iMlaa -m^-m ^Wn7 so t did. Bot Jnsi 
thin '^iMtrntf r« thnnd^pring noist. j| if 
•a tbn gnas bad gdismffnt onSs sad tbrowni 
tib o«M ' sbib iatb , f^mlsibBa-^for safo 
•lii skbofc bsif sbb was in iis^^nuid I tbengbt 
||n «ipbl»wn 'a» satiial/ i na^ fiik mor 
iitf mm «• ■ rsisoa idtogftikr, md tiatb 
i^j^IftMttiit^Iwbslying ft««s wid aao 
Imi^mm Mtt baraing nad tiiioMiin| liks 
aslwiiii vsBslI sao fraat boil roaay to 

Wbnit*--:; • 

* B|l[(^ jr<p a^^ to vMdt iVa Ulaoa 
aIbb%}J'ailit»» of 4id sbtta ono h*l|p yoa 

:,lMnjr' ■■'€ 

N|||*te nil JTiMknowsl It wns jiti 

;Whal4Vbftltii|.t»lMbf yt. I lost ay taijtpa 

«Mb <£« IhHb P asll ths gaas at om% 

JMi lllfo t fbudbbcMa I wss ktf, Oob» 

i|Ww(tet ijanjMsrlMlMlV Bad esss io tba 

iliy |b«k iv«r 1|||« llib.Ml.ssr 1 avail fat 

•Hash, JadiUi f Ton Mf|ifba qaiai. '« 
iWill'ilNHW;#ans«v'ngr~ '^ 


a towal wot with sold wst*« apoa tho girlli 

■ TKcnsba vsnt in aaareh of tba anrgMMC v 
and prosafsd an opiata, Wliiob aha admiuis- 
torsd to iMr patisut. Thau aba raseWed ib^ . vm 
wst lowsl, rs-anrangtd ths diaoidsrsd (lad, ^^^ 
darfcansd ths coonn and loft Judith to^rrt-^.tU^^ 
poss. If any of my raadsrs ima^ins tliis. 

Krtoait to b« orardrawa, I osn aaaarothani' 
at it is not I l>nsw this kirl for yssrs* -' 
8hs wss just tba * madUy of soatrsriSa'--^ 
tbsaiixt'nrsof wit and f<dly, good saniao > 
sad abSardity, spirit and Sjowaidios, sslflah<K / 
asss and sslf>dsTotion, that I rtpisssut bar 
.tobavohsoii. I lost hai; aud *soold kavb :u 
bsttsr ^artd a Wtur.' 

VlrSBB ths oaUa llisa Oonyars ra^araad t» f i ' 
ths hsr wonad^d, bringing smiles ' 
totbsfsosssf ths poor sttffarsrs, ss ahe 
tsndailp oassdthsir position*, tamad ibair-rtr 

Eillowa^ bathsd thsir'^fftoas and bands, we t ,>* 
aid aoaUnf dHnks to their lovarisb Upik } 

It wss whila Britonsrts waatngaicad 
thiabaauuM work, flint ths. sargson/waa 
samawnod ea tba upper dasJuBBtliulio did 
sboiaisgiaatbaths waa oallad to' attend 
jaatia, or Ihat Jnatia had tbo slightmt nsed ; 
of biS'Oaiiiu: 

BrIlsMvts did aot sanflno bsr attsniioan. y 
tsotks vonndsd on tiM Xypbina Bat whoa 
sbe'%4 doaaaU sbs soald. for them* sb» / 
Tisited tbo flea Bsoari* aad adaistsrod ^^ 
the anibfani tbsrs. ^'f , " 

Thensztnioraiag tho rspaiii apoatJtho 
Xyphlas wsro ssaplstod, so that sho was f 
onos SBon ia good flgktiaK order. 

Ths aisa wsra thsa traasfbnod to- tho ,-. 
SeaHsoargsto eapedito tha work tbere^ 
Lieateaant Itbel faaad tiM decks of tb* ^ , 

Ciae slsbB Sad awastk ths wonndsd. men , 
their haaiaiOirtM^ aad >tho .work pro« ^ 
giiapiag so^ rbpidly that the privateer J 
woiUd ho It for sailing ia tarsatyfoar ,. 
hoais*' ■ ■'.-,: ■ 

BritosMfls^ wona oat by her n'dnoaa 
labctarsof tbsdsy betjMe, .slept very laip , 
that moraine i and «MB eatenng tiieaabblt 
sbs faani that tbo hiaabfast had bssa ong > 
ssl. Sbs wi* very hangry. bat aot knowing ^ ^ 
m oondit is a : of hos oenpsaioosi, aha pa^ . > 
tisBliy .mailed for tlieir appearanoa, oalj 
waadsiingM ttsir piolebged abssaoe. 

At iaaglk tha sts«^ard' sntsnd tka 
•aUa»aadakiii»9aiii*d vaalriiMbiaad tbo 

'IhataMii.frijtwanMdaal:via- aSmrn- bar, 
at-ttiiithsrCibptaiaJYatsoai aor 
msat aij ks4 ri<ea yet. • 
Britolaaclbi aauaed at tMr satt- 

af tMr 

will da yoa gsodt'said mSb Osayirsb layiag tjoit ia a aaptff tsa sad • nand «f toaab 


• . 


. .•'-.♦■', ■ ■ 


:<i' . '••-■ . 


• W 


.'..f .■ . .' ■ 

M- • 




..'■■'■" - 


\'./ ■■ 



•« /, 












IT "^ 






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^ ft ^ . 

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IT . 



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m. > 





FindiBf aim HmI Imt 

■•'il^f '^•^ Z*^ *^ **^ iom»ihn% 

ombpmImm iM 

•MUarMi wmai frwi tU •Mmn 
Mm hMillwt mthrme 

II J brothar Jmtln #e««dt4 I ' Aiid I a*! 
know t* antU now i Ob, Doator ^Brawa, I 
nnrt ffo to bin at onaa I' aha amlaiua^ ia 

«>a*aa{t« aiitetioB^ . 

• K.V ¥••• Oomyn, jM i^iat nm% -yar 

•Hot I «U1 M I Wli« aha 1 bindar ma f 
Aod wbrabtmldlnotr W..y ahooldn't I, 
who bara atUadad m maoj wonndod 
M4»aa wbo bid M olalm qpoo «a 
*•* thofa of aommaii ksmaaHT, so and 
7fi^'^' ow»— .• bar Toiao h^oka dowa 

^J^:!T^*^^'^ tha dooiSiv •«*. 
if, flniabiag bar aaittaaoo ia HUa 

^^\ •W^'l 'ba baaMM taoaa/ aad waal to 

M«k tba aarfaoat aad iaqaira of biai tbo traa 
raaaoa of tiiair abaaaoa. 
Doator Irowa iafonaad bar that Ibay 

*'Tr**^f^^?"5^**l**?*^"**^'"t*'^*'7> *wmi« w»r. AMToaiy jr«iii«r. aaara i 
aad tbat ba b«d ordarad tbaaa to kaap^abt ttad aava ata tbia draad trial tbat IbaaM 
for a day or tw», • -^ haat I' ^^ 

oaaliaf to tVMi froai hml to aaft »o 

RofVVatiaBl^ bowaoMa.Waali^ 

b« alwaja ia I Jo alia woiadod I mi 

mnth mora aarional j tbaa tba ' doafior 

adaiit. Aad if ha aboald di« I 

troei thia aarlh foraTar. I ooald net UVo'ilil 

looatd aor. Haavaaly F«tli«r, 

^day waa a waaplnf wobmb to'day. 

Tbo aast n'traing, oa w«kin& botb Oay 
Tataom and Iff, Jtoaaatbal Ttaad tbM 
aolvao aiaeh battar, tboagh atili ao biavi 
oapraaaad with laBgnor »ad waariaaaa t|^ 
tbajr doaad oway tho whola day, iadiflbral 
to all that waa going oa arooad tiiam al 
OBOoaaoioao alaoat araa al tbair w»m 

OlUM. • 

Britomafto agnitt br#okf««tod "lilfai^ fail 
iatfToryniaaraolo. 8ha bad aaVw raalip 
00 koaaly how Titaally aaeawary t»>iar bi; 
fiaaoi Jaatia'a^caaaiiea IraOi ikndjpbo « 

iMhod Bntoatar a. - V 

The doator abrag«d hit abgiild^i*^ ' 

— i^^*"^?? ***y »•» iniBiatar lo 
■ly brothar. aatbiyo uiaiataiad to aooraO 
Of atrangaraf , 

.. iflSS*^*'?' W*^*»'''»«W agitata bioi 

it ia aow '; bail 

f in aoi Jaatla'a^taaaiiea _.„ —-^^ 
aot panaittad to'aao biM tbat d^. 

la tba oqvrao of tbo foaaaooa /adtoh /(__ 
•at of bar atatoHrooByoraaa aad nifiy, ai 
mattoriag'aialodietiona apoa tho'. imo, 
ahipa^v tbo gana, aad aiaai tbiaft io | 
oral. . ■■ : V ■ ■ ' - ■ 

. " Maaawlpila thocnalai atiU aootiaMlodi «i 
> tbo worka oa tba priaa waro all Ut lUM 
•od. ■ 

^; On tba third meraiag oar tiro 
friaoda wa#a madi bottar, . .\ 

Joatia aapaoially, wbooo baii 
loMataaTtra, fall hia atrarigtb io nmik'. 
tifd, and hia wiab to. aaa BrItonlorto 
nrcent; Ibat. ia Iha i^Mraooa ho arte li 
4reaaad bimaalf aad or^t odft' iitft « 

Britomarla w«a aoatad wifb btf oil 
r«atiiig upoa itha ooatra tablo. ^4 bar 
hoad bowad apoa bar hAada uji 

OBoh thio«a aa iriitatiir. fafa.aT whioh ara 

*aj,modary.ipala8.wbiobiawor8e.» . 

..d^JSr •.■'"^ '•'^ *P0B • oofl of rape 
- ••? «wared bar faoa with hf r baodiv. *^ 

lE^*- ^^"^f^'* *• l^^* W»y to-day 
«?2r«ir"^**'l*» ».*•*" brothar. ainw 

5 aiS^ Tk?^ ^ ♦!! ^ir*»^ «*"«»t , Joatia oaoia ^oiatly to bor aida. ai^ 
i» tco l«Bg. Ha ooneoalbd it q^til Wary othat- ' aoM* . '^ ^ ^ T 

E L-Lfe^ ?•*■ »»*rVo«te«iy i^^a that 

Jtj S?'T**?****^ ■"»^* i2«tad to 
•raat boiaalf to apaak. 8bo,.ati»*=d hr 

. bor iiiktldoj 

Jwrbortbioadbar o tidtotaiHr ^ ^*^ iaWwa; 
MfuOm Woaod^di'ditVAIM, -and ooa« mSHmi 

*Briibaarta I' 

" I«ka a doar aba apraliji ^1 

toMfod, bar whola ^Toa'&all 
. ibo tolaioiofl t ' ■ ' . "1 

i *0b, JfaatiB I t aai ao gliak to Mi W t 
'. haya 9iaa«d.yoa ao aiaoh 1 I w^M lOj 
, •«Ki »«»*«;yoa. but tba doetor ird^l 
M^TifL^P"' >• yoarwoiwdl lid 
! wltf^l^ ooaeeaUt'fron Ml* 
flNrlritoaiiarta, l«ld aSCi^b fo 

waa alightr I aai aoat" 
Bora tboa tapoid for ay 




MM iwa MiHeitad*. ^ 

* I 1mit« Wrna^tirtrytMnK w«ll,«te*n^ yaiiv 
I «roaai ud your 00B«Mlm«iit o| it f roai a«. 
*, Ok, J ••tin. <^ 

• Vr.II, w»IL dMT liitcr, 1 Vw all rtihl 
■ow-qaiuritht.', rtiHIai. 

♦ _B«t trm mIm ||M>%(|ki*Mw bit liMfv^v 
wkiu, «ad a «la pite ^.r bis tyM, V(*b 
fOrMtiMl htr •IMU, iid| Mid g»atl7 . 

; JwtiB, yoo ■niimt I •Idown— tli*r* M thi 
•«fr I huh t yoa diiut W iMMk Iwill 
btlf y«a thtre. and I will g«t al^ aad ^ 

, do#aby -^ ^-' - "' -^^" 


u*- 1" 

A Urrid apaMf* riata «i^ ■» .igfac 

•yM aU ptaia^aS palpakkk 


McMb'aaid Jottiii, wllliajljr aaongii-ibgy, 
iiif >9r Baadato, for 1m f#It that ha nM mi 

llMaKli ta iaara Britoaiarta^ #otopai^ 
^ 9os^ I«d hiia to tbaabf* aid aMad kfaa 
i*a«^jr dowa apoa it, aad, liJtAagM JlS 
,emU<^ oadar Ilia baad aft jdltt^ 
. Tb^^a draw a ehiir to Ii^l4«, aadaat 

•"} ^k "Ps* •» nar lap, haiFl^fl kMd lav 
aoltiVwi hJafbrebiad. >. raai^SJiS 
«■ * ■«»- ■MDOtoBoaa loiiau ■"'"'-Tr 

ifbr. aa If har toaoh aad «qm vaN 
», laa ayrt i»aw bea^ji tlia> iloMd. 
mrrS^-^P'*^ Md aonbaavd to #atali 
114' aiMl tiydaallv bUr baad d>oo|Sl ?«!! 
^*M»| ttr^lWA^IfwSd^Ni ilia 

Blood liM,baMi ahad an aow.. *, Jiia MabTi 

_ aaTM.bMau 

That vlran Uta braiaa waia o«ltbo aaa 

^*L;i!^ ^«*» «i«ii«*« on thair 

diw.MlMjaaadffBtiuid tll^ 




na thiM WW aow both lapMrod aa 4vall 
i»»Myooaldb. a».M. ^-Cdl«aLw5. 
«*o B«atOr W.B »laoa4\pM tha gL 

T«ar« aaa iieot koN ^nZ TSo ffliSll 


■ ,.r, , ', ,' ; 





.•>Mrvi«^ M tiMi; MiM Ib^ ttet tiM forbuis 

■ qMF of low. 
, , jpn^ iaMgfaM All «U% Mi4 fM win b* 
^'t^\^ MtimM* thafMltlM «C JmMb with 
7 kk Movad a^d lori^g tmmj avw at hia 

i«aar bar ioMaitei aai% iM^ tka aareath 
fay boll bia aal|^| bio aamo waa aMokas 
, ipom tha aiek IfirtL 

* .l^J^llUto Tta^ialaojMroTidTary rapid. 
> oudar tka, aMuM iMtibant of tba Iw 

Oo tba Jaatli day, atalgbt, orafraM 
MVAkaMd by tba loatr «? i 
.. 'Laadbol*, ' V 

. , Apd an tba «oninj| ol tba alaraatb. 

' •?"*"#,"'l!*t?*V."'*y ««»** MiattMaltaa aa. 
' aboradia Tabia Bar. 

• -v^ *^'i'^Ji*^ WMumnaad tbat diay 

, l^aaatlw Aiaatioio'foiiwd^Mdparob 
• povtiea 91 bia pctaonafa. . 

iBtoQqpa TbwB, aad apaat tba day witb 
tMr ^tid mm4% tbaBonxya. 4 8Uv^ 

** J^ ■^•'^ ^*»**» YalJio% who 
Mt* tta u dia d tM< ooaiaaaa4«f bia ab|ak 

.. ' «i 'ab«N^ < aad audr ArmDgamwMa 

*mfQm m MkmA ^tn^ ScMaa aMoag 

Wal^'wafr Tainuiia baloagiaii to a# 

jWa-g^^SSigl, to . b.rl^!i2ir&1 


I • 

•y»pa f a i a%(i 

anial^ la tvmlaf 
OaplalB Tataoa^ wbaa ba Mod-aalsMdlv 

aoadaaoaiidad to aotlea tbaaa-graaibliMfi^ 

■.'^?*'*"*^'"**^*'^ '*»««» •« a fcw wofdai 
* lfititar|r. * ratbttr aaval atoau^to^ ~ 
Xyphia^ ffolajr on hfv araiaa aAi 
privataani aoald tak U aaaaaab^w 
Pfflaoaata i aaald aot ]fba aaavartad la 

10 m 

foattag faoL aad tha wriseaan ooald aot 
traatadali tba Saaloaarfi^ whieb waa to 

So tbaw oialoeataata waia laft iHtb «w 
Mbara. t 

Tha priaoaara tboa dlapoaad af» (kptafai 
Tatioai Mniad bia attaatiaa' to otbar aad 
aqaally iBportoat aiattar*. > 

He raliavad paaaad lfidabip«aa Baatar 
of hja ohai ta. aad ordarad Liaataaaat Itbal 
fb toka aemmaad of tba>riaa to taka kar 
homa to' Naw fork. Ha roiaforoad 
oraw of tba nrian with >oaM ^ tha baril 


i I 

» f ■ 




' tJ- <• i 

^Aiwa^ «bigrf3to«ld 'ba 

BMa fron t3ia Zjrphiat, aad ha wMto bia 
diapatohaa to Iha tlaoMtar^of tba Navy. do> 
aoriblag tho aaptaio of tha pilvatoar, praia* 
log tba .ooadttot of bia aOoera aad otov, 
and ^aapeaially raooamaadiat I.ioatOMii» 
Vthal for promotioa. ; 
. Briteaiarca; Jaatio aad Jaditb won to g» 
hoBM oa tho pnaa. 80 oa tha of tanooa al 
tbM di^ aU thoir iBfvogo waa tnoMforrii 
fcala tha^oabia of tba Xyphiaa to tba oaartaia 
piopaMdlor tbOBioatoaSaaSoMigak Bat 
tbay IhMiwlTwiy yioldiog ao loaa to tbok 
oUra laeiiaatlona tbaa to tba aolioitotioaa 
of tba aaftoi*, dataradaad to t«iii^^ ^^ 
thoir friaada oa Um aua-«l*mr 
aigbl^ kttdaptotho bcikrof aaiUvg^ 
■Mraiog,' ■-;■-■■■ ■ ■ .., ■ 

poam. yteOoagron^VoJ^ Ibo abaalaiab 

*Jkad afawat • hatMag.' aaidllio do^ 
'tor'' ' ": ■ ^-r •' '■ ' ■ .-, s ,; ■ 

-**'^^ifi?t^'?!*L"» • "^ »i»W of whirtk 

Wo bbvik^ tad obo aiac» tha Ighlu* addoA 

^''*I inll do all llMoa, daar ikUm^ tm- 
4ko iMtfdiatBr. wbot vbila * 


i^i^ wM%mmm »'ii^mk owS 

»r tbd» Umti 'Mmn R MHi ^ MiM ta'ibip ia 

lS*5*J thaogr aadiagiroa^waaiii ,p ,p. 

And MOW I k4*W 

•kilHal ifl<M 
WM •honi.' 

'•f the B«aB« 


* bar pfttMiit% 

TbMi sb* Joi 
Md did aU th 
•MgtbatM • 

•l««M sb^ ia 
Wni rao^Ttd 
tb«M timm 
nbbarof wb 
bMi Jutia M 

■appar af pie 

riim rLAT. 

joar aalaiL 

af abravaMaauBd 
whofcaaw asiailj wbalfca 

mf itHu,' Mid tb« aaplaf 

id aad leab loava ol all 
} ,««N saw doiug vwj 

bar fttaada |tt tb« oabia, 

wiahad b«r tadotil 8u« 

aia MMi^ 'Bally roaad tba 

liab aba bad piebtd «p at a 

lapa Tawa, wli«ra it bad Jast 

8iia told tbaia thai aba 

or aiag any aoft, aaatimantal 

^ng abd abaaaoa, baaaaaa ia 

r did Bot aaad Baltiag but 

itlr. iba pUyad wiib.tbam a 

, aad alia and tba oaptaio' 

tba abaplaia Moat tboroogb* 

laotptajlB ordaradapa ligbt 

— ^^ , lad oyatara. ohiokaa aalad, 

ht*id, obeaaa, oakai^ fmita aad ohampagaa. 

Md BritoaiiArtaaad fTuatia, tboof li liaMt* 
■valiy abatiuant, did uol on that oooaaioa 
Tofaa* to pMgj thalr Iriaada in a partiag 
ttamiMr.^ ( ■ f- ' ■ 

Vary aarly tba aast moraiag. all wa« 
••bt-arfol baatli oa botb tltip^ OMUBg raa^y 

L aataaant Btbai aana (M baard tba 
Xypbiaa to iMaira bia oapkaia'a bat ordara, 
ndlbaB imvaadtataly ratoraad t« tba 8a« 



Bat B»t daUl tba hat boor, wbaa tba 
•aibi wara Mt and tbo aaabdr waa waighad. 
^lid BritobuMa and Joatia t«ka a bat laava 
Fataan aad bi«afliaara, aad.aanid 
_^ iy««t»|agoodiriabatiaM«tb«diafcaf 
tba Xypbiaa for tba yawl boat tbatwaato 
taica tbaai «f :tbf 8aa<8MvgOt . . 

^ki$k90\imt*MAr ktimint, tba tiro 

yaaaab iracUtbair aignal gaoa aadatood oot 

•baaa, tba Xypbiaa ab*piag bor oowoa to 

>*iba iNrtb*44Btk aiad tba 8m Sooirao to tba 



4VV^^^aaB^ ^HB- WP^V 




_,_ witb ^ 




A n d t b it 

JToatlB aad Jaditb aloid !■ tba 
a 8«o«rga, laaaint oror tbo 
ktobiat 1^ Xy^iba Mloog 

.Jtyphiaa tbodootctroM tba 

:^ k aimilar poaltiea waAohing 

-"Mtb Odptaia TiittoM a|h> 

»lbar two^ and iravod bla 

,o# Ilia, 8m fioowii aad 


•atU tb« ibipa tbavMalvM war* oat of eaeb 

Tbaa BritoaurtOk followad by Jadltk' 
taraad to iMva tba daek. 

IbavaaeidM whan LiMtoaaat Bthal 
atowad bi«aalf o' aigb^a i for tba ohiaf oabia 
that aMild bava baau hit ^aartara, ba plaoad 
antirdy at tba tzotQaivaaaiTiM Of MtM CU^ 
yara aad bar aiaid, 

Wban BritAuaru maohod tba priraoy of 
tbia Mbia. olio folt atroagly iaollaad to ait 
dowaaadaryi bat aba laaa foraatallad ia 
^•f.^PO'Pow *»y tha Iriab girl, wbo waa 
daUbtfatahrpraparing to giva tba Xypbiaa 
aad bar onoaro thair 'dttM tr grafting.' 

Ill tba aiMt baainaao-lika alaanor. Jaditb 
Mi dowa 9«> ia tba middla Of tba loor. took 
tb* eomb oat of bar bair aad abook bir long 
parpliah.blaek traaaM dowa orar bor aboalda 
an,Uiraw: bar aproa atar bar baadyand 
oommaaaad fOok(ag boraalf to aad fro and 
bowiiag-* - 

•Ob. aia gay abipl aia gaUaat num4r^ 
warl mabMatifal awba ittbaaayl Ow- 
aOI-Sban I aiTir aM yoOr aaib agaia f 
Toaraalbtbat waia wbfU aa tba aaowt* 
lakM bofota tbay totiobod jkba aartb. Q«i . 
00 l-Aod yoar grMt gBaa.'«bkVabiiiaA Ufco 
tba rod gaetd ia tba aao, lad aaat babk ray 
for ray« laar giMt ganiu tbat i^fa tbay 
oipaaadtbair aioatba to tba iaa«y apaka 
ijka tba tbaadar ia tba HigbMt. Ow.'OqiI. 
Aad ob, aaa awata Mptaia T aia gay Mptaial 
Bia lovaly oap laia I abatl I nitir* aaa year 
bliaaid baad agbia, aad yow iMa tbatWM ai' 
good, aaiitWMt.aa a-wana appb-daaipliag 
la tba wiatbarf Owu«ol.^odob,Ba^ai^ 
Uat dootbarj mo Sao Jawol It a doafchar I 
aM good aagal W a dootbar t 8aia I lo^ad 
yeoM abtttbar, aad boaoarad yo« aa a 
dad^ aad rifariaoad yaa ai a fnTtkar oca* 
faaaar itMlt I)rotb yoa wm tba ptipil ir 
MO aya, tba paba iv bm baarti aad tba Ufa 
«^Maaowl,ao yo wpa. AadsMlMartb' 
broko latbraly for tbo fwat It yoa tbta 
aliaata. 0»t«or , 

• Wby. laditb/ aald Jfoa Omjm, • oaa 
aroald ibiafc to boor ypa go oa ao. tbat yo« 
warn ia lovawtUi tta old a«iiM«.' / 
*0ob,8avo. aol laaa't abMI Unt* 

Midojfwai^ u aba 
^Mrdfbor aproa. 
^^-j — r tr- **• «ora bbrako bia 
daaajr gndfiag iHd tba itbai4 It woaldat 
booivil ta lava faii^.oat.' 

AadUviailiiadft^tbb explai^ea, Jaditk 
roattpadllooitTMW. aM iM«t o^aoiaati. 


to ibaba labiaatabla 


-vaa, aara^ aei. x ,aai 
wkb|!fi«4.^xditb, ia aa ^ 
fbaoad oat)of .tbo -Mraar 
*^Bat aaia^Maat f&w tha 

tbOM di^ bmoaiibAoaob • 
adtitt^gadaarttiMttMi , 
kbb Mtatloi Of tbom^ ! 
ittlrpowdMiMMlaVc- T 

lalbar^iMaih aM* IBnO^iyaia aadiritoa* tShiiSiafl 



Kii^i '*^^'*' »ota».fcw wS; 

.|Mt.i> up th. chUI Mbi. .vlMiwly to IIIM 

itltlMwgrMt •.PriTfttioatiMloHof thia 
«Uii Bttit bt to LUi^Miiwi* IthrirMd tM 
JJwjotof e«o« ;rho iMMl bS^^iJE 

•n to Jaittai BMMithd. wbo ooidS* SSS 
to^MlM tk« Mbte thdr d«r4ione m loroMrT 

ifttovlr wijHB III fidUng. dn^ 
or pla^iVg vUst M tto "^^ 


^«M«ivto vitk bfS, «3LTrJSS2? 

' ■owttw wka «kM> 'm» >.' J._^ 

All tb** oi^pftBT areaiid tbn t^hU •■nina 
op •imattonMMljr. And JotUo nwhr<l iS 
JoditB Md r«ia»<f btr up. wbH* Bniomono 

Jodith, bMidi horMlf with terror. "^'^ 

ji.Si^** ''*'**' **"' ^"^ ^'^ "•^'' ••'^ 

• pb, tho gbeot It oio •wwtnh^oH. •tr* I* 
JjJJj*' JodTth. whito ..d •bAklnJ-lThi 

do«dI iVtlikeioMoonvforoDM. What 
dot* • thoot look like. Jodftb r 

•Ocb^row brad and bloody boo«a It 

w«or Ow-ool Ow.ootoh !• oho acrJImjL 

JJJJrijf »> hor |,#0 «d fallteg'^S 

TpiS^lSrbipT..^^'^'' -W^Wtb. 
Aod liiootoMo^ Bthol oalled tbo»»oirar«l 

MOfflod to dp bar good. Thor aot her bkek 
in M .no ohalr. WBritomartTaid- * 
^•Kow, Jadlib. toll n what alarma 70. 

ft waa tho gboit. aore^ho ghoat i/2o 
g«y Tain, aa waa dhiowowl i« tbTdop* S 
morji'n two y^ra ago. • ■ "?/ •*' 

w.rfdliSs;;:'^'^^ :**-^^ 

ot^Jl*«* Mhw them, aiid*ga«n! 
»-!Sr' y*"*!. •■** ^w«dhering how"ap ,1 

*l2IJli!S**?*^i* «fc so I did, 

■««bg thorojraa BoaoiT tbon boatoa it 





'Tiroth, OiB^t I Bllh^ tolliBff ye* balant 

f ^» «»^»!f^.»5i^^« yoBog »M. ! taU aa the audSaiit^d 1 ^2tL ij'S 
•md IkoablalBtt* <ttoth boBBd^SBThb Tld *J?2!SJ! 

oratdi V ' 

• jriftar of 


.1 .,■ '-ri 



uv» f oMtop toM. •«(• WMlda'l I KM# 

il «b«» I MVv Ik •teadiat tb«M foNnfatt ■« 

B owB two Itw^UM »t* Aad aWn't I iika to 

^|^» fre«ia ofMI MA >l flM^^WW toto th« 

4 'Bpaka to m«t hatd m yaf 4* yoo 
• Milak 1 wai goiag ta wait for it to tp^n 


t'ta aat Va, I raa 4ava lata tba aabia 
tkaia M fMl aa aa luOia «o«14 Vnof 

^aMl* '■ . 

' • What U yw tkiak tka ghott wtatad <tf 

> ywi. Jadiih r iaqairad Laataaaat Ithal. 

Thk vaa aa ajalaokj MMtioa , (or Ja- 
* Aith'a afauiiaiitjr. It aat kar apaoa^tlttj 

4 iavkorrorai 

^ 'WhakitwaBtadlTM^tiMt -^ . 
ka^ oa, who aa> taU,t .lUjlN* t«4riute lii^ 

lidiaad to lasfk at kar ova MMra(lti««a 
tarMrt ^ tha p raat ^ im aMtli aM ta fldailt 
ikMikaadgktkava kaa» drtaMrfag or 4a. 

kart^A I9 aa aaoi4«itai lik 

avMuaf oaaie amia aka kaf^ a'oaaly to tka 

aM4 Miwkt 

troalA lB4Ma kar to 


Itavail •' -n • ■ , ■ 

Oa tka Mil afttraooB, k«iag 'ka tklff4 
4Mjrfroaitka irot appMiaaaa of tl)« my- 
■tarfaaa vWtor, MtM Oaavara IW Jaditk 
aanaiiad ia iMyiac tk« oaMu, aa4 ptmtmp 
OS da«k 10 alt>k<r roaA Bka ka4 not kMa 
tkara aiora tiantae Oiiaataa arkaa. J«4itk 


■ Ijliaf t«^ar4a aaU 4roffo4i 

«b4 k«lriaAkar hmim kw la^ 


iv aootbtr aliiawrMi.' wkla miAfwM f U ka 

* 4kMtiraa4. Or aMb«f ■i]' flfat, wbik wa 
.akoiMair^aMrtkarad. Or\t tfcaWta** 
ilM«««4aatkitarilt 8ai]p> g)Mat (JiMr a^^ 

• Maw lor Motkia&' y' 

i r*]lavar/aaid LMMwiat Itkal. ■ii«aki». 
••^Maaly. ■ 7^ '■ 

*Owooi Ow-a6tokr aaraaairA J«4i4v 
faUiav tote f look apMaMk ' 

AaA H Uaaaw H t n t u tj to gita kar atora 
kNMiAy. ,A«A tbaa Viql Coayara aoaxad 
iMratf into kar atata«raoaiaa4a>aAa bar go 
««k«Ai Mtd •«« witk k«r mmUK wiAer tbr 
tka kraady aka baa tolMM. ^fdiijb 

ao«M<k«M frigktattB4 h^ ao f im 
mOmfvt, aa aka aafM ^Ij- into 

lo tki aaato-^ HMvaa, aadlth, wbat la 
|k« toattar a^ f Am yaa taiOlf joinc mad r*^ 
bMUIkiod BrltoaMrt% 
*ll ataiaraA to mm aiiata I It afpaara4 to 

il^ gaAiT tor^MMd tka gkL 
■' ^WtMT '"l • ■ . . 

*Tka gboot. It looked ia at aM tkroagh 
oka atikik wikdya/ Itkadltabaad tiad ■» 
aiala I Md' tt t ana M a aHa« i 1 know tt^a 
dS5t to ^am iki to «a 4«aikl I know 
tthiiMV '■ ■' '* 

' • 4a4ftk. yo« wMI dri^ hm o«t ot my wito 
If Jrok |tf alt k0b " Mitritot,^ Mid liiaa<OMi. 

^^^M3«l (hr-ootakr 

lad Jnditk, 
'«iia|ia#ili^Mtorta tMily^ and kwytog kar 
&i)Ml'lirk«r-lap. .... -r 

* m 


. titooaktoTS 

•It «MM yea m^mtMi,^^ $Atmtk 
or tka «ma «| om «i ,fm.r jMMlaMft 

ti^HwidSIW**— ^ ^^ 

, 'TMlklMfffM^Mk 

Mt. I lilpe. 


MfkCwTiavlia of'W«|MjM|lff^; UPOM XMP 

Ifiak Odiyara kaa^«MA • aakia htf aito 
aa Mfaiog ky. And aaat kte to Mk Mlw 
MtliaI'l(^'M«idtokar.' ' 'f' ' ' . 

.^i'23d aa ikSL^Zr i^ 

itiUMSfiklUi tlbtif^ tka 
^M»M todTaditkakAaaid tangi^ 

~^8ha kaa mmb tki friiMt ttkini uia |» 
akiXtfrnlM^M ^«k tMMv. . Aaaiik 
«Mto iak* W'dowA toto Ika aatlto.* ^ 

Ifitk att iy^kltoi«kM«g af kia akaaldar% 
jyaHk^oodpir itm tffa MkMal ; Aai 
l^ay Mok/aditk.dowa Akli kil kar M th» 

<f;?CTirtt%iu|wi||itk oaalaaa Caka doatog tklf: 

b^«NSny^'^%a''akkU-ilia«k' 'Mr t» 
^ ated <Vwg'^ toa! «< glaaa'itf. ooU' 

V«M|kt 4» akitoiite 

r 0tU ttmOnt UM 
I yft Will f irtwliirt 

■■■-|n<,i» '1(1 '#»«* ~T; 





dowaipM ft «9ll«| 

••"••Hi r*"*litt irtlll -^i^ ^-^^ •'M.lfc,. lag MnwM to aMl fro. 

.po^wC?'^'^ '^•^ •'^' «-"* J^v »^;? ;»; b. «,• w^ rt. kM n,^ 

« T ▼. rr #^™ ^««« WHWaH fA ^^ Bar 

•i ■ ■I.-/I t tt. 




h 1 

.. riMl ••■ ]ro« M« faf jrocfMlf 

•I all at alt, •IUmm' b«iM« fMii4 kpoti Ui« Sm 
, 1— rgt MM»A ft lot U diviUr 

*Yo«Bf Uddy.' taitl lb* ftoo-«lin»a, •!»- 
pMliogle Mia* Ooiif* ■, *pH\ yo« «oa4l«- 
»m4 !• apMik to Mm 1«m,mmI M4 W b« 
flMMOMiUar ^^ 

,/ »Il l i nd , lUAlpiM. t Ml MllllMCdl* 

' |m*i' llwt ro« w«r« «o« of Ik I or«« of tho 
■'"^■mm Bowarsa, tlwi I taavo Bolbiog tOMf 

aaioa\ Jadith'a Miand iadignaUoa,' iMid 
iMOoBVan^ *' ' 

'Ou, •/ i k mM mim it m Mih mMm i 

.. Hay b«. yuana itddy, yol) kt mo «iplMa 
Wlur« yo« Jaog* ■••' 

•If you tea txplaia la JadiMi% mUw 
iMtioa, I ahoald tillN feo hoar yoa do it, 
lfoAI|iia«b' said If Ut Ojoyari. gratrdy. 
Awaal tk«at attar oar boat waa piokad 


SI by tk» Dataliaiaa, I took aonrio* wilk 
1 1 aaptaia aad waat, tka voyaga to Oil- 

••tia. and thaa baak to InKlaad. 4A(iar 

•whilk I ablppad ea a aMrckaotoian lu B%, 

; 0»lbarina'a doak% oalliag bartol' Ika laa 

/ia>'BrgiL boaad for tka ladiaa, aa4aailiaff 

BDdtf tba Itara aad BtHpm. Aad kara I 

Will taka laata to aar* tkat kaiog a aativa 
M Ayirakira ia Saotlaad. I oara aaa auir 
'4rilagUaoo ta ika Suura aaa Itnpaa thaa I da 

la tka Stan aad ttartan or ta tha Stan aad 
Oraaaaat^wkilk baft I taka to ba tka «•* 

Uaai of tkaTarki or to tka 8ton aa4 Bai% 

.tWkatavar ftkay maj l a at u aa a ft, ar to tka 

> mmii^ aaalaaatiaa witk aa|r llkar araatonb 

il f/mm m m ww , uHI wa ovwkMilai a 
, i Mtoig # aiii»ar tkaft tka 8to B^mrii nm 
lb ftka tuMta mA Ban. aad I kanaMl far tka 
ini ftitoa tkaft ( «aa abipned af a priratoar. 
I bad aaa akaiat bat ftu bida wkaral vaa. 
«bilk I did aata tka aagagavaaft tH* tba 
JCypkiaa, wkaa Mm pri Tai ti r waa aaptarad. ' 
* Aad ya foagbft aglaaft a% y* anartkai^- 
km dMU,' paft la Jadiftk. 
^ Vqr. laMi itka> waa aa mf daty 1 1 «aa 
mt tka fatatap^ aad aa aft ftba cf oa I kalp- 
ad to ararfc tka akin, ftkat waa a' i aud a'aa 
«kai wi' aaafjud anil, far I ayaargaad 
iri*aifaal'tkabl kad kaaa aatrappadlatil 
ftkaaaiwiaaof ftka p c a aa a fta a ri bat I eoald 
aakdp vfaalMiurtka flgkt waaovar. I 

ewoa a ii ad . aa ya aaa. bv a Mft apliaftar 
atraak mj boad, aad I fail totha daak 
luagaay af« aad aprataiag pj.aaalik* 
•«Ma. ia tft tkajHik yiVa aftkar talllac 
wmt aaakadJflMMkraagkkarftaaiiT^ 
- lAl||laM| wbaft alaaf fi^ tMak I 

•aiC1& ^Ua^ I kg yaar pardon 
^aftnaly lar/ OdnMag Ul Mr /» Ikoik^' 

'■aafttoaw hpal diaa yaar aaa aad aaa 

•Toa^ ya'ra a J wai. Mra i kaft baw oibm 
ya b«ra aft all at alii wkbi all ftka arlaoaan 
war* lafft oft Oipa Tawa aaai|t ftMai th»i 
loak^ka aalk af^UUygiaaaa aad ablf 

- •! toaldagrftalate ftbaaaplaia. aadaaM 
X woald Uka to taka aarrlaa aa ftka priaa. 
And vhaa I waa abia to laava my baBimo«k , 
ha praotad aiy aatitioa aad pal na ban.' 

' Oob, Toai, Jawal. aara mj baarft'b broba 
aatiraly wid tba thoag»>t iv bow I atlMbraai. 
ad aad abaaad ya.' oaid Jaditfc. 

• Hoot. laaa. aaa aaa ouiir. D>a tbiak • I 
bit bard word ia gaaa to part yoa a 
aftar a' that% ooaia aad gauo V 

Mia* Ooayara bad baaa for aaait tiaal 

droppad aat of ftha aoarartoltoa. Aad bow 

boB^t Toaa baaaai^ aa aitraaialy a«ati-i 

aMatal tbar aba raaUj fall baraalf ma loaj 

auuij. aad ao aba aroaa. aad Itariag tb« 

awaaskaarla tofatbar, aba alippad aaay ii 

kar aaat ia tka^tam ' 

Tkar« prwaatfv kar awa ill-^Mad -lorai 
joiaad kar. Aad aba fava bim tba aatatioo 
of ftka gkoaft riddta bjr daoaribiBg bar aiaat 
lag witk Foratop Toaw 

^II la oiagalar tkat I bava aavar abano«4 

•I faaqy fthat ba baa baaa kafew ia hit 
baaimqafc aatU lately. Ha laofca atoraely 
it for da^y aaw* ' Mid Britoaarta. 

Aad tkaa aa tka aigbft waa growiag dami 
aad obilly aad tl^a li<btt la tkaoaMo laoltaa 
akaaifal aad latritiag. If iaa Oanyara propoied 
to kar aaaipaaiaB to go balow i aad tli<y| 
waa« aad fiiiahad tbanr araaiag la aiui 
aad aaararaatioa. 

Taa Baxft day Jaatia bad aa iatonriaw wi, 
Foratop Taaa, who waa abia to tall hii 
Biaok aiora ralating to Ika Naaaa of tba mi 
awaary party tbaa ba kad laarnad fiaai 

.Toai ralaiad aV |kf ft kb kaaw, oitkftf fu 
AboarraUoB or kaaraftj-^ow tkaft Ik* er<- 
af ftka lil^ boat, fladipg all tbair arganen 
aad peraoaiioBi vaia to iaaaaa ^dr aaptat 
to daaarft tba abip and loia ^aai. Md.baini 
Biorad Mr tba taara aadprajara ol Maai 
■iodariat* wirai^ bad at laaft toaaaatad to 
aalya ftka ftwa aiitolokatfaa, wka^ katag 
iligkt fora^ ftkay aald, waatd lioft both t 
tafthar toka ap wwk atora rooai tkaa thai 
Mft vaaaaft^^^ia atoaft aaptaia So ht 
kad •' aato raasMd fraui Iba wiauk of ti 
•alftaaa. piakad af kf ftka B;rtak aaankan. 
awa, aad atlarwaidf takiaii baard few tb 
iMrt lodiaoftba, wMab waa laokilp kaaid t 


Ivra ' 

illiil^ftad B« 

Froai ftbta ftlow m aaaaft 

tkaatoaaftoaf altfMaaa voyagib 

oaaanad lora 

■ '.' -i^ 



A« ihMy 4tow iiMnr i« ili« nkon* of tJMir 
Mtlv« Matrr. Jaiiia aa4 BnWMMrt* btMii 
to tJliMffiwM •ttjBUoM MBA .ror 4mp»bTm 

•nil*!/. HowTOiSr to lea« m *Imim«. 
itamiM litrr flad th« frkadi tii«« kU kfl »• 

li»*«if Wko cMld t«ilt HoviloirwM 
•htlr •MroMli to ih«ir dMtiaatka I Itow 
lortariaf th«ir iiMiMdM I 
Tlwrt auM • d«y «rli«a limiiaaMt lth«l 

Mid I 

V* than mmU N w York kwbov?* 

And lb«B thfy Mutod Uto wMka util 
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«M«M Iho ««loo of Jaaua. 

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of ohippliig la Iko bprboor, and ikofomi of 
•firoo la i..#fr«at oily boyoad. 

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ftrrooUjr oxoloiai«d. with a btari too loU to 
•tior Motkor word, 

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And iba wbolo oity U rrjoioiug lo tha aa«> 
of a flerioaa viotnry I' r. pMiau Joatia. 

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victory, Joatia I It ia a fllul oaaf 
*1 tlana aot ooy ikai Bat tba prtoaraor 
of a Altai oao, Wo awy vootoro to prodiot.* 
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aod dflvMi book witft traatoadoao looa. Tha 

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oirtTal I' aoid Liaotonaat atbol. oomlaf aw 
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•artr, oofdially graapiag tha baad that wm 
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day, whioh ho imnadiatoly oivtdad hotwooa 
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btii dotmtu tbo tolographio aawa ooutamiag 
tho hriof aaaoBBooaMat of tho viotory of 
Oattyabwrg, tad thoa th>7 bogaa to talk 
aboat ii; and thby oontinaod u talk aatil 
iko oftoward oawo to eay that hrvakfiot waa 
ow tbo tabli^ 

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Iho tabla. Bat w^ ooald ratf Tboy draak 






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•f a glfnoao^oliiy JtMgaiMd P hTtaSa! 

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broad aad Bloat. Bat ovao tho fioaS 

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agon^ that tho hoot had broaght alo«goi|a 
that aMmiag in tiaM for thoir bcodbiL 
•oald iwltoaipt thrm. *« 

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Ihatthayhaa loft o«t lor ianoMdiato om, 

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it« mi wm nadjr, to I^^tp Jk 


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tta paakai-kaak Uu^TThThJ^SS^ 

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har !• tia tfain, a»d 'immTtZmi 

W«al«M«^ mte Mia .ar, f^jai Z 

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•»«tt^ a food foom for Ifiaa GaavL^TklZ 

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f^ ¥ waado a«d waa^ JlZr!^;g,7y 



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